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Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness


  1. Valesca Celine Petruck

    Valesca Celine Petruck27 minutes ago


  2. Alexa Brettschneider

    Alexa BrettschneiderHour ago


  3. Doog Kumar

    Doog KumarHour ago

    my favorite song

  4. Tiago Parvas

    Tiago Parvas2 hours ago

  5. Chantal M.

    Chantal M.4 hours ago

    Quiero mas carne quiero mas carne oooh yeah ooh yeah MAAAS 1:40

  6. ariana grande

    ariana grande4 hours ago

    i love song

  7. Vanessa louville Morre

    Vanessa louville Morre5 hours ago

    wow I love that song😘

  8. Ada Vega

    Ada Vega5 hours ago

    Kilos porque se cae la carne😂😁🍖🍗🍖🍖🍗

  9. ROBLOXGaming YT

    ROBLOXGaming YT6 hours ago

    “And no War in England was won” Me:ummmmm......... What war..

  10. Lara skily

    Lara skily7 hours ago


  11. Abi Chavarria

    Abi Chavarria7 hours ago

    Alguien viene del video de kika nieto? :v

  12. Nitin Chokra

    Nitin Chokra9 hours ago

    young justin must be so angry to selena for stealing the ad of conditioner with shampoo

  13. kattie evans

    kattie evans9 hours ago

    This is how you kill them with kindness first get a knife name and kindness second kill them with kindness then I'd and you kill them with kindness that you go that's how you kill them with kindness

  14. Deiform !!!!!!

    Deiform !!!!!!9 hours ago


  15. Kirkuki* *W Bas

    Kirkuki* *W Bas10 hours ago

    I love you selena

  16. Sunburstjojo XD

    Sunburstjojo XD10 hours ago

    *Kill Em With Kindness*

  17. Floor Bruinen

    Floor Bruinen10 hours ago

    Her hair

  18. Nada Alsamman

    Nada Alsamman10 hours ago

    What's the message of this song ???

  19. Olivia Tucker

    Olivia Tucker12 hours ago

    I know the meaning of this its like a bully story and the world can be a nasty place

  20. Sara Lewandowska

    Sara Lewandowska13 hours ago

    I LOVE Sings!!!,I Love Selena Gomez

  21. Wolfyzkitty

    Wolfyzkitty14 hours ago

    2:14 justin bieber reference...

  22. Muniraj B N M

    Muniraj B N M15 hours ago

    I have ocean of love to you can you accept my true love.. you are beautiful amazing wonderful my image and God's image.. AMEN

  23. Muniraj B N M

    Muniraj B N M15 hours ago

    Hi Selena Gomez

  24. Noni Yeyes

    Noni Yeyes16 hours ago

    This song is my ringtone😂😂😂 when i hear this song ... suddenly i check my phone😆

  25. Rani mir

    Rani mir17 hours ago

    I lov u selena you don't deserve justin I was in depression thinking why justin chose haily I love you selena You will always be a queen I miss that old justin Actually I am 12 years old and I was like baby baby bay ohhhhhhh JUSTIN WILL BE SORRY ONE DAY

  26. Graffiti Monsters

    Graffiti Monsters18 hours ago

    The best song

  27. RandomThings

    RandomThings21 hour ago

    If only she sang it in WW2

  28. Mónica I. Avelar

    Mónica I. Avelar22 hours ago

    put out the fire 🔥 before igniting. Salaam y'all Islam is peace.

  29. siddharth parmar

    siddharth parmarDay ago

    someone like. selena👍

  30. Huseyinmerve Savaseri

    Huseyinmerve SavaseriDay ago

    S E L E N A G O M E Z

  31. Tazul Islam

    Tazul IslamDay ago

    This song always inspires me so much Whenever I listen to this, I gain courage and start again Love you SELENA

  32. Jade Ann Pimentel

    Jade Ann PimentelDay ago

    im still watching this 2018 u guys??:) KILL EM WITH KINDNESS

  33. Dream Butterflies

    Dream ButterfliesDay ago

    They change the thumbnail

  34. Sammy Lawrence Bendy

    Sammy Lawrence BendyDay ago

    Bart Bakerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  35. Jayden savannah

    Jayden savannahDay ago

    SELENA FAN 4 LIFE FAM This is fire 🔥

  36. XxWesTheGamerxX x

    XxWesTheGamerxX xDay ago

    Im a bigggggvgggggggggg fan

  37. حـہۦـوړيـههہۦۦ

    حـہۦـوړيـههہۦۦDay ago

    2 0 1 8?

  38. Ariana Green

    Ariana GreenDay ago

    I ❤️❤️ YOUR MUSIC!! When is your next concert?

  39. Celulia.mulena Ferreira araujo

    Celulia.mulena Ferreira araujoDay ago

    essa música não existe gente ameiii❤

  40. Erica Holden

    Erica HoldenDay ago

    i LOVE this song gg 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👂👂👂👂😻😹😸😻😸😹😹😸😻😽😽😽😋😝😜

  41. Moonlight

    MoonlightDay ago

    I love this song

  42. smurf rocky

    smurf rockyDay ago

    Eyes are bullets . Mouth is a gun ... combination = killer .. Gossipers

  43. Cr-gmaing 18

    Cr-gmaing 18Day ago

    this is onjohjgr

  44. Vanessa Pereira

    Vanessa PereiraDay ago

    Selena seu talento me encanta tanto ❤️ 2 0 1 8 🇧🇷

  45. Eposing roblox oders

    Eposing roblox odersDay ago

    She is a hoe I’m still bringing up that she broke up with the weekend over Justin with is a fuckboy

  46. Sabrina Melo

    Sabrina MeloDay ago


  47. Selena exo

    Selena exoDay ago


  48. Mina Bambina

    Mina BambinaDay ago

    She looks sexy in the Video. Not more a Child.

  49. tono play

    tono playDay ago

    2018??? :"3

  50. Sabri Beribeche

    Sabri BeribecheDay ago

    very sexy selena ..wooow.

  51. Lionel Messi

    Lionel MessiDay ago

    nice song ha

  52. TNT

    TNTDay ago

    Harry Styles : Treat People with Kindness Selena Gomez : Kill em with kindness

  53. David López

    David LópezDay ago

    Let’s get 450M views!!

  54. Eulalia P.G

    Eulalia P.GDay ago

    Ami me gusta mucho las musicas de selena aunq hablo en español igual canto 😘😍😍😍

  55. Tanish Jain

    Tanish JainDay ago

    Totally killed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Hanna Godisgood

    Hanna GodisgoodDay ago

    2018..who love 💗 selena

  57. Cupcace ladys

    Cupcace ladysDay ago

    Beautiful 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄😉😉😉😉😉😉

  58. Larissa Manoela

    Larissa ManoelaDay ago


  59. sagnik banerjee

    sagnik banerjeeDay ago

    Why is the thumbnail changing in all her songs

  60. Hoor Khanum

    Hoor KhanumDay ago

    Booo uuurr killiinggzzzz tilliinnggzzzzz

  61. san gehlot

    san gehlotDay ago

    Her hairs are love😍

  62. Andres Santana

    Andres SantanaDay ago

    This is a very long Victoria's secret commercial.

  63. Amardip Ganvir

    Amardip Ganvir2 days ago

    Oh ....nice song

  64. Maria Marquez

    Maria Marquez2 days ago


  65. Elias Stadler

    Elias Stadler2 days ago

    És Buena dimás esta música ♥★ Se Gomez ♦ .

  66. Marsh Gomez

    Marsh Gomez2 days ago

    Selena is the best

  67. Marsh Gomez

    Marsh Gomez2 days ago

    Selena is awesome

  68. Baisakhi Pattnaik

    Baisakhi Pattnaik2 days ago

    She killed us with cuteness. ❤️❤️✨

  69. Carlie Kim

    Carlie Kim2 days ago

    Why won't DAB at the haters!?

  70. jhosselyn zunini

    jhosselyn zunini2 days ago


  71. DutchBTS Army

    DutchBTS Army2 days ago

    What a queen!! Daaaamn 😍😍

  72. Viih Wolfhard

    Viih Wolfhard2 days ago

    1kilo de carne 🎶 tuts tuts

  73. Mohit Sharma

    Mohit Sharma2 days ago


  74. Disbeidi Flores

    Disbeidi Flores2 days ago

    I wish to meet you Selena Gomez 😀😀😀

  75. Rihanna Morrison

    Rihanna Morrison2 days ago

    You are so good at singing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  76. مجنوونة شهار

    مجنوونة شهار2 days ago

    I LOVE you slena

  77. Julianne Martinez

    Julianne Martinez2 days ago

    This is a good song

  78. Bikbok Sabello

    Bikbok Sabello2 days ago

    is this the first music video with captions? XD

  79. Robert Austin

    Robert Austin2 days ago

    I want to steal her hair lmao

  80. Daniela Morocho

    Daniela Morocho2 days ago

    Yay 😀 2018

  81. logang forlife

    logang forlife2 days ago

    Good u broke up with that pice of shit!

  82. Coub Swanson

    Coub Swanson3 days ago

    Все помню 😉

  83. Aarya Chetan Ghag

    Aarya Chetan Ghag3 days ago

    19 September 2018 and I still have goosebumps 💗

  84. Thaís Fernández Chinguel

    Thaís Fernández Chinguel3 days ago

    Selena, I love u lot. For real! Thanks for a lot for everything

  85. Taylor Queen

    Taylor Queen3 days ago

    I love you this song

  86. Daishca Joseph

    Daishca Joseph3 days ago


  87. momo zen

    momo zen3 days ago

    What a good message. Yes to that. Made my day!

  88. Randi Meyers-OToole

    Randi Meyers-OToole3 days ago

    Wow great song

  89. Zé Carlos Vianna

    Zé Carlos Vianna3 days ago

    Putz até que enfim achei esse clip 😂🤣

  90. Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez3 days ago

    Goddess ❤️

  91. Mia Liz

    Mia Liz3 days ago

    People don’t understand the meaning, instead they turn the song into a meme


    DAVID PALTA3 days ago

    Kilos de carnes.

  93. Alexzhaid AvilaL

    Alexzhaid AvilaL3 days ago

    eres mi cantante preferida por sienpre

  94. Viola Pisani

    Viola Pisani3 days ago


  95. The Bear

    The Bear3 days ago

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  96. Taiyeba Ahmed

    Taiyeba Ahmed3 days ago

    Honestly its only her vocals that I really like and love and no one else's

  97. Salam Telefon

    Salam Telefon3 days ago


  98. Fererro D'msp

    Fererro D'msp3 days ago

    2018 ?

  99. naty mmm

    naty mmm3 days ago

    kilo de carne kilo de carne kilo kilo kilo de carne 😂😂😂😂

  100. Jakub Brajovský

    Jakub Brajovský3 days ago