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Selena Gomez - Back To You (Anki Remix) (Official Audio)


  1. Ariana is queen Edit tutorials

    Ariana is queen Edit tutorials3 days ago

    When I saw this I clicked

  2. huchoperryi huchen

    huchoperryi huchen4 days ago


  3. Alba Pinzon

    Alba Pinzon9 days ago

    Me en canta

  4. cute girl

    cute girl17 days ago


  5. cute girl

    cute girl17 days ago

    I love you

  6. Alguém Acreditar Nisso ?

    Alguém Acreditar Nisso ?21 day ago

  7. an Anormal Girl

    an Anormal Girl27 days ago

    I know I'll go back to this video A MILLION TIMES XD the heart wants what it wants LOL

  8. z* özel

    z* özel29 days ago

    *S G* ♥

  9. Kayla Strohmenger

    Kayla StrohmengerMonth ago

    I liked it

  10. Melissa Fellows

    Melissa FellowsMonth ago

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  12. Mimi A.R.M.Y

    Mimi A.R.M.YMonth ago

    I love you sel💙

  13. ArianaGrande '

    ArianaGrande 'Month ago

    My baby🙈❤

  14. jessie leena

    jessie leenaMonth ago

    I liked it

  15. Kim Voon

    Kim VoonMonth ago


  16. Almira Mira

    Almira MiraMonth ago

    Love you so much selena 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗❤❤❤❤❤💚💚

  17. No. color

    No. colorMonth ago

    I LOVEEE YOU 1000000000×😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤🔥❤🔥I LOVE YOU SELENA 😍❤

  18. Rafaell Augustinov

    Rafaell AugustinovMonth ago


  19. Selena Gomez

    Selena GomezMonth ago

    Amazing 💕❤😍

  20. 陳煜廷

    陳煜廷Month ago


  21. Sasi Dharan

    Sasi DharanMonth ago

    Let's go back to teach someone a lesson, Selena! Tell them! 'I'm Baack!

  22. Alma Baez

    Alma BaezMonth ago

    How thinks that selena Is better with Noah

  23. Muniraj B N M

    Muniraj B N MMonth ago

    Hi Selena Gomez I ll put one song Facebook in account see.. this song for you.. only for you.. with true love... AMEN

  24. Alexander Mendoza

    Alexander MendozaMonth ago

    Back 2 you so sweet song Gs cool

  25. Alexander Mendoza

    Alexander MendozaMonth ago


  26. Nejco

    NejcoMonth ago

    this remix straight up sucks :/

  27. Vidya Devi

    Vidya Devi2 months ago

    Uniqe voice wd beauty👍👍👍

  28. arun joon

    arun joon2 months ago

    Justin would come back to Selena..... Love u jelena💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  29. Ronaldo Sahetapy

    Ronaldo Sahetapy2 months ago

    kEp StronG.

  30. Rajashri Joshi

    Rajashri Joshi2 months ago


  31. Gaming FaRdin

    Gaming FaRdin2 months ago

    It was the best of those 3 remix

  32. Amanda Santos

    Amanda Santos2 months ago

    Não tem como escutar essa música e reafirmar #jelenaforever 💘

  33. Abhishek Pandey

    Abhishek Pandey2 months ago

    Selena Gomez 2018 Back to you song Option A 👍 like Option B 👎dislike Option C 😱 wow Option D ❤️ Love

  34. Nour Khaled

    Nour Khaled2 months ago

    ilove you. احب نفسك اولا


    SAKIB RATUL2 months ago

    O my god,! It's 🔥 fire! 😁

  36. Fabio Cavallaro

    Fabio Cavallaro2 months ago

    I love this remix so much, this is my favorite GOOD JOB GUYS !

  37. Катя Купер

    Катя Купер2 months ago

    No no no

  38. Yep, Thαtѕ Olívíα

    Yep, Thαtѕ Olívíα2 months ago

    Idk why but in the beginning when she was saying "I know I'd go back to you" In the background I started to find that funny 😅

  39. jose manuel garcia ruiz

    jose manuel garcia ruiz2 months ago

    I back 2 you now

  40. Gagan Nagar

    Gagan Nagar2 months ago

    2:20- 2:28 ..... Was great 🎶🎶😍😍😍 But the whole song is too good, perfect, pleasing,word less 😘😘 How can I miss 3:25

  41. Detective Girl

    Detective Girl2 months ago

    This is the best remix 😍

  42. Valeria Luna

    Valeria Luna2 months ago


  43. Akshay Korekar

    Akshay Korekar2 months ago


  44. krystal james

    krystal james2 months ago


  45. shashank bhardwaj

    shashank bhardwaj2 months ago

    #sel ##best

  46. Luis Silver Chion Luy

    Luis Silver Chion Luy2 months ago

    Eres hermosa hasta el fin del dia

  47. ümit KELLE

    ümit KELLE2 months ago

    Everytime Number one

  48. Jensoo

    Jensoo2 months ago

    Better than original

  49. Ocviana Sitanggang

    Ocviana Sitanggang2 months ago


  50. John Tripler

    John Tripler2 months ago

    Selena Gomez loving your new music and your voice and vocals are absolutely fantastic and incredibly beautiful always truly enjoy your music love ya

  51. Hassan khalifa

    Hassan khalifa2 months ago

    best remix

  52. David Andres Monge Pereira

    David Andres Monge Pereira2 months ago

    You so close to me Selly 😍😘💛✌☝

  53. David Andres Monge Pereira

    David Andres Monge Pereira2 months ago

    So you Selly! ANKi 😮

  54. Safras Parker

    Safras Parker2 months ago

    That was nice...wud love to teach you sing an Indian song

  55. Leila Touimer

    Leila Touimer2 months ago

    L Le Lei Leil Leila Leil Lei Le L ❤

  56. Feelings

    Feelings2 months ago

    God how I love this video ♡

  57. Tanya lane

    Tanya lane2 months ago

    hi selina

  58. Proud Potterhead

    Proud Potterhead2 months ago

    S Se Sel Sele Selen Selena Selen Sele Sel Se S

  59. Proud Potterhead

    Proud Potterhead2 months ago

    Selenator forever 🎀🎀🎀

  60. himelda de Guz

    himelda de Guz2 months ago

    Increible hermosa princesa te Amo Selena 🇲🇽

  61. Jammula Susheel

    Jammula Susheel2 months ago

    Amazing remix Selena you are my fav☺☺😊

  62. Agent Wolf

    Agent Wolf2 months ago

    👑💚🧡💜❤Selena ❤💜🧡💚👑

  63. sparkle and glitter works

    sparkle and glitter works2 months ago

    Who’s broken the replay button

  64. S M Mohidul Islam

    S M Mohidul Islam2 months ago


  65. Music Life

    Music Life2 months ago

    Wave music....❤️❤️❤️

  66. Coleen Reduta

    Coleen Reduta2 months ago

    This is cute

  67. Катерина Майер

    Катерина Майер2 months ago

    OMG i love love love it♥

  68. Aboe baker Zaini

    Aboe baker Zaini2 months ago

    Back 2 U _seLena

  69. Gomezs Poison

    Gomezs Poison2 months ago

    best remix omg

  70. Luciano Guerra

    Luciano Guerra2 months ago

    The music I love. The video not so much.

  71. Swift Food

    Swift Food3 months ago

    This is my favorite !

  72. maram x

    maram x3 months ago


  73. Baby Sexy

    Baby Sexy3 months ago


  74. Ясмин ясмин

    Ясмин ясмин3 months ago

    Selena Gomez❤ I adore you ❤😗😗

  75. Charlie McLouis Alejandría

    Charlie McLouis Alejandría3 months ago

    💖💗 ...

  76. Yaseen

    Yaseen3 months ago


  77. Lilli Herzair

    Lilli Herzair3 months ago

    My absolute fav song!😫💞

  78. uharu yumeko

    uharu yumeko3 months ago


  79. Fun With Aiyana

    Fun With Aiyana3 months ago

    1:03 - 1:10 I LUV IT

  80. Fun With Aiyana

    Fun With Aiyana3 months ago

    Do yall like itt?

  81. Marsh Gomez

    Marsh Gomez3 months ago

    Sel sel Sel Go Go Gomez

  82. Fer Lagos

    Fer Lagos3 months ago


  83. Urvashi Agrawal

    Urvashi Agrawal3 months ago

    Yes !!!!

  84. Emy SV

    Emy SV3 months ago

    AMEI ❤

  85. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson3 months ago

    The Queen

  86. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson3 months ago


  87. Marie gomez

    Marie gomez3 months ago

    MY QUEEN 😢😍❤👑 I LOVE U ❤

  88. Ariana Outsold

    Ariana Outsold3 months ago

    anybody in 2012? 😍

  89. yağmur başak

    yağmur başak3 months ago

    Türk yok mu??

  90. Camille Toesca

    Camille Toesca3 months ago


  91. HarveyWNvmVEVO

    HarveyWNvmVEVO3 months ago

    Shared link Free downland

  92. prisci 123

    prisci 1233 months ago


  93. abdulmjed53 mjo0d

    abdulmjed53 mjo0d3 months ago

    Selena u did the right thing Selena queen Gomez I'm in love with u😘😘😍😭😭😭

  94. Goher kulanchi

    Goher kulanchi3 months ago

    wow beautiful..

  95. aYeShA aLiYa

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  96. •Zümra Almila•

    •Zümra Almila•3 months ago

    Very cool.🍎🍎

  97. •Zümra Almila•

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  98. •Zümra Almila•

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