Russo bros FINALLY explain Hawkeye 'absence' for Avengers: Infinity War


  1. Neville Nazerane

    Neville NazeraneDay ago

    antman finds this offensive

  2. Jhero Abel

    Jhero AbelDay ago

    Hawkeye swallowed the soul stone and became Immortal😂

  3. Fear & Loathing in Germantown

    Fear & Loathing in Germantown2 days ago

    Ebony Maw is getting the treatment he deserves.

  4. Steve Graham

    Steve Graham2 days ago

    Wouldn't it be funny if Hawkeye was going to get the X-men....hmmmm

  5. Savs Man

    Savs Man2 days ago

    Hawkeye was too busy playing Tag around the country lol

  6. Sumeet Kumar Yadav

    Sumeet Kumar Yadav3 days ago

    Bruuhhhh... Hawk eye is in the movie. I have seen him.

  7. Buddhi Dev

    Buddhi Dev3 days ago

    Very good interview, thanks for uploading; and many interesting answers from the Russos especially Thanos-Gamora relationship which I interest.

  8. Канал Влада

    Канал Влада3 days ago

    Hawkeye - THANOS

  9. Sporke

    Sporke3 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got click baited And so did you

  10. Aaron Bray

    Aaron Bray3 days ago


  11. anrudo

    anrudo3 days ago

    Where the fuck is Antman!!!!!!?????

  12. wayfedoo

    wayfedoo3 days ago

    Maybe ant man and Hawkeye failed to escaped prison when Cap breaks them out... just a thought

  13. dennis keyner

    dennis keyner3 days ago

    They dont explain shit...

  14. Archer Slam-BAM

    Archer Slam-BAM4 days ago

    Oh, Peter Dinklage is in the movie. ...HOLY SHIT, PETER DINKLAGE IS IN THE MOVIE?!

  15. Ethan Case

    Ethan Case4 days ago

    I’m gonna cry so much in this film

  16. James B. Law

    James B. Law4 days ago

    "All will be revealed." "We cooked up a story that is a long play." Was there an explanation for Hawkeyes absence?

  17. King Kong

    King Kong4 days ago

    I know all of you won't believe me My Dad is also working with this Film he said that he read the script because he is the assistant of the writer Mr. Markus. He still said the same thing "All will be revealed" but when I heard him talking to Markus on the phone I think I only heard the word or name "Ronan or Ronin"? I was too busy back then. That was August that happened. I'm not gonna reveal myself cause I made this fake account.

  18. Bald Man

    Bald Man4 days ago

    Hawkeye goes back into time and gather the infinity stones and goes back to the present to kill thanos

  19. Kobe Garcia

    Kobe Garcia4 days ago

    Idiots... He's Playing Tag!!!

  20. RGOD

    RGOD4 days ago

    Hawkeye is totally gonna play a huge role in the Skrull invasion!

  21. That Cupcake Dude

    That Cupcake Dude4 days ago

    This didn't answer jack shit.

  22. Mark Tortorelli

    Mark Tortorelli4 days ago

    Everyone is always asking where is Hawkeye, but they never ask how is hawkeye...

  23. Mansoor Haque

    Mansoor Haque4 days ago

    I personally think it was a clickbait title.Removed my sub.

  24. Laura Rivas

    Laura Rivas4 days ago

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  25. SwirlyTruit

    SwirlyTruit4 days ago

    Ebony Maw better NOT have a sense of humour. He’s relentless and manipulative in the comics, and that’s how it should be.

  26. Space Pidgeotto

    Space Pidgeotto5 days ago

    “They should be actually” no I shouldn’t be scared

  27. meh meh

    meh meh5 days ago

    Everybody's asking where is Hawkeye? But no one ever asked where are the x-men? 😂😂😂

  28. Bhramar Bar Dalei

    Bhramar Bar Dalei5 days ago

    *The Film is Near.*

  29. The Kicking Kirby

    The Kicking Kirby5 days ago

    Hawkeye is the camera man

  30. MovieBuff

    MovieBuff5 days ago

    o man if hawkeye becomes ronin i will jump into the screen in the cinema hall

  31. Pasindu Banuka

    Pasindu Banuka5 days ago

    maybe the movie will be a flashback of hawkeye!

  32. josef nikolas Say

    josef nikolas Say5 days ago

    most fans focus too much on characters, the action, the story, the excitement. Iam thankful and very grateful to these guys, very underrated, it is because of these guys, we get these awesome movies.

  33. vGMCv

    vGMCv5 days ago

    Click bait at its finest.... Around 4.20 for the Hawkeye bit that's confirms nothing and last about 10seconds....

  34. J H

    J H5 days ago

    If I were the interviewer, I would ask the Russo bros why'd they killed Odin's character in Ragnarok? I mean, it would be awesome to see Odin fight Thanos. We haven't seen Odin fight one-on-one with a villain, specially Thanos. Same goes to The Ancient One, I also want to see her fight Thanos or maybe one of the members of the Black Order, like Ebony Maw!

  35. No Name

    No Name5 days ago

    No Hawkeye soul stone yet... Hawkeye is the soul stone #CONFIRMED

  36. Sixth Pain

    Sixth Pain5 days ago

    Cap' America looks so handsome and cool. I'm not gay.

  37. Rik Davis

    Rik Davis5 days ago

    I’m betting Hawkeyes family been killed and he turned into [Ronin] charator = new movie

  38. Andrew Perez

    Andrew Perez5 days ago

    Russo brothers "FINALLY explain" Hawkeye's absence. Russo: All will be revealed Yeah, that "explained" everything. Great clickbait title there dude.

  39. MidnightWingz

    MidnightWingz5 days ago

    Andrew Perez Why would they actually explain that though? It's a plot point for a reason. Chill out.

  40. leslie alcantara

    leslie alcantara5 days ago

    wheres ant man wheres hawkeye wheres the real thanos..that pale hornless version of hell boy isnt thanos

  41. Anthony Yalon

    Anthony Yalon5 days ago

    that does it... Russo brothers again emphasize how detrimental CIVIL WAR was/is in regards to Hawkeye's character development...we've all seen Hawkeye's family... so, in theory, one of the bad guys murder hawkeye's family, which then leads to hawkeye becoming Ronin...if not in this war, we'll definitely see the makings of a complete badass in Avengers 4!!!

  42. robert caguiat

    robert caguiat5 days ago

    Hawkeye swallowed one of the stones.

  43. Jarrod Kersey

    Jarrod Kersey5 days ago


  44. Rodin Syahnan

    Rodin Syahnan5 days ago

    Where oh where is my Ant-Man?

  45. Edvard Vlogs

    Edvard Vlogs5 days ago

    Why are you asking where Hawkeye is what about yondu... Shit

  46. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan Przespolewski5 days ago


  47. Darkness Rides

    Darkness Rides5 days ago

    This literally didn’t explain where he is

  48. MidnightWingz

    MidnightWingz5 days ago

    Darkness Rides Why would they actually explain that though? It's a plot point for a reason. Chill out.

  49. Cruzboy

    Cruzboy5 days ago

    I wonder when these dudes will turn into chicks

  50. lucca ferla

    lucca ferla5 days ago

    Cruzboy steady

  51. Laykan Dowdy

    Laykan Dowdy5 days ago

    “Patience is a virtue.” Me: NOT RIGHT NOW IT ISN’T

  52. Hannie Fish

    Hannie Fish5 days ago

    i feel like hawkeye is just going to be one of the end credits and he's just at home with a cup of coffee chillin

  53. Lacon Combs

    Lacon Combs5 days ago

    Im calling it now that he dies right when thanos shows up. Hes gonna try to fight him and thanos is gonna show that he means business.

  54. collectiveguitar8

    collectiveguitar85 days ago

    Hawkeye is the best avenger and I can explain and No one can tell me otherwise

  55. Ficky Kurniawan

    Ficky Kurniawan5 days ago

    Hah!! he said long play.. so ronin it is!

  56. wisdumb

    wisdumb5 days ago

    It's at 4:22 ...

  57. Dustin Freund

    Dustin Freund5 days ago

    long play , means that Ronan is coming!!!!

  58. Im Joeba

    Im Joeba5 days ago

    Because he's dumb as fuck. Did I spoil that for anyone?

  59. ArvinRoido Atienza

    ArvinRoido Atienza5 days ago

    You got me that thumbnail. But seriously, someone should make a meme of Ebony Maw shushing noisy children in a lbrary. He would be an excellent librarian.

  60. Andre Burrow

    Andre Burrow5 days ago

    They never should have "explained" anything. They literally made a film where we could find out where EVERYONE we were looking for would be. SMH!!

  61. Ammy Vasquez

    Ammy Vasquez5 days ago


  62. latrel allen

    latrel allen5 days ago

    This movie better not be all "happy go lucky". Thanos better fuck some shit up

  63. Dr.Gonzo 66

    Dr.Gonzo 666 days ago

    man ebony is one ugly mother fucker.looks like my grandfather that got his nose cut off.I can't wait to see him and corvus the comics corvus is a fucking ruthless animal.I used to get him confused with the other at first.

  64. Mr. 560

    Mr. 5606 days ago

    Hawkeye becomes the Green Arrow version of Ronin...called Greenin. Has a 1hr story in Infinity Wars...most trailers are showing Avengers 4 anyway.

  65. MyTodoo

    MyTodoo6 days ago

    what about nick fury?

  66. Emma Palermo

    Emma Palermo6 days ago

    When he said cap and tony aren’t on speaking terms my heart broke I mean Ik but my heart broke

  67. Gamer227Bicknell

    Gamer227Bicknell6 days ago

    The end is near...


    ILIKECHOCOLATEPIEmmm6 days ago

    My prediction: Black Widow (hawkeye's best friend) dies and he becomes Ronin....little twist on his Ronin storyline


    ILIKECHOCOLATEPIEmmm6 days ago

    I love how mysterious they are making the Hawkeye storyline

  70. Tzim

    Tzim6 days ago

    Y’all are retards. About this soul stone theory. Read the comics.

  71. Nelson Perez

    Nelson Perez6 days ago

    Yea def explains it.

  72. rrojas200

    rrojas2006 days ago

    Hawkeye is a Skrull confirmed

  73. Clayton Baker

    Clayton Baker6 days ago

    Extremely unlikely, but I would love to see Hawkeye recruit new heroes, specially Wolverine

  74. DrixxMorrisonVEVO

    DrixxMorrisonVEVO6 days ago

    Now thats a good news

  75. TUNEMOD3

    TUNEMOD36 days ago

    I bet we won't see Hawkeye until the post credit scene.🤔🤔

  76. AJ to the M

    AJ to the M6 days ago

    Why is Iron Man the biggest instead of Captain America on the poster?

  77. Todd Ellis

    Todd Ellis6 days ago

    AJ to the M probably because iron man is gonna be the one that dies

  78. william gone

    william gone6 days ago

    Skrulls kill Hawkeye family! He becomes ronin

  79. OhhNytram

    OhhNytram6 days ago

    anyone notice the broken zipper?

  80. trace

    trace6 days ago

    Hawkeye Ant-man and all of them are in prison so maybe that’s why they aren’t in this movie

  81. David Watson

    David Watson6 days ago

    didnt fucking explain it at all

  82. Holmes245

    Holmes2456 days ago

    These guys know how to tell a good story.

  83. A Name

    A Name6 days ago

    Imagine if you got The Hulk inside an Ant-Man suit? That would be so cute and terrifying at the same time!


    KALASHNIKOV786X6 days ago

    my theory is either hawkeye is a skrull and leads into secret invastion for phase 4 or hawkeye is off to find captain marvel thats why we dont see him much.

  85. Kail Habib

    Kail Habib6 days ago

    Omg. Glad this was "finally revealed" & now I know *exactly* what Hawkeye is doing! 😑 or I cldv just looked at IMDB or the movie poster & got literally the same amount of information. Most comic book fans have a pretty good idea that they'll be going the *Ronin* route....its just what road they'll take to get there.

  86. Joel

    Joel6 days ago

    they gonna kill hawkeye's family i swear imma go rampage

  87. Sidanth Dayal

    Sidanth Dayal6 days ago

    Adam warlock might have the soul stone

  88. Optimal Prime

    Optimal Prime6 days ago

    Everbody asks where Hawkeye is, no one asks how he is.

  89. Things wrong with stuff TWWS

    Things wrong with stuff TWWS6 days ago

    Everyone asks where is hawkeye but no one asks how is hawkeye

  90. IzDamien

    IzDamien6 days ago

    When all the heroes are mortally wounded, and all hope seems lost. The avengers thought they had been defeated. But suddenly, when Thanos is about to put the stone into his gauntlet, Hawkeye will suddenly make a badass entrance and use his bow and arrow to shoot the stone out of thanos hand(slow motion), then spider man will web the stone in midair into his hand(slow motion). after seeing Hawkeye make that incredible shot, the heroes now have a sense of hope. everyone has been fueled with renewed energy and are all getting up, ready to continue the battle, giving them a second chance.(original avengers score plays)Mark my words this will happen in the movie (marvel will sue me for spoiling infinity war) Ur welcome:)

  91. Chris Palmer

    Chris Palmer6 days ago

    Everyone asks where’s Hawkeye, but no one asks how’s Hawkeye...

  92. Ilya olesovs

    Ilya olesovs6 days ago

    Everyone asks where's hawkeye, but no one asks how's hawkeye

  93. XxKarlosxX

    XxKarlosxX6 days ago

    Everybody asking... where Hawkeye but tbh this guy didn't really embody who Hawkeye really is... which he's always a comedian... he was the most forgettable character, I'm sorry but that's my opinion... Jeremy wasn't the best Hawkeye

  94. Tech King

    Tech King6 days ago

    welp that confirms Ronin for me anyone else?

  95. P P

    P P6 days ago

    Peter Dinklage is MODOK!

  96. Amrit Dosanjh

    Amrit Dosanjh6 days ago

    Fuck hawkeye wtf can he do to thanos lol???

  97. Clesham

    Clesham6 days ago

    so they didn't explain it

  98. jgaka27

    jgaka276 days ago

    Avengers infinity war part 2 finding Hawkeye

  99. Dr_mattyo

    Dr_mattyo6 days ago

    I bet Hawkeyes mission is to find captain marvel

  100. Tiger Bears

    Tiger Bears6 days ago

    He’s probably gonna be a Skrull.

  101. Libby Leapord

    Libby Leapord6 days ago

    Can’t someone throw one of those minimizing discs at thanos and then step in him?

  102. Stephen O'Malley

    Stephen O'Malley6 days ago

    They didn’t explain anything......

  103. Stephen O'Malley

    Stephen O'Malley5 days ago

    MidnightWingz I’m not bothered that they didn’t explain anything, I’m bothered they named the video something which didn’t happen

  104. MidnightWingz

    MidnightWingz5 days ago

    Stephen O'Malley Why would they actually explain that though? It's a plot point for a reason. Chill out.

  105. Gigabyte Productions

    Gigabyte Productions6 days ago

    Maybe he just went to the restroom and directors forgot him

  106. Kratos God

    Kratos God6 days ago

    Hawkeye gonna be just like Android 17 Dragon Ball Super