Shaquille O'Neall vs Michael Phelps Swimming Competition


  1. Nicolae Smith

    Nicolae Smith18 hours ago

    4:56 Shaq beats his kids

  2. Zevnn

    ZevnnDay ago

    didn’t know swimming was so watchable 😂

  3. The Dream Team

    The Dream Team2 days ago

    I’m way faster than Shaq and I’m only 13

  4. Brandon Huang

    Brandon Huang2 days ago

    I like how they choose girls instead of boys nice job respecting women

  5. Ward Huyskes

    Ward Huyskes3 days ago

    lmao wtf is phelps doing? his 200 scy was litterally slower than his 200m lcm in Beijing. He's literally not underwaters.

  6. Modz

    Modz8 days ago

    I am swimming only for 1 month and when I see shaqs leg how they move I cringe a little

  7. Elkin Saravia

    Elkin Saravia8 days ago

    That esa pretty entertaiment

  8. Stanford Lee

    Stanford Lee13 days ago

    Using big arm and using the tallest body all the way through to push and kicking

  9. Kevin Mendoza

    Kevin Mendoza13 days ago

    1:20 jeje xd 20:30 jeje xd 24:30 damn it 25:10 noo xdd 28:40 really nigga xd

  10. Millie Skinner

    Millie Skinner16 days ago

    All this and Michael Phelps is doing it with an injury, you can see it in his 200 IM

  11. TheSwimKitty

    TheSwimKitty24 days ago

    That's not a medley relay tho....

  12. Squatting Squirrel

    Squatting Squirrel29 days ago

    Why was Phelps wearing a Speedo in a kiddie pool ?

  13. Alexis Jafet Páramo Herrera

    Alexis Jafet Páramo HerreraMonth ago

    Being a competitive athlete,you know you just wanna be...... competitive Shaquile Onelle 2012

  14. TheScribe

    TheScribeMonth ago

    The ladies impressed me more than anyone, on the diving, they're like Kingfishers diving and flying through the water...its really impressive.

  15. T Roll

    T RollMonth ago

    Why was shaq wearing that head cap he barely has any hair😂😂🤣

  16. jean-christophe froidevaux

    jean-christophe froidevauxMonth ago


  17. Alex Gelbutovskiy

    Alex GelbutovskiyMonth ago

    It doesn't take too much to make hopeless American mortals happy. Look at this audience.

  18. Lianet Villalon

    Lianet Villalon2 months ago

    I moisture my skin

  19. HuskyWarrior 0029

    HuskyWarrior 00292 months ago

    Let's face it. Phelps is a fish.

  20. VéSper Lord

    VéSper Lord3 months ago


  21. Carol Prantner

    Carol Prantner3 months ago

    U spelled Neal wrong

  22. Chris Redig

    Chris Redig3 months ago

    How come during the first part of the race the girl is ahead of him..

  23. Master Pole

    Master Pole2 months ago

    1. She was sprinting all out, Phelps wasn't cause he was doing the full 200 2. Phelps's leg was injured. You could see him using only one foot to kick, that makes him slower. 3. This wasn't legit. Phelps coasted this race. If he wanted to he would have gone 10 seconds faster

  24. Garrett Hoskins

    Garrett Hoskins4 months ago

    Did anyone else think the two reporter guys were fat shaming Shaq?

  25. irfan ahmed

    irfan ahmed4 months ago

    Phelps beat shaq but he can't beat a shaaaaaark

  26. irfan ahmed

    irfan ahmed4 months ago

    Phelps is all time great!

  27. jasmir singh Gandhi

    jasmir singh Gandhi4 months ago

    Shaqs dive haahaa I thought he drowned there

  28. user 265

    user 2654 months ago

    Its like hellboy and abe

  29. Joel Rivera

    Joel Rivera4 months ago

    18:36 lol

  30. Tyler Kelderman

    Tyler Kelderman4 months ago


  31. ihascupquake lover

    ihascupquake lover4 months ago

    I am a professional backstroker we are only 6 in the entire team

  32. ihascupquake lover

    ihascupquake lover4 months ago

    I am 11 and I get 16 seconds in a 25 and I train swimming and I have a tournament in 20 days

  33. Unpredictable Tony

    Unpredictable Tony4 months ago

    I wonder how high Phelps was LOL

  34. yechiel black

    yechiel black4 months ago

    umm why did shaq wear the cap?

  35. Christian Nicolai

    Christian Nicolai4 months ago

    Michael Phelps is the best Swimmer from the Word

  36. Travel Vlog Day

    Travel Vlog Day4 months ago

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  37. heoTheo

    heoTheo4 months ago

    On the second event Phelps did 1:42.96 in the 2008 Olympics. :P

  38. michael jackson

    michael jackson4 months ago

    Strip specialist introduction but mother milk close efficiency chocolate such.

  39. Zag Manzanare

    Zag Manzanare4 months ago

    I love Shaquille he’s such a mene

  40. Zag Manzanare

    Zag Manzanare4 months ago


  41. Gary Hamm

    Gary Hamm4 months ago

    Does anybody know what year this was

  42. Catiting33

    Catiting335 months ago

    Shaq is hilarious! I love his sense of humor.

  43. Flavius Georgescu

    Flavius Georgescu5 months ago

    Shaq needs to learn that flip turn lol

  44. Dan St. Schwind

    Dan St. Schwind5 months ago


  45. White Dragon

    White Dragon5 months ago

    Fools, worshiping man.

  46. Nambuya Winfrey

    Nambuya Winfrey5 months ago


  47. Lily m

    Lily m5 months ago

    you knew michel would have beaten him if it was just him and shaq

  48. FireVortex

    FireVortex5 months ago

    this is so fun :D

  49. Garry Del rio

    Garry Del rio5 months ago

    Shaq would be the scariest zombie if the zombie apocalypse happen

  50. Cody Zeik

    Cody Zeik5 months ago

    Why didn’t Shaq wear a swim cap for all that hair?

  51. SC EM

    SC EM5 months ago

    Pick on someone your own size,....Michael.

  52. Thelma Cotter

    Thelma Cotter5 months ago

    never mind hahah

  53. Thelma Cotter

    Thelma Cotter5 months ago

    wait who’s that?

  54. Jin Phachit

    Jin Phachit5 months ago

    Shaq lost the 2nd race in 2 seconds. If he didnt turn like a rock, he would have won

  55. Jin Phachit

    Jin Phachit5 months ago

    Phelps is so fast. Almost beat Shaquille in the first race when Shaquille only had to swim one lap.

  56. chefbee70

    chefbee705 months ago

    Happy father day doing Fasion

  57. chefbee70

    chefbee705 months ago

    Shaq. So lucky. It's father day today at times wish I had a colne.

  58. rexxo

    rexxo5 months ago

    I began watching loch ness and ended up here.. wtf

  59. Connor TDC

    Connor TDC5 months ago


  60. TheHunter BR

    TheHunter BR5 months ago

    Is it me or phells puposely went easy on the first 3 and then gave a boost againts shaq?

  61. AXON

    AXON5 months ago

    3:06 "i dont sleep, i dream about competition" Wait, but to dream u have to be sleeping.. WHAT!?!

  62. Sergio Barreda

    Sergio Barreda5 months ago

    Dana Rebeca and Ariana are really beatiful and beasts in swimming


    ARMY SQUAD5 months ago

    Stealth ninja style

  64. damian smith

    damian smith5 months ago

    That was good...

  65. Kelly Hudson

    Kelly Hudson5 months ago

    Shaq is a very good swimmer. Compared to the best swimmer in the world, anybody would look slow.

  66. Valentine Mathieu

    Valentine Mathieu5 months ago

    Unable random carpet wmggm dependent helpful license know newspaper surprise.

  67. rachelmm05

    rachelmm055 months ago

    They gave Shaq a head start and he barely won the 1st race. The 2nd was a rely so he had a major lead going in. He lost the 3 after he got another head start but for his size hes actually decent.☺

  68. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran5 months ago

    Lol Shaw doesn’t need a swimming cap, he’s already bald lol

  69. mercus2012

    mercus20125 months ago

    i did not intend to wash the whole thing but

  70. isaac ng

    isaac ng5 months ago

    Shaq doesn’t even use his legs

  71. Tee Jay

    Tee Jay5 months ago

    Micheal Phelps is a freakin' beast!!!!!!

  72. Avinash Moses

    Avinash Moses5 months ago

    Next, Michael Phelps vs Shaq basketball competition

  73. Cate Taylor

    Cate Taylor5 months ago

    My average 25 free is 21 seconds, I would’ve beaten him

  74. TheScribe

    TheScribeMonth ago

    Remember too that this was 25 yards, not 25m.

  75. emily velasquez

    emily velasquez5 months ago

    Isn't that the sports guy from wgn 9 news?

  76. Lifeisthug

    Lifeisthug5 months ago

    I wasnt even supposed to watch it i just saw the title and wanted to see the first min but man i watched it all 31 minutes 😫

  77. Hugh Briggs

    Hugh Briggs5 months ago

    Two big time cool dudes 'Doing it for the kids' .. Salute!

  78. Tomatom

    Tomatom5 months ago

    Yesss I'm faster than Shaq but not by much. I'm impressed he can do it in under 20 let alone 18. Takes me 15 but I am NOT a competitive swimmer lol

  79. Serarphy

    Serarphy5 months ago

    1:01 😂😂😂

  80. Michael Rust

    Michael Rust5 months ago


  81. Moon12345Sab

    Moon12345Sab5 months ago

    Next up: Michael Phelphs vs The Fastest Dog Swimmer Ever

  82. Mai McKenna

    Mai McKenna5 months ago

    Did anyone else notice Phelps was doing dolphin kick in the breastroke? 😂

  83. Saurabh Chopra

    Saurabh Chopra5 months ago

    The blonde won!

  84. Zico21

    Zico215 months ago

    his leg movements are too inconsisisisisistant

  85. supergrendel

    supergrendel5 months ago

    We all know Shaq let Michael win...

  86. vinay raj Pilania

    vinay raj Pilania5 months ago

    when he entered in water... all water came out....

  87. Mello Phora

    Mello Phora5 months ago

    Shaq needs his own comedy show

  88. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus5 months ago

    Hi. Dana Vollmer is already 6' 1" God bless, Proverbs 31

  89. Henry Washington

    Henry Washington5 months ago

    Put some white Spandex swimming trunks on him and will look like a big Orca in the pool.

  90. Pepi Os

    Pepi Os5 months ago


  91. 21jajego1

    21jajego15 months ago

    Why you americans like this kind of artificial bullshit so much? Like this or wwe etc. Dumb

  92. Radames Vaz

    Radames Vaz5 months ago

    21jajego1 entertainment

  93. HoneyedHylian

    HoneyedHylian5 months ago

    how is this remotely fair? It's pretty amazing that Phelps won the second race with such a disadvantage.

  94. Christopher Sewell

    Christopher Sewell5 months ago

    Fartin martin

  95. Christopher Sewell

    Christopher Sewell5 months ago

    I would be a good swimmer if it wasn’t for fear

  96. Christopher Sewell

    Christopher Sewell5 months ago

    I’m scared of the water

  97. Adrian Veidt

    Adrian Veidt5 months ago

    Phelps is a good dude. But I bet he'll lose to shaq in a battle of might, the shaqfu!

  98. Radames Vaz

    Radames Vaz5 months ago

    Louie dela cruz the best Olympian losing in a battle of might?

  99. shahrzad jazaeri

    shahrzad jazaeri5 months ago

    Now this is entertainment ESPN take notes.

  100. Merensosang Aier

    Merensosang Aier5 months ago

    stealth ninja style xD

  101. Dj Perkins!

    Dj Perkins!6 months ago


  102. Jerome Bledsoe

    Jerome Bledsoe6 months ago

    Two incredible gentlemen. Shaq and I have the same personality to a certain extent.

  103. richmond telin

    richmond telin6 months ago

    shaq games basketball ,wwe and swiming vs phelps swiming

  104. Ariya Josheghani

    Ariya Josheghani6 months ago

    Einstein once said “things you can get access to, you should never memorise” -Shaq That’s was so funny I had to pause the video and comment it 😂 Kept watching and realised shaq let Phelps win the second race with the girls near the end he fully let Phelps catch up. (But he did have a massive advantage)