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Sabrina Carpenter - Why (Official Video)


  1. M P

    M P17 minutes ago

    *2017: Maya from Girl Meets World* *2018: Kevin Freakin Keller from Riverdale*

  2. Sam & Gold Rose

    Sam & Gold Rose21 minute ago

    Sabrina is Me ( Sam ) The Boi (idk his name) Is Gold

  3. Lika Teixeira

    Lika Teixeira37 minutes ago


  4. Katelyn Seamonds

    Katelyn SeamondsHour ago

    Kevin!!!!! Go back to Riverdale! Joaquin and Moose are worried!!

  5. bia

    biaHour ago

    hi kevin

  6. Spike

    SpikeHour ago


  7. Caro

    Caro2 hours ago

    Aye its Casey Cott

  8. christina tulloh

    christina tulloh2 hours ago

    Kevin from Riverdale!

  9. NaNuvem

    NaNuvem2 hours ago


  10. EmojiTeresa 5678

    EmojiTeresa 56782 hours ago

    2 reasons why i clicked on this 1: Kevin Keller 2: This is my fav song

  11. Karry Collins

    Karry Collins2 hours ago

    She makes nothing but bops. Salute.

  12. Isabel Florez

    Isabel Florez2 hours ago


  13. Martina Hula

    Martina Hula3 hours ago

    Fan of riverdale

  14. Hethal Reddy

    Hethal Reddy4 hours ago

    *sees thumbnail* Kevin?!

  15. sadi rusch

    sadi rusch4 hours ago

    rock on Keller,(Casey cott) super fan of you

  16. Rosie McClelland

    Rosie McClelland5 hours ago

    And I’m CASEY COTT

  17. Michaiah Johnson

    Michaiah Johnson5 hours ago

    3:39 the best part

  18. Sixtine Labonnefée

    Sixtine Labonnefée5 hours ago

    Yeah ! It's Kevin Kyler !

  19. Lauryanne Gabriela

    Lauryanne Gabriela5 hours ago


  20. Pyscho Soprano Knockoff

    Pyscho Soprano Knockoff5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who's not here for "Kevin Keller from Riverdale" and actually is here because this is a good song

  21. Neelia Nandkoomar

    Neelia Nandkoomar6 hours ago

    Who else watched before riverdale then come back and was like “OMG KEVIN”!!!!😂

  22. Isabella Olivia

    Isabella Olivia7 hours ago

    Plot Twist: KEVIN ISNT GAY!!! HE LIED..... yea i only clicked on this coz of kevin

  23. Avengers Newbie

    Avengers Newbie9 hours ago

    Oh, yes I remember

  24. SimmerKat

    SimmerKat9 hours ago

    Agora que eu assisti Riverdale, não consigo mais ver esse menino nesse papel. Scrr

  25. sruthi ram

    sruthi ram9 hours ago she left him cause he hates horror movies?? I don’t get it!

  26. Ashok Debnath

    Ashok Debnath10 hours ago

    underrated song tbt

  27. Keevan KK Awesome

    Keevan KK Awesome10 hours ago

    Omg Kevin is here!!! Sabrina too... Obviously... Love both of them...

  28. Siri Mallavarapu

    Siri Mallavarapu10 hours ago

    Kevin!!! Riverdale!!!

  29. Mimilook

    Mimilook13 hours ago

    Ktoś z Polski ?

  30. Isabella Fimbres

    Isabella Fimbres14 hours ago


  31. Mihaela P

    Mihaela P16 hours ago

    Kevin is cheating on Moose so openly....ts ts

  32. Malaya L.S

    Malaya L.S16 hours ago

    BRUH Kevin Keller where u at???❤️❤️❤️😂😂😍 #RIVERDALE #HBIC

  33. _ Gacha Berry _

    _ Gacha Berry _16 hours ago

    It's so weird to see Casey kiss a girl .-.

  34. Michelle Barnes

    Michelle Barnes17 hours ago

    Kevin keller😍😍

  35. SergeantFroYo

    SergeantFroYo17 hours ago

    yo Kevin looks like MatPat

  36. garrix fans

    garrix fans18 hours ago

    My sweey kevin!!!😍😍😍

  37. Christell Fernandez

    Christell Fernandez18 hours ago

    1:07 saving u some time people

  38. Crazy Aisy

    Crazy Aisy18 hours ago

    *Sue me* queen. I regret nothing (Please don't though i'm poor..)


    ANIME ADDICT18 hours ago


  40. Kelly Reyes

    Kelly Reyes19 hours ago

    Only came here for Kevin Keller from RIVERDALE

  41. Kylie J.

    Kylie J.20 hours ago

    I saw the kiss and I was SUFFIECIENTLY SHOOK. Like 7 year difference didnt stop nothin apparently. But fr its a good song and video. Love Casey #riverdaleforlife

  42. Sharon Wilson 595

    Sharon Wilson 59520 hours ago

    Omg I love Kevin from riverdale and the point that he is gay in the movie ;) love it

  43. pusheenmyluck !

    pusheenmyluck !21 hour ago

    I tell myself one more song, then bed... needless to say, this is the second time I've listened to this... bad self-control... ugh. Such a good song.

  44. pusheenmyluck !

    pusheenmyluck !21 hour ago

    I freak everytime I realize she's only a year older... how did she get that pretty. I try not to compare, but GOODNESS. What vitamins is SHE taking?!?

  45. Legacy Sands

    Legacy Sands21 hour ago

    Isn't that the gay guy from riverdale (anyone here hate riverdale?)

  46. eu sou incrível! tv

    eu sou incrível! tv21 hour ago

    *K E L L E R C L I C K B A I T*

  47. issa toaster

    issa toaster21 hour ago

    my mans Casey Cott comin in w my baby Sab tis a good life

  48. Linda Obregon

    Linda Obregon21 hour ago

    Are they still dating?

  49. Li Li

    Li Li22 hours ago


  50. CA

    CA23 hours ago

    The song is bomb but the bridge has got to be my favorite part 💗✨

  51. Kaydalynn Haynes

    Kaydalynn Haynes23 hours ago

    maybe its because of the gender!!

  52. Kate K

    Kate KDay ago

    Little did Casey know that he would soon be on a popular t.v show named Riverdale.

  53. Amber L

    Amber LDay ago

    didn't realize til know that he is kevin keller

  54. Madeleine Wentz

    Madeleine WentzDay ago

    I've been listening to this song for over a year now and today I watch this after watching Riverdale and I'm like KEVINNNN!!!! And then I'm like, oh. He's straight.

  55. idkshayley

    idkshayleyDay ago

    kevin go home youre so gay

  56. Stella Korson

    Stella KorsonDay ago

    Why did she leave at the end?

  57. Ashlyn McFarland

    Ashlyn McFarlandDay ago


  58. emerson brewer

    emerson brewerDay ago

    is kevin keller

  59. frida ramirez

    frida ramirezDay ago


  60. KookDay 121

    KookDay 121Day ago

    Queen forever .....who is here after Sue me?

  61. #Sassy Unicorn Fam

    #Sassy Unicorn FamDay ago

    I only clicked on it because I saw Casey Cott I am a big riverdale fan #kevinkeller. Xxxxxxx

  62. Allison Westbeach

    Allison WestbeachDay ago


  63. Coca Colaz

    Coca ColazDay ago

    Casey cot meets world

  64. Chayma

    ChaymaDay ago


  65. its nellythebaddie

    its nellythebaddieDay ago

    For anyone who thinks this is auto-tuned you better go to her genius interview where she sounds ALMOST THE EXACT SAME/ she sings it live flawlessly 💛 (:

  66. Manisha tiwari

    Manisha tiwariDay ago

    That is amazinggg...........😇😇😇

  67. Hanna Ganchi

    Hanna GanchiDay ago


  68. Skye Walsh

    Skye WalshDay ago

    My life in five words, I see Casey, I click.

  69. Gargi Singh

    Gargi SinghDay ago

    I hv watched this song so many times and now I realise it's Kevin OMFG I'm dumb

  70. Paciência Jafar

    Paciência JafarDay ago

    😍 😍😍

  71. Vienna Whiteside-Watkins

    Vienna Whiteside-WatkinsDay ago

    I can’t look at Kevin ( Casey ) the same way after riverdale

  72. Tara Coole

    Tara CooleDay ago

    I love Casey Cott (Kevin) & Sabrina Carpenter!! Does he come out of the dinner in the end?? 💖💖😜😜

  73. Amanda Belovid

    Amanda BelovidDay ago


  74. Ronald Burse

    Ronald BurseDay ago

    Sounds really good kid

  75. Mia Rice

    Mia RiceDay ago


  76. Fathimath Nabaha

    Fathimath NabahaDay ago

    Riverdale fans are taking over the comment section

  77. Harry Potter Fan Girl Lola

    Harry Potter Fan Girl LolaDay ago


  78. Emery Bingham is “ LiTt “

    Emery Bingham is “ LiTt “Day ago


  79. doglover godlover

    doglover godloverDay ago

    So, who else wonders if casey cott A.K.A KEVIN on RIVERDALE is actually gay or not? He is kinda cute.

  80. doglover godlover

    doglover godlover9 hours ago

    +mandyhaswifi thank you

  81. mandyhaswifi

    mandyhaswifi10 hours ago

    In real life he is straight

  82. Ryan Stannard

    Ryan StannardDay ago

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  83. ishaan gupta

    ishaan guptaDay ago

    I think I'm the only person who clicked because it's a good song and not because of kEvIn KeLlEr

  84. Julia Mendonca

    Julia Mendonca2 hours ago

    ishaan gupta I clicked because of sabrina carpenters voice

  85. luz baez

    luz baezDay ago

    this guy comes out on riverdal plays Kevin

  86. caity14

    caity14Day ago

    Why do I want this to be a movie? Or my life.....

  87. Breadbin! at the disco

    Breadbin! at the discoDay ago

    Ooh moose would not be happy about this

  88. Kiera Paxton

    Kiera PaxtonDay ago

    That’s maya from girl meets world!

  89. Manahil Seddiqee

    Manahil SeddiqeeDay ago

    Some people know Kevin Keller from *riverdale* Some people know Sabrina Carpenter from *Girl meets world*

  90. Paige Seeba

    Paige SeebaDay ago

    And I'm Casey Cott


    FIKO MOJODay ago

    Me and my sister love u


    FIKO MOJODay ago

    I love you sooooooooooooooooooo much Sabrina ur my queen 👑

  93. Pop DIY

    Pop DIYDay ago

    Ur a queen

  94. Meg O’Neal

    Meg O’NealDay ago

    Isn’t he like 10 years older than her

  95. Harry Potter Fan Girl Lola

    Harry Potter Fan Girl LolaDay ago

    She was 18, he was 24.

  96. Tree Sama

    Tree SamaDay ago

    Seeing him not being gay is hurting my brain... Oh and I like the song haha....

  97. Anne Elnourde Chery

    Anne Elnourde CheryDay ago

    Kevin actually looking hot here ....

  98. Kayla Staniforth

    Kayla Staniforth14 hours ago

    bish casey always looks hot

  99. Lucy G.

    Lucy G.2 days ago

    I watched the music video to this a while ago and liked it but didn’t see anything special about it now I’m coming back and being like: OMG KEVVIIINNN AhAhHahgsjsglwhskz

  100. Lu Na

    Lu Na2 days ago


  101. Kailey Michelle

    Kailey Michelle2 days ago


  102. Brent Pilgrim

    Brent Pilgrim2 days ago

    WTH?....she’s a good singer and her lyrics and songs are actually really also doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous 😍...keep it up!!!👍🏼

  103. Rishita Faiza

    Rishita Faiza2 days ago

    i clicked this video for caseyy cottt 😭❤please tell me he's bi pleasee

  104. Aisha Dhaliwal

    Aisha Dhaliwal2 days ago

    I only clicked because of Casey Cott (Kevin Keller)

  105. Varsha

    Varsha2 days ago