SAFIYA NYGAARD ON YOU POSTED THAT! (w/ Olan Rogers & Joe Bereta)


  1. *Kristen Fisher*

    *Kristen Fisher*3 hours ago

    Joe looks like john consintine

  2. Master Domino

    Master Domino6 hours ago

    omg SAFIYA!❤

  3. Alex Aular

    Alex Aular9 hours ago


  4. Alex Aular

    Alex Aular9 hours ago

    Where are my hacks!!!14:49

  5. Cruvela um

    Cruvela um13 hours ago

    Still with the top button

  6. Victoria Bjordahl

    Victoria Bjordahl13 hours ago

    Go Zags.

  7. Ash Infinity

    Ash Infinity15 hours ago

    Get Taylor Swift or... Jacksepticeye

  8. Leelah Alfonzo

    Leelah AlfonzoDay ago

    As soon as I clicked on this, safiya tweeted😶

  9. Jiggly Puff

    Jiggly PuffDay ago

    You really get to see how weird people's thumbs are in this show

  10. Alya Nacho

    Alya Nacho2 days ago

    But Joe is part of "Epic How To" ☹

  11. Anila Carney

    Anila Carney3 days ago

    Safiya looks so uncomfortable lol

  12. Sara Geier

    Sara Geier5 days ago

    shaynes roasts in the beginning are hilarious

  13. abi RoMez

    abi RoMez6 days ago

    Why do I remember those old Joe tweets? Wierd...

  14. mikayla crooke

    mikayla crooke6 days ago

    *_what the crap_*

  15. Blulu Tillges

    Blulu Tillges7 days ago

    Why do I feel like shayne lowkey likes Saf? (He probably doesn't though)

  16. Eli Knaphus

    Eli Knaphus9 days ago

    Shane was so high during the filming of this😂

  17. Demon of the Falling Angles

    Demon of the Falling Angles10 days ago

    I only came here for Olan lol

  18. Aimee Hickson-Mahony

    Aimee Hickson-Mahony10 days ago

    Why are so many people hating?

  19. pixel doggo

    pixel doggo11 days ago

    I want gloom games to be on this show

  20. Me and My Bulldog

    Me and My Bulldog13 days ago

    And now Smosh is shutting down

  21. CGKolo Ge

    CGKolo Ge13 days ago

    It's dlive that stole the frozen pizza

  22. Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr16 days ago

    Ian: olan has 10 points, safiya has 20 points! And Jesus Joe. .! Joe: *smirk*😏 Me: 😕

  23. handsome squidward

    handsome squidward17 days ago

    the title of this video though. It's kind of like: Hey! look Safiya Nygaard is in this video!! Oh yeah there's also Olan Rogers and Joe Bereta

  24. Callista Smither

    Callista Smither17 days ago

    Justin Roiland needs to be on this show

  25. McKenna Cawley

    McKenna Cawley18 days ago

    I love these youtubers

  26. Death Dragon

    Death Dragon20 days ago

    You posted that👏👏embarrassing things from the past👏👏instagram twitter but no Snapchat you posted that👏👏

  27. Ariellabellaboo

    Ariellabellaboo20 days ago

    I want to become a MReporterr simply to be on this show!

  28. shockthetoast

    shockthetoast21 day ago

    When you win You Posted That... Eat a slice!

  29. CakiePieSquared

    CakiePieSquared23 days ago

    Loved that they brought in Olan and Joe!

  30. The Dragon Slayer

    The Dragon Slayer23 days ago

    12:23 Shane's WHAT THE CRAP the only reason anyone liked this video Jk but like not

  31. Lucy Billings

    Lucy Billings23 days ago


  32. Parkour Pickle

    Parkour Pickle24 days ago

    At least with Safiyas' thumbnails you can kinda guess which one it is, with the two lads, it's completely potluck 😂

  33. Megan Louise

    Megan Louise25 days ago

    Safiyas mind: *why are we here...just to suffer*

  34. Alineh Baghgedjian

    Alineh Baghgedjian14 hours ago

    also safiya's mind:*this is bullshit*

  35. Auron Radogoshi

    Auron Radogoshi25 days ago


  36. Eric Hernandez

    Eric Hernandez26 days ago


  37. ninas10

    ninas10Month ago

    Did you hear Shayne sound like lightening mcqueen

  38. Hot Potato

    Hot PotatoMonth ago

    Safiya likes to get fish hooked

  39. KINGCROC Games

    KINGCROC GamesMonth ago

    They know get Ian to see this

  40. KINGCROC Games

    KINGCROC GamesMonth ago

    🌚. 🌝.

  41. KINGCROC Games

    KINGCROC GamesMonth ago

    I’m watching this while taking a shit 🤣🌚🌝

  42. Alineh Baghgedjian

    Alineh BaghgedjianMonth ago


  43. Ajep Pang

    Ajep PangMonth ago

    shane dawson, ryan higa and lily singh pls...... this would be the bomb

  44. Donna Walker

    Donna WalkerMonth ago

    Where are my hacks

  45. Skylar Feathers

    Skylar FeathersMonth ago

    They need to get shane dawson on here

  46. ShopkinLover01 Wilson

    ShopkinLover01 WilsonMonth ago

    who only watched this because of Safiya

  47. Just Another Hamilton Fan

    Just Another Hamilton FanMonth ago

    They should do one with Shane, Ryland, and James Charles

  48. Mikenna Newman

    Mikenna NewmanMonth ago

    At 12:28 shaynes wow sounds alot like Owen Wilson

  49. Sofie Ødegård

    Sofie ØdegårdMonth ago


  50. F.H.J.O10000 Yambao

    F.H.J.O10000 YambaoMonth ago

    What is a player called a pee pee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. F.H.J.O10000 Yambao

    F.H.J.O10000 YambaoMonth ago

    Noooooooooooooo God please nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Team Eclipse & Gacha User Lucas Gabriel Surio

    Team Eclipse & Gacha User Lucas Gabriel SurioMonth ago

    Bitches be like *bark bark bark*

  53. Squab Saucu

    Squab SaucuMonth ago

    6:31 6:40 out of context

  54. Lizzy_ songwrites

    Lizzy_ songwritesMonth ago

    I like how I new Safiya’s click bate right the second it blew up on the screen

  55. Mackenzie Bowman

    Mackenzie BowmanMonth ago

    👏👏👏👏👏 who's what the 💩

  56. Kurt Cocaine

    Kurt CocaineMonth ago

    "Half pipe is coming out!" "It's about to be a full pipe up in here!" Great line.

  57. Ryker Michell

    Ryker MichellMonth ago

    I love that it was just Safiya in the thumbnail so maybe ppl will watch bc it’s Safiya.

  58. Anmol Prasad Das

    Anmol Prasad DasMonth ago

    Epic How to

  59. Michal

    MichalMonth ago

    When are we getting more?

  60. Gianna the Pixie

    Gianna the PixieMonth ago

    Here's how I would have chosen the second picture as Safiya. The answer to Joe's was the first one The answer to Olan's was the third So I would have immediately said the second one But that's just me.

  61. pretty odd

    pretty odd2 months ago

    Glam & gore , liza koshy , and Corinna kopf please

  62. Maya Menon

    Maya Menon2 months ago

    Bee skul tweet was tweeted on my bday 😂🤣

  63. Grace-Elizabeth Arnold

    Grace-Elizabeth Arnold2 months ago

    Olan reminds me of my teacher 😂

  64. The Dude

    The Dude2 months ago

    Whatever happened to the Barets and Bereta channel?

  65. molly tasmin

    molly tasmin2 months ago

    saf slayed

  66. Liberty Walters

    Liberty Walters2 months ago

    My speech: "I've always wanted to be good at sports" *hugs trophy ever closer*


    DEATH HOLLOW2 months ago

    I'll chill with joe that dude seems chill.

  68. Kaitie Tolman

    Kaitie Tolman2 months ago

    I want one of these with Anthony from smosh

  69. Kaelyn Scott

    Kaelyn Scott2 months ago

    Where’s the “match my caption”

  70. Hackie Puffs

    Hackie Puffs2 months ago

    Safiya and Olan!!!!!! 🔍🚀

  71. Brent’s Mom

    Brent’s Mom2 months ago

    They should have james( theodd1sout) Jaiden (jaiden animations) and Adam (somethingelseYT)

  72. Atlanta Moss

    Atlanta Moss2 months ago

    Shayne is the only person on the planet that can pull off those shoes

  73. Turtles 634

    Turtles 6342 months ago

    i am afraid to say her last name

  74. Sarah19

    Sarah192 months ago

    00:53 yeah but her videos are wayyyyy better than buzzfeed...

  75. Giselle Jipos

    Giselle Jipos2 months ago

    Safiya's so pretty! (Why is this not in the comments?)

  76. Meeyah

    Meeyah2 months ago

    the first one is always best but this one is great too don’t come for me

  77. HeyItsKay

    HeyItsKay2 months ago

    19:35 Joe + Safiya = Olan

  78. Intristing

    Intristing2 months ago

    The only actually funny joke got 3 dislikes booo

  79. Drilly Star

    Drilly Star2 months ago

    Joe is basically in every MReporter group imaginable

  80. Kobbra 2004

    Kobbra 20042 months ago


  81. Kobbra 2004

    Kobbra 20042 months ago


  82. Sophia Miller

    Sophia Miller2 months ago

    Try guys!!!

  83. georgetta perri-butler

    georgetta perri-butler2 months ago

    safiyas got me super dry???

  84. blutyphoon 2

    blutyphoon 23 months ago

    i came for Olan i love him

  85. Casperisveryemo

    Casperisveryemo3 months ago

    You should get Thomas Sanders on this show sometime

  86. zackiszack

    zackiszack3 months ago


  87. PlayingWithLizzie Kitty

    PlayingWithLizzie Kitty3 months ago

    Safiya still won in my book

  88. Skyler Brothers

    Skyler Brothers3 months ago

    I love this so much

  89. Jay Smay

    Jay Smay3 months ago

    Shayne's subtle Owen Wilson "wow" is quality content

  90. Kimberly P

    Kimberly P3 months ago

    I had no idea who Olan was until they showed the thumbnails and the middle one made me remember that he did the "Ghost in the Stall" video 😂

  91. Tamra Jackson

    Tamra Jackson3 months ago

    Please get Rhett and Link on this

  92. Amber Ingargiola

    Amber Ingargiola3 months ago

    Buzzfeed wishes they could produce original content like, Safiya.

  93. Imge Tiryaki

    Imge Tiryaki3 months ago

    I want Jenna Marbles and Cristine from Simply Nailogical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. r i m

    r i m3 months ago

    the bee school tweet was so underappreciated that it *had* to be some sort of hate crime

  95. Brittany Frerichs

    Brittany Frerichs3 months ago

    I love how Shayne was so shocked he turned in to Owen Willson.

  96. Jacqulin Orrego

    Jacqulin Orrego3 months ago

    Safiya looks so pretty

  97. sweetest-sweater

    sweetest-sweater3 months ago

    safiya is looking STUNNING

  98. Arianna Tosi

    Arianna Tosi3 months ago

    did she get plastic surgery?

  99. your pal, Ren

    your pal, Ren3 months ago

    I knew every one about Safiya cause I LOVE her

  100. A_Court_of_Feels_and_Pain

    A_Court_of_Feels_and_Pain3 months ago

    The pizza thief resonates with me. Such a big mood I would totally just steal a pizza rather than anything important.

  101. Sara Whelan

    Sara Whelan3 months ago

    Either Shayne blushes when he sees safiya, or it’s the lighting 🤷🏼‍♀️