Shaq on His Kids Playing Basketball


  1. Harvey Lloyd

    Harvey Lloyd21 day ago

    They good shooters cuz they black

  2. textmachine09

    textmachine092 months ago

    "Education first." -Dr. Shaquille O'neal

  3. la donna the first

    la donna the first3 months ago

    A good father he is. Education comes first.

  4. Frostbite Fury

    Frostbite Fury3 months ago

    Don't curse and don't say God,s name in vain

  5. harry parry

    harry parry3 months ago

    Shaq a muslim

  6. Yasmina Aydemir

    Yasmina Aydemir4 months ago

    Why Shaq’s tongue so red?

  7. Glenn Robards

    Glenn Robards4 months ago

    The spinning globe is taught to unsuspecting children all over the world. Satan has fooled almost everyone. Earth is flat and stationary(observable). NASA's animations, and CGI images are proof of how gullible the public is. Water lays flat (level). Water doesn't work on a globe. It's impossible for earth to be spinning. There is NO spinning globe. Yes, I know we have weight, and objects fall. That doesn't prove gravity can work on a spinning ball. Gravity is a FRAUD! Nobody has observed no up or down. Nobody has observed a spinning globe. Nobody has observed "gravity" working on a spinning globe. Nobody has seen proof "gravity" can work on a spinning globe. The spinning globe cannot be observed. The spinning globe is a FRAUD!

  8. Vinayak Prabhu

    Vinayak Prabhu4 months ago

    Why was there no statue of kobe ?

  9. Stephen Murle

    Stephen Murle4 months ago

    Humble shaq

  10. Krishna Datwani

    Krishna Datwani4 months ago

    He had to mention the free-throws

  11. Marcus TT

    Marcus TT4 months ago

    great dad


    TSGAMING4 months ago

    To say i want my kids to go to school to get educated is clearly bcuz of the fact that you didnt go to school and if you still made so much money without following the way school teaches you to (slavery) then why send your kids there and rely on them.

  13. David Mac

    David Mac4 months ago

    Dr O’Neil

  14. Erik Hopkins

    Erik Hopkins4 months ago

    Shaq can play KINGpin in a marvel movie.

  15. K Lu

    K Lu5 months ago

    His tongue is SO pink!

  16. Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson5 months ago

    The opposite of Lavar Ball

  17. countys32

    countys325 months ago

    Shaq "Go to school and make yourself educated" lol like you did then?

  18. The Shield

    The Shield5 months ago

    Who says giants don’t exist?

  19. m

    m5 months ago

    Pimple on nose

  20. Derek Eusebio

    Derek Eusebio5 months ago

    Shaq how about myles

  21. last1000

    last10005 months ago

    shaq yes, jimmy no

  22. Myles Henderson

    Myles Henderson5 months ago

    See Javale Mcgee, Shaq for years and still is the but of Free Throws shots but do you see him crying that people were bullying him.....NO.

  23. Asa

    Asa5 months ago


  24. Highlight Cave

    Highlight Cave5 months ago

    Wow Shaq is great

  25. Sully G

    Sully G5 months ago

    Shaqs the man.

  26. Shania Montara

    Shania Montara5 months ago

    He said the youngest will be the best. I love her

  27. Killian Ellison

    Killian Ellison5 months ago

    I love him. Big teddy bear ❤


    THE BLUNDERGAT6 months ago

    dunks on the garage hoop, destroys garage

  29. גלעד בן חמו

    גלעד בן חמו6 months ago

    His tongue is so red

  30. Jaz Bee14

    Jaz Bee146 months ago

    He a great father, a great businessman. He just not a good person in relationships from what I can tell

  31. Rhysbans

    Rhysbans7 months ago

    I love Shaq

  32. peter hagen

    peter hagen7 months ago

    "go to school, and make yourself get educated" ironic

  33. Guardian of the Entertainment

    Guardian of the Entertainment7 months ago

    Education is first

  34. May Wash

    May Wash7 months ago

    Shaq is not attractive at all

  35. eddie callahan

    eddie callahan7 months ago

    Down to earth great guy

  36. osvaldo Castellanos

    osvaldo Castellanos9 months ago

    Shaq I just seen you dunk hard with Damascus cousins you still got it

  37. osvaldo Castellanos

    osvaldo Castellanos9 months ago

    Demarcus cousins lol

  38. A. Ghoul

    A. Ghoul9 months ago

    I love the shaq laugh

  39. Ishy Videos

    Ishy Videos10 months ago

    Jimmys laugh reminds me of squidward

  40. nuno gomes

    nuno gomes10 months ago

    Good Guy shaq I think hè is A Cool dad


    EUGENIO MONTOYA LEAL10 months ago

    this is a good dad

  42. SBG YT

    SBG YT10 months ago

    Shareef is the best because he is 1. Tallest at 6’10 2. Most Athletic 3. Big Guy but Great 3 Point Shooter 4. Very Marketable Shaqir will be the best because he is a crazy good shooter. I think he can become a sniper. He has a lot of potential. Shareef O’Neal himself said that Shaqir will be the best. I don’t know a lot about his youngest daughter so I can’t comment on her abilities because I don’t really know her abilities and what she can do

  43. Barry Bradford

    Barry Bradford7 months ago

    SBG 10 His youngest daughter is already at least 6’2 and is only 11. If I’m not mistaken, she may be taller than Shaqir


    BOM DEMAS10 months ago

    SBG 10 mimi is built like shaq. She is a bucket getter. There is video of her playing and just bullying girls in the paint

  45. mr tree

    mr tree11 months ago

    "And make yourself educated" 👏👏👏

  46. young PIZZY

    young PIZZY11 months ago

    I thought it was a whos that pokemon video

  47. Kanan Al

    Kanan AlYear ago

    make your self educated. respect to Shaq

  48. Caleb Butters

    Caleb ButtersYear ago

    Shareef is definitely the best out of his kids

  49. Eoin Hickey

    Eoin HickeyYear ago

    just because ur father or mother is very very good at basketball or anything. doesnt mean ur child will be. talents are not genetically passed down.

  50. Dien M

    Dien M6 months ago

    Eoin Hickey i think it do you explain that big singers have sons/daughters who also sing?? And to sing you really need a good voice. In basketball on the other hand . need 1% talent and 99% hard work!!! It helps if your father is Shaq, Kobe, Lebron etc🤗

  51. Alan Joy

    Alan JoyYear ago

    Really want to see shaq and do khaled talk

  52. Jack L

    Jack LYear ago

    He said he doesn't put a lot of pressure on his son, is that a dig on lavar? Lol

  53. BasketballToastBrot

    BasketballToastBrotYear ago


  54. sirhumphriezz 15

    sirhumphriezz 15Year ago

    -please like-

  55. AK Robinson

    AK RobinsonYear ago

    for those who dont know its Dr Shaquille O'Neal

  56. Jonas

    JonasYear ago

    Shaq is the REALEST!

  57. Itchybum Stinkyfingers

    Itchybum StinkyfingersYear ago

    Shaq seems like a chill dude.

  58. Jae

    JaeYear ago

    One of the most beloved people on earth

  59. Double-Chalupa Sam

    Double-Chalupa SamYear ago

    Jimmy is a savage 😂

  60. Matthew Shovlin Jr.

    Matthew Shovlin Jr.Year ago


  61. SWProductions

    SWProductionsYear ago

    He's so cool !

  62. kiyonexus

    kiyonexusYear ago

    But Shaq never won an Oscar for Kazaam. Space Jam 2 or Kazaam 2? Shaq Fu

  63. Dylan Wall

    Dylan WallYear ago

    His tongue looks so red

  64. Saaim Satti

    Saaim SattiYear ago

    shaq kinda looks like mark Henry....

  65. kjl

    kjlYear ago

    after hearing him say he struggles playing with his boys i immediately searched when he played jordan 1 on 1. smooth af for a big man

  66. CarlJohnson

    CarlJohnsonYear ago

    1:39 my reaction to my boss when he talk too much gibberish

  67. Laütaro Conforti

    Laütaro ConfortiYear ago

    did here really just interrupted shaq for a commercial break ?, you don't interrupt Shaq jimmy, never do it.

  68. Grand Champ

    Grand ChampYear ago

    For a guy the size of the Eiffel Tower he sure is humble and take jokes like a champ. Good on you Shaq, many blessings.

  69. Justin Credible

    Justin CredibleYear ago

    good man Shaq. education comes first.

  70. ericmcg18

    ericmcg18Year ago

    Javale McGeeeee!

  71. Carlton Ralph

    Carlton RalphYear ago

    shaq a funny mother

  72. TheReal NateDogg

    TheReal NateDoggYear ago

    makes sense the younger sibling out of several siblings would actually be the best, learning from the older ones

  73. Appy Bhattacharya

    Appy BhattacharyaYear ago

    The gentle giant :)

  74. aMEXICO2010

    aMEXICO2010Year ago

    damn he seems so chill.. a genuine awesome guy

  75. Noha N

    Noha NYear ago

    He's just so coooool

  76. pil wil

    pil wilYear ago

    Shaq is actually a big friendly giant

  77. BangemJ

    BangemJYear ago

    How the hell he get a statue before Kobe??

  78. rohit d

    rohit dYear ago

    Shaq is such a likable guy. Dude is so funny and down to earth. A top 10 player of all time. Top 3 centers ever.

  79. Waseem Rkab

    Waseem RkabYear ago

    Hes awesome

  80. Aries Placide

    Aries PlacideYear ago

    the most likeable man ever

  81. nizamm

    nizammYear ago

    He looks like a bloated Rampage Jackson :P

  82. mjmphillyfan

    mjmphillyfanYear ago

    Jimmy kimmel by far is the best late night host when it comes to interviewing and asking questions.

  83. Oleg Pavlyo

    Oleg PavlyoYear ago

    Wow, a black man is getting a statue built in his honor??? America is so racist

  84. lRomez

    lRomezYear ago

    They got the exact same smile lol

  85. Sumantha Sookdev

    Sumantha SookdevYear ago

    this man is flippin great. good dad and generous.

  86. Alexander Lively

    Alexander LivelyYear ago

    This entire interview impressed me. Tips $4,000 and doesn't pressure his kids into basketball.

  87. Shanah McLovin

    Shanah McLovinYear ago

    I'm not putting pressure on my kids -Lavar Ball



    I want to be a good dad in the future like him




  90. Emily Szamocki

    Emily SzamockiYear ago

    Oh my gosh, I love him

  91. David porras

    David porrasYear ago

    shaq seems so chill

  92. Dien M

    Dien M6 months ago

    David porras you just laid your eyes on him..and you just know that right the definition of a boss!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍luv you Shaq beautiful human being🤗🤗🤗🤗

  93. SeanOverseas

    SeanOverseasYear ago


  94. K K

    K KYear ago

    i love this !

  95. Guillermo Ruiz

    Guillermo RuizYear ago

    I look up to Shaq so much! Love his podcast! Would love to meet him.

  96. Jonida Sanço

    Jonida SançoYear ago

    Shaq's the man! And Jimmy is definitely the best Late Night Interviewer!

  97. Shivang Nikam

    Shivang Nikam3 months ago

    Kanishk Anand Sharma why you think Fallon is meme his SNL performance's are great

  98. Kanishk Anand Sharma

    Kanishk Anand Sharma3 months ago

    Conan is way better, undisputed. Colbert slightly better than Kimmel too, atleast in my opinion. Fallon is a meme.

  99. Shivang Nikam

    Shivang Nikam4 months ago

    Fallon is better

  100. haha hahaha

    haha hahaha5 months ago

    Graham is tge best

  101. AbovyantsiAper

    AbovyantsiAperYear ago

    Shaq is a great dad. Just compare him to Lavar Ball. Lavar has created so much attention around his boys and if they don't make it they'll be the laughing stock of the decade. Shaq knows how to raise children.

  102. derechteferdi

    derechteferdi15 days ago

    And shaqs sons are better basketballers aswell

  103. Heavy Smoke

    Heavy Smoke5 months ago

    Failure is a result of trying. If you teach your kids to play it safe they will never amount to anything

  104. Lizabeth90

    Lizabeth90Year ago

    AbovyantsiAper he's killing his sons own chances especially if he wants to be a laker. Lakers are big on not having big scandals and diva parents so he's not doing himself any favors.

  105. Spurs_

    Spurs_Year ago

    "He's better than I was at 16" - a top 10 all time basketball player .. next thing he says.. "Im not putting any pressure on him"


    YOUNGxKANG3 months ago

    hewhohasoldmemes yes tf he is U dumb tf

  107. David Kim

    David Kim5 months ago

    hewhohasoldmemes Yes he is. Must be some high school kid who doesn't know wtf he's talking about.

  108. Jonathan Frey

    Jonathan Frey9 months ago

    Spurs_ Shaq ain't top 10

  109. Raging Citizen

    Raging CitizenYear ago

    Spurs_ thats how you know his son has potential

  110. dw4zemi3

    dw4zemi3Year ago

    the monstars stole his talent

  111. keeekeee laugh

    keeekeee laughYear ago

    dammmm jimmy back at it agian with the free throw jokes

  112. newbro

    newbroYear ago

    I love Shaq. Who doesn't?

  113. Simón Sarmiento

    Simón Sarmiento3 months ago

    +Quan Li 💀💀💀

  114. 7hind

    7hind7 months ago

    Quan Li thank you sir for reminding us all about racism

  115. Quan Li

    Quan LiYear ago

    IDK, I can name a few, KKK members for instance

  116. Caligrown92511

    Caligrown92511Year ago


  117. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinYear ago

    newbro Javale McGee

  118. jaroncreed

    jaroncreedYear ago

    Does Kobe have a statue too? Kobe was there way longer than Shaq, WTF?

  119. Solarbelt5

    Solarbelt5Year ago

    Well he kinda was the biggest factor for 2 or 3 championships since Kobe was so young and couldn't dominate like Shaq at the time

  120. Solarbelt5

    Solarbelt5Year ago

    Kobe just retired give it some time he will get one. Shaq has been retired so he got one first obviously

  121. Mark James

    Mark JamesYear ago

    Always loved the Diesel!

  122. scotti pippen

    scotti pippenYear ago

    He puts no pressure on his kids?! He seems to have forgotten about what he said in his HOF speech, lmao:))!


    YOUNGxKANG3 months ago

    He said I hope on day to see u up here

  124. FanOfAttitudeEra

    FanOfAttitudeEraYear ago

    Regarding being pro athletes, no pressure put but succeeding at school, yeah

  125. GR RR

    GR RRYear ago

    Lavar ball take notes