Shawn Mendes opens up about dating | How to be a Man | British GQ


  1. Liv Casper

    Liv CasperDay ago

    He is just the cutest, nicest

  2. Saniya Sadaf

    Saniya Sadaf2 days ago

    Shawn is so incredibly Sweet, I love you Shawn ❤

  3. Shereen

    Shereen2 days ago

    Damm you look like a wise

  4. Halie Torris

    Halie Torris2 days ago

    He is such a gift. 😭💕

  5. Kusum Devi

    Kusum Devi2 days ago

    What's with those eyes?

  6. Shruthi Nishad

    Shruthi Nishad2 days ago

    This title is so shallow, he talks about so so much more than just dating .-.

  7. Aminisha Nisha

    Aminisha Nisha3 days ago

    I can listen to him hours!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. typicalfangirl14

    typicalfangirl143 days ago

    Listening to Shawn's inspiring message really inspired me to really open my eyes to the world, he's so mature than he is now in a good way, glad I watch the whole thing. #mendesarmy

  9. 張泰銘

    張泰銘3 days ago

    How could his life NOT get ruined? I wonder.

  10. Hazzaww

    Hazzaww4 days ago

    I'm in love with Shawn Mendes.

  11. MoonTarin Zaman

    MoonTarin Zaman5 days ago

    I wish I could hug Shawn Mendes. 😊

  12. Neha Bellaqua

    Neha Bellaqua7 days ago

    There’s something about the way he talks.... I get so lost in his words ♥️♥️♥️

  13. 1hayes1

    1hayes17 days ago

    Shawn's hair has an independent life force.

  14. Los videos de Nadiela

    Los videos de Nadiela7 days ago

    He speaks so fast!😂

  15. Zara Frances

    Zara Frances7 days ago

    I just love this man

  16. Natasha Tan

    Natasha Tan8 days ago

    shawn talking about how chill fanbases are.... bet he has never seen the kpop world

  17. audrey earley

    audrey earley9 days ago

    his skin is so pristine like a porcelain toilet seat

  18. audrey earley

    audrey earley9 days ago

    what an amazing interview, I fall in love with Shawn Mendes more and more every day.

  19. audrey earley

    audrey earley9 days ago

    this girl is trying so hard to act normal in front of shawn mendes

  20. Rachel Curran

    Rachel Curran9 days ago

    What's your favorite. Song anything

  21. R.B. Oakley

    R.B. Oakley10 days ago

    Is it sexual tension or awkwardness? I really can't tell between these two.

  22. Adia Braun

    Adia Braun11 days ago

    I don't know why but I'm obsessed with his big hands compare to hers lol

  23. Nina Lind

    Nina Lind12 days ago

    Such an intelligent 20 year old man, so chivalrous, kind, and thoughtful

  24. Tasha Daniella

    Tasha Daniella13 days ago

    The interviewer looks so uncomfortable..

  25. ELAI SHA

    ELAI SHA13 days ago

    I know that I dont have a chance at Shawn but I want to b friends with him so bad and touch his hair every second.

  26. Donna Bliss Bautista

    Donna Bliss Bautista13 days ago

    What a great interview...the title, not so much.

  27. Mary McCammon

    Mary McCammon13 days ago

    This was a really great interview! She asked good questions and let him talk.

  28. M

    M14 days ago

    his eye color is just GORGEOUS

  29. Kate Riley

    Kate Riley17 days ago

    I love you, Shawn ✨

  30. CarmaCamellia

    CarmaCamellia19 days ago

    This is a really good interview.

  31. ha ro

    ha ro19 days ago

    lost in japan is rnb??umm who’s gunna tell ha

  32. mommy rocks

    mommy rocks19 days ago

    🌹🤴 prince charming🕌

  33. Hiba

    Hiba20 days ago

    I like open minded mature people.

  34. Bella Cartaya

    Bella Cartaya20 days ago

    "I have a really great imagination"

  35. Elisa JS

    Elisa JS20 days ago

    the meaning behind that guitar tattoo is literally deeper than my entire thought

  36. Stamatia

    Stamatia20 days ago

    So all that is dating?

  37. By Kir

    By Kir20 days ago

    I kinda ship them

  38. SynonyBomb

    SynonyBomb20 days ago

    Shawn's eyes... O.M.G

  39. Doris Wakefield

    Doris Wakefield21 day ago

    He has beautiful skin!😁😁

  40. Sophia Borderon

    Sophia Borderon21 day ago

    10:35 10:54 *Gotcha*

  41. Ally Hvis

    Ally Hvis21 day ago

    He is so mature

  42. bella Merbouh

    bella Merbouh21 day ago

    My mother love you shawn

  43. may m.lotfi

    may m.lotfi21 day ago

    he is a nice person

  44. Angelina Salvatore

    Angelina Salvatore22 days ago

    I don't know but don't you think the interviewer is a little bit strange.She seems scared and shy🤔😌

  45. BadulTheGuru

    BadulTheGuru22 days ago

    Wait i thought shawn started on youtube not vine. On another video he clearly explains the misconception.

  46. Grecia Valerio

    Grecia Valerio22 days ago

    Ah! His green eyes!

  47. Mathilde Mendes

    Mathilde Mendes23 days ago

    His all family seems sooo wise and so mature ❤️ Including him ! I love listening to him

  48. Jane Deer

    Jane Deer26 days ago

    Imagine how cool it would be to just sit down and have a conversation with him. So amazing.

  49. Fernanda Sanchez

    Fernanda Sanchez28 days ago

    This girl got good posture

  50. Stephanie Madonna

    Stephanie Madonna29 days ago

    oh yes, of all people shawn mendes knows how to be a man

  51. I like Food

    I like FoodMonth ago

    He does not look 19 or doesn’t talk like he’s 19

  52. I like Food

    I like FoodMonth ago

    He does not look 19 or doesn’t talk like he’s 19

  53. Abbie

    AbbieMonth ago

    Shawn must be one of the most genuine, down to earth people in music!!!💗

  54. somegurl X

    somegurl XMonth ago

    I want to be his friend bc he’s so positive and the nicest person 😌❤️

  55. Ariana May

    Ariana MayMonth ago

    i could listen to him talk for hours , my goodness . he’s so inspiring what in the world 💗

  56. Ariana May

    Ariana MayMonth ago

    his eyes are absolutely gorgeous

  57. merozt

    meroztMonth ago

    let’s compare young men today to shawn mendes. *differences?*

  58. Gaga Moli

    Gaga MoliMonth ago

    merozt he actually has a heart and a mind 😉

  59. Aishwariya Debnath

    Aishwariya DebnathMonth ago

    They had to show the end part didn't they ?? 😂😂😂😂

  60. Madi and Ali R

    Madi and Ali RMonth ago

    I wanna date Shawn Mendes and not just because he has a heavenly voice but because he’s so down to earth and just an amazing man

  61. pineapple_craze

    pineapple_crazeMonth ago

    it's crazy how every single moment of this video spoke out to me...

  62. Liley Clark

    Liley ClarkMonth ago

    I just realized that he blinks A LOT! 😂❤

  63. Crying Oreo

    Crying OreoMonth ago

    6:26 to 6:31 I am speechless😍😍

  64. Evie Coughlin

    Evie CoughlinMonth ago

    10:37 Ha gottem

  65. Ayjahan Atayeva

    Ayjahan AtayevaMonth ago


  66. Lool Koke

    Lool KokeMonth ago

    He is an angel from the sky 😇😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  67. NCTZEN for NCT

    NCTZEN for NCTMonth ago

    He has never felt heartbreak , means never felt in love but he wrote all that awesome songs about love !! He's genius

  68. Ria Something

    Ria SomethingMonth ago

    at his concerts, i love the way he says “beautiful” when fans sing his songs and i’ve noticed that he shouts “ how you guys feelin out there” when the crowd kinda gets quite.

  69. Sohini Majumder

    Sohini MajumderMonth ago

    Shawn Mendes 💓💓💓💓💓 is the perfect guy ...a girl dreams of ..

  70. Aasiya Ibrahim

    Aasiya IbrahimMonth ago

    I am literally imagining about laying in his chest and snuggling with him?like how lucky his exes and future girlfriends is and was ?? Like at night i am literally cuddling with a freaking pillow like wtf ? I am single af!

  71. Hanna Banana

    Hanna BananaMonth ago

    So I love Shawn and wanna like be his wife but I want to be his sister even more but like that’s not gonna happen so I’ll keep tryna cuff him

  72. Yoni Maes

    Yoni MaesMonth ago


  73. Nadia Prones

    Nadia PronesMonth ago

    Omfg his eyessssss 🥺

  74. Zoey Burns

    Zoey BurnsMonth ago


  75. Anuhea812

    Anuhea812Month ago

    What girl would leave him in the morning?? He is beautiful.

  76. Hazel Meinhardt-Moe

    Hazel Meinhardt-MoeMonth ago

    no one: shawn: i have a fourteen year old sister

  77. Lit Gamers

    Lit GamersMonth ago

    His sister is lucky to have him as a brother

  78. Trixy Icoy

    Trixy IcoyMonth ago

    he has 8 while I have 2 02/02/2000 hahahah share ko lang

  79. Ghazal Aziz

    Ghazal AzizMonth ago

    Marry me shwan or I'll stay single forever because I wouldn't be able to find someone like u

  80. Gabriela Morita

    Gabriela MoritaMonth ago

    gosh what a man

  81. Izzy English

    Izzy EnglishMonth ago

    He is so precious

  82. Juna Shrestha

    Juna ShresthaMonth ago

    Izzy English omg he is isn’t he 😭 I saw him live the other and I have vlogged few bits hope you can check it out x

  83. 163____cm98

    163____cm98Month ago

    More guys should watch Shawn’s interviews , they can learn a lot 👏🏻he is such such a gentleman

  84. 163____cm98

    163____cm98Month ago

    He is genuinely such a nice person like a nice guy , I would definitely trust him and talking to him for hours ☺️

  85. Claceroses

    ClacerosesMonth ago

    I don’t get how the girl can sit still and not fan girl. If that was me, then I would be rolling around and crying 😂.

  86. Juna Shrestha

    Juna ShresthaMonth ago

    Claceroses he is literally 20 mins away from me performing today and I just wanna sneak in and go and see him 😭 but I did see him perform live the other day and I have vlogged it hope you can check it out x

  87. Elodie Mats

    Elodie MatsMonth ago

    la meuf est mega stresse vu comment elle essaye de bien se positionner je suis morte 😭

  88. laura thoman

    laura thomanMonth ago

    I need a boyfriend like him please Shawn teach the guys to be you🙈

  89. Eliška Jelenová

    Eliška JelenováMonth ago

    He is 8.8 ?!? He is Leo???Omg I’m 13.8 ❤️❤️❤️

  90. Eliška Jelenová

    Eliška JelenováMonth ago

    I’m playing with my necklase same like him 🌞

  91. Janaam Rengechel

    Janaam RengechelMonth ago

    I love all of his albums. So much love for his work❤️

  92. Jeon Yeongjae

    Jeon YeongjaeMonth ago

    Omg! He's so crazy good looking

  93. waterc0lourg0ldfish

    waterc0lourg0ldfishMonth ago

    good LORD he is beautiful

  94. Eliza Mitruk

    Eliza MitrukMonth ago

    To all the anxious teenagers out there: you are not the only ones, guys. Loads of people around you fight silent, invisible battles in their heads and it's okay to talk about when you're getting self-concious, nervous or anxious. We need to talk about it openly so that discussion about anxiety stops being awkward and the common knowladge about it increases, making it easier on every single one of us. You shouldn't feel ashamed of getting anxious but you should be darn right proud of yourself if you keep going out there and work on your self-growth despite being overloaded with stress.

  95. Artisticmendes s

    Artisticmendes sMonth ago

    His voice is so calming🤤

  96. Adrienne Adams

    Adrienne AdamsMonth ago

    They put so much makeup on him He looks like Edward Cullen!!

  97. Arlene Zhao

    Arlene ZhaoMonth ago

    why am i crying

  98. Melody Alyssa

    Melody AlyssaMonth ago

    I hope he never feels heartbreak, he's way too cute for that

  99. Melody Alyssa

    Melody AlyssaMonth ago

    This will sound pathetic but I don't care: I have come to the conclusion that Shawn Mendes is probably the only person in this world I'd ever marry 😂

  100. Juna Shrestha

    Juna ShresthaMonth ago

    Melody Alyssa 😂😂😂😂

  101. Melody Alyssa

    Melody AlyssaMonth ago

    Shawn: "I think kids now days are smarter" Me: *laughing* oh boy he doesn't want to see my highschool

  102. Jenny mendes

    Jenny mendesMonth ago

    10:30 TRICKED

  103. Mansi Pandey

    Mansi PandeyMonth ago

    His smile just makes my heartbeat skip..❤

  104. 1hayes1

    1hayes1Month ago

    shawn for james bond