Seth Meyers explains why he's tough on Trump


  1. Ajo Joe

    Ajo Joe20 hours ago

    He's tough on Trump because he's a lefty. This requires no explanation.

  2. Favreian Vengeance

    Favreian Vengeance22 hours ago

    I just thought Seth was doing this interview as a joke.

  3. Colin Davis

    Colin Davis2 days ago

    He's tough on Trump because he's limited on material, he's desperately trying to appear as if he's funny when he's not...!!! If he had to depend on alternative material, he'd be risking his viewership...!!! Also, he's appealing to the personality of his viewers, which consist primarily of liberal dope smoking know nothings who sit in their lazyboy recliners getting themselves dumbed down more and more by the night, watching low level mindlessness like this guy...!!! The funniest thing about this guy is that he thinks he's!!!

  4. C Music

    C Music2 days ago

    he dose not get it lol

  5. Marine Marine

    Marine Marine3 days ago

    Lol 🤣. He poked the bear badly. Lol In front of a shit load of people and Obama too! Good job and it’s better watching Obama laughing at el trompo. 🤣

  6. dominick strain

    dominick strain11 days ago

    I think he's easy on trump, he could be MUCH worse and it would be justified

  7. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming15 days ago

    Meyers is "tough" on Trump because its in his genes. Hint hint..Meyers is a heeb

  8. Raoul P.

    Raoul P.15 days ago

    HOST IS AN IDIOT! What part of powers-at-be do you not understand? People didn't pick the moron... EC did! Which by the way is dictated by those who really are in power. KH will not be elected, she cannot be allowed to be elected. Biden is going to take the house. They realized the joke they play came out to really play and ruin the order of things

  9. barkYdarkATFB

    barkYdarkATFB6 days ago

    *Powers THAT be Justsayin

  10. David Cleaves

    David Cleaves16 days ago

    Because he isn't funny enough to come up with good material

  11. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe17 days ago

    That's a no brainer...he's being paid to be anti-Trump. They all are on CNN.

  12. geneva_jo

    geneva_jo17 days ago

    Seth helps us deal with the most evil administration in our lifetime

  13. generalxanos

    generalxanos17 days ago

    So tell me, Seth, as a father of 2 tiny baby children, if I give you a softball pitch question so slow it won't touch home plate for a week, about the government separating children immigrants in evisceration machines to feed other immigrants, how do you feel about that? Do you think baby-chow could catch on in internment camps and "re-education centers" across the country? Seth is straightforward in his commentary. Why was this even a question? "Why no, David, I never checked out those library books in elementary school, why do you ask?" Who would even respond to this with anything other than "No, that's a horrible thing to do!" ooohhh... got it now. You're not wanting Meyer's opinion on separation of child and state, you're gaming for anger, outrage, vitrol, possibly even get some racial hatred in the mix? Van Jones, if you're a journo, ask the right questions. Don't dance, don't parley, just *do* it. Speak your mind, ask the questions, expose that which must be exposed. You're using extremes and if you were a stand up comic, you could come back next week and host another show, but you're supposed to be an unbiased news reporter and you're alienating a lot of people. No, I didn't vote for this moron in chief, he's a fucking democrat draped in the flag. He donated to Bill Clinton's 2nd run for president, how can he be a true republican? No living republican presidents endorsed him, the first senator to back him got fired. Graham and McConnell have both called him a lunatic, as has every cabinet member within hearing. He speaks with the mind of a 4 year old (His name was Lucas, he was pronounced brain dead after his parents had a car wreck, but he donated his brain to the POTUS. Pooh!)

  14. generalxanos

    generalxanos17 days ago

    Why's Seth a big investor in Comcast?

  15. Ludmila Turkova

    Ludmila Turkova17 days ago

    seth is only of the comics worth watching. unfortunate,y, neither Seth nor Steven Colbert, nor Trevor Noah, nor Jimmy Kimmel, nort ever Bill Maher , the sharpest of all comics, are capable despite their brilliancy to change the spirit of the ""angry white men". boy!!!

  16. Grandus11

    Grandus1118 days ago

    they keep calling donald trump a nationalist the definition of a Nationalist is na·tion·al·ist /ˈnaSH(ə)nələst/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

  17. Ivy

    Ivy18 days ago

    Trillions of dollars wasted on keeping this 73 year old "Psychopath President" hair look like a natural blonde.

  18. john hill

    john hill18 days ago

    Cheato the Con Artist still has his SAG card.

  19. TheGreatest Quest

    TheGreatest Quest18 days ago

    You're show sucks. Sellout. Why don't you criticize your dem friends for painting American citizens as villains and promising everything to illegal aliens and trannys?

  20. Blake Scheidegger

    Blake Scheidegger18 days ago

    This headline is such trash

  21. Vincent deVecchis

    Vincent deVecchis19 days ago

    Theres still idiots that believe these retards? Wow

  22. Vincent deVecchis

    Vincent deVecchis19 days ago


  23. Funk Bros

    Funk Bros19 days ago

    You're "tough on trump" because if you weren't you'd be out of a job #liberalprivilege

  24. howtomakeamonster

    howtomakeamonster19 days ago

    he's tough on Trump because he's an unfunny, talentless hack - and trust me, I hate Trump more than he does

  25. BurglaaR Tv

    BurglaaR Tv19 days ago

    Answer: he is owned by a company that is owned by own of 6 large media conglomerates. Just like with Time Warner. They have HBO, CNN, and Time Magazine to name a few. They are all anti trump. All I’d say 4-5 of these Conglomerates make up 85% of all US Media. The 6th one- Newscorp - owns Fox News which is its only news entity and the only mainstream conservative channel. Fox has recently been passed down to his sons who are Liberals and they sold it to another conglomerate- Disney.

  26. FranciKatherine Melton-Jones

    FranciKatherine Melton-Jones19 days ago

    OOOOOh SNAP!!! [HE Really was saying everything we all were thinking] smh

  27. Hayden r

    Hayden r19 days ago

    Bunch of liberals in these comments

  28. Kate Nguyen

    Kate Nguyen19 days ago

    Seth Myers and Steven Colbert, Bill Maher with have to change career when Trump is out. On a flip side, they are helping us to go through this terrible time without getting insane

  29. Richard Prichard

    Richard Prichard19 days ago

    Because Colbert did it and surpassed Fallon for most viewed late night television show

  30. Rene Mauricio Bermudez

    Rene Mauricio Bermudez19 days ago

    He won! You lost. Now, unemployment for our Hispanic community is at a historical low. Thank you!

  31. Ascot Berks

    Ascot Berks19 days ago

    Rene Mauricio Bermudez. Trump has no moral values. Liar, sexual deviant, maintains relationship with dictators who have journalists murdered, relatives killed, labor camps. You have sold your soul to the devil if you support trump.

  32. Z N

    Z N19 days ago

    Man I hope he takes over for jimmy fallon

  33. Intrepid Explorator

    Intrepid Explorator19 days ago

    Because he's a rapist terrorist grand theft sociopath

  34. Paul Kim

    Paul Kim19 days ago

    jones is such a tool

  35. Kevin Morgan

    Kevin Morgan19 days ago

    Seth secretly wanted President Trump in office, which is why he goaded him at the correspondents' dinner into running. Otherwise, why would he poke the bear?

  36. Kevin Morgan

    Kevin Morgan18 days ago

    @Paul Heckbert ... and voila! we have President Trump! Thank you, Seth!

  37. Paul Heckbert

    Paul Heckbert18 days ago

    Because poking the bear is his job. Duuh.

  38. Jackie H

    Jackie H19 days ago

    Seth is telling us the truth unfortunately cause the President of the United States is telling us a lie so it takes a comic to tell us what’s going on. Sad isn’t it. No offense Seth your great but you know what I mean!

  39. rational _

    rational _19 days ago

    just say that you're pushing an agenda and get over it.

  40. Pete Godard

    Pete Godard20 days ago

    Great interview. Thank you .

  41. J M

    J M20 days ago

    Seth is a moron and not funny at all. SNL hasn't been funny in 10 years

  42. fasteddie4145

    fasteddie414520 days ago

    simple, he's a far left shill

  43. Andrei Nedelcu

    Andrei Nedelcu20 days ago

    Because he's a lazy comic and making fun of Trump is low hanging fruits

  44. Sharon Slifka

    Sharon Slifka20 days ago

    Seth says he’s not an icon. I am going to now make him an icon for an important program on my computer, but not trash... Trump is the icon for garbage ! lol!!! I love you Seth! You are my humor hero! Never stop!

  45. Favreian Vengeance

    Favreian Vengeance20 days ago

    LOL CNN Echo chamber. SM relegated himself.

  46. William Jackson

    William Jackson20 days ago

    Seth Meyers I thought you was OK on Saturday night live. But I hate you leftist socialist guts. I have not spent more than ten minutes watching your show. You brought it up about watching your show witch I don’t watch it.

  47. Patrick Ribbsaeter

    Patrick Ribbsaeter20 days ago

    shit people interview shit people.. shit show.. van jones!

  48. norma armstrong

    norma armstrong20 days ago

    I am English a d I really appreciate your show and your humorous rebellion. Please keep going.


    JYL JOHNSON20 days ago

    If you bothered to look back to the Obama years, you could easily find Seth criticizing Obama's shit moves. Comedians will always make fun of politicians for the ignorant and hypocritical things they do.

  50. john knowing

    john knowing20 days ago

    Dems want illegals to grow futures voters!! Hispanics vote 72% Dem , Dems welfare!! You can bet if Hispanics voted 72% Reps Dems would build the wall themselves Go back to Bill Clinton as pres sounded like Trump!!

  51. john knowing

    john knowing20 days ago

    You dems joke about what pissed off Trump to run It was Obama making fun of Trump at the dinner. Trump YEARS ago said he would run if it gets bad in the US HELLO Dem Bill Clinton KILLED the U.S. economy with His China Trade act he signed in 2000. MILLIONS lost their jobs, homes and retirement money. U.S. LOST over 42,000 Factories by 2009 and most5 went to China!!! Then Obama did JACK SHIT in 8 years to bring back and create Jobs. You Dems were so bad you couldn't even beat a guy off the STREET!!! Dems got got an F on their report card!!! The MORE dems make fun Trump reflects how bad you dems are!!!!

  52. Le Chat

    Le Chat20 days ago

    Is it right to make jokes about victims of the US? Calling Julian Assange "Santa Claus" when he is being illegally dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in the most disgraceful manner? A man who published the truth about war crimes and is now waiting to be extradited to the US? A man who is the symbol for "free speech being killed in front of our eyes" and who has been sentenced by the US to 175 yrs in prison. No one in his right mind makes jokes about Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King or Julian Assange.

  53. Le Chat

    Le Chat20 days ago

  54. Henry Rodriguez

    Henry Rodriguez20 days ago

    when congress (who is the only governmental body permitted to hold this so-called president accountable), refuses to actually hold him accountable, we the people must turn to multiple alternatives to get realistic news instead of outright lies from outlets like that FakeFoxNews. Impeach this so-called president.

  55. Element Gypsy

    Element Gypsy20 days ago

    Seth Meyers is great!