Seth Meyers explains why he's tough on Trump


  1. Steven Darlington

    Steven DarlingtonDay ago

    The only thing I found funny in this entire video was the old guy in black jeans and white trainers. Has he been professionally styled? Or was he going for the sex pest pedo look? Just dress your age....and give it an extra shake. Eld fella not as watertight as it used to be. And no one likes a dribbler. Just cus we don’t point it out doesnt mean we haven’t seen it.

  2. Big Mac

    Big Mac6 days ago

    here's YOUR hypocrisy and liars !!

  3. Big Mac

    Big Mac6 days ago

    Seth Meyers is a complete D-bag !! and he's not funny !! 😝😝😝

  4. Ex GOP

    Ex GOP6 days ago

    *VOTE! TAKE AMERICA BACK TO THE FUTURE*? *Come on Democrats, I am sick and tired of getting FUCKED* *WE ARE SMARTER THEN THIS*?

  5. uguaki kaitu'umatu'a

    uguaki kaitu'umatu'a6 days ago

    Seth Meyers is just an idiotic comedian looking for ways to be on the sport light by jumping in to the liberal shit pool.

  6. ken sibley

    ken sibley8 days ago

    Continued: I will throw your obnoxious, weak, mommies little boy a...s into the nearest trash can where you belong. See you later joke. Thanks for Trump “Make America great again”

  7. heather c

    heather c13 days ago

    Van Jones...brilliant interviewing.

  8. heather c

    heather c13 days ago

    Thanks CNN for another intelligent, compelling interview. Thanks for posting on MReporter for us folks who don't have TV.

  9. heather c

    heather c13 days ago

    Props for addressing how depression crosses all boundaries; no one exempt.

  10. bootnsoot

    bootnsoot17 days ago

    The difference between a joke and a vulgar comment is when trump, during a service to honor American Indians refers to someone as pocahontas.

  11. Whistler 3002

    Whistler 300220 days ago

    Fox Entertainment is probably jealous, because Seth Meyers can be both funnier, and more accurate. Treasonous? Good grief, what hypocrisy. Fox Entertainment is full of treason.

  12. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di Scimmia22 days ago

    трахните вас, социалистский педик.

  13. P Smith

    P Smith23 days ago

    Makes me shudder in disgust. These guys are clowns.

  14. P Smith

    P Smith23 days ago

    Seth Myers sucks. Never been funny. He will get 4 more years of fodder in 2020.

  15. tiger tail

    tiger tail23 days ago

    Our borders. Lol

  16. JasnoGT

    JasnoGT23 days ago

    Russian collusion has been proven to be real......but with Hillary and Obama.

  17. Kushnapup

    Kushnapup23 days ago

    Seth Meyers.. what a toothpick legged pencil neck coward.

  18. JasnoGT

    JasnoGT23 days ago

    Tough on Trump? More like obsessed. He does it for ratings. He needs attention so badly. At least Colbert has comedic talent.

  19. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di Scimmia24 days ago

    Pedo scumbag.

  20. Gone withthesummer

    Gone withthesummer25 days ago

    Cause he's a cuck

  21. Copy Bloc

    Copy Bloc25 days ago

    Seth makes fun of a man who doesn't give a shit about America. Donald Trump is all about Trump. He doesn't care who or what he harms. So now we have a potus pushing a treasonous hoax to discredit a counter-intelligence investigation into Russia interfering in a U.S. election -- because he doesn't have a legitimate defense.

  22. Stephen Lewotsky

    Stephen Lewotsky25 days ago

    Seth! PLEASE talk about the national debt! Each and every American taxpayer owes $176,039 in national debt. Something has got to change!!

  23. JoAnn Ephraim

    JoAnn Ephraim26 days ago

    You go Seth! Don't worry about the fools who are biased in their thoughts. From the beginning of time we laugh when things are funny. You're acing your profession. It's just not your fault that there is a jester in office. :-)

  24. D. Paul Sikand

    D. Paul Sikand26 days ago body do not affect anything Trump does.....Did you think you did?

  25. Linda Chastain

    Linda Chastain26 days ago

    If tRump didn't give late night comedians so much material they'd look elsewhere.

  26. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di Scimmia27 days ago

    Pedophile kidnapper torturer rapist murderer cannibal Leftist scum.

  27. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di Scimmia27 days ago


  28. Kick in the Bass TV

    Kick in the Bass TV28 days ago

    no one cares that he thinks hes hard on Trump. Its CNN and they will make shit up even if there is no there there!! that's what political hacks do!

  29. A Lo

    A Lo29 days ago

    Tough on trump? Seth fucked trump’s mouth then he fucked trump anus then he put his shit covered cock back into trump’s mouth again. Then Seth came into trump’s mouth. Then Seth laughed and this great nation laughed then the world laughed. 😂

  30. S Matthews

    S MatthewsMonth ago

    Because he's a political hack.

  31. Dave Ktver

    Dave KtverMonth ago

    "I thought he was gonna lose...." Yes, and so did most of the higher-ups at the FBI and the CIA, which is why they engaged in fraud and corruption on behalf of Hilary, assuming they would be taken care of after she was president. Whoops!

  32. lamanticora

    lamanticoraMonth ago

    Because he´s a comedian... it´s not his job being funny, but to make sharp and accurate political points

  33. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy SmithMonth ago

    I like Seth. I hate Van.

  34. Bo Bandy

    Bo BandyMonth ago

    Because he will be ousted if he isn't.

  35. Mark L R

    Mark L RMonth ago

    OMG the audio sync sux!!

  36. CerpinTxt87

    CerpinTxt87Month ago

    You could repeat what Trump says word-for-word (as many do), and people would still cry fake news.

  37. Elsa Blair-Salerno

    Elsa Blair-SalernoMonth ago

    I so much love Seth Meyers !! One of the funniest guys around !! 😉👍🏻

  38. LadyJAtheist

    LadyJAtheistMonth ago

    well, if drumpfuck would stop giving him fodder...

  39. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Libtard Hypocrisy at its Finest: "People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally." -- 2009 Chuck Schumer

  40. Oma Rumunna

    Oma RumunnaMonth ago

    LOL... really?! You want us to go back to what the Repressicans have said?! 😂😅😁. Please spare me.

  41. Black Diamond

    Black DiamondMonth ago


  42. freedom fighter

    freedom fighterMonth ago

    Seth should stick to entertaining people..well, on second thought, nevermind... Funny he AINT .. My point here being that we use entertainment to be entertained.. NOT to be lectured about politics...

  43. Wild Lillies

    Wild LilliesMonth ago

    Seth you make it better.It is very traumatic having an individual in the office of President have NO empathy for women and tottering on some crazy brink of war.

  44. Andrew Keith

    Andrew KeithMonth ago

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  45. Marie Trujillo

    Marie TrujilloMonth ago

    Seth, run for president!!

  46. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Ah, I love the Rick Scott ad every time I visit this inbred's video. Check out John Kidnapper Pedophile Murderer Podesta the Molesta's "art" work. Touching kids, ey Molesta? Kidnapping, raping, and murdering little girls might be considered "hate" by some, NONE of which are on his side. Stalking, kidnapping, torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism of little girls might be considered "homophobic". Little Man. But I bet you balance that out either by turning the little girls over and pretending they are little boys, or just raping little boys. Whatever. Podesta the Molesta will be found out. He will NOT make it to prison alive. Some poor mother or father, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, cousin, friend, or acquaintance who has had to attend the funeral of a child, your VICTIMS, will get you. I expect he'll just shoot himself rather than face what he would be subjected to in prison. I, for one, would only subject him to what he subjects children to, minus the rape and culinary delight.

  47. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    BREAKING! CNN Employees Heads Blown Off As They Leave Work

  48. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    BREAKING! ANTIFA Starts Riot, Get Slaughtered By Patriots

  49. emag

    emagMonth ago


  50. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Awwww, the lovely John Brennan had his security clearance revoked. Awwwwwww. Peter Strzok had his security clearance revoked. "Wahhhhhhh! Trump's obstructing!"

  51. Shawn Gardner

    Shawn GardnerMonth ago

    Wow. The host has amazing skin... What you use for lotion man...? ;)

  52. Shawn Gardner

    Shawn GardnerMonth ago

    I'm depressed Seth... Look at our president. I'm feeling pretty sad man. Lol.. on a serious note Depression sucks and so does baby Huey.

  53. Shawn Gardner

    Shawn GardnerMonth ago

    Thing is that Donald Trump's is the exact same person he was before he ran, while he ran and as president, he hasn't changed at all...,. He was an idiot then and he's an idiot now. We need to look at the real problem... All the idiot supporters. What's next America...? Build a ladder to Mars...? The intelligence of American Voters is about a 7. The American Presidency With Donald Trump's shows one thing. It's so easy... A 5 year old can do it.

  54. Glenn Andrew Walsh

    Glenn Andrew WalshMonth ago

    The naive brainwashed people commenting on this thread is astonishing. These 2 talk show hosts are nothing but paid bots who job is to mislead, spread fear & hate. Thankfully most of the people commenting underneath the main comments are speaking logically and with perspective.

  55. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Hi, Leftist scumbags. Here is an interesting tidbit from one of your OWN, LOL!: "As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One…a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One's chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons". New York Times, Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, April 23, 2015. That is from a YEAR before the election. And what do you stupid bastards complain about? "Pussy", Stormy Daniels, Omarosa, Jim Acosta… Do you understand now the "-tard" ending in the Libtard epithet? Morons. Fuck you.

  56. Gredddfe

    GredddfeMonth ago

    He needs to be tough on Trump because he's a patriot and wants to show the world that the American people haven't gone completely mental and there is still hope.

  57. Ricardo Azabache

    Ricardo AzabacheMonth ago


  58. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Lol! I love the Rick Scott for governor ad! Especially where it points out that the Orc-featured Demotard Bill Nelson steals from Medicare.

  59. daisy8luke

    daisy8lukeMonth ago

    Seth Meyers really didn't poke the bear. He made fun of a man who doesn't give one shit about Seth Meyers' opinion. He got some laughs, but Donald Trump got the last laugh. Fuck you, Seth Meyers !! MAGA 2020 !!!!!

  60. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Just imagine, Wolf Blitzer(lol!) leaves the building and finds a boat oar paddle knocking his beard off. Haha!

  61. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    CNN=Fake News=Enemy of the People. "Trump/Russia, wahhhh!" "Trump said "pussy" ten years ago, wahhh!" Meanwhile, the paramilitary wing of the Democrap Party called ANTIFA is ignored by MSM. This is because you, CNN, "fantasize about, promote, enflame, and approve of the violence committed against the Right. Antifa has been allowed to run rampant, committing countless acts of violence against everyday, peaceful supporters of President Donald Trump." The establishment media chose to encourage, stoke, dismiss, foment, downplay, and excuse harassment, violence, and property damage against Trump supporters. I have been saying for years that if our President is impeached or harmed in any way that Fake News is complicit. Now it is being discussed by non-Leftist news outlets. The thing is, Fake News traitors, to paraphrase an ex-Navy Seal, you are going to cause a slaughter if you somehow manage to unseat our duly elected President. I know your disgusting anchors and hotshots have "protection", and it will not deter anybody. They will have to hide for the rest of their lives. But what about the Fake News rank and file? Oh well, you should have chosen an honest profession. Good luck surviving when you are outside your place of employment. First ANTIFA, then Fake News.

  62. Amy Dentata

    Amy DentataMonth ago

    If Trump doesn't like being bashed he should stop being so bashable

  63. Nuala Vi

    Nuala ViMonth ago

    I just love Seth even if all of this is kind of his fault 😂😂😂jk

  64. Peter Rasch

    Peter RaschMonth ago

    I would love to have Donald's hair; on my scrotum.

  65. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Proboscis Monkey Bill Maher tells people to stay home on November 6. Lol! Big Nose is afraid we will vote. Awwwww.

  66. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Oh just listen to the Mickey Mouse Club cheer when the Applaud Sign is lit. Btw, Big Nose Bill Maher Tweeted that Michele Bachman looks like she's from "Planet of the Apes". But you see, THAT'S OK. Ms Bachman is WHITE, so it's OK to compare her to an ape. Typical Leftist hypocrites. Roseanne lost her show for comparing that moslem whore Valerie Jarret to a movie ape. Big Nose Faux Jew Bill Maher, who looks EXACTLY like a Proboscis Monkey, delved into hypocrisy yet again. Unfunny throwback to vaudeville.

  67. ProjectFlashlight612

    ProjectFlashlight612Month ago

    But...he's _not_ tough on Trump. None of the late night comics are. They think they can mock him into resigning. That will not happen. Lenin and Hitler and Mao were laughed at, too; and 200 million murdered was the only result. You oust tyrants, you do not mock them

  68. Forlorn79

    Forlorn79Month ago

    14:14 "I do still think there's a power we have when we laugh at something. That means that we can still use joy to override anything negative that's coming towards us." ~Seth Meyers

  69. aznthy

    aznthyMonth ago

    Who is this host? This is not a introspective thought provoking interview at all that challenged nothing with the stupid giddyness that this unprofessional host is doing, seth is more professional and less giving into bullshit that the host is trying to blame seth by saying he is poking the bear, hey moron, that wasn't a bear, that was a 6 year old child who is having temper tantrums that needs to be told to shut up and pay attention. Garbage fucking host.

  70. logoslive

    logosliveMonth ago

    Is it normal on America TV that the guests name pops up literally every minute? How incredibly annoying. Do viewers forget the guests name or something?

  71. Azphreal

    AzphrealMonth ago

    Funny how Trump will not go to them now pmsl.

  72. Rebecca Maracle

    Rebecca MaracleMonth ago

    This was a great interview. Excellent mix of personal, political, and showbiz-related questions, nice transitions and a good rapport.

  73. A.J. Reed

    A.J. ReedMonth ago

    "Theatre of the Absurd" Lol that's not what that is, but the current political events are pretty crazy. (Look up Albert Camus and the Myth of Sisyphus)

  74. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Seth Seth Seth Seth, do you want to see your baby grow up? Or do your "friends" Podesta the Molesta, Colbert the Pedophile, etc want to take it for dinner and a rape? John Podesta the Molesta wants to FUCK your baby and eat it. Every filthy comment you make puts your baby's anus closer to Podesta-Molesta's tongue and shrivelled little penis. Imagine that!

  75. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    John Podesta is a kidnapper pedophile rapist. Steven Colbert hangs out with the pedophile and also defends him. Seth Meyers is in that crowd, as are the more mainstream Hollyweirdos. And YOU, Princess, tell ME to get MY head checked? These creeps that you defend are going DOWN, Sugartits, wayyyy down. And not on a 5 year old' girl's vagina as per their sick desires. Thousands of them have been arrested because of what you turds call "Drumpf", "the Orange Menace", and all the other retarded things you call him. THAT is what the fuck I am on about, you stupid foreign whore..

  76. Lori Smith

    Lori SmithMonth ago

    what the fuck are you on about? get your head checked dude.

  77. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    General Death *snicker* thinks Nixon was worse than Obongo. Lol! Who was thrown off the Watergate investigation? Hitlery Rotten Clintoris. Lol!

  78. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Миссис Президент, ваши покорные слуги ждут ваших заказов!

  79. jai troche

    jai trocheMonth ago

    He couldnt hold back his smile when asked about ratings...

  80. Manny Tuzman

    Manny TuzmanMonth ago

    Talk about China or shut up

  81. Jim Vollmer

    Jim VollmerMonth ago

    I remember when CNN was a news organization.

  82. scrambo mills

    scrambo millsMonth ago

    seth is a racist jewish supremacist

  83. john john

    john johnMonth ago

    really good interview

  84. Guy Johnson

    Guy JohnsonMonth ago

    Love Seth but Van Jones lost a ton of credibility with me after Trump first bombed Syria. Van Jones suggested that with that act, Trump proved he was "presidential". Fareed Zakaria suggested the same thing. Who Trump is is as plain as day. To white wash and hope is asinine. Van Jones and Fareed Zakaria are better than that.

  85. Carol Anderson

    Carol AndersonMonth ago

    I am thankful for the late night comedians and their portrayals since without that I would fall into deeper despair over the horrible reality that we must endure. Their spirit reminds us that this reality is not normal and cannot be accepted as such.

  86. Ashley Brooke

    Ashley BrookeMonth ago

    Seth Meyers is so humble and down-to-earth :)

  87. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Hey, Fake News: Where are you going to hide if your propaganda contributes to unseating our duly elected President? Are you going to stay home instead of going to work? Are you going to hire bodyguards for every employee? Are your employees going to wear helmets and body armor? Are you going to fireproof your buildings? Do you have "safe rooms" for your employees to hide in? You need to take these things into consideration.

  88. Chris P.

    Chris P.Month ago

    Seth is so fun

  89. Pat Sylvest

    Pat SylvestMonth ago

    I like Seth.

  90. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Here is a clip of AG Sessions swatting Creepy Joe Pedophile's hand away from his child.

  91. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Here is one of the "things" the Dumboturds are going to run for president in 2020:

  92. Michael Saint

    Michael SaintMonth ago


  93. Bill Hicks

    Bill HicksMonth ago

    Jesus Christ, I laughed at a joke from Seth Myers, what has my life become where I think something that he said was funny?

  94. Angie Portillo

    Angie PortilloMonth ago

    I Love the fact that Seth doesn't let anyone of these politicians get away with their lies.

  95. James Richard William

    James Richard WilliamMonth ago

    Fucking idiots having cheap laughs #maga

  96. Teddygalbis

    TeddygalbisMonth ago

    Remember when comedians used to be funny? Loved Johnny Carson, Jay Leno. Now, these talk show dudes are biased political activists with socialistic agendas...nothing funny about that.

  97. kevinmsft

    kevinmsftMonth ago

    If Donald Trump is stone-faced by the jokes in 2011... just wait for the jokes after his ass is kicked out of office. I just hope he doesn't die early and live years to hear people *piss* on him. (Pun intended.)

  98. Eric Beckstead

    Eric BecksteadMonth ago

    As a progressive liberal, Van Jones, I agree with your questions. I am intrigued by Seth Meyers' answer, and I do appreciate how careful he is. That said, a a big fan of Meyers I must say I do find it it be a bit of an echo chamber.

  99. Roger C

    Roger CMonth ago

    It’s a whitelash!!!!

  100. Blazed Buddha

    Blazed BuddhaMonth ago

    Van is lame. Another corporate Democrat shill ( Republican lite, ) scared of a true Progressive. Seth, I'm not sure why youre doing this Milque toast Show With this Milque toast host, but "Keep On Truckin," Bro. KEEP ON SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

  101. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    An illegal moron shot two people in my area, a husband and wife who went out for ice cream. Were they wearing a MAGA hat or Trump tee shirts? That's the USUAL "crime" we commit against the precious Dreamers. No. The illegal criminal didn't have his car headlights on. The woman flashed her lights to make him aware so he thought he would take time our of his busy schedule selling drugs to kill them. Thanks, Obonobo. Thanks, Dumboshits. You will pay dearly for this and a myriad of other crimes.

  102. Adam Pickard

    Adam PickardMonth ago

    Genuinely think that press corp event ages well

  103. Cazzu di Scimmia

    Cazzu di ScimmiaMonth ago

    Let me explain why I am tough on Leftist faggots: You do NOT belong in the US You are the enemy You will lose You will pay dearly for the trouble you caused.

  104. Retired

    RetiredMonth ago

    Just feed him KFC and McDonalds 7 times a day....his stress and health will make him not run in 2020

  105. Matti Makila

    Matti MakilaMonth ago

    The court jesters have always been the ones to tell the stupid peasants that the emperor was naked! So what if the dumb motherfuckers don't like it.