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Selena Gomez - Only You (Official Lyric Video)


  1. Delerys

    Delerys3 hours ago

    Hello. I have a cool video on the channel for "13 reasons why". If you want to look;) P. S is not difficult for you, but I am pleased

  2. Fernanda Amesquita

    Fernanda Amesquita5 hours ago

    13 reasons why😭❤

  3. Vale A pena ler? Vale A pena ler?

    Vale A pena ler? Vale A pena ler?13 hours ago

    13 rw 3!

  4. Shikha Kaushal

    Shikha Kaushal18 hours ago

    my fav song

  5. Jhonny Almeida

    Jhonny Almeida20 hours ago

    13 Reasons Why ❤️

  6. Comfortable Quotes

    Comfortable QuotesDay ago

    Why lyric is so delayed in the video!?

  7. Anas Shihab

    Anas ShihabDay ago

    اويلي ):

  8. WowElectric

    WowElectric2 days ago

    17 November, Anyone?

  9. louann vally

    louann vally2 days ago

    the most beautiful music

  10. Alice Beth

    Alice Beth6 days ago

    just now , i finished the season 1 and it such a twist but season 2 leggo !! >_

  11. Jerry Asencio

    Jerry Asencio6 days ago

    i miss you hannah

  12. UnicornGirl Candy

    UnicornGirl Candy6 days ago

    What the hell man...!??!?!

  13. Pritam Chatterjee

    Pritam Chatterjee7 days ago

    Designated Survivor fans hit like! 😉

  14. mate gm

    mate gm7 days ago

    2019 anyone??😊😊

  15. Misty Atherton

    Misty Atherton7 days ago

    More good music

  16. Pinak Ambekar

    Pinak Ambekar7 days ago


  17. Monisha Love___JB

    Monisha Love___JB7 days ago

    Love you my princess👰👰👰👰selena

  18. Alba Pinzon

    Alba Pinzon8 days ago

    Me en canta tus cansion selena te amo

  19. G&A *

    G&A *8 days ago

    Hannah Baker 💖💖

  20. روان المُلا

    روان المُلا8 days ago


  21. pa bo

    pa bo10 days ago

    this song is so.. emotional..always when i listen it i think about my boyfriend whose i met behind maths doorclass haha

  22. Diana M

    Diana M10 days ago

    About weeknd(abel?

  23. breanna

    breanna9 days ago

    This came out before they started dating. This is for the show lmao

  24. First direction

    First direction11 days ago

    It's heart touching selena

  25. Bala Krishan

    Bala Krishan11 days ago

    Old Thumbnail was nice

  26. Virgie Quieta

    Virgie Quieta12 days ago

    This is like tightrope from the greatest showman

  27. Gurkirat Singh

    Gurkirat Singh12 days ago

    This is better than BACK TO YOU

  28. Butterfly Eyes

    Butterfly Eyes13 days ago

    “All I needed was the love you gave”😖😖 it’s’s true

  29. Ganesh Mestha

    Ganesh Mestha13 days ago

    going to resume season 2 now

  30. nur syeghaa

    nur syeghaa13 days ago

    My officemate cut her hair to short, and I called her Hannah Baker

  31. kraelyn

    kraelyn13 days ago

    thumbnail? mood 24/7 )):

  32. Sowony Irene

    Sowony Irene13 days ago

    Selena's voice💖

  33. Saifu Nazer

    Saifu Nazer14 days ago


  34. Aniket Ingole

    Aniket Ingole14 days ago

    Magical voice

  35. Akhil bandi

    Akhil bandi14 days ago

    I think selena gomez sung this song for Justin bieber

  36. Viita Teorema

    Viita Teorema14 days ago


  37. kendra draws

    kendra draws15 days ago

    All I needed was the love you gave listen to the words you say its getting harder to stay

  38. Rupal Trivedi

    Rupal Trivedi15 days ago

    Its amazing song

  39. Nour Rimas

    Nour Rimas15 days ago

    November 2018 anyone?💖❤️

  40. gauri mittal

    gauri mittal16 days ago

    2018 anyone?

  41. alexia simons

    alexia simons16 days ago

    Hannah i will always be there for you😔 always..

  42. Steve Batres

    Steve Batres16 days ago

    I love her she's only the best singer in the world ❤️ ❤️

  43. Chaithu Gudivada

    Chaithu Gudivada17 days ago

    Which movie tell me plss

  44. Thunder eldur

    Thunder eldur17 days ago


  45. reinhard0069

    reinhard006917 days ago

    Check out the original by the British duo Yazoo. Much better!

  46. breanna

    breanna9 days ago

    this is good too. Enrique Iglesias did a Spanish version Solo En Ti

  47. Джулиан Бреннан

    Джулиан Бреннан17 days ago

    What movie?

  48. mun yomcha

    mun yomcha17 days ago

    13 reasons why

  49. ぬ。

    ぬ。17 days ago


  50. Sihem Rifiia

    Sihem Rifiia17 days ago

    Why is she singing like Celine Dion?

  51. Sihem Rifiia

    Sihem Rifiia9 days ago

    breanna when selena says "when i need you" this is sooo celine dion

  52. breanna

    breanna9 days ago

    Celine DOESN't sing like this , does she ? I'mma go check

  53. 결이

    결이18 days ago


  54. Neeta Mahadeo

    Neeta Mahadeo18 days ago


  55. George Papanikos

    George Papanikos18 days ago

    Well I never trully imagined how it feels to have depression. I always laughed at it because I thought it wasn't that serious and I thought people pretended to be sad just for some attention. Now I belong to these kind of people. I am constantly sad, I can't enjoy anything I did in the past.. I 've always been kind and did whatever I could to make my surroundings happy, but well.. No one trully gave a shit about me everyone thought about how to take advantage of me. I've been sexually abused and I'm still being bullied about being homesexual.. Now I'm all alone and feels so bad. I trust no one.. I hurt myself so that I can relieve my sadness and my pain, but I don't think this will keep me alive for a long time. Thanks everyone for being so fuckin' "nice" with me!

  56. Kelvin Silva

    Kelvin Silva18 days ago

    Quien más me dice que está canción es original de Enrique iglesias (solo en ti )

  57. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana19 days ago

    I will never stop crying at this song

  58. Mamatha Sandesh

    Mamatha Sandesh19 days ago

    I love this song very much

  59. HappyFunCG dcarne821

    HappyFunCG dcarne82119 days ago

    Who still listening 2018? ,


    LUCAS MANOEL19 days ago


  61. crazymus10

    crazymus1020 days ago

    Hey guys today was my worst day in school.

  62. crazymus10

    crazymus1020 days ago

    Can u hear me?

  63. Uzzwal Badal

    Uzzwal Badal20 days ago

    November 2018😍😓

  64. Deigratia Kurbah

    Deigratia Kurbah20 days ago

    I cry while watching this video

  65. سارقه الانظار

    سارقه الانظار20 days ago

    ILOVE YOU vere love selena ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  66. Farah Edan Farah Edan

    Farah Edan Farah Edan21 day ago

    only you ❤❤❤

  67. Zizou Sniper

    Zizou Sniper21 day ago

    Thes 1 Day Is SoooN My LaDy .

  68. Rocket Moon

    Rocket Moon21 day ago

    This song is depressing😞

  69. Pinoy Trending Videos

    Pinoy Trending Videos21 day ago

    Starting this day October 28, 2018 i will always visit this video to listen to this wonderful song.

  70. Stan BTS for life

    Stan BTS for life22 days ago


  71. يوسف روضان

    يوسف روضان22 days ago


  72. يوسف روضان

    يوسف روضان22 days ago

    Only you

  73. María Carla Cabrera

    María Carla Cabrera22 days ago

    Best song ever

  74. Claire Dé Lune

    Claire Dé Lune22 days ago

    The problem with these "lyric videos" is because they add funky artwork, it's hard to actually read the words. :/ Especially if you have vision problems.

  75. Neesa Ann

    Neesa Ann22 days ago


  76. heart pain

    heart pain22 days ago

    "I love you and i'ld never leave you..." "why didn't you say this to me when I was alive" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Its sad

  77. Awais Akram

    Awais Akram22 days ago

    In love with the lyrics and beautiful voice behind it... full of emotions.

  78. ruksana fatima

    ruksana fatima22 days ago


  79. Gabriel Lazo

    Gabriel Lazo23 days ago

    Gran éxito de yazoo!!

  80. I'm fake!

    I'm fake!23 days ago

    GUYS: this song/13RY is nice and stuff but don't take it serioulsy, it was made to install the idea of sucide and depression in the younglings. i know this cos most of the audience are between 15-16 and much younger, i myself watched this last year and i was 16 at that time, it made me so deprrsed and sad all the time. so please don't let it go to ur heart.

  81. Alfredo Pin Yance

    Alfredo Pin Yance23 days ago

    hodiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo estooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no me acuerdo el nombre de otra cancion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😒😒😒😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  82. Eri Gosturani

    Eri Gosturani24 days ago


  83. mado akl

    mado akl24 days ago

    Clay: Hi Tonny: Do you need a ride 😐😂😂

  84. 7Kingdom Ofmine

    7Kingdom Ofmine24 days ago

    I can't stop thinking about hannah. Everytime i see a girl i think about her and its like i got lost in the world for a sec you know? No? Just me?

  85. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata25 days ago

    I can't... this gives me flash backs and i don't like it.

  86. Isabell Clark

    Isabell Clark25 days ago

    "Just because we love each other doesn't mean we get to be together"

  87. HappyFunCG dcarne821

    HappyFunCG dcarne82125 days ago

    SelenaG, SG, stay Strong, Hold On, never give up. Live, Laugh & Love Life to the fullest. Through the cracks, Let there be Light ..Focus ..Hope you get well better. You are not alone, your gonna get through this okay, be fine. "Only The Strong Survive" & "Keep The FAITH" ..always Smile - Happy ..remember, Listen to your Heart .."Jesus Loves You"... God Bless. ,

  88. Rio Lee

    Rio Lee25 days ago

    2:38 gets me every time because I know what its like to feel so dead inside and the fact that she said, It felt like I was already dead, just kills me.

  89. Andrzej Elvis

    Andrzej Elvis25 days ago


  90. Hello Sofia

    Hello Sofia25 days ago


  91. Damian Somers

    Damian Somers25 days ago


  92. C4PTAIN BYT3

    C4PTAIN BYT326 days ago

    I want this song to be played at my funeral

  93. Mohd Mohd

    Mohd Mohd26 days ago

    and in 43 also it says justine

  94. Mohd Mohd

    Mohd Mohd26 days ago

    guys I found something 1:42 it says justine

  95. Woyni

    Woyni26 days ago


  96. crazy teen girl

    crazy teen girl27 days ago

    Selena just happy always cause only smile shoots for you you your love ❤

  97. Anderson Rodriguez Alvarez

    Anderson Rodriguez Alvarez27 days ago

    Yazoo - Only you

  98. Jason Y

    Jason Y27 days ago

    The love to give is the easy part..... for me; it is the career to provide for that part of it.

  99. Memyself&I

    Memyself&I28 days ago


  100. Human

    Human28 days ago

    I haven’t watched 13rw should I?

  101. Power Po0n

    Power Po0n28 days ago


  102. Khan Mary

    Khan Mary28 days ago

    I don't think there's any series that touched people's life so much as 13 reasons why did... We need more series like this...😭

  103. Whisperer Krueger

    Whisperer Krueger28 days ago

    Now I know why selena is one of the producers of this show,She's dealing some stuffs to

  104. Nouman -ur- Rahil

    Nouman -ur- Rahil29 days ago

    Why didnt you enabled this video for offline downloads ???

  105. may

    may29 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that the melody at the beginning sounds like mamma mia?