Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Live On Ellen)


  1. Kevin Dinkins

    Kevin Dinkins2 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  2. Gerta Berisha

    Gerta Berisha8 days ago

    I love you so much ❤❤❤❤❤💕👏

  3. KK cool

    KK cool9 days ago

    Oh ! how I Love you Selena I can't define it in words

  4. Darren parsons

    Darren parsons13 days ago

    I think she is very Sexy and talent....beautiful...selea gomas

  5. Aurora Pearl

    Aurora Pearl13 days ago

    Let us give out love to the Queen on her Insta acc @selenagomez RIGHT NOW and comment on her latest post!✨💙✨

  6. DTB 1217

    DTB 121721 day ago

    This shows that Selena has really improved.annoying whenever she has a bad performance the haters say “she can’t sing live” but when it’s good. “she’s lip syncing” like just accept that she can sing.

  7. Gustavo Henrique

    Gustavo Henrique23 days ago

    miss u selena singer

  8. breanna

    breanna26 days ago

    she sings better than me lmao

  9. bluebunnie1011

    bluebunnie101129 days ago

    i really dont get why people say she cant sing seems perfectly fine to me, they have hearing problems

  10. weirdo for selena

    weirdo for selenaMonth ago

    haters gonna hate hate hate and selena my queen gonna slay slay slay

  11. weirdo for selena

    weirdo for selenaMonth ago


  12. weirdo for selena

    weirdo for selenaMonth ago

    I want her back please

  13. Warrior jazila

    Warrior jazilaMonth ago

    Haters get lost There's not even a single chance for you all to shade her in this video

  14. weirdo for selena

    weirdo for selenaMonth ago

    omg yes

  15. Kamal Shadow

    Kamal ShadowMonth ago

    Any one here in 2019 june

  16. Vipulas Fernando

    Vipulas FernandoMonth ago


  17. Trish Delarosa

    Trish DelarosaMonth ago

    Haters going to hate! No denying Selena is stunning with a beautiful voice! Take it else where.

  18. Princess Mae

    Princess MaeMonth ago


  19. aiyana sakic

    aiyana sakicMonth ago

    I love this song so much totally one of my favourites of all time

  20. Rana Ahmed

    Rana AhmedMonth ago

    I love you Selena forever ❤️❤️😘

  21. Whenever you are bored

    Whenever you are boredMonth ago

    I know she will never reply . even if we fight for selena from haters. I know she is busy. But 1reply only

  22. Jung Hoseok Is my Religion.

    Jung Hoseok Is my Religion.Month ago

    Did she eat her song for Breakfast? IT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ORIGINAL.

  23. Olivier Masis

    Olivier MasisMonth ago

    Ese cuerpo de mujer pero carita de niña es único bello especial y para mi el mejor que haya visto es perfecto 👌

  24. Charlotte H

    Charlotte HMonth ago

    She's definitely improving

  25. Cocoa Puffs

    Cocoa PuffsMonth ago

    Wtf r haters doing here. She sounds great 😂😂

  26. Ryuji Omote

    Ryuji OmoteMonth ago

    Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Live On Ellen)

  27. Owen mendes

    Owen mendesMonth ago

    At least she's sound good here not like ava max performance on ellen (sweet but psycho)

  28. Brian Gael Cruz Montiel

    Brian Gael Cruz MontielMonth ago


  29. Chio Esquivel

    Chio Esquivel2 months ago

    She is very good!!!! The love!!

  30. Shruti Patil

    Shruti Patil2 months ago

    Who says she can't sing? She can. My queen slays!!

  31. Mukesh Tiwary

    Mukesh Tiwary2 months ago

    Her voice is sooo good! I love her. Her voice.. her everything!!!!

  32. Gopetar Gita

    Gopetar Gita2 months ago


  33. H Fabiola Mendez

    H Fabiola Mendez2 months ago


  34. Rochelle Schophaus

    Rochelle Schophaus2 months ago

    Just. Wow.

  35. Yolis Flores

    Yolis Flores2 months ago

    Es una belleza esta chica en verdad..en todos los sentidos

  36. Ornellouche

    Ornellouche2 months ago

    Queen 😍

  37. Hails Bieber

    Hails Bieber2 months ago


  38. Richa Jain

    Richa Jain2 months ago

    U are my favourite singer you love your music....always the best queen

  39. Nina Rughals

    Nina Rughals2 months ago

    She is not a good singer.


    DR. DHARAMVIR SINGH2 months ago

    Selanators where r u? 😍

  41. anxiety warrior

    anxiety warrior2 months ago

    I like this kinda voice better than ariana or demi. Selena killed it 💙

  42. José Manuel Gamero palomo

    José Manuel Gamero palomo2 months ago

    Te despertarme bajo un cielo de estreyas te despertar cuando estemos ha solas no temas mi amor que tu duerme que del resto me encargo yo mi corazón tuyo es haz lo que quieras con el

  43. Tomas Alvarez

    Tomas Alvarez2 months ago


  44. Dragon Warrior

    Dragon Warrior3 months ago

    Screaming higher is not singing power with out melody is nothing

  45. Dragon Warrior

    Dragon Warrior3 months ago

    Some people says she can't sing But not us!! But not us!!

  46. Cora Bosse

    Cora Bosse3 months ago

    she isn't using autotune!! i am liking it

  47. Ann Mumbi

    Ann Mumbi3 months ago

    If I am allowed to quote Cardi B. Thanks to the haters coz they watched her videos and that is why she was awarded

  48. Ramesh Venkataraman

    Ramesh Venkataraman3 months ago

    What up?? People who told she couldn't sing.

  49. Rocio Camacho

    Rocio Camacho3 months ago

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Queen

  50. Manjunath Aradhya

    Manjunath Aradhya3 months ago

    Man ur soo good


    PROUD LOVATIC3 months ago

    she is still good...💕💕 not as powerful as Demi or Ariana but her voice is smooth