Seth Meyers explains why he's tough on Trump


  1. Ronnie Davis

    Ronnie Davis10 minutes ago

    If Trump could engage his "Brain" before he opens his mouth, it would be better!

  2. Danielle The-great

    Danielle The-great8 hours ago

    Van Jones... So sexy

  3. Doc Vega

    Doc Vega8 hours ago

    Van Jones, a dedicated Communist and former Obama appointee and Seth Meyers a paid off clueless comedian, what a pair! It would be nice to see them both in Venezuela where they belong among the food riots and chaos telling everyone how ell socialism works!

  4. Ryan Milne

    Ryan MilneDay ago

    Go ahead call Trump a garbage president. I’d like to see someone give very good proof of how bad of a president he is. He’s brought the economy back up, stopped a tyrant from trying to kill us all, made peace with people, brought jobs back up, etc.

  5. Kris Black

    Kris Black4 days ago

    Because hes a paid actor .... Lol cnn sucks.

  6. ML V

    ML V5 days ago

    Does there need to be any explanation to why he's tough on Trump?!

  7. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace5 days ago

    Great interviewer. Great interviewee.

  8. MilitaryGirl USA

    MilitaryGirl USA8 days ago

    My mom said Johnny Carson was ruthless on presidents/politics. Today...too many insane snowflakes. Keep calling out trumps lies and corruption Seth!! 💙

  9. PutinWithAnimals

    PutinWithAnimals9 days ago


  10. Irene Veronica

    Irene Veronica10 days ago

    I've often been impressed by the intelligence of certain types of comedians. To come up with funny and quick retorts in conversation requires a vast amount of information to dip into and a good degree of intelligence. I know many (too many) people who don't bother with such comedy because they don't get half of the jokes as they're not informed enough so it's easy to understand why all late night hosts are not generous with the compliments towards Trump; they're intelligent enough to see through his bullshit....

  11. Stu Stab

    Stu Stab11 days ago

    So he isnt funny when he is scripted, then when he is live he is absolutely lame and boring. Not surprised.

  12. dya76tube

    dya76tube11 days ago

    Not funny.

  13. Cherif

    Cherif11 days ago

    Seth Meyers is tough on Trump because Trump decided to run for Office partly because of Seth Meyers and he knows it !

  14. Zen Tenting

    Zen Tenting12 days ago

    treasonous? it is NOT treason to question authority. questioning authority is a public service!

  15. Meh Jones

    Meh Jones12 days ago

    I go to Seth, Noah, Jimmy and Stephen for the news. They watch corporate news so we don't have to.

  16. Sara Ledinic

    Sara Ledinic12 days ago

    Disgusting human Seth Meyers, if someone actually find this funny you must be SICK AND MENTALLY ILL AS FUCK! So DISGUSTING!

  17. Paul Hammerton

    Paul Hammerton13 days ago

    Trump does something. Someone reports on what he does. A Trump supporter says they're being hard on Trump. Reporting the truth is now "being hard" on Trump. Trump logic or plain stupidity?

  18. EquestAnton

    EquestAnton13 days ago

    Does he need to explain why he's so tough!? He doesn't and he isn't. Seth, Colbert et al and etc etc are the opposition in America and an incredible and credible job they're doing too. I watch them for the news. Not entertainment or comedy. This is not satire, this is the plain truth. Humour as fact. Isn't that scary that this administration is just so laughable that you don't need to make any of it up! Who needs the news, right. Get it all watching Seth. There is no danger, he is extremely articulate, accurate and careful at dissemination of the truth. Exactly the opposite of politicians perhaps and yes even the news, certainly anything starting with F. The news simply presents those facts, we need opinion we need people talking, taking that non-partisan stance against all thats wrong in America. In America at the moment it's only comedy doing this. Is this great, well it's strange and feels sometimes like a dearth of intellect that side of the Atlantic, it is absolutely vital though as a result.

  19. Louise Daniels

    Louise Daniels13 days ago

    Don't leave it to chance. #VoteBlue 🇺🇸

  20. Eric Hebbeln

    Eric Hebbeln13 days ago

    Seth Meyers is fagsplaining.....shhhhh......commie fake Jew speaking....quiet ....he has a plan to destroy our country...let him talk

  21. Bran Evans

    Bran Evans14 days ago

    Seth Meyers go back to Canada. American jobs for Americans.

  22. Nigel Langford

    Nigel Langford14 days ago

    Seth is a "joke-maker". His contribution to the American people will forever remain in the annals of American history. Only idiots allow comics and celebrities to become their voice of reason and influence.

  23. suploser

    suploser14 days ago

    Oh by the way a good comedian is a good comedian because he has to keep the attention on someone else right?Tell the truth you've made a lot of money talking about Trump.You kind of owe him because the attention on him has brought you fame and fortune right.A good comedian is a good pimp don't you think!

  24. suploser

    suploser14 days ago

    you definitely cross your ts and dot your eyes with the right folks but can you let up when need be,that is the question? Oh byThe way doesn't Hillary and Bill owe the Haitians some money?

  25. Rob Morris

    Rob Morris14 days ago

    Seth Myers is Paul Ryan's long lost twin brother. They don't get along :)

  26. Lynn Lobliner

    Lynn Lobliner18 days ago

    The border issues will NEVER go away, regardless of who is in "power"; that is, until this world becomes inhabitable and we all go away. Those who think the illegals are bringing down this country will ALWAYS think that and those who believe that the current capitalistic model is bringing down this country will ALWAYS think that.

  27. Russell Warner

    Russell Warner23 days ago

    Your an entertainer/comedian not a damn politician. When politics is brought into the equation your dividing you audience every night.

  28. EL B

    EL B23 days ago

    no fkn explanation needed, fk seth M & seth R.

  29. Lynn Kelley

    Lynn Kelley24 days ago

    I love Seth Meyers. And as to whether he's too tough on Trump--hasn't Van seen what passes for humor on the right? I mean, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh and Breitbart? Why do you think there are still deluded people who will vote Republican? They believe that right wing garbage.

  30. tand le

    tand le25 days ago

    I would love love love Seth to invite The baby trump to his show one day

  31. tand le

    tand le25 days ago

    Love this man Seth. He put out true, honest and funny thing in the world

  32. carol H

    carol H25 days ago

    Wonderful interview

  33. Kim Kim

    Kim Kim25 days ago

    Another douchebag jerk Meyers haha

  34. hhk khk

    hhk khk25 days ago

    $$$$$$$$$$$ , need another reason ? $$$$$$$$$$

  35. Ann Kristoff

    Ann Kristoff27 days ago

    How can you possibly say Trump is entertaining or has magnetism. He comes off as a pompous, self-absorbed megalomaniac.

  36. Christoffer Veng

    Christoffer VengMonth ago

    Combined these two guys probably has more mental surplus than the entire cabinet.

  37. Mo Bobb

    Mo BobbMonth ago

    The adoration given to Seth Meyers while he is seated in front of a VERY LEFT LEANING LIBERAL / COMMY AUDIENCE is repulsive. Where were all the " LIE JOKES "when the previous Whitehouse occupant was LYING AND DECEIVING the American public sans the OWNED MEDIA OUTLETS such as CNN , MSNBC , NBC , CBS and public radio.? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND OTHER THAN FOX NEWS AND ONLY SOMETIMES THERE. That ASSHOLE ( BAMMY ) LIED every time he opened his mouth. Behghazi , IRS , Fast snd Furious , FAKE CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH / U.S. LEGAL RESIDENCY , SEAL RECORDS OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE INCLUDING HIS MARRIAGE TO HIS TRANNY " WIFE " MICHAEL LAVAUGHN ROBINSON. Yet Seth Meyers says NOTHING ABOUT THOSE LIES. FUCK YOU SETH MEYERS. YOURE AN ASSHOLE. STFU unless YOU yourself have ANY proof of lies by any High Office official. ( There are many to choose from there such as MUELLER , COMEY , ETC ETC )

  38. Terrence Simmons

    Terrence SimmonsMonth ago

    Van great job showcasing is human side also you didn’t ask how his black and lesbian like how did that segment started.

  39. Pam Timmins

    Pam TimminsMonth ago

    I love Seth he is so funny but also well informed calling out Trump and his nonsense and constant lying. Keep us laughing Seth in these challenging times.....VOTE BLUE COME NOVEMBER VOTE AS MANY REPUBLICANS AS POSSIBLE OUT OF OFFICE SAVE OUR COUNTRY....THEN IMPEACH TRUMP THEN LOCK HIM UP AND HIS FAMILY SAVE OUR COUNTRY

  40. Locale Mediea

    Locale MedieaMonth ago

    Thank you for "A Closer Look" Mr. Myers

  41. Karen M.

    Karen M.Month ago

    In danger of making it worse? not because he's tough on Trump but because Trump cannot take a joke or getting called out for his doublespeak. Look at Sarah Palin going on a show that had been using her in its parodies. That is being a good sport and having a sense of humor. Trump is a rigid, germophobe, prostitute using , ect, ect. DESTOYER OF A COUNTRY AND ABUSER OF VULNERABLE PEOPLE AND CHILDREN. Good for Van if he wants to work with the administration on various issues but he's doing so ignoring the mountain of bullshat.

  42. 111you111

    111you111Month ago

    Seth WHO?

  43. Senad Bajrami

    Senad BajramiMonth ago

    seth meyers love you man.your humor is on the highest level.

  44. Quill iDεAS

    Quill iDεASMonth ago

    This is truly funny... HOW LOSERS COMFORTED EACH OTHER!

  45. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsMonth ago

    Awww Lefties in elevators harassing people, even Democrats, for voting for Kavanaugh. A tremendous lack of class paid for by the Nazi George Soros. Haw haw haw! You freaks are in for a show.

  46. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsMonth ago

    Maybe when the Communist Chinese government stops handing semi-male soy boys their talking points and Binkies I'll have more respect for what people like Meyers have to say. But only if it's last words before paying the price for treason.

  47. Bobby Chervenov

    Bobby ChervenovMonth ago

    I think, that the late-night comedians actually elected Trump. And if they continue trashing him, they will secure his second term. Same goes for CNN. Really stupid.

  48. 4c1dr3fl3x

    4c1dr3fl3xMonth ago

    It's called proportional response to ridiculous behavior.

  49. Marsha Ann

    Marsha AnnMonth ago

    I think Seen Meyers is hilarious! !!!!

  50. Ron Jones

    Ron JonesMonth ago

    All of the late night host's suck. They need to end t he shit criticizing the President. It is not Patriotic. I will not watch any of them and that fits because I won't watch Liberal Stations.

  51. Tele Opinions

    Tele OpinionsMonth ago

    The immigration issue is very complicated and I don't think most Americans understand what foreigners go through to even come to this country as tourists. If you are a western European you're fine bc there're treaties between the US and the EU. But, I know of a couple of cases from Latin America who have had issues even getting a tourist visa. One of them went to college here and had been more or less living here with his partner and had gotten a tourist visa every six months for over 10 years. Every six months I believe he had to leave the country, so he'd fly to Costa Rica, made an appt. at the US consulate, and apply for the visa again. One time for whatever reason the consulate official who reviewed his application decided not to give him a visa to come to the U.S. To make the long story short, it took 3 more years of going to the consulate every six months (that's how spaced the appointments are) to apply for a visa until that particular official was moved to another consulate and another one gave him the visa. Granted, he didn't need to be here, he had a job over there. But, all these economically disadvantaged people that come here looking for jobs, don't own a house, probably don't have jobs. Btw, those are some of the requirements the US government asks foreigner to provide to get a visa. They need to submit a financial affidavit that shows that they have the financial means to come to the US and return to their native countries. So, there's no way the financially marginalized are going to walk into the US consulate anywhere and apply for a visa bc they probably know they won't get one.. I am not saying or encouraging anybody to come here illegally, but if you're being politically persecuted, if you have children that could be kidnapped by a drug cartel, or you simply don't have a job in your country and you have children to feed and there're jobs in the US, maybe you will risk all the trials and tribulations to make it here. Now, let's keep in mind that many, many Americans hire cheap labor. That's one reason they come. If there were no jobs here picking cotton, legumes, fruits, doing handy work, washing dishes, etc... those people would probably go somewhere else. So yes, maybe Congress could create a program similar to the "Braceros" one they had in the 1950s, but fit for the 21st C. so that some people can come to work and leave after their temporary job is finished (and a way of tracking people coming in and leaving). I know the US government does that already for people from Poland and other countries that come here during the summer months to work as housekeeping staff in many hotels on the East coast, mainly Florida and New England. I even think the President hires European help for his mansion in Palm Beach, FL.

  52. WaveArsenal

    WaveArsenalMonth ago

    Garbage comedian. Ive never heard him tell a funny joke

  53. Julie W.

    Julie W.Month ago

    It is not even CLOSE to borderline treason. That's ridiculous. It is treason if you actively act against your COUNTRY, not talk against your president. When you use your option of free speech to fight hypocrisy and stupidity, that is just free speech and possibly protest. Only Americans would say that speaking your opinion about your president (or any politician), so exercising your freedom of speech, is treasonous. Wow, SMH.

  54. Michael S

    Michael SMonth ago

    This guy is as funny as his fashion sense...

  55. R

    RMonth ago

    Look everyone, another white guy speaking on behalf of minorities.

  56. mjc 427

    mjc 427Month ago

    If the majority of people did not feel troubled about the government and Trump, this would not be an issue, at lest Seth gives some temporary relief and make us laugh about it.

  57. Jack Shite

    Jack ShiteMonth ago

    I agree, Trump is a mess, but as an Iraq veteran who seen the atrocities of Bush, at least this administration, although frustrating, is comical.

  58. Jay R

    Jay RMonth ago

    Make America loco again.🤡

  59. John Ocheltree

    John OcheltreeMonth ago

    I liked the 1st joke but the rest were terrible. People fake a laugh because it's popular to attack Trump. Pretty sure that makes you a sheep

  60. B Miles

    B MilesMonth ago

    They are definitely making it worse. Those that want to see more of this are going to vote for him. Ignore the guy and he'll go away.

  61. Bob Fischer

    Bob FischerMonth ago

    Its really been amusing to watch the Republicans and various conservative mouthpieces (including Jones) play the victims and cry that all the media and late night comedy are against them during the Trump era. Its amusing because they hold all branches of the federal government, most state legislatures, and most governorships. Yes, yes, we can clearly see how you are the victims. Anymore victimization of the right and they'll be omnipotent, but heaven forbid we make a few jokes at their expense. Poor dears.

  62. skitsmaxn

    skitsmaxnMonth ago

    I looove it!!! Seth rules

  63. Alien FromSpace

    Alien FromSpaceMonth ago

    It’s such a waste of talent. He’s actually funny. So disappointing.

  64. Bill Brinker

    Bill BrinkerMonth ago

    LOL talking to Seth Myers is like talking to a spoiled 2 year old

  65. ViolinistJeff

    ViolinistJeffMonth ago

    I look at the title of this video and I wonder: "Does he really have to give an explanation?"

  66. Joe O'Malley

    Joe O'MalleyMonth ago

    I think he's tough of Trump because Trump came back and owned his stupid ass for his comments. In other words, he is a bitter fool.

  67. Mar Ser

    Mar SerMonth ago

    I'm glad it did not turn out of what you were thinking. I don't watch your show but, I see your show in Utube when I'm surfing Utube looking for info. You bash the US President so much it's not funny anymore. I find you a hater arrogant sack of shit.

  68. Akitten84

    Akitten84Month ago

    Ahh memories

  69. yezefen neger

    yezefen negerMonth ago

    Seth Meyers is that Dude! i'm a big fan...Seth, keep up the good work..




  71. James Dyer

    James DyerMonth ago

    Trump deserves every slight than comes his way in fact it is a civic duty to diminish this idiot at any and every opportunity

  72. 65 TossPowerTrap

    65 TossPowerTrapMonth ago

    Meyers is a jester. Meyers is a fool. Trump is our President.

  73. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. GottsMonth ago

    Lol! A Pocohontas political ad where she admits DC is corrupt and ONLY she and the other Dumboshits can save us! President Trump has sent out 50,000+ sealed indictments. Special treatment will be afforded the Clintons, Podesta, et al. They will be tried for treason by military tribunals. If you sorry ass pussy faggot snowflakes need something to whine about, wait until the mass arrest of Democraps and other scumbags. LOLLOLLOL!

  74. Nicki nurse

    Nicki nurseMonth ago

    I wish we could get through to Republicans that they have the option this Nov to vote in a better "Republican" voting Democrat in the elections. Pence is an honest man....let's give him a chance to bring us all together as the UNITED states again. Those of us who do not vote according to party lines but based on an individuals merit, would welcome Pence with open arms. When a president has a congress that goes along with whatever he wants & does not check him as the independent body they are supposed to be, when he appoints judges to the supreme court solely because they promise to never charge him with his crimes....we have lost our democracy & have a dictator

  75. Hey Bulldog

    Hey Bulldog2 months ago

    The only thing I found funny in this entire video was the old guy in black jeans and white trainers. Has he been professionally styled? Or was he going for the sex pest pedo look? Just dress your age....and give it an extra shake. Eld fella not as watertight as it used to be. And no one likes a dribbler. Just cus we don’t point it out doesnt mean we haven’t seen it.

  76. Big Mac

    Big Mac2 months ago

    here's YOUR hypocrisy and liars !!

  77. Big Mac

    Big Mac2 months ago

    Seth Meyers is a complete D-bag !! and he's not funny !! 😝😝😝

  78. Ex GOP

    Ex GOP2 months ago

    *VOTE! TAKE AMERICA BACK TO THE FUTURE*? *Come on Democrats, I am sick and tired of getting FUCKED* *WE ARE SMARTER THEN THIS*?

  79. uguaki kaitu'umatu'a

    uguaki kaitu'umatu'a2 months ago

    Seth Meyers is just an idiotic comedian looking for ways to be on the sport light by jumping in to the liberal shit pool.

  80. ken sibley

    ken sibley2 months ago

    Continued: I will throw your obnoxious, weak, mommies little boy a...s into the nearest trash can where you belong. See you later joke. Thanks for Trump “Make America great again”

  81. bootnsoot

    bootnsoot2 months ago

    The difference between a joke and a vulgar comment is when trump, during a service to honor American Indians refers to someone as pocahontas.

  82. Whistler 3002

    Whistler 30022 months ago

    Fox Entertainment is probably jealous, because Seth Meyers can be both funnier, and more accurate. Treasonous? Good grief, what hypocrisy. Fox Entertainment is full of treason.

  83. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts2 months ago

    трахните вас, социалистский педик.

  84. P Smith

    P Smith2 months ago

    Makes me shudder in disgust. These guys are clowns.

  85. P Smith

    P Smith2 months ago

    Seth Myers sucks. Never been funny. He will get 4 more years of fodder in 2020.

  86. tiger tail

    tiger tail2 months ago

    Our borders. Lol

  87. JasnoGT

    JasnoGT2 months ago

    Russian collusion has been proven to be real......but with Hillary and Obama.

  88. JasnoGT

    JasnoGT2 months ago

    Tough on Trump? More like obsessed. He does it for ratings. He needs attention so badly. At least Colbert has comedic talent.

  89. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts2 months ago

    Pedo scumbag.

  90. Gone withthesummer

    Gone withthesummer2 months ago

    Cause he's a cuck

  91. Copy Bloc

    Copy Bloc2 months ago

    Seth makes fun of a man who doesn't give a shit about America. Donald Trump is all about Trump. He doesn't care who or what he harms. So now we have a potus pushing a treasonous hoax to discredit a counter-intelligence investigation into Russia interfering in a U.S. election -- because he doesn't have a legitimate defense.

  92. Stephen Lewotsky

    Stephen Lewotsky2 months ago

    Seth! PLEASE talk about the national debt! Each and every American taxpayer owes $176,039 in national debt. Something has got to change!!

  93. JoAnn Ephraim

    JoAnn Ephraim2 months ago

    You go Seth! Don't worry about the fools who are biased in their thoughts. From the beginning of time we laugh when things are funny. You're acing your profession. It's just not your fault that there is a jester in office. :-)

  94. D. Paul Sikand

    D. Paul Sikand2 months ago body do not affect anything Trump does.....Did you think you did?

  95. Linda Chastain

    Linda Chastain2 months ago

    If tRump didn't give late night comedians so much material they'd look elsewhere.

  96. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts2 months ago

    Pedophile kidnapper torturer rapist murderer cannibal Leftist scum.

  97. Manj U. Gotts

    Manj U. Gotts2 months ago


  98. Kick in the Bass TV

    Kick in the Bass TV2 months ago

    no one cares that he thinks hes hard on Trump. Its CNN and they will make shit up even if there is no there there!! that's what political hacks do!

  99. A Lo

    A Lo2 months ago

    Tough on trump? Seth fucked trump’s mouth then he fucked trump anus then he put his shit covered cock back into trump’s mouth again. Then Seth came into trump’s mouth. Then Seth laughed and this great nation laughed then the world laughed. 😂

  100. S Matthews

    S Matthews2 months ago

    Because he's a political hack.