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Shawn Mendes "In My Blood" (Audio)


  1. Angela Sweet

    Angela Sweet10 hours ago

    I want to meet him

  2. Param ki

    Param ki11 hours ago

    Shawn can u please come to India!! It's a really really nice country and you have so many fans there!!!😢💝😢💝😢💝

  3. darin krukoff

    darin krukoff16 hours ago

    I'm an alcoholic and this song makes me cry and want to do better, I wanna give up but songs like this bring me up thanks for for hearing me

  4. Ronak Newar

    Ronak Newar17 hours ago

    Yeah go on SHAWAN MENDES 👍👍👍

  5. Saniya Smith

    Saniya Smith21 hour ago

    I love you Shawn so much u are a a amazing artist you are such a great inspiration to children keep working and pushing to what you want in life and you'll get their we will always love you in what you do we are army! Love you❤😍😗😄

  6. lola sharipova

    lola sharipovaDay ago

    This song is made with heart not just with 💡 ideas

  7. Vianey Gar cia

    Vianey Gar ciaDay ago

    Shawn Mendez Is Better Than Johnny Orlando

  8. Laryssa Correa Vargas

    Laryssa Correa VargasDay ago

    Oh my gooooooooood i love Shawn Mendes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 beautiful music

  9. bts_jungkook_ bangtan_boys

    bts_jungkook_ bangtan_boysDay ago

    Taehyung brought me here💕💓💘❤💞💖💗💟💝

  10. Szabina Sági

    Szabina Sági2 days ago

    I Love

  11. Szabina Sági

    Szabina Sági2 days ago

    I Love You😍😍

  12. Héctor Cortés

    Héctor Cortés2 days ago

    Hi guys, please watch my new cover

  13. Alex Gamer 2.0

    Alex Gamer 2.02 days ago

    It is in my blood ❤❤😍

  14. Alyssa _115

    Alyssa _1152 days ago

    Who else feels like this song was meant for them

  15. butterfly_ girl

    butterfly_ girl2 days ago

    The first time I heard this, it just reached somewhere deep inside my soul because i knew this was about anxiety.... And it just was so inspiring and gives such an amazing feeling that you could relate to others. This just reaches somewhere deep that i didn't know could be reached anymore. It Just inspires me so much to keep going forward. Thanks so much Shawn.

  16. DOGE :D

    DOGE :D2 days ago

    I’m gonna make a meme of this :3

  17. Datstud Savage

    Datstud Savage3 days ago

    I’m back again for the 100000 time

  18. Freak Tantus Extrem

    Freak Tantus Extrem3 days ago

    I dont speak english my english not good but is a beautiful song, and im your fan sorry for my english :P

  19. Datstud Savage

    Datstud Savage3 days ago

    I love this song

  20. Sparkly Wolf

    Sparkly Wolf3 days ago

    Omg, Shawn I saw you on sunrise news this morning. 😄

  21. Anastasija Milosavljevic

    Anastasija Milosavljevic3 days ago


  22. Matti sørensen Gaming

    Matti sørensen Gaming3 days ago

    in my blood is a good song

  23. Raoum Sindy

    Raoum Sindy4 days ago

    It always makes me cry

  24. Jeninha Oliver

    Jeninha Oliver4 days ago Gente da uma olhada nesse vídeo

  25. علي الخيكاني

    علي الخيكاني4 days ago

    Iloveyou Shawn mends

  26. devinah malu

    devinah malu5 days ago

    This song literally made me love him even more. ..

  27. izdihar ghanim

    izdihar ghanim5 days ago

    My sister loves you

  28. ANX

    ANX5 days ago

    Why can I never get tired of this song

  29. Sebah Ergeybi

    Sebah Ergeybi5 days ago

    It's wonderful ❤❤❤

  30. Walnijah Cohn

    Walnijah Cohn5 days ago

    Ladies and gentle he has made Mendes army the best army ever. I LOVE MENDES ARMY!!!!!😆🤣😂😆🤣😂🎼🎼🎤🎤

  31. Amos Kiser

    Amos Kiser5 days ago

    After listening to this I downed a whole bottle of henecy and started crying over a girl i saw in key west for 2 seconds

  32. Rocío Colán

    Rocío Colán6 days ago

    *JULY 2018* ❤ I love this song

  33. Thalita Muniz

    Thalita Muniz6 days ago

    ótima música, só hoje já chorei três vezes escutando ela

  34. Thalita Muniz

    Thalita Muniz6 days ago

    ótima música, só hoje já chorei três vezes escutando ela

  35. hollystep

    hollystep6 days ago

    2 sPEEd

  36. أسما

    أسما6 days ago

    *Keep telling me it that it gets better does it ever*

  37. Dammrott

    Dammrott6 days ago

    Me after HIV test

  38. Tamara Da Savage

    Tamara Da Savage7 days ago

    I can relate to this song 😓

  39. Figg Erz

    Figg Erz7 days ago

    Why are radio stations playing this suicidal Shawn Mendes depressing pos song and why are you people listening to it? You all need therapy.

  40. Melina Dii

    Melina Dii7 days ago

    Please check out my cover Shawn!

  41. Anime Girl

    Anime Girl7 days ago

    This song makes me so freaking emotional!😢

  42. SunTube_ MSG

    SunTube_ MSG7 days ago

    I don't know how much I can rely on this song. It's because your song is singing about help, not saying "It gonna be alright, it's OK" . I can't sure what I feel and what Shawn feels is the same thing, but I feeled some empathy to this song. I don't know Shawn much, but I got a big help from Shawn. Thank you. I hope that listening to Shawn's song for me is also a joy to Shawn. 다 잘될 거라고, 괜찮다고 말해주는 노래보다 이렇게 도와달라고, 살려달라고 외치면서 무너지려는 노래가 얼마나 의지가 되는지 몰라요. 내가 느끼는 것과 Shawn이 느끼는 것이 같은 것이라고 내가 확신지을 수는 없지만, 나는 이 노래에 공감했어요. Shawn을 잘 모르지만, Shawn에게 큰 도움을 받았어요. 감사합니다. 내가 도움을 받기 위해 Shawn의 노래를 듣는 것이 Shawn에게도 기쁨이기를 바라요.

  43. MendesArmy BiaForever

    MendesArmy BiaForever7 days ago

    Me diz : Dá orgulho: Claro ou com certeza?😍😍😍😍

  44. Alexis Cosgrove

    Alexis Cosgrove8 days ago


  45. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson8 days ago

    This song was released on my 15th birthday

  46. •Sayoni•

    •Sayoni•9 days ago

    Listening this for the 906969696th time , still not bored

  47. Blue Lightning

    Blue Lightning9 days ago

    My sister said that Shawn Mendes needs to work on hitting his high notes. So i play this at 1:08. I say to my sister does this sound to you like a person who can not hit high notes?

  48. unknown person

    unknown person9 days ago

    Found this yesterday like if u r watching friday 13th july 2018 22:15 91%


    EduSDG #SINIXTRO MIL GRAU9 days ago


  50. gamer kiki

    gamer kiki9 days ago

    i made a cute picture but heres a twist the pencil is a razer and the paper is my wrist

  51. kenzthe les

    kenzthe les8 days ago

    gamer kiki are you okay..?

  52. the fhischermean

    the fhischermean10 days ago

    Fa cagare il cazzo

  53. SydneyTheUnicorn

    SydneyTheUnicorn10 days ago

    Love this song

  54. Helen

    Helen10 days ago

    This song gives me courage, I really love this song, Thank you Shawn.

  55. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous10 days ago

    I'm so happy that someone made an accurate song about depression. When I first heard it and every time after I've cried. This song is beautiful and I hope you get the help you need, Shawn. "Sometimes I feel like giving up, no medicine is strong enough."

  56. Banana Morgan

    Banana Morgan10 days ago

    I relate to the song so much..just listening to this song makes me sad..I really love this song, probably one of my favorites.

  57. greta crisafulli

    greta crisafulli11 days ago

    i love you Shawn and i love your music

  58. Eloise Vinicombe

    Eloise Vinicombe11 days ago

    me every time on a test

  59. Jazzie Short Animations

    Jazzie Short Animations12 days ago


  60. Jovana Rallo

    Jovana Rallo12 days ago

    Que músicaaaaaaaaaaa❤❤❤

  61. Isadora Alves

    Isadora Alves12 days ago

    shaw mendes top

  62. Isadora Alves

    Isadora Alves12 days ago

    shawn mendes top

  63. Isadora Alves

    Isadora Alves12 days ago

    shawn mendes top

  64. Isadora Alves

    Isadora Alves12 days ago


  65. 홍성쥬

    홍성쥬12 days ago

    I really like the lyrics It was really comforting Thank you Shawn!:)

  66. izdihar ghanim

    izdihar ghanim13 days ago

    I love you

  67. Majda Piric

    Majda Piric13 days ago

    I love every single song that Shawn Mendes makes

  68. Majda Piric

    Majda Piric13 days ago

    I love shawn mendes he's my favorite singer but its so hard to download all off his songs😁

  69. annilini helenini

    annilini helenini13 days ago

    Hey, I've covered this song 🙏🏻 give it a listen if you like 💖

  70. Otterstar Warrior cats

    Otterstar Warrior cats14 days ago

    if any of my fellow warriors fans are out there, this reminds you of the briarlight and cinderpelt situation right?

  71. XxiwolfiexX

    XxiwolfiexX14 days ago

    I know Shawn will never see this but you really are like a hero to a lot of people, songs like this give everybody a bit more hope and a reason to go on - personally as someone who struggles through things as well music really helps to escape some troubles - I have never been in love either, but I think It won't be hard to find someone who loves you because, if people actually look close enough they could find someone to connect with. As a music fan I would for you Shawn to continue personal emotional songs like this so it can continue to benefit everyone's life - including helping you find the love of your life. If you ever read this.

  72. daryl_sgn5

    daryl_sgn514 days ago

    I just can't give up, it isn't in my blood.

  73. Awesome Rainbow

    Awesome Rainbow15 days ago

    it doesn't make sense in 0.75 mode

  74. Carolina Teixeira

    Carolina Teixeira15 days ago

    Good bay

  75. Ilaria Bartelloni

    Ilaria Bartelloni15 days ago


  76. David watebled

    David watebled15 days ago

    Bonjour Monsieur Jean Pierre Gilbert et je suis pas sur je ne pas

  77. Lisanne de Goede

    Lisanne de Goede15 days ago

    I LOVE YOU ! 2018 7 - 7 -18 !

  78. Giuliano F. de Lima

    Giuliano F. de Lima16 days ago

    Cada música mais bosta!

  79. Iva

    Iva16 days ago

    Why i cant listen all song from album 😭😭😭😭🔫

  80. `Mendes ́

    `Mendes ́16 days ago

    sjnderuhuhjf aun no la supero :,v

  81. Sofia Quintana

    Sofia Quintana16 days ago

    Cute baabbyyy

  82. Sabrina Noori

    Sabrina Noori16 days ago


  83. Sabrina Noori

    Sabrina Noori16 days ago


  84. Christine Watkins

    Christine Watkins16 days ago


  85. XxDerpoThe DoggoXx

    XxDerpoThe DoggoXx16 days ago

    doc.: - gives shawn shot - doc: now it's in your blood.

  86. DC GAMER

    DC GAMER16 days ago

    Music perfect

  87. Sabrina Noori

    Sabrina Noori17 days ago


  88. Kaitlyn Ruth

    Kaitlyn Ruth17 days ago

    I want to be able to meet Shawn more than anything I've ever wanted he is an inspiration to most of my singing and anytime I listen to music I search up Shawn mendes as my first song.😍😍😍 LOVE YA SHAWN!!!

  89. Diz 420

    Diz 42017 days ago

    Lol he's singing about being afraid of being lonely and people are making conspircy theories that he's singing about being gay. He's obviously singing about a difficult relationship that he wants to leave, but he doesn't want to leave her and be lonely... Also it isn't in his blood. Lmao. I'm stoned. I don't usually make long comments like this. Update: I just rewatched the video to see if I was rambling about nothing and I got distracted by walking. Lol. So now I'm re-rewatching it. Update: Fuck. I got distracted by writing the comment.

  90. Rocy C

    Rocy C17 days ago

    I love it ❤😍

  91. _Swanëlla_

    _Swanëlla_17 days ago

    Shawn : Help me Me : Why ? Shawn : I love you...

  92. Kelly Santeva 켈 리

    Kelly Santeva 켈 리17 days ago

    "Someone help me"

  93. Natalia Gomes Da Silva

    Natalia Gomes Da Silva18 days ago

    Alguém do Brasil

  94. oi Ok

    oi Ok17 days ago

    Natalia Gomes Da Silva alguém de portugal😂😂😂

  95. AluXr

    AluXr18 days ago

    This makes me cry when spider man died in infinity war

  96. Taylor Babineaux

    Taylor Babineaux18 days ago

    Shawn mendes is a gift

  97. foxclaw 984

    foxclaw 98418 days ago

    1.25x is the best

  98. Shawn Leong

    Shawn Leong18 days ago

    This song really caught my attention. By far one of my most favourite songs of the year. Well done Shawn!

  99. TraXXXtar

    TraXXXtar18 days ago

    can everyone fuck off with this annoying overplayed garbage ffs

  100. AbbyInDaHouse

    AbbyInDaHouse18 days ago

    Afraid to be alone again..

  101. Sarif 1414

    Sarif 141418 days ago

    listen on 1.5 i i like that

  102. Luanne Franciny da Silva

    Luanne Franciny da Silva19 days ago

    Best Music😍🎶

  103. Olivia Groenen

    Olivia Groenen19 days ago

    Oh Shawn Mendes I love you!!!! 😍❤️ Thanks for the like's 👍👍