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Selena Gomez - Back To You (Lyric Video)


  1. Jadeja Brijraj Sinh

    Jadeja Brijraj Sinh2 hours ago

    Anyone who cried in 13 rw has a got a very soft heart.There are some shows which hit harder than this show If you wanna know some of them ask for a reply

  2. Jadeja Brijraj Sinh

    Jadeja Brijraj Sinh2 hours ago

    Shitty series with awesome songs

  3. Drama Queen

    Drama Queen2 hours ago

    she is lit 🔥🔥

  4. Logo ist der beste Youtuber Logo

    Logo ist der beste Youtuber Logo4 hours ago

    Who know it from Spotlight?

  5. Rylie Woods

    Rylie Woods4 hours ago

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  6. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter5 hours ago

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  8. Rylie Woods

    Rylie Woods2 hours ago

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  9. Hannah Rahman

    Hannah Rahman14 hours ago


  10. Jacky Castillo

    Jacky Castillo14 hours ago

    💔💔💔💔💔😔 feels hope seliner gets well :/ also 13 reasons y was so good god

  11. Edwin Correa Benavides

    Edwin Correa Benavides16 hours ago

    At the moment you realize that the official video and the audio have more than 100 million visits.

  12. Lubna Alabdollah

    Lubna Alabdollah18 hours ago

    Why didn’t you say this to me when I was alive?

  13. Mahrez Sahbani

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  14. Marek Niewczas

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  15. Rylie Woods

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  16. Rylie Woods

    Rylie WoodsDay ago

    Bffgods Baniningalds🐑

  17. JESSIE-ilyCupcakes xxx

    JESSIE-ilyCupcakes xxxDay ago

    *_13 REASONS TO LOVE SELENA_* 1. She's gorgeous 2. She's amazing 3. She's wonderful 4. She's adorable 5. She's cute 6. She's a legend 7. She's pretty 8. She's loved 9. She's famous 10. She's humble 11. She's kind 12. She's beautiful *13. SHE'S MY IDOL💗*

  18. Ahmed Sohail

    Ahmed Sohail4 hours ago

  19. Lary Mel

    Lary MelDay ago


  20. Esty Paganotti

    Esty PaganottiDay ago

    Kinda disappointed that there weren't scenes of Justin and Jessica s kiss when they played the sings but this is still a masterpiece

  21. Arina Ross

    Arina RossDay ago

    The best moment: 0:00 - 3:28❣️

  22. Green Tae and Suga Kookies

    Green Tae and Suga KookiesDay ago

    i'm thinking of ryan

  23. Biagio Caccia

    Biagio CacciaDay ago

    love 13 Reasons Why 💟💟💟

  24. sita fcb

    sita fcbDay ago

    100 million view is coming

  25. diana rose

    diana roseDay ago

    Isaac Mukesh

  26. It's Lola

    It's LolaDay ago

    Miru this is for u❤

  27. kcc

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  28. Ana Luisa dos Passos Ferreira

    Ana Luisa dos Passos FerreiraDay ago

    Tem um olho na minha lágrima

  29. Nevaeh Boykin

    Nevaeh BoykinDay ago

    That song makes me cry.🔮

  30. Nevaeh Boykin

    Nevaeh BoykinDay ago

    So cute

  31. Ashley Morelock

    Ashley MorelockDay ago

    Wow....not much on this music but it says alot!!!!!!!

  32. Baby Caedence

    Baby CaedenceDay ago

    13 Reasons Why 😭😭 omg so many memories is there going to be season 3?

  33. David López

    David López2 days ago

    99.6 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Lasha Dvali

    Lasha Dvali2 days ago

    It really makes me sad 😢😢

  35. Lasha Dvali

    Lasha Dvali2 days ago

    I love this song

  36. Danni eel

    Danni eel2 days ago

    What's the name of the actress from this edited lyrical video?? Can anyone tell me?

  37. Nightmareflame2 Dragons

    Nightmareflame2 Dragons2 days ago

    Can I please use this song please

  38. Łucié

    Łucié2 days ago

    Nearly 100M views!🔥

  39. Freddiboy06 Weird

    Freddiboy06 Weird2 days ago

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  40. Yacine Debekli

    Yacine Debekli2 days ago

    Watch the MV instead of this guys please 💜💜

  41. Marius Dragan

    Marius Dragan2 days ago

    I love you Selena and love you music!!!

  42. Princess Hoorain

    Princess Hoorain2 days ago

    Can someone tell me from where Can I watch 13RW from the start S1 (except Netflix)??

  43. Lawrence Vickor

    Lawrence VickorDay ago

  44. Xander K

    Xander K2 days ago

    I’m not over this one girl but I think she moved on what should I do

  45. tumblr girl xd

    tumblr girl xd2 days ago

    Go to the 100M 😍😍😍

  46. argenis jose zamora villalobos

    argenis jose zamora villalobos2 days ago

    Esta musica me parte el alma

  47. David López

    David López2 days ago

    Who thinks his video is better than the official?

  48. Emily Catalan

    Emily Catalan2 days ago

    im going to sell replay buttons cause if you are like me then u probably murdered yours too 00.00 0:00 0:00 each like is one more added

  49. Tine Hermans

    Tine Hermans3 days ago

    Almost 100mln views 🙌💕

  50. ana pereira

    ana pereira3 days ago

    selena's voice is saving me right now. and i am not kidding :(

  51. ZzTryhardzZz ·

    ZzTryhardzZz ·3 days ago

    13 reasons why rly?

  52. Emirhan Altın

    Emirhan Altın3 days ago

    Let’s make it 100 million views 🤟🏻

  53. Arslan haider

    Arslan haider3 days ago

    Her best song.. Even though its a cover

  54. Dylan Dang

    Dylan Dang3 days ago

    We're almost at 100 million views! Who is here before it?

  55. San Chh

    San Chh3 days ago

    love u SELENA! You always produce good music! love you!

  56. Luis Vergara

    Luis Vergara3 days ago

    I'm going to do this for the tallent show I can't wait YAY

  57. Clara Brock

    Clara Brock3 days ago

    by far my favorite song of hers

  58. Jowairya Negmeldin

    Jowairya Negmeldin3 days ago

    Omg this song is so amazing every time I hear it I cry

  59. merita tuavale

    merita tuavale3 days ago

    When you listen to is like it about Justin.

  60. Timetojoao

    Timetojoao3 days ago

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  61. Jerry Asencio

    Jerry Asencio3 days ago

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  62. Jerry Asencio

    Jerry Asencio3 days ago

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  63. Jerry Asencio

    Jerry Asencio3 days ago

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  64. Biagio Caccia

    Biagio Caccia4 days ago

    i love this Song ❣❣

  65. الطريق للنجاح

    الطريق للنجاح4 days ago

    It's amazing.

  66. Carlos ozuna

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  67. Antonio Flores

    Antonio Flores4 days ago

    Almost 100M keep watching

  68. Edenisaunicorn XD

    Edenisaunicorn XD4 days ago

    He's cute lol

  69. Blanca Giron

    Blanca Giron4 days ago

    13 reason why 😍😍😍😍

  70. David López

    David López4 days ago

    99.4M 100m are coming

  71. the_rockergurl !!!

    the_rockergurl !!!4 days ago

    Heck this song needs to be longer like, DAMN 👽👽

  72. CJTubeZ

    CJTubeZ4 days ago

    Please Stop By My Channel, i also made a lyric video for this song.... please note i'm a normal person if you guys see any mistake please by all means place the critics



    Hannah+Clay= Cannah💕

  74. Thiên Du Diệp

    Thiên Du Diệp4 days ago

    Reach 100M and I will rewatch 13 Reasons Why 😭

  75. Corey Franklin

    Corey Franklin4 days ago

    This makes me wanna watch the show

  76. madhushanipr

    madhushanipr5 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this video suits the song better than the official music video. I mean, I love that one as well.....just saying. Btw I felt really bad for the guy at 1:40-1:49. He looked so sad & lost. Also, I haven't watched 13 reasons why, but I like these scenes :)

  77. my face

    my face5 days ago

    Love that so much

  78. Miranda mira

    Miranda mira5 days ago

    I love you Hannan baker. You are a victim of this shit world.

  79. Brandon Tran

    Brandon Tran5 days ago

    who here before 100m views

  80. Paulita

    Paulita5 days ago

    I love you 🙃

  81. Khalil Chebbi

    Khalil Chebbi5 days ago

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  82. David López

    David López5 days ago

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  84. Pixelated_ Martha

    Pixelated_ Martha5 days ago

    Dont hate me for this but i havent even watched the season 1 of 13 reasons why..... BUT I LOVE THIS SONG

  85. weediestbroom

    weediestbroom5 days ago

    So how am I supposed to know that when your lying next to me you're not thinking about someone else?! Toxic lyrics, mindsets like this is what ruins relationships. Disgusting.

  86. Jeon Chaemin

    Jeon Chaemin5 days ago

    Almost a 100m views!

  87. sharissa kim

    sharissa kim5 days ago

    When u go through the same shit and wondering why your heart is so stubborn

  88. Lauren T

    Lauren T5 days ago

    Can't stop listening

  89. Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta5 days ago

    Get well soon Selena.

  90. mimi Labdaoui

    mimi Labdaoui5 days ago

    i hope she's doing well .................

  91. Deepesh Stars

    Deepesh Stars5 days ago

    Hannah baker didn't appreciated Life. Those who don't appreciate Life don't deserve life _ jiggsaw

  92. leisy chimbo

    leisy chimbo6 days ago

    😭espero que te recuperes pronto Selena dios te proteja y bendiga.

  93. Rylie Woods

    Rylie Woods6 days ago

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  95. Nolan Wazni

    Nolan Wazni6 days ago

    Let’s get this to 100 Mil!!!!

  96. maliyah Winston

    maliyah Winston6 days ago

    I know I go back to you😩😩😩

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  98. Nishu Singh

    Nishu Singh6 days ago

    I know I'd go back to you.....

  99. ศาสนาเจนลิซ

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  100. April Beymer

    April Beymer6 days ago

    However, when you have him back for a moment you realize you don't really want him because if you were meant to be....there wouldn't be so many break ups and mishaps in between. Love can be like a splinter but when you find the right one everything else before fades...quickly. 💕

  101. Shreyas Musics

    Shreyas Musics6 days ago

    Who the fuck dislike this song😠

  102. Antonnette Yu

    Antonnette Yu6 days ago

    Her own song with her directed tv series

  103. Prince Arora

    Prince Arora6 days ago

    Please bring season 3

  104. Tenkios Games

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  105. ツ.

    ツ.6 days ago

    +gaeell 12 she is in the hospital

  106. gaeell 12

    gaeell 126 days ago

    Tenkios Games what’s wrong her??