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Sabrina Carpenter - Almost Love (Official Lyric Video)


  1. Rishabh Khanna

    Rishabh Khanna3 hours ago

    Been watching her since girl meets world, and damn she has evolved(in a good way).... All of us love u Sabrina

  2. unicorn mendes_Mendes

    unicorn mendes_Mendes4 hours ago

    Yesss!! Queen!! 👑🌹🌹🌹

  3. KotyaAbormotya 101

    KotyaAbormotya 1014 hours ago

    S Sa Sab Sabr Sabri Sabrin Sabrina Sabrina C Sabrina Ca Sabrina Car Sabrina Carp Sabrina Carpe Sabrina Carpen Sabrina Carpent Sabrina Carpente Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Carpente Sabrina Carpint Sabrina Carpin Sabrina Carpi Sabrina Carp Sabrina Car Sabrina Ca Sabrina C Sabrina Sabrin Sabri Sabr Sab Sa S

  4. Coreal Reaf 55

    Coreal Reaf 554 hours ago

    First off SLAY QUEEN second off I do miss maya hart- hunter buuuut she’s so much more mature and so pretty she looks like she’s having so much fun and I’m happy for her hopefully she doesn’t quite acting tho

  5. KotyaAbormotya 101

    KotyaAbormotya 1014 hours ago

    Guys c'mon! U serious? Shes 19!!!! Tbh there's NOTHING inappropriate, no cursing, nothing too sexual, and did u see that dancing?!😄😄 shes the cutest😍 and Sabi is really trying to keep the younger auditory aswell))) Sabi, ur amazing, dont listen to anyone❤❤❤❤

  6. AreKaiLee

    AreKaiLee9 hours ago


  7. Fretz john Carpenter

    Fretz john Carpenter9 hours ago


  8. Laura Freitas

    Laura Freitas10 hours ago

    OMG SHES SO GOOD ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. Dustiny Tice

    Dustiny Tice12 hours ago

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  10. Gerardo Bernal

    Gerardo Bernal13 hours ago

    i like sabrina 😘💘😍🎵🎶🎧🎤

  11. Moriah Ruth Music

    Moriah Ruth Music13 hours ago


  12. Player 27 Productions

    Player 27 Productions14 hours ago

    It's still disappointing too see that people are making the lyrics a big deal. Explicit? No. About love? Yes. Is Sabrina growing up and starting to write mature music, mature for all ages? Yes!

  13. Brooklynn Ziegler

    Brooklynn Ziegler15 hours ago

    Another awsome hit by the one and only Queen Sabby! Nothing short of perfection! 😍😍😍❤

  14. Lanece Powell

    Lanece Powell16 hours ago

    I love her music but when did she start singing about sex?

  15. Player 27 Productions

    Player 27 Productions15 hours ago

    Lanece Powell Why is that a problem? It's not totally about sex. People with dirty minds these days. Despacito is song that is probably a million times more sexual than Almost Love. Translate the lyrics of Despacito and you'll see.

  16. Md Younus

    Md Younus17 hours ago

    Waw nice

  17. Ariana Grande xox

    Ariana Grande xox18 hours ago

    Sabrina you did great I love it

  18. Alix Hudspeth

    Alix Hudspeth18 hours ago

    Right now I'm LOVING this song. But I'm also really noticing differences between her first album, Eyes Wide Open. I can't believe that was four years ago, and I'm still listening to Sabrina as often as I did! Well. Mostly. I didn't listen to SC until my sister started geeking about her Evolution album. Ha!

  19. seoul shishtar

    seoul shishtar20 hours ago

    lowkey getting SZA vibes

  20. sabrinaismyprincess 1

    sabrinaismyprincess 120 hours ago

    This song is my summer jam

  21. Nirendi M.

    Nirendi M.20 hours ago

    Playing this on repeat!

  22. Sabrina's Purpose

    Sabrina's Purpose20 hours ago

    lmao why are most of you complaining about the lyrics.........i can guarantee you have listened to songs worse than this yall are annoying

  23. Player 27 Productions

    Player 27 Productions15 hours ago

    Sabrina's Purpose ikr


    YOCH TWINA21 hour ago

    80’s nostalgia

  25. Tit Hernandez

    Tit Hernandez21 hour ago

    this song will be blowing up in the radio and all around the world:-D😁😃🙂

  26. hit me babe

    hit me babeDay ago

    *in polish radio*

  27. Keep on ROCKIN'

    Keep on ROCKIN'Day ago

    Is different better????? Yup

  28. Yoyo Ty

    Yoyo TyDay ago

    Her voice sounds like Madison beer but Sabrina sounds better

  29. Jessica Analí

    Jessica AnalíDay ago

    Great song i love it good vibe

  30. star fire

    star fireDay ago

    Since day one I’ve been a fan I even met Sab at a concert in Portland Oregon at the evolution tour 🖤

  31. Bri

    BriDay ago

    So many people saying people are complaining but I haven't seen a single one. Guys; chill. If they can't support a woman growing into herself, then they can leave. Just enjoy Sabrina's voice.

  32. Thamilys Azevedo

    Thamilys AzevedoDay ago

    I like the music

  33. julia clairerobinson

    julia clairerobinsonDay ago

    This is a music vid with the lyrics

  34. Riley Ann

    Riley AnnDay ago

    Did you see her Instagram of how this video happened??? It's funny!!

  35. Clara Biasedkook

    Clara BiasedkookDay ago

    Primeira a ver foi a Raíssa chadadd kkk

  36. GurlOnline_14

    GurlOnline_14Day ago


  37. deriona richardson

    deriona richardsonDay ago

    crazy sabrina side LOL

  38. Riquelme Rodrigues

    Riquelme RodriguesDay ago

    *HIT DE 2018* ❤

  39. Lana Brčić

    Lana BrčićDay ago

    Who was here before 1 Mil?

  40. OrlághOwl RG

    OrlághOwl RGDay ago


  41. Richelle Silveira

    Richelle SilveiraDay ago


  42. Jaiden Reid

    Jaiden ReidDay ago

    I Love her

  43. Türkan Tugan

    Türkan TuganDay ago

    Love this❤❤❤

  44. Joe Boway Jr.

    Joe Boway Jr.Day ago

    She kinda sounded like SZA

  45. Nightcore Jello

    Nightcore JelloDay ago

    sabrina dont care if she too mature




  47. Sangeeta Singh

    Sangeeta Singh2 days ago

    I love this song, it's my most favorite song. Love you Sabrina!!!❤❤❤❤

  48. LikeDuhItzPlum

    LikeDuhItzPlum2 days ago

    I love Sabrina so much but she is too young to sing about love, I'm not hating or trying to boss her around or critisice

  49. Liana Teixeira

    Liana TeixeiraDay ago

    LikeDuhItzPlum she's 19 why is that to young

  50. L studios

    L studios2 days ago

    I LOVE THISSSSSS Edit : why people tripping over the lyrics its a song jesus

  51. thehopelessromanticxo

    thehopelessromanticxo2 days ago

    I didn’t want it to end!!! 😍😍😭

  52. blue 55

    blue 552 days ago

    Love the dress

  53. Sharün XD

    Sharün XD2 days ago

    ¿Cómo carajos es que esta chica hace todo tan bien? Simplemente la admiro, wacho 🤞💜

  54. binita Parida

    binita Parida2 days ago

    most excited for the new album

  55. Angelina Playz

    Angelina Playz2 days ago

    This is a very new style for Sabrina

  56. Katie Horan24

    Katie Horan242 days ago

    It is love. I love this song so much❤😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  57. Caroline_playz

    Caroline_playz2 days ago

    is it just me or is this song abt sex lmaoooo

  58. Why don't we fan

    Why don't we fan2 days ago

    Is it just me or is she a queen

  59. Carlesha Hendrickson

    Carlesha Hendrickson2 days ago

    All hers song make me feel better n wanna dance n just live n love 💕

  60. valesperanzza

    valesperanzza2 days ago


  61. Ryan Lauer

    Ryan Lauer2 days ago

    The stupid whistle sounds in the background are horrible. Everything is fucking amazing.

  62. Keith Hohl

    Keith Hohl2 days ago

    She should write a song using her insta comments lol

  63. Hanah Neha

    Hanah Neha2 days ago

    I love this x

  64. Alias S

    Alias S2 days ago

    A bop

  65. Grace Crandall

    Grace Crandall2 days ago

    Her Music is always so amazing!

  66. fanderwaal love grace

    fanderwaal love grace2 days ago


  67. Sweets Valentine

    Sweets Valentine3 days ago

    I'm getting some serious 1980's vibes rn

  68. Caleigh Gunawan

    Caleigh Gunawan3 days ago

    what a bop

  69. whatsupbarbaraap

    whatsupbarbaraap3 days ago

    Te amo preciosa😭😭😭

  70. Karen Armijos Rivera

    Karen Armijos Rivera3 days ago

    LA MEJOR .. 😍😙💚

  71. okxyliaa

    okxyliaa3 days ago

    824 have their phone upside down so they mistook the dislike button for the like button :)

  72. Emma C

    Emma C3 days ago

    This song is everything 👍😍😍❤

  73. Flora Gomes

    Flora Gomes3 days ago

    It's a BOP

  74. Arohi Paul

    Arohi Paul3 days ago

    Your the definition of Perfection #LoveSabrina #LoveMayaHart #GMW

  75. Why don't we fan

    Why don't we fan3 days ago

    Queen is that you 😍

  76. Heyyy peeps

    Heyyy peeps3 days ago

    1.1 MILLION VIEWS! 😭👏🏼 you deserved it Sabrina!

  77. morgan w123

    morgan w1233 days ago


  78. Justice Mercer

    Justice Mercer3 days ago

    She is so beautiful :) ♥️

  79. Jenan Ameen

    Jenan Ameen3 days ago

    This song is my jam 😍😍😍❤️

  80. Nicole Santos

    Nicole Santos3 days ago

    goot nat

  81. Mya ThePuppyLover

    Mya ThePuppyLover3 days ago

    She makes the best music

  82. Kenneth Pensyl

    Kenneth Pensyl3 days ago

    🎶🎼🎙️🎼🎶, SC.

  83. Sara Camara

    Sara Camara3 days ago

    Who disliked this?!

  84. Haizea solis martinez

    Haizea solis martinez3 days ago

    Hecho de menos las canciones de antes guapa

  85. Julieta Uribe

    Julieta Uribe3 days ago

    I love sabrina

  86. Paola Ivanova

    Paola Ivanova3 days ago


  87. Ulrich Sørensen

    Ulrich Sørensen3 days ago

    This is one damm fine lyric video

  88. Isabela Ayoria

    Isabela Ayoria3 days ago


  89. Sweet Cake

    Sweet Cake3 days ago

    A request prom song

  90. Cutie Bara

    Cutie Bara3 days ago


  91. Maritza G.

    Maritza G.3 days ago

    Damn 😍😍😍

  92. Mashya Mumin

    Mashya Mumin3 days ago


  93. Malika Tungidwar

    Malika Tungidwar3 days ago

    My baby hit 1!!!!!!!!!,😍😍😘😍

  94. Aaron Parker

    Aaron Parker3 days ago

    Sex sells I guess.

  95. Player 27 Productions

    Player 27 Productions2 days ago

    Aaron Parker Sorry but you're disappointing. This song it not completely about sex. It can be about love in general. Plus this song is not explicit and the lyric video is awesome!

  96. Kazabite

    Kazabite3 days ago


  97. Kazabite

    Kazabite3 days ago

    Sadly, I expected more........

  98. Olivia Dudek

    Olivia Dudek3 days ago

    Im almost in Love. JK!

  99. carpenterselenator carsonator

    carpenterselenator carsonator3 days ago

  100. SHAHA R

    SHAHA R4 days ago

    greet song!!!!!!!!!

  101. Shaheen Haider

    Shaheen Haider4 days ago

    Sabrina I love ur songs and the way that u sing😀

  102. memoriia

    memoriia4 days ago

    this deserves so much more attention...

  103. Arjay Tablizo

    Arjay Tablizo4 days ago

    Almost love i feel inlove 2u sabrina carpenter

  104. Aafiafatimah 123

    Aafiafatimah 1234 days ago

    i love you and your songs you are a role model to me