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Selena Gomez - Good For You


  1. Marcus Lloyd

    Marcus Lloyd3 hours ago

    I would do nasty things to her

  2. Eddy Garabetyan

    Eddy Garabetyan9 hours ago

    Olla Amoora

  3. Kayli Cordell

    Kayli Cordell19 hours ago

    I’m farting carrot I’m farting carrot

  4. Cameron Cox

    Cameron Cox23 hours ago


  5. Rexy The Tyrannosaurs rex

    Rexy The Tyrannosaurs rexDay ago

    I'm farting carrots??

  6. Jakub Brajovský

    Jakub BrajovskýDay ago


  7. Tuana Akçil

    Tuana AkçilDay ago

    My princesss💗🎀

  8. abdul munip

    abdul munipDay ago

    ahlan wahsahlan marabahan how are you

  9. abdul munip

    abdul munipDay ago

    I requere your embrace a this time nowepen the time mends it

  10. abdul munip

    abdul munipDay ago

    I can not declune this for loenness whon i need to see you soon

  11. abdul munip

    abdul munipDay ago

    I still love you thats all I can teel I still miss you thats all I can say

  12. Alex Sage

    Alex SageDay ago

    The melody sounds ok but I can't take this bimbo face, something about it that's just annoying...

  13. Alice Blob

    Alice BlobDay ago


  14. Roma Solonenko

    Roma SolonenkoDay ago


  15. No thanks B

    No thanks B2 days ago

    “I’m farting carrots” “I’m farting carrots”

  16. Perdep Kumar

    Perdep Kumar2 days ago


  17. Foisaga Potoae

    Foisaga Potoae2 days ago

    hey man who is the best

  18. jayson nambio

    jayson nambio2 days ago

    Selena:"im farting carrots,im a farting carrots"at the beggining,but yo love her so muchh

  19. Tavion Tv

    Tavion Tv2 days ago

    Trust me I😩

  20. Jadson Williams

    Jadson Williams2 days ago

    Linda maravilhosa top love baby canta demais baby

  21. Solar LPS

    Solar LPS2 days ago


  22. jhonmark lumayon

    jhonmark lumayon2 days ago



    IAMASELENATOR922 days ago

    Sensual and sexy

  24. David López

    David López3 days ago

    Pop princess of this generation snapped.

  25. Diego Eduardo

    Diego Eduardo3 days ago

    I Just Wanna Look "Good For You"👑

  26. Enoc Renderos

    Enoc Renderos3 days ago

    2018 😉😍

  27. Mist Charm

    Mist Charm3 days ago

    Who's here is from Brazil and listening in 2018?

  28. Camella Mae Orantoy

    Camella Mae Orantoy3 days ago

    its been two weeks and i cant stop listening to all of your music!!!!!! wooaah i got so addicted by your voice!!

  29. malena andrea cepeda rivera

    malena andrea cepeda rivera3 days ago

    beatiful music selena ❤

  30. Jane Villa

    Jane Villa3 days ago

    So pretty ❤

  31. papa rockey

    papa rockey3 days ago

    Im masturbating

  32. Mason Fap

    Mason Fap3 days ago

    Need another video like this Selena😍 ive got my fair use about of this one, haha need an update 😏

  33. Jayron Jayron

    Jayron Jayron3 days ago

    Mood. Can't stop playing this. 😍😍😍🎧

  34. Broccoli Beefed

    Broccoli Beefed3 days ago

    She cant sing live

  35. Jhessica Oliver

    Jhessica Oliver3 days ago

    Hi selena

  36. Ella Moniz

    Ella Moniz3 days ago

    i could have never come up with that:D

  37. Ella Moniz

    Ella Moniz3 days ago

    that was a good joke! (:

  38. dxcbc

    dxcbc3 days ago

    2020? Anyone

  39. Arturo Rodriguez

    Arturo Rodriguez3 days ago

    You are so pretty

  40. philippe cordier

    philippe cordier3 days ago

    tu est très belle comme chanteuse

  41. PES 2018 Pro Evolution

    PES 2018 Pro Evolution3 days ago

    September anyone 2018

  42. Johanna Solis

    Johanna Solis3 days ago

    It sounded like she said I’M FARTING CARTIYS

  43. 세빈김

    세빈김4 days ago

    Selena😍 is so beautiful❤

  44. Apezou

    Apezou4 days ago

    i love you!!!!

  45. itsyourcoolgirl

    itsyourcoolgirl4 days ago

    When you sing the first part it sounds like your singing I’m farting carrots

  46. Maha Yasmin43

    Maha Yasmin434 days ago

    Wow really song hot😭😭😭♥

  47. Aurora Stefania Rodriguez Hernandez

    Aurora Stefania Rodriguez Hernandez4 days ago


  48. alyssa Rayana

    alyssa Rayana4 days ago

    2018 anyone

  49. curious dude

    curious dude4 days ago

    Imagine, metallica singing this song.

  50. Mingma Sherpa

    Mingma Sherpa4 days ago

    gud for you

  51. Dasgisi

    Dasgisi4 days ago

    Farting carrots 😂🥕💨

  52. Shyam Deori

    Shyam Deori4 days ago

    It much get 1B👍💕💞❤️💞💕❤️💞💕❤️💕💞

  53. Michelle Tucker

    Michelle Tucker4 days ago


  54. Luixhi Sena

    Luixhi Sena4 days ago


  55. Brian Green

    Brian Green4 days ago

    I have to be honest... I know little of you, but you nasalize ""Good"" in the exact same way of my high school sweetheart did... it's a craziness for me! beautiful nostalgia!

  56. Sanvi Vlogs SV

    Sanvi Vlogs SV4 days ago


  57. Edlynne

    Edlynne4 days ago

    Nicki minaj:Do you like my anaconda Cardi b: I like it Justin biber:what do you mean

  58. Anna banana

    Anna banana4 days ago

    I'm farting carrots mmmm

  59. Indiferentes TV

    Indiferentes TV4 days ago

    Quem está ouvindo em 2018?

  60. Indiferentes TV

    Indiferentes TV4 days ago

    Só amo essa bishaaaaa😍

  61. Hichem Benameur

    Hichem Benameur4 days ago

    Selena Gomez is exciting

  62. Douglas Mwiraria

    Douglas Mwiraria4 days ago

    September 2018 ✋🏿❤️

  63. Epoch Deniz.

    Epoch Deniz.4 days ago

    yeriwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww good for you

  64. mika mikasa

    mika mikasa5 days ago

    cantiknya awak selena...

  65. Erykah Love

    Erykah Love5 days ago

    Is it me or did they change the beat in background?? Its more silent n calm...

  66. Rafiella Sanders

    Rafiella Sanders5 days ago

    I love Selena Gomez

  67. jitender Singh

    jitender Singh5 days ago

    Salena gomez ist times real saamnay dekha. Black following ✍️💐

  68. DevanshiXD

    DevanshiXD5 days ago

    Is it just me or did the thumbnail change?

  69. Kr Dnz

    Kr Dnz5 days ago


  70. Lorena Galicia

    Lorena Galicia5 days ago

    sep 2018

  71. Ash Smyly

    Ash Smyly5 days ago


  72. David López

    David López5 days ago

    Selena is so talented. I don’t understand why locals are so pressed.

  73. Sandra Orozco

    Sandra Orozco5 days ago

    No puedo dejar de escuchar esta cancion....

  74. Cere Jinha

    Cere Jinha6 days ago

    Pior cantora do universo 😪😪

  75. Carmen Gonzalez

    Carmen Gonzalez6 days ago

    The feels...

  76. Japan Movie

    Japan Movie6 days ago


  77. Double the Cookies

    Double the Cookies6 days ago

    Are you ok? Cause I don’t think any one farts carrots.

  78. Pápež Judáš II

    Pápež Judáš II6 days ago

    sexi žienka a dobrá speváčka

  79. Lalenkawla Darlong

    Lalenkawla Darlong6 days ago

    yes salena I will get you!!

  80. Luciano Gilberto Costa

    Luciano Gilberto Costa6 days ago

  81. Soltana souagui

    Soltana souagui6 days ago


  82. reversecover pop ed

    reversecover pop ed7 days ago

    Changed the thumbnail Still 😙

  83. Maha'S DeepMotivational

    Maha'S DeepMotivational7 days ago

    September 2018

  84. Shyam Deori

    Shyam Deori7 days ago

    She looking so so so 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💞💞❣️❣️💕💖💜💘💗💝💋💓❤️❤️❤️👄👄👄🙋🙋🙋😘😘😙😙😙😙 cute

  85. Adalia Francisco

    Adalia Francisco7 days ago

    Very 🔥 hot👉🎅👈®🇺🇸

  86. Judgement Ravi

    Judgement Ravi7 days ago

    According me who she ever child which frm da very beginning still n ever

  87. Judgement Ravi

    Judgement Ravi7 days ago

    I seen a lot but to da one my selena forever 👈

  88. Judgement Ravi

    Judgement Ravi7 days ago

    Who she in my part of Heart 👈

  89. David Ridlespriger

    David Ridlespriger7 days ago

    Conflict of interest.

  90. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose7 days ago

    Why are they changing the thumbnails for only some songs ?

  91. Mrs. MirCey

    Mrs. MirCey7 days ago

    Selena: The Heart Wants What it Wants Justin: What Do You Mean? Selena: Same Old Love Justin: Sorry Selena: Good For You

  92. Fini Lah

    Fini Lah8 days ago


  93. hakimo hakimo

    hakimo hakimo8 days ago


  94. Ganga Shahi

    Ganga Shahi8 days ago

    Who the hell who copyright this video

  95. Гульнара Султалиева

    Гульнара Султалиева8 days ago


  96. Ayman Raafat

    Ayman Raafat8 days ago

    what episode of wizards of waverly place is this? Is this after or before she became the russo family wizard?

  97. Karolina Wilk

    Karolina Wilk8 days ago


  98. Halime Ağzıkırık

    Halime Ağzıkırık8 days ago


  99. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    Isaiah Tukuvaka8 days ago

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