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Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Live)


  1. kadupul kadupul

    kadupul kadupulDay ago

    Real həyatda heç 1 Got mene yaxinlawa bilməyəcək! Bura zehermi tökmək üçün girirəm birde usless elements siz məni eylendirirsiniz. Pox zaman mawini ilə sonsuza qədər kifayətlənməli olacaqsınız pox yaratiklar!

  2. rabia Urooj

    rabia Urooj2 days ago

    Same or change, limitations should be there in all always.... Don't do or say beyond the limits bcz I hate the love one sided or cross limit ever😷 no means no always!

  3. Gz C

    Gz C2 days ago

    Not as good as auto tuned one

  4. zeynep ayhan

    zeynep ayhan7 days ago


  5. Sonam Angmo

    Sonam Angmo7 days ago

    I love Selena the most

  6. Salas Vibi

    Salas Vibi8 days ago

    arte para mis oídos :3

  7. Toprak Balkan

    Toprak Balkan8 days ago

    Forever Selena

  8. Susan Sugimoto

    Susan Sugimoto8 days ago

    I love this song selena is beautiful and sexy

  9. babitagandhi chajjer

    babitagandhi chajjer9 days ago

    She is my favourite song of her

  10. Only Hurt a Little

    Only Hurt a Little10 days ago

    1 subscriber = 1 hate justin bieber let go

  11. Toufiz Ushmani

    Toufiz Ushmani11 days ago

    I love Selena 😍😍😍

  12. HonziX

    HonziX11 days ago

    Why dislike? She is queen 😍

  13. Aishath Muasha Musthafa

    Aishath Muasha Musthafa12 days ago

    NO HATE BUT the back dancers are better than SELINA GOMEZ

  14. Rems 26

    Rems 2613 days ago

    Shes so gorgeous 😘

  15. manoj bhosale

    manoj bhosale14 days ago

    Why people say that she cannot sing , but her voice is like angel Keep up Selena We all are selenators

  16. Ashton Bossous

    Ashton Bossous15 days ago


  17. abdul munip

    abdul munip15 days ago


  18. Martha Lipscomb

    Martha Lipscomb16 days ago

    I love this song.

  19. ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์

    ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์16 days ago

    song Really.good

  20. ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์

    ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์16 days ago


  21. ibi ibrahim

    ibi ibrahim17 days ago

    We just don't give a f#ck about her haters because we're all Gomez' fans here 🚩long live #Selena

  22. Leader Click

    Leader Click18 days ago


  23. اسامه ابراهيم

    اسامه ابراهيم19 days ago

    It is neer to havana ?

  24. 임가람

    임가람19 days ago


  25. Radha Bamorya

    Radha Bamorya19 days ago

    Where are #selenators ?

  26. Bell. rittichai3857

    Bell. rittichai385720 days ago


  27. Kaila Yogurt Smiles

    Kaila Yogurt Smiles20 days ago

    nothing to hate her so perfect like tay tay 😍😌

  28. Cidinha Rodrigues

    Cidinha Rodrigues20 days ago

    She´s so talented and pretty! I admire her!

  29. ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์

    ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์23 days ago


  30. Ferrer Zorola

    Ferrer Zorola23 days ago

    She is so sexy, sultry, minimalistic and raw. This is her best live performance. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande should take notes. This is a Super Bowl Halftime Show worthy performance and I'm sure SELENA GOMEZ would do it better than anybody.

  31. Mr Md.Aktaruzzaman chowdhury

    Mr Md.Aktaruzzaman chowdhury24 days ago

    Nice songs

  32. Ari M

    Ari M25 days ago

    U slay girl!!

  33. Odinokaya luna

    Odinokaya luna26 days ago


  34. josef stalin

    josef stalin26 days ago

    bu türk amk

  35. Mica Gs Gs

    Mica Gs Gs28 days ago


  36. Doga KURT

    Doga KURTMonth ago

    i think i am in love

  37. Eowyn Störzinger

    Eowyn StörzingerMonth ago

    I love you soo much❤️❤️

  38. Mohit Nirmal

    Mohit NirmalMonth ago

    This is fantastic song

  39. DARYA

    DARYAMonth ago

    Same old love, Selena😍 Forever😘💞

  40. kpop lover

    kpop loverMonth ago

    How come those audience standing there be so calm and cold.....and that such a small space for the's really suffocating me right now.......😯😟😶

  41. Kevin Zelaya

    Kevin ZelayaMonth ago

    Charli vocals 😍

  42. tamara mousa

    tamara mousaMonth ago

    0:34 the tatto is in arabic that means love yourself first

  43. islamic tips hindi

    islamic tips hindiMonth ago


  44. Jeon Jimin

    Jeon JiminMonth ago


  45. bi bi

    bi biMonth ago

    backup dancers are so ugly

  46. My Time To Butterfly

    My Time To ButterflyMonth ago

    2019 ? 😍❤

  47. My Time To Butterfly

    My Time To ButterflyMonth ago


  48. sapna verma

    sapna vermaMonth ago


  49. Sugar Kookie

    Sugar KookieMonth ago

    The most boring audience ever 😡

  50. John Tripler

    John TriplerMonth ago

    Selena Gomez you are absolutely the very best and greatest female performer of all time always truly enjoy your music love ya always

  51. Amna Qwun

    Amna QwunMonth ago


  52. Liễu Khuất

    Liễu KhuấtMonth ago


  53. Nen Sokhot

    Nen SokhotMonth ago


  54. Maxamed Abdikariim

    Maxamed AbdikariimMonth ago

    She is so beautifull

  55. Carlos Jimenez

    Carlos JimenezMonth ago


  56. America HD Production

    America HD ProductionMonth ago

    I love this song ! who love like me too?

  57. Rima Ali

    Rima AliMonth ago


  58. Suma S

    Suma SMonth ago

    I have fell in luv wid ur voice,Selena😘😘

  59. David Dickinson

    David DickinsonMonth ago

    < 🎵+ 🌙 + 🌍 3 < Serius A. B. \^M^/ ☀. 💎 Eyes /S\\M//G\. Eyes Fly. Babe-Babe B. 💜 To 💜 Sea Sand And Sun. Orion 3. /D\/A\/D\ ♈ David Alan Dickinson J. 1.2.12. J. 7. >

  60. AlejAndro B Benavides

    AlejAndro B BenavidesMonth ago


  61. vijay b

    vijay bMonth ago

    This my favorite songs. I like your vice

  62. Diego Díaz Santana

    Diego Díaz SantanaMonth ago

    Selena please come to Dominican Republic. I’d like to see you personally.

  63. marlon yap

    marlon yapMonth ago

    something that happened last night that continued the next day

  64. My Time To Butterfly

    My Time To ButterflyMonth ago

    2019 ? 😍

  65. Deborah Mcclain

    Deborah McclainMonth ago

    She just unbelievable so much class ...

  66. tae kookie 155

    tae kookie 155Month ago

    I'm so sick of this autotune 😭😅

  67. I Am A Swiftie

    I Am A SwiftieMonth ago

    This is live

  68. ʝєиѕιlα ѕнαяσи

    ʝєиѕιlα ѕнαяσиMonth ago

    Same old love sounds good here than original.

  69. Biagio Caccia

    Biagio Caccia2 months ago


  70. Kala Rai

    Kala Rai2 months ago

    Selena selena selena why u are sooooo hot?? you are hotter than the sun😍😍

  71. wangui wamunyu

    wangui wamunyu2 months ago

    Should the dancers be really in the song

  72. شيماء السامرائي

    شيماء السامرائي2 months ago

    She's amazing ❤

  73. Selena Karmova

    Selena Karmova2 months ago


  74. Joseph Marino

    Joseph Marino2 months ago

    I live in Camp now yeah I live in Kent yeah no good Merry Christmas I live in tent😉😉

  75. heaven george

    heaven george2 months ago

    Best singer of the world

  76. Lizbeth Bilever Bonita

    Lizbeth Bilever Bonita2 months ago

    I love i't performance 😊👌💫 I sing hehe😃 😅👧🎤🎶👌💫

  77. Khadija Naeem

    Khadija Naeem2 months ago

    This is one of her best live performances

  78. german sanchez

    german sanchez2 months ago


  79. Roman Saltykov

    Roman Saltykov2 months ago

    same) пазл света лабиринт любовь сияя собирает пороками он рубит дверь тьма чувства веры забирает

  80. Tei Fanai

    Tei Fanai2 months ago


  81. Palak Kant

    Palak Kant2 months ago

    Such a good voice love from India .❤️💕

  82. Kenny Omage

    Kenny Omage2 months ago

    boring af...ariana is more fun

  83. Kenny Omage

    Kenny OmageMonth ago

    +I Am A Swiftie im just saying my choice

  84. I Am A Swiftie

    I Am A SwiftieMonth ago

    Really, do you really have to compare. But I love Ariana too

  85. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber2 months ago

    Selena is better than Ariana Talentless Grande.

  86. sreyroth yim

    sreyroth yim2 months ago


  87. MCBlackCZ

    MCBlackCZ2 months ago


  88. Ron M

    Ron M2 months ago

    3:36 thumbnail

  89. Juan José Pérez

    Juan José Pérez2 months ago


  90. ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์

    ฝน ศรินทร์ทิพย์2 months ago

    song Really.good.

  91. Begemot 85

    Begemot 852 months ago

    интересно то что никто не толкается все стоят на своих местах

  92. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash2 months ago

    الي لاحظ على ضهر سيلينا مكتوب احب نفسك اولا لاييك دقيقة 34

  93. Tuqa Rasool

    Tuqa Rasool2 months ago

    OMG I miss her on stage

  94. isu khan

    isu khan2 months ago

    gorgeous young lady wid mesmerizing voice..😘

  95. Trial Register

    Trial Register2 months ago

    I love you Selena Gomez 😍😍😍😍

  96. Yam Thapa

    Yam Thapa2 months ago

    I just love hills high & up.

  97. Alejandro Aceituno

    Alejandro Aceituno2 months ago

    She's the definition of amazing :)

  98. RH SS

    RH SS3 months ago

    They didn't enjoy the show,but busy recorded using their phones,people nowadays😭

  99. Elle

    Elle3 months ago

    2:33-2:37 😏🤤

  100. Than Naing

    Than Naing3 months ago

    love song and people

  101. Alba Pinzon

    Alba Pinzon3 months ago

    Te amo selena por todo lo que ases

  102. Prasadi Architect

    Prasadi Architect3 months ago

    I love her song very much !🙌

  103. kon lyna

    kon lyna3 months ago