Selena Gomez - Come And Get It / Me & The Rhythm (Live)


  1. Lolo Lolo

    Lolo Lolo4 days ago

    فدوه اسود حلوه اني كلش احبه واو



    goodgoodgggggood. Like🇹🇭➰🙏➰🗣👩‍❤️‍

  3. Sita Limbu

    Sita Limbu5 days ago


  4. Jessica Cheyenne

    Jessica Cheyenne5 days ago

    My ears hurt 😔

  5. millyx 23

    millyx 235 days ago

    Her voice is shit^^

  6. Hooman Sabeti

    Hooman Sabeti7 days ago

    when i am ready get your what

  7. Andre Garcia

    Andre Garcia7 days ago

    Hey yeah bae

  8. Rocio Jadan

    Rocio Jadan7 days ago

    Me encanta su música 😅,quien lo sigue escuchando ,en el 2.019

  9. TheH8trs

    TheH8trs7 days ago

    Well that was an awful performance. No stage presence at all.

  10. Tagwa Haiku

    Tagwa Haiku9 days ago

    Shows everyone came only to shot video for her not to enjoy her live 😀😀 showing those iPhone or iPad or whatever who cares about that but at least enjoy the live for her. It's was like WTF you have to show your phone by any means or what lol

  11. Jon Fresh

    Jon Fresh9 days ago

    Know sparklers...? On your stage clothes..

  12. maximiliano ricardo david bengolea

    maximiliano ricardo david bengolea9 days ago

    just a normal girl

  13. nadirah yakub

    nadirah yakub9 days ago

    need improvement on her vocals. :(

  14. Руслан Карданов

    Руслан Карданов11 days ago

    Это очень похвально. Вышла к народу не испугалась. Спокойно от души спела. Отличная атмосфера на сцене и живая музыка. Вот что нужно всем 🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍

  15. IZOO TV

    IZOO TV11 days ago

    Dimitris lentzis:😀😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love

  16. lala lisa

    lala lisa16 days ago

    if i were here as a spectator I would not take a phone because i wanna watch her in person anyway,Thank you for your best performance in spite of front of massive fans I look up to you

  17. godaz7777

    godaz777717 days ago

    Me & The Rhythm (Live) /

  18. Сайха Сайха

    Сайха Сайха17 days ago


  19. Arth Rajput

    Arth Rajput17 days ago


  20. Arth Rajput

    Arth Rajput17 days ago


  21. Arth Rajput

    Arth Rajput17 days ago

    No to do

  22. snipes wesley bartel

    snipes wesley bartel17 days ago

    Fuck ! that's right I said it.

  23. mimi mure

    mimi mure21 day ago

    What the f is wrong with the audience, they stiff as hell lol. Wake the hell up people Selena Gomez is performing. WTF

  24. Hy Du

    Hy Du22 days ago

    she's so beautiful.

  25. mssv koushik

    mssv koushik23 days ago


  26. Maria Olivares

    Maria Olivares23 days ago

    I guess if you had a 🍎 📱 your allowed to get close

  27. Shubham Tripathi

    Shubham Tripathi24 days ago

    Please can you marry me

  28. surajit sen

    surajit sen28 days ago

    Awesommmmmeee!! love you!!!!

  29. Claudio Vitor

    Claudio Vitor28 days ago

    Deuza d beleza vc princesinha Selena

  30. MOVIES 503

    MOVIES 50329 days ago

    Jaaa Masons colors

  31. Alejandro Garcia

    Alejandro GarciaMonth ago


  32. Angela Mijares

    Angela MijaresMonth ago

    Selena Gomez ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Letíciabenitez Almeida

    Letíciabenitez AlmeidaMonth ago


  34. Claudio Vitor

    Claudio VitorMonth ago

    Viajo nest músic parabéns princesinha

  35. Claudio Vitor

    Claudio VitorMonth ago

    Selena vc é princesinha

  36. Claudio Vitor

    Claudio VitorMonth ago

    AMO.. Est músic desta princezinhaaa

  37. vadasz izabella

    vadasz izabellaMonth ago

    Imádom eszt a zenét kedvencem az egyik

  38. Kara Karar

    Kara KararMonth ago

    Selena 😘😘😘😍😍😍

  39. Taylor nation ➊

    Taylor nation ➊Month ago

    Is this a add for Smartphones?

  40. อส zaw love โทน รัก Tun Mon

    อส zaw love โทน รัก Tun MonMonth ago

    Hi u ijzz

  41. CRAZYSHIT productions

    CRAZYSHIT productionsMonth ago


  42. Leo le

    Leo leMonth ago


  43. Marcelo

    MarceloMonth ago

    she sounds good here

  44. Da Da

    Da DaMonth ago

    i love selena i like you

  45. VAEOM

    VAEOMMonth ago

    Am i the only one that discovered "me and the rythym" today? 😐

  46. Momo ?

    Momo ?18 days ago


  47. Marta Alves

    Marta AlvesMonth ago

    Alguem em 2019

  48. Marta Alves

    Marta AlvesMonth ago

    Amo muito essa musica 💖💖💖💞

  49. WeiCheng Chen

    WeiCheng ChenMonth ago

    She’s my wife

  50. he who has no name

    he who has no nameMonth ago

    sup with dat chairs

  51. asrita asrita

    asrita asritaMonth ago

    what a voice.