Ryan Reynolds Explains the Deadpool Leak | Best of The Graham Norton Show


  1. rukeyser

    rukeyser16 hours ago

    Toby’s socks.

  2. EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns

    EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGunsDay ago

    I look exactly like Archangel Michael. Reynolds is Beady Eyed like Gosling.

  3. Marco Mendoza

    Marco MendozaDay ago

    *Deadshot and Deadpool Cant wait to watch 💀💩L*

  4. danielle

    danielleDay ago

    We need more Ryan Reynolds!

  5. Rollins

    Rollins2 days ago

    we need Will Smith in the Deadpool universe, he and Ryan seemed to have a lot of fun together, also they should add Jake Gyllenhaal for obvious reasons after life

  6. D

    D2 days ago

    Canadians dont have an accent. Hes speaking like a real Canadian. Only hicks and nephies and natives have accents

  7. Hello I am The King

    Hello I am The King3 days ago

    So tottaly diffrent with deadpool face , i almost not known

  8. Lakis Kettle

    Lakis Kettle3 days ago

    Onw thing I don't get. The X men universe is separate from the main marvel universe. But Spider-Man and Deadpool know eachother. Even though Spider-Man is from main, and Deadpool is from x men

  9. Henley Chen

    Henley Chen4 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds 2 is lit af

  10. Alexis Newell

    Alexis Newell4 days ago

    ❤ Your show Graham fabulous n so are you 😊💋✔ In Australia watching the show on 18th may so beautiful Ryan Reynolds has a gorgeous suit n grey button vest on different to this video🌟🌟🌟 Can he wear clothes /oh there's Catherine Zeta Jones sweetie she is Thanku fun video Ryan Reynolds adorable actor n n man ❤ him Cant wait for Deadpool 1st was so so fun n clever oh

  11. TheAndredal

    TheAndredal5 days ago

    it's such a shame we'll never know who leaked that footage...

  12. Kelli Rose

    Kelli Rose5 days ago

    The only person who can out talk Will Smith

  13. wctrqn

    wctrqn6 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is so cute and funny.

  14. Shaun

    Shaun6 days ago

    ryan always makes me crease 😂

  15. Hannah Shumate

    Hannah Shumate6 days ago

    Amazing. Just amazing

  16. AthenaSaints

    AthenaSaints6 days ago

    So Deadshot and Deadpool sit on a couch, talking about Fiona Gorchinsky....where is Deathstroke?

  17. Anti-HyperLink

    Anti-HyperLink6 days ago

    In Canada it's about.

  18. Anti-HyperLink

    Anti-HyperLink6 days ago

    He has the exact same accent as most people I know here in Canada. And me.

  19. Brent Ferricci

    Brent Ferricci7 days ago

    Will Smith interjecting into the interview would be great if he was adding anything. That's the reason Graham Norton keeps everyone together on the couch. However, it's abundantly clear that he's just jumping in because he hasn't been the center of attention for 30 seconds and he can't stand it.

  20. the baus

    the baus7 days ago

    Will smith annoys me. He's not funny, he's too extra, and he can't share the spotlight. All the attention needs to be w him. Let other ppl frikin talk without having to be involved.

  21. Eric Monfils

    Eric Monfils7 days ago

    I really need to see a movie between Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds. Maybe a remake of They Live?

  22. Adam Perkins

    Adam Perkins7 days ago

    is this a reupload? I've seen it already.

  23. Shuyu Wang

    Shuyu Wang7 days ago

    In China it's rated "go f*ck yourself" lol

  24. Antonella Maugeri

    Antonella Maugeri7 days ago

    He's such a legend😂

  25. Mya Nevin

    Mya Nevin7 days ago

    I'm Canadien, and from the same city as him, and no one says "about" like that

  26. Timmy L

    Timmy L7 days ago

    Deadpool and Ryan: You can't even tell them apart anymore

  27. Maryan Sotto

    Maryan Sotto7 days ago

    I remember that video! I thought it was a video game 😅😂

  28. warrior messiah

    warrior messiah7 days ago

    Money in 24 hours

  29. Sharjeel Kanwal

    Sharjeel Kanwal8 days ago

    Kilo of cocaine. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  30. TheMasterQuests

    TheMasterQuests8 days ago

    Did Ryan Reynolds & Will Smith just become best friends?

  31. raghavan r

    raghavan r8 days ago

    he was born for this character

  32. Clash Everything

    Clash Everything8 days ago

    cheers for the man who leaked the footage and all the fans that make this movie happen

  33. dale bactung

    dale bactung8 days ago

    Deadshot. Deadpool. Arnim Zola. Mabuhay!!!

  34. BTS is Trash

    BTS is Trash8 days ago

    Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds NEED to be a movie together. They'd make a great duo.

  35. Francis Kim

    Francis Kim8 days ago

    Such a Sexy Reynolds !!!!

  36. Rick O'Shea

    Rick O'Shea8 days ago

    The expression on Will Smith's face while he's listening to Ryan Reynolds is...."And I had to pick Suicide Squad....."

  37. AbbeKing

    AbbeKing8 days ago

    "A hero could be anyone, even a man doing something as simple as... leaking the first footage of Deadpool". Ryan Reynolds?

  38. My Info

    My Info8 days ago

    He is from Vancouver... they don't have the stereotypical Canadian accent.

  39. RC Action

    RC Action8 days ago

    haha i could listen to him tell stories all day haha so glad fans make that movie happen !!!

  40. Duy Tran

    Duy Tran8 days ago

    "When u're young, it's so cute. But when u're older, it's just stalking" lmao

  41. Aleesha Dubu

    Aleesha Dubu8 days ago

    Wait...this is an old one for the first movie lmaooo

  42. jesus rosales

    jesus rosales8 days ago

    Ryan is the only one who can overshadow will. Enough said...

  43. AnibalTV

    AnibalTV8 days ago

    This was on 2016... it was for Deadpool, and now that Deadpool 2 is around the corner you reupload this video? On 2018? After 2 years? Wow...

  44. Excalabor

    Excalabor8 days ago

    This is from last year?

  45. James Keller

    James Keller8 days ago

    the deadpool emoji thing is from the comics!!!!

  46. KindlyFuckOff

    KindlyFuckOff9 days ago

    his smile

  47. Jerel Nixon

    Jerel Nixon9 days ago

    Love this! I was curious about the leak..seems he leaked it lmao 😂 . This enabled him to share something with us we otherwise would have been unable to enjoy and laugh bout. Thank you 🙏🏽

  48. faboze

    faboze9 days ago

    never seen deadpool is it worth it

  49. marti turpin

    marti turpin9 days ago

    I wish I could meet deadpool😎

  50. Daan Maes

    Daan Maes9 days ago

    Recent reader green scientist pollution drink measure prohibit ahead succeed.

  51. RhetoricalOutsider

    RhetoricalOutsider9 days ago

    I wonder where that girl lived for her to be on a bus for that long. She apparently spent more time on the bus than in school. Wasn't there any near school?

  52. khalid katmeh

    khalid katmeh9 days ago

    btw this video was uploaded by them around 2 years ago and they reuploaded the video again which means they are lacking guests on the show


    RUBEN TREVINO9 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is a quick thinker and @ libs on the whim, just like DP! 👍

  54. TheKoji88

    TheKoji889 days ago

    Sorry not sorry. Trying to show NY can still really rap.. soundcloud.com/kindofjustit/look-prod-by-kennethenglish

  55. kira s

    kira s9 days ago

    Smith my man you are the best

  56. yvonne mukuna

    yvonne mukuna9 days ago

    Will Smith looks so smitten!!

  57. Damocles54

    Damocles549 days ago

    Canadians not good at fighting? George St Pierre. That is all.

  58. icy capybridge

    icy capybridge9 days ago

    give that man a medal who leaked it.

  59. 张旭东

    张旭东9 days ago


  60. Gary Beck

    Gary Beck9 days ago

    He is a sick sick 😷 man, and loves to dig in other men’s 💩 poo shoots. Isn’t that nice?

  61. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar9 days ago

    I don't know whether Ryan is playing Deadpool or it's the either way around

  62. HypeType

    HypeType9 days ago

    Watch out for jack septiceye

  63. P Riley

    P Riley9 days ago

    Why isn't Graham Norton required watching in the USA.! Damn hilarious

  64. Nick Lang

    Nick Lang9 days ago

    Beneath series corn film garden extent actually cover weak.

  65. ARottenMuffin

    ARottenMuffin9 days ago

    Is this a reupload? I remember seeing most of this and this would be about deadpool 2 now as well wouldn't it?

  66. CreativeJustice

    CreativeJustice9 days ago

    Who’s here after seeing him with Jacksepticeye?

  67. jyjluvu

    jyjluvu9 days ago

    will smith is so broooo so coool. my man

  68. Polash Paul

    Polash Paul9 days ago


  69. NikoPrimitif

    NikoPrimitif9 days ago