Ryan Reynolds Explains the Deadpool Leak | Best of The Graham Norton Show


  1. Grayson Dubose

    Grayson Dubose22 hours ago

    Grahams such a horrible interviewer but it works somehow lol


    DARK STUDIOS6 days ago

    Ok will, it was a ok joke at best.

  3. For Comment Purposes

    For Comment Purposes6 days ago

    Deadpool x Deadshoot

  4. truth spoken

    truth spoken10 days ago

    gotta love ryan renolds

  5. Rafael artiga

    Rafael artiga11 days ago

    We need a movie with Ryan and will asap

  6. Rafael artiga

    Rafael artiga11 days ago

    I love when wade does interviews as Ryan

  7. Johnson Phan

    Johnson Phan12 days ago

    Deadpool next to Deadshot. damnnn

  8. Tori-Jay

    Tori-Jay12 days ago

    they laugh but deadpool was my first date

  9. Swedish Otaku

    Swedish Otaku12 days ago

    Will Smith is annoying here...

  10. El Bigotes De La Tienda

    El Bigotes De La Tienda12 days ago

    Deadpool and Hancock sidekicks movie?

  11. Khalil Benkabbour

    Khalil Benkabbour14 days ago

    Ryan : Yeah ya ya audience: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Ace Dragon

    Ace Dragon15 days ago

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, its deadpool time

  13. CapuletRose

    CapuletRose15 days ago

    The guy who’s been cast as the Genie is sitting next to they who should of been cast as the Genie

  14. Northstar Otaku

    Northstar Otaku15 days ago

    Where is my Ryan Reynolds Will Smith buddy cop movie!?!

  15. Ao Chen

    Ao Chen16 days ago


  16. Orange Banana

    Orange Banana16 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is so funny!

  17. spare first one

    spare first one17 days ago

    Is Ryan Reynolds stopped doing deadpool there would be no more dead pool he is dead pool

  18. Sachin Jadhav

    Sachin Jadhav22 days ago

    What does this button do

  19. Deepinder Singh

    Deepinder Singh25 days ago

    Deadshot and Deadpool

  20. Darren Shum

    Darren Shum25 days ago

    It’s rewind time.

  21. Rick Brandes

    Rick Brandes26 days ago

    Canadians not good at fighting? GSP might disagree

  22. Pitchfork Studios

    Pitchfork Studios26 days ago

    So we have Deadpool and Deadshot together.

  23. Sark Rex

    Sark Rex27 days ago

    FYI: Canadians CAN fight. You ever see us play hockey? We can fight like a muthafucker!

  24. Jörgen Persson

    Jörgen PerssonMonth ago

    Ohhh Zeta Jones classic beuty...

  25. Julius Mendoza

    Julius MendozaMonth ago

    Deadpool beside Deadshot? Now I’ve seen it all

  26. Dark Knight

    Dark KnightMonth ago

    The world needs a Deadpool 3 and the movies to keep going with Ryan Reynolds can't get enough



    You know when a guy is REALLY funny, when another guy who's also funny (Will Smith) is mesmerized when he's talking. 🤑

  28. Harrison Driscoll

    Harrison DriscollMonth ago

    so deadpool was an accident... not the first time i've heard that.

  29. EvilMorgoth

    EvilMorgothMonth ago

    i would love to see Will Smith on a new Deadpool movie....

  30. Chris Rusch

    Chris RuschMonth ago

    Will smith and Ryan Reynolds are really digging each other

  31. peoplewillallsmile

    peoplewillallsmileMonth ago

    crossover bet. Deadshot x Deadpool please

  32. Cinémaroc

    CinémarocMonth ago

    Will would you stop talking for a moment! omg he never stops

  33. ElleJay Gee

    ElleJay GeeMonth ago


  34. Richard Duryea

    Richard DuryeaMonth ago

    They should release test footage more often. I want to see the Del Toro test footage for At the Mountains of Madness

  35. journey begins Here

    journey begins HereMonth ago

    May be Deadpool accidentally gets transported to DC and then he teams up with Deadshot....two reds together

  36. John O’Rourke

    John O’RourkeMonth ago

    It made that much money without it opening in China 😵😵😵

  37. Shut UP

    Shut UPMonth ago

    greenlantern who?? hahaha

  38. NW Video

    NW VideoMonth ago

    I love how Will is loving Ryan. And I'm proud to be a Canadian. More talent we're shipping south.

  39. Vstar Art

    Vstar ArtMonth ago

    I love Ryan Reynolds hes so funny

  40. Gurpal Johal

    Gurpal JohalMonth ago

    Viewers saw Will and Ryan, fans saw Deadshot and Deadpool!

  41. D4 Clicking

    D4 ClickingMonth ago

    Ryan Reynolds is the most fun person ever in Hollywood. Dude is just the father of interviewees.

  42. Jami Reed

    Jami ReedMonth ago

    I can listen to him tell stories all day 😂😂🤣🤣

  43. Fabian Girsch

    Fabian GirschMonth ago

    It was Ryan Reynolds for sure. How he looks down when he gets asked

  44. Sledgehammer Of Truth

    Sledgehammer Of Truth2 months ago

    Will Smith molests his son, & I am trying to figure out how Ryan Reynolds is still employed? Sell out like a typical Canadian? Or being under the gaydar? Beside what I just stated. I am looking forward to a dead pool 3. I am not a libtard, zombie, atrazine, soy chugger vegan! I have an IQ above 125.

  45. Maximillian Osaben

    Maximillian Osaben2 months ago

    Seems like Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith need to make a movie together. How could such a movie not make bucket-loads of money?

  46. Cassandra M

    Cassandra M2 months ago

    Will Smith trying to steal his thunder for 7 min. Good luck with that.

  47. Anu Yew

    Anu Yew2 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds is very funny!....Who knew!

  48. Scott Pepper

    Scott Pepper2 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman would be great on the red couch.

  49. Well, hello there, fellow human!

    Well, hello there, fellow human!3 months ago


  50. NairBevol

    NairBevol3 months ago

    How can a human be this amazing?

  51. Onias Lopes

    Onias Lopes3 months ago

    OH GOD what a thigh

  52. Tim Early

    Tim Early3 months ago

    Ryan and Will need to do a movie!

  53. Akshay S A

    Akshay S A3 months ago

    Oh Deadpool, he is so Ryan Reynolds

  54. Dean Shaw

    Dean Shaw3 months ago

    notice when will smith laughs its like a slight feeling of oh i'm not the funniest man on the show

  55. Athena Zhu

    Athena Zhu3 months ago

    So sad we can’t play dead pool in China

  56. Darren Roberts

    Darren Roberts3 months ago

    God damn....Is Toby Jones wearing pants or shorts?

  57. Raphaelboy1

    Raphaelboy13 months ago

    i like DeaD pool

  58. Raphaelboy1

    Raphaelboy13 months ago

    im 8

  59. ethyn hunt

    ethyn hunt3 months ago

    Deadshot with Deadpool

  60. tshepp89

    tshepp893 months ago

    His charisma is ridiculous.

  61. EJ Black

    EJ Black3 months ago

    I wonder how many times people have rejected kids who grew up to be desirable celebrities.

  62. Srustidhar Sahu

    Srustidhar Sahu4 months ago

    He is just deadpool so does RDJ as stark

  63. zevvay

    zevvay4 months ago

    He needs to do podcasts, such an entertaining dude!

  64. Vicious Zero

    Vicious Zero4 months ago

    This Ryan Renolds guy looks a lot like the actor who plays Deadpool.

  65. Mac TheKelt

    Mac TheKelt4 months ago

    I hate what he says about Canadian it isn’t true and he’s just selling out

  66. Dhananjay Deshmukh

    Dhananjay Deshmukh4 months ago

    M i the only one to think that will Smith and Ryan Reynolds need to do a movie

  67. The Velo In The Vale

    The Velo In The Vale4 months ago

    Will is a funny dude ... but next to Ryan - he's eating Ryans dust.

  68. BoilerBloodline

    BoilerBloodline4 months ago

    Pead Dool

  69. Willie Hughes

    Willie Hughes4 months ago

    Deadpool was made to be played by him

  70. scarletfluerr

    scarletfluerr4 months ago

    Too bad he did not know that the fruit baked in a pie would have been exempt.

  71. ironfae

    ironfae4 months ago

    Ryan and Will NEED to make a movie together. Somebody PLEASE make this happen.

  72. Rob Stumbo

    Rob Stumbo4 months ago

    We need a movie with Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds as co-stars! It would be amazing especially if its an action comedy

  73. Amazing Supergirl

    Amazing Supergirl4 months ago

    Why did graham say they don’t think of Canadians as having accents? Everyone does. America and Canada sound pretty similar, especially comparing northern Americans.

  74. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly4 months ago

    Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds need to do a movie together

  75. peterthuo98

    peterthuo984 months ago

    Deadpool next to Deadshot

  76. Kiwi Fisher

    Kiwi Fisher5 months ago


  77. Ignacio Nieto

    Ignacio Nieto5 months ago

    Through this entire interview, ALL the attention is focused on Ryan and yet he never once wavers or cracks under the pressure. He just has that quality about him that allows him to dominate and maintain control of the room while also not coming off as egocentric or douchey.

  78. Kyle Bucheri

    Kyle Bucheri5 months ago

    I just had a thought....toby jones as penguin?!

  79. nothingodot

    nothingodot5 months ago

    Damn it.. Hes wade wilson in real life..

  80. Young Superknight_2k

    Young Superknight_2k5 months ago

    We need Will Smith in a Deadpool Movie ASAP

  81. Cow Yeeter

    Cow Yeeter5 months ago

    Ahem.. so what are you in for? smuggling vegetables across the border.

  82. Felicia Kelley

    Felicia Kelley5 months ago

    When you’re older, it’s “stalking “!!

  83. Felicia Kelley

    Felicia Kelley5 months ago


  84. Arrogant Anarchist

    Arrogant Anarchist5 months ago

    The difference between Deadpool and Ryan is that Deadpool makes fun of others, while Ryan makes fun of himself.

  85. PsychoAztecs

    PsychoAztecs5 months ago

    Deadpool sure is good doing a Ryan Reynolds impression.

  86. 十月

    十月5 months ago

    By the way, we all love Deadpool in China! It's a shame that it can't go on in the theater. We all would very like to go see it. Love it!

  87. peter cobra falahee

    peter cobra falahee5 months ago

    I leaked it ... I regret nothing

  88. Aaron

    Aaron5 months ago

    "Fiona Gorchynski" Wait... *flashbacks to garlicky sheen shane*

  89. Lupita G

    Lupita G5 months ago

    I love Ryan Reynolds😘😘😘😘

  90. OptimistPrime

    OptimistPrime5 months ago


  91. That Girl Sophie

    That Girl Sophie5 months ago

    "💀💩L" " you dont have the balls to make this your movie poster!?". same.

  92. Evaquiel

    Evaquiel5 months ago

    Dead Poo L

  93. Maximillian Osaben

    Maximillian Osaben5 months ago

    If there is anything to take away from this Graham Norton interview it is that Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds would have an absolute blast working together.

  94. Jimin 4life

    Jimin 4life5 months ago

    I feel like the timing of the movie leak was perfect like if this happened in 2010-2015 it wouldn't be preceved and appreciated as much as it is now

  95. Tyla Greenway

    Tyla Greenway5 months ago

    I couldn't stop laughing watching this video....lol

  96. Ward Smyth

    Ward Smyth5 months ago

    I love Will Smith, always have. The guy's typically always the funniest guy wherever he goes. But you could tell he was a little "off" here because he knew he wasn't the funniest guy on the stage.

  97. Blu Wolfe

    Blu Wolfe5 months ago

    I would kill for a Deadshot/Deadpool buddy film.

  98. tony assey

    tony assey5 months ago

    deadpool and dead shot

  99. Anoop P

    Anoop P6 months ago

    Deadpool and Deadshot

  100. AsuraDandy

    AsuraDandy6 months ago

    Imagine being Fiona Grochinski, just looking through youtube, find the graham norton show, see Ryan Reynolds "oh I used to go to school with him." and find out he had a crush on you.