Selena Gomez - Fetish (Behind The Scenes) ft. Gucci Mane


  1. Angela Jimin

    Angela Jimin20 hours ago

    I miss you Selena 💜💜

  2. Grezel Tubal

    Grezel TubalDay ago

    Aging to selena Am I joke to you? 🧐

  3. Sita Limbu

    Sita Limbu5 days ago


  4. 100000 subscribers without any video

    100000 subscribers without any video10 days ago

    Selena is so cute………………

  5. rosie needs me

    rosie needs me17 days ago

    she look likes 17 omg queen of hacking age

  6. Joseph Clark

    Joseph Clark22 days ago

    Wow what a HOTTIE BISSCOTTI u are Selena!! I wish I could talk to you if only once!! I'd tell you how much I LUUUUVVVV U!! No lie. BLAZE GREEN MEDICINE YA'LL!!

  7. Sara Moon

    Sara Moon24 days ago

    The shortest behind the scenes

  8. Om

    OmMonth ago

    @0:56 made my day...

  9. Joseph Clark

    Joseph ClarkMonth ago

    Ooh this song is a cool jam to DANCE TO!!

  10. Ram vashisht

    Ram vashishtMonth ago

    I was really scared and confused after watching the video but now after watching behind the scenes it's much better

  11. Rana Ahmed

    Rana AhmedMonth ago

    I love her so much 😍❤️ She is so beautiful and cute ❤️😍

  12. Laris Forschen

    Laris ForschenMonth ago

    I love you so much Selena 😘 💯✝️ 💞🌹 God bless you and your family ✝️ form dunseith North Dakota native American Chippewa

  13. Delia Matias luca

    Delia Matias luca2 months ago

    Selena mi unica ídola love you

  14. Tutorial Edits

    Tutorial Edits2 months ago

    Selena is just so pure and unique I mean come on ... god took time on her ... her smile makes me smile god 😫💜..

  15. SOSAYA 7

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  16. Strawberrys Daily

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  17. Ria Something

    Ria Something3 months ago

    i love the aesthetic omg

  18. Moroccan Selenator

    Moroccan Selenator4 months ago

    My baby 💛

  19. Lockhart Juju

    Lockhart Juju4 months ago

    SHE'S BEAUTIFUL ...INSIDE AND OUT !!!!!!!!!!!! 🍃💖🍃

  20. Ayanna Sofia

    Ayanna Sofia4 months ago

    The Queen in my land does not need a king

  21. Ankita Atkan

    Ankita Atkan4 months ago

    She's so cute 💕

  22. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber4 months ago

    Selena has one of the greatest voices of all time. 😍

  23. Louis Anônimo

    Louis Anônimo4 months ago


  24. Carolina Tavares

    Carolina Tavares5 months ago

    selena ly

  25. Mustapha Tammy

    Mustapha Tammy5 months ago

    I love u selena❤

  26. m imani

    m imani5 months ago

    So beautifull

  27. Jullyne Pereira

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  28. Brianna S

    Brianna S5 months ago

    Omg omg she is a angelllll I love her so much

  29. diana hemsworth

    diana hemsworth5 months ago

    :) Queen is back

  30. Genesis!

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  31. Ryan DeathBlood

    Ryan DeathBlood6 months ago

    Being here, missing her releasing new music :( I hope she gets well, our dear superhero

  32. paul shib

    paul shib6 months ago

    Fetish behind the scene nice song selena mam.

  33. Alan SA

    Alan SA6 months ago

    Ich liebe dich selena

  34. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber6 months ago

    Selena has a $70 million net worth and 8 Bravo Otto awards.

  35. LOVE Khorocka

    LOVE Khorocka6 months ago

    Selena is so cute

  36. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber7 months ago

    Selena is way better than Ariana Talentless Grande.

  37. isu khan

    isu khan7 months ago

    my cutie pie 😘😘😘

  38. Sonia Martinez

    Sonia Martinez7 months ago

    Miss u💕 come back!

  39. Andre Dhanraj

    Andre Dhanraj7 months ago

    She looks so young😱

  40. Casal Jelena

    Casal Jelena8 months ago

    I Love You Selena ❤

  41. Geraldine Taylor

    Geraldine Taylor8 months ago


  42. Geraldine Taylor

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  43. Kenny K

    Kenny K8 months ago

    Why does this look better than the actual music video

  44. Esma Gül Eren

    Esma Gül Eren8 months ago

    She is eating lipstick for song

  45. Riss Fdez

    Riss Fdez9 months ago

    Copia barata de bts save me

  46. Senja

    Senja9 months ago

    Her smile is everything 💛

  47. q_ariana grande

    q_ariana grande9 months ago

    She looks gorgeous❤😍😍😍❤ i love this song and I LOVE Selena

  48. Eilik Vlogs

    Eilik Vlogs9 months ago

    How do u eat that things in te song? Xd

  49. Ilyaf :D

    Ilyaf :D10 months ago

    No bra...

  50. Taetae is baebae

    Taetae is baebae10 months ago

    Camera man be like : Oh lemme zoom up on dis 🤐

  51. Patrícia Alves Silva

    Patrícia Alves Silva10 months ago

    Essa musica e ruim eu ver so sensualidade