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Sabrina Carpenter - On Purpose (Official Video)


  1. Caesar Peralta

    Caesar Peralta4 hours ago

    Great song by the one and only Sabrina Carpenter


    FIGHT CLUB19 hours ago

    Anybody now😎😎👇👇

  3. supergilr

    supergilr21 hour ago

    2018 Brasil❤️❤️❤️SABRINA❣️

  4. Danielle Efaw

    Danielle EfawDay ago

    your really pretty and i love this song

  5. Pink Cc2

    Pink Cc2Day ago

    This is my favorite song by Sabrina, go Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This song makes me feel hopeful, sad, happy and relived and glad, anyone with me??????? GO SABRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are wonderful, amazing, sweet, lovely, gorgeous, amazing, awesome, beautiful, kind, etc. I can't fit all of her characteristics/qualities in one comment, there too many!!! NEVER FORGOT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE AND DON'T LET ANY NEGATIVITY GET INSIDE YOUR MIND!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Marleeka Choat

    Marleeka ChoatDay ago

    Mrs Carpenter you have a great voice

  7. Milagros Acosta

    Milagros AcostaDay ago

    I love it

  8. # musicismyeverything

    # musicismyeverything2 days ago

    I discovered her on IG TV drawing her album cover. Thank you Instagram! 💜

  9. kiesia beckles

    kiesia beckles2 days ago


  10. Miriãn Rodrigues

    Miriãn Rodrigues3 days ago

    2018? 🇧🇷

  11. Madeline EAH

    Madeline EAH3 days ago


  12. Trininator

    Trininator3 days ago

    Super underrated

  13. Sriya Madarapu

    Sriya Madarapu3 days ago

    She is beautiful and talented 😊

  14. Emilyyy

    Emilyyy4 days ago

    2018 babies😍❤️ I absolutely love Sabrina Carpenter Do you? Like if so..

  15. tv lizet paola

    tv lizet paola4 days ago

    I Love You sabrina campeter ☺💕💜💕💜💕

  16. Antonia

    Antonia4 days ago

    I’m gonna do this when I go to London next sksjsjsj I lie. This so much

  17. Cristian Gutierrez

    Cristian Gutierrez4 days ago

    I met her a long time ago..I'm still in love with her.

  18. Lara Senguer

    Lara Senguer4 days ago

    soy larasenguer2008 si me quieren seguir

  19. Lara Senguer

    Lara Senguer4 days ago

    pero fije la verdad te amo sabrina carpenten sos mi idola sos la mejor y sos hermosq siempre te lo digo en instagram

  20. Lara Senguer

    Lara Senguer4 days ago

    mentira no ablo ingles

  21. Lara Senguer

    Lara Senguer4 days ago

    i love sabrina carpenten mi idole

  22. Lucia Mar Games

    Lucia Mar Games5 days ago

    o on on p on pu on pur on purp on purpo on purpos on purpose on purpos on purpo on purp on pur on pu on p on o

  23. Omar Garcia

    Omar Garcia5 days ago

    Ola soy Miguel Ángel tengo 9 año

  24. Srinidhi Iyer

    Srinidhi Iyer6 days ago

    DID *WHAT* ON PURPOSE?!!???!?!!??!!?

  25. боб марли

    боб марли6 days ago

    I LOVE HER!!!!!

  26. Nasweehah kurmally

    Nasweehah kurmally6 days ago

    still here in Nov 2018 this song will never get old for me

  27. Magali Olivera

    Magali Olivera7 days ago

    Like si seguís escuchando esto en 2018


    VISMAYA R7 days ago

    Sabrina pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls release singular act 2 on March 11 2019 it's my birthday and it'll be the best birthday present ever!!!!

  29. gregory archer

    gregory archer8 days ago

    I commented on this song last year can't find it too many fans including mwah

  30. oscar me gusto eso si es wwe Castillejo es fabuloso

    oscar me gusto eso si es wwe Castillejo es fabuloso8 days ago

    Está es para las jovencitas de hoy aprendan verse bien y vestirse elegante y aprender sobre cultura de otros países y saben que son lindas sin tatuajes en el cuerpo esas son jovencitas con educación

  31. 2687

    26879 days ago

    That first verse is magical

  32. Nahomi Acosta

    Nahomi Acosta9 days ago

    Love You Sabrina Carpenter😍

  33. Talia Sizemore

    Talia Sizemore9 days ago

    I really want to meet Sabrina. She is my inspiration and I really want to be just like her

  34. Martin Grahovski

    Martin Grahovski9 days ago

    11.11.2018 Bulgaria

  35. girl power

    girl power10 days ago


  36. junior Martins

    junior Martins10 days ago


  37. XD celena XD

    XD celena XD10 days ago

    2018? La unica que habla español??

  38. Nicole Alarcón

    Nicole Alarcón10 days ago

    Oh, esto es tan lindooo

  39. Hannah Lily

    Hannah Lily11 days ago

    Sabrina, You are my idol! I adore you so much, you are amazing! Every time I listen to one of your songs it lifts my mood so much. Hannah xx

  40. Badass at Games

    Badass at Games11 days ago

    Anyone 2018?

  41. cooper pepe

    cooper pepe12 days ago

    you are crazy if you did like this kay

  42. Annabelle Price

    Annabelle Price12 days ago

    I wish I was in London while she was filmimg this!

  43. Arya Patel

    Arya Patel12 days ago

    *My dreams running into your dreams it's as if we wished on the same star*

  44. Ioli Ntasi Vieira

    Ioli Ntasi Vieira12 days ago

    I LOVE this song!!

  45. Christina Endsley

    Christina Endsley14 days ago

    Like your music video Sabrina and my favorite song is why along and my name is christina endsley

  46. Andrey Petrik

    Andrey Petrik14 days ago


  47. Andrey Petrik

    Andrey Petrik14 days ago

    This is my favourite song!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  48. Manuela

    Manuela15 days ago

    Un saludo desde colombia 😚😚😚😚

  49. miguelldiez 4

    miguelldiez 417 hours ago

    Saludos desde cali

  50. PokeBoy Gamer

    PokeBoy Gamer15 days ago


  51. taehyung 7w7

    taehyung 7w715 days ago


  52. Freddie22

    Freddie2216 days ago

    SaB "El mundo es tuyo y lo conquistaste!❤️

  53. Vera Lúcia Santos

    Vera Lúcia Santos16 days ago


  54. yam Carson

    yam Carson16 days ago

    Qué hermosa canción cuando dijo que lo hizo a propósito me encanta

  55. Devyn Harrison

    Devyn Harrison16 days ago


  56. Qyurcy Markes

    Qyurcy Markes17 days ago

    Luv this song 💚💚💚💚 🎵🎵🎵🎵

  57. Valery Caldas

    Valery Caldas17 days ago

    Mmmm alguien de aquí habla español?

  58. antonio pinto

    antonio pinto17 days ago


  59. Liz Karoly Garcia Reyes

    Liz Karoly Garcia Reyes17 days ago

    Alguien viene de Gisney Chanel?

  60. Mailen Araujo

    Mailen Araujo18 days ago

    3-11-2018 I love you Sabrina!!!!! Soy de argentina y me gustaría que vinierais a mi país aunque es lamentablemente imposible :')

  61. Amber Holcomb

    Amber Holcomb18 days ago

    Girl, I love this version of you!! Can we get more great songs like this one please?

  62. Julieta Aparicio

    Julieta Aparicio18 days ago

    M3 ENCANTA LA CANCIÓN ES COOL 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  63. girl power

    girl power18 days ago

    2018? 😂

  64. Durval Fabiano Barbosa

    Durval Fabiano Barbosa19 days ago

    neste clipe voce esta bela e radiante

  65. Kendall Russo

    Kendall Russo19 days ago

    I love this song

  66. thinaa. Duque

    thinaa. Duque19 days ago

    Laaaa adoroooooo❤

  67. Freddie22

    Freddie2219 days ago

    La mujer más pretty del mundo!

  68. Jacob Gonzales

    Jacob Gonzales20 days ago

    Is she talking about Bradley?

  69. Sarah Danielly

    Sarah Danielly20 days ago

    Eu adorei o estilo do clipi

  70. Mariam Arshad

    Mariam Arshad20 days ago

    You are adorable! Even if you grow up, you are still the same now as you are in these older videos.

  71. DANIELS Y ANI villarevia rodriges

    DANIELS Y ANI villarevia rodriges21 day ago


  72. Judith Rodriguez Esquea

    Judith Rodriguez Esquea21 day ago

    eres la reina del la mur prfecta eres

  73. Kaitie Gray

    Kaitie Gray21 day ago

    7.7K people that disliked it must have been asleep because this song is amazing

  74. Cameron Blackley

    Cameron Blackley22 days ago

    anyone watching in 2018?

  75. Bent Unicycle_043

    Bent Unicycle_04322 days ago

    I'm letting auto play take control. sabrina carpenter marathon!!!

  76. duda fernandes

    duda fernandes22 days ago

    this girl is very talent

  77. Hector Carrillo

    Hector Carrillo23 days ago

    A fitting end to the universe.

  78. mercedes brown

    mercedes brown23 days ago

    te quiero mucho sabrina me encanta tu canta tus canciones

  79. Gaming Villa

    Gaming Villa24 days ago

    Awesome song...and beautiful you....😍💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖💖💖

  80. Hacker borja

    Hacker borja24 days ago

    Love miucic

  81. Carlos Arroyo

    Carlos Arroyo24 days ago

    Like si te gusta esta cancion

  82. Riley Matthews

    Riley Matthews25 days ago

    Love ya peaches..💗💗 Love ya Sabrina..😘😘

  83. Julieta Uribe

    Julieta Uribe25 days ago

    Hola sabrina eres mi cantante favorita amo tu musica : D

  84. Tnavarijo Urural

    Tnavarijo Urural25 days ago


  85. Даша Каньшина

    Даша Каньшина25 days ago

    Кто из России?

  86. Dinesh 1886

    Dinesh 188626 days ago

    I'm unlucky Because I never see to UK in my Life 😔. I just hate myself. Sabrina is So lucky.

  87. star unicorn

    star unicorn26 days ago

    I love you sabrina

  88. Lucy Harper

    Lucy Harper26 days ago

    this takes me back to disney channel..

  89. Triztian Thompson

    Triztian Thompson26 days ago

    on purpose

  90. A’Marie McGuffie

    A’Marie McGuffie27 days ago

    Sabrina, there are no words for how amazing this song is, every time I listen to it, it tells a story and it’s magical and it makes me feel alive! I hope you realize what you’ve created to make people feel special and confident, you are an inspiration to so many people out in the world, you’re also my inspiration, keep living your dream and don’t stop for nothing, you help people find out who they are and encourage them to make good choices. You don’t care about being the center of attention, you just want to help others in life with the tough times and make them stronger and make this world a better place with your spirit and music you can accomplish anything!!!

  91. Unicorn Squad

    Unicorn Squad27 days ago

    I met her in Concert

  92. Myriam Boyer

    Myriam Boyer28 days ago

    Love this song so much 😚😚2019

  93. BelaJully fow

    BelaJully fow28 days ago

    Não sei porque mas quando escuto e vejo o clipe me sinto diferente mas um diferente bom 😍😭

  94. BelaJully fow

    BelaJully fow10 days ago

    +Vinícius Lúcio sim

  95. Vinícius Lúcio

    Vinícius Lúcio27 days ago

    Essa musica é muito boa né? Sabrina é uma grande cantora!

  96. Diana Glez

    Diana Glez29 days ago

    Like si te gusta esta canción 👍

  97. Consuelo Coutinho

    Consuelo Coutinho29 days ago

    Esa musical me toca....kkkkk

  98. Tanuja Shah

    Tanuja ShahMonth ago

    Love u all your songs...will never got tired of them

  99. Lamees Mashtoub

    Lamees MashtoubMonth ago


  100. Estefany Apale

    Estefany ApaleMonth ago


  101. Seral Ali

    Seral AliMonth ago

    this deserves so much more love

  102. Diana Glez

    Diana GlezMonth ago

    2018 mexico

  103. Diana Glez

    Diana GlezMonth ago

    I love you 😍😘💖💟💝💓