1. Bobby Havard

    Bobby Havard12 hours ago


  2. Lesa Rios

    Lesa Rios3 days ago


  3. Cannon Ball

    Cannon Ball19 days ago

    Silver for sure

  4. Trisha Mitchell

    Trisha Mitchell19 days ago

    She has glitter herpes now.

  5. blackriverbailey

    blackriverbaileyMonth ago


  6. Ashton Suggs

    Ashton SuggsMonth ago

    Silver 😍😍😍😍

  7. BreAnna Rhodes

    BreAnna RhodesMonth ago

    I lol-ed so many times! Loving the silver!

  8. Heather Hartman

    Heather HartmanMonth ago

    Someone sounds like they listen to Ed Bassmaster on the MReporter's too!🤣

  9. Erica Gwyn

    Erica Gwyn2 months ago

    cheaper version is clear nail polish and dip in glitter and clear coat it again

  10. Hanna Vance

    Hanna Vance2 months ago

    /this/ is what i wanted my *recorder in my 3rd grade music class* to look like tbh. dreams really do come true ig.

  11. K Marie

    K Marie2 months ago

    Love the linda perry hat vibe going on here

  12. Donna Cook

    Donna Cook2 months ago

    Both look awesome but I like the silver the best Merry Christmas

  13. Michael D Horodowicz

    Michael D Horodowicz2 months ago

    I like the silver better.

  14. pollar bear

    pollar bear2 months ago


  15. Alison Melton

    Alison Melton3 months ago

    Can you imagine doing it on your toes and you're just shaking your legs like omg

  16. Alison Melton

    Alison Melton3 months ago

    I think the silver is pretty

  17. Ruthie Rews

    Ruthie Rews3 months ago

    Screw those stickers... prepaint the nails in clear coat, then shakey shake and add another clear coat and BOOM long wear.

  18. KaDynne Williams

    KaDynne Williams3 months ago


  19. Ксения Рязанцева

    Ксения Рязанцева3 months ago

    It obviously have to baby attraction, you may it use as eyelids some glitters or lips on joy days, sparkle is a very magical perfection 💅💍

  20. Jacqueline Neuman

    Jacqueline Neuman3 months ago

    Shaky shake nails.pretty.

  21. MorningStar Kematch

    MorningStar Kematch4 months ago

    Silver is insanely glittertastic💅💎

  22. A Revorodeo

    A Revorodeo4 months ago


  23. messibessi11

    messibessi114 months ago

    So.... who’s gonna mail this to simplynailogical?

  24. Lizzy Egbert

    Lizzy Egbert4 months ago

    Oh my lawd LOL... I wish you and SimplyNailogical would make a vid together!

  25. ßÄD PÄÑDÃ

    ßÄD PÄÑDÃ4 months ago

    "Im gonna have to put on my saftey goggles" its was a set of cosplay from a "90s nick box" Me too

  26. Camilla S

    Camilla S4 months ago

    love ya bunny

  27. Ashraf Yacoub

    Ashraf Yacoub4 months ago

    I like pink

  28. Bijou Loveless

    Bijou Loveless4 months ago

    Random idea....put a sandwich bag around ur hand before you shake to stop mess

  29. Sofi L Vivian

    Sofi L Vivian5 months ago

    Pink nails!

  30. Lydia Langdon

    Lydia Langdon5 months ago

    Say it ain’t so I will not go turn the lights on carry me home

  31. It's Abby's World

    It's Abby's World5 months ago

    I like it when she said my nails look like unicorn 🦄 farts

  32. SomeHuman

    SomeHuman5 months ago

    singing don't fear the reaper when using glitter is the most relatable thing.

  33. Erica Beams

    Erica Beams5 months ago

    you could put a clear coat on and do it, and they would still

  34. vicki0145

    vicki01455 months ago

    Hi BB (beautiful bunny) I liked both colours on you. Wow misses loveliness you make everything such fun, you always make me smile and give me a good day, and I need one today I'm a nail tech and I busted by right wrist hahaha and I'm right handed, so no work for 6wks. Bunny I love love love your video's, yeah ok ok you're pretty darn nice as well. Hugs from across the pond. Xv

  35. Taylor M

    Taylor M5 months ago


  36. Angela Mckeown

    Angela Mckeown5 months ago

    To remove the excess sticky paper from your nail use a downward motion with a nail file and it will be nice and smooth.

  37. Miss Flower

    Miss Flower5 months ago

    I like the silver

  38. PatisserieBoy

    PatisserieBoy5 months ago

    How did you decoupage that wall?!?!?! That's incredible!

  39. Deaf Hiker

    Deaf Hiker5 months ago


  40. MissNoodleButt

    MissNoodleButt6 months ago

    both omgg

  41. Jaicy Melisse

    Jaicy Melisse6 months ago

    how am i just now noticing your ring finger says dog!!!

  42. Chelsi Nielsen

    Chelsi Nielsen6 months ago

    I like both but def silver more

  43. Iola Gannon

    Iola Gannon6 months ago

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  44. Laura Richards

    Laura Richards6 months ago

    I love Pink but the silver looked more sparkly

  45. Stace SonShine

    Stace SonShine6 months ago

    How FUN!!

  46. RL B

    RL B6 months ago

    I had no idea Hitachi wands had become multi-tasking manicure tools

  47. Dr. Leon Trifang the Shadow Wolf Prince

    Dr. Leon Trifang the Shadow Wolf Prince7 months ago

    Silver looked cuter in my opinion. It was pretty and gave off a diamond like shimmer.

  48. Leia Perfitt

    Leia Perfitt7 months ago

    couldn’t you just.... stick your finger in the bowl that holds the glitter??????????

  49. Missy Lott

    Missy Lott7 months ago

    Pretty nails awesomeness

  50. Camber Olexiewicz

    Camber Olexiewicz7 months ago

    I really like the silver

  51. Ricarda Pomposini

    Ricarda Pomposini7 months ago


  52. Viridiana Velasquez

    Viridiana Velasquez7 months ago


  53. 3canchaser3

    3canchaser37 months ago

    Silver all the way

  54. angela thomas

    angela thomas7 months ago

    I like the pink

  55. Kb Hll

    Kb Hll7 months ago

    My birthday is on Saturday I'm turning 11 we were going to get the cake on Friday but you would miss Saturday so I decided to get the cake on Saturday

  56. Brooke Baritone

    Brooke Baritone7 months ago

    "That's how we do it on the swamp." Haha yass you goddess queen

  57. Marie Ochoa

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  58. Kelly Hall

    Kelly Hall7 months ago


  59. peterdh6525

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  60. Chandandeep Kaur

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  61. unicorngirl Willits

    unicorngirl Willits8 months ago

    Its holo its perfect

  62. Jennifer GGreer

    Jennifer GGreer8 months ago

    a) I am SO feeling your pain bc when I get my nails done, same thing...something happens 32 seconds later...and.... #theregomynails !! b)there should be a top that covers the open end of the nail tube thingy.

  63. Missfit Henry

    Missfit Henry8 months ago

    I'm totally digging your scarf. 😍😍😍

  64. Nikki Avila

    Nikki Avila9 months ago

    Love this video

  65. Rainy Days Art

    Rainy Days Art9 months ago

    I love that thumbnail tho- it’s literally meee

  66. Cheer Girl

    Cheer Girl9 months ago

    I Miss you gurlllll XOXO

  67. Wanda Reynolds

    Wanda Reynolds9 months ago


  68. Roga Pora

    Roga Pora9 months ago

    omg that's friggin awsome! i never would have thought. ..

  69. Susan McKee

    Susan McKee9 months ago

    I love these type of videos!

  70. Celina B

    Celina B9 months ago


  71. Krista Leigh

    Krista Leigh9 months ago

    I like the silver! 💜

  72. Emily Hall

    Emily Hall9 months ago


  73. The Pencil

    The Pencil9 months ago

    I bet it would last longer if you put a clear topcoat on top.

  74. dance moms fan

    dance moms fan9 months ago


  75. Aaliyah Houk

    Aaliyah Houk9 months ago

    I like the silver better but both are just so gatorlious stunning

  76. :3nancy

    :3nancy9 months ago

    where's the holo tho

  77. Scarlett’s Channel

    Scarlett’s Channel9 months ago

    Give those eyes they are beautiful like gorg like I will for those eyes

  78. Elvira Arzola

    Elvira Arzola9 months ago


  79. Power Of The Pandas

    Power Of The Pandas9 months ago

    Did you you get this from Christine the science Queen (simply analogical) oh and silver

  80. Dots

    Dots9 months ago

    I think just dipping your hand in glitter would be easier

  81. serfenris

    serfenris9 months ago

    This definitely seems like a toy I’d have any kid do outside.

  82. Grace Bogan

    Grace Bogan9 months ago


  83. lolatJESS

    lolatJESS9 months ago

    Could have literally avoided a mess by just sticking each finger in the container you attach to the shake unit.

  84. Hufflepuff Follower

    Hufflepuff Follower9 months ago

    Silver is the best


    CHRISSYRAN9 months ago


  86. Fu chsia

    Fu chsia9 months ago

    "Hey everybody, it's Bret Michaels."

  87. Nicole Froehlich

    Nicole Froehlich9 months ago

    Are you supposed to put clear coat on after?

  88. Shahd Alqazaqi

    Shahd Alqazaqi9 months ago

    السن الاصفر جد مشتت للانتباه 😅😅

  89. kristin shelby

    kristin shelby9 months ago

    but they aren't holo 😭

  90. Tree Frog

    Tree Frog9 months ago

    I love both i cant decide lol

  91. Cynthia Savage

    Cynthia Savage9 months ago


  92. Cindy Lo

    Cindy Lo10 months ago


  93. Whitefang 4279

    Whitefang 427910 months ago

    I like silver better

  94. Aly Michelle

    Aly Michelle10 months ago

    Huh... cool

  95. Lovelyjay

    Lovelyjay10 months ago

    This is not environmentally friendly

  96. Charrissa Cunningham

    Charrissa Cunningham10 months ago

    If you would like to replicate this with out the "shaky shaky" ness... put the stickers on, stick your fingers inside the glitter. Or clear polish your nails and do the same thing. Less mess. But it is glitter... so a little mess is inevitable . But these glitters are beautiful

  97. Aubrey Ackman

    Aubrey Ackman10 months ago


  98. Donna Garrett

    Donna Garrett10 months ago

    Those glasses are so cute on you

  99. Jared ;P

    Jared ;P10 months ago

    “I got eyeshadow down here and I care about it.” 😂😂😂

  100. Roblox Tea

    Roblox Tea10 months ago