Seth Meyers explains why he's tough on Trump


  1. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsDay ago

    Q: Why did the Democraps riot in the stores during the last Black Friday? A1: They heard childrens' pants were half off. A2: Well, because they're black, too.

  2. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsDay ago

    Q; Why do Democrats like to fuck little girls? A: So they can turn them over and pretend they are little boys. Q: How do you break a Democrap's fingers? A: Punch him/her/it in the nose and kick him/her/it in the ass. Q: How do you drive a Democrap crazy? A: Put him/her/it in a round room and tell him/her/it there is a naked child in the corner. More soon...

  3. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsDay ago

    The only person who has "evidence" of Trump/Russia collusion is Adam Schitt. He says he HAS evidence, but it is neither DIRECT evidence nor CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence. How stupid these Democrap leaders are!

  4. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsDay ago

    Senate Intelligence Committee and all the committees associated with it have found no Trump/Russia collusion. Not only do you owe President Trump an apology, you owe ME and the rest of the world an apology. If you don't, I guarantee that the person who breaks your fucking nose won't apologize either.

  5. debbie541

    debbie541Day ago

    Rump can dish it out but he sure can't take it

  6. Kathy MahoneStreet

    Kathy MahoneStreet2 days ago

    I love Seth, he is so smart!

  7. Melvin Purvis

    Melvin Purvis3 days ago

    Seth and Van, Dumb&Dumber

  8. Thomas Panto

    Thomas Panto3 days ago

    "To serve Humanity '' is not a cook book :)

  9. jenifer Ransom

    jenifer Ransom6 days ago

    It is not captioned. I clicked on "settings" as it said, and "CC1." Nothing. Some of us need them! Kudos to Seth Meyers for making his show open captioned, so I can watch on my Apple TV! Love ya Seth!

  10. oldsilver55

    oldsilver558 days ago

    I turn to late night comic/news shows for relief of this most horrible administration. It is a true coping mechanism. Seth Myers is smart and a joy listening to.

  11. Cutthroat Mc Rage

    Cutthroat Mc Rage9 days ago

    SETH is a lil wimp bitch is all he is . He was as a kid and still is as a adult. rofl Seth the jerkoff rofl

  12. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts9 days ago

    This is what Meyers and you anti-Trump robotoids support: Those utter and complete whores dressed in white did NOT stand to applaud the President when he mentioned eradicating childhood cancer. That piece of shit Ocrazio-Cuntez just pouted. But the little girl who was there, the one wearing the wig because she has cancer, got to see what disgusting pigs Democrats are. I already knew, but now the whole country and world know. Refusing to cheer for a fight against childhood cancer, right in front of a child with cancer. I'm not surprised, coming from the party that cheered when they legalized abortion after birth in New Yuck. Don't even TRY that in Florida.

  13. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts9 days ago

    The wall is and has been being built by the Army Corps of Engineers. The President TRIED to get Schmucker and Skeletor to go along with the wall THEY VOTED FOR DURING OSHIT'S ADMINISTRATION, but they wanted to play games. This is my Pelosi Sarcastic Clap, in your fucking faces.

  14. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts9 days ago

    Since Uankerslag keeps trying to dazzle me with his/her/its brilliant responses, while I'm here I will yet again taunt Meyers and the other mouthbreathing inbreds who watch his "show". The proprieter of Lolita Island, aka Child-Rape Resort, Jeff Epstein (another whiny inbred) is in deep Hillary! They are investigating why this good friend of the Clintons, John and Tony Podesta, and others got a slap on the wrist for pedophelia, prostitution, rape of children, and God knows what else. He is eventually going to sing like the jailbird he is going to be. All his clients...haha! Stephen Colbert, another pile of shit pedophile who's buddies with Podesta the Molesta, is eventually gonna fry. Meyers will be looked into. Lol! Miss Above Ground will be happy to know that many sealed indictments have been unsealed, mostly child trafficking. Ho hum, get your popcorn.

  15. Nysro1640

    Nysro164011 days ago

    His whole Shtick is Donald Trump.. can't even watch his show..

  16. Rhaegar Dameron

    Rhaegar Dameron12 days ago

    What a douchebag.

  17. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts12 days ago

    Hahaha! Patriot (which means non-leftist) ad at the beginning of this commie bastard's video. Anyway, Seth, you fucking inbred piece of shit, I have some "material" for you to do your patented statement/stupid smirk routine to: THREE top Democraps are in deep Hillary! Two whites and a black. The two white ones for racism and the black one for (surprise surprise) rape. Hahaha! Poke the bear, moron. Oh, I forgot to mention, you fucking pig: the leadership falls to a Republican. Lol! Also, you fucking lying faggot, Obama's birth certificate was proven to be falsified by a police forensics lab. Which doesn't prove Obongo wasn't born in the USA , but DOES prove you are a fucking liar. And lying is bad for the country, right? And so are you.

  18. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts12 days ago

    One of the definitions of Tyranny: Arbitrary use of power or control. Guess who does that? Why, the FBI trying to undermine a US Presidency! Who founded the illegal national police force known as the FBI? A cigar-smoking transvestite tyrant faggot named J. Edgar Hoover. Go figure. Oh, I almost forgot: In light of Manafort, Stone, Cohen being brought up on charges for lying to Congress, ALL the previous liars to Congress- Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzk, Page, etc WILL be investigated AND brought up on charges for lying to Congress. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Fuck you.

  19. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts12 days ago

    I can't believe how stupid the fans of this propagandist are! They STILL believe the "Trump/Russia Collusion lies despite: 1) Hillary's campaign paying for a fake dossier 2) Mueller turning up nothing for the past two years 3) Evidence of FISA abuse 4) Several conspirators in the leadership of the FBI being fired and soon to face trial for Treason. 5) An anchor at CNN stating on hidden video that it's a "nothingburger" to an undercover journalist. 6) And lots more. However, Mueller's investigation has resulted in arrests of people whose testimony will result in the discovery of MORE Democrap underhandedness and outright criminality. I sometimes wonder if Mueller in on the side of the USA, because when Roger Stone testifies, a LOT of Democrap heads will roll in the discovery process. Did not the smirky-faced inbred mention that? No? Lol! To quote one of you utter and complete morons, "I gEt aLL My nEwS fRoM SeTh! Golly golly gosh!" Lol! Mueller's only ONE investigation. We The Normal People (as opposed to You On The Pedophile Team) have a whole lotta Grand Jury investigations looking into Der Klinton Foundazion. Lollol! In addition, there's one man assigned, or I should say, took over, the investigation of Spick-13 on Long Island. Awwww. Demotards no likey. Their already hideous faces at the SOTU address were SCOWLING, except for fudgepacker Schumer, who maintained the most evil grin I have ever seen in my entire life throughout the speech. You motherfuckers are toast. Lol!

  20. Joshua Sondag

    Joshua Sondag13 days ago

    Seth is a national treasure

  21. Loretta Sanchez

    Loretta Sanchez13 days ago

    Yea your the guest NOT the pest

  22. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S14 days ago

    It's heartwarming that the sane Americans outweigh the Russian trolls and trump thumpers by more than 10 TIMES. Did you realize your jesus is a Democrat? Did you?

  23. Alexander McGrath

    Alexander McGrath14 days ago

    Seth is actually very eloquent and explains himself well, here. Trump isn't being treated unfairly -- he invites it every day. It's even in his book: say stupid stuff and you get free press. If he's going to take that tactic, he invites the consequences. Fair is fair.

  24. Jay Harter

    Jay Harter14 days ago

    Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert help to keep the rest of us sane with laughter in an insane time. Let's all hope 45 is brought out of the White House in handcuffs, and soon.

  25. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson14 days ago

    "Why are you so hard on him?" Because he's the President! Shouldn't the President be held to a higher standard?

  26. King David

    King David14 days ago

    I do think Seth comes at his show from a kind of harmful elitist position because sometimes he just says Trump is dumb, like when he was saying wheels and walls are both old. I believe Trump is pushing us towards apocalypse- but he was not making a nonsense point. When liberals call conservatives dumb, or do things like give yokel accents, they are acting on unconscious bias that alienates potential working class progressives.

  27. Bob Fischer

    Bob Fischer15 days ago

    Let the russian trollbots hate all they want. Seth is awesome. Witty, charming, funny, and real. So he makes fun of your ridiculous president. So what? Most leaders deserve some amount of ridicule, and none more so than the orange buffoon. Get over it, snowflakes, its just comedy.

  28. msndrstdwlf BB

    msndrstdwlf BB15 days ago

    Djt is an evil amoral disgusting tyrant without consciounce, without deep understanding or integrity for the freedoms ideals rigjts our country provides. Hes a monster of unimagineable proportion daily damaging our nation and even our world. Hes in the peoples house holding the people for ransom. For those who still support him id like to ask how the biblical character description differs from him? Please reject him spiritually and politically in every way. Turn your hearts to Our Lord Jesus, not the enemy in such a thin thin distuise. If your fooled now what makes one think they can resist the anti-Christ? I assert djt is he. God have mercy on ALL misguided souls.

  29. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts15 days ago

    Isn't it odd that these "talk show" propagandists do all that in-depth research on Trump in order to spew their daily bullshit? All they care about is the perjurer Cohen, who they can't wait to get on the stand to lie for them, and some other stupidity. They care SO much about "the Wall! The Wall!, it's inhumane! " and the welfare of the 100%-tatooed "children". There is SO much news that is much more important than reading substandard jokes off a large sign. I think this in depth research should instead be done for the rampant pedophelia sex trafficking rings getting busted left and right. Does anyone but myself notice that these "talk show hosts" NEVER research and discuss someone like, perhaps, an investigative journalist looking into pedophilia and human trafficking. They DEBUNK with lies any and all of their shows that mention pedophilia. It's a comedy show? Maybe these scumbags can make explicit jokes about it instead of making a joke of the whole subject. Another Clinton associate, besides Jeffrey Epstein, and some others, was arrested for...wait for it! This is going to SURPRISE you. Yeah. Surprised he got caught...PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD TRAFFICKING! Yet another Songbird to point to his clients! Lol! Look out John and Tony Podesta! Look out Weiner, Hillary, BJ Bill! Har har dee har har.

  30. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts12 days ago

    Noooooo response. Too cerebral for these shills and retards.

  31. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts13 days ago

    NO response. How strange.

  32. Marina Guajardo

    Marina Guajardo15 days ago

    The president has the toughest job in the nation. He should be held accountable for everything. He has millions of lives in his hands. If he can’t take the pressure, and he clearly can’t, he shouldn’t have became a celebrity much less president.

  33. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts15 days ago

    Democrapturds are in for it. Pelosi the Nut is gonna crash and burn. So are a lot of others. At least 16 pieces of shit are going to be charged with treason for attempting to overthrow a sitting duly elected President. The penalty for that is death. I will be requesting to be on Firing Squad Detail if these executions occur in the state of Utah. Mr. Huber is from Utah and he has Lots O'Grand Juries opening up Demoshit cans of worms. Lol! Mueller only has people for allegedly lying to Congress, but I just found out that ALL those leftist fucktards are going to be investigated for lying to Congress as well and they will be brought before Congress again so they can get the details. They will have lying to Congress on top of treason to worry about. What did Trump do again, morons? Hyuk hyuk, what stupid turds you are! "Trumps a racist!", which not a single ONE of you faggots can provide a single example of. Golly, this is getting good!

  34. Maya Hill

    Maya Hill16 days ago

    That outfit is really workin for Seth. Lookin hot, Meyers!

  35. Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett

    Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett16 days ago

    All the butthurt libtard below the comment section I just have one and only one thing to say to you and that is you deserve Trump presidency.

  36. Angelofmusic Wonder

    Angelofmusic Wonder17 days ago

    My goodness, two healthy men just talking, loving what they do and enjoying each there company , black and white... Enjoy both of these men and their contribution to our news on a daily basis. THANK YOU👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👌🏾

  37. Maria S'

    Maria S'17 days ago

    Tough? How?

  38. Accutronitis The 2nd

    Accutronitis The 2nd18 days ago

    Two very smart men that both see the reality of what is happening with our country and our joke of a president that wasn't elected by the real people in the USA! I'm neither a real Dem Or Rep because I think they both have huge problems BUT DAM I MISS OBAMA! He was a real intelligent, leader, American, And a REALclass act of a man who always put America first instead of just saying it all the time like others that don't follow through on the words because it was never a sound bite to Obama, It's just what he did!

  39. Lelynn Miller

    Lelynn Miller19 days ago

    Seth is there to make light of a bad situation. 👌i think he's gr8❗🏆😀👍 He breaks sh!t down so that it can b understood by EVERY1.🕵 There's alota ppl that r too lazy to break down the political puzzle (between them stating all their titles & positions, it can get confusing) Seth will find the important & the funny & he'll report back to his viewers & like every1else involved with CNN (Seth, Colbert, Cuomo, Don Lemon) they'll ALL show ACTUAL footage, to back up the things they say.📹 Not wanting to hear all the other stuff is a choice. 🙉 Atleast the thing we DO listen to r the TRUTH.👍 Not having ne interest about certain issues doesn't necessarily make sum1 ne less educated than the next guy. But even still, EVERY1 deserves a right to vote. 🙄 Seth helps ppl know just what it is theyr voting for. Trump should take it as constructive criticism & get himself a damn spell check, on his phone. Using slang & abbr (like I do) is 1 thing. Totally using the wrong word, is another. 😕 🌎❤🇺🇸 👌😇👍

  40. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts19 days ago

    Boy oh boy are the Demotards fucked! Guess what the penalty is for all that stuff your friends did? Especially when you conspire to unseat a sitting president. Hahahaha! From the Office of the Inspector General Michael Horowitz: "A government contractor Fusion GPS was being paid concurrently both by our government and the campaign of an opposing political candidate. They then utilized the most sensitive information available and abused the most sensitive information available about u.s. persons and created a false narrative to either prevent or in the case that he was elected unseat and render ineffective the president of the United States of America."

  41. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts21 day ago

    Here's another fun tidbit for you to joke about: the non-criminal element of the FBI re-opened their probe of the Clinton Foundation. Ha ha ha fuck you. Also, coincidentally, President Trump was told the grand jury session for January in the Western District of Arkansas has been dismissed because the shutdown. Not let off the hook, mind you. GuEsS wHo hAs a fOuNdAtIoN iN aRkAnSaS? Ha ha ha fuck you. The "coincidence" is that President Trump temporarily re-opened the government for a few weeks. Brilliant! Not only has Trump forced that sicko Skeletor Pelosi and faggot Chuck the Schmuck Schumer to the table to make a deal OR ELSE, he *re-opened the government to allow the grand jury in Arkansas (and other states) to proceed smoothly.* Ha ha ha fuck you. _________________ Ha ha ha! Apparently this went WAY over the heads of the stupid assholes who watch this retard on TV.

  42. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts21 day ago

    我们在好莱坞拥有一切。我们告诉你你可以说什么或者你失去了工作。 我们发出订单。你遵守我们的命令。 我们肮脏的中国共产党人为你提供强奸儿童。 这就是我们勒索你的方式。 你做我们告诉你的事情,或者我们告诉警察你和他们的肛门里的小男孩发生性关系。 The above statements are the marching orders from the Chinese masters of Hollywood to Seth Meyers, pedophile rapist Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Kross-eyes Kimmel, and the other morons. This is a summary of their "comedy": "Trump lied about this, Trump *smirk* did that,, Trump Russia, Trump Trump Trump LIE *smirk* Trump, impeach impeach Trump Russia*smirk* collusion blah blah TrUmP! tRuMp! blah snark TrUmP! tRuMp! bloviate bloviate Trump *smirk* Trump Russia Russia Trump associates blah blah *smirk* *smirk* *wry smile* *stupid gestures* *dumb histrionics* Trump said this, bloviate! tRuMp! said that blah blah blah." I do believe it's time to FUCK with your advertisers.

  43. Lucas Cavalcanti

    Lucas Cavalcanti21 day ago

    me: 1:17

  44. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts21 day ago

    Haha! I just saw a photo of Kross-eyes Kimmel with CEO of the Fiori Group, Frank Giustra. He is a major player in the Uranium One crimes. WhAt a CoInCiDeNcE! He also deals in "humanitarian" organizations specifically for CHILDREN! One of the organization's logos is that revolting pedophilia triangle, surprise surprise. I can HARDLY wait to see Seth Meyers talk about this! Hahahahahaha!

  45. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts21 day ago

    Hey, good news out of CA! Jimmy Kimmel, another inbred Faux Jew, had his house raided! Are you leftist turds going to complain about it? None of you cared that Michael Cohen and Manafort had the same treatment. In fact, the Late Night Morons had a field day laughing about it. Now one of their own got raided. Boo fucking hop. Kross-eyed Kimmel's chef Adam Perry Lang was arrested and released on $50,000 bail. And what is making me lmao is that Lang is a frequent flyer to his friend Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Island. Hahahahaha! He's a kiddyfucker, like John Podesta, Tony Podesta, and Stephen Colbert. And for Above Ground: the sealed indictments are landing on Dumbocraps' heads. Check the court dockets, moron.

  46. Cpt Chris

    Cpt Chris23 days ago

    Well, the guy (DJT) is a malignant narcissist, a pathological liar, and a psychopath. He is also functionally illiterate, steals from workers, the entire country, and has been his entire adult life. He is a misogynist, a bigot and a xenophobe. Why is anyone at all surprised? What a nice example for the children. I mean, and even the dolts that voted for this slug as well. I think it shows, in spades, how easily fooled, jealous, greedy and credulous the US citizenry really is. This is what these fools get for taking a conman seriously. We can only hope they either STFU in 2020 or learn from this horses ass.

  47. Monk Amani

    Monk Amani23 days ago

    Trump supplies the material. Real-estate agent, Entrepreneur (failed), Game Show host. Entertainer, Bogus billionaire, joke, etc. Now president? America... Hindsight 20/20

  48. Phenian Oliver

    Phenian Oliver23 days ago

    This is the best case scenario. Now that Trump is president and in the public eye, he will be made to pay for his crimes the day he steps down. Anyone who chooses to stick with him will likewise burn.

  49. Nerd Eclipse

    Nerd Eclipse25 days ago

    I think we need comedians like this who make fun of the idiots in office and lets be honest when has the red side ever really been on the side of peace and love or equality or the good of all people. They are selfish bigoted bastards

  50. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts26 days ago

    Haw haw haw! An entire Mark Levin ad before Monkey Face's appearance!

  51. jon schwindt

    jon schwindt27 days ago

    Stand up guy.

  52. Da Choppah

    Da Choppah27 days ago

    Seth beats on Trump and fawns on liberals for a simple reason- he is a coward. Who the fuck but an ignorant hack liberal could defend Hillary after 1000's of felonies. Cowardly prick.

  53. TheFirewalkin

    TheFirewalkin28 days ago

    1:53 I also thought he was gonna lose as well, but in germany (where I am from) we first thought there was something wrong with the counting of the votes,but nope :-( how ever since then we have many jokes based on him :-D even more than on brexit

  54. Brian Wurch

    Brian Wurch28 days ago

    TDS. The real news is dimocrats are ill mannered bores, who lie constantly. They do not understand 'illegal." Trump tells the truth, dims are crazy.

  55. 0000 0000

    0000 000028 days ago

    Just the SIGHT of this guy makes me wanna puke. Him and that DAMN HIGH CHAIR he sits on!!! Don't you have enough money to GET LIFTS ??????? At LEAST quit smiling so much like freakin Joel Olstean - it only makes you look like the freakin WEASEL you ARE! Anybody ever see Jay Leno's "JayWalking"? Those are the kind of people that watch this nightly HATE fest of bullshit! "Leno" ... boy do we miss him NOW! Huh? Every night after night you see these animals who sit in chairs (In Seth Meyers' case - jacked up 18 inches) who for the entire 'show' (And I use the term 'show' VERY loosely) do nothing but TRUMP TRASHING! It starts with their 10 minute monologue and then AGAIN with the "stars" they ASK to come on ... it's COMMUNISM in its most subliminal form! Ya know, if you steal from a thief, you're still a thief! And if you murder a murderer, you're a murderer! But if you HATE a HATER ... you've a right to do so - because you're just hating EVIL!

  56. Absurd TV

    Absurd TV29 days ago

    Kamala Harris for Prez 2020, just announced

  57. johnny martinez

    johnny martinez29 days ago

    I love how Trump supporters hate Russia, but love Donald trump!!!!

  58. Costel Atanasiu

    Costel Atanasiu29 days ago

    They neither hate Russia, nor the communism, they are just pretending. They shown their real colors when 90% of them said they have a better opinion about Putin than Obama. The fact that now they are supporting a Russian asset should not surprise anyone.

  59. Drtrytiak

    DrtrytiakMonth ago

    How the fuck is he tough on trump? Trump says stupid shit so it gets talked about

  60. That Won Dude

    That Won DudeMonth ago

    Closer look works for the same reason John Oliver's Last Week Tonight works but also to an extend Bill Nye the science guy. People are not as dumb as old media wants to treat them as, and we love being entertained while being educated.

  61. Lanvan Long

    Lanvan LongMonth ago

    This guy had short memory but long ill deor

  62. J Punkin

    J PunkinMonth ago

    Love Seth Meyers. Keep telling it like it is.

  63. Ethan Hoffart

    Ethan HoffartMonth ago

    I mean it shows a lot about a man who can't laugh at himself. Just watching those clips and then watching the entire dinner shows how thin skin Trump is. I mean I'm not a liberal( or a conservative, pretty moderate seeing the potential in both parties) but man everyone wants to call liberals snowflakes while Trump can't even take a joke.

  64. Pete Jamerson

    Pete JamersonMonth ago

    bc colbert did it first and when he started his ratings improved?

  65. Funowning

    FunowningMonth ago

    He’s not tough on Trump lol he’s a weaktard just like Trump

  66. John Nycto

    John NyctoMonth ago

    Seth Meyers, the Trump Insult Comic.

  67. roypoli yt

    roypoli ytMonth ago

    Any one that believes that Mr. Meyers is responsible for Trump running for office has not been paying attention or doing their homework (but that's typical of all MSM hosts, like CNN). You only have to do a bit of research and come to the same conclusion that Michael Moore came to and proved in his latest film: "Fahrenheit 11/9" - with plenty of evidence, it's all there and it's an eye-opener. Remember when only Mr. Moore predicted Trumps win and Hillary Clinton to lose - and they all laughed, no one is laughing at Michael Moore any more. I promise you, the film will blow you away. "Fahrenheit 11/9" is being offered for free, here on MReporter.

  68. Franz Pattison

    Franz PattisonMonth ago

    That black dude laughs like OG LOC from GTA San Andreas

  69. Pentarax

    PentaraxMonth ago

    In response to the accusations of deepening the divide/making it worse; a comic's job is to poke fun at and call out things in response. And you can't have a response without stimulus.

  70. BuddyGold1

    BuddyGold1Month ago

    Please watch a few Johnny Carson videos to see how to conduct yourself on a show of this type. You have a lot to learn. Stay away from politics and learn to be kind to others. Johnny was the king of late night. You can't hold a candle to him

  71. Rosalind Scotton

    Rosalind ScottonMonth ago

    I love Seth Meyers😍 Seth, keep doing what you do, the American people need to hear the truth. Thank you for your hilarious truthful commentary every night, keep it coming.

  72. David MacLeod

    David MacLeodMonth ago

    Seth isn’t Jewish

  73. iluvsharks100

    iluvsharks100Month ago

    does he really need to explain himself i mean cmon

  74. Chris Clark

    Chris ClarkMonth ago

    You are a patriot Seth. Keep pounding him.

  75. Laurent Porter

    Laurent PorterMonth ago

    I hardly can trust people which cannot laugh about themselves.

  76. Renaldy Calixte

    Renaldy CalixteMonth ago

    Donald J Trump the greatest con man in American History. He can make millions of mistakes but as long as he hates liberals he's great. Man: You insulted my wife and lied to me on a real estate deal. Trump: Yeah I did but I hate Democrats. Man: Oh. I guess that makes it ok. Well I will be voting for you in 2020.

  77. Henry Thewrench

    Henry ThewrenchMonth ago

    Trump saw the troops for Christmas, 99 % of all heroin in the u s a comes across the Mexican border. Criminals are profiting from the lack of security on the Mexican border, and 80% of all women crossing illegally get rapped As payment for crossing. Against trump? You support and encourage this !!! Oh , and did I mention how many jobs were created in just dec. by this monster. Wake up you dumb mf

  78. Henry Thewrench

    Henry ThewrenchMonth ago

    1. You have replaced real truth speaking comedians with pseudo talking heads trying to be funny so you get on board with the propaganda, they try to embarrass anyone trying to show logic. Seth Meyers is probably the most UN funny “comedian “ on tv, right next to Colbert. When you wat h three diff channels and the are all parroting the same message .... kinda obvious propaganda. And again , he is just not funny, soy boy.

  79. Pano 360

    Pano 360Month ago

    Ha ha! Yeah, it's 99% one party's fault, but that fact that it's not 100% means that it's really 50/50. Follow me? That's ok, even if you don't, our advertisers do. Stayed tuned, customers I mean folks.

  80. Pano 360

    Pano 360Month ago

    How much of a vampire does someone need to be before you're 'tough on them'? He's doing fine.

  81. Abd Pan

    Abd PanMonth ago

    Seth for president guys 👍👍👍

  82. level

    levelMonth ago

    BECAUSE HE IS A HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL no need to explain

  83. Voltaire Gaming

    Voltaire GamingMonth ago

    There's no sound?

  84. Competitive Combat Sports

    Competitive Combat SportsMonth ago

    Who has the last laugh now Seth?

  85. Competitive Combat Sports

    Competitive Combat SportsMonth ago

    Seth is not very bright is he?

  86. skip michaels

    skip michaelsMonth ago

    The only reason Seth is so hard on Trump is because he has a plethora of mindless liberals eating out of his hand. If it was fashionable to love Trump he would be kissing ass. It's all about the ratings game.

  87. LtJackboot

    LtJackbootMonth ago

    If Gump would stop providing endless current events jokes, Seth would move on. It's not the man's fault that the material is dropped into his lap daily. Like he said, turn on CNN and wait a minute.

  88. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender RodriguezMonth ago

    Meyers lets the rest of us and possibly the folks who might watch him in other countries know that our sentiments are shared and there's hope beyond that dumb potato.

  89. Daniel Gerber

    Daniel GerberMonth ago

    Should a president be an entertainer?

  90. TJ Taylor

    TJ TaylorMonth ago

    What a good interview.

  91. doodie kowski

    doodie kowskiMonth ago

    Even obama made fun of trump during that event

  92. Fidgety Rock

    Fidgety RockMonth ago

    not funny guy at all.. but this interview I liked him more=)

  93. Jeff somersby

    Jeff somersbyMonth ago

    The look on trumps face ...when I saw that I think it was (nearly) all worth it.

  94. goldleaf3333

    goldleaf3333Month ago

    I get my news reports from the comedians. They tell the truth more than any politician.

  95. Charles peterson

    Charles petersonMonth ago

    Seth always has Bibi........

  96. TheMalterio 56

    TheMalterio 56Month ago

    I want Seth Meyers to run for presidency in 2020

  97. Andrew Flood

    Andrew FloodMonth ago


  98. Dave Twardy

    Dave TwardyMonth ago

    Night time funny man good, he say orange man bad.

  99. USARMYvietnamVET1969

    USARMYvietnamVET1969Month ago

    Seth Meyers is just another Dick Head making money off bashing Trump, if Trump wasn't around CNN & MSNBC would go broke and a lot of leftwing socialists would be bankrupt!

  100. l DaKine 4 20 l

    l DaKine 4 20 lMonth ago


  101. getyaboogieon

    getyaboogieonMonth ago

    Isn't this the same interviewer who creamed his pants over Trump reading off an auto-cue for the first time... Shouldn't you be hosting a gameshow somewhere??

  102. ash ash

    ash ashMonth ago

    What's to explain? anyone with 2 eyes and common sense knows this shouldn't be a question-

  103. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsMonth ago

    Another FYI for the anti-Trump faggotry: FBI Director Wray just completed visiting 56 FBI offices in the US. This is unprecedented. Also unprecedented is the 61,000 plus sealed indictments. Gee. Hahahaha!