SAFIYA NYGAARD ON YOU POSTED THAT! (w/ Olan Rogers & Joe Bereta)


  1. Elizabeth Wyle

    Elizabeth Wyle3 hours ago

    I watched all of the videos it showed for safys

  2. Madisity

    Madisity5 hours ago

    I’m eating expired garlic bread life is guuuuud

  3. saphiresplinter

    saphiresplinterDay ago

    OMG Go Olan!!!


    ICE CREAMYDay ago

    I love he just comes out from behind the screen XD

  5. Olivia C

    Olivia CDay ago

    Olan rogers!!! And saf!

  6. Meghan F

    Meghan F2 days ago

    damn i havent seen olan since balloon shop in like 2013

  7. Mary Campbell

    Mary Campbell2 days ago

    the frozen pizza thing was a real mood

  8. Esme Fox

    Esme Fox2 days ago

    Maybe the person that stole the frozen pizza was starving and since they didn’t have any use for like an Xbox or a tv they just took food? Wait the food was frozen how would they eat the frozen stuff? Maybe they would just let it melt like in the sun? But what if it was winter? Imma stop before I keep myself up all night thinking about this.

  9. VelveteenMax

    VelveteenMax2 days ago

    Someone stole a lock off my locker and nothing else so I feel ya olan

  10. Felix Dc

    Felix Dc4 days ago

    My house got robbed and the person stole only bread,fruit,coffee and chilli

  11. Krystal Meza

    Krystal Meza4 days ago

    You’ve had both of my favorite you tubers in the world on the show and you’ve barely posted many videos of this, you’ve had saf and matpat!

  12. potato senpai

    potato senpai5 days ago

    Shyane is my spirit animal

  13. Lucy ODonnell25

    Lucy ODonnell255 days ago

    when ian said he had to poop i had to poop

  14. Tarndra Reid

    Tarndra Reid5 days ago

    the song was safias SCALP is super dry, not safias GOT ME super dry

  15. asseducations

    asseducations6 days ago

    you can tell it's safiya's tweet bc she doesn't usually have caps on

  16. Imraan Azam

    Imraan Azam6 days ago

    So easy to win the last 2 rounds. The 2nd there is one joke for everyone so u know who the last one is. Last round there are no repeats meaning there is one answer for the first picture on for second and one for third. There are all only used once to if ur last u guess the number that wasn’t picked. 🤷‍♂️

  17. Cookie _monsta_:p

    Cookie _monsta_:p6 days ago

    Sober ? More like *joe ber* eta

  18. Maverick Black

    Maverick Black6 days ago

    what ever happened to anthony?

  19. Bella Sherwin

    Bella Sherwin6 days ago


  20. Caitlin Acors

    Caitlin Acors6 days ago

    I love Safiya and Joe💖

  21. Sasha dela rosa

    Sasha dela rosa7 days ago

    Pls make liza koshy and cristine from simplynailogisal pls

  22. Leeann N.

    Leeann N.7 days ago

    came for Safiya, stayed for Joe and Olan

  23. Gage The Navigator

    Gage The Navigator8 days ago

    The sarfiya olan dynamic was good

  24. Gage The Navigator

    Gage The Navigator8 days ago

    The musical bit and olan were my favorite parts

  25. Gage The Navigator

    Gage The Navigator8 days ago

    Get PsychedSubstance on here !!

  26. RayVanDawn

    RayVanDawn8 days ago

    Joe definitely should have gotten the points for the Toy Story one. Same meaning, different words. So in my opinion, +5pts

  27. Emily Moisant

    Emily Moisant9 days ago

    I know all safs vids lol

  28. Emily Moisant

    Emily Moisant9 days ago

    I love joe but I can't be excited about anything other than the love of my life SAFIYA

  29. Jada J

    Jada J8 days ago

    Emily Moisant same

  30. Alex The Grape - Gaming

    Alex The Grape - Gaming10 days ago

    Get Liza Kosshy on the show!

  31. Filip Popovic

    Filip Popovic11 days ago

    I want Joe to be my future husband.

  32. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde11 days ago

    Safiyas what we all want buzzfeed to be longer videos and better content

  33. Simply Miles

    Simply Miles11 days ago

    Aww Saf is adorable

  34. ItZJustWill

    ItZJustWill12 days ago

    wait did Kieth say okely dokely when they announced joe

  35. Leonard Taylor

    Leonard Taylor12 days ago

    Kieth and Scott sing way too well for this show. Lol

  36. Gail Cook

    Gail Cook12 days ago

    Yay safiya

  37. Dalton Ren

    Dalton Ren13 days ago


  38. Mooryamcow The Weirdo

    Mooryamcow The Weirdo15 days ago

    I knew safiyas thumbnail before they even showed the pictures

  39. TheJaw

    TheJaw15 days ago

    Wow Safiya is in my close family my last name is Nygaard

  40. kay. jay. cee.

    kay. jay. cee.15 days ago

    OMG IT'S SAFIYA NYGAARD! (w/ these other people)

  41. Gamer 500

    Gamer 50015 days ago

    He changed his shirt wow

  42. RIP BLOB

    RIP BLOB15 days ago


  43. xydoit

    xydoit16 days ago

    I am hear for Safya

  44. xydoit

    xydoit16 days ago

    You need Tom or Tori from react

  45. carlee saunders

    carlee saunders16 days ago

    Same olan same. I had some break in to my house in middle school. they stole the lunch meat and made a sandwich.... not the tv not the computer but my lunch meat. I only reason I knew that they broken was all the doors were open,the fridge lock was broke...and the open mayo. The cops think it was a druggie because my dad was known for medical issues in the neighborhood. Lucky he keep his pills with him.

  46. Prog47

    Prog4717 days ago

    can someone explain the bee school joke? I dont get it

  47. Red_Turtl3

    Red_Turtl318 days ago

    Did anyone else realize that the title is a joke about how safiya titles her videos?

  48. Rae

    Rae19 days ago

    Why wasn't my boy Olan in the thumbnail. Glad he was on though!

  49. Dustin Clark

    Dustin Clark19 days ago

    Everyone needs to say 3 things they like about Joe now. He got major razzed the whole time!

  50. Dakota kawalek

    Dakota kawalek19 days ago

    Is it just me or does joe kinda look like the actor who plays Lucifer in Supernatural

  51. Melody Kong

    Melody Kong19 days ago

    Who gives a crap? Ian gives a crap bc he needs to poop

  52. william prichard

    william prichard20 days ago

    Lol no lie only clicked because of joe

  53. Janet Tran

    Janet Tran20 days ago

    " I don't know you kinda look like a villain on the Bachelor. Not in real life just in the photo." Safiya Nice burn

  54. darthluke 38

    darthluke 3820 days ago

    Joe wheres Epic How TO

  55. orange apple

    orange apple21 day ago

    Omg I’m super exited for more of this game show

  56. Jenika Music

    Jenika Music21 day ago


  57. Ninja Warrior

    Ninja Warrior21 day ago

    Did anyone else notice that safiyas nose acted like Pinocchios

  58. MarMar LikesBunnies

    MarMar LikesBunnies21 day ago

    they were such low energy lol

  59. Hannah Strachan

    Hannah Strachan21 day ago


  60. Legends Sumato

    Legends Sumato21 day ago

    When's epic how to coming back

  61. Hoda Mahmoud

    Hoda Mahmoud21 day ago

    Is it bad that I knew all of safiya's thumbnails? Ok don't judge me

  62. IHateMyLife

    IHateMyLife21 day ago

    Joe get back to epic how to

  63. TextterdCoyote215

    TextterdCoyote21521 day ago

    Can we all just appreciate shayne's Owen Wilson impression real quick? Like "wOw"

  64. Jacob

    Jacob21 day ago

    Cristine needs to be on this show.

  65. Quartzy

    Quartzy21 day ago

    "Safiya's got me super dry" I'm pretty sure its "Safiya's scalp is super dry" But who am I to know

  66. Micslife

    Micslife22 days ago

    Safiya looks so uncomfortable

  67. Hollis Stewart

    Hollis Stewart23 days ago

    “Imagine a movie with 140 characters” You mean... all of Game of Thrones stung in order?

  68. Hollis Stewart

    Hollis Stewart23 days ago


  69. BriAnna Ruikka

    BriAnna Ruikka24 days ago

    ...I'm part of the minority who clicked cause I saw Olan Rogers....makes me sad to know that not a lot of people know who he is.

  70. Shinozaki Yonaga

    Shinozaki Yonaga25 days ago

    Safiya’s good at Escape the Night too.

  71. Supdawgjason

    Supdawgjason25 days ago

    this show is it supposed to be ironically shit?

  72. cris :

    cris :25 days ago

    I enjoyed that pizza

  73. Writing Walker

    Writing Walker26 days ago

    i would be pretty mad if someone stole my frozen pizza.

  74. neoculturism

    neoculturism26 days ago

    " I see, tHe vIsIOn" -Huang Renjun

  75. ADdison Hunt

    ADdison Hunt26 days ago

    I am so *peeved!!*

  76. ADdison Hunt

    ADdison Hunt26 days ago

    Is that the guy from balloon shop

  77. D0cT0R Hu

    D0cT0R Hu26 days ago

    I miss BalloonShop

  78. Baloney Bandit

    Baloney Bandit27 days ago

    Shane -“ wat da crap

  79. KyuJi SJ 4M

    KyuJi SJ 4M28 days ago

    Almost everyone saying they came from Safiya and I'm like "who's that?" (don't answer lol)

  80. nada beltagui

    nada beltagui28 days ago

    i didn’t get the A,ME,C,D,E,F,G *bee school, can someone help?

  81. Agent X

    Agent X26 days ago

    nada beltagui because bees sounds like the letter so they wouldn't say it

  82. Milky

    Milky29 days ago

    Why don’t they look at the size of the box for filling in the blank lmao

  83. Lexi Parish

    Lexi Parish29 days ago

    That second song says safiyas super dry but in her videos she always says she has an oily scalp! I’m addicted to Safiya Nygaard

  84. Jake Grear

    Jake GrearMonth ago

    You need to have Colleen on you posted that

  85. Lajimmy2707 Lajimmy2707

    Lajimmy2707 Lajimmy2707Month ago

    Joe looks like Jamie Lanister

  86. Mish Dormido

    Mish DormidoMonth ago

    You should block their portrait and see if they know what it was in that year

  87. Stop It m8

    Stop It m8Month ago

    One time a robber actually cleaned my room, I guess it was just too messy lmao. They didn’t steal anything, they just cleaned. (Of course they stole other stuff from other rooms but I just thought it was funny)

  88. Hannah Hayes

    Hannah HayesMonth ago


  89. Melissa Cook

    Melissa CookMonth ago

    make a reation series

  90. Yandere 4life

    Yandere 4lifeMonth ago

    "Wow my dandruff is really snowing up today " I automatically knew that was Safiyas be cause she mentioned it on her channel before

  91. Talia Føre

    Talia FøreMonth ago

    Olan !!! Love lil big O, what a guy

  92. Dann Sanchez

    Dann SanchezMonth ago

    S A F I Y A

  93. rigamortis is stupid

    rigamortis is stupidMonth ago

    This crossover is better than infinity war

  94. Jayden Daum

    Jayden DaumMonth ago

    Safiya is everywhere these days Edit: Might as well put Keith as a contestant next.

  95. Geek Hero Studios

    Geek Hero StudiosMonth ago

    Olanrogers and Chris Pratt crossover...make it happen!

  96. Elizabeth Dill

    Elizabeth DillMonth ago

    joe was cheated out of those 5 points he was close enough discover his body vs explore his body!! come on!

  97. Kameron Bouchard

    Kameron BouchardMonth ago

    The introductions cut deep

  98. Aksh Patel

    Aksh PatelMonth ago

    Is it just me or does Sayfia look different????

  99. Elan Gorham Siegler

    Elan Gorham SieglerMonth ago

    When they said the chips one I was eating m&ms and I suddenly realized how loud they are when you eat them

  100. Jimmer Seiber

    Jimmer SeiberMonth ago

    Is anyone surprised safiya slayed this game?

  101. Jimmer Seiber

    Jimmer SeiberMonth ago

    I know she lost but that loss was total bullshit. She got every question right even some questions that weren't hers and guess the wrong picture out of basically three of the same picture.

  102. BluenosedCash75

    BluenosedCash75Month ago


  103. Indilwen11

    Indilwen11Month ago

    Shayne has the best laugh.

  104. Tori theKlepto

    Tori theKleptoMonth ago

    I was squinting oddly at Olan trying to figure out who he was the whole video until I saw the thumbnails and realized he's pee mint guy!