SAFIYA NYGAARD ON YOU POSTED THAT! (w/ Olan Rogers & Joe Bereta)


  1. Grace-Elizabeth Arnold

    Grace-Elizabeth ArnoldDay ago

    Olan reminds me of my teacher 😂

  2. The Dude

    The Dude6 days ago

    Whatever happened to the Barets and Bereta channel?

  3. molly tasmin

    molly tasmin6 days ago

    saf slayed

  4. Liberty Walters

    Liberty Walters11 days ago

    My speech: "I've always wanted to be good at sports" *hugs trophy ever closer*


    DEATH HOLLOW13 days ago

    I'll chill with joe that dude seems chill.

  6. Kaitie Tolman

    Kaitie Tolman15 days ago

    I want one of these with Anthony from smosh

  7. Kaelyn Scott

    Kaelyn Scott18 days ago

    Where’s the “match my caption”

  8. Hackie PPG

    Hackie PPG18 days ago

    Safiya and Olan!!!!!! 🔍🚀

  9. Brent’s Mom

    Brent’s Mom19 days ago

    They should have james( theodd1sout) Jaiden (jaiden animations) and Adam (somethingelseYT)

  10. Atlanta Moss

    Atlanta Moss19 days ago

    Shayne is the only person on the planet that can pull off those shoes

  11. Madison Earley

    Madison Earley20 days ago

    Olan: "Stole the FROZEN pizza" Shayne: "Out of your FRIDGE?" Me: 😔😑🙆

  12. Turtles 634

    Turtles 63420 days ago

    i am afraid to say her last name

  13. Sarah19

    Sarah1920 days ago

    00:53 yeah but her videos are wayyyyy better than buzzfeed...

  14. Giselle Jipos

    Giselle Jipos22 days ago

    Safiya's so pretty! (Why is this not in the comments?)

  15. Meeyah

    Meeyah22 days ago

    the first one is always best but this one is great too don’t come for me

  16. HeyItsKay

    HeyItsKay23 days ago

    19:35 Joe + Safiya = Olan

  17. Intristing

    Intristing23 days ago

    The only actually funny joke got 3 dislikes booo

  18. Drilly Star

    Drilly Star24 days ago

    Joe is basically in every MReporter group imaginable

  19. Kobbra 2004

    Kobbra 200424 days ago


  20. Kobbra 2004

    Kobbra 200424 days ago


  21. Sophia Miller

    Sophia Miller25 days ago

    Try guys!!!

  22. georgetta perri-butler

    georgetta perri-butler26 days ago

    safiyas got me super dry???

  23. blutyphoon 2

    blutyphoon 227 days ago

    i came for Olan i love him

  24. Thenotamazingme

    Thenotamazingme27 days ago

    You should get Thomas Sanders on this show sometime

  25. zackiszack

    zackiszack27 days ago


  26. PlayingWithLizzie Kitty

    PlayingWithLizzie Kitty27 days ago

    Safiya still won in my book

  27. Skyler Brothers

    Skyler Brothers28 days ago

    I love this so much

  28. Jay Smay

    Jay Smay29 days ago

    Shayne's subtle Owen Wilson "wow" is quality content

  29. Kimberly P

    Kimberly P29 days ago

    I had no idea who Olan was until they showed the thumbnails and the middle one made me remember that he did the "Ghost in the Stall" video 😂

  30. Mythical Tamra

    Mythical Tamra29 days ago

    Please get Rhett and Link on this

  31. Amber Ingargiola

    Amber Ingargiola29 days ago

    Buzzfeed wishes they could produce original content like, Safiya.

  32. Imge Tiryaki

    Imge TiryakiMonth ago

    I want Jenna Marbles and Cristine from Simply Nailogical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. rim silos

    rim silosMonth ago

    the bee school tweet was so underappreciated that it *had* to be some sort of hate crime

  34. Brittany Frerichs

    Brittany FrerichsMonth ago

    I love how Shayne was so shocked he turned in to Owen Willson.

  35. Jacqulin Orrego

    Jacqulin OrregoMonth ago

    Safiya looks so pretty

  36. sweetest-sweater

    sweetest-sweaterMonth ago

    safiya is looking STUNNING

  37. Arianna Tosi

    Arianna TosiMonth ago

    did she get plastic surgery?

  38. your pal, Ren

    your pal, RenMonth ago

    I knew every one about Safiya cause I LOVE her

  39. A_Court_of_Feels_and_Pain

    A_Court_of_Feels_and_PainMonth ago

    The pizza thief resonates with me. Such a big mood I would totally just steal a pizza rather than anything important.

  40. Sara Whelan

    Sara WhelanMonth ago

    Either Shayne blushes when he sees safiya, or it’s the lighting 🤷🏼‍♀️

  41. Emily Green

    Emily GreenMonth ago

    This is so funny I look at Logan's yt account and I look at smosh he only get 17 mill and. ugot 23 mill apparently it's a big MReporter sensation star really can social media

  42. Emily Jo

    Emily JoMonth ago

    I believe olan

  43. derpy dino

    derpy dinoMonth ago

    A homeless stole the pizza

  44. Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YTMonth ago

    I believe you Olan! One time someone broke into my friends house and they took nothing though there were some antiques a pretty new flat screen tv and tablets and her moms phone and lotta stuff but they took nothing but like two dollars on the table 🤷🏼‍♀️

  45. Octobris

    OctobrisMonth ago

    Don't you dare drag Saf like that 😆

  46. - Nuclear -

    - Nuclear -Month ago

    Thanks for Final Space Olan!!!!

  47. itsjust _ej

    itsjust _ejMonth ago

    Everyone’s hatin' on Joe

  48. Cloudd Niine

    Cloudd NiineMonth ago

    Safiya looks so uncomfortable

  49. AlienActic 101

    AlienActic 101Month ago

    put anthony padilla on

  50. A Drit

    A DritMonth ago

    I like the idea, but I feel like they try to make it too funny

  51. Tyler Van Lier

    Tyler Van LierMonth ago

    He did the Ali A thumbnail...dear god the cancer

  52. agluverkatanimalluv

    agluverkatanimalluvMonth ago

    Next on Buzzfeed Unsolved: the Mystery of the Frozen Pizza Thief

  53. double floors

    double floorsMonth ago

    Damn I am so happy Olan made it onto the show.

  54. remy paraskovia

    remy paraskoviaMonth ago

    Man..... Joe Hot Daddy

  55. SilverStache00

    SilverStache00Month ago


  56. Robin and monster and batman

    Robin and monster and batmanMonth ago


  57. Chance Nelson

    Chance NelsonMonth ago

    ok by why does Safiya look like a holographic projection or like she was photoshopped in

  58. the all mighty

    the all mightyMonth ago

    who is sofiya

  59. Matthew Music

    Matthew MusicMonth ago

    Who the *FRICK* are these people?!

  60. Carol

    CarolMonth ago

    lol I knew which thumbnail was safiyas instantly😂

  61. Amanda Leigh

    Amanda LeighMonth ago

    Three of my favorite people? Excuse me? I'd never have ever dreamed to see them collab either?

  62. blue grey

    blue greyMonth ago

    are you a true fan if you can't name all of the titles for olans thumbnails?

  63. hawraa _430

    hawraa _430Month ago

    i already know all safiya’s thumbnails lol i’m a hardcore fan

  64. Showbizbowl 32

    Showbizbowl 32Month ago

    I saw safiya nygaard I clicked

  65. I’m an Atheist

    I’m an AtheistMonth ago

    Bring back joe to epic how to

  66. Arman Baghgedjian

    Arman BaghgedjianMonth ago

    I hate how they say Sahfiya instead of Safiya it makes me. cringe

  67. Pink Strawberry

    Pink StrawberryMonth ago

    I freaking love Olan Rogers 😂😂😂

  68. OofOof1283

    OofOof12832 months ago

    "She's an ex-buzzfeeder but still makes videos like she's still from Buzzfeed SAFIYA" Ok so God where's my gravestone

  69. OofOof1283

    OofOof12832 months ago

    Caption says "Sophia" GOOGLE FIX UR CAPTIONS

  70. d

    d2 months ago


  71. Sanya Belisle

    Sanya Belisle2 months ago

    I only came here because of Safiya tbh

  72. Camila Alarcon

    Camila Alarcon2 months ago

    They should put jake Paul on this show

  73. Infires man ITS INSPIRES ! INFIRES

    Infires man ITS INSPIRES ! INFIRES2 months ago

    Shane (Dawson), Ryland and Morgan

  74. Elizabeth Wyle

    Elizabeth Wyle2 months ago

    I watched all of the videos it showed for safys

  75. Madisity

    Madisity2 months ago

    I’m eating expired garlic bread life is guuuuud

  76. saphiresplinter

    saphiresplinter2 months ago

    OMG Go Olan!!!


    ICE CREAMY2 months ago

    I love he just comes out from behind the screen XD

  78. Olivia C

    Olivia C2 months ago

    Olan rogers!!! And saf!

  79. Meghan F

    Meghan F2 months ago

    damn i havent seen olan since balloon shop in like 2013

  80. Mary Campbell

    Mary Campbell2 months ago

    the frozen pizza thing was a real mood

  81. Jennifer Is cool

    Jennifer Is cool2 months ago

    Maybe the person that stole the frozen pizza was starving and since they didn’t have any use for like an Xbox or a tv they just took food? Wait the food was frozen how would they eat the frozen stuff? Maybe they would just let it melt like in the sun? But what if it was winter? Imma stop before I keep myself up all night thinking about this.

  82. Oatmealking

    Oatmealking2 months ago

    Someone stole a lock off my locker and nothing else so I feel ya olan

  83. Felix Dc

    Felix Dc2 months ago

    My house got robbed and the person stole only bread,fruit,coffee and chilli

  84. Krystal Meza

    Krystal Meza2 months ago

    You’ve had both of my favorite you tubers in the world on the show and you’ve barely posted many videos of this, you’ve had saf and matpat!

  85. potato senpai

    potato senpai2 months ago

    Shyane is my spirit animal

  86. Lucy ODonnell25

    Lucy ODonnell252 months ago

    when ian said he had to poop i had to poop

  87. Tarndra Reid

    Tarndra Reid2 months ago

    the song was safias SCALP is super dry, not safias GOT ME super dry

  88. asseducations

    asseducations2 months ago

    you can tell it's safiya's tweet bc she doesn't usually have caps on

  89. Imraan Azam

    Imraan Azam2 months ago

    So easy to win the last 2 rounds. The 2nd there is one joke for everyone so u know who the last one is. Last round there are no repeats meaning there is one answer for the first picture on for second and one for third. There are all only used once to if ur last u guess the number that wasn’t picked. 🤷‍♂️

  90. Cookie _monsta_:p

    Cookie _monsta_:p2 months ago

    Sober ? More like *joe ber* eta

  91. Maverick Black

    Maverick Black2 months ago

    what ever happened to anthony?

  92. • Bella •

    • Bella •2 months ago


  93. Caitlin Acors

    Caitlin Acors2 months ago

    I love Safiya and Joe💖

  94. Sasha dela rosa

    Sasha dela rosa2 months ago

    Pls make liza koshy and cristine from simplynailogisal pls

  95. Leeann N.

    Leeann N.2 months ago

    came for Safiya, stayed for Joe and Olan

  96. Gage The Navigator

    Gage The Navigator2 months ago

    The sarfiya olan dynamic was good

  97. Gage The Navigator

    Gage The Navigator2 months ago

    The musical bit and olan were my favorite parts

  98. Gage The Navigator

    Gage The Navigator2 months ago

    Get PsychedSubstance on here !!

  99. RayVanDawn

    RayVanDawn2 months ago

    Joe definitely should have gotten the points for the Toy Story one. Same meaning, different words. So in my opinion, +5pts

  100. Emily Moisant

    Emily Moisant2 months ago

    I know all safs vids lol