Selena Gomez - Only You (Official Lyric Video)


  1. BlaZin T

    BlaZin T9 hours ago

    I cries whenever I watch it😢

  2. Sita Limbu

    Sita Limbu20 hours ago


  3. M7mdHamad

    M7mdHamadDay ago

    So underrated

  4. andrew james

    andrew james2 days ago

    I Love Selena,but this one should only be performed by YAZ.

  5. Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato2 days ago

    god..why am i so broken?

  6. YouTube Graduated

    YouTube Graduated2 days ago

    It's been 2 years and I'm still not sick of this song..

  7. Joseph

    Joseph2 days ago

    54.0M ❤

  8. and i oop-

    and i oop-2 days ago

    listening to this after the last season is so depressed

  9. Hannah Gail Panares

    Hannah Gail Panares2 days ago


  10. Halima Begum

    Halima BegumDay ago

    It's a netflix series. '13 reasons why'

  11. Joshua Tejano

    Joshua Tejano2 days ago

    I caused a girl to life because I was afraid of losing her

  12. Lilyta Tegite Sangma

    Lilyta Tegite Sangma2 days ago

    This song give me goosebumps

  13. Briam Méndez Ack

    Briam Méndez Ack3 days ago

    Remembering Hanna Baker

  14. Unicorn Dreams

    Unicorn Dreams3 days ago

    Oof. I LOVE THISSS but I wish this was my crush....

  15. Victoria Cheesecake

    Victoria Cheesecake4 days ago

    I love 13 reason why

  16. wafaa saaid

    wafaa saaid4 days ago

    What's the name of this movie?

  17. viodio tutti

    viodio tutti5 days ago

    Sorry, Alison. You sang it better.

  18. Clara Mel B

    Clara Mel B5 days ago

    I think one of the saddest things about reading the novel or even watching this show is knowing that Hannah is already dead and you can't actually help her! It's just too late... Part of me really wishes to be able to come back to this comment once I'm done reading the novel and edit it because maybe, just maybe Hannah somehow didn't end up dead... Maybe in a critical situation but not dead gosh!

  19. Kirsa Asa

    Kirsa Asa6 days ago


  20. Alessandro Delgado

    Alessandro Delgado6 days ago

    like si lo escuchas en 2019 en julio y si cada vez que escuchas esta canción te da ganas de llorar

  21. Guadalupe Peñuñuri

    Guadalupe Peñuñuri6 days ago


  22. Amit Patil

    Amit Patil6 days ago

    14000 people have terrible taste in music

  23. Soumia Labbaci

    Soumia Labbaci7 days ago

    We live in fake world nobody can loves uu till the end i'm juSt feeling aloone in this awkward world :( .

  24. Mariah H

    Mariah H8 days ago

    I have the book that has season 1 they need to make a book for season 2

  25. wayne bobadilla

    wayne bobadilla8 days ago

    I’ve never watched the series, I came because of the Enrique inglésia version. But this mv gives me the goosebumps.

  26. Amine Ghezali

    Amine Ghezali8 days ago

    i Hope:i'll Meet U Soon:Selena,Take Care Of Yourself, i Had A Dream With U Last Night Selena, i Dreamed That We Were Together, it Was An Awesome Dream, i Hope i Will Have Dreams Of U Every Nights Until The Day i'll Meet U:Soon, U Are The Best Woman Ever in This World, To Me U Are Perfect.

  27. cel1908

    cel19088 days ago

    Mejor la de Enrique Iglesias

  28. Ananya Khandekar

    Ananya Khandekar9 days ago

    This song gives me goosebumps even today😥😻

  29. amanda pixley

    amanda pixley10 days ago

    Can this be a friend song

  30. La cuajinais yes

    La cuajinais yes10 days ago


  31. Liana Ismailova

    Liana Ismailova10 days ago


  32. Alex Ruben Jara Sanca

    Alex Ruben Jara Sanca10 days ago

    Lo escuché por parte de Iglesias, pero igual no deja de ser una gran tema! Buena serie

  33. Miya Orozco

    Miya Orozco11 days ago

    I love 13 reasons why

  34. Meh Cookie

    Meh Cookie12 days ago

    Am i the only one who had heard a other order version of this somg

  35. Xb_superman 123

    Xb_superman 12312 days ago

    I needed love from only person but never happened

  36. Jumbodev Hi

    Jumbodev Hi13 days ago


  37. Snochrbix Puppy

    Snochrbix Puppy13 days ago

    Sorry I guess I am an old fart, I prefer Yazoo original version, better voice better music. Nice to introduce the song to a new audience though. Song is over 35 years old, I still love the original. Entire album Upstairs at Eric's is great. 1980s ........great music

  38. Andre Garcia

    Andre Garcia13 days ago

    Only you...SG.

  39. Pablo Emilio 0095

    Pablo Emilio 009513 days ago

    It's a Enrique iglesias' song but it's an exellent selena Gomez's interpretation also it's a wonderful serie.

  40. viodio tutti

    viodio tutti3 days ago

    @Pablo Emilio 0095 you wrote "it's a enrique iglesias' song". No, it's not a enrique iglesias' song.

  41. Pablo Emilio 0095

    Pablo Emilio 00954 days ago

    @viodio tutti yes, I heard the song 🤣🤣

  42. viodio tutti

    viodio tutti5 days ago

    LOL. It's a Yazoo song. Back in the '80s.

  43. Felipe Schutze

    Felipe Schutze14 days ago

    Como pode vim parar aqui depois de tanto tempo 😮

  44. Ms. Bambi Ohdamn

    Ms. Bambi Ohdamn15 days ago

    Gwen stefani- Cool Anyone else???

  45. Kar Marie

    Kar Marie16 days ago

    Titanic vibes anyone??....

  46. Sandy Khediri

    Sandy Khediri16 days ago


  47. Sohini Dutta

    Sohini Dutta16 days ago

    Original or this one?

  48. Iftekhar Alam

    Iftekhar Alam16 days ago

    This is a kind of heart ❤ touching song

  49. Gayathri Nair

    Gayathri Nair16 days ago

    I wish I never laid eyes on him.. only mistake of my life and it gonna haunt me forever..

  50. Loc Kittiraj

    Loc Kittiraj16 days ago

    I miss u baby face. I love ❤️ u honey. How can we talk soon?

  51. Ivan Flo

    Ivan Flo17 days ago

    Enrique Iglesias forever!!!

  52. Sourjya Naskar

    Sourjya Naskar17 days ago

    Totally under rated.

  53. Sapana Patil

    Sapana Patil18 days ago

    Anyone watching after 3 july? 🤪

  54. Horses addict

    Horses addict17 days ago

    Sapana Patil Meee ✋

  55. anushka datta

    anushka datta18 days ago

    Those people who have seen this series will only be able to understand the meaning of this song