Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max


  1. Saciid Luqman Saciid

    Saciid Luqman SaciidDay ago

    Others waiting for S20 and iPhone 11 Me waiting for Samsung A51❤🤣

  2. Legend Since 2002

    Legend Since 2002Day ago

    bro waiting for your camera comparison of S20 ultra and iPhone 11 pro

  3. lord mind

    lord mindDay ago

    iphone hes better disain on the planet.. samsung hes better performance.

  4. Baidy Muscle

    Baidy MuscleDay ago

    Waiting fot there camera comparison in supersaf style😎😎

  5. EliteWar Zone

    EliteWar ZoneDay ago

    i think that i would still go with the iPhone 11 Pro or the future iPhone 12 Pro because the software is still better and the ram optimization is a lot better in the iPhone as of today, it will be interesting to see if the new iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max will be able to shoot photos and videos at 8K, this will be an interesting feature to have.. um.. in terms of raw performance i think that the iPhone still has the upper hand here, but like i said it will be interesting to see if it will be able to shoot videos at 8K, but also it will be interesting to know if there will be a change into a more powerful CPU Processor and a bigger battery as well.. time will tell!. Wish all of you a great and awesome day!.

  6. faizal mf

    faizal mfDay ago

    Samsung & Iphone : hey we will fool people sure they do 😁

  7. Jimmy V

    Jimmy VDay ago

    DO A CAMERA TEST BRO! Pleaseeeeee

  8. Khalid Essafi

    Khalid EssafiDay ago

    لما تقارن هاتف جديد ٢٠٢٠مع ايفون ٢٠١٩ هذا غباء ولما تقارن هاتف به ك

  9. RemiX. 93

    RemiX. 932 days ago

    Thumbs up for the Note 20 Pro/Ultra. Whatever they are going to call it

  10. Besi 777

    Besi 7772 days ago

    2015: exellent screen to body ratio 2020: exellent camera to camera ratio

  11. Sushicake666

    Sushicake6662 days ago

    I just got the Iphone 11 pro Max and are very happy about it. The only good thing about the S20 ultra is the camera and also the battery but I still prefer a iPhone

  12. Luminoo Oo

    Luminoo Oo2 days ago

    s20 ultra is good- but iph body is more detail and more beautiful

  13. Bubut  Linsangan

    Bubut Linsangan2 days ago

    Samsung the best!!?!

  14. Mohammed Mostsfa kamal

    Mohammed Mostsfa kamal2 days ago

    Hello supersaf, I need your valuable opinion! I started my premium phone journey with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and then S8 plus which I am still using. I am very much satisfied with both the devices in terms of innovations. But still I find the display animation and smooth performance are far better in iphone and software optimisation too but iPhone has lot of cons in compare to Samsung flagship devices as you know as well but still i am in urge of buying iPhone as I have never used ios. Would it be a good decision if I switch to iPhone 12 when it launches? I am concerned with Camera quality, battery, hardware and performance. I don't play so heavy games in the smartphone and i am not a gaming freak. Thank you ☺️

  15. bojan radovanovic

    bojan radovanovic2 days ago

    My thoughts on S20Ultra: 1. I think that Samsung trying to hard to be an Apple. Where Apple don't have any competition within OS, Samsung does and often they offer similar hardware and sw, but cheaper. 2.ultra is just too expensive for a regular Samsung's flagship, which it is not is more for heavy users, which will cannibalize Note sales. Note users know why they bought it, for production and no matter how much it costs they are ready to pay for the best there, they will choose a device with a pen or without. 3. Few years ago when I was looking to buy Galaxy S, I know that I will buy a best that Samsung has to offer. Admittedly, I have picked smaller device in size, for my own preferences, but still I got the best flagship phone. Today, if I go in a store to buy a phone, I will look at Ultra, and think how great it is (but to big, ugly and expensive for myself) and then I wouldn't even look at regular s20 because it is not a my eyes it more like A series was....or s10e, which was great phone on it's own, but I got the same feeling about it, when compared to regular s20 and Plus was crippled. S20 today is also crippled, but still very expensive device. So, I guess that many of those millions of Galaxy S users will think similar as I do, and that is: If I already won't be buying Samsung's flagship, maybe I should try something else...let's see what Oneplus and Xiaomi has to offer, since it is cheaper than this midrange S20 device. So....I guess, it now to say goodbye to Samsung.

  16. Mitul Muhiq

    Mitul Muhiq2 days ago

    S20 is much better

  17. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez2 days ago

    Samsung the best!!..iphone is trash in battery

  18. Jason Dranoff

    Jason Dranoff2 days ago

    I thought the frame on the ultra was stainless steel not aluminum??

  19. WokeFromTheMatrix SpreadTheTruth

    WokeFromTheMatrix SpreadTheTruth2 days ago

    I like window shopping for Samsung phones but not in actual stores just only through youTube because they are so expensive. But at least I got a LG as a Obama phone through a letgo offer . Ah Thank God🙇‍♀️

  20. 최현준

    최현준3 days ago

    I want to buy Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra

  21. Hudson Sanchez

    Hudson Sanchez3 days ago

    your the best youtuder i like you who you are you look cool and i like how you discribe the phones

  22. Merali

    Merali3 days ago

  23. Tendai Banda

    Tendai Banda3 days ago

    *iPhone removes head set jack* Me: this phone trash, who removes head set jack, that part has multiple functions unbelievable! 😑 *Samsung removes head set jack* Also me: ok this is an awesome development, now we can have less interruptions when playing games👍😎. Hurrah Samsung 🇰🇷📱🇰🇷

  24. Shyam A

    Shyam A3 days ago

    Samsung is undoubtedly the King Of Smartphone and the emperor of display.

  25. ganga dhara

    ganga dhara3 days ago

    I will wait for apples i zooooom🤣

  26. Mohammed Abdul Naseer

    Mohammed Abdul Naseer3 days ago

    Camera comparison sooooonnnn

  27. Jaydip Bishwokarma

    Jaydip Bishwokarma3 days ago

    when is the supersaf style camera comparison coming? I am waiting for it so bad....gonna buy the best one after your video😊

  28. Dolishiva Krishna47

    Dolishiva Krishna473 days ago

    I m waiting for iphone 12

  29. Ibrahim Fatawu

    Ibrahim Fatawu3 days ago

    Still like my note 9

  30. Mohammed Mazharuddin Khan

    Mohammed Mazharuddin Khan3 days ago

    Iphone 11 pro max has only 4 gb Ram . And costs so much . Its not worth it

  31. Lin Rueangsri

    Lin Rueangsri4 days ago

    Moving from a iphone 6s+ to galaxy S20 ultra lol

  32. Abu Sufian Shafi

    Abu Sufian Shafi4 days ago

    Would you make a video about Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs IPhone 11 Pro Max camera test please.

  33. Wit Tmg

    Wit Tmg4 days ago

    nice one, :)

  34. Joessepi Rangel

    Joessepi Rangel4 days ago

    Ultra 20 a beast n my next phone my nukka

  35. Nayan Ray

    Nayan Ray4 days ago

    sumsung S20 ultra 😍😍8K video omg😍

  36. J J

    J J4 days ago

    Why the hell you always put cut outs to your forehead and now cameras on your face too ? Dude. Seriously stop doing that

  37. Arman Ahmed

    Arman Ahmed4 days ago

    Absolutely the GALAXY S20 ULTRA I will preffer

  38. Christopher Dwyer

    Christopher Dwyer4 days ago

    People always forget how many people have Samsung smart TVs and how easy it is to stream to your tv

  39. Roden Pamatian

    Roden Pamatian4 days ago

    Why are you wearing 2 watch at the same time😂

  40. cosmic pratik

    cosmic pratik4 days ago

    Nice bro

  41. Vines of Nav

    Vines of Nav4 days ago

    apple always 😁😁

  42. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool4 days ago

    The Ultra needs of course 5000mAh, cause of the screen and Ram etc. Someone compared the Ultra and Max Pro and the Pro Max had a longer life on 6h screentime If u wanna buy the S20 u better get the S20 or S20+... the Ultra is way to big and has the 100 zoom cam on board. And u will Not use them because they look terrible of course. The nightmode on the Max is amazing also the deep fusion function. Both Phones are good but wich one u Take depends on ur taste. One thing Apple needs to quit is to produce 64GB phones. If u buy a smartphone for over 1.000 $ or € u should at least have 128GB

  43. mayank sagar

    mayank sagar5 days ago

    Byee iphone!

  44. jameer sayyed

    jameer sayyed5 days ago

    Only i phone lovers hit...👍🏻

  45. Nathan Mwema

    Nathan Mwema5 days ago

    Samsung might enable the 120HZ at WQHD + in the coming months

  46. hakam soufan

    hakam soufan5 days ago

    Great work .. thank you

  47. TR Gamer

    TR Gamer5 days ago

    Samsung is loosing premiumness day by day.......the s20 series looks like plastic body phone

  48. Lokk j

    Lokk j4 days ago

    Sad iSheep

  49. football crazy

    football crazy5 days ago

    IPhone just double price but not good feature so my choice Huawei or Samsung

  50. YA

    YA2 days ago

    football crazy The Samsung is actually more expensive in this case.

  51. TimTim98

    TimTim985 days ago

    Waiting for the camera test

  52. Eshana Abesiriwardhana

    Eshana Abesiriwardhana5 days ago


  53. Morpheus !

    Morpheus !5 days ago

    s20 is just an ugly phone period. Just switched back to Apple after 2 years with the Samsung. Happy again!

  54. spyder contreras

    spyder contreras5 days ago

    I'm waiting for the note 20 overkill comes out next year

  55. sujata shetty

    sujata shetty5 days ago

    Camera comparison of iPhone 11 pro max and s20 ultra!!!!

  56. lucky Qasim

    lucky Qasim5 days ago

    Who bought s10 plus in January can cry with me 😭

  57. HxZzY

    HxZzY5 days ago

    My wallet: dont even think about it

  58. HxZzY

    HxZzY5 days ago

    Casually me on my s8+.. but i prefer apple..

  59. Mike B

    Mike B5 days ago

    the samsung is as ugly as supersaf lol peace yo

  60. Imthiyaz

    Imthiyaz5 days ago


  61. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden5 days ago

    Wtf is that thing?! S20? What?!?! Hahaha wtf. Why would I buy that? it’s like they’re assuming in poor!

  62. flying bird_

    flying bird_5 days ago

    Speed teat