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  1. Andrea World

    Andrea WorldHour ago

    Honestly the 2nd season sucked. Useless and... THAT scene ;( (Last Episode)

  2. Harriz prasath

    Harriz prasathHour ago

    Jelena and jestin

  3. saben derin

    saben derinHour ago

    Perfect songgg

  4. nancy groos

    nancy groosHour ago

    it is so beautiful i love this song and the serie i already look season 2 .will be there a season 3???

  5. nancy groos

    nancy groosHour ago

    yes i love it!!! but it is also sad

  6. Isaac Ezekiel Nyondo

    Isaac Ezekiel NyondoHour ago

    nic song

  7. joud sparkles

    joud sparklesHour ago

    I love you Selena 😭😭😭omg I love 13rw and. Ommggg you are amazing!!!

  8. Cassie A

    Cassie AHour ago

    Watching after Season 2 and this has a new meaning....

  9. Hugo Avila

    Hugo AvilaHour ago

    who's here before 21 million??😎

  10. Amu Randhawa

    Amu RandhawaHour ago

    I have got exams I can’t watch the season but I want to so badly that’s why I am listening to this but the comments are just making me crazy 😭😭 I wanna watch it ughhhhhh

  11. leyo jaffrin clington

    leyo jaffrin clingtonHour ago

    I love Selena gomez...

  12. imanuel A

    imanuel AHour ago

    Who else listen this song everyday?...only me?🙁🙁

  13. Lovely Day

    Lovely DayHour ago

    Such a beautiful song

  14. Diya Bhalla

    Diya BhallaHour ago

    Is it just me or does this have sortta an Avicii vibe to it in a way?

  15. Hector Silva

    Hector Silva2 hours ago

    series more shit is useless

  16. Julia VL

    Julia VL2 hours ago

    Melhor música ❤️

  17. Julia VL

    Julia VL2 hours ago

    Alô Justin

  18. Reaction Peyton

    Reaction Peyton2 hours ago

    im sad that most people use autotune to sound good.. they sound good without it even!

  19. Lynsey Birrell

    Lynsey Birrell2 hours ago

    This song is amazing , can never get sick of it

  20. Teresa Romeu

    Teresa Romeu2 hours ago

    This is literally chuck and Blair's story

  21. StormSoundtrack

    StormSoundtrack2 hours ago

    All the best season 2 songs on my channel if you're interested!

  22. Mick VM

    Mick VM2 hours ago

    hannah was not a slut


    BISMAY KUNAL2 hours ago

    As many times I hear it. I get more addicted to it This song should reach 1B Like if you agree

  24. Malaïka Tshiteya

    Malaïka Tshiteya2 hours ago

    i love this song

  25. Wiktoria Michałowska

    Wiktoria Michałowska2 hours ago

    love this..

  26. Joek Rocja

    Joek Rocja2 hours ago

    Selena gonez 😍😍😘

  27. Emma Alber

    Emma Alber2 hours ago

    I love the 13 reasons why

  28. Abhiwash Rai

    Abhiwash Rai2 hours ago

    Obseesed with this song and 13 reasons why..😍.

  29. Selenater Gomez

    Selenater Gomez2 hours ago

    Wow.during past 2 month she had 10m sub now its fuking 18 😃😃😃

  30. Crazy Man

    Crazy Man2 hours ago


  31. grimalois

    grimalois3 hours ago

    je ten suppli ma fanne cherie donne un renndez vous sa me tiens a coeur

  32. Sonia Alvarado

    Sonia Alvarado3 hours ago

    When I saw the scene of Jessica and Justin together I scream so loud, I almost cried hearing the song with them. BUT it's impossible to not feel bad for Alex, he don't deserved that. 💔

  33. Nike Girl

    Nike Girl3 hours ago

    Please make a season three!!!!! I have o many questions I need answered and I can’t leave Clay just like that!

  34. Isha Siddiqui

    Isha Siddiqui3 hours ago

    I'm cryingggggg😭😭 after watching this.Why did Hannah had to die 😭😭

  35. Rafaqat Ali

    Rafaqat Ali3 hours ago

    Combo of hands to myself and it aint me...😍😶😄

  36. noname noname

    noname noname3 hours ago

    Tyler 😭😭💔

  37. Julia Caesar

    Julia Caesar3 hours ago

    love you so much

  38. Danilo Martinez

    Danilo Martinez3 hours ago

    In love with this song 😭❤️

  39. Han s Life

    Han s Life3 hours ago

  40. Sofia Szabo

    Sofia Szabo3 hours ago


  41. Han s Life

    Han s Life3 hours ago


  42. Diva Rachma

    Diva Rachma3 hours ago

    this song makes me wanna come back to my non existent ex bf :)))

  43. being_ simrannn

    being_ simrannn3 hours ago

    Season 2 is soo damn😍😭❤

  44. Kamiii 1

    Kamiii 13 hours ago

    this music video is making me so depressed from how good it is and 13rw s2 was actually so good wow

  45. samily mendes

    samily mendes3 hours ago

    Cadê os brs

  46. Kamboro

    Kamboro3 hours ago

    Im Crying 😭😭

  47. Mikaelson Game of War

    Mikaelson Game of War3 hours ago

    I kind of feel scarred after the season 2 finale

  48. LilaBlau

    LilaBlau3 hours ago

    love it.

  49. Giuseppe īøđix

    Giuseppe īøđix3 hours ago

    My heart beats only for Selena😍😍😍😍

  50. Vinícius Santos

    Vinícius Santos3 hours ago

    Adoro essa música sou do Brasil. E amo 13 reasons why

  51. valentina sanchez

    valentina sanchez3 hours ago

    Who else is gonna watch the season 1& 2 again?

  52. Fernando Chombo

    Fernando Chombo3 hours ago


  53. cherry fazhion

    cherry fazhion3 hours ago

    Great song like this. But again its not an performance song that match her voice while performing. Running out of breath after 2 lines. To much noise in the background to try to cover that up.

  54. LuizaP

    LuizaP3 hours ago


  55. akosi bimbim

    akosi bimbim3 hours ago

    gosh.. why was Clay so weak to not tell Hannah how he felt? urghh

  56. Iury Rodrigues

    Iury Rodrigues3 hours ago


  57. cristi2n

    cristi2n4 hours ago

    Who's here before 30mil views?

  58. Ruy Castro

    Ruy Castro4 hours ago

    Brasil? 🇧🇷❤️

  59. Jain Manari

    Jain Manari4 hours ago

    Justin is a great guy. Your loss Selena

  60. Gifty Antwi

    Gifty Antwi4 hours ago

    Oops...I broke the replay button who has a free one

  61. Gifty Antwi

    Gifty Antwi4 hours ago

    This should be trending

  62. rukundo christian

    rukundo christian4 hours ago

    kudos to all cast of 13 reasons why! this is an amazing work...waiting for season 3.

  63. Navya S

    Navya S4 hours ago

    I was so disappointed with season 2

  64. Khaled MTJ

    Khaled MTJ4 hours ago

    This song makes me miss a girlfriend i never had

  65. Cylstier Ajyt

    Cylstier Ajyt4 hours ago

    This song sucks

  66. Cheryl Bombshell

    Cheryl Bombshell4 hours ago

    Find me a boyfriend to break up with so i can cry to this the whole summer

  67. DionPlaysMC GreenCraft

    DionPlaysMC GreenCraft4 hours ago

    Just finished season two! And let me tell you from binge watching the series for two days, I need more...

  68. Merve marley

    Merve marley4 hours ago


  69. Ninas Liars

    Ninas Liars4 hours ago

    Omg best song ever

  70. Lucio Vazquez Villalba

    Lucio Vazquez Villalba4 hours ago


  71. sidora sidora Sidora

    sidora sidora Sidora4 hours ago

    Can"t wait for season 3!!