Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness (Official Music Video)


  1. OYUKI hyung Joon so

    OYUKI hyung Joon so26 minutes ago

    Hello how are hoy Selena!🤗

  2. silezin 17

    silezin 1734 minutes ago

    Justin bieber el que lo lea 😂 Dale a like para salvarte😜 ⏬

  3. Eiman Ali

    Eiman Ali3 hours ago

    You might as well just kill me with ur looks🔥

  4. ignacio sanchez

    ignacio sanchez5 hours ago

    selena es una gran cantante e idola #selenatorsforever

  5. kainat meleği

    kainat meleği6 hours ago

    This song is amazingggg 💕 #foreverqueenselena 💕🇹🇷 Bu şarkıyı duymuştum yaa mdndndnd

  6. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber7 hours ago

    I love you so much Selena Gomez you and your Justin Bieber 😍 so amazing 😍

  7. Diana

    Diana8 hours ago

    Dangerous woman out look

  8. Ardava 03

    Ardava 0319 hours ago

    *Quiero más carne*

  9. ÙwÚ

    ÙwÚ22 hours ago

    Kill🤔 Em🤔 With🤔 Kindness🤔 😳 *KILL EMINEM WITH KINDNESS* 😭 (Sorry If ispelled anything wrong)

  10. POPPY :v

    POPPY :vDay ago

    Quiero mis carnes! ^-^ ❤❤

  11. Usuario 10

    Usuario 10Day ago

    Si escribes "kilos de carne" en tu buscador de youtube sale esta canción :v

  12. Dagmar Timková

    Dagmar TimkováDay ago

    Long hair pleaseeeee🥑🥑🥑🥑

  13. N Ksa

    N KsaDay ago

    love u sel 😩❤

  14. Oksana Kalitovska

    Oksana KalitovskaDay ago

    Amazing video. Director very talented 😍

  15. Muhammad Nawaz Gondal

    Muhammad Nawaz GondalDay ago

    kill e

  16. MapperNowicjusz

    MapperNowicjuszDay ago

    2019? Ktoś, coś?

  17. Michelle S

    Michelle SDay ago

    I do like this song but I don't like many songs because I don't want people to know where my head is at.

  18. Kenny Bauer

    Kenny BauerDay ago


  19. Aleksandra S

    Aleksandra S2 days ago

    I like her so much 😍😍😍

  20. Alex.n_98’svlogs

    Alex.n_98’svlogs2 days ago

    2019?? Anyone ??

  21. Roon

    Roon2 days ago

    Kill Gigi Kylie Hailey and Kendall with kindness talent and fame for a reason

  22. Diana

    Diana8 hours ago

    How old r u ⚰

  23. Darlene Jo

    Darlene Jo2 days ago

    Always stunning

  24. Z y

    Z y2 days ago

    can't believe it's been three long years... gosh

  25. Abigail Lytan

    Abigail Lytan2 days ago

    Can't wait for her new album and birthday 🎂

  26. Jomon Peter

    Jomon Peter2 days ago

    Guy named Em is having a bad day , I guess



    Also in 2019 this song remains one of my favourites. Love you Selena💖 you're amazing!❤

  28. lulu

    lulu2 days ago

    00:57 that look and hair on point. OHH MY GAWDwrrr drooling

  29. Dirty Socks

    Dirty Socks2 days ago

    That's what us Hufflepuffs do over here 😉

  30. علي العطواني

    علي العطواني2 days ago

    Can I reach you ?

  31. Juan Payet

    Juan Payet2 days ago

    When Selena era hermosa.

  32. FxllLeafz ii

    FxllLeafz ii3 days ago

    Did.anyone notice the show jessie was made in 2011 and the 2 episode Suri said a invisble girl was bullying her and jessie said kill em with kindness. And the show was made in 2011 and Selena made this song in 2016? Have u thought about that🧐🤫

  33. Jessica Abreu

    Jessica Abreu3 days ago

    hi, i'm here to hear and admire this masterpiece

  34. Księżycowy Las

    Księżycowy Las3 days ago

    I'm not into this song but the music video is brilliant omg

  35. Fun zone

    Fun zone3 days ago

    Vote for selena #TeenChoiceAward #FavSummerActress- the dead dont die #BestFandom- selenators✔️

  36. weirdo for selena

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    Hi my friend

  38. Ggazu Tyme

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    Nice message😌🌺

  39. Sun Rise

    Sun Rise3 days ago

    Çok güzel beee

  40. NANCY Jaramillo

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  41. snipes wesley bartel

    snipes wesley bartel3 days ago

    I want to get inside your panties babe

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  43. sagar gurung

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  44. Jhoan Fergusson

    Jhoan Fergusson3 days ago

    Yo vine por un kilo de carne 😂

  45. Reja 16

    Reja 163 days ago

    Yo también 🤣

  46. Dinesh Kaushik

    Dinesh Kaushik4 days ago

    This them with kindness

  47. Petxvx

    Petxvx4 days ago

    She is so amazing

  48. Kettouche Fatiha

    Kettouche Fatiha4 days ago

    If I wake up if you know that is a why do you think cry I told you we need you by Eminem

  49. Natália Rockeira

    Natália Rockeira4 days ago

    Perfect...I Love Selena Gomez 😍🤗❤️

  50. leonie 々❨neverly

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  52. David López

    David López4 days ago

    After the bts

  53. yeline salima

    yeline salima4 days ago

    Nunca podre entender como fuiste tan fuerte Sele By: Paola, eres la mejor