Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Live)


  1. الدنيا حلوة

    الدنيا حلوة3 hours ago

    اكو عرب بالطيارة🤣😃

  2. Jesy Jess

    Jesy Jess5 days ago

    Beautiful but she cant sing😔😔

  3. Romieo Solomon

    Romieo Solomon5 days ago

    Me your selena gomez boyfruend old time in sex deep prince romieo solomon big monsters how crikes saves in reals she wanted inout pipis loves 1992march 07 loves kiss selens gomez got it kiss lot loves ..

  4. Tin Maung Htwe

    Tin Maung Htwe7 days ago


  5. kaah silva

    kaah silva8 days ago


  6. Fun zone

    Fun zone8 days ago


  7. Srey Nat

    Srey Nat10 days ago


  8. Phnom Pech

    Phnom Pech10 days ago



    LAZY TACOZZZ11 days ago

    MReporter : it's been 3 year now, we should recommend this for the selenator! .im a *selenator*

  10. A'zamxon Ibragimov

    A'zamxon Ibragimov11 days ago

    "SAME OLD LOVE" I love its music . Menga juda ham yoqadi bu musiqa . Selena Gomez I ♡♥♡♥♡♥..... you!

  11. Dewan Mushfiq

    Dewan Mushfiq12 days ago

    she is very beautiful

  12. CadyGamer Pix

    CadyGamer Pix15 days ago

    The men dancing made me laugh hard

  13. Affie Uniqlo

    Affie Uniqlo15 days ago

    Cute dancers!

  14. Zygimantas Vaitiekus

    Zygimantas Vaitiekus17 days ago

    I don’t know why people judge on someone voice. You can’t say she/he can’t sing, because everyone can sing. There are people who sing bad(not strong) and there are people, who sing great(strong). If someone can’t sing it doesn’t mean that person can’t sing! Everyone can but not as good as others.

  15. Madhu Nalli

    Madhu Nalli19 days ago

    Rocked all floor

  16. Tadeen Ali

    Tadeen Ali22 days ago

    It's my favorito signar!!❤️❤️

  17. ሰላም ተስፋይ ነኝ Utug

    ሰላም ተስፋይ ነኝ Utug24 days ago

    enye betam new mewdat kemewded alfe afkratalew ......eski end enye habesha huno le solina yewedede kale link ybelegn. huppppppp

  18. Janie Cabrera

    Janie Cabrera27 days ago


  19. Saadatou Ibrahim maman moussa

    Saadatou Ibrahim maman moussa27 days ago

    Sexy 😘

  20. Sonam Dolma

    Sonam DolmaMonth ago

    You r the best....

  21. weirdo for selena

    weirdo for selenaMonth ago

    2019 and I'm still here

  22. Grezel Tubal

    Grezel TubalMonth ago

    Selenaaaaa 😍

  23. ناير om

    ناير omMonth ago

    مكتوب بضهره احب نفسك او لا او ماي قادددددد

  24. Beck Pun

    Beck PunMonth ago

    very lovely song great performance selena from nepal

  25. Shyamoli Roy

    Shyamoli RoyMonth ago

    O my god

  26. A AA

    A AAMonth ago

    Selena, you are so sexy. 😎

  27. Juan carlos Guevara

    Juan carlos GuevaraMonth ago

    my love i👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩

  28. M Mumtaz

    M MumtazMonth ago

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  29. Sati Eker

    Sati EkerMonth ago

    Selena cokgüzelbence

  30. breanna

    breannaMonth ago

    People call her fat, untalented, a flop, and ugly .... @selenagomez I'm sorry and I hope people just leave you alone

  31. breanna

    breannaMonth ago

    I hope she continues to take breaks. Everyone hates her and her voice.

  32. weirdo for selena

    weirdo for selenaMonth ago

    every artist has haters, and we love selena, no one hates her they're just jealous bitches

  33. Rashmi Gore

    Rashmi GoreMonth ago

    Yesterday when I saw her channel, she had 20m and now she has 21m. Wow 😎

  34. Prince Rayhan

    Prince RayhanMonth ago

    i love you selena .....

  35. Ark Khan

    Ark KhanMonth ago


  36. Moon Raker

    Moon RakerMonth ago

    I still love this song💗💗💗 Untill now 2019 EVERYONE!😍😍

  37. Ashley Mayland

    Ashley MaylandMonth ago

    being a dancer and model since the age of 3. This is a horrible performance.

  38. Momo ?

    Momo ?Month ago

    Good for you now leave her the hell alone

  39. alex ysf

    alex ysfMonth ago


  40. alex ysf

    alex ysfMonth ago


  41. New English song video jaihind all best country

    New English song video jaihind all best countryMonth ago

    Really beautiful queen

  42. Vinothkumar Yesodha

    Vinothkumar YesodhaMonth ago

    I lv u Selena

  43. Wolf Girl

    Wolf GirlMonth ago

    2019 ??????

  44. Lady Legolaszena

    Lady LegolaszenaMonth ago

    Why did i get goosebumps at her very first line? Because she is pure soul.💖

  45. Света Ти

    Света ТиMonth ago

    I do not know english language but say that i love Selena Gomez .

  46. Marliet Vásquez

    Marliet VásquezMonth ago


  47. marcelo Almeida canto

    marcelo Almeida cantoMonth ago

    🎙️🎼 linda de mais 🎼🎷

  48. khann songha

    khann songhaMonth ago

    Day? Go Cambodia 🇰🇭 🎶🎤🎤 selena gomes 🧜‍♀️My fan Cambodia 🇰🇭 love you ♥️🎈 my like you 💖♥️🎸✌️ Love selena gomes 🎹💕🎺 Cambodia welcome 📯Selena Gomes 💓💓💓💕💞💞📯📯

  49. saoudi wafa

    saoudi wafaMonth ago

    Nice performance

  50. Emine Özçelik

    Emine ÖzçelikMonth ago


  51. slong Dakaruhi

    slong DakaruhiMonth ago

    Selena is my favorite singer

  52. Ricardo Felippe

    Ricardo FelippeMonth ago

    So beautiful.