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Shawn Mendes - Nervous


  1. Jerrah angela Pascual

    Jerrah angela PascualHour ago

    Who's that lucky gurl? 😂

  2. Swati Shankar

    Swati Shankar2 hours ago

    U r so cute shawn just like Justin 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  3. Zoran Mratinkovic

    Zoran Mratinkovic5 hours ago

    Omg you a best

  4. Jellen24 Sumbang

    Jellen24 Sumbang6 hours ago

    why so hot? shocks ur such a good singer

  5. jaymark dael

    jaymark dael7 hours ago

    cute mo talaga mendes

  6. Mary W.

    Mary W.7 hours ago

    Como quisiera ser yo la que lo está tocando 😂😭 Shawn

  7. Elena Rosales

    Elena Rosales8 hours ago

    I like this song

  8. bu couto

    bu couto9 hours ago

    Y Yl Ylo Ylov Ylove ylove y Ylove yo Ylove you Ylove yo Ylove y Ylove Ylov Ylo Yl Y

  9. Muthiara Izza

    Muthiara Izza9 hours ago


  10. Accent L

    Accent L10 hours ago

    I broke the replay button

  11. Melany Pizarro

    Melany Pizarro12 hours ago

    I love you

  12. Mari 22

    Mari 2212 hours ago

    I love you Shawn

  13. Mari 22

    Mari 2212 hours ago

    I love this song, i dont stop to heard it. :)

  14. Kitty Calderon

    Kitty Calderon13 hours ago

    It must feel really awkward to have someone touching you with their hands like that! LOL

  15. Raquel dsz

    Raquel dsz13 hours ago

    Eu vou te dar um tapa por ser tão lindo 😍 hahahaha

  16. Manu Paladines

    Manu Paladines14 hours ago


  17. More Gonzalez

    More Gonzalez14 hours ago

    grande shaw , siempre en la tuya que vas a llegar lejos , saludos de la esteban army

  18. Uma simples fã

    Uma simples fã16 hours ago

    I just wanna be these hands❤

  19. Alyssa Belliveau

    Alyssa Belliveau17 hours ago


  20. Eszter Abos

    Eszter Abos17 hours ago

    Please take a leap next year the Island Festival! ! (hungary) Sorry for spelling im hungarian! I LOVE YOU SHAWN! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Tobias Weihskircher

    Tobias Weihskircher20 hours ago

    His badest song

  22. Anshula Lal

    Anshula Lal20 hours ago

    God!I can't believe I commented SHAWN MENDES'S MReporter channel :D:D:D:D:D(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(≧∇≦) (≧∇≦)

  23. Anshula Lal

    Anshula Lal20 hours ago

    I wish you could come to India And if u come to india make sure to come to Bangalore, Karnatak

  24. Michie T

    Michie T22 hours ago

    He's trying so hard not to laugh. Its noticeable that he's either somewhat uncomfortable or it tickles him.😂❤

  25. SL S

    SL S23 hours ago

    I love your smile snd everything of you!!!

  26. MŚĐîãņ & BÈĻÏÊBĒŘ 4ěvęŕ

    MŚĐîãņ & BÈĻÏÊBĒŘ 4ěvęŕDay ago

    Why those hands are kinda disturbing to me?! Haha Nice Music, kid! A bright future waiting for you ahead!

  27. Sultanna 2.0

    Sultanna 2.0Day ago

    0:46 I SEE A HEAD

  28. L E X Y

    L E X Y22 hours ago


  29. It's Yo Boy Priyansh

    It's Yo Boy PriyanshDay ago

    Who loves this song like

  30. StarNight

    StarNightDay ago


  31. Jason Goodall

    Jason GoodallDay ago


  32. anto lopez

    anto lopezDay ago

    Soy la única que se pone loca con este vídeo ?😏😍❤️

  33. John Ralston Raishin Rances

    John Ralston Raishin RancesDay ago

    SHAWN ♥

  34. Aulia Nurmailaa

    Aulia NurmailaaDay ago

    Shawn's smile is make me😍😍❤❤

  35. Jack Eyed peas

    Jack Eyed peasDay ago

    I get a little excited watching this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *Imnotgay

  36. Amanda Costa

    Amanda CostaDay ago

    FDP, nunca senti raiva, amor, nervosismo, vontade de matar alguém, tudo junto, esse clipe me proporcionou isso 😠❤ Te amo, mas vou cortar a mão dessa rapariga, ficar tocando no macho dos outros, audácia q fala né? 😑

  37. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverDay ago

    2019 anyone?

  38. Barbara Maria

    Barbara MariaDay ago

    Só eu que fico sorrindo com ele? KKKKKK 😍🇧🇷

  39. Angélica Marte

    Angélica MarteDay ago


  40. sophiaoutlined

    sophiaoutlinedDay ago

    The beginning reminds me so much of selenas bad liar song

  41. Atoosa Sadat Najafi

    Atoosa Sadat NajafiDay ago

    how is possible to be this cute?

  42. Luiza Taiar

    Luiza TaiarDay ago


  43. Madhulika Sinha

    Madhulika SinhaDay ago

    I just hope those hands were of a boy.

  44. yaya 07

    yaya 07Day ago

    Ai ai como queria ser essas mãos haha

  45. Kamila

    KamilaDay ago

    I love you Shawn

  46. Magdita Chablè de villalopando

    Magdita Chablè de villalopandoDay ago


  47. April girl

    April girlDay ago

    I can i be the hands

  48. Harshith Kukunuru

    Harshith KukunuruDay ago

    This is pretty bad compared to all your other songs.

  49. Solar Flare

    Solar Flare13 hours ago

    Harshith Kukunuru Nah. It’s a huge bop

  50. samantha 123

    samantha 1232 days ago


  51. One Hair

    One Hair2 days ago

    He is cringing most of the time

  52. Bhojpuri Comedy

    Bhojpuri Comedy2 days ago

    So... cute (:

  53. Shoshi Arundhoti

    Shoshi Arundhoti2 days ago

    I can’t stop staring at his smiling though.

  54. Renita Albina

    Renita Albina2 days ago

    Try not to laugh Shawn...

  55. Anti Possession

    Anti Possession2 days ago

    This song reminds me of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

  56. Mansvi Teshwer

    Mansvi Teshwer2 days ago

    Sass Sha Shawn

  57. Camila VA

    Camila VA2 days ago


  58. Menina Teen

    Menina Teen2 days ago

    O mais vai ser lindo aqui ein menino assim vc nos mata do ❤ seu lindo!

  59. Killdagger

    Killdagger2 days ago


  60. Robin Sparkles

    Robin Sparkles2 days ago

    Eller serdar ortaç klibine benzemiş hdhfjgjflb

  61. Kaylee Reeder

    Kaylee Reeder2 days ago

    tHiS mAkEs mE sO uNcOmFoRtAbLe

  62. Marion

    Marion2 days ago

    that damn smile, there’s no words which can describe your perfection Mendes ♡

  63. Marion

    Marion2 days ago


  64. Marion

    Marion2 days ago

    i guess this clip was so awkward to film 😂

  65. Keziah Haakmat

    Keziah Haakmat2 days ago

    This must have been so EMBARRASSING to filmmmm😂😂❤

  66. Alina _n.g.

    Alina _n.g.2 days ago

    Omggg ich wäre gerne das Mädchen mit den Händen! Wie süß und schüchtern er einfach Schaut! 😓😓❤

  67. kaShootMe

    kaShootMe2 days ago

    This reminds me of blurred lines

  68. lucy Christina simanjuntak Show

    lucy Christina simanjuntak Show2 days ago

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐GREAT, BABE!! - SUCCESS-

  69. Nanda Nair

    Nanda Nair2 days ago

    His smile is killing me 😍😍

  70. fifth harmony biznatches

    fifth harmony biznatches2 days ago

    this is NOT it cheif

  71. Iván Téllez

    Iván Téllez2 days ago


  72. Laurel Hanks

    Laurel Hanks2 days ago

    Free reply buttons! 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Hoped you liked them😁

  73. Vinícius Braga

    Vinícius Braga3 days ago

    october 2018? anyone?

  74. ilyasse Ouali

    ilyasse Ouali3 days ago

    14-OC-2018 ... ❤️💎


    SOUR GRAPE3 days ago

    That Grill is so lucky. Im jealous :(


    SOUR GRAPE3 days ago

    +hailey sani khashfi Yeah how dare she hit him lol

  77. hailey sani khashfi

    hailey sani khashfi3 days ago

    Me too, she can touch him, smell him and even hit him😉😉

  78. Soha Zia

    Soha Zia3 days ago

    These songs are amazing.WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN OR HEARD THESE SONGS.WHY!!!UGGH!!Thank you for making these songs

  79. watermelon girl ra

    watermelon girl ra3 days ago

    omg you are so cute 😍😍 but I want to kill this girl....

  80. Miranda Ledesma

    Miranda Ledesma3 days ago

    Yours .........funny

  81. chungbiumg829

    chungbiumg8293 days ago

    Love from Taiwan.

  82. chungbiumg829

    chungbiumg8293 days ago

    Come Eastern promote.

  83. Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig3 days ago

    Quien seria la afortunada que lo toco asiii! 😒

  84. tragically unsubscribing

    tragically unsubscribing3 days ago

    I want those hands

  85. D Tucker

    D Tucker3 days ago

    Mendes arimy

  86. Yanira Lilian Tambo Félix

    Yanira Lilian Tambo Félix3 days ago


  87. Adia latifi

    Adia latifi3 days ago

    I seriously need to make a song called Jealous.

  88. Ayah Charaf

    Ayah Charaf3 days ago

    I mean that girl gets payed to run her hands over him We’d do it for free Like if you agree

  89. Heidi Garza

    Heidi Garza3 days ago


  90. steve rogers capitan

    steve rogers capitan3 days ago


  91. JuiceMoon omnizip

    JuiceMoon omnizip3 days ago

    0:53 he says "eh" even when he sings!

  92. Hey it’s Hannah

    Hey it’s Hannah3 days ago


  93. Wendy Dixon

    Wendy Dixon3 days ago

    I do not know why she is hiding. Because you can totally see her! Love you shawn

  94. Mustafa Saja

    Mustafa Saja3 days ago

    If you

  95. Luan Silva

    Luan Silva3 days ago

    Selena Gomez - Bad Liar rs

  96. Defender of Justice

    Defender of Justice3 days ago

    I want to touch his hair. lEt mE tOuCh HiS hAiR

  97. may m.lotfi

    may m.lotfi3 days ago

    Love this song 😍😍😍😍😍

  98. Aka Kaka

    Aka Kaka3 days ago

    Wunderbar 👍

  99. Ana Luz Zabala

    Ana Luz Zabala3 days ago

    Hay alguien que hablé español?

  100. Ana Luz Zabala

    Ana Luz Zabala2 days ago

    +Noelia Johanna pero esta buena la canción de shawn mendes no? Aunque la tuve que buscar en español para entender jajaja

  101. Ana Luz Zabala

    Ana Luz Zabala2 days ago

    +Noelia Johanna si jaja

  102. Noelia Johanna

    Noelia Johanna2 days ago

    +Ana Luz Zabala mucho inglés no? jaja que tal!

  103. Ana Luz Zabala

    Ana Luz Zabala2 days ago

    +Noelia Johanna Jajaja

  104. Ana Luz Zabala

    Ana Luz Zabala2 days ago

    +Noelia Johanna por fín

  105. Barbara Patrick

    Barbara Patrick3 days ago

    Shawn is mine he is dating me

  106. Lily James

    Lily James3 days ago

    Get a little bit excited when I think about uh ❤❤❤❤shawnn

  107. • ЭmиL •

    • ЭmиL •3 days ago

    Damn, he’s “the pretty boy” p.s. I’m jealous that I don’t got a face like that😂

  108. Roxana Parra

    Roxana Parra3 days ago

    Esta raro el video pero se te pasa por guapoo 😘😍😎😍😙😘😙☺

  109. Ella Russell

    Ella Russell3 days ago

    i know