Shawn Mendes Explains His Instagram Photos | Vanity Fair


  1. Veronica Leonova

    Veronica Leonova7 hours ago

    0:20 that’s what she said

  2. Margherita Chiarati

    Margherita Chiarati4 days ago

    “Bad move, Shawn”

  3. sweetforever21 Last

    sweetforever21 Last6 days ago

    Love you shawn what a coincidence I have a crush on this guy his name is shawn too

  4. Miss potato park jimmy tong!tongsi

    Miss potato park jimmy tong!tongsi27 days ago

    i wonder how tall his grandma is🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...such a hilarious lovely picture😍😍😍

  5. Kayleigh Ward

    Kayleigh WardMonth ago

    hes so hot

  6. Jul Mendes

    Jul MendesMonth ago

    he seemed so tiredddd :(

  7. Maria Almeida

    Maria AlmeidaMonth ago


  8. Jimena Martinez

    Jimena MartinezMonth ago

    Woah shawn !😍

  9. Saieda Qudusi

    Saieda Qudusi2 months ago

    I swear Shawn is all over my MReporter feed 😍😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #mendesarmy

  10. camille dos santos

    camille dos santos2 months ago

    1:00 a comment in portuguese BRBR

  11. louispackham

    louispackham3 months ago

    jesus christ , 😍

  12. Aamna Imran

    Aamna Imran3 months ago


  13. Nounou  Ould

    Nounou Ould3 months ago


  14. Trin1022

    Trin10223 months ago

    Guys so... he's 19 turning 20 in 2019 don't ask me how I know..... 😂

  15. Vita Hindin

    Vita Hindin4 months ago

    Love the photo of him and his grandma ❤️

  16. Vita Hindin

    Vita Hindin4 months ago

    What shampoo does he use? His hair looks so soft

  17. Jimin_ biased

    Jimin_ biased4 months ago

    I think he has pretty voice...

  18. Nùria Carvalho

    Nùria Carvalho4 months ago

    People follow me on insta i have a fanpage : mendesarmy.98__

  19. Elizabeth Ko

    Elizabeth Ko4 months ago

    I thought you said camila is the sweetest person in the world

  20. Zara Evelyn

    Zara Evelyn4 months ago

    Is it just me or does he look really sad in this video?

  21. JoJo Banana

    JoJo Banana4 months ago

    Why is he so tall?

  22. Ava Shank

    Ava Shank4 months ago


  23. Anniek de Wolf

    Anniek de Wolf4 months ago

    What a beautiful man

  24. burn fire

    burn fire4 months ago

    He is so cute

  25. Maria Marques

    Maria Marques4 months ago

    "Avó" omg sooooo cuuuuteeee😭😭💚

  26. Marina Motta

    Marina Motta4 months ago

    You call your grandma “ avó” AWWWWWWW You should learn Portuguese!!

  27. Natalia Likes Victoria's Secret

    Natalia Likes Victoria's Secret4 months ago


  28. Mogyorósi Juli

    Mogyorósi Juli4 months ago

    So cute!😍😍😍

  29. mikey

    mikey5 months ago

    "We were laughing about how small she is next to me." IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE MASSIVE, SHAWN.

  30. Abby

    Abby5 months ago

    MENDES ARMY❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Teodora official

    Teodora official5 months ago

    Am I the only one who saw that they are not following Shawn????

  32. Vita Hindin

    Vita Hindin4 months ago

    Nope, I saw that too ❤️

  33. Luna dias

    Luna dias5 months ago

    “this is me and my avó” ooooo so cute he speaks in portuguese

  34. Faith Yera

    Faith Yera5 months ago

    Ugh why is Shawn Mendes so perfect 😤👌😁😍😘

  35. Anoushka

    Anoushka5 months ago

    He is always so cute❤❤

  36. slime network

    slime network5 months ago

    you used that guitar for nervous

  37. Vicky Ward

    Vicky Ward5 months ago

    I am going on holiday on Tuesday xx

  38. #1smile music

    #1smile music5 months ago

    Sweet, weird funny combined Shawn I really feel for you x

  39. Bianca Calderon

    Bianca Calderon5 months ago

    You posted that pic on 1:00 in my 8th birthday

  40. Broken SweetHeart

    Broken SweetHeart5 months ago

    Ahh last photo! June 27th my birthday! Hehe but yeah stitches got me to shawn. Now I'm deeply in love with "in my blood"

  41. Carly Dozier

    Carly Dozier5 months ago

    OMG you're my favorite singer and your my idol and I would probably cry if I met you because I would be so happy 😁

  42. ava

    ava5 months ago

    at 1:26 i literally thought that was brendon urie for a second

  43. Anna

    Anna5 months ago

    gosh... i just love him

  44. Judge Judy

    Judge Judy5 months ago

    This boy is a bottoooooooooom

  45. Marina Lista

    Marina Lista5 months ago

    How can 100 people unlike this video

  46. Queen Wejden

    Queen Wejden5 months ago

    Hhh He deleted the one with the wig

  47. Pastel Milk

    Pastel Milk6 months ago

    The thumbnail instagram photo said June 27 that’s my birthday

  48. Scruff Diddles

    Scruff Diddles6 months ago

    I love how he ends it just saying, "love you guys." This is just too cute. ❤️❤️❤️ 😍😍😍

  49. Lucia Adorni

    Lucia Adorni6 months ago


  50. ησяα

    ησяα6 months ago

    At 0:18 his hair in the picture looked sort of like Sofie Dossis hair😁

  51. Amity Lee

    Amity Lee6 months ago

    Shawn is the best singer

  52. Aubrey Nelson

    Aubrey Nelson6 months ago

    June 27 is my birthday! Loved the video!

  53. Krewella

    Krewella6 months ago

    0:17 wow.. October 6th is my birthday ... I think that post was a comic gift:))

  54. Megan K

    Megan K6 months ago

    His smile is amazing

  55. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark6 months ago

    He is so nice and I don’t think anyone will ever hear such an amazing person say anything mean about anyone else. I honestly respect Shawn for his goodness and if you read this Shawn please visit me in Canberra and continue to be a wonderful person!

  56. Jemcez 11

    Jemcez 116 months ago

    Ilysmsm means I love you so much Shawn Mendes 😘 😂 Mendes Army hereee❣️🎸💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  57. Wildest Dreams

    Wildest Dreams6 months ago

    no one finna point out all the hailey comments

  58. liz cassavoy

    liz cassavoy6 months ago

    the one pic that u look beat up in i turned 9 that day

  59. Yousra DIY and Life Hacks

    Yousra DIY and Life Hacks6 months ago

    Who also wished to be in all these photos

  60. Sarah Naji

    Sarah Naji6 months ago

    1:25 he looks like Harry Styles

  61. Ckaqe

    Ckaqe6 months ago

    when is the collab with dua lipa? :0000

  62. Diana Sousa

    Diana Sousa6 months ago

    "my avó"! i'm dying

  63. Yes or Yes Army

    Yes or Yes Army6 months ago

    Aww "my avó" omg Shawny I love you so much ❤

  64. KxW

    KxW6 months ago

    Blows my mind to know someone so talented and mature started off on vine and magcon...

  65. sam smith

    sam smith7 months ago


  66. Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC

    Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC7 months ago

    He’s so gorgeous wtf!!! 😍😍😍❤️

  67. Melissa Mendes Oliveira

    Melissa Mendes Oliveira7 months ago

    #MendesArmy. ❤🎸 0.44 min "This is me and avó!" Omg so cute😍 "Avó" is portugues and means "grandmother" haha❤ It's so sweet when he speaks portuguese!❤ Thank for share this video with us😊

  68. henry lee

    henry lee7 months ago

    His rosy cheeks are killing me.

  69. Carina Jefferey

    Carina Jefferey7 months ago

    Anyone else go to the tour?

  70. Tanya Burger

    Tanya Burger7 months ago

    Shawn , in the video/song Stiches did you actually hert yourself?

  71. Vita Hindin

    Vita Hindin4 months ago

    He did his own stunts, so yes. But he had a body double. The bruises were makeup

  72. Amara Mills

    Amara Mills7 months ago

    OMG he got his first pedicure on my birthday

  73. Rutuja Sasankar

    Rutuja Sasankar7 months ago

    He's so chill.

  74. Ruth Gaming

    Ruth Gaming7 months ago

    Liza and Shawn have to collaborate in a video

  75. Atziri Torres

    Atziri Torres8 months ago

    Such a beautiful man

  76. amoy kay

    amoy kay8 months ago

    Gotta get that promo Aye!

  77. Oh-no- its-Dua

    Oh-no- its-Dua8 months ago

    Ayyy you said my name hahahaha

  78. Carmen Gregan

    Carmen Gregan8 months ago

    They're pedicures.... right? 😂😂

  79. Alice Joyce

    Alice Joyce8 months ago

    Holy cow fantastic Video clips.

  80. Mar Guerite

    Mar Guerite8 months ago

    Well... Theres not much to explain...

  81. kadriye eren

    kadriye eren8 months ago

    I love you Shawn

  82. Gamergalaxy

    Gamergalaxy8 months ago

    You’re tall

  83. Angelina Armstrong

    Angelina Armstrong8 months ago

    He's precious 😍

  84. Nevaeh Rippingale

    Nevaeh Rippingale8 months ago


  85. Sara Carneiro

    Sara Carneiro8 months ago

    "this is me and my avó" awwwwww, a word in portuguese and she is so short, GOD so freaking cute

  86. marvin burrage

    marvin burrage8 months ago

    Shawn always has rosy cheeks he's so adorable❤❤❤

  87. ღMickaღ

    ღMickaღ8 months ago


  88. Maria Eduarda Trindade Figueiredo

    Maria Eduarda Trindade Figueiredo8 months ago


  89. Verrücktt Mendes

    Verrücktt Mendes8 months ago

    "Bad Move Shawn" 😂😂😂😂

  90. Ramona Javier

    Ramona Javier8 months ago

    the picture of him and Dua was the cutest thing omg 😍

  91. Jessica Rodrigues

    Jessica Rodrigues8 months ago

    Shawn Mendes 💜 love u

  92. max truth

    max truth8 months ago

    Shawn get Snapchat

  93. Meagan Sutherland

    Meagan Sutherland8 months ago


  94. Georgia R

    Georgia R8 months ago

    “Go sit on the toilets in Japan”😂😂😂😂😂HAHAHA I WISH

  95. Brenda Mitchelle Cardona Rocha

    Brenda Mitchelle Cardona Rocha8 months ago

    Traduzcan los vídeos por favor

  96. Patricija Kobaš #mendesarmy

    Patricija Kobaš #mendesarmy8 months ago

    I see Shawn I click 😆😆😆😆😆

  97. Isra mofty

    Isra mofty6 months ago

    Patricija Kobaš #mendesarmy relatable😂

  98. Gigi •

    Gigi •8 months ago

    I got emotional because I actually remember when he posted the edit of him with tattoos.

  99. Akío Aslan

    Akío Aslan8 months ago

    i want to slap him

  100. Ariana Bettocchi

    Ariana Bettocchi8 months ago


  101. Kennedy Aultman

    Kennedy Aultman8 months ago

    Magician memories??

  102. Zuza Wolf

    Zuza Wolf8 months ago

    the new tattoo is amazing, Shawn😍

  103. panda 6672

    panda 66728 months ago

    How did I miss this?