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Sabrina Carpenter - Almost Love (Official Lyric Video)


  1. Jamilla Omer

    Jamilla Omer5 days ago

    I live in atlanta my birthday is on the oct. 12 this friday i love sabrina 1 like = 1 prayer my mom takes me to the show and a present for me

  2. N7thegreatspy

    N7thegreatspy11 days ago

    I like how a lot of people seem to think mature means "hey I like you. I like sex. Let's have sex." Please, great song even greater musician, but it is my no means more mature than her previous works, if anything it's less and that's fine. Just don't call out people for calling this what it is, a step backwards in terms of depth and emotional maturity. Love you Sabrina. On the off chance you read this don't take it the wrong way. Super excited for the new album.

  3. multifandomz

    multifandomz15 days ago

    she's so cute, then hot, then adorable, then smol omg

  4. Alex Torres

    Alex Torres17 days ago

    Still my favorite

  5. Skye Shyne

    Skye Shyne23 days ago

    If you guys dislike her or this song...Why post things? Are you trying to get attention? She’s growing up and so are you...Be more mature...

  6. Saslaya

    Saslaya28 days ago


  7. Sofia

    SofiaMonth ago

    Yasss slay the new era ❤️👑👑

  8. tenorbuds

    tenorbudsMonth ago

    First off Sabrina looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress and this song is really catchy. So excited for Sabrina's next album. I hope she gets all the recognition she deserves from it because the girl is crazy talented and her music is amazing, but Almost Love is definitely my new favorite. We just covered "Almost Love" on my channel, hope you will watch it. Btw will Alien and Why be on SC3, anyone know?

  9. andrea mitrovic

    andrea mitrovic11 days ago

    No, she said it an Zac Sang (sorry if i wrote it bad)

  10. Kiara Flores

    Kiara FloresMonth ago

    I hope they are, I love those two songs too.

  11. Simon Howell

    Simon HowellMonth ago

    Not sure, but I hope so. Loved your cover of Almost love by the way.

  12. devika birajdar

    devika birajdarMonth ago

    love ya from the core of my heart

  13. devika birajdar

    devika birajdarMonth ago

    thats what i do

  14. devika birajdar

    devika birajdarMonth ago

    just love sabrina

  15. Ana Flores

    Ana FloresMonth ago

    why does it sound like she has an accent when she sings?? lol

  16. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover sMonth ago

    Well she has been traveling to alot of foreign countries alot

  17. Leylani Z

    Leylani ZMonth ago

    Everyone let’s focus on what’s really important here ....... at least she doesn’t cause trouble when she’s tipsy love an unproblematic queen I mean she just gets even dorkier then she is which is adorable

  18. Joy Davis

    Joy DavisMonth ago

    This is better than the actual video

  19. Tisha TS

    Tisha TSMonth ago

    She is so freaking cute! I love her even in another dimension.

  20. Bruna dos Santos Fasani

    Bruna dos Santos FasaniMonth ago

    I love this song.

  21. Hex79

    Hex79Month ago

    Almost love it’s almost love Sorry your songs are sooo good I sing them cous I’m a fan I’m a fan

  22. RV/cube rixxzzx

    RV/cube rixxzzxMonth ago

    im here bec. of redvelvet hehehe. and I already like her❤❤❤

  23. Becca Lii

    Becca LiiMonth ago

    At some parts it sounds like Camila Cabello. x:

  24. Adister Estrada

    Adister EstradaMonth ago

    I Love Your Songs

  25. Taekook_ lover

    Taekook_ loverMonth ago

    She might not be a little kid anymore... BUT SHE IS STILL A SHORT, CUTE STACK OF PANCAKES 😍😘😍😘😂😂💗💗💍💍

  26. Frost Storm

    Frost StormMonth ago

    yeah she still a short and cute stack of pancakes😂😄😂😄😍😍

  27. Katheeja AKR

    Katheeja AKRMonth ago

    I did a cover of this song hope you all like it

  28. Emilce Zorrilla

    Emilce Zorrilla2 months ago

    no entiendo para que es este video, ¿por qué hay dos almost love?

  29. Efe Audio

    Efe Audio2 months ago

    I think she sounds a little bit like Bebe Rexha.

  30. shakira qian

    shakira qian2 months ago

    I'm listening to this song while reading a lemon fanfiction... is that bad? :/

  31. little Billie

    little Billie2 months ago

    Is she supposed to be drunk or sum I love it tho

  32. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover sMonth ago


  33. Night Angel

    Night Angel2 months ago

    Unique lyrical video 🙂

  34. ·Gisela Luna·

    ·Gisela Luna·2 months ago


  35. Prisha Ghughal

    Prisha Ghughal2 months ago

    who thinks Sabrina is sooo pretty? like she's even prettier than selena Gomez in my opinion! people are totally under rating Sabrina's talent

  36. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover s2 months ago

    Prisha Ghughal We don't compare😄

  37. Michael Spurlock

    Michael Spurlock2 months ago

    It makes me want to dance and sing and enjoy life! This video is awesome! !!!

  38. Angela Coronado

    Angela Coronado2 months ago

    Her face at 3:46 😍

  39. Lauryne Drt

    Lauryne Drt2 months ago

    it's almost 2M views

  40. Lauryne Drt

    Lauryne Drt2 months ago

    God it's 2M views

  41. Addy Sadsarin

    Addy Sadsarin2 months ago

    She has changed. Sadly. In my opinion 😥

  42. Maddie Todd

    Maddie Todd2 months ago

    Ahh she's so cute!❤

  43. Vaishnavi Jamdagni

    Vaishnavi Jamdagni2 months ago

    i love your madness

  44. Sailor_BlackHole

    Sailor_BlackHole2 months ago

    ok who here loves this song, i know i do

  45. Carisma Jones

    Carisma Jones2 months ago


  46. Devon Proia

    Devon Proia2 months ago

    Even though she's 19 I'm still picturing her of that 14 year old girl on girl meets world which was a disney channel tv show😂😂😂 but I love her music!!!

  47. Maya Sakhri

    Maya Sakhri2 months ago


  48. Vaishnavi Jamdagni

    Vaishnavi Jamdagni2 months ago

    your dance became a bit weid at the end

  49. MariSafari 18

    MariSafari 182 months ago

    This is a standing ovation!

  50. Mundo da Nathy Alves

    Mundo da Nathy Alves2 months ago

    Beautiful, Wonderful!😚

  51. sabiha syed

    sabiha syed2 months ago

    I like her lyric vid more than the real video

  52. Julian Swann

    Julian Swann2 months ago

    You rock

  53. Evanescence Musics

    Evanescence Musics2 months ago

    Almost 2M ♡

  54. Lily Hayes

    Lily Hayes2 months ago

    Girl your 19 !!!!!!

  55. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover s2 months ago

    Lily Hayes exactly and?

  56. Elizabeth Shields

    Elizabeth Shields2 months ago

    Isn’t she wearing the same dress from one of the GMW episodes?

  57. Elizabeth Shields

    Elizabeth Shields2 months ago

    Sammy XXX girl meets semi formal I think

  58. Sammy XXX

    Sammy XXX2 months ago

    Elizabeth Shields what episode

  59. aimee eischen

    aimee eischen2 months ago

    I dig ur style I love ur dress its amazing I wish I had it but were would I were it

  60. lorry geewhizzbang

    lorry geewhizzbang2 months ago

    This is me in my living room at 4am when I decide to have a few more after we come home 🤣😋😏😴😪

  61. HARLEY QUINN!!!!

    HARLEY QUINN!!!!2 months ago


  62. SilverStarStruck

    SilverStarStruck2 months ago

    She's adorable in this one. Such a contrast to the regular video, and it's nice to see someone who can do both. :D

  63. Neptune Butera

    Neptune Butera2 months ago

    i need this dress so bad

  64. JhadenTheCat

    JhadenTheCat2 months ago

    i luv how sabrina is so energetic in this video

  65. charleswash1

    charleswash12 months ago

    She ate this up yes ms.sabrina this song is a bop

  66. Ashley Xiong

    Ashley Xiong2 months ago

    Love this song

  67. Nigel Romabau

    Nigel Romabau2 months ago

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (Just ask Him)*

  68. Ninii Vittoria

    Ninii Vittoria2 months ago

    I prefer this lyric video than the other🖤🖤🖤🖤⭐⭐⭐

  69. Addie Mae

    Addie Mae3 months ago


  70. Kaia Manning

    Kaia Manning3 months ago

    3:04/3:46 is me bopping to this song

  71. Micro BlueJay

    Micro BlueJay3 months ago

    Sabrina you are my favorite! This is my second favorite song of you! my first is this is the best i got or something like that lol! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. THAIS Gimenez

    THAIS Gimenez3 months ago

    O my god nose inglés pero me encantó

  73. Rose Doll

    Rose Doll3 months ago

    I love this a little too much

  74. Anisah Bashir

    Anisah Bashir3 months ago

    I prefer this video

  75. Wulfric's Damnation

    Wulfric's Damnation3 months ago

    I'm not watching anymore...the lyrics have a very deep, deep, meaning

  76. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover s2 months ago

    Wulfric's Damnation ik but I'm still watching

  77. arie ardhianti

    arie ardhianti3 months ago

    hai saya alicia saya orang indonesia

  78. arie ardhianti

    arie ardhianti3 months ago

    wath it is waaaaa sabi

  79. J Smooth Soul Beats

    J Smooth Soul Beats3 months ago

    Sabrina Carpenter Almost Love Instrumental

  80. Lydia Dysert

    Lydia Dysert3 months ago

    a bop

  81. Suchita Bhowmik

    Suchita Bhowmik3 months ago

    Awsm❤❤❤❤❤luv u sooo much sbri

  82. TNF_houssari

    TNF_houssari3 months ago

    What happened to Riley and Maya? 😭

  83. Mackenzie Garcia

    Mackenzie Garcia3 months ago

    She’s kinda annoying

  84. Mackenzie Garcia

    Mackenzie Garcia2 months ago

    rokiyacover s yeah wow you seem so much cooler for that slang🙄

  85. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover s2 months ago

    Mackenzie Garcia and it's slang dummy

  86. Mackenzie Garcia

    Mackenzie Garcia2 months ago

    rokiyacover s it’s wrong to have an opinion and its you not uuu

  87. rokiyacover s

    rokiyacover s2 months ago

    Mackenzie Garcia like uuu

  88. eryn.

    eryn.3 months ago

    looking back to four years ago, watching your ”Can't Blame A Girl for Trying“ music video on disney channel, you were only fifteen and i absolutely fell in love with you and how genuine you are. your sweetness and such pure and unbelievable talent for someone so young. i had made a fan account for you in 2015 and found out about girl meets world, made it a girl meets world fan acc, rewatched boy meets world, etc etc, and kept the account running up to 2017. i was ten, and now i'm turning fourteen. you're growing up so fast and it makes me so happy and i support you so so much. can't wait to see you far you're going to come, considering the fact that you've grew and developed so much as a bright amazing person!! you are so underrated and underappreciated. love you, sabby.

  89. Miguel Adolfo Romero Blanco

    Miguel Adolfo Romero Blanco3 months ago

    I watched the official video in Just Jared. I like it better.

  90. Tavisha Kalakoti

    Tavisha Kalakoti3 months ago

    She broke the disney stereotype completely.

  91. Farah Farah

    Farah Farah3 months ago

    So cool music ilove You 💖

  92. Test Monkey

    Test Monkey3 months ago

    Sabrinas music has ALWAYS been amazing, and I think it’ll always stay that way. She’s so incredibleeeee

  93. Bish Wut

    Bish Wut3 months ago

    Me ayt my fourth talent show Goddam slayed it

  94. thoughtful letters

    thoughtful letters3 months ago


  95. Nerlande Philippe

    Nerlande Philippe3 months ago

    Okay ms MAYA HART!!

  96. Joshua Ortiz

    Joshua Ortiz3 months ago

    does the instrumental kinda sound like "The Light Is Coming" by Ariana Grande or is it just me?

  97. Tamirys Silva

    Tamirys Silva3 months ago


  98. SSBM_ Mayflower

    SSBM_ Mayflower3 months ago

    Absolute banger

  99. Talia Tenyah

    Talia Tenyah3 months ago

    i love you sabrina but i dont like the 70s style

  100. Bren S

    Bren S3 months ago

    idk why ? but this song is hot , u know it turn me on XD

  101. Jenna F

    Jenna F3 months ago


  102. Michael041999

    Michael0419993 months ago

    Good song

  103. Star SD

    Star SD3 months ago

    I LOVE HER AND HER SINGING and loved girl meets world but it got canceled

  104. Casandra A

    Casandra A3 months ago

    She kind of copied Selena Gomez on “Love you like a love song” music video

  105. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams3 months ago

    I actually really like this song.

  106. Emma Blazoff

    Emma Blazoff3 months ago

    Who is here before 1billion views

  107. aimee eischen

    aimee eischen3 months ago

    I love u sabrina Mi name is josee U inspire me

  108. αlιcє gισναиα

    αlιcє gισναиα3 months ago

    BR? ❤💚💛

  109. Emma Mills

    Emma Mills3 months ago

    I LOVE this song

  110. Sabrina

    Sabrina3 months ago

    Just heard this on the radio and I had to check it out. Now I'm here =D

  111. Jaden Hoch

    Jaden Hoch3 months ago

    Thumbs up if u wanna meet Sabrina Carpenter

  112. Ellie Drake

    Ellie Drake3 months ago

    this is her best song HANDS DOWN

  113. Paul O Connor

    Paul O Connor3 months ago

    wat a tune

  114. Fernanda Pastrana

    Fernanda Pastrana3 months ago


  115. Suhaylah Zain Ali

    Suhaylah Zain Ali3 months ago

    You need to came to New Zealand Auckland

  116. Autumn Lemley

    Autumn Lemley3 months ago

    I listened to this song like 100 times

  117. Rodrigo Avila

    Rodrigo Avila3 months ago

    this mixes well with ty$'s paranoid

  118. Thais Silva

    Thais Silva3 months ago

    Tem br aí?