Shawn Mendes opens up about dating | How to be a Man | British GQ


  1. julia parsenios

    julia parsenios7 hours ago

    1:19 the zoom in on the hands is everything

  2. Humaira Fatema

    Humaira Fatema16 hours ago

    I’m still wondering how the interviewer remains so sane and breathing and talking normally

  3. Maria Sharp

    Maria SharpDay ago

    He’s so mature.

  4. Sarah Teale

    Sarah TealeDay ago

    That girl is doing the thing. Ya know. The thing. Sub consciously sitting straight, puffing her chest. Ya know. The thing we tend to do around cute men. Cant blame her though.....

  5. Brianna J

    Brianna J2 days ago

    I really love this human being ❤️ he is really amazing and lowkey school barely teaches us anything useful for life

  6. Mélanie De Buysscher

    Mélanie De Buysscher2 days ago

    Oh god I wish I’d actually meet a guy like Shawn ❤️ He’s so good 🙏🏻

  7. GizelleSawyer

    GizelleSawyer2 days ago

    He's got a really mature soul for his age.. I must admit I don't think I can sit next to him looking at him without having any intention to hug him. He is so adorable. Gosh, I'm in love!


    INDIA TAYLOR3 days ago

    I WILL become an extra in Shawn’s first movie😂😂😂

  9. Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams3 days ago

    Smarter than Bieber.

  10. Farhan Tanveer

    Farhan Tanveer4 days ago

    i really like the interviewer, shes pretty

  11. Julie Reuter

    Julie Reuter4 days ago

    He's so sweet

  12. Thremaline

    Thremaline6 days ago

    Anyone wondering the time in the video he opens up about dating, it's 12:47

  13. Alyssa Garcia

    Alyssa Garcia6 days ago

    Loved watching this 😍🙌🏽✨ love how Shawn thinks and talks about what he’s passionate about 💜

  14. Beatriz Lobo

    Beatriz Lobo6 days ago

    I just need him to have a better make up artist. The subjects were so important, bad title

  15. chubby narak

    chubby narak6 days ago

    Perfect man for me .. so cute 😘❤️

  16. Lubna Sayed

    Lubna Sayed6 days ago

    I keep getting lost in his beautiful eyes

  17. Paola Cadtillo

    Paola Cadtillo7 days ago

    I love like he talks like he's 65 He’s 20 And sometimes acts like he’s 3

  18. Erika Erika

    Erika Erika7 days ago

    They talked about so many important things and that was there title

  19. Clara Gilles

    Clara Gilles8 days ago

    I would like to personally thank you for the close ups of his hands

  20. Karime Diego

    Karime Diego8 days ago

    I am jealous of her haha

  21. Clara Reyes

    Clara Reyes8 days ago


  22. Clara Reyes

    Clara Reyes8 days ago

    If you really think about it,an evil world like this doesn’t deserve someone as caring and kind like them.

  23. CheckOutBTSgroup

    CheckOutBTSgroup9 days ago


  24. Leandra Smith

    Leandra Smith9 days ago

    If the song where were you in the morning is reality based, the girl that woke up and left him seriously needs a mental health check 🤪

  25. Marisa Pitarresi

    Marisa Pitarresi10 days ago

    He “auditioned” for Prince Charming. If he had gotten the role he wouldn’t have had to act❤️🤤

  26. Marisa Pitarresi

    Marisa Pitarresi10 days ago

    I could honestly listen to him all day

  27. Riley Hixson

    Riley Hixson10 days ago

    he was talking more about dating!

  28. Courtney Lewis

    Courtney Lewis11 days ago

    Ngl, his eyes in this video are the lightest they’ve ever been

  29. Jessica Trujillo

    Jessica Trujillo12 days ago

    My God, I love this human. 😣

  30. Isabela Cabral

    Isabela Cabral13 days ago

    13:23 Did he say Rio?

  31. Caroline Teodori

    Caroline Teodori14 days ago

    He is simply perfect! I wanna marry him ❤

  32. Faiqa Raza

    Faiqa Raza14 days ago

    Awwwww when he was plying with his necklace. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNN

  33. Neli

    Neli14 days ago

    I can listen to him all day

  34. Hey Rey

    Hey Rey14 days ago

    Pause right at 7:04 that's art

  35. kameron c

    kameron c15 days ago

    *bad posture has left the chat*

  36. kameron c

    kameron c15 days ago

    30 seconds in and i had to restart the video because i realized i wasn't listening at all but thinking about how light brown and beautiful his eyes are

  37. Charlene Yumang

    Charlene Yumang15 days ago

    Wow for the first time Shawn didn’t correct the interviewer when she pronounced camila cabello’s last name wrong😂😂

  38. Alonso Lioneth

    Alonso Lioneth15 days ago

    Hearing this guy talk put a smile on my face, the feeling is like funny, silly and good at the same time haha

  39. Alonso Lioneth

    Alonso Lioneth15 days ago

    Being open minded and let things come repeats in my head..

  40. saniya aftab

    saniya aftab15 days ago


  41. Cassie Rachwalski

    Cassie Rachwalski16 days ago

    Such a precious soul I love him

  42. Inez Yu

    Inez Yu16 days ago

    This is just beautiful 💗😭

  43. Lamiyah Ahmad

    Lamiyah Ahmad16 days ago

    LOVE & RESPECT when he talked about his sister so many times...very few brothers are so gentle like him...

  44. Noah Centineo

    Noah Centineo17 days ago

    He is amazing i met him and he is just so adorable and so Nice ... just perfect i love him❤️❤️❤️

  45. Val M

    Val M18 days ago

    I feel like him and lorde may get along! it would be so cool to see them do a song together!

  46. aaron mcelhatten

    aaron mcelhatten19 days ago

    Mendes and Logic ... )

  47. jastaycard

    jastaycard19 days ago


  48. Arwa Halawa

    Arwa Halawa20 days ago

    Shawn: dhhdsjnshddkd Interviewer: mm

  49. Harini chinnu

    Harini chinnu20 days ago

    Ok now Im truly fallen in love with him, and he just made feel great about in love with him in every coming minute of interview

  50. Elidh H

    Elidh H21 day ago

    finally an interview over 20 minutes 😻💛

  51. Cute Pink〈3

    Cute Pink〈322 days ago

    Shawn Menez is a gen z? Oh no... my crippling depression.

  52. Anne Vahldieck

    Anne Vahldieck22 days ago

    I wan‘t him and Sigrid to marry

  53. Alex In Wonderland

    Alex In Wonderland22 days ago

    Why do I want to cry every time he speaks. He’s so intelligent and sweet and beautiful and polite. He’s just the perfect guy

  54. Jas K

    Jas K22 days ago

    He’s such a nice person and has super nice eyes hahah

  55. kellzz raymond

    kellzz raymond23 days ago

    I need me a Shawn

  56. Jaylin Carter

    Jaylin Carter23 days ago

    I thought it was impossible to love him more 😍

  57. kid rawl

    kid rawl24 days ago

    Marry Me!!😍

  58. Carmenita Abrahams

    Carmenita Abrahams24 days ago

    He's so mature ,I like the way his morals show ,he must have good parents

  59. Shazia mendes

    Shazia mendes25 days ago

    he totally inspired me he is the best human being ever existed

  60. Shazia mendes

    Shazia mendes25 days ago

    anybody can fall in love with shawn you are such a humble , open minded and great human being

  61. hvnnyblonde

    hvnnyblonde27 days ago

    I can be his first love 😍

  62. Kary andherlyrics

    Kary andherlyrics28 days ago

    aw I like how he talks about his sister 😊❤

  63. Gloria Kirabo

    Gloria Kirabo29 days ago

    Shawn is soo humble and cute!his smile is everything!

  64. Maddy B

    Maddy B29 days ago

    maybe I’m in love with him

  65. Tawana Williams

    Tawana WilliamsMonth ago

    Best 21:05 of my life 😊



    The Background Music Literally Sounds Like " Lost In Japan "

  67. Watermelon Paradise

    Watermelon ParadiseMonth ago

    Anyone notice how when the interviewer would talk about girls shawn would say “they” and “person” instead of “her” like omg I’m kinda going crazy here

  68. monst erko

    monst erkoMonth ago

    I loved this interview so much, it was so calming yet powerful, very grounded and honest, no jumping around and excessive laughs like Jimmy Fallon

  69. Lyvi 18

    Lyvi 18Month ago

    i could listen to shawn speak ALL day and not get bored. He has such a unique perspective on things and is so humble and kind and down to earth!! glad i stan such a beautiful human being!! wish there were more people like him in the world! but i guess that’s what makes shawn unique! love u shawn!❤️

  70. Ameek

    AmeekMonth ago

    Look at his eyes 💖💔💘

  71. Amanda Smach

    Amanda SmachMonth ago

    Meu homem

  72. Miao Miao

    Miao MiaoMonth ago

    8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. It means something like getting Rich

  73. nam 2002

    nam 2002Month ago

    Great views !! love you always

  74. Jenna 101

    Jenna 101Month ago

    Shawn is such a caring person everyone needs someone like him. We are blessed two live in the same life time as Shawn mendes

  75. Rabita Iqbal

    Rabita IqbalMonth ago

    "Knowing of you don't know everything" wow I love him ❤

  76. arianna _

    arianna _Month ago

    Wow, this interview shows us some very deep concepts, Shawn is a truly inspiring person! I'm Italian and I remember the famous phrase of the Greek philosopher Socrates who said "I know that I don't know anything". And this is the first step to grow in life, if we know this we have the courage and the curiosity to discover new things

  77. s for Sweet N for Name

    s for Sweet N for NameMonth ago

    I cn stare at him without blinking for 24×7 thats how deeply I m in love with him. Literally obsessed!

  78. Andre TxT

    Andre TxTMonth ago

    I'm 27 and you literally learn from his interviews, he is wise way beyond his years. This guy is gonna be a happy person overall based on how he thinks not how many fans or money he has.

  79. Vinicius De Almeida

    Vinicius De AlmeidaMonth ago

    His eyes omg 😍🖤

  80. Kim L

    Kim LMonth ago

    He’s amazing

  81. layla

    laylaMonth ago

    "open a door for a lady who wants the door to be open for her...and if she doesn't want the door to be opened for her then don't" right answer !!! you're doing amazing !!

  82. layla

    laylaMonth ago

    what fascinates me about shawn is that he so aware, you can truly feel how deep he cares about people, he really understands how much his actions can affect others and how different and unique each individual is. people usually comment on how nice shawn is but i don't think they really deeply see how nice he is, he's not only nice because he's always apologizing or trying his best to not curse, he's nice because he's aware of his limit and also aware of other people's limits. he's a genuine and respectful young man who honestly deserves more attention for other things besides his good looks.

  83. Geovanna Nobrega

    Geovanna NobregaMonth ago

    Wow he’s so smart and woke.. love it

  84. Ella B

    Ella BMonth ago

    shawn: talks reflectively about his tattoo and keeping himself grounded... interviewer: SO WHATS YOU PERFECT FIRST DATE

  85. Obf Pj

    Obf PjMonth ago

    WAIT HE IS STILL 20?? He looks older in a good way...

  86. Amber LaShay

    Amber LaShayMonth ago

    Shawn, what if I told you I'm your number one fan?

  87. Escrita Magica

    Escrita MagicaMonth ago

  88. Pretty Girl7

    Pretty Girl7Month ago


  89. Suga Army

    Suga ArmyMonth ago

    I love him how sweet and kind, also very matured for his age😍😍😍😍😍😍

  90. Shawnmendesis toohot4u

    Shawnmendesis toohot4uMonth ago

    Shawn just marry me rn 😭😭😍😍👑👑💞💞😫💕💕💕

  91. Kk Kharkongor

    Kk KharkongorMonth ago

    First of all you're a darling so sweet of u to think about our society I will always love u till the end of my life

  92. A A

    A AMonth ago

    my favourite interview shawn the purest man alive

  93. sittie abdulmanan

    sittie abdulmananMonth ago

    God! I really do feel like this guy is a keeper. I love how meaningful that guitar tattoo and how deep he feels and thinks 😍 Chivalry is not dead!

  94. Ghostfreak

    GhostfreakMonth ago

    It's wonderful to have LGBT representation in music. Very happy for Shawn.

  95. Marisa Pitarresi

    Marisa PitarresiMonth ago

    Where are his parents? I’d like to thank them for reproducing👏🏼👏🏼

  96. Bailey

    BaileyMonth ago

    Oh I love him with my whole heart

  97. Imogen Lawrie

    Imogen LawrieMonth ago

    wow im in love

  98. Zoey Klonari

    Zoey KlonariMonth ago

    He is just so honest and real!!! Good job Shawn!!!

  99. pineapple

    pineappleMonth ago

    He is perfect

  100. BelieveIn Yourself

    BelieveIn YourselfMonth ago

    20:56 to the end is just so cute😭😍😍