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Selena Gomez - Only You (Lyric Video)


  1. Sehajpreet Kaur

    Sehajpreet Kaur7 hours ago

    People are so nice in the comment section...

  2. Moon Child

    Moon Child17 hours ago

    September 2018 anyone? (:

  3. karolina wachnicka

    karolina wachnicka18 hours ago

    New miniatures?

  4. MoonTarin Zaman

    MoonTarin Zaman18 hours ago

    2018? September 💔

  5. wonder woman

    wonder woman19 hours ago

    Thumbnail changed...anyone noticed?

  6. Elena Dominguez

    Elena Dominguez20 hours ago

    Anyone have the book

  7. Gopnik

    Gopnik22 hours ago

    Im sad

  8. skinny legend taeyeon

    skinny legend taeyeonDay ago

    i still love this song 😍

  9. mah flores

    mah floresDay ago

    Amo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Jerry Asencio

    Jerry Asencio2 days ago

    how many people love hannah?

  11. kat acaso

    kat acaso3 days ago

    I love you clay ❤️

  12. lil t

    lil t3 days ago

    Season 1, everything was perfect from the acting to the story itself, I enjoyed every episode and the message that was behind. Season 2, the perfect disaster, they literally destroyed season 1, the scenario was poor and everything messed up. Much better if they stopped a season 1

  13. moussaoui moatez

    moussaoui moatez4 days ago

    Rip Taylor's ass

  14. Elena Dominguez

    Elena Dominguez5 days ago

    HOW IS CHLOE (if I spelled that right) PREGNANT!!!!

  15. Thuy Phan

    Thuy Phan6 days ago

    All i ever knew. Only you! #Surf

  16. dominic821carne KindnessFAITH

    dominic821carne KindnessFAITH6 days ago

    Some People Can Paint Wonderful Pictures With Their Voice🎶 ..Selena❤️Gomez is Angelic with Beautiful Soul😊 ..LIKE IF YOU❤️LOVE THIS COMMENT AND SONG😃 ..She Is Just Amazing😀 ..Anyone Agrees?😊 ..I💙Love This Song😊... 👸Selena❤️Gomez{SG}❤️👀... ,

  17. Harry Tanjung

    Harry Tanjung7 days ago

    omg i love you selena

  18. Genesis Castillo

    Genesis Castillo7 days ago

    selena i love you

  19. Basmala Ahmed

    Basmala Ahmed7 days ago

    Can anyone tell me please what is that type of music???!!

  20. miguel angel gonzalez hernandez

    miguel angel gonzalez hernandez7 days ago

    Enrique iglesias 😐

  21. Andre Linares

    Andre Linares7 days ago

    This is a cover? What is the original song? 😮

  22. cihan irem çil

    cihan irem çil8 days ago

    13 reasons why 💕💕 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 ı love you selenaaa :)

  23. Abigail De Jesus

    Abigail De Jesus8 days ago

    I’m feel bad for Hannah. I feel this was sometimes but he will never love me back

  24. Marsh Gomez

    Marsh Gomez8 days ago

    #BackToYou #SelenaGomez

  25. Marsh Gomez

    Marsh Gomez8 days ago

    No lo puedo creer y yo que pensé que había visto todos los videos musicales de Selena Gomez Este video es nuevo

  26. Vieve stary

    Vieve stary9 days ago

    The feels still hits me..

  27. Lol Lel

    Lol Lel9 days ago


  28. Sameeah Abed

    Sameeah Abed9 days ago

    Who else is finding this song attractive because of selenas soothing voice😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. Yelenia Castolo

    Yelenia Castolo10 days ago

    Who still be listening to Only You, Back To You, and Thee Night We Met even after all these months?

  30. oğulcan gökçe

    oğulcan gökçe10 days ago

    this whole show save my life. its typical but its true. Love u sel x

  31. Loathingbody 51

    Loathingbody 5110 days ago

    Can someone give me a background of what happened I see something went down but I want a story to read

  32. Priyanka Chowdhury

    Priyanka Chowdhury11 days ago

    2019 anyone??

  33. JournyThrew Life

    JournyThrew Life11 days ago


  34. Breyner Navarro

    Breyner Navarro11 days ago

    I think few people know the original version of this song.

  35. Gerardo Caparachin

    Gerardo Caparachin11 days ago


  36. Jaya Rawat

    Jaya Rawat11 days ago

    I love you and i let u go...

  37. Rose Raven

    Rose Raven12 days ago

    Eres el brillo que necesito en mi vida Misael Only you en las buenas y en las malas. te amo por siempre

  38. pencil to paper productionz!

    pencil to paper productionz!12 days ago

    This is.your best song, truly beautiful

  39. Houd Azhar

    Houd Azhar13 days ago

    So you see? That's where the trouble began. That smile, that damned smile.

  40. villa street

    villa street13 days ago

    For Justin Bieber

  41. villa street

    villa street11 days ago

    Qué hablas o gringo conchatumadre

  42. mint candies

    mint candies11 days ago

    lol sure

  43. Shema Siby

    Shema Siby14 days ago

    I waited for this song while watching all the episodes and when it came at the last episode.... I had a emotional breakdown😢😢

  44. Nereyda Garcia

    Nereyda Garcia14 days ago

    Whos that. Fagot singig in the commercial

  45. Lalmuan Kimi

    Lalmuan Kimi14 days ago


  46. Min Barbosa

    Min Barbosa14 days ago

    Setember ? 2018 ❤ I love you selena gomez ❤

  47. one directone5

    one directone514 days ago

    why there is season 3?

  48. Sis or Bro

    Sis or Bro15 days ago

    This song make me cry at 3am without no big reason 😥

  49. Jerry Asencio

    Jerry Asencio15 days ago

    i miss you hannah baker

  50. Emanuel Baker

    Emanuel Baker15 days ago

    Música linda 😭😭

  51. coelhinha Babe

    coelhinha Babe17 days ago


  52. iness 130

    iness 13018 days ago


  53. Keigo Duncil

    Keigo Duncil19 days ago

    Came here because of 13rw

  54. Peachy Lov

    Peachy Lov19 days ago

    Dude this is kinda of a copy of “only you” by yazoo so

  55. Gr8 Melissa

    Gr8 Melissa20 days ago

    I always loved this song but it was always played in the hospital and it always reminded me of 13 reasons why and I was in the hospital for Suicide and it kinda would trigger me because it was in the show and I played this song to calm my self the day I had a mental breakdown :/💔

  56. wonderful references

    wonderful references20 days ago

    i love this song but it is so painful to listen

  57. sheena torres

    sheena torres20 days ago

    This song is so perfect for 13 reasons why and it breaks my heart to hear this because it as if Clay is singing this to sad 😢.why did you have to do it Hannah

  58. Spirit Kyle Channel 2018

    Spirit Kyle Channel 201822 days ago

    Hannah deserved better 😭😭💔😩💘💘💘

  59. Ysabel Alacce

    Ysabel Alacce23 days ago

    Can Hannah’s suicide plz just be a hoax and she’s magically alive I’m season 3

  60. addison Edwards

    addison Edwards14 days ago

    We literally saw her kill herself it ain't gonna happen

  61. Mihaela Borit

    Mihaela Borit23 days ago

    Wow amazing xx

  62. Rafaela Costa gomes

    Rafaela Costa gomes23 days ago


  63. Claire Marisol

    Claire Marisol24 days ago

    This remind me of those long night car drive that you don't even know where you are going?~?~?

  64. вяσкєи lυиα

    вяσкєи lυиα24 days ago

    13 REASONS WHY!! 🌙

  65. Kirbz

    Kirbz26 days ago

    When you ask the producer for season 3 and they say no Welcome to your tape

  66. Kirbz

    Kirbz26 days ago

    ❤️13reasons why



    Just can't stop hearing this song.😍😄😃

  68. Julie Shroff

    Julie Shroff26 days ago

    Looking from the window above 😍😍😍😍love thizz line😍😍



    August 2018 .... Still ??????

  70. mar iem

    mar iem27 days ago


  71. Sally

    Sally27 days ago

    I can’t watch 13 reasons why....... I go into this state of mind I can’t get out of. But I love this song and the message.

  72. Deyanira Ramos

    Deyanira Ramos28 days ago


  73. Adrianna Green

    Adrianna Green28 days ago


  74. AJS Superstar

    AJS Superstar28 days ago


  75. Noor Aladeebi

    Noor Aladeebi28 days ago

    Enrique's song. Isn't?

  76. Bianca Stemata

    Bianca Stemata29 days ago

    I cry now :)

  77. Nazario Guerrero Perez

    Nazario Guerrero Perez29 days ago

    Just discovered this is a cover of Yazoo's song

  78. bella changsan

    bella changsan29 days ago

    Season 2 episode 6 Clay: If i had been in town that summer,would it have been me instead? Me:😭😭😭

  79. ahpra v

    ahpra v29 days ago

    wow an upbeat song i like it was played before this ....( the ad)

  80. Anukta Pandey

    Anukta Pandey29 days ago

    This song still gives me goosebumps 💔

  81. Lari nchen

    Lari nchen29 days ago


  82. Norhan Ebrahim

    Norhan Ebrahim29 days ago

    I wish I can die like Hannah and I wish if I have anybody like clay in my life but this is impossible and I wish if I have courage like Hannah to kill myself too ....

  83. Nelson Alvarez

    Nelson AlvarezMonth ago

    Loving this song

  84. Daniyal Ahmad

    Daniyal AhmadMonth ago

    since first time whenever i listen to this song I've got goosebumps and my heart cried

  85. Natalia Gabriely

    Natalia GabrielyMonth ago

    I'm from Brazil, but I really like Selena's songs! My favorite is Only You and Good for You... ❤

  86. Taemini Love

    Taemini LoveMonth ago

    Ay Hannah :’v :(

  87. ahpra v

    ahpra vMonth ago

    damn i just finished season 1 and i cried like i hate those predictable shows where the boy and girl fall in love kiss and have a happy ending but this is different the ending was sad and touching😭

  88. Furkan SÖNMEZ

    Furkan SÖNMEZMonth ago

    KATHERİNE ♥️♥️🔥♥️

  89. Veronica Lodge

    Veronica LodgeMonth ago


  90. Infant Yapper

    Infant YapperMonth ago

    aghhhhhhhhhhh 13 REASONS WHY OMGGGGGGGG I love u Selena and CLAYYYY ❤️

  91. Winter Girl

    Winter GirlMonth ago

    It’s a cover of Selena...

  92. Princess Alex

    Princess AlexMonth ago

    😱omg omg omg omg omg

  93. Tripti Bisht

    Tripti BishtMonth ago

    This song was in behaving badly 🤦‍♀️

  94. olivia locarno

    olivia locarnoMonth ago

    2020 anyone?

  95. Harry is MINE

    Harry is MINEMonth ago


  96. G- Power

    G- PowerMonth ago

    Selena Gomez i love "only you"✨😉👑❤🇬🇧

  97. Amrin Elma Samoa

    Amrin Elma SamoaMonth ago

    wow Joss

  98. Megan Sandy

    Megan SandyMonth ago

    Literally. Life. Ms Gomez you have sang my truth.

  99. Series Disney Y Netflix

    Series Disney Y NetflixMonth ago

    Selena también canta Back to you, la canción de la 2 temporada. ¿Selena Gómez va a cantar todo de esta serie o que? 😅Ey, pero me encanta que ella las cante, con la hermosa voz que tiene 😍

  100. I'm a Mermaid

    I'm a MermaidMonth ago

    This is so underrated

  101. Nandinee Chakraborty

    Nandinee ChakrabortyMonth ago

    Whether it be the spanish version sol en ti by Enrique Iglesias or be the english version by Selena it always bring tears in my eyes...😭😭

  102. Michael Spinks

    Michael SpinksMonth ago

    Tears in my eyes. 😭

  103. Opah Miss

    Opah MissMonth ago

    BR ? 13 REASONS WHY ? 2018 ?