Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson & Awkwafina's Secret Skills


  1. allo1490

    allo1490Day ago

    plastic surgery is horrible. bullock was beautiful. now she looks like a middle eastern or a kardashian. but a bad day version.

  2. Ana Pisani

    Ana Pisani2 days ago


  3. R J

    R J2 days ago

    Sarah Paulson is hilarious

  4. Jane O'Leary

    Jane O'Leary3 days ago

    A friend of mine thinks Sandra is transgender

  5. Looped Fruit

    Looped Fruit3 days ago

    To the person who fired AWKWAFINA, thank you. Or else she might still be working there today.

  6. Miss Gunst

    Miss Gunst5 days ago

    That hosts laugh is kind of stupidly annoying, and just goes on my balls.....

  7. Cara Elizabeth

    Cara Elizabeth13 days ago

    Sarah Paulson’s dancing in general is the best gosh darn thing I’ve ever seen 😂

  8. Geneviève Echeverri

    Geneviève Echeverri14 days ago

    *Wоuld Yоu F.vсk Mе?* *Cl1сk H.е.r.е Tо Wаtсh S.E.X.Y W3bсаМ Girls.* ↬ 🔥 🔥

  9. Free Martian

    Free Martian14 days ago

    yeah looks like a drag queen too

  10. Millie A.

    Millie A.18 days ago

    sandra and sarah are literally ready to fight her ex-boss oml what moms

  11. Julie Ransom

    Julie Ransom20 days ago

    This is the show where Sandra Bullock admits (and this was said not as a joke) that she steals items from her hotel rooms, anything that's not nailed down. She said 'I figured it's good publicity"--meaning, I guess, that her lounging with friends around her house wearing a robe she stole from the Four Seasons? She and Sarah both said they'd steal towels. Not cool. All I can say is she's going to have trouble finding a place to stay if she ever comes to Pittsburgh. Hotels have black listed people, I'm in the hospitality business. We don't want people like that staying in their hotels.

  12. 007coleyfoley

    007coleyfoley20 days ago


  13. N.T.

    N.T.22 days ago

    That waving dance lmao

  14. littlegoatgt

    littlegoatgt27 days ago

    Sandra should just age naturally. I guess we don't understand the pressure of Hollywood but why not just embrace age with grace?

  15. networkdeath1

    networkdeath1Month ago

    white women are really really boring

  16. Lauren Daniels

    Lauren DanielsMonth ago

    "Oops Oops!"😂😂

  17. tilda may

    tilda mayMonth ago

    sandra bullock is so cute ahhhh

  18. Robert Joseph

    Robert JosephMonth ago

    Sandra Bullock stopped aging at 30.

  19. Stella Rose

    Stella RoseMonth ago


  20. Cate Jo

    Cate JoMonth ago


  21. K H

    K HMonth ago

    I love Sarah so much 😂

  22. Giovanna Bellù

    Giovanna BellùMonth ago

    So funny!!! I almost peed my pants. LOL :-)

  23. jo michelle

    jo michelleMonth ago


  24. Roshan Sawariya

    Roshan SawariyaMonth ago

    That was the whitest of all white people dances in the world

  25. Yani Lat

    Yani LatMonth ago

    That was a great mom dance at weddings 😂👍🏽

  26. Izumi's Apprentice

    Izumi's ApprenticeMonth ago

    Sandra and Sarah the over protective, ready to throw tf down aunts of Awkwafina!

  27. Clara Lim

    Clara LimMonth ago

    imagine having sandra bullock & sarah paulson have your back 24/7, it would be a dream come true

  28. regalsmartie11

    regalsmartie11Month ago

    Sandy B is da QUEEN.

  29. green alien

    green alienMonth ago

    She is funnier than most comedians of our time and she is not even a comedian

  30. Vadym Volodko

    Vadym VolodkoMonth ago

    You can go to woodprix if you would like to make it yourself guys.

  31. da96103

    da96103Month ago

    Lady boss fired Awkwafina because Awkwafina sang that her boss' vag won Best Supporting Vag.

  32. da96103

    da96103Month ago

    To lady boss, nothing worse than having American Sweetheart Sandra Bullock diss you on national television.

  33. Mustafa Ahmed

    Mustafa AhmedMonth ago

    That laugh sounded like howie mandel.

  34. La Serpenta Canta

    La Serpenta CantaMonth ago

    they are so incredibly pathetic, and sandra trying to be all me too movement, who did she help when she was the biggest star in the world? nobody.

  35. Taras Kobets

    Taras KobetsMonth ago

    I heard about woodprix instructions good opinions.

  36. Anna Seabra

    Anna SeabraMonth ago

    sarah makes me happy

  37. ModernMood

    ModernMoodMonth ago

    Sarah paulson looks like the slimmed down version of adele when she danced same hairstyle and clothes

  38. John Cunningham

    John CunninghamMonth ago

    I can't get over the name Awkwafina. She named herself after a bottle of fucking water lmfao... Why!?

  39. Amerika Garcia

    Amerika GarciaMonth ago

    Oh god this was stupid

  40. D Bone

    D BoneMonth ago

    Who the fuck names their kid after a brand of bottled water?!

  41. yousaywhat

    yousaywhatMonth ago

    Sarah Paulson will be the death of me!!! 😂😂😂😂

  42. Hey You

    Hey YouMonth ago

    that oops !! gold

  43. Annika Thomas

    Annika ThomasMonth ago

    cold swear police trailer contrast candy curriculum mate opposite weight.

  44. Paris Eiffel

    Paris EiffelMonth ago

    We love our Sarah😂❤️❤️

  45. Ankita Desai

    Ankita DesaiMonth ago

    Sandra's outfit 😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  46. Imamia Murshed

    Imamia MurshedMonth ago

    Sara's voice at 0:41 😂😂😂

  47. Tay No last name

    Tay No last nameMonth ago

    Oh my god Sandra Bullock is gorgeous 🤤😩

  48. matthias ameen

    matthias ameen2 months ago

    I need to see sarah and kristen wiig in a movie together.

  49. Naomi Thornton

    Naomi Thornton2 months ago

    So frickin funny...... These guys are hillarious. Sarah's dance is authentic. It's like they are at a family gathering instead if a talk show. Funny. Loved the movie.

  50. Benton Xavier

    Benton Xavier2 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is the type of friend everyone needs

  51. Ethel Ping

    Ethel Ping2 months ago

    That peer pressure

  52. ashleyen3

    ashleyen32 months ago

    Awkwafina! wassup girl!

  53. Meh

    Meh2 months ago


  54. Zildenia Nepomuceno

    Zildenia Nepomuceno2 months ago

    l love sarah...

  55. noname mr

    noname mr2 months ago

    Just adore Sarah Paulson ❤️❤️❤️😍🙏

  56. AJ Bitch

    AJ Bitch2 months ago

    urghh...james is dull as an interviewer

  57. Day Lisborn

    Day Lisborn2 months ago

    omg the way Awkwafina's just like "I made a song called 'My Vag', yeah" and shrugs like "what can you do about it?" xDDD

  58. J Nelson

    J Nelson2 months ago

    Who the hell is this Wawkwawfinaw person? Never heard of her.

  59. Guillotier

    Guillotier2 months ago

    Anyone knows the song fading out at the end?

  60. Elise Jabbour

    Elise Jabbour2 months ago

    The most beautiful and elegant among the 8 women are Cate and Sandy. Sarah is very sweet

  61. Meg Smith

    Meg Smith2 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is a national treasure.

  62. FedorMachida Last

    FedorMachida Last2 months ago

    Sarah Paulson reminds me of Kristen Wiig a little. Sandra's face looks like melted plastic, but she still has nice hair and a good body. Out of those 3 bitches, I would take Sarah Paulson. (in my fantasy world, of course).

  63. CuddyWoolf

    CuddyWoolf2 months ago

    I guess I have a new dance move :D

  64. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El Dakkour2 months ago

    Sara Paulson kills every interview

  65. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El Dakkour2 months ago

    I can’t they’re hilarious

  66. Dom Pom

    Dom Pom2 months ago

    Sarah is so lovely. She just doesn't care about her image. She seems to be spontaneous every minute. Great to see the industry doesn't change everyone ! Some seem normal, if ever Sarah is normal ahah

  67. King Green

    King Green2 months ago

    Only here for Awkwafina

  68. c nava

    c nava2 months ago

    I wanna be like Sarah!!

  69. Vignesh Dhakshina

    Vignesh Dhakshina2 months ago

    Omg! I loveeeeeeee Sarah ♥️

  70. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    I found some very disturbing information about Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett who star in this film. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett have been using a new skin beauty treatment in which the cells derived from a circumcised newborn baby boys penis foreskin is cloned and then used on their faces for skin enhancement. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett joke about their beauty treatment by referring to it as a "penis facial". This is appalling and these women are disgusting privileged psychopaths! Any circumcision is genital mutilation! Of course society decries female circumcision, but no one cares when male baby boys are subjected to the mental and physical pain caused by circumcision. Male circumcision can also cause many problems when the circumcised boys grow older. Stop supporting these Hollywood films and the people involved in making these films. Actors and actresses are just overpaid glorified thespians that we do not need in our lives. Hollywood is home of the pedophiles, rapists, and promiscuous psychopaths. And Hollywood was created by the elite to manipulate, distract, and brainwash.

  71. Jorge Solano

    Jorge Solano2 months ago

    Oh God.. Sarah is so funny.. I love her!!!

  72. purplemonkey

    purplemonkey2 months ago

    Why is Sarah Paulson not my girlfriend right now?

  73. Lazarussoul 82

    Lazarussoul 822 months ago


  74. Kyle Johnson

    Kyle Johnson2 months ago

    Nice motion capture suit

  75. Marianjewels

    Marianjewels2 months ago

    I wanna be friends with Sarah Paulson so bad 😭😭😂🤣

  76. Matthew Schwenker

    Matthew Schwenker2 months ago

    God this guy is obnoxious. How do you brits like him. He wouldn’t get far in the US. He’s fat af too.

  77. Kate

    KateMonth ago

    honey his show IS an american show, not a british one.

  78. Jian Yang

    Jian Yang2 months ago

    He is gay and sing stupid music. Thats enough for massmedia influenced idiothumans

  79. Julie Trapp

    Julie Trapp2 months ago

    "Don't look down." For some reason, i can't help but smile widely at that sentence, it was veey encouraging for me. 🤗

  80. Maria Battaglia

    Maria Battaglia2 months ago I enjoy all of you very talented really

  81. Maria Battaglia

    Maria Battaglia2 months ago

  82. Maria Battaglia

    Maria Battaglia2 months ago Cousin Mary can put you all to shame. Cousin Mary is a class act. You ladies are wonderful. keep trying ok?

  83. Carol B

    Carol B2 months ago

    Awkwafina ??? Did she knock the Scabble board on the floor and picked up as many blocks as she could. Then decide to give herself a new name with the few blocks that she picked up. OMG! That name is right up there with Auquanetta and Placentintia. (yes, those are real names too!) When will that madness STOP?

  84. Joel Barker

    Joel Barker2 months ago

    Sandra's a dude.. man look at those hands and Adam's apple

  85. Holly Poon

    Holly Poon2 months ago


  86. Fernando Yaquian

    Fernando Yaquian2 months ago

    I love Sarah Pulson, and I'm happy she is finally receiving the recognition she deserves.

  87. UchihaKatana

    UchihaKatana2 months ago

    The movie is really bad don’t waste your money

  88. Amber Tatum

    Amber Tatum2 months ago

    Is it Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, or Julia Roberts?

  89. Freddy Traxx

    Freddy Traxx2 months ago

    what happened to Sandy's mouth? is she pumpin fat into her lips now?

  90. Chico Amadeo

    Chico Amadeo2 months ago


  91. imyoume1-IG imyoume1-IG

    imyoume1-IG imyoume1-IG2 months ago

    I'm At A Lost At Words Right and Yet Inspired And Tearfully Very Honored Blessed, Astonished, and Very Pround To Have Read You Comments.Thank You For Your Life Changing Comments

  92. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon2 months ago

    Can't see her without seeing AHS. That's how amazing her acting skills are. It transcends onto real life.

  93. alasha161

    alasha1612 months ago

    Sandra looks awful with that plastic surgery

  94. Hari Krishnan

    Hari Krishnan2 months ago

    Why r these videos available soo late in India ? 😓😓😓😓

  95. Schiff Granger

    Schiff Granger2 months ago

    _Eh, Awkwafina's raps seem a bit watered down._

  96. Jason Stubbz

    Jason Stubbz2 months ago


  97. Vivian Pierce Rose

    Vivian Pierce Rose2 months ago

    All amazing women

  98. Emma Vorne

    Emma Vorne2 months ago

    Those two have great chemistry!

  99. Millie Kate

    Millie Kate2 months ago

    Sarah is just great.

  100. FlowUrbanFlow

    FlowUrbanFlow2 months ago

    Awkwafina! Is she coming back?!

  101. Karen Dea

    Karen Dea2 months ago

    Okay, excuse me, *there is no way that Sandra Bullock is 53* If I didn't know any better, I'd say she'd be a little older than Awkwafina (who's 29, btw), but she's almost twice her age!

  102. Jay Rocha

    Jay Rocha2 months ago

    Sarah looks like a skinny Adele😂