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Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Citi Concert Today Show)


  1. Salish Ahmad - Photography & Fitness

    Salish Ahmad - Photography & FitnessHour ago

    Justin baby 😧

  2. Marsh Gomez

    Marsh Gomez4 hours ago

    Selena es la mejor y punto She is awesome

  3. Juan carlos Lopez

    Juan carlos LopezDay ago

    Selena Gomez I need I need a girlfriend I love you I love you I love you your heart part of my heart it says you are beautiful and AccuWeather. I love you I love you and love me and you're both re I love you near me I like you and it got down hey down pizza I love you I love you I love you baby I love you baby love you JuohcorsLoPez Se1ena Gomez💖

  4. mani ram

    mani ramDay ago

    Keep continue Selena love from Nepal

  5. Shanna Myrie

    Shanna Myrie2 days ago

    She sound good

  6. Ariana Green

    Ariana Green2 days ago

    I ❤️❤️❤️ Selena Gomez!!

  7. A. F.

    A. F.2 days ago

    Revival was definitely her best album.

  8. JUAN 10

    JUAN 102 days ago

    Eres guapísima SELENA 😍❤️❤️

  9. Jennifer Dunlop

    Jennifer Dunlop3 days ago

    lip sync..

  10. Nha Q bc 2018

    Nha Q bc 20184 days ago

    Is good goof

  11. Ramesh Thangaraj

    Ramesh Thangaraj4 days ago

    Killing with Your beauty Selena

  12. sukugarai

    sukugarai5 days ago

    Who says she can't sing????

  13. Cornel Cornel Parlea

    Cornel Cornel Parlea5 days ago


  14. Cornel Cornel Parlea

    Cornel Cornel Parlea5 days ago


  15. Udit Rawat

    Udit Rawat6 days ago

    She is looking too cute 😘😘

  16. Jyoti Dutta

    Jyoti Dutta6 days ago

    The dancers are dancing in really small place! And no one is noticing that. I am feeling bad for them.😔

  17. Huidrom Suresh

    Huidrom Suresh6 days ago

    Beautiful nice song

  18. Vongsavat Sisouphan

    Vongsavat Sisouphan7 days ago


  19. Puja kumari Mehta

    Puja kumari Mehta8 days ago

    Nice voice .thanks

  20. Adi Purnomo

    Adi Purnomo10 days ago


  21. Shadh Mony

    Shadh Mony11 days ago

    We are not born to follow 😊 lambo

  22. Shadh Mony

    Shadh Mony11 days ago

    M gonna tell u Plz Dont say u love me 😐

  23. Shadh Mony

    Shadh Mony11 days ago

    Really?? Adams nd swift 😍😍😍😚

  24. Shadh Mony

    Shadh Mony11 days ago

    Same to u 😚😚

  25. Trang Danh

    Trang Danh12 days ago

    2018 ???

  26. Ashlyn hubert

    Ashlyn hubert12 days ago

    Selena’s very Cute 😍

  27. shaina batomalaque

    shaina batomalaque12 days ago

    September 2018?

  28. Raeha Fatima

    Raeha Fatima14 days ago


  29. Maruba Silaen

    Maruba Silaen14 days ago


  30. David López

    David López15 days ago


  31. sakshi kumari

    sakshi kumari15 days ago

    selentor 😍😍

  32. S K creations

    S K creations16 days ago

    Fan from India

  33. Mojahed Zubaidi

    Mojahed Zubaidi17 days ago

    She has Arabic tattoo احب نفسك اولا It means love your self first

  34. Bonnie Weeden

    Bonnie Weeden18 days ago

    I like the way selena dresses even to sweats there cute

  35. sonu kr

    sonu kr18 days ago


  36. silvia umana

    silvia umana19 days ago

    I think you are beautiful. My son gilbert likes you. I like pumas too

  37. Love Sro

    Love Sro20 days ago

    Sex o

  38. Sel Gom

    Sel Gom20 days ago

    love u so much Selly💕 -2018💚

  39. Mani sharma

    Mani sharma20 days ago

    Her voice is so soft that I am a slave to her voice

  40. Hoor Khanum

    Hoor Khanum21 day ago

    Same old dough...!!!

  41. Neyna Aziz

    Neyna Aziz21 day ago

    Amazing shes so beutiful

  42. Neyna Aziz

    Neyna Aziz21 day ago

    Very nice song

  43. Delfino Garcia

    Delfino Garcia22 days ago

    La luz la tiene Taylor una gran cantante

  44. Delfino Garcia

    Delfino Garcia22 days ago

    Creo keya perdió el encanto Taylor

  45. Jovy Yasmien

    Jovy Yasmien22 days ago


  46. HonziX

    HonziX23 days ago

    Selena has better voice in reality than in song lmao 😍

  47. Benzu Karki

    Benzu Karki23 days ago

    I wish i would once be present to zst to see you once...💕u are my inspiration...💦wish to c u once in life..... Edit : lots of love from nepal😘😍keep on fire in you girl...we love you

  48. Hoor Khanum

    Hoor Khanum23 days ago

    Huunngrryy DEMONS

  49. Hena Begam

    Hena Begam25 days ago

    I love you selena

  50. kabul mj

    kabul mj25 days ago

    I am jelous of those guys who are dancing around my love selena❤

  51. Zainab Ghzayyel

    Zainab Ghzayyel25 days ago

    0:34 loveee

  52. Sophie Pogi

    Sophie Pogi26 days ago

    I love how husky her voice was💞

  53. 김태형

    김태형26 days ago

    Her voice is so iconic ❤️

  54. zZENEXx

    zZENEXx27 days ago

    احب نفسك او لا

  55. Gholamreza Karimi

    Gholamreza Karimi27 days ago

    she is so better than Justin bieber

  56. Hoor Khanum

    Hoor Khanum27 days ago

    Most beautiful sooonnggggggg

  57. Jackie P

    Jackie P28 days ago

    There’s a beat or instrument that’s in this performance which is not in the official audio (sory not an expert) and it kinda makes the song even better.

  58. Mir na

    Mir na28 days ago

    selena ❤

  59. prinon joseph

    prinon joseph28 days ago


  60. Liezel Narui

    Liezel Narui28 days ago

    sooo gorgeous.

  61. betina swen

    betina swen29 days ago

    She sounds so nice

  62. Shashank shahh

    Shashank shahh29 days ago

    My fav song

  63. ぬ。

    ぬ。Month ago


  64. ぬ。

    ぬ。Month ago


  65. Ниаль Уральская

    Ниаль Уральская27 days ago

    ぬ。 Yes

  66. Madame Engineer

    Madame EngineerMonth ago

    Everyone is holing their phones recording or taking pictures lol.

  67. abdul munip

    abdul munipMonth ago




    Se eu fosse um dançarino desses tentaria conquistar ela

  69. Jiahui Lu

    Jiahui LuMonth ago


  70. Luis costa

    Luis costaMonth ago

    és uma raínha

  71. Šarka Noskovà

    Šarka NoskovàMonth ago

    Je moc skvělá líbí se mi moc.

  72. Alice Kiesov

    Alice KiesovMonth ago

    Love that outfit

  73. Natalia Carolina Contreras Gutierrez

    Natalia Carolina Contreras GutierrezMonth ago

    Selena Gomez Gonzalo Natti Natasha Natalia Carolina Contreras Gutiérrez 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍❤️

  74. Tat Tat Karimov TTT

    Tat Tat Karimov TTTMonth ago

    Who watching 2018?

  75. Leila Wagner

    Leila WagnerMonth ago

    My favorite

  76. Neyna Aziz

    Neyna AzizMonth ago

    Ur the best

  77. dawn-marie ramoutar

    dawn-marie ramoutarMonth ago

    Lol I love this music vid with Selena Gomez

  78. Krystall Valera

    Krystall ValeraMonth ago


  79. Станислав Марисов

    Станислав МарисовMonth ago

    were is city?

  80. Станислав Марисов

    Станислав МарисовMonth ago

    что за город где поет?

  81. Talita Amarante

    Talita AmaranteMonth ago

    Melhor música 👌💓

  82. Thu Hà Nguyễn

    Thu Hà NguyễnMonth ago

    Take away your things and go You can't take back what you said, I know I've heard it all before, at least a million times I'm not one to forget, you know I don't believe, I don't believe it You left in peace, left me in pieces Too hard to breathe, I'm on my knees Right now, 'ow I'm so sick of that same old love, that shit, it tears me up I'm so sick of that same old love, my body's had enough Oh, (that same old love) Oh, (that same old love) I'm so sick of that same old love, feels like I've blown apart I'm so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart Oh, (that same old love) Oh, (that same old love) I'm not spending any time, wasting tonight on you I know, I've heard it all So don't you try and change your mind 'Cause I…

  83. Heart Maxx

    Heart MaxxMonth ago

    She's really My's really OmG,

  84. siraj munir

    siraj munirMonth ago


  85. Rajen Thapa

    Rajen ThapaMonth ago

    I am from India ....I love you from bttm of my ❤️


    LES VIDIO DE IDIRMonth ago


  87. nelita soledad cubas sisniegas

    nelita soledad cubas sisniegasMonth ago

    me encantan todas tus canciones

  88. Srey Keo

    Srey KeoMonth ago

    Love ❤️

  89. Ismael Bravo

    Ismael BravoMonth ago

    Selena canta hermoso !!! like si piensas lo mismo

  90. Charlene Jacods

    Charlene JacodsMonth ago


  91. Youssef douili

    Youssef douiliMonth ago


  92. JO JO

    JO JOMonth ago

    التاتو حقها مكتوب احب نفسك اولا واااو😂😂💔


    AKASH GAWANDEMonth ago


  94. Patricia Rodrigues

    Patricia RodriguesMonth ago

    2018?? Minha Rainha LOVE😍 BRASIL❤

  95. Shasel stylinson

    Shasel stylinsonMonth ago


  96. Federico Di Giacomo

    Federico Di GiacomoMonth ago

    SeleNa gomez beautiful 💟💟👊💟👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊💟👊💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  97. Amirhan Abu Bakr

    Amirhan Abu BakrMonth ago

    Bull shit

  98. เมขลา บุดสีพันธ์

    เมขลา บุดสีพันธ์Month ago


  99. MasterMind

    MasterMindMonth ago

    whos watching this in 2018

  100. Jose Carlos Rodrigues

    Jose Carlos RodriguesMonth ago

    mostra o teu talento

  101. amin alikaramian

    amin alikaramianMonth ago

    حرف نداری سلنا