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Selena Gomez - Good For You (Official Music Video)


  1. unggul hidayanto

    unggul hidayantoHour ago

    Anyone view this song in feb 2019😁😁

  2. valentina 7w7

    valentina 7w7Hour ago

    ♡After ♡😍

  3. dicjea28 - YT

    dicjea28 - YTHour ago

    te amo selena x 2

  4. Sandra Gilmore

    Sandra GilmoreHour ago

    After sent me😭💛

  5. Amira Ahmed

    Amira Ahmed2 hours ago


  6. Brenda Armas

    Brenda Armas2 hours ago

    Who's here after the trailer after

  7. Rai ._

    Rai ._3 hours ago

    It sounds like she’s saying “Im farting carrots” 😂

  8. Lizzy Rose :3

    Lizzy Rose :33 hours ago

    No one cares where you all came from 😂😂😂

  9. Enomfon-nicole Ebose

    Enomfon-nicole Ebose4 hours ago

    Who came here after watching the after trailer 😂😂😂

  10. Ram gudesh yadav

    Ram gudesh yadav4 hours ago

    Boaring expression. ........

  11. Aron Arcos

    Aron Arcos4 hours ago

    Yo follo yo follo ahajhaaha eso dice.

  12. Lanaiya Dixon

    Lanaiya Dixon4 hours ago

    Who else ready for after

  13. kim berly

    kim berly4 hours ago


  14. Tess Young

    Tess Young5 hours ago

    After movieeee❤️

  15. jugyeong woo

    jugyeong woo5 hours ago

    Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of my crush 🥔😭😭😭😭🙄🙄🙄😤😤☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  16. Amanda

    Amanda5 hours ago

    She can’t sing, but damn this song sounds good.

  17. Mariana M P

    Mariana M P6 hours ago

    After trailer? 😂❤️

  18. Laisa Viana

    Laisa Viana6 hours ago


  19. Lôoh Santos

    Lôoh Santos7 hours ago


  20. hailey bvb

    hailey bvb7 hours ago


  21. Ria Something

    Ria Something8 hours ago


  22. Ana Bailo Gea

    Ana Bailo Gea8 hours ago


  23. Minnie 156

    Minnie 1568 hours ago

    Here after watching the after trailer 🙈💕

  24. Cassi Mills

    Cassi Mills9 hours ago


  25. Ayşe Altınsoy

    Ayşe Altınsoy9 hours ago

    Any body *not* from After movie? I'm just here for Selena.❤

  26. Csóková Andrea

    Csóková Andrea9 hours ago

    Everyone is here because of After Trailer... And im here because of the "I'M FARTING CARROTS" part 😂😂😂😂

  27. Malena Persia

    Malena Persia9 hours ago

    After traileeeeeer

  28. lauyico Playz

    lauyico Playz9 hours ago

    2019 anybody?

  29. h.elpful blog

    h.elpful blog10 hours ago

    After fam

  30. chupa singh

    chupa singh10 hours ago

    who is here before AFTER

  31. Aurora I.

    Aurora I.10 hours ago

    I am here for After

  32. Chiara Bremer

    Chiara Bremer10 hours ago


  33. Mariella Casaverde

    Mariella Casaverde10 hours ago

    actrees , he got bored of your fake and acted depression. like stupidity and insecurity , yes you are prettier but insecure and too concerned about your beauty acting like a sick depressed person , everyone notices , they are not stupid , like saying we,'re relatives and fake things , everyone knows there's lots of people with gomez lastnsme , like plain boring? recurring things you say or do.

  34. shanya styler

    shanya styler10 hours ago

    I know you love Selena because... *she is the most beautiful and sweet person ever*

  35. HamChu

    HamChu11 hours ago

    Fourteen carrots🥕

  36. Ashlee Little

    Ashlee Little11 hours ago

    Tessa and Hardin brought me here 🤪

  37. XxHopeless_ DreamzZ

    XxHopeless_ DreamzZ11 hours ago


  38. Homa as

    Homa as11 hours ago

    good for you selena

  39. Ansksk Kdiffk

    Ansksk Kdiffk12 hours ago

    The best song for After

  40. Carla Garcia

    Carla Garcia12 hours ago

    Who is here because your friend send u the link and not because of After?😚😂

  41. shan Mad

    shan Mad12 hours ago


  42. Gabriel777

    Gabriel77712 hours ago

    English isn't my strongest language so I heard all the time that she's having fun with 14 carrots...

  43. Gabriel777

    Gabriel77713 hours ago

    I came here after Sofia Karlsberg make cover of this one :))) Most sexiest song ever, I love this mystic haunting melody :D

  44. Beth nicole

    Beth nicole13 hours ago

    This song gets me in my feels especially cause of after and HARDIN 💕💕

  45. Diya Manoj

    Diya Manoj14 hours ago

    AFTER after? like if you watched the trailer atleast 30 times today

  46. Yacine DZ

    Yacine DZ15 hours ago

    ATTENTION SELENATORS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD : keep stream Wolves to 300M views 💜 , it ain't me to 500M views 💚 , Kill Em With Kindness To 500M Views ❤ Before the New Album Let's go selenators💖💗💕

  47. rang olandesca

    rang olandesca15 hours ago

    Im suddenly obsessed in this song..eveytime i watch the trailer of After

  48. ananya shukla

    ananya shukla16 hours ago

    I am coming after after 💕💕😶😶

  49. Bizy Bishop

    Bizy Bishop16 hours ago

    Thank you miss

  50. Ariana Camila Grande

    Ariana Camila Grande17 hours ago

    Tbh i had forgotten this song but after watching the trailer AFTER i came back to watch this song 😍🔥💯😻❤ I hope I'm not the only one 😎😏

  51. X’ BACK

    X’ BACK17 hours ago

    2:11 me on my period

  52. Andrieli Teixeira Da Costa

    Andrieli Teixeira Da Costa17 hours ago

    Meu Deus é do filme AFTER

  53. Sara Maio 33

    Sara Maio 3317 hours ago

    Who's here for the After trailer?😍 Come on aftenators❤️ I can't wait for the movie to go out!🎦💕This song was chosen because Hardin becomes good for Tessa🙈🖤

  54. Ashin Suuny

    Ashin Suuny18 hours ago

    Trailer is.....After💓

  55. one angered boi

    one angered boi18 hours ago

    ima gonna farting carrots im farting carrots

  56. Alison Te Zebanana

    Alison Te Zebanana19 hours ago

    Good For You or Good For Me ?

  57. Megara J

    Megara J19 hours ago

    So m gonna watch the After trailer after this

  58. hiba shahid

    hiba shahid20 hours ago

    Who's here after watching "After" trailer? 😍

  59. Arohi Paul

    Arohi Paul20 hours ago

    I can't be the only one here after the trailer of After

  60. Twenty Øne Crybabies are *NOT* at the disco ! l-/

    Twenty Øne Crybabies are *NOT* at the disco ! l-/20 hours ago

    Let's admit it, we all forgot this song till we saw the "After" trailer

  61. aqil_13

    aqil_1321 hour ago

    "After" bought me here 😂😂

  62. Tylxx 17

    Tylxx 1721 hour ago


  63. Ayushka Samdwar

    Ayushka Samdwar23 hours ago

    after watching "AFTER"😉

  64. abdul munip

    abdul munipDay ago

    I miss you

  65. Judgement Ravi

    Judgement RaviDay ago

    Hey u my darling u juz train to Shivani bcaz of u too far so rare but Shivani nt for so for Da while 😀

  66. kkaur199

    kkaur199Day ago

    After Movie Bitchessssssssss!!!!!!! The song is perfect for Harden and Tessa

  67. Aundrea Myers

    Aundrea MyersDay ago

    Selena used to be so innocent what happened to I love u like a love song baby😂

  68. Konstantina 9813

    Konstantina 9813Day ago

    Tantos que vienen por la película tóxica de After

  69. Abdullah Ansari

    Abdullah AnsariDay ago

    I don't know what After is I'm just here for the music

  70. haylor is better than hendall

    haylor is better than hendallDay ago

    is someone actually here for selena and not for the after trailer?

  71. clueless fringe

    clueless fringeDay ago

    Literally everyone is on dangerous woman or on good for you after movie gang though 😂😂

  72. Camila G Ch

    Camila G ChDay ago

    Someone After😍?

  73. Yacine Styles

    Yacine StylesDay ago

    The trailer of after movie didn't put the name of the song so how y'all came here ? BECAUSE YOU ALL KNEW THE SONG BEFORE SO STFU

  74. Yacine Styles

    Yacine StylesDay ago

    Why everyone is saying who's here after the after Movie trailer while this music video still is in the 424m views like yesterday 😂😂

  75. Yacine Styles

    Yacine StylesDay ago

    Which one is better ? Good For You : Like Dangerous Woman : Comment

  76. LOVER :v

    LOVER :vDay ago

    after :v love it

  77. martina Islami

    martina IslamiDay ago


  78. abir tabarki

    abir tabarkiDay ago

    After fam ❤

  79. Isa Carvalho

    Isa CarvalhoDay ago

    90% dos comentários são sobre After eu amo os leitores de AFTER

  80. Bruno Wallacy

    Bruno WallacyDay ago


  81. Ana Ana

    Ana AnaDay ago


  82. Nozzle Life

    Nozzle LifeDay ago

    It's difficult for her and her friends not to look good though.

  83. Defanee Rose doroon

    Defanee Rose doroonDay ago

    After watching the trailer "after " 😂💕

  84. Kawtar sky

    Kawtar skyDay ago

    DZ 💖💖💖

  85. Alejandra claudia Salazar palma

    Alejandra claudia Salazar palmaDay ago


  86. Maria Clara

    Maria ClaraDay ago


  87. Ivonne Fermin

    Ivonne FerminDay ago


  88. everything and nothing

    everything and nothingDay ago

    1:27 when you see all the comments are about After

  89. everything and nothing

    everything and nothingDay ago

    Here after after

  90. Suheda Özcan

    Suheda ÖzcanDay ago

    Most of the clicks are from after fans

  91. Ariana Grande

    Ariana GrandeDay ago

    Essa música, hmmm

  92. Dark Blood

    Dark BloodDay ago

    Dont after before❤ 2019 🎶

  93. The absolute cube

    The absolute cubeDay ago

    Im here " After movie's : Official Trailer " ❤❤

  94. Fuzzy Bobo

    Fuzzy BoboDay ago


  95. Lorena Deaquino

    Lorena DeaquinoDay ago

    AFTER MOVIE ❤️❤️❤️

  96. zubaida _bts

    zubaida _btsDay ago


  97. lolipop unicorn

    lolipop unicornDay ago

    After trailer song, who's here for that?

  98. Roxana Albu

    Roxana AlbuDay ago


  99. sweet. grande

    sweet. grandeDay ago

    Her voice is so chill💫😍💜

  100. Overjoyed !

    Overjoyed !Day ago

    : enters video : sees comments about After : exits video