Selena Gomez - Bad Liar (Official Music Video)


  1. Michelle Bieber

    Michelle Bieber2 hours ago

    Selena Gomez deserves 32 Grammy awards.

  2. Najemi Laila

    Najemi Laila3 hours ago


  3. Cheryl Cheah

    Cheryl Cheah5 hours ago

    i love this song

  4. Maki Mirzoeva

    Maki Mirzoeva11 hours ago

    Plot twists tho💀

  5. octavia wilson

    octavia wilson15 hours ago

    Good girls brought me here lol

  6. Geri and Mimi

    Geri and Mimi21 hour ago

    2019 year ????

  7. Sukh

    SukhDay ago


  8. Jimmy Cat526

    Jimmy Cat526Day ago

    uR a PeRvErT SaLaNa!! if you get it you get it

  9. Faron Levrets

    Faron LevretsDay ago

    Am I the only one here that thinks she can ball it up

  10. Simon Semejal

    Simon SemejalDay ago

    Selena Into the Selena-Verse

  11. Ivana Stehlikova

    Ivana StehlikovaDay ago


  12. Роза Нурланбек кызы

    Роза Нурланбек кызыDay ago


  13. Mitali Singh

    Mitali SinghDay ago

    The intro music reminds me of "bad guy" by "billie"...

  14. Sean Uden

    Sean Uden2 days ago

    Did anyone notice she was going to school without a backpack? 😂

  15. Nazi B

    Nazi B2 days ago



    INSTANT SCIENCE2 days ago

    Selena Gomez her face is really cute

  17. Stevan Yanes

    Stevan Yanes2 days ago

    Parece una virgen

  18. Yasser Wadud

    Yasser Wadud2 days ago

    Selena sempre com essa carinha de bebêeee aaaaah s2

  19. xXAqua ExiliaXx

    xXAqua ExiliaXx2 days ago

    **when even he “riding bike” sounds are iconic** Oh Ok I c how u iz

  20. Taekook BTS

    Taekook BTS2 days ago

    *Anyone on July 2019?*

  21. 2 days ago

    july 2019?

  22. sahlool

    sahlool2 days ago

    *selena biking down the street the other day* selena: "I was walking down the street the other day"

  23. Amber Luckes

    Amber Luckes2 days ago

    Be careful

  24. Saiiill Faizaq

    Saiiill Faizaq3 days ago

    Oooo How mach actors do you want in this song?? You're looking like a mental in this song


    KEERTHI A/P GOPALAN -3 days ago

    super song............................................................

  26. Getsy William

    Getsy William3 days ago

    She has a such a cute face 💖💖💖 ...I just wanna be ur friend

  27. chergui Sousou

    chergui Sousou3 days ago

    I just love this song 13/07/2019

  28. Aarushi Singh

    Aarushi Singh3 days ago

    Prodeucer: how many roles do you wanna play in this video? Selena: hold my bear.

  29. Rafael Oliveira

    Rafael Oliveira3 days ago

    So... She was a lesbian Teenage who was in love for her Father's Lover?

  30. Angie tita

    Angie tita3 days ago

    Alguien me puede explicar el vídeo?

  31. Gabriel Del Villar

    Gabriel Del Villar3 days ago

    im just ciding

  32. Gabriel Del Villar

    Gabriel Del Villar3 days ago

    i hate you i want to slap you or punch you

  33. Sean stream loveandfear

    Sean stream loveandfear2 days ago

    Gabriel Del Villar we don’t care


    SAMOUL TEAM3 days ago

    Good idol



    286 M veiws Amazing

  36. Oreo Princess

    Oreo Princess4 days ago

    This song makes no sense

  37. Seray Aniston

    Seray Aniston4 days ago

    Ariana: ain’t no budget when I’m on the set Selena: casts herself as every character

  38. Yeni Alvarado

    Yeni Alvarado4 days ago


  39. Joseli Arantes

    Joseli Arantes4 days ago

    300 mi les't goooo

  40. Joseli Arantes

    Joseli Arantes4 days ago


  41. neverendingwatchlist

    neverendingwatchlist4 days ago

    im begining to think that selena misses acting

  42. A B

    A B3 days ago

    Because of it she has new movie😂

  43. لو لو

    لو لو5 days ago


  44. Monica Valerie

    Monica Valerie5 days ago

    I'm confused

  45. Mayelel

    Mayelel5 days ago

    I'm trying not to think about you, not to give it to you

  46. Tiara Razara

    Tiara Razara5 days ago

    Very sweetttt💝💝

  47. Karen Tobon

    Karen Tobon5 days ago


  48. RobloxXD X

    RobloxXD X5 days ago

    I miss this song, it gave me memories

  49. madison hardeman

    madison hardeman5 days ago

    Published in May 29 2017

  50. Andy Macedo

    Andy Macedo5 days ago

    Easy e just went on cigarette break ? Thank Eric ! Might want to let the phone start ringing ! Anyway there's zero chance of talking to anyone other than my girlfriend ! Just the fact I see other names it aggravates me ! What a terrible song this commercial is ! Hurricane is coming yippeee ! Keep ignoring me and saying nothing ! Your making things much much much much worse ! Almost ten inches of rain in six hours ! The world is literally in pieces and getting worse by the second ! What do y'all think is eventually going to happen here ??????????????????????????????? Either you pay the piper now and hope for the best or you go to jail the rest of your lives and lose everything !

  51. Abdou Gaming Dz

    Abdou Gaming Dz5 days ago

    she is the cute girl in the school

  52. Ana Julia Pereira

    Ana Julia Pereira5 days ago

    Alguém entendeu o clipe ?

  53. ArcturusDiscow

    ArcturusDiscow5 days ago