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Sam Smith - Pray (Official Video) ft. Logic


  1. Ignas Kubilius

    Ignas Kubilius26 minutes ago

    logic should colab with g-eazy

  2. giovanna paiva

    giovanna paiva58 minutes ago

    What a song!!!

  3. meatee teete

    meatee teeteHour ago

    Intro is fuckin great

  4. ALEX CR

    ALEX CR2 hours ago

    This collab is the best of the year 👌

  5. Yosshi Hernandez

    Yosshi Hernandez2 hours ago

    I love to voice of Sam Smith is me favorite singer 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


    DEADSHOT GAMER2 hours ago

    Sub to me

  7. michael M

    michael M2 hours ago

    That dude running in place reminds me of my dreams.

  8. Tim Lee

    Tim Lee3 hours ago


  9. steve

    steve3 hours ago

    like the vibe

  10. KCD_SM_2001_1998

    KCD_SM_2001_19983 hours ago


  11. Villaluz San Buenaventura

    Villaluz San Buenaventura3 hours ago

    First time ive heard was good .. but now it was better i guess

  12. Lisa Head

    Lisa Head3 hours ago

    Original is the best , spoilt it by putting rap into it :(

  13. Lisa Head

    Lisa Head3 hours ago


  14. Stefan Jovanovic

    Stefan Jovanovic4 hours ago

    Wao, the best song ever 😍😍

  15. Hussein Chahrour

    Hussein Chahrour4 hours ago

    Love it 😍😍😍

  16. Tyler

    Tyler5 hours ago

    This song brought me out a lot I’ve sang it so many times keep the good work up sam Smith love yo music seen every video a billion times follow my insta kearn.tyler

  17. alex blount

    alex blount5 hours ago

    They never knew my struggles :(

  18. Haikal Ashri

    Haikal Ashri5 hours ago

    His voice was so great oh its wasn’t great but greatest 💕

  19. Hamid Zainal

    Hamid Zainal6 hours ago

    My favorit part from the orignal is the second verse. But it ain't here. I'm okay with Logic verse, but the choir and the lyrics of second verse are great, and they also need to put in this:( One more, this song deserves Grammy or at least being nominated as SoTY!

  20. Sorina-Elena Stanila

    Sorina-Elena Stanila6 hours ago


  21. George Okeke

    George Okeke7 hours ago

    This song deeply resonates with me,it just feels so good,God bless you Sam!!!

  22. Muhammad Musyafa

    Muhammad Musyafa7 hours ago

    Wong mano nga kak bage no Wa kau

  23. juan trujillo

    juan trujillo7 hours ago

    Blow my mind.

  24. Vk

    Vk7 hours ago


  25. Luis De La Torre

    Luis De La Torre7 hours ago

    Eres el puto rey de la canción SAM I.L.Y

  26. PonySiTt

    PonySiTt7 hours ago

    what is this locate?

  27. Aviey-o- wisp

    Aviey-o- wisp8 hours ago


  28. Katrina Wolfgram

    Katrina Wolfgram9 hours ago

  29. Katrina Wolfgram

    Katrina Wolfgram9 hours ago

  30. Katrina Wolfgram

    Katrina Wolfgram9 hours ago

    Riley Clemmons - Broken Prayers

  31. Charles Wright

    Charles Wright9 hours ago

    am I the only one that loved the original more than this collab?? sams original second verse was perfect

  32. Vase Senti

    Vase Senti10 hours ago

    I love the logic lyrics of this song.🖤

  33. Náizara Gomes Pinheiro

    Náizara Gomes Pinheiro11 hours ago

    No final todos oram...🎶🙌 O Senhor Deus é a solução!

  34. maciel perez

    maciel perez11 hours ago

    Wow ❤

  35. Maria Carrillo

    Maria Carrillo11 hours ago

    Everything i can think of in one song

  36. MSceptileHD

    MSceptileHD11 hours ago

    This was amazing😍😭🔥

  37. Kim Campbell

    Kim Campbell12 hours ago

    Real music moves the soul🙌

  38. maria del pilar

    maria del pilar12 hours ago

    No entiendo esto por qué no tiene 109392928920124 millones de reproducciones

  39. Marcelo Geronimo

    Marcelo Geronimo13 hours ago

    sem palavras pra dizer o quanto as músicas do Sam ❤

  40. Sad Boy//FODINHA//

    Sad Boy//FODINHA//14 hours ago


  41. patricia sousa

    patricia sousa14 hours ago

    Mitouuuuu 😍😍😍😍

  42. ruchell smith

    ruchell smith14 hours ago

    I love this song

  43. Matt Shaughnessy

    Matt Shaughnessy14 hours ago

    This boy I’m so proud of him. He’s English and probably the best male singer in the world. Sam your awesome 👏

  44. come fast

    come fast14 hours ago

    Inception of my favorite singers

  45. Romário Lima

    Romário Lima14 hours ago

    Logic voice =G-Eazy

  46. Kakao Bun

    Kakao Bun14 hours ago

    Loving this song!! And I know everyone is already tired of this type of comment but I have to try my luck and ask you to please please go check my channel! I'm still new on youtube but I'm starting with my biggest passion: singing. It would mean the world if you could go check it amd give me your feedback. Thank you so freaking much to everyone who did 😊❤️

  47. nothumanlol

    nothumanlol14 hours ago

    Who else got an ad about this song on this song?

  48. achew bless you

    achew bless you14 hours ago

    Rubbish utter Rubbish sam smith Your no Christian!!!! I "Pray" you find Jesus Christ the truth the way the light!!!

  49. Yasmine Sandoval

    Yasmine Sandoval15 hours ago

    #love it❤❤

  50. Pollinated Flaws

    Pollinated Flaws15 hours ago

    YES SIR 💪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Natália Cordeiro

    Natália Cordeiro15 hours ago

    música da minha vida, só.

  52. jay smith

    jay smith15 hours ago

    The video has a great Gatsby 50 shades vibe

  53. Serkan Uludag

    Serkan Uludag15 hours ago

    Better with 1.5 speed

  54. Javier Sanchez

    Javier Sanchez16 hours ago

    Muy buena me gusto mucho un like!! :3

  55. Fabito7-7

    Fabito7-717 hours ago

    Te amo con el alma bebé 😢😍😍😍😍

  56. Rute Martins

    Rute Martins17 hours ago

    Pelo amor de Deus que música é essa?? E esse Back Vocal perfeição 👌

  57. dèbora silva

    dèbora silva17 hours ago


  58. Peter Muguro

    Peter Muguro17 hours ago

    Wow luv it@samsmith

  59. Ezkar

    Ezkar17 hours ago

    definitely religious propaganda.

  60. Moises Rezende

    Moises Rezende17 hours ago


  61. E&G fan

    E&G fan17 hours ago

    " *I dont think you know the wieght on my shoulder , that gets heavier as I get older* " Damn , that got me in my feelings ......

  62. Pras Septian

    Pras Septian18 hours ago

    Location vc Agnezmo - long as i get paid

  63. Hellen Souza

    Hellen Souza18 hours ago

    Como alguém pode dar dislike nessa música?😒


    GRAFHURT IMPRENTA18 hours ago

    hermosa canción


    THE SEXY POTATO18 hours ago

    I dream with a duo. Sam Smith and Charlie Puth

  66. Chris Rants

    Chris Rants18 hours ago

    Get logic off this song. Garbage on gold.

  67. Whomstve You

    Whomstve You15 hours ago

    Chris Rants "so when it comes to passing judgements // i dont think that youre the one to make the call"

  68. Zemirrah Naegele

    Zemirrah Naegele19 hours ago

    This song deserves endless likes

  69. Brenda Herrera

    Brenda Herrera19 hours ago

    Haven't been on MReporter in a while and i come back this is what i see, ive been waiting sooo long for this since the song came out 😭