1. laney vande wetering

    laney vande wetering7 days ago


  2. Nana Sandoval

    Nana SandovalMonth ago

    I like the silver ones better

  3. Trisha Shandy

    Trisha Shandy2 months ago


  4. Alysha Luster

    Alysha Luster2 months ago

    My daughter says she likes the pink

  5. Rachel Parker

    Rachel Parker2 months ago

    my favorite hand with the silver and I would suggest on you doing the Snoopy snow cone maker.

  6. Sarah MaeSings

    Sarah MaeSings3 months ago

    Thats some fine glitter!

  7. Sarah MaeSings

    Sarah MaeSings3 months ago

    Bunnies safety glasses are super cool!

  8. Desoraéna Emilien

    Desoraéna Emilien3 months ago

    Could you not just dump your Fingernails with the Stickers in the Glitter..?

  9. MUA Mandy Schultz

    MUA Mandy Schultz3 months ago


  10. destiny claudio

    destiny claudio3 months ago

    I love the silver it's like the galaxy all shimmery and sparkly

  11. Kris gman

    Kris gman3 months ago

    Omg i want this so bad I bet if you did a gel coat and only flash cured it, the glitter would stick then u could fully cure it and tada beautiful glittery nails

  12. Vikki Viau

    Vikki Viau4 months ago


  13. Lisa Apodaca

    Lisa Apodaca4 months ago


  14. Grammy66

    Grammy664 months ago

    Any glitter works?

  15. Denise McNelis

    Denise McNelis4 months ago

    One thing I can’t stand is having sparkles on my face or my hands because if their on your hands they will definitely end up on your face. And with this I think there’ll probably be a ton. Every day for months you’ll probably be picking sparkles off yourself. When ever I see something that’s loaded with sparkles I run! I’m always the person who says, hey you got a sparkle on your face. So this product definitely not for me.

  16. Bobby Havard

    Bobby Havard4 months ago


  17. Lesa Rios

    Lesa Rios5 months ago


  18. Cannon Ball

    Cannon Ball5 months ago

    Silver for sure

  19. Trisha Mitchell

    Trisha Mitchell5 months ago

    She has glitter herpes now.

  20. blackriverbailey

    blackriverbailey6 months ago


  21. Ashton Suggs

    Ashton Suggs6 months ago

    Silver 😍😍😍😍

  22. BreAnna Rhodes

    BreAnna Rhodes6 months ago

    I lol-ed so many times! Loving the silver!

  23. Heather Hartman

    Heather Hartman6 months ago

    Someone sounds like they listen to Ed Bassmaster on the MReporter's too!🤣

  24. Erica Gwyn

    Erica Gwyn6 months ago

    cheaper version is clear nail polish and dip in glitter and clear coat it again

  25. Hanna Vance

    Hanna Vance6 months ago

    /this/ is what i wanted my *recorder in my 3rd grade music class* to look like tbh. dreams really do come true ig.

  26. K Marie

    K Marie7 months ago

    Love the linda perry hat vibe going on here

  27. Donna Cook

    Donna Cook7 months ago

    Both look awesome but I like the silver the best Merry Christmas

  28. Michael D Horodowicz

    Michael D Horodowicz7 months ago

    I like the silver better.

  29. pollar bear lulu2006

    pollar bear lulu20067 months ago


  30. Alison Melton

    Alison Melton8 months ago

    Can you imagine doing it on your toes and you're just shaking your legs like omg

  31. Alison Melton

    Alison Melton8 months ago

    I think the silver is pretty

  32. Ruthie Rews

    Ruthie Rews8 months ago

    Screw those stickers... prepaint the nails in clear coat, then shakey shake and add another clear coat and BOOM long wear.

  33. KaDynne Williams

    KaDynne Williams8 months ago


  34. Ксения Рязанцева

    Ксения Рязанцева8 months ago

    It obviously have to baby attraction, you may it use as eyelids some glitters or lips on joy days, sparkle is a very magical perfection 💅💍

  35. Jacqueline Neuman

    Jacqueline Neuman8 months ago

    Shaky shake nails.pretty.

  36. MorningStar Kematch

    MorningStar Kematch9 months ago

    Silver is insanely glittertastic💅💎

  37. A Revorodeo

    A Revorodeo9 months ago


  38. messibessi11

    messibessi119 months ago

    So.... who’s gonna mail this to simplynailogical?

  39. IveGot Moxie

    IveGot Moxie9 months ago

    Oh my lawd LOL... I wish you and SimplyNailogical would make a vid together!

  40. Marlaina Weiss

    Marlaina Weiss9 months ago

    "Im gonna have to put on my saftey goggles" its was a set of cosplay from a "90s nick box" Me too

  41. Camilla S

    Camilla S9 months ago

    love ya bunny

  42. Ashraf Yacoub

    Ashraf Yacoub9 months ago

    I like pink

  43. Bijou Loveless

    Bijou Loveless9 months ago

    Random idea....put a sandwich bag around ur hand before you shake to stop mess

  44. Sofi L Vivian

    Sofi L Vivian9 months ago

    Pink nails!

  45. Lydia lynae Frederick

    Lydia lynae Frederick9 months ago

    Say it ain’t so I will not go turn the lights on carry me home

  46. It's Abby's World

    It's Abby's World9 months ago

    I like it when she said my nails look like unicorn 🦄 farts

  47. SomeHuman

    SomeHuman10 months ago

    singing don't fear the reaper when using glitter is the most relatable thing.

  48. Erica Beams

    Erica Beams10 months ago

    you could put a clear coat on and do it, and they would still

  49. vicki0145

    vicki014510 months ago

    Hi BB (beautiful bunny) I liked both colours on you. Wow misses loveliness you make everything such fun, you always make me smile and give me a good day, and I need one today I'm a nail tech and I busted by right wrist hahaha and I'm right handed, so no work for 6wks. Bunny I love love love your video's, yeah ok ok you're pretty darn nice as well. Hugs from across the pond. Xv

  50. Taylor M

    Taylor M10 months ago