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Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself (Live)


  1. babyxxxspice

    babyxxxspice2 days ago

    this isnt hands to myself its same old love!!!

  2. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande3 days ago

    Ate hoje

  3. Sasha Moral

    Sasha Moral5 days ago

    I dont care about the haters i still love her!! ❤️

  4. Bruno

    Bruno6 days ago

    hands to myself

  5. Randy Martinez

    Randy Martinez6 days ago

    I just want one date with her

  6. kunoniha247

    kunoniha24710 days ago

    that one backgroundancer uuuuuuuffffffffffffffff

  7. Tanya Nguyen

    Tanya Nguyen13 days ago

    Omg I love you

  8. PLUS

    PLUS13 days ago

    roses are red violets are blue I came for 3:03 You did too

  9. Natas pena

    Natas pena14 days ago

    Eu amei a sua voz

  10. Fatima Fettahi

    Fatima Fettahi15 days ago

    She couldn't really sing, but I still like the song

  11. Jenny Hmar

    Jenny Hmar16 days ago

    I love u selena God bless u💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  12. Christian Pamaylaon

    Christian Pamaylaon16 days ago


  13. Kim _

    Kim _16 days ago

    She might not have the best voice but her voice is unique. I mean have you ever seen anyone do Selena singing impression? No cuz it’s one of a kind

  14. Thais Carolayne

    Thais Carolayne17 days ago

    Rainha do meu cu! Canta mal pra caralho, mas te amo mesmo assim ♡

  15. Londa Mlaba

    Londa Mlaba18 days ago

    The doctor says her vocals are no good 💀

  16. Londa Mlaba

    Londa Mlaba18 days ago

    It’s so sad that she called her album “Revival” in attempts to revive her dead career but it didn’t work. Will always love you, Selena ❤️

  17. Nazanin M.Ch.

    Nazanin M.Ch.19 days ago

    ❤️ realistically her voice is good. Just record your voice singing one of her songs and hit the highs and lows , listen to it and then judge.

  18. Ximena

    Ximena20 days ago

    Amo que no use playback, es muy natural, la adoro

  19. reynaldo padilla

    reynaldo padilla20 days ago

    shes so pretty

  20. Mail From Dre

    Mail From Dre21 day ago

    I'll give her credit for trying.

  21. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber22 days ago

    Selena is an excellent vocalist. Her voice gives me chills.

  22. em emiiujni

    em emiiujni23 days ago

    Justin is 🗑

  23. Michelle Meighan

    Michelle Meighan25 days ago

    Am i the only one who sees how close she is with her MALE dancers....liks she's having fun with them in a non flirtarious way..i mean like that's awesome

  24. Ibitlikecheesee Mr cheesee

    Ibitlikecheesee Mr cheesee26 days ago

    I was in school today it was calculus and I was bored as heck and this song pipe up in my head

  25. Manjunath Aradhya

    Manjunath Aradhya28 days ago

    I'm 1of ur biggest fans...

  26. Manjunath Aradhya

    Manjunath Aradhya28 days ago

    Luv u ur truly a goddess

  27. Morgan D

    Morgan D29 days ago

    can't stand reading hate comments on her voice. go watch other people whom you admire and stop spreading unnecessary hate.

  28. Bianca Souza

    Bianca SouzaMonth ago

    Sangue de jesui😂

  29. flor García g

    flor García gMonth ago

    aprendan lali Tini y todas las que la quieren imitar una voz bella de mezzosoprano tiene que en vivo se nota mas

  30. flor García g

    flor García gMonth ago

    que voz que tiene en vivo suena igual q un disco 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  31. Büşra Zorlu

    Büşra ZorluMonth ago

    Bir gün sana sımsıkı sarılıcam ❤🇹🇷

  32. Kareи GθnzaleŽ

    Kareи GθnzaleŽMonth ago

    Hptaaaa la amoooo😍😍❣️❣️❣️❣️

  33. mr poppo

    mr poppoMonth ago

    99.999999% breathing 0.0000000001% voice

  34. Alexandra Neri

    Alexandra NeriMonth ago

    Linda i love you💕💕💕 amo ver Selena cantar👏👏👏👏

  35. Candela Rpt

    Candela RptMonth ago

    I want that El Peleo

  36. Easy Lyrics

    Easy LyricsMonth ago

    2019 💙 u need lyrics

  37. em dongallo

    em dongalloMonth ago

    I love youu

  38. Yamoul Basma

    Yamoul BasmaMonth ago

    She can't sing😂😂😂😂

  39. carpenterselenator carsonator

    carpenterselenator carsonatorMonth ago


  40. Nur kha yati Justin Bieber lovers .176924

    Nur kha yati Justin Bieber lovers .176924Month ago

    Jelena Dancer 🕺 perfect

  41. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle BieberMonth ago

    Selena's success makes Arianators so pressed. 😂

  42. cloudy butera

    cloudy buteraMonth ago

    Omg you’re so pretty 💕

  43. Ron Robben

    Ron RobbenMonth ago

    Baby I'm right here in Winchester Kansas and I LOVE YOU ALWAYS REMEMBER that ok so you are not going to lose me never in our life together forever baby

  44. vanessa M.L

    vanessa M.LMonth ago


  45. Brent Verano

    Brent VeranoMonth ago

    I love you selena gomez😍😍💖💖

  46. nemesis

    nemesisMonth ago

    I think her voice is actually quite acceptable! This sort of coy voice is super super hard I wouldn’t be able to sing these notes and no one would easily


    ESTER MELOMonth ago


  48. kataras

    katarasMonth ago

    Překrásný hlas, anděl.

  49. Lorena Laureano

    Lorena LaureanoMonth ago


  50. Leonardo Maciel

    Leonardo MacielMonth ago

    Credo q povo mais morto é esse

  51. Diego Díaz Santana

    Diego Díaz SantanaMonth ago

    Como me gustaría bailar un perreo con Selena

  52. Jc Lozano

    Jc LozanoMonth ago

    Her hair sooo sexy ❤️❤️❤️

  53. Aleeena lol

    Aleeena lolMonth ago

    Me : can't keep my hands to myself Mom : Then go do the dishes Me I mean I could , but why would I want to -gets spanked-

  54. Alexandra Neri

    Alexandra NeriMonth ago

    Selena 😘👏

  55. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle BieberMonth ago

    Ariana Grande fans cry in a corner every night because their idol will never be as successful as Selena.

  56. Sαнαя

    SαнαяMonth ago


  57. renesme 914

    renesme 914Month ago

    Brasil ama !!!

  58. Eric Gaudet

    Eric GaudetMonth ago

    Just all 💖&respect for Selena Gomez.

  59. GG Styles

    GG StylesMonth ago

    1:33 dat's the reaction when selena gomez touch your chin. Selena gomez boii

  60. chaya chadad

    chaya chadadMonth ago

    3:02 the guy..

  61. Bothered Bitch

    Bothered BitchMonth ago

    She’s slowly improving and I’m loving it.

  62. Diego Díaz

    Diego DíazMonth ago

    LOVE you Selena Gómez 😍

  63. Mohit Sharma

    Mohit Sharma2 months ago

    selena is gonna gonna play play play play pay and the haters gonna hate hate hate but she will just shake it off shake it off

  64. Ambrish Singh

    Ambrish Singh2 months ago

    She is great I love it

  65. Heyyyitslina xoxo

    Heyyyitslina xoxo2 months ago

    looooove u Selena Gomez 💗💗this is one of my favorites,sending love from Canada 🇨🇦💌

  66. Tina

    Tina2 months ago

    Can’t keep my hands to myself👌🏻😄😋

  67. Anjana Anil

    Anjana Anil2 months ago

    She looks so tired..... Damn I can't think about how much she has gone through... What a queen

  68. Chris L Cox

    Chris L Cox2 months ago

    Well Im Glad she isnt being paid to be a Doctor..Paid Millions to sing & cant even Sing the most SIMPLEST SONG with the most SIMPLEST NOTES.. Bitch Bye.. love the song tho.. but that live voice #dead

  69. Kala Rai

    Kala Rai2 months ago

    No one is better then her she is the best💛💛💛💛

  70. Lolo Sh

    Lolo Sh2 months ago

    Queen Sel ❤️👑

  71. Zaza Zaza

    Zaza Zaza2 months ago

    Love you selens💖🎉😻💋💙

  72. Alif Lima

    Alif Lima2 months ago

    cadê a voz dela ?

  73. Amber Roberts

    Amber Roberts2 months ago

    Wow she is terrible live

  74. Sokh khoeurn

    Sokh khoeurn2 months ago

    I like

  75. Lizbeth Bilever Bonita

    Lizbeth Bilever Bonita2 months ago

    The best girl on the world 👧👌💫 My idol queen 👑👌👏!!

  76. Lizbeth Bilever Bonita

    Lizbeth Bilever Bonita2 months ago

    I LOVE PERFORMANCE Sel 😃👏🎶👌!! Super cool dance and sing 😃👌!!

  77. natan ruas

    natan ruas2 months ago

    i love her voice ❤️

  78. Valeria Celleri

    Valeria Celleri2 months ago

    Love you selena 😍😍

  79. Taylena Slays

    Taylena Slays2 months ago


  80. Maria Cecília Agostinho

    Maria Cecília Agostinho2 months ago

    I love this song!!!

  81. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber2 months ago

    Ariana Grande fans are jealous because their idol is not as talented or popular as Selena.

  82. azuldjjd

    azuldjjd2 months ago

    Omg am i the only one who thinks that shes singing very well? like, WOMAN YOU HAVE A BEUTIFUL VOICE. I wish i can sing like that.

  83. shenal jayasuriya

    shenal jayasuriya2 months ago

    Ohh wow those dancers are lucky 🙄😒

  84. Kenny Omage

    Kenny Omage2 months ago

    boring af


    SANDRA LYA2 months ago


  86. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber2 months ago

    Selena is the queen of ending Ariana Grande's tragic career.

  87. Ayu safa Mutiara

    Ayu safa Mutiara2 months ago

    don’t force yourself to sing well, darling

  88. 이해천

    이해천2 months ago

    ar 인데도 버벅거리네 근데 노래자체가 음이 좋은듯

  89. khatune jannat simin

    khatune jannat simin2 months ago

    I love her voice.... ❤❤❤ Best voice ever💪❤

  90. Fernanda Aguirre

    Fernanda Aguirre2 months ago

    She's beautiful, but let's admit she CAN'T sing!!! Her voice is so weak and she only whispering, the high notes in the original song she can't sing them in any show!!!!

  91. Kia Brown

    Kia Brown2 months ago


  92. nuggets maïs

    nuggets maïs2 months ago


  93. محمود یو سفی نژاد

    محمود یو سفی نژاد2 months ago

    selena is the best

  94. *Unknown Person*

    *Unknown Person*3 months ago

    *0:44** naughty boy...* 😂

  95. a0973331295

    a09733312953 months ago

    So weak

  96. Amanda Bittencourt

    Amanda Bittencourt3 months ago


  97. luisa noemi Satterwhite

    luisa noemi Satterwhite3 months ago

    Selena is Beauty

  98. thainá sn

    thainá sn3 months ago

    Her voice feels like she is whispering at my ear. It’s so sexy!!!

  99. Ángel P.Enriquez

    Ángel P.Enriquez3 months ago


  100. Me Dragon

    Me Dragon3 months ago

    her hair oh I love it