SAFIYA NYGAARD ON YOU POSTED THAT! (w/ Olan Rogers & Joe Bereta)


  1. URF or Feed

    URF or Feed2 days ago

    4:32 i thought of the last jedi and han solo is same star wars

  2. Andrew Grulke

    Andrew Grulke4 days ago

    There needs to be an episode with Joe Santagato and Keith!

  3. Taurus

    Taurus4 days ago

    id say GET MONEY AND LIVE YOUR LIFE if i won

  4. MOD WearyGlobe

    MOD WearyGlobe10 days ago


  5. Red Omega

    Red Omega10 days ago

    ok before i say this i mean no offense but if you were on buzzfeed then you need some help watch any buzzfeed video that is like people asking other people questions and you will agree

  6. Sam Wall

    Sam Wall18 days ago

    here for Joe

  7. Rachel VillaS

    Rachel VillaS21 day ago

    Olan did i trick you😆 Read more

  8. KitKatNatalie

    KitKatNatalie21 day ago

    Joe looks like a Walmart version of Mark Pellegrino...

  9. Jesss

    Jesss22 days ago

    I really hate “OMG ITS SAFIYA! LOOK AT HER!” (With some other random people...)

  10. when your phones dying depressingly died

    when your phones dying depressingly died23 days ago

    Make more final space

  11. Field killer

    Field killer23 days ago

    12:23 sounds like Ssundee what the crap

  12. Archie Cowlard

    Archie Cowlard27 days ago

    Olan are u Sure u didn’t sleepwalk and eat the pizza in your sleep

  13. Tamuii Mei

    Tamuii Mei28 days ago

    I’m a fan of Safiya

  14. M W

    M W28 days ago

    Joe looks like an off-model Mark Pellegrino and it’s making me very uncomfortable.

  15. OMG Cat

    OMG Cat29 days ago

    Do christine from simply nailogical

  16. pinkninja107

    pinkninja107Month ago


  17. GachaMoon매디슨

    GachaMoon매디슨Month ago

    Lol joe needs more followers

  18. TheFlameTrain 15

    TheFlameTrain 15Month ago

    Who’d steal a frozen pizza!? Someone got hungry

  19. alice Bak

    alice BakMonth ago

    Safyia shouldve won Sorry protective fan

  20. Idk who I am Just weird LOL

    Idk who I am Just weird LOLMonth ago

    Bro I laughed so hard I almost peed

  21. Cabeke Worshiper SA

    Cabeke Worshiper SAMonth ago

    Olan looks like a stereotypical Canadian.

  22. Mr. Stream

    Mr. StreamMonth ago

    5:45 anybody else think it was “beating his meat”

  23. Twinkle Time

    Twinkle TimeMonth ago

    He apparently held in his poop for a long time

  24. elias mom

    elias momMonth ago

    10:30 Excuse you? Well, now we know who stole Olan's frozen pizza.

  25. Rachel El-Sheikh

    Rachel El-SheikhMonth ago


  26. Rachel El-Sheikh

    Rachel El-SheikhMonth ago

    safiya you are a great youtube

  27. Friffey

    FriffeyMonth ago


  28. Mr . Burrito

    Mr . BurritoMonth ago

    I thought it was “Who Posted That”.... mAnDeLa EfFeCt?!?!? 😱😂

  29. Gabe The Lil Pup

    Gabe The Lil PupMonth ago

    Isnt she norwegian?

  30. REDHEADK 25

    REDHEADK 25Month ago

    I'm here for Olan

  31. Miranda T

    Miranda TMonth ago

    Joe got dragged XD

  32. Annabelle ok

    Annabelle okMonth ago

    so we just gonna ignore that shayne did a PERFECT Owen Wilson “wow” at 12:30 ?

  33. Joshua Senske

    Joshua SenskeMonth ago

    You need to read Olans tweets the way he tells his stories.

  34. Mr. Steam-Punk

    Mr. Steam-PunkMonth ago

    I want Joey Graceffa,DanTDM,And Nikita Dragun.

  35. Maren Vaclavik

    Maren VaclavikMonth ago


  36. Vanessa Roman

    Vanessa RomanMonth ago

    I bet if they make a Twitter movie in 2040 there will be 2 characters

  37. kona quitevis

    kona quitevisMonth ago

    At 12:30 Shane dose an Owen Wilson "WOW."

  38. machine gun maggs

    machine gun maggsMonth ago

    At 12:22 why did shayn sound like Owen Wilson 😂😂😂

  39. K E L K A Y

    K E L K A YMonth ago

    Olan, I must confess, I stole your pizza. I know the property manager well. It was delicious.

  40. Alexander Wilken

    Alexander WilkenMonth ago

    i also have to shit

  41. Grace

    GraceMonth ago

    I knew it wasn't the third one for Safiya!!!!! They already did 1 and 3! It must have been 2!!!

  42. Sunny Shadow

    Sunny ShadowMonth ago

    You posted that is what got me into smosh

  43. Keelan Munday

    Keelan MundayMonth ago

    You posted that 👏👏 Embarrassing things from your past 👏👏 Instagram Twitter but not Snapchat 👏👏 You posted that 👏👏

  44. Nick Payne

    Nick PayneMonth ago

    Clicked for the Tennessee wonder child, endured the frequent, uncomfortable, awkwardness for the players, who made it bearable.

  45. ••ANNA BANANA••

    ••ANNA BANANA••Month ago

    The main reason I watch these shows is specifically for the singer and piano player! ( I forgot their names...oops.)

  46. SuperSayianVegeta442

    SuperSayianVegeta442Month ago


  47. SuperSayianVegeta442

    SuperSayianVegeta442Month ago


  48. SuperSayianVegeta442

    SuperSayianVegeta442Month ago


  49. Rolly Kalaw

    Rolly KalawMonth ago

    I wish joe bereta just screamed welcome back to epic how to

  50. Safronix G

    Safronix GMonth ago

    The only thing i probably liked is round 3 the saf clickbates the safiya with a bunch of crap in her face

  51. Ayu Zahirah

    Ayu ZahirahMonth ago

    Who came just for Safiya?

  52. Robbie Pro

    Robbie ProMonth ago

    Oh god

  53. Ginny Weasly

    Ginny WeaslyMonth ago

    It has been a year since safiyas first tweet

  54. Illuminutu

    Illuminutu2 months ago

    Shayne is funny in comedy videos but whenever he tries to make a joke in videos like this they’re really not that funny, may just be me that feels that way though.




  56. Thiccctree Bois

    Thiccctree Bois2 months ago

    Bruh the tea is why should I get high and wanna steal a frozen pizza like fr fr

  57. Briana Thomas

    Briana Thomas2 months ago

    aww man that frozen pizza is being eaten by the wrong person.

  58. 발레리Valerie

    발레리Valerie2 months ago

    Yasssss its Safiya!!

  59. Caelyn Crochet

    Caelyn Crochet2 months ago

    Why do I think Safiya would be a great politician? Her accent sounds so washingon

  60. Luke Konyer

    Luke Konyer2 months ago

    Get James Charles on this ish

  61. Lovisa Jivhed

    Lovisa Jivhed2 months ago

    12:30 Owen Wilson is that you?

  62. Mokbul Ahmad

    Mokbul Ahmad2 months ago


  63. Stupid_Pugtato #1

    Stupid_Pugtato #12 months ago

    We all know saf is the best clickbaiter and editor

  64. zl hlmy

    zl hlmy2 months ago

    *safiya with crap on her face*

  65. JackaroniAndCheese

    JackaroniAndCheese2 months ago

    Should've been titled it, " OLAN ROGERS ON YOU POSTED THAT". I mean *cough* not judging just y'know letting them know *cough*

  66. Kayla V.

    Kayla V.2 months ago

    I saw Olan Rogers and I clicked.

  67. Aarya Pandya

    Aarya Pandya2 months ago

    I see Ian still buttons up the top button on his shirt...

  68. A K

    A K2 months ago

    They should get the sister squad but the Dolan twins would be on the same one.

  69. Turtles On Bike

    Turtles On Bike2 months ago

    I thought frozen pizza would be in a freezer and not a fridge

  70. Lightswitch Laughs

    Lightswitch Laughs2 months ago

    Shane just turned all Owen Wilson I don’t know if he meant to do that but he kept going

  71. OffBeat Roblox

    OffBeat Roblox2 months ago

    You posted that 👏🏼👏🏼 embarrassing things from ur past 👏🏼👏🏼 Instagram, Twitter, but not Snapchat, you posted that 👏🏼👏🏼

  72. Bree Postrk

    Bree Postrk2 months ago

    I wanted safiya to win

  73. theeternalsw0rd

    theeternalsw0rd2 months ago

    "scalp is super dry," not "got me super dry." Whoever did the subtitles must not have been able to understand or failed at trying to be funny.

  74. Katrina Morgan

    Katrina Morgan2 months ago

    I fucking thought immediately for Olans’s first tweet STAR WARS!!!!!!

  75. Presley Lollis

    Presley Lollis2 months ago

    No I thought safiya would win 😭

  76. Bobbi -Ann Brett

    Bobbi -Ann Brett2 months ago

    12:30 the perfect owen Wilson impression

  77. Aims 123

    Aims 1232 months ago

    Ahhh Safiya deserves to win😑

  78. Brianna Bahlmann

    Brianna Bahlmann2 months ago

    Should I credit that final quote to Olan or half pipe.

  79. Getting Bread

    Getting Bread2 months ago

    TBH I came here for Smosh

  80. Alicia Larremore

    Alicia Larremore2 months ago

    OLAN IS SO TALL WTF why did I think he was 5'2"

  81. Philine Wreck

    Philine Wreck2 months ago

    I love Safiya, can't believe she ever was on buzzfeed :D

  82. kitty farts

    kitty farts2 months ago

    Can you plz do idubbbz , jacksepticeye and if you can Ryan Reynolds or you could do a much easier person to get out James from the odd ones out. thank you 💙❤️💜✔️

  83. Doctour Two skull

    Doctour Two skull3 months ago

    Imagine if they had Anthony Padilla on the show? it

  84. Elsie The Equestrian

    Elsie The Equestrian3 months ago

    *SAFIYA!!! How have I not seen this by now?!* Edit: Lmao I know all of Safiya’s thumbnails

  85. Joop Foop

    Joop Foop3 months ago

    why is everyone here for safiya, she's good, but.......olan rogers!!!!

  86. Joop Foop

    Joop Foop3 months ago


  87. Sqampy!  )

    Sqampy! )3 months ago

    Sorry to be a Mat Pat, but the last round completely invalidates the first 2 rounds, so therefore just have the first 2 rounds or the last round. BTW, Mat Pat you are the best

  88. dolanfanhere

    dolanfanhere3 months ago

    Joe t 20:28

  89. Kitty Livvy

    Kitty Livvy3 months ago

    It's kind of sad how quickly I knew the answer to Safiya's thumbnail...😂

  90. Grace Jones

    Grace Jones3 months ago

    Can Olan be on try not to laugh? I kinda love him, he’s endearing

  91. *2007 has left the chat*

    *2007 has left the chat*3 months ago

    I feel you Joe that would be a little strange to watch Andy- you know....

  92. NekoDragon Animations

    NekoDragon Animations3 months ago

    "Imagine a movie with 140 characters" Avengers 4?

  93. Lexi D

    Lexi D3 months ago

    When I first saw Ian I thought he was Jason Sklar 😂

  94. landen poling

    landen poling3 months ago

    I friggin love u so much safiya

  95. MissAlissa15

    MissAlissa153 months ago

    If Joe Rogan taught me anything, Olan definitely takes Ambien and had no recollection of cooking and eating the pizza in his sleep.

  96. Scarlett sapphire

    Scarlett sapphire3 months ago

    Love Olan lol

  97. Eh

    Eh3 months ago

    Seriously? This was so unfair! Safiya got all the questions right except the last one and she loses!

  98. Lauren Flores

    Lauren Flores3 months ago

    *bark* *BaRk* *B A R K*

  99. alineh plays

    alineh plays3 months ago


  100. *Kristen Fisher*

    *Kristen Fisher*3 months ago

    Joe looks like john consintine