Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson & Awkwafina's Secret Skills


  1. Sharen Emanuella

    Sharen Emanuella10 days ago

    I can't imagine if cate was there and watched sarah dance XD

  2. Nikki lasseson

    Nikki lasseson12 days ago


  3. Jacob

    JacobMonth ago

    Imagine having Sarah Paulson sit on ur face 😋

  4. Miguel Gómez

    Miguel GómezMonth ago

    2:20 Jajajajaja

  5. Jack N Crack

    Jack N CrackMonth ago

    Horrible bosses - 3 should cast these 3 beautiful but dangerous ladies......

  6. Jack N Crack

    Jack N CrackMonth ago

    Horrible bosses - 3 should cast these 3 beautiful but dangerous ladies......

  7. Judi珠珠

    Judi珠珠Month ago

    I love these three together !!!

  8. Roopkamal Singh Sidhu

    Roopkamal Singh Sidhu2 months ago

    What’s the songs name ? Sarah is doing the mom dance on?

  9. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco2 months ago

    that mom dance is really cute!

  10. Sweet_Cookie21

    Sweet_Cookie212 months ago

    Sarah Paulson looks fine af!!!

  11. Name Channel

    Name Channel2 months ago

    Ha love Sarah

  12. Jake E

    Jake E2 months ago

    This was iconic, but i don’t know if I would call awkwafinas entire music career a secret skill lmao

  13. You're Welcome!

    You're Welcome!2 months ago

    Sarah paulson and sandra bullock are match-made-in-heaven friends

  14. Mee Lani

    Mee Lani2 months ago


  15. Tresa Hedgepeth

    Tresa Hedgepeth3 months ago

    Better be Ocean 9,10,11 ect.

  16. Tresa Hedgepeth

    Tresa Hedgepeth2 months ago

    +Mary Rose Kent Thanks!!!!! You are correct Lol.

  17. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent2 months ago

    Tresa Hedgepeth [Et cetera (etc.)]

  18. Loveyou3000

    Loveyou30003 months ago

    Well this is much better than Ellens interview

  19. Fabyolla Veras

    Fabyolla Veras3 months ago

    *Sandra Bullock* é muito maravilhosa 💖

  20. Alexander Kalle Lindgren

    Alexander Kalle Lindgren3 months ago

    That's literally how my mum dances too LOL

  21. Rosetta Occhi

    Rosetta Occhi3 months ago

    WOW! What music is this? So fascinating! During Sarah Paulson is dancing, what music is? Please let me know this information

  22. صلي علي محمد سبحان الله

    صلي علي محمد سبحان الله3 months ago


  23. Arwa As

    Arwa As3 months ago

    OMG when sarah said Oops 😂😂😂🔥❤️

  24. Jehan Wanliss

    Jehan Wanliss3 months ago

    They were like those bullying big sisters that would beat up anyone that bothered their younger sister

  25. Marissa Love KKH Love

    Marissa Love KKH Love3 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is queen👑

  26. Larissa Zavala

    Larissa Zavala3 months ago

    Sandra seems low key drunk 😂

  27. L Navarro

    L Navarro3 months ago

    Looks like a fast older Chola dance 😁

  28. Tami Channel

    Tami Channel3 months ago

    I love all three Sandra, Awkafina, but Sarah is my love...

  29. roger peet

    roger peet3 months ago

    Wait ... I dance just like that. I always thought I was grooving, big time.

  30. Indiegirl007

    Indiegirl0074 months ago

    Sarah and Sandra are the aunties that everyone needs.

  31. mediacenter man

    mediacenter man4 months ago

    Sandra Bullock still wearing the gown from make up backstage 1:30

  32. Tiffany Sanchez

    Tiffany Sanchez4 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is amazing

  33. Satis

    Satis4 months ago

    Sandra is legit Me 😭”Say it Say it” Lets Get that Tea ☕️ Sus

  34. Antisha Patrick

    Antisha Patrick4 months ago

    I freaking love Sarah Paulson

  35. Jessica Bailie

    Jessica Bailie4 months ago

    Why did that dance remind me of Diane Keaton??? Anyone else??

  36. ShR3D3R 720

    ShR3D3R 7204 months ago

    That dance needs to be a fortnite dance 😂😂😂. I love it..!

  37. Peter Healy

    Peter Healy4 months ago

    They need to stop that fat piglet offending our eyes and ears.

  38. Sarah adu amofa

    Sarah adu amofa4 months ago

    Sarah u are Awesome I really like you

  39. Leslie Finister

    Leslie Finister4 months ago

    Awkwafina stole my hearts. Loving this lady.

  40. jacinth celiz

    jacinth celiz4 months ago

    Sandra Bullock: Yow !!! me : died

  41. Danielle Boydon

    Danielle Boydon4 months ago

    Sarah’s mum dancing is hilarious! I lost it at the smile and wave she done 😩😂😂😂😂

  42. Receptionist PCLAW

    Receptionist PCLAW4 months ago

    Oh. My. God. I think I just fell in love with Sarah Paulson!!! Hilarious, I swear!!!

  43. Wivolin Photography

    Wivolin Photography4 months ago

    Say it!

  44. Keanon Van der Walt

    Keanon Van der Walt4 months ago

    Everytime I watch an interview with this cast, it's always a good time. Ugh can we have them do interviews for their individual movies forever, but together?

  45. Habib Habib

    Habib Habib4 months ago

    Sandra Bullock is such a babe

  46. Potterhead 101

    Potterhead 1014 months ago

    Sarah: Where were you working? Sandra: Where...? Awkwafina: I was working at... Sarah & Sandra: Can you say it? Awkwafina: No Sandra: SaY iT sAy It Awkwafina: I was working a publicyist.... (yes i know that's not how you spell it but that's how she said it) Sandra & Sarah: SAY IT Awkwafina: it was it was it Sandra: Come on! What firm????? What street???? What floor???? LADY!!!! This is like me and my friends. I'm Awkwafina, shy and trying not to throw anyone under the bus, and my friends are Sandra and Sarah, overprotective and very caring (I know I skipped the rest but I got lazy so....)

  47. Jose Roberto

    Jose Roberto4 months ago

    Bird box

  48. DJ Jones

    DJ Jones4 months ago

    I absolutely love these ladies!!! They are my best friends in my head.

  49. _ 27

    _ 274 months ago

    okay but awkwafina’s outfit 🔶🧡💕

  50. Raphael Smith

    Raphael Smith4 months ago

    Lmao Sandra and Sarah are like big sisters 😂😂🤣🤣💀☠️ “say it, say it, saaaaaaay it!”

  51. janet

    janet4 months ago

    My Puss has a much better tune and lyics. It's 12 years old, so well before her Vag.

  52. R. T.

    R. T.4 months ago

    Oh god love her dance oh my god

  53. Halley Carter

    Halley Carter4 months ago


  54. Alma Foxx

    Alma Foxx4 months ago

    I watched the dance part 4 times so I could see the dance then everybodys reactions

  55. Alma Foxx

    Alma Foxx4 months ago

    0:43 Sarah's voice got so deep I just said "Yes Daddy"

  56. Gerardine Cizmar

    Gerardine Cizmar5 months ago

    Really funny and beautiful ladies.

  57. dipperdandy

    dipperdandy5 months ago

    I'm 30 and clearly too old to know who Awkwafina is, but she seems nice!

  58. dipperdandy

    dipperdandy5 months ago

    OMG my love for Sarah Paulson never ends.

  59. Alex Zubashvili

    Alex Zubashvili5 months ago

    Sarah Paulson looks like Jessica Lange

  60. Sakib Zekki

    Sakib Zekki5 months ago

    She is always weird but i still don't know why I have a huge crush on sara paulson 💓💓💓💓

  61. Thalissa Franca

    Thalissa Franca5 months ago

    Sandra and Sarah are the ppl ever

  62. Ariana Duran

    Ariana Duran5 months ago

    "don't look down" well, that's kinda sweet 💕

  63. Rendroc

    Rendroc5 months ago

    I like how she doesn't want to put the spotlight on her firm, she just seems like a nice girl.

  64. Witania Cahyadi

    Witania Cahyadi5 months ago

    i jus love sarah paulson sm

  65. TheCaliMack

    TheCaliMack5 months ago

    Can they be my best friends?

  66. chris lee

    chris lee5 months ago

    I hate when people who aren't funny try to act funny. Especially when a person beside them are already known to be hella funny and will no doubt be the most overwhelmingly entertaining out of any group during an interview. It's very clear Sandra doesn't want to be outdone and quickly takes command of the situation. . Surely she's seen the clips and knows how naturally funny Sarah Paulson is. It's very noticeable in my opinion, Sandra Bullock wants to be fan favorite. Sarah Paulson is a RIOT. Imagine growing up having her to hang out with.

  67. Alec Nguyen

    Alec Nguyen6 months ago

    if sandra bullock ask where you tell her where

  68. Miss Gunst

    Miss Gunst6 months ago

    Can’t stand that shit laughing.......! Ruins everything everything everywhere

  69. Moukhtar Tba

    Moukhtar Tba6 months ago

    very nice amigos ! waw ... congra for the movie guys ^^

  70. Eva Zsigmond

    Eva Zsigmond6 months ago

    Sandra is like an angry mom bout to smack the fuck out of a bitch who hurt her child

  71. Sasha Fox

    Sasha Fox6 months ago

    Lol lmaooooo love Sandra Bullock Sarah Paulson's they're both always defending people I love them so much and awkwafina fuck your old job fuck them that fired you girl you to shit

  72. Sadhus Kat

    Sadhus Kat6 months ago

    I hate paulson guts not only she is ugly bad actress but is so hard on eyes more in reality shows than her nasty performances


    БЛААТ БЛААТ6 months ago

    Sarah Paulson cool

  74. Creepy Chan

    Creepy Chan6 months ago

    why i never know who sarah is? i'm obsessed with her now

  75. Rob C

    Rob C6 months ago

    Holy fuck Sandra Bullock doesn't age whatsoever.

  76. Rocket Raccoon

    Rocket Raccoon6 months ago

    Bitch gets her face injected with infant foreskins.

  77. Game Of Death

    Game Of Death6 months ago

    I could have fun all night with Sarah she's fun aint she?! 💕

  78. BookDragon01

    BookDragon017 months ago

    I need Cordelia and Misty to dance to Fleetwood Mac in the new season, and Sarah just dances like this all awkwardly. 😂

  79. Bebe Babbitto

    Bebe Babbitto7 months ago

    I love Sarah so much! 😂❤️

  80. kimmymb6

    kimmymb67 months ago

    Oml i love how shameless sarah is

  81. Jc Ramirez

    Jc Ramirez7 months ago

    Sandra bulllok is hotter than fish grease

  82. Andrew Garfield

    Andrew Garfield7 months ago

    Sandra and Sarah need to shut up

  83. Heyy Nn

    Heyy Nn6 months ago

    U need to get out

  84. Ces Ferr

    Ces Ferr7 months ago

    Awkwafina sounds like scarlett johansson finally!! i had to close my eyes and listen to her talking to find out who's she's sound alike

  85. Common Sense

    Common Sense7 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is a goddess

  86. timothy brown

    timothy brown7 months ago

    2:20 this dance should be called the Hillary Clinton I can see Hillary Clinton.💃

  87. will crow

    will crow7 months ago

    Mom Dance! love it!!

  88. Lo dean Tisdale

    Lo dean Tisdale7 months ago

    what song is that playing as she dances?

  89. Shayna Jin

    Shayna Jin7 months ago

    I love sarah paulson

  90. Ronald E. Benavides

    Ronald E. Benavides7 months ago

    She has to host SNL


    BREYUTIFUL7 months ago

    the hand movement, i- ushdfygaurygfralu

  92. BEB

    BEB7 months ago

    I thought she will floss

  93. ZeroFox75

    ZeroFox757 months ago

    Get someone who will defend you like Sarah and Sandra protect Awkwafina

  94. Meng Meng

    Meng Meng7 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is just so Adorableeeee

  95. Meng Meng

    Meng Meng7 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is just so Adorableeeee

  96. bjad

    bjad7 months ago

    Knew Bullock was a dude

  97. Em Cee

    Em Cee7 months ago

    iLove sarah.. ;)

  98. Jawad Hasan

    Jawad Hasan7 months ago

    Sarah Paulson is the ultimate HYPE girl ! 💜

  99. Inbal Ida

    Inbal Ida7 months ago

    Can Sarah be my bff?

  100. Gleyce Kelle

    Gleyce Kelle7 months ago

    A sarah paulson seria a melhor pessoa pra um role doidao certeza 😂😂

  101. Artistic Astronaut

    Artistic Astronaut7 months ago

    Does anyone know which firm 😂??

  102. kritti1

    kritti17 months ago

    I wish Sandra would stop botoxing her face beyond recognition

  103. فضول خان

    فضول خان8 months ago

    Sandra has drunk too much

  104. João Pedro Reis

    João Pedro Reis8 months ago

    i love sarah so much