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Seth Rollins & Finn Bálor vs. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel: Raw, April 23, 2018


  1. Joshua Skunk

    Joshua Skunk3 months ago

    The Curbstomb is so bad Curtis put his head to the foot and it just looks too forced

  2. Luke Roman Reigns

    Luke Roman Reigns3 months ago

    Bo Dallas And Curtis Axel Are Stupid Idiots

  3. Luke Roman Reigns

    Luke Roman Reigns3 months ago



    FSV BRASIL3 months ago

    Seth rolinnsss

  5. Vincentas Skarbalius

    Vincentas Skarbalius3 months ago

    Can Seth and Finn create something like bullet club for more drama?

  6. Adam Briceland

    Adam Briceland3 months ago

    Nice high five lol

  7. Nu Man

    Nu Man3 months ago

    Wwe fake

  8. Zenki omega

    Zenki omega3 months ago

    ok i will say it balor and rollins as a tag team please

  9. Стас Шовган

    Стас Шовган3 months ago

    Push Seth

  10. Max TV

    Max TV3 months ago

    Styles vs Bálor ☝🏼

  11. Nels Monti

    Nels Monti3 months ago

    Seth rollins est le meilleur

  12. bablu kumar raj

    bablu kumar raj3 months ago

    When Ambrose coming back

  13. Arturo Cardenas

    Arturo Cardenas3 months ago

    did anyone notice that the place it's empty?

  14. Kleber Henrique

    Kleber Henrique3 months ago

    What ? The is not Curb Stomp no ?

  15. Timothy Torres

    Timothy Torres3 months ago

    I miss old Curtis Axel & old Bo Dallas.

  16. Timothy Torres

    Timothy Torres3 months ago

    Cad Clay from No Limits Wrestling put Rollins in Bullet Club in his promotion.

  17. Henrique Quintas

    Henrique Quintas3 months ago

    Bálor and Rollins are always being rivals then friends then rivals then firends then...

  18. MSN-04 Sazabi

    MSN-04 Sazabi3 months ago

    The Stompers

  19. BTReflex

    BTReflex3 months ago

    I hope this leads to Seth turning on Finn and going heel again

  20. Psycho Dad jesse

    Psycho Dad jesse3 months ago

    Grand Slam Rollins 🤟

  21. Luis W

    Luis W3 months ago

    Remember when axel was intercontinental champ... Miss that axel💪💪

  22. Noahb3410

    Noahb34103 months ago

    Man, those springboards were executed perfectly

  23. Vash Starwind

    Vash Starwind3 months ago

    Bo Dallas and Curtus Axel put up a really good fight! They need to find their grove and get their mojo back! Obviously, ... Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are Grade A+ super ninjas. ... Derp. I don't need to state the obvious to y'all!! Tag Team action is where it's AT y'all! That's one thing I noticed and personally LOVED about this Raw. .. That... Sweet... (Mmm MMM!!) ... Sweet! ... Tag Team Action!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

  24. *Bautii Lezica*

    *Bautii Lezica*3 months ago

    Alguien de habla hispana?

  25. Iconic Destruction

    Iconic Destruction3 months ago

    In this match we have 3 former NxT world champions

  26. jonathan santos

    jonathan santos3 months ago

    Burn it down

  27. El CH

    El CH3 months ago

    The Miztourage and the ancension need to be fired, to give room to tag teams that will actually matter

  28. Ali Shirzad

    Ali Shirzad3 months ago

    As much as I love Seth and fin teaming up, I miss dean Ambrose

  29. Jorge Urzola

    Jorge Urzola3 months ago

    Rollins is amazing!

  30. The Sandell

    The Sandell3 months ago

    WWE are allowing the curb stomp again?

  31. Kaycee Simon

    Kaycee Simon3 months ago

    the rollings balor club is starting a undeafted streak together is finn balor irish

  32. Matt Leach

    Matt Leach3 months ago

    WHAT?! Bullet Shield lost? Never saw that coming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  33. Money G

    Money G3 months ago

    I hate WWE logic where two previous world champions have a competitive match with jobbers.

  34. Judy Cribb

    Judy Cribb3 months ago

    He looked at someone and touched them.

  35. nathan forbes

    nathan forbes3 months ago

    rollins should go back to heel

  36. Travelling Memories

    Travelling Memories3 months ago

    Seth Rollins and Finn Balor has great talents

  37. wwe god

    wwe god3 months ago

    Love if you love GrandSlam Rollins

  38. Scott Fillingham

    Scott Fillingham3 months ago

    Bo and Axel should go back to NXT

  39. Vivian Dong

    Vivian Dong3 months ago

    Did Finn get a tan because it looks like he did

  40. Elizabeth Dacosta

    Elizabeth Dacosta3 months ago


  41. Luca Carrara

    Luca Carrara3 months ago

    Bull... ehm... balor club is for everyone... but miztourage ahahah

  42. Karolis Dambrauskas

    Karolis Dambrauskas3 months ago

    Rollins club


    PART OF EVERYTHING3 months ago

    the match was fixed....axel waited for rollins to kurb stomp himm...clearly

  44. Mengha Rathor

    Mengha Rathor3 months ago

    Is it me or did anyone want the axel and dallas to win

  45. Jordan Lovett

    Jordan Lovett3 months ago

    All these people complaining about tag team matches but then will go and watch new Japan 😂

  46. Hasan Almarzooqi

    Hasan Almarzooqi3 months ago

    the best tag team

  47. DavidLeeRivera2014

    DavidLeeRivera20143 months ago


  48. Kirby Calder

    Kirby Calder3 months ago

    Let's be honest, Rollins and Balor are one heck of a tag team

  49. Mr Undistupid

    Mr Undistupid3 months ago

    What’s witch all this tag team action last night?

  50. Brian Erney

    Brian Erney3 months ago

    Is ladder matches for international championship going happen at greatest royal rumble events on wwe network 🤔🤔🤔???

  51. Jayde Flores

    Jayde Flores3 months ago

    How many times they going to team up Seth n fin it’s literally every week,and Seth needs to stay solo

  52. DiGiTAL

    DiGiTAL3 months ago


  53. samera abdallah

    samera abdallah3 months ago


  54. Gaming Legend

    Gaming Legend3 months ago

    Who's the ic champion

  55. Tilson Manyoni

    Tilson Manyoni3 months ago

    burn it down for life

  56. raheem Khan

    raheem Khan3 months ago

    Man it will be a great team of Seth Rollins and Finn balor

  57. The KingOfTheDell

    The KingOfTheDell3 months ago

    Thank God this wasn't a squash match I want to see Bo and Axel as a soon to be big deal

  58. Jrc Sn

    Jrc Sn3 months ago

    i miss ambrose lol

  59. Assassin Gamer21/SloppyAG21

    Assassin Gamer21/SloppyAG213 months ago

    Where’s dean ambrose

  60. amy parra

    amy parra3 months ago

    That's just great entertainment!

  61. GOKR Souza

    GOKR Souza3 months ago

    فيه واحد عربي هنا

  62. Johnny Bena

    Johnny Bena3 months ago

    just let axel do a perfectplex.He is always losing and even cant perform one finisher in a match.

  63. Cee Edge

    Cee Edge3 months ago

    Man, Rollins is awesome! 😆 🤘🏻

  64. channel. nakal

    channel. nakal3 months ago

    seth is great fighter

  65. D Singh

    D Singh3 months ago

    Let's just have Seth and balor compete in like a series of match and each match with a different stipulation and in the end Baylor pissed off that he couldn't outwrestle seth turns heel

  66. Blue Air

    Blue Air3 months ago

    Finn change your finisher it boring

  67. Hadi f.

    Hadi f.3 months ago

    Seth is my king

  68. Jxffa

    Jxffa3 months ago

    Where is Dean ambrose

  69. Craig Eldred

    Craig Eldred3 months ago

    Disappointed axel & Dallas couldn’t score a win

  70. G D

    G D3 months ago

    Even if he is winning, I feel like Finn is getting buried.

  71. Saket Kumar Singh

    Saket Kumar Singh3 months ago

    Thats a grat match

  72. Champ Games

    Champ Games3 months ago

    Some one make Finn and Seth a legit tag team

  73. Minhajul Abedin Fahim

    Minhajul Abedin Fahim3 months ago

    Fake kick. Haha 😂 joss

  74. TheInfamousAyejay

    TheInfamousAyejay3 months ago

    Give Rollins another title for his other shoulder

  75. manny smith

    manny smith3 months ago

    Balor and Rollins tag champs? 🤔🔥 I see that one day

  76. John Edgar

    John Edgar3 months ago

    looks like Old NXt replay

  77. Jones Da man

    Jones Da man3 months ago

    Rollins Rolls Baby

  78. Herman Booger

    Herman Booger3 months ago

    I see future tag team champions😯😮

  79. Fuckin Oddity

    Fuckin Oddity3 months ago


  80. DaveBrane

    DaveBrane3 months ago

    Balor club rocks!!

  81. Courtney Springer

    Courtney Springer3 months ago

    Another victory for the good guys! 😊

  82. Jarred Playz

    Jarred Playz3 months ago

    They should be the Raw Tag Team Do U Guys Agree

  83. Joel Lee

    Joel Lee3 months ago

    current Shield member team up with current Bullet Club member? Did not see / expect to put that in a sentence

  84. HA LF

    HA LF3 months ago

    I hope that Finn wins the IC Championship, so much..!!

  85. HA LF

    HA LF3 months ago

    Josue Ramirez YOU'RE A REAL FAN !!

  86. Josue Ramirez

    Josue Ramirez3 months ago

    New York me too!

  87. Pro Wrestling Affiliates

    Pro Wrestling Affiliates3 months ago

    good stuff here...great story telling...I really like what the WWE is doing with the Miztourage. FUNNY STUFF...Don't waste it...repay them for their hilarious stuff here.

  88. Pietnastka

    Pietnastka3 months ago

    Rollins and Balor new tag team ? ;P

  89. The Grock Says

    The Grock Says3 months ago

    Job squad 2.0

  90. Pawel Konik

    Pawel Konik3 months ago

    Seth will team up with finn

  91. Kunal Kene

    Kunal Kene3 months ago

    very funny

  92. Angel King

    Angel King3 months ago

    It's called the Blackout, Cole. STOP calling it the Stomp. That sounds ridiculous. I know they don't want to say "Curb Stomp", so instead of Michael Cole sounding like a fool every week yelling "The stomp! The stomp!" Just call it by it's original, BETTER name, the Blackout.

  93. Jack Dren

    Jack Dren3 months ago

    Why the hell is Booker back on commentary

  94. Ronald Douglas

    Ronald Douglas3 months ago

    Jack Dren coach is on assignment

  95. Matthew Wolfe

    Matthew Wolfe3 months ago

    Curb Stomp by Rollins and Double Foot Stomp by Balor. The Stomping finishers.

  96. 帝二梦

    帝二梦3 months ago

    2.07 what a kick ....

  97. mjstory1976

    mjstory19763 months ago

    I hope Axel and Bo start becoming a great tag team

  98. Snow PT

    Snow PT3 months ago

    I am just hoping Vince just let Balor get his real Balor Club and start taking over Wwe...


    ANTHONY BAKHOS3 months ago

    This raw was boring cz only one video hitted the 1m+views

  100. masoom mehak

    masoom mehak3 months ago

    no need of such matches when you know the results

  101. Angel Rojas

    Angel Rojas3 months ago

    Seth Rollins And Finn Bálor should be a tag team

  102. Kenneth Monfil

    Kenneth Monfil3 months ago

    "Bo Dallas" nd "Curtis Axel" r both "damned losers" 4 using "The Miz's entrance theme" instead of using the "themes" the used as "single competitors".

  103. justinebiebervevo

    justinebiebervevo3 months ago

    *Seth rollin lover like this!*

  104. krishna goel

    krishna goel3 months ago

    justinebiebervevo gggggggdsyegevdvd

  105. krishna goel

    krishna goel3 months ago

    justinebiebervevo ma also

  106. Anuj Goel

    Anuj Goel3 months ago

    justinebiebervevo me also