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Shawn Mendes - Nervous


  1. Janeisha Rodriguez

    Janeisha RodriguezHour ago

    *Smiles* Me:Forgets how to breathe😭💚

  2. Sara Bouwhuizen

    Sara Bouwhuizen2 hours ago

    Am i the only one who wants to see bloopers of this video-clip?😂😂

  3. JV Strats

    JV Strats3 hours ago

    PLOT TWIST: these are John Mayer's hands

  4. Luene Sousa

    Luene Sousa4 hours ago

    Muito nenê

  5. Neelima Pare

    Neelima Pare4 hours ago


  6. Narottam Murmu

    Narottam Murmu5 hours ago

    guitar name anybody?

  7. Thaís Aires

    Thaís Aires5 hours ago

    Lindo demais!

  8. Sanskriti Sukkal

    Sanskriti Sukkal5 hours ago

    I ain’t comfortable by the way she is touching Shawn!! 😒😒

  9. Veselina Veselinova

    Veselina Veselinova5 hours ago

    His smile, damn 😍

  10. Ketsia Tanis

    Ketsia Tanis5 hours ago

    Why she’s touching him like that with her dirty nails 🙄😤

  11. Multifandom Lyrics

    Multifandom Lyrics6 hours ago

    Whoever hands is that, it is so lucky omg

  12. viktoria kobiletska

    viktoria kobiletska6 hours ago

    Only 57 millions??? It should be MORE

  13. najma nurlaily

    najma nurlaily6 hours ago

    Don't touch my baby shawn :')

  14. By Andrea

    By Andrea7 hours ago

    ya no te haces viral :(

  15. fenna burger

    fenna burger7 hours ago


  16. Andrea Jaramillo Diaz

    Andrea Jaramillo Diaz7 hours ago

    How dare she smack him if I was her I would be lap dancing on him Like if you agree 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  17. fenna burger

    fenna burger7 hours ago

    Lmao this must’ve been so awkward help😂😂😂

  18. Keishie Queen

    Keishie Queen7 hours ago

    His lips are cherry❤

  19. Lord Trollington

    Lord Trollington7 hours ago

    Why does it sound so much like selena gomez' bad liar

  20. Andrew Cole

    Andrew Cole8 hours ago


  21. Kuo's

    Kuo's8 hours ago

    I saw one hand gives him a slap at 1:45!!!!

  22. Desirèe Vallisa

    Desirèe Vallisa9 hours ago


  23. salli msp

    salli msp10 hours ago

    those hands are so lucky to touch his chest ;(

  24. Katia Papadopoulou

    Katia Papadopoulou10 hours ago


  25. Clare Wooldridge-pini

    Clare Wooldridge-pini10 hours ago

    Imagine how awkward that would’ve been for him 😂

  26. Hailey McDonald

    Hailey McDonald12 hours ago

    1:45 has me dead

  27. Paulina Krzysteczko

    Paulina Krzysteczko13 hours ago

    Poland (Polska)

  28. eliyah _

    eliyah _13 hours ago

    i wanted to touch him

  29. Theonlyoneherewhoknows Everything

    Theonlyoneherewhoknows Everything14 hours ago

    Who’s the girl?

  30. Edelito Manalansan

    Edelito Manalansan14 hours ago


  31. Voice of Patty

    Voice of Patty16 hours ago

    So schön der Song.

  32. Oonacorns !

    Oonacorns !16 hours ago

    What the freak did I just watch..

  33. Полина Кузнецова

    Полина Кузнецова16 hours ago

    Shawn... you are so talanted!!! Your songs are listened around the wourld. For example, I'm from Russia (Vladivostok). We often listen you)

  34. caros eduardo

    caros eduardo10 hours ago


  35. Paoly Gomez

    Paoly Gomez16 hours ago

    I love him soooooooooo much

  36. Eddie-carr •

    Eddie-carr •17 hours ago

    August 2018 anyone?

  37. mendes_ major

    mendes_ major18 hours ago

    2:19 that was cute lol

  38. mendes_ major

    mendes_ major18 hours ago


  39. Nevaeh Ahhee

    Nevaeh Ahhee18 hours ago

    His smile is everything 😭😭😭😍

  40. Joshua Campanano

    Joshua Campanano19 hours ago

    U are soooo coooolllll mendes omg ur my idol ommgg

  41. Gabi Martins

    Gabi Martins20 hours ago


  42. Meshell Atwood

    Meshell Atwood21 hour ago

    His smile is INFECTIOUS in this video, it makes me smile so big and the endorphins kick in!! :)

  43. andrea tuil

    andrea tuil21 hour ago

    When do you a live in Toulouse shawn i love you so much

  44. Sasa Bee

    Sasa Bee21 hour ago

    He is sooo cute. I always can't stop smiling when I watch this video ☺️

  45. Neko! Delta Sans

    Neko! Delta Sans22 hours ago

    You hit those high notes good o.o

  46. Malue 17

    Malue 1723 hours ago


  47. Emma Weaver

    Emma Weaver23 hours ago

    She better take her hands off my man

  48. Catiana Medeiros

    Catiana Medeiros23 hours ago


  49. Kim Shipp

    Kim Shipp23 hours ago

    1:45 that slap tho

  50. Evangeline Torres

    Evangeline TorresDay ago

    Shawn should do a livestream!!!!

  51. Laleshka Enriquez

    Laleshka EnriquezDay ago


  52. Anais Nina

    Anais NinaDay ago

    Shawn Your the best beabYy LoVe you so much my dear shwnYy 😘😍😍♥

  53. אביב רודיק

    אביב רודיקDay ago

    Shawn ... i hope see it i live in israel you have a lot of fans here everyone wants you to show up just so you know that whoever laughs at you is stupid you' re a lovely person come to israel i love you Thanks

  54. LEZEFanmades

    LEZEFanmadesDay ago

    1:20 ok i'm in love with this part

  55. Lina

    LinaDay ago

  56. Jasmin Loredo

    Jasmin LoredoDay ago

    2:25 i want to tuch him hair so bad and wow the close ups kild me

  57. Edineide Madalena Moreira

    Edineide Madalena MoreiraDay ago

    I Love you

  58. pennycjb

    pennycjbDay ago

    1:44 LOOOL

  59. aung nyinyilatt

    aung nyinyilattDay ago

    All of his songs have the best beat I've ever heard

  60. Violeta Gonzalez

    Violeta GonzalezDay ago

    good shawn mendes reali fabulous

  61. Daria Sidney

    Daria SidneyDay ago

    Шон Мендес!

  62. ___kat ___

    ___kat ___Day ago

    Perfect 🖤

  63. Audi Rakhmanda

    Audi RakhmandaDay ago

    wish i could be that girl who can wrap my hand around his body. believe me, i wont stop doing it even the shooting of this video already finished.

  64. Jocelyn Holguin

    Jocelyn HolguinDay ago

    Shawn hazme un hijoooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Polona Švajger

    Polona ŠvajgerDay ago


  66. MrJazz Mapper

    MrJazz MapperDay ago

    I'll rather listen to isis anthen than dis shit

  67. Kunyarut Chaksuanwua

    Kunyarut ChaksuanwuaDay ago


  68. YsYs Tee

    YsYs TeeDay ago

    Its funny when she slap his face lol

  69. Anouk99music

    Anouk99musicDay ago

    Love this song so much Shawn. 😘

  70. JellyBean Jones

    JellyBean JonesDay ago


  71. Avni Katarey

    Avni KatareyDay ago

    Anyone listening in August 2018??? My Mendes army???

  72. Avni Katarey

    Avni KatareyDay ago

    That laugh at the end is everything 😍

  73. Ray richardson

    Ray richardsonDay ago

    Who's that blonde guy behind you?

  74. Narjara Cunha

    Narjara CunhaDay ago

    Que inveja dessas mãos que o tocam

  75. kaveramma ._

    kaveramma ._Day ago

    The girl is so lucky. 😂

  76. Sumeja Tepic

    Sumeja TepicDay ago


  77. Haj Gajs

    Haj GajsDay ago

    Bad Liar

  78. Confianza Cafe & Co-working Space

    Confianza Cafe & Co-working SpaceDay ago

    love you shawn

  79. Confianza Cafe & Co-working Space

    Confianza Cafe & Co-working SpaceDay ago

    love you shawn

  80. Tatty sousa

    Tatty sousaDay ago

    Meu bebê shanw mendes

  81. Selene Horan

    Selene HoranDay ago

    This video makes me laugh so much. He feels so unfortunately

  82. lea

    leaDay ago

    why is no one commenting about how some cuts make Shawn look like he has nice little lady hands

  83. Mac Dancalan

    Mac DancalanDay ago

    Whose hands are those? Haha

  84. Mudovolu Tetseo

    Mudovolu TetseoDay ago

    I LOVE YOU SHAWN💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤

  85. 26 blam

    26 blamDay ago

    1:38 i use headset and i shocked i thought its someone out

  86. Cottony_Candy 112

    Cottony_Candy 112Day ago


  87. Lujain khalid

    Lujain khalidDay ago

    Shawn mendes my love ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍

  88. Mike Brown playing guitar

    Mike Brown playing guitarDay ago

    This music sucks fat dick.long live 80s metal

  89. Georgia Capachione

    Georgia CapachioneDay ago

    1:21 im shaking

  90. xGravity

    xGravityDay ago

    this song sounds like it would be in cheech and chong

  91. Valentyne Crazy Player

    Valentyne Crazy PlayerDay ago

    AMO a Shawn Mendes. Los años NO pasan para él. Se ve idñentico que en sus videos Stitches y Treat U Better. No como el Maluma -baby- grandpa -pretty- ugly boy que apenas en 2 años envejeció 20 años y ahora no se ve de 23 sino de 43 o 53 con tanta barbota mas el pelo crecito y sus juanetes >:v yuu. Shawn está sabroso ojalá se conserve así por lo menos unos añitos más

  92. F A N G I R L 9 X

    F A N G I R L 9 XDay ago

    I can’t deal with how beautiful this man is

  93. F A N G I R L 9 X

    F A N G I R L 9 XDay ago

    I can’t deal with how beautiful this man is

  94. Anime Girl

    Anime GirlDay ago

    Does anyone else giggle weirdly when shawn's mentioned or when they see them? I'm NOT the only one here! I know it!

  95. Bre And Sid

    Bre And SidDay ago

    Other than that I love this

  96. Bre And Sid

    Bre And SidDay ago

    What’s with the Touching

  97. Tracey Osborne

    Tracey OsborneDay ago

    I'm 58 years old and I just love this song...Great beat and great looking young man...

  98. Criss Lucian

    Criss LucianDay ago


  99. Marion

    MarionDay ago


  100. Sharon La Rosa

    Sharon La RosaDay ago


  101. Julia Barroso

    Julia BarrosoDay ago