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    DALLMYD there is a. Snacke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😷

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    I will not go out there because ok shark

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    Did you guys take the snake out of the pond world still there cause I thinkWrong Velcro who might show up events to see what was in the bar

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    13:07 Did anyone see that fish thing on the left?

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    I’m going to send you some pictures

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    I just want to say becareful I suer there is somthing in there.

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    My dad is a scuba diver and I think there is a shark that's so scary

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    I didn't know you are a certified scuba diver.

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    bro with the stick and u found something THERES A SHARK IN YPUR POND i seen somwthing and the tail was moveing like a shark

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    It a aligator or crocodile

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    I'm a boy even if the photo is a girl cos this is my grandma s tablet

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    i also hope you do not find a shark!!!!!

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    over exaggerate everything

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