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Sabrina Carpenter - Why (Official Video)


  1. Eva Aparicio

    Eva Aparicio4 hours ago

    Just till now I noticed it was Casey cott/Kevin

  2. Sophia Gabello

    Sophia Gabello4 hours ago

    ... KEVIN

  3. Neha Sandhu

    Neha Sandhu5 hours ago

    What!!!! Kevin from Riverdale???!!!!

  4. Perfect Queen

    Perfect Queen5 hours ago

    So we got kevin and sabrina the teenage witch

  5. Anastasia Popovchenko

    Anastasia Popovchenko5 hours ago

    Kevin! What about Moose?😥

  6. Sophia Barte

    Sophia Barte6 hours ago


  7. sophie g

    sophie g6 hours ago


  8. Eric Sanchez

    Eric Sanchez6 hours ago

    My daughter loves your songs.

  9. Ana Lu Pardo

    Ana Lu Pardo6 hours ago

    I didn’t notice that was Kevin of Riverdale til now lol

  10. Nicole Hates math

    Nicole Hates math7 hours ago

    Didn’t realize Kevin from riverdale was in this until today

  11. gchsilks

    gchsilks7 hours ago

    I just saw casey in the thumbnail and CLICKED

  12. Slimeyrainbows55 Meadows

    Slimeyrainbows55 Meadows8 hours ago

    It keven for river dale

  13. sunrises MSP

    sunrises MSP8 hours ago

    her profile is me. i need friends.

  14. Morgan rosee

    Morgan rosee8 hours ago

    Any one only choose this song bc of Casey cott

  15. theofficialbleach

    theofficialbleach9 hours ago

    Are they dating

  16. LILO

    LILO9 hours ago

    Vine por casey ahre

  17. علي قزاز

    علي قزاز9 hours ago

    100 %

  18. Hood Family

    Hood Family10 hours ago

    I came back because and realized this was Casey Cott 😅😅

  19. Kamilly 012

    Kamilly 01210 hours ago

    Caseyy! Kevinnn riverdaleee

  20. pablo.D.andres

    pablo.D.andres10 hours ago

    el joven sale en la serie de riverdale y es buenisema esa serie

  21. ori flawless

    ori flawless11 hours ago

    Kevin keller !

  22. Kalynne Amick

    Kalynne Amick11 hours ago

    I only know him as the hay dude from Riverdale (can't remember the name aorn)

  23. Kaleeya Penguin

    Kaleeya Penguin11 hours ago


  24. Sandra M

    Sandra M13 hours ago

    Kevin from riverdale omg. So sweet 👑😍😍

  25. Rose Cook

    Rose Cook13 hours ago

    Anyone else getting dove Cameron and Ryan mccartney vibes

  26. Studia Idei

    Studia Idei13 hours ago

    КЭВИН!!! Русскоговорящие есть?

  27. Emily Lanzer

    Emily Lanzer13 hours ago

    I can't believe this was over a year ago.

  28. i'm a panda

    i'm a panda13 hours ago


  29. Sophia Tran

    Sophia Tran14 hours ago

    Joaquin DeSantos is shook.

  30. Cilia - SM

    Cilia - SM14 hours ago

    All I can imagine is walking down the street with my earphones in and with no control of my body, I dance through the streets to this song.

  31. Cilia - SM

    Cilia - SM14 hours ago

    Ooh I really like this song.

  32. Ally Gomes

    Ally Gomes14 hours ago

    Aaaahhhh Kevin from riverdale

  33. Asra Siraj

    Asra Siraj14 hours ago

    90•\• Casey Cott 5•\•omg such a gud song!!! 5•\•percentage of comments😂

  34. Nina D.

    Nina D.14 hours ago

    I just clicked bc of casey

  35. Giovanna Szerwinsk

    Giovanna Szerwinsk15 hours ago


  36. RayMayQueen

    RayMayQueen15 hours ago

    1:07 music starts..hopefully this was helpful :)

  37. Elizabeth Wolfy

    Elizabeth Wolfy15 hours ago

    Because opposites attract 😋

  38. Zara Sadik

    Zara Sadik15 hours ago

    aaaaa its casey from riverdale

  39. Abhinav singh

    Abhinav singh16 hours ago

    why do i keep coming back to this song??? and then i like it soooo much..i keep playing it on Looooop!!!

  40. Dorinha Sousa

    Dorinha Sousa16 hours ago

    Genteeeeee é o Kevin

  41. JackWinterBlade808

    JackWinterBlade80816 hours ago

    OMG i literally listen to this song so much and didn't realize this was sabrina till now. who else is shooketh to the coreth

  42. الفراشه الملونه

    الفراشه الملونه16 hours ago


  43. FluffyFox_01 #loves Dogs

    FluffyFox_01 #loves Dogs17 hours ago

    They fit togheter so good!!!

  44. I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.

    I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.18 hours ago

    The aesthetic though, this video, song, actors... I'm living for it.

  45. Lisbeth Inga Alvarez

    Lisbeth Inga Alvarez18 hours ago

    I didn't know that he is kevin from Rivardale OMG

  46. Barbara Cristina

    Barbara Cristina18 hours ago


  47. Tahis Barrios

    Tahis Barrios19 hours ago

    I 😍 this song. Years later, and I'm here

  48. Sydney Clayton

    Sydney Clayton21 hour ago

    Everybody is different

  49. meera dave

    meera dave22 hours ago

    She is my. Role model

  50. meera dave

    meera dave22 hours ago

    I have got inspiration of writing songs because of Sabrina carpenter

  51. sarah life

    sarah life22 hours ago

    Best song 😍😍😍

  52. Harley Liam

    Harley Liam22 hours ago

    I love sab😍

  53. Harley Liam

    Harley Liam22 hours ago

    Wy did they broke up 😑 in vid

  54. # Watch-Man

    # Watch-Man23 hours ago

    Casey is great singer too

  55. Dorin Loubel

    Dorin Loubel23 hours ago

    Archie got hot. lmao

  56. Helen's World

    Helen's World23 hours ago


  57. harshit mann

    harshit mannDay ago

    Can anybody please explain the video to me?? PLEASEEE.........

  58. Daniela M

    Daniela MDay ago

    Did nobody notice her outfit changed during the date? She starts off with jeans and a nice blouse and ends up with a red dress! 🤔 On a different note.. I love this song ❤️

  59. Raven Wells

    Raven WellsDay ago

    Anyone else here for kevin ?

  60. Rafa

    RafaDay ago


  61. Michelle Munn

    Michelle MunnDay ago

    I see Casey I click

  62. TheAJVlogs

    TheAJVlogsDay ago


  63. Adriana Romero

    Adriana RomeroDay ago

    i saw cassey cott and i click it immediately

  64. lsraa 12

    lsraa 12Day ago

    OWO i love this😙😍😘

  65. era SAO

    era SAODay ago


  66. Really Daniella

    Really DaniellaDay ago

    When I saw the Thumbnail I was like " OMG IS THAT, THAT DUDE FROM RIVERDALE?! 1:20 mins in I THOUGHT HE WAS GAY

  67. Mia Lopez

    Mia LopezDay ago

    Ayyyy Kevin from Riverdale 💕

  68. army kookie moraes

    army kookie moraesDay ago

    so vim per ele ser do riverdale sksksks😂💜💚😒

  69. John Means

    John MeansDay ago

    AYEE RIVERDALE!! Anyone watchin in 2018?? Like if your waiting for season 3 of riverdale!

  70. Alexius Czar P. Vergara

    Alexius Czar P. VergaraDay ago

    Guys look at Sabrina’s channel “about” desc. It says she only has 68M views but she has a lot of views more than that like wtf? I’m confused..


    VISMAYA RDay ago

    She has 100M views for thumbs alone

  72. Ana Tarvares

    Ana TarvaresDay ago

    Aaahhh kevin de riverdale!! Meu amor❤❤❤❤

  73. Riverdale’s Ships

    Riverdale’s ShipsDay ago


  74. Shailee N

    Shailee NDay ago

    Casey Scott.. I've watched this video a million times and I realise this now.. Wtf is wrong with me 😂😂😂

  75. Настя Поздеева

    Настя ПоздееваDay ago

    Кейси Котт😚😚😚

  76. Pilar Matos Matos

    Pilar Matos MatosDay ago

    me encanta

  77. Marcelina Mendes

    Marcelina MendesDay ago


  78. Thiago Baratello

    Thiago BaratelloDay ago

    Artista injustiçada

  79. Lary Lais

    Lary LaisDay ago

  80. hannah leong

    hannah leongDay ago

    ok but shes such a good actress i love her

  81. Аня Гандкина

    Аня ГандкинаDay ago

    Kevin, its you?!

  82. Anyelit rodriguez

    Anyelit rodriguezDay ago

    Like si conociste a este Men por riverdale...

  83. Smiley Girl

    Smiley GirlDay ago

    He's gay.... (just kiddin')😂

  84. Еленка Оппо

    Еленка ОппоDay ago

    Истории Райли лучшая героиня

  85. Tala Bima

    Tala BimaDay ago

    Wow i just realized that’s maya from girl meets world


    VISMAYA RDay ago

    Yup Sabrina carpenter u might like her other songs too

  87. Valeria Briceño

    Valeria BriceñoDay ago


  88. • Leo •

    • Leo •Day ago

    It's such a cute songggg

  89. Exagerados

    ExageradosDay ago

    Boy of Riverdale

  90. Waseqa Chowdhury

    Waseqa ChowdhuryDay ago




    Kevin, Kevin,Kevin....

  92. Aryan Chauvhan

    Aryan ChauvhanDay ago

    She deserved lucas

  93. Lika Mur

    Lika MurDay ago

    Casey 😍

  94. Jasmin why don't we &Mike

    Jasmin why don't we &MikeDay ago

    I found she with Daniel seavey 😊

  95. Jughead Jones

    Jughead JonesDay ago


  96. Perfect Hairstyles

    Perfect HairstylesDay ago

    I love this song❤️Sabrina Carpenter, you Are my idol🎤🎼I need to be like you!

  97. Taetaetammy

    TaetaetammyDay ago

    Is this Casey scott ?!?! Just noticed lol

  98. Jolene Ashlock

    Jolene AshlockDay ago

    Didn't realize Casey until I watched riverdale now I get why to fangirl😢

  99. Aubrey Tillett

    Aubrey Tillett2 days ago

    Why can't I unsee riverdale, song is good btw!💕

  100. Lisa Moreno

    Lisa Moreno2 days ago

    Two of my favorite person😍💗

  101. Ashly20 06

    Ashly20 062 days ago

    Nice song but I’m here for Casey

  102. Evan Obar

    Evan Obar2 days ago

    Wtf he's 7 years older. I looked it up..