Shawn Mendes opens up about dating | How to be a Man | British GQ


  1. Sanaa Watson

    Sanaa WatsonDay ago

    Every time he said youth, Troye Sivan pops into my mind

  2. Christina Santostefano

    Christina SantostefanoDay ago

    When shawn said he’s open to dating a fan... hi

  3. Yunah Kwon

    Yunah KwonDay ago

    Kids these days are so immature... myself included... we just know stuf

  4. Alessandra MKT

    Alessandra MKTDay ago


  5. •Anya Senjuu•

    •Anya Senjuu•2 days ago

    I’m so sick of the “FEFE” shit,I’m 14 years old and I know every girl wants too “show off” and “show skin” sometime but is there really nothing more to life if you’re not popular,skinny or thicc or whatever’s trending?

  6. Alexa Duarte

    Alexa Duarte2 days ago

    Shawn Mendes is a perfect person, nobody would be good enough to date him, but I would love to know him and be close to him😍😍

  7. MR_sss

    MR_sss2 days ago

    When he said "you know" it reminds me of Camila lol

  8. Ed. Mace

    Ed. Mace2 days ago

    Great movie "Into the wild". I saw it last month. Great elephant tattoo, Ok sign, eight is also my lucky number, GQ logo looks like 8 in her hands. Great album. "in my blood" fit so well my life. Thanks for inspiring, along with other amazing and talented artists, you guys have no idea how much life you have brought into my life. Stay true to YOURSELF, not to the others. A friend, from the other side. Cheers and peace out.

  9. Charlotte Abercrombie

    Charlotte Abercrombie2 days ago

    "On the other side of the spectrum, it's about me waking up and this girl left me" 😹😹 this had me in tears laughing idea why

  10. Victoria Sherlock

    Victoria Sherlock2 days ago

    i've watched the end of the video 80 times, so cute, look look look at Shawn 😍

  11. Kierra Kimbrough

    Kierra Kimbrough4 days ago

    I love Shawn Mendes so much and want to meet him so bad i am such a HUGE FAN maybe his biggest fan ever he is nice and i don't understand how everyone is so bad with roomers about him i personally love him so much.

  12. Taylor Goff

    Taylor Goff5 days ago

    I just like Shawn Mendes music I guess it isn't the same for every one

  13. bhadie riri

    bhadie riri5 days ago

    he is such a sweat heart he just hasnt met the right one yet

  14. Eva joy

    Eva joy5 days ago

    I literally teared up when he mentioned how vulnerable he feels

  15. Cheyenne Metiary

    Cheyenne Metiary6 days ago

    His eyes😩🤤😍

  16. Luna Sleiman

    Luna Sleiman6 days ago

    he is so precious and mature i cant im crying rn i wish i couldd meet himm it woouldd make my dream come truee ohh goddd 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭

  17. zoe howes

    zoe howes6 days ago

    Omg I LOVE HIM! his blend of powerful maturity and nerves innocents is just to good to be true. OMG he's so cute OMG

  18. Luna Sleiman

    Luna Sleiman6 days ago


  19. Luna Sleiman

    Luna Sleiman6 days ago


  20. Sparklyy Schnapp

    Sparklyy Schnapp6 days ago

    How cute was It at the end when Shawn tried to give the interviewer her sound thing back😂

  21. Sparklyy Schnapp

    Sparklyy Schnapp6 days ago

    How cute was It at the end when Shawn tried to give the interviewer her sound thing back😂

  22. Tahsina Chowdhury

    Tahsina Chowdhury6 days ago

    you are so gorgeous it makes me so mad!

  23. Antonia Hannah

    Antonia Hannah7 days ago

    I like the way he thinks and what kind of view he has over things

  24. Antonia Hannah

    Antonia Hannah7 days ago

    I think i lost my heart to shawn mendes what the f

  25. Rodrigo Gómez Aranda

    Rodrigo Gómez Aranda7 days ago

    He is only 20 and he's more mature than most of artists. He speaks so wisely. His ideas of respect should me shared by everyone and it is great that an influence figure like him shares them.

  26. Krishmy Pinnace

    Krishmy Pinnace8 days ago

    Lol he regrets the tattoo he got whit Hailey I love him so much 😍😂

  27. bamblue kanthida

    bamblue kanthida8 days ago

    I'm you're big fan

  28. Natalie Angelilli

    Natalie Angelilli8 days ago

    Why do they zoom in on his hands while he was talking about youth😂

  29. Purplekawaii Kittycookie

    Purplekawaii Kittycookie8 days ago

    4:05 are you sure about that...?

  30. Natalie Simmons

    Natalie Simmons8 days ago

    Love Shawn so much! I really hope to meet him! He’s so sweet, loyal, kind, and brings success and tries to do everything he can to make his fans happy bc he really cares about The Shawn Mendes Army. He’s so sweet I just wish we had more people like Shawn in the world bc honestly we all could learn something from him. I hope RP meet Shawn to give him a huge hug and let him know how much he’s inspired me.

  31. Jacinta Ruivo

    Jacinta Ruivo9 days ago

    I was waiting for a Harry Styles reference. thank you

  32. Rosalie Tremblay

    Rosalie Tremblay9 days ago

    Shes eating him with her eyes 😆😆😆

  33. Anne Sofie Hoel

    Anne Sofie Hoel9 days ago

    WOW! Seriously he looks similar to the Danish Royal Nicolai (prince and model) :-O

  34. Eimaan Ahmad

    Eimaan Ahmad10 days ago

    love the hair

  35. Florida Girl 04

    Florida Girl 0410 days ago

    I have a fetish for his hands any one else???

  36. Mariela Yabeta

    Mariela Yabeta10 days ago

    Blink and he’ll be 24

  37. Mariela Yabeta

    Mariela Yabeta10 days ago

    How can he be 20 now

  38. ok

    ok10 days ago

    hes so interesting to listen to this didnt feel like a 20 minute interview

  39. Sofia :

    Sofia :11 days ago

    13:19 🇨🇦❤

  40. Ashley Gama

    Ashley Gama12 days ago

    Shawn: Yea I would date a fan Me: 😤 WHY CAN’T I BE LIKE 19 ?????

  41. QueenDre_ Joy

    QueenDre_ Joy12 days ago

    are his eyes yellow??

  42. Book_ Lover302

    Book_ Lover3025 days ago

    QueenDre_ Joy His eyes change colour alot, sometimes they look green, sometimes they look like a caramel colour, sometimes they look the colour his eyes are in this interview, sometimes they look plain brown

  43. Camila Gomes

    Camila Gomes12 days ago

    What a wonderful man and what eyes are those ??

  44. Rachael Jordan

    Rachael Jordan13 days ago

    1:42 we know sweetie, we have it

  45. Carla Alvez

    Carla Alvez13 days ago

    20:58 o soy yo o hizo disimulo para mirarle el cu#* a la mujer? 😂

  46. y0ung sh00tah

    y0ung sh00tah13 days ago

    He could be the Next Peter Parker 😂😂

  47. Edem Fiadonu

    Edem Fiadonu13 days ago

    His eyes😍😍

  48. MEDSCARFZScarfA MultipleZcarf

    MEDSCARFZScarfA MultipleZcarf13 days ago

    Are you mansturbating girlll

  49. Jayla Higgins

    Jayla Higgins14 days ago

    "Yeah, that's still the case. I haven't been in love." NoT unTiL yOU SeE mE SKRJSJSKS

  50. Anita K

    Anita K15 days ago

    Where is the ring 😂?

  51. Alessiaa

    Alessiaa16 days ago

    i really love shawn mendes BYE

  52. Elle Mendes

    Elle Mendes16 days ago


  53. sunshine s

    sunshine s16 days ago

    You are amazing shawn world needs more people like you, you are an inspiration to me and the whole youth we look up to you, you have such a strong and magnificent personality every word you say is so precious please stay this way forever we support you until the end keep up the good work it is really appreciated

  54. MyYoutube

    MyYoutube17 days ago

    i under how uncomfortable she felt when she realised she had a ladder in her tights?!!!! she did her best to keep it covered lol

  55. ashley squire

    ashley squire17 days ago

    When he explained the meaning and the making of YOUTH, it just gave me a lot more to think about, and my appreciation for the song grew.

  56. Isa Smedberg

    Isa Smedberg17 days ago

    this was the best interview ever omg

  57. Whitney2022

    Whitney202217 days ago

    We need to protect pure, good human beings like him and Timothée Chalamet ❤👌

  58. Ola da Silva

    Ola da Silva19 days ago

    I was thinking that I am the only one who never felt real love and is thinking all the time about this feeling althought I am almost 19 years old... but now I know that I am not alone at this and I am so glad that this other person who is in the same situation is Shawn. I love his music, it really speaks to my heart. I have always goosebumps and tears in my eyes when I am listening to his voice. Now his music will speaks and mean a lot more to me thanks to this interview.

  59. Carine Campos

    Carine Campos20 days ago

    Rock In Rio vai ficar no core do Shawn pra sempre.

  60. Nue shawn

    Nue shawn20 days ago

    I'm 25 and I think I falling in love with he, he so mature aura make me feel weird when I know he age.. 😲

  61. Alana Perry

    Alana Perry20 days ago

    The lighting on his eyes though

  62. rabiyah ali

    rabiyah ali21 day ago

    What is WRONG with the 135 ppl who disliked this video like WTF but who cares I LOVE SHAWN MENDES

  63. Toto

    Toto21 day ago

    "The truth is..." 😂❤❤

  64. Haniyyah Osman

    Haniyyah Osman21 day ago

    I had never seen such a great interview! He's so mature😍❤

  65. ansoi

    ansoi21 day ago

    How to be a man: be shawn mendes

  66. Mig_z 88

    Mig_z 8821 day ago

    Whoa! His eyes were never that light...!

  67. amaia Beaumont

    amaia Beaumont22 days ago

    wow...... this is deep

  68. muffinman 20

    muffinman 2023 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I LOVE YOU!!!!

  69. Amina

    Amina24 days ago

    10:04 "- very diplomatic - yeah but it's tru-deau" ..ok I'm leaving.

  70. The Dream

    The Dream24 days ago

    i tote myself how to play the piano \

  71. Fatou Hane

    Fatou Hane24 days ago

    Look at this eyes❤️❤️

  72. emmmaponder

    emmmaponder24 days ago

    the way he talks about his sister makes my heart melt :,)

  73. Bhagavathi Subramaniam

    Bhagavathi Subramaniam24 days ago

    Shawn a nice guy.. Doing good😍😍

  74. Baby Spots

    Baby Spots25 days ago

    He is so cute and sweet

  75. Siddhi Nagwekar

    Siddhi Nagwekar25 days ago

    I really think Shawn's evolved so much. His humbleness and the way he talks 😥💖Shawn you're such a gentleman ❤❤❤❤💘

  76. alexis hiser

    alexis hiser25 days ago

    Aye I’m 19 and I haven’t been in love yet either

  77. Francesco Lanzilli

    Francesco Lanzilli26 days ago

    The way at the end he handled the thing for the microphone to the interviewer. I'm deceased

  78. Bella Carvalho

    Bella Carvalho26 days ago

    Shawn’s description of walking a runway is completely accurate. I remember my first time walking a runway, I was so nervous a practically shaking and then I got my signal to start and I saw everybody watching me and I couldn’t help but smile. 10/10 would do again😂♥️

  79. Melissa Raffaelloo

    Melissa Raffaelloo26 days ago

    This is more inspirational than a ted talk

  80. haragni chuna

    haragni chuna26 days ago


  81. Adeline Giacomelli

    Adeline Giacomelli27 days ago

    Omg u love kings of Leon... I am actually dead I LOVE THEEMMM

  82. MILANA Mendes

    MILANA Mendes27 days ago

    Shawn is sooooo sweet and beautiful 💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  83. Lol Me

    Lol Me28 days ago

    His eyes are so light brown woah

  84. rejeb ons

    rejeb ons28 days ago

    OMG his so hot and his voice is driving me crazy i can listen to him for the rest of my life i wich i could meet him one day i love him so much 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋😚😚😚😘😘😘😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍

  85. Ashley Tucker

    Ashley Tucker28 days ago

    I would date Shawn mendes.he is hot though.he could ask me out my answer would be yes.

  86. Courtney Lewis

    Courtney Lewis29 days ago

    He is the biggest sweetheart 💕💕

  87. Mahsa Z

    Mahsa Z29 days ago

    Love u man😍

  88. Rebekah Stoddard

    Rebekah Stoddard29 days ago

    He truly is prince charming

  89. blinx boo

    blinx booMonth ago

    this taught me How To Be A Man thanks

  90. Julia Schilder

    Julia SchilderMonth ago

    they look kinda related

  91. Melea Parker

    Melea ParkerMonth ago

    I love how matured he is about things and his views, I wish the generation today thought as deeply as he does. His so wise and he didn't lose himself in the Media like most Musicians. Really love this dude, just for how genuine he is.

  92. sarah abdel

    sarah abdelMonth ago

    Did anyone realize that his eyes change colour all the time from brown to hazel to green to caramel ! Also this video is amazing because he’s answering the questions in depth

  93. Maham Faisal

    Maham FaisalMonth ago

    Shawn's eyes omg

  94. Sammi Atkins

    Sammi AtkinsMonth ago

    🙏🙏 shawn has truly found his life purpose when I was going through my transformation I found myself listening to shawn an I wasn't before an it makes all sence for Me an he's a true healer 🍃🍃 I am proud of him for showing men that been sensitive is not a bad thing men need it more.....they have it in there head that power is control and I posted on my instagram a quote I thought of......An that was Remember........ Don't let control take your happiness, take control for your happiness . It's a quote that came to me.... The world's biggest yet unknown fear everyone has an that's the fear of losing self control....An most people don't know what real control feels like there DNA environment, lifestyle, government, education system all drum it into you that control is your way to live.... Shawn would know what I mean by that if he read it..... All his tattoos say it....8 is a lucky number , been grounded the love for nature 🙏🙏🍃 pure respect for him an I love that he's not attaching a label to his lyrics it's all about the feeling an meaning an that's all that matters ....💖💖

  95. MoJohnnys

    MoJohnnysMonth ago

    It would seem like each generation forgets the lessons of the previous generation and then thinks that the current generation will fix the world. And it won't be until a decade or two down the line, when life has made its wisdom manifest that the once current generation will understand what their predecessors were saying. How wonderfully tragic.

  96. Carter Watson

    Carter WatsonMonth ago

    He’s such a sweet heart I really look up to him and hope I’ll be as good of a person as him

  97. SarahJayMechbal

    SarahJayMechbalMonth ago

    He talks about so many important things and this channel chooses this as the title of the video.

  98. Sazma Zaman

    Sazma ZamanMonth ago

    I don’t like how he’s talking about something deep and meaningful and the interviewer mainly wants to talk about his love life and stuff

  99. Elena Dimitrijevic

    Elena DimitrijevicMonth ago

    Such a wonderfull and tallented young man

  100. Lizzy Tiger

    Lizzy TigerMonth ago

    10:22 those tattoos are amazing

  101. Girl Trend

    Girl TrendMonth ago