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Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself (Live)


  1. *Unknown Person*

    *Unknown Person*Day ago

    *0:44** naughty boy...* 😂

  2. a0973331295

    a09733312952 days ago

    So weak

  3. Amanda sm

    Amanda sm4 days ago


  4. luisa noemi Satterwhite

    luisa noemi Satterwhite5 days ago

    Selena is Beauty

  5. thainá sn

    thainá sn6 days ago

    Her voice feels like she is whispering at my ear. It’s so sexy!!!

  6. Ángel P.Enriquez

    Ángel P.Enriquez8 days ago


  7. Me Dragon

    Me Dragon9 days ago

    her hair oh I love it

  8. Vette Latrioux

    Vette Latrioux9 days ago

    She can't sing really good or dance but her beauty keeps all eyes on her regardless of what she's doing. Amazing!

  9. Ramona Bentley

    Ramona Bentley10 days ago

    lupus is no joke check every singer who has lupus they shouldnt be singing but actualy have to sing on a low tone..

  10. Pan readstone

    Pan readstone10 days ago

    She is craying


    SNEHA GHOSH10 days ago

    That hair is everything, 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Tèraden M

    Tèraden M11 days ago

    I hope you doing okay:(

  13. Anisha K.C

    Anisha K.C11 days ago

    Love u selena... #Queen

  14. mohit Gupta

    mohit Gupta12 days ago

    Woooow amazing 😎😎😎😎

  15. Andreia freitas

    Andreia freitas12 days ago


  16. Ornellouche

    Ornellouche13 days ago


  17. Diana Echavarria

    Diana Echavarria13 days ago

    November 2018👩‍🎤👸😍😍😍🇵🇦😉

  18. Safwan Kamran

    Safwan Kamran15 days ago

    Selena Gomez ,love you forever 😘😍💋😘😍💋she has Awesome voice

  19. janizza chan

    janizza chan17 days ago

    imissyou so much 😭 ❣

  20. Saida susu baby 12345678910

    Saida susu baby 1234567891017 days ago

    You've selena😍😍😙😙

  21. Eva Garcia

    Eva Garcia23 days ago

    Hermoza selena gomez la mejor tkm😍 jehova teproteja siempre

  22. Ángel P.Enriquez

    Ángel P.Enriquez24 days ago

    I love you SELENA GOMEZ

  23. Sad Inside

    Sad Inside25 days ago

    Love her hair so much

  24. Anupama Prashar

    Anupama Prashar26 days ago

    she is best singer

  25. Falakh zara Falakh

    Falakh zara Falakh27 days ago

    @2:55 oooooh😘😘😘

  26. Dia Kakkar

    Dia Kakkar29 days ago

    No matter what anyone says , people there are enjoying , her fans here on the screen are enjoying and so does all the million followers of her.❣️

  27. G.P. Kim

    G.P. Kim29 days ago

    1:34 when back dancer have louder voice than a singer with microphone

  28. shenal jayasuriya

    shenal jayasuriya29 days ago

    Wow wow the dancers are getting sexual with her 😂😂 I wish I was them 😭🙄😍😍😍

  29. Gorgeous Mila Magofna

    Gorgeous Mila MagofnaMonth ago

    When that backup dancer whistles right behind her😂

  30. Kia Brown

    Kia BrownMonth ago


  31. Cezara EM

    Cezara EMMonth ago

    I don't like the outfit, too dark for a Jingle Ball show!!!

  32. Marisya BTS

    Marisya BTSMonth ago

    So what ? Where is the problem if she can't sing very well at least she sang and write her songs and made a very beautiful songs . She is better than singers who just move their lips 💜💜💜 Second she sang but slowly 💜💜💜

  33. theavy maly

    theavy malyMonth ago

    Wow my beautiful queen

  34. Diana Echavarria

    Diana EchavarriaMonth ago


  35. Juliana Santana

    Juliana SantanaMonth ago

    Te amooooo Selena ♥♥♥ Outubro #2018

  36. July naja

    July najaMonth ago

    13/10/2018 love you selena😘😘😘

  37. Breanna Coward

    Breanna CowardMonth ago

    She's so out of breath

  38. Julienne Kate Uy

    Julienne Kate UyMonth ago

    This album was great, it's just that her singing ability is a bit limited. The lupus has definitely affected her but her voice is more calm and soft. She is very pretty tho and she can also go a bit lower than other singers i guess

  39. Gundars Rošans

    Gundars RošansMonth ago

    Selena Gomez is SUPER!!!

  40. Maria Cecília Agostinho

    Maria Cecília AgostinhoMonth ago

    I love this song!!!

  41. Yukeu Ardilla

    Yukeu ArdillaMonth ago


  42. samir shaikh

    samir shaikhMonth ago

    Very big fan of you selena gomez



    You can speak whatever you want, for me she is an incredible person, I found this perfect video, I think she is all beautiful, mouth, hair, smile, body, everything has a passionate personality and is super talented as an actress, If I could I would marry her.

  44. C. Bass_Channel

    C. Bass_ChannelMonth ago

    So many "experts in talent" in the comment section of every Selena Gomez video..

  45. hamidreza t

    hamidreza tMonth ago

    why some people say she doesn't have a good voice? but i think she does. she really does. she has improved. i really like her voice and singing. her voice is beautiful. u can realize it when she's speaking. i don't care about haters and hate comments but i still love her 💜💜

  46. Dipali Sarkar

    Dipali SarkarMonth ago

    Best voice

  47. Jackie

    JackieMonth ago

    Who in 2018?

  48. July Anna

    July AnnaMonth ago


  49. Asilbek Abdukadir

    Asilbek Abdukadir2 months ago

    она очень красивая и милая привет из Казахстан

  50. roumaissa Missa.Z

    roumaissa Missa.Z2 months ago

    You are the best Selena I love you ans Justin so ooo mush Bands to my self ,were are you now, Sorry ,let me love you ,and, and Love you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👌👌👌👌💏💏😘😘😘😘😘😘

  51. Kitty Ferguson

    Kitty Ferguson2 months ago

    She looks great with long dark hair such a dark beauty Justin Bieber this girls the prettiest girl you ever had!!

  52. Mitra Zarghmi

    Mitra Zarghmi2 months ago


  53. Mariane Cardoso

    Mariane Cardoso2 months ago

    3:02 THE DANCER ❤️❤️

  54. acbtsjmjk jm

    acbtsjmjk jm2 months ago

    She is PERFECT and that's all I have to say

  55. isabolla

    isabolla2 months ago

    what a shame

  56. Rodina Mostafa

    Rodina Mostafa2 months ago

    I wish to be in party like this ❤

  57. Justin Selena

    Justin Selena2 months ago

    👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 SELENA is QUEEN!!!

  58. Fatima MS

    Fatima MS2 months ago


  59. Fatima MS

    Fatima MS2 months ago


  60. Maria Cecília Agostinho

    Maria Cecília Agostinho2 months ago

    Wonderful Selena!!

  61. Patricia Kinney

    Patricia Kinney2 months ago

    No canta u.u

  62. faded200

    faded2002 months ago

    dancing boys😍😍😍 all of them ❤️😍🙌🏻

  63. sɪᴍᴇᴏɴ

    sɪᴍᴇᴏɴ2 months ago

    She has a weak voice, although I really love her as a person. Maybe she's the only one from Disney that stayed normal and unproblematic.

  64. abdul munip

    abdul munip2 months ago

    How are you becking dance, i love you gomez

  65. Kinaze Barden

    Kinaze Barden2 months ago

    Can’t sing comment = hater ???? Im not hate her,she’s beautiful but just can’t sing

  66. DARSHANA Mahen

    DARSHANA Mahen2 months ago

    Selena is the best singer in my life love u Selena

  67. FansVale Olguin

    FansVale Olguin2 months ago

    Sel te amoooo ❤

  68. Island Angel

    Island Angel2 months ago

    Wow the beat is awesomeness.

  69. Delfino De Leon

    Delfino De Leon2 months ago

    Good Selina gomez you nomber 1 numero 1

  70. Vaniele Estani

    Vaniele Estani2 months ago

    Esse cabelo é dela mesmo?

  71. Yacine Debekli

    Yacine Debekli2 months ago

    2018 and still a bop , that girl is such a damen perfect artist and will always be , Selena Gomez I love u my Queen

  72. Bella llavhyosha

    Bella llavhyosha2 months ago

    bad vocal. she can't sing. sad

  73. Nada Amr

    Nada Amr2 months ago


  74. Taylor Swiftie

    Taylor Swiftie2 months ago

    Selena's voice is low and you can hear like she's whispering but idc. Selena's voice is so good.

  75. Shailendra Moghe

    Shailendra Moghe2 months ago

    1:15 sounds so out of tune

  76. Anupama Prashar

    Anupama Prashar2 months ago

    She have lupus and she not keeping well but she sing and dance in this sitution . I am very proud of her she can do this in this sitution and you selena haters if you have lupus and you not keeping well what can you do i know what can you doing in this sitution you are doing resting and you are not judge her voice so shut up 🤡🤡🤡☺️🙂😴😴😪😪🤐🤐🤐🤐 for selena haters that your gift

  77. Maria Cecília Agostinho

    Maria Cecília Agostinho2 months ago

    Perfect, Selenaaaa!!!!!

  78. Ana Alba

    Ana Alba2 months ago

    When I grow up I will always want my husband all to myself!!!

  79. Elifnur A.

    Elifnur A.2 months ago

    I love her voice. Everbody free love or hate

  80. Batuhan Tamburacı

    Batuhan Tamburacı3 months ago

    Hair slays babe

  81. Onna Mars

    Onna Mars3 months ago

    proof that working hard does make a difference. taylor swift, miley cyrus evolved whereas selena... didn't. can't find any proper live I can listen to. it's ruining the songs and the songs are alright.

  82. Ana Alba

    Ana Alba3 months ago

    Can't keep my hands to myself is my most favorite song of Selena Gomez

  83. Madame Engineer

    Madame Engineer3 months ago

    OMG, I love her hair so much in this show. Love this song as well. It's my favorite song from her.

  84. CMA Tapan Dhar

    CMA Tapan Dhar3 months ago

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  85. Stefanie Radutu

    Stefanie Radutu3 months ago

    I just want that HAIR

  86. Chelsea Marie

    Chelsea Marie3 months ago

    She cannot sing. Yes she is pretty but she's really not that talented.

  87. heffa lump

    heffa lump3 months ago

    if someone threw acid at her face and ruined her looks, her career would be over in a second

  88. addison Edwards

    addison Edwards2 months ago

    Nah cause she can act

  89. heyitslina

    heyitslina3 months ago

    This is one of my favorite performances of selena gomez💗💗💗💗 looooove u so much 💌

  90. Vicky

    Vicky3 months ago

    i will not say anything new.This performance is great for me,and all selenators

  91. Vrinda Baranwal

    Vrinda Baranwal3 months ago

    She has a good voice,thing is she's really out of breath here. Acoustic suits her voice better than pop. I really hope that her next album is more acoustic. BUT, that doesn't mean I wanna hear more "Bad liar" vibes. Seriously,that song didn't even a lot of singing!

  92. Penelope G

    Penelope G3 months ago

    Why is her voice like that ??

  93. Danish 13

    Danish 133 months ago

    She is nowhere to Justin's vocal

  94. Anna R

    Anna R3 months ago

    ay no 😨😨 no se oye igual

  95. Darya Begma

    Darya Begma3 months ago

    Horrible. Horrible voice. Half lip song. She never learns to do it right. Usually fucks up like. Peace of pros..te! So many very talentet girls do it so good. They are just don't show their body like this crap.

  96. AddictedToPrismatic

    AddictedToPrismatic3 months ago

    Te susurro?

  97. Selena Abir

    Selena Abir3 months ago

    I L O V E Y O U

  98. Vnjk Vbnn

    Vnjk Vbnn3 months ago

    Ela parece que ta sem ar

  99. Daniela Davila

    Daniela Davila3 months ago

    She sings horrible

  100. Isbery me

    Isbery me3 months ago

    pleaseee somebody can tell me the name of the dance guys pleaseeeee is for a homework haha

  101. Vania Vivir

    Vania Vivir3 months ago

    She can really sing... selena ur an angel