Russo bros FINALLY explain Hawkeye 'absence' for Avengers: Infinity War



    JOE.ie4 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone! If you enjoyed our interview, why not check out our COMPLETELY SPOILER-FREE review of Avengers: Infinity War right here -

  2. Justin Smith

    Justin Smith4 months ago This was a really good short interview. I learned more from this than all the late night show interviews combined! Thanks

  3. FatRakoon

    FatRakoon2 months ago

    "All will be revealed" is not really explaining a thing though is it?

  4. Scott Hannan

    Scott Hannan2 months ago

    Hawkeye was playing Tag and even Thanos couldn't catch him.

  5. Jacob

    Jacob2 months ago

    "All will be revealed" well Hawkeye wasn't in the film 😂😂

  6. Thomas Moore

    Thomas Moore4 months ago

    And in no way did that explain the absence of Hawkeye.

  7. asasiner12

    asasiner124 months ago

    After hearing that they filmed avenger 3 and 4 at the same time, this video makes sense now.

  8. Dreez76

    Dreez764 months ago

    Good movie, but how they overpowered Black Widow, pissed me off. Black Widow is normal woman with highly trained skills in martial arts, spying and weapons.. she's not super in ANY WAY.. yet she fought Proxima to a standstill.. utter bullshit.

  9. Joey Crush

    Joey Crush4 months ago

    What about Antman!?

  10. AG Disney

    AG Disney4 months ago

    Where is Hawkeye Who is Hawkeye Why is Hawkeye

  11. Remy Blas

    Remy Blas4 months ago

    Well, this was pretty much the definition of clickbait...

  12. Easy Steazy

    Easy Steazy4 months ago

    Fuck you thumbnail

  13. Calypso Valdez

    Calypso Valdez4 months ago

    “Where is Hawkeye?” “Who is Hawkeye?” “WHY IS HAWKEYE?!”

  14. Unknown One

    Unknown One4 months ago

    1: he's getting his own movie Thats the only reason I see him not being in infinity Oh ps he better be in the next avengers

  15. Izzat Ilmin

    Izzat Ilmin4 months ago

    Why they were whispering?

  16. Uncogolfer 04

    Uncogolfer 044 months ago

    “Cooked up a story that’s a bit of a long play” Hawkeye solo film? Probly not

  17. Kyle Wong

    Kyle Wong4 months ago

    i have a question wheres deadpool and antman?!

  18. Eric Harris

    Eric Harris4 months ago

    I feel like Joe gave away a lot of information with the whole Thanos trying to get the stones before people throughout the universe line up against him.... straight give away for Adam Warlock even though we already kinda knew he was gonna come this just solidified it

  19. CrazyPigs

    CrazyPigs4 months ago

    Where's Hawkeye How's Hawkeye Drax: Why's Hawkeye

  20. kneil bagayana

    kneil bagayana4 months ago

    We need the archer WE NEED THE ARCHER!!!!!!!!

  21. Daves Reality

    Daves Reality4 months ago

    SPOILER !! I was really surprised to see the Red Skull guarding the soul stone and Thanos sacrificing his adoptive daughter. I wonder what happened to the red skull after Thanos woke up with the stone ? Was he able to leave the planet once he no longer had to protect the stone ?

  22. fallOut015 Jeremy

    fallOut015 Jeremy4 months ago


  23. Owen Craig

    Owen Craig4 months ago

    He's not even in IW....

  24. James H

    James H4 months ago

    6 minute video, Hawkeye is mentioned for all of about 5 seconds 4 minutes into it....

  25. Kiks

    Kiks4 months ago

    People ask where is hawkeye, how is hawkeye, lemme do one better: WHY IS HAWKEYE

  26. Milo The Cat

    Milo The Cat4 months ago

    Hawk eye sucks

  27. Clockwork

    Clockwork4 months ago

    They say they didn't forget about him yet his name isn't mentioned nor is he seen

  28. vubevube

    vubevube4 months ago

    don't care! WHERE..... IS..... KORG????!?!?!?!

  29. vubevube

    vubevube4 months ago

    R Davis Link i did. Did you see Korg anywhere? Because i didn't. And i know what happened to other ship passengers but i refuse to believe it happened to him, until i see his body.

  30. R Davis Link

    R Davis Link4 months ago

    vubevube Did you see the movie?....


    GILMOUR KEIRS4 months ago

    Didn't actually explain hawkeye's absence

  32. Amirul Ariff Hakimi

    Amirul Ariff Hakimi4 months ago

    Hawkeye comes back as Ronin maddafaka

  33. K B

    K B4 months ago

    In Avengers 4-Hawkeye family dies(become ashes like others),he becomes Ronin and seeks for revenge

  34. Misha's World

    Misha's World4 months ago

    Why is "Patience" a virtue? Why can't "Hurry the hell up" be a virtue?

  35. Frank 11

    Frank 114 months ago

    who cares about Hawkeye, where's the silver surfer?

  36. E. Khalilah

    E. Khalilah4 months ago

    So when are we gonna see Adam Warlock?

  37. M. Clark

    M. Clark4 months ago

    Fucking clickbate...

  38. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt4 months ago

    Fuckin Russo’s are fuckin genius bout time they brought some well hung creatives to this franchise.

  39. Xavier Cienfuegos

    Xavier Cienfuegos4 months ago

    Click baited again.

  40. Layla Hallab

    Layla Hallab4 months ago

    literally hawkeye wasnt in this movie once

  41. mr__pyromaniac

    mr__pyromaniac4 months ago

    hawkeye isnt even in the fucking movie

  42. JolliMango

    JolliMango4 months ago

    He didn’t ask the most important question, WHY is Gamora??

  43. R Davis Link

    R Davis Link4 months ago

    JolliMango Lmao! 😆

  44. Rick Jasper

    Rick Jasper4 months ago

    I really enjoy the Marvel films, BUT... when they stray too far from having a "human element" to the storyline, they lose the ability of the audience to truly relate to them.

  45. Ssjb bardock

    Ssjb bardock4 months ago

    I would love to see silver surfer but that’s not going to happen anytime soon

  46. Sayed I

    Sayed I4 months ago

    His jacket zipper needs mending

  47. Damn Ye

    Damn Ye4 months ago

    They all ask where’s hawkeye but not how’s hawkeye

  48. D.M.S.

    D.M.S.4 months ago

    I hope Hawkeye saves the day in the next Avengers. Maybe he kills some major bad guy like Evilguyman.

  49. maulstar1

    maulstar14 months ago

    Good interviewer.

  50. Ari

    Ari4 months ago

    Well there was no love for my baby Jeremey/Hawkeye in infinity war -.- I'm taking it as he's gonna play a bigger roll in the next unnamed avengers movie

  51. The BanDuck

    The BanDuck4 months ago

    Where is hawkey? I can do better, who is hawkeye? I can do even better, why is hawkeye?

  52. Legends Universe

    Legends Universe4 months ago

    The BanDuck very original

  53. jabron2009

    jabron20094 months ago

    so these are the 2 dimwits who turned the hulk into a pussy

  54. Toby

    Toby4 months ago

    *why is Hawkeye*

  55. Ryan Maravillas

    Ryan Maravillas4 months ago

    I was expecting a specific answer, however, it seems I have to wait for next movie... He seems to be playing an important role. How about Ant-man???

  56. EvO Acromis

    EvO Acromis4 months ago

    They say they didn't forget and that we needed to be patient but after the movie we are still sitting waiting.

  57. Bloodwolf Redfangs

    Bloodwolf Redfangs4 months ago

    Where's antman?

  58. Bloodwolf Redfangs

    Bloodwolf Redfangs4 months ago

    +Alkiller the guy who shrinks.

  59. Alix C

    Alix C4 months ago

    Who's Ant Man?

  60. Jane Smitherson

    Jane Smitherson4 months ago

    Thew interview manages to reveal alot for the next movie like The Forces of The Universe will play a big role.

  61. Cool Beans

    Cool Beans4 months ago

    this literally gave no explanation on Hawkeyes absence......

  62. ozgothic

    ozgothic4 months ago

    Did I miss something? They didn't actually explain Hawkeye's absence. They merely confirmed that he was absent

  63. Creeps_869

    Creeps_8694 months ago

    Hawkeye ronin

  64. Sneaker Love

    Sneaker Love4 months ago


  65. Zach Van Harris JR

    Zach Van Harris JR4 months ago

    Prediction: Hawkeye saves the day in Avengers 4 which will be called Avengers Assemble

  66. UB3RFR3NZY

    UB3RFR3NZY4 months ago

    Hawkeye *was* in the infinity war poster in the top right corner, so...

  67. Patrick Garcia27

    Patrick Garcia274 months ago

    Hawkeye will kill thanos with an arrow😂 imagine

  68. Hydra Hamad

    Hydra Hamad4 months ago

    "Wait, there is a Spiderman and an Ant-Man?" Only viewers of Infinity War would understand.

  69. deivis952

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  70. Racism is SEXY

    Racism is SEXY4 months ago

    Mcu just wants to give Hawkeye some let people think he is powerful like baahubali

  71. Dr. Strange

    Dr. Strange4 months ago

    Everybody keeps on asking where's Hawkeye or How's Hawkeye but no one's bothers to ask Why's Hawkeye

  72. BleedORANGE Productions

    BleedORANGE Productions4 months ago

    His family probably turned to ash

  73. syaf yahya

    syaf yahya4 months ago

    Hawkeye will get his own movie ?

  74. bluex pastel

    bluex pastel4 months ago

    hawkeye and antman will help captain marvel

  75. Jorge Naranjo

    Jorge Naranjo4 months ago

    hawkeye will come back in part 2 as ronin

  76. Sam TALES

    Sam TALES4 months ago

    Hawkeye is not even in Infinity war

  77. Random User

    Random User4 months ago

    I hope the star lord betrayal rumours aren't true...

  78. Exitar

    Exitar4 months ago

    i feel like after they defeat thanos they'll revive everyone who was turned into ash and maybe a possibility that quicksilver will be resurrected maybe :/ if scarlet witch tells them to

  79. Hound

    Hound4 months ago

    i dont think anyone care about hawkeye character, they talk about it because of the actor.

  80. S S

    S S4 months ago

    And Antman

  81. Ethan Stearn

    Ethan Stearn4 months ago

    “Why is gamora”

  82. BFKC

    BFKC4 months ago

    LOL, "Hawkeye absence" -the only thing that can never be explained is his fucking existence. His "absence" -WHO CARES (being a rhetorical question, because there are idiots for anything, more than ever - if not's not idiotic, it's probably not even a thing).

  83. Son Son

    Son Son4 months ago

    where's Hawkeye? who's Hawkeye? why's Hawkeye?

  84. Irfan Kamil

    Irfan Kamil4 months ago

    I love hawkeye. Jeremy Renner is amazing. Can't wait for his movie/big role in avengers

  85. Omri ben shushan

    Omri ben shushan4 months ago

    damn i want to go to see that movie again one time wasnt enough for me

  86. Sayujya Bhandari

    Sayujya Bhandari4 months ago

    Dammit, there is no Hawkeye in Infinity War.

  87. Takezo San

    Takezo San4 months ago

    they made the Dwarf a giant "Dwarf"how creative the level of Genius is stunning they needed 2 brothers to think that up amazing just amazing

  88. Marcelo Matiello

    Marcelo Matiello4 months ago

    Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! Clickbait!! There is no explanation here!! IMO "all will be revealed, it´s a long play" its not an explanation

  89. David12 gaming

    David12 gaming4 months ago

    Worst bit 5:49

  90. Ace D.

    Ace D.4 months ago

    oh i can see what they are going to do with him after seeing infinity just sad

  91. Twine

    Twine4 months ago

    R.I.P spider man

  92. Florient Calliste-Leonard

    Florient Calliste-Leonard4 months ago

    The interviewer accent is too cute😁😁

  93. Ta'zaria Robinson

    Ta'zaria Robinson4 months ago

    Man I really missed Jeremy from these press tours he is the funniest

  94. Party Zone

    Party Zone4 months ago

    spoiler alert: Hawkeye is Thanos in disguise!!!

  95. Alpha09.94_03.97

    Alpha09.94_03.974 months ago

    I didn't notice he was gone...

  96. Icee Cherry Simonne Caparas

    Icee Cherry Simonne Caparas4 months ago

    It's great to know that we'll still see more of Hawkeye. Can't wait for Avengers 4 on May 2019! :)

  97. Zila Hasri

    Zila Hasri4 months ago

    Why hawkeye didnt play a huge part in infinity war part 1 bcoz he is going to play a major role in part 2 where he get to kill thanos with his arrow or by hitting thanos neck with his bow........ Damn thats easy.

  98. PussySlayer 23

    PussySlayer 234 months ago

    You just had to spoil it huh

  99. NatureNurture

    NatureNurture4 months ago

    Basically captain america dies in the ends, thor brings quicksilver back to life, wanda maximof gets captured, vision gets his stone taken out tryingg to save her, and loki dies in the beginning by thanos. Your welcome

  100. John Smith

    John Smith4 months ago

    NatureNurture fake spoilers mmm , have u seen it yet it’s so awesome

  101. Feng Xiao

    Feng Xiao4 months ago

    they dont look alike.... anyone knows why?

  102. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise4 months ago


  103. mlasko74

    mlasko744 months ago

    Hawkeye is going to find the Silver Surfer, or at least that's what I would make happen. What is an Infinity War movie without the Silver Surfer?

  104. Josh Tuttleby

    Josh Tuttleby4 months ago

    he's not in the movie!

  105. Street fighter  vs Xenoverse

    Street fighter vs Xenoverse4 months ago

    Spoilers... Don't Read if you don't want to know what happens in the movie.. Final warning..Okay Hawkeye is not in the movie. Neither is Ant-Man. Clint is mentioned, but everyone’s favorite archer is much too busy playing tag to save the world. Loki dies. He kind of had this coming for a long time. He doubled crossed Thanos in the firstAvengers movie and even though he gives up the Space Stone (contained in the Tesseract) and tries to again trick Thanos, Thanos kills him. Thanos also fights the Hulk, but Hemidal sends Hulk to Earth in the nick of time. At this point, Thanos already has the Power Stone after apparently destroying Xandar. Hulk doesn’t return. We see the Hulkbuster in the trailer, and that’s actually Bruce Banner in the suit. After his interaction with Thanos, he’s unable to turn back into the Hulk and joins the battle in Wakanda against Thanos’ forces in the Hulkbuster suit. There is a running joke throughout that Hulk, after getting beat down by Thanos, doesn’t want to come back out. Stan Lee is a bus driver. Because what’s a Marvel movie without a Stan Lee cameo? Gamora dies. Thanos, after obtaining the Reality Stone from The Collector (Thanos now has three stones), he separates the Guardians of the galaxy and takes Gamora. It should be noted that Thanos teleports all over the place throughout the movie, taking the action with him. He also has a couple sidekicks that take on individual Avengers to obtain stones. Thanos takes Gamora to his ship, where he is torturing Nebula. Eventually Gamora gives up the location of the Soul Stone. To retrieve it, Thanos has to sacrifice Gamora. She tries to kill herself but Thanos tosses her off a ledge on the Soul Stone planet and retrieves the stone. Four stones down, two to go. Thor forges Stormbreaker. In the comic universe, Stormbreaker was originally created by Odin (with help from the Dwarves of Nidavellir) after Beta Ray Bill was found worthy of lifting Mjolnir. In the movie, Thor, Rocket and Groot visit a CGI dwarf played by Peter Dinklage to create the new hammer with a heart of a dying star. Thor does some things, gets burnt a bit and after Groot supplies the handle of the hammer, Thor has a new weapon to take on Thanos with. Dr. Strange just gives Thanos the Time Stone.During the battle on Titan, in which Thanos again teleports to, Thanos almost loses the Infinity Gauntlet. Stark, Dr. Strange, the Guardians and Spider-Man (who spends a lot of time in space, thanks to a new suit from Stark) formulate a plan to separate Thanos from his Nintendo Power Glove. However, Star-Lord flips out when he learns of Gamora’s death and the plan is bonked. He beats the crap out of Iron Man and stabs Tony. In order to save him, Dr. Strange gives up the Time Stone because that seems totally logical. Spider-Man takes a whupping in this scene as well. Thanos now has five stones, making it look easy. Vision dies. In order to hopefully prevent Thanos from getting the Mind Stone, the Scarlet Witch separates the Mind Stone from Vision, killing him in the process. Using the Time Stone, Thanos is able to go back to that moment, and snatches the Mind Stone. Before getting the stone, Thanos battles Captain America, who is defeated. For the moment, Steve seems to be alive but badly beaten. With that, Thanos now has all the Infinity Stones. Stormbreaker doesn’t work. Arriving back on Earth, Thor is able to jab Thanos with Stormbreaker, thinking a nice sharp hammer through the gut should do the trick. Didn’t you learn anything from John Wick Thor? Always aim for the head. Thanos doesn’t die but instead snaps his massive fingers and disappears. He’s got to find Mikey and get that pirate treasure. No wait, he’s got to go fight Deadpool. No wait, he’s off to help The Collector take down drug cartels. Regardless, all seems lost. Ash to ash, dust to dust. Spider-Man turns to ash in Tony’s arms, like the end of 30 Days of Night. We see Black Panther, Mantis, Drax, Bucky, Dr. Strange and Star-Lord all turn to ash. Everyone turns to freaking ash. Even Maria Hill and Nick Fury turn to ash in the after credits scene, as they watch the world around them turn to chaos. On Fury’s com screen, you do catch a glimpse of the Captain Marvel logo, so that might give a hint as the fate of our heroes. The next films in the Marvel Universe will surely find a way to resolve this Asgardian sized cliffhanger. Based on the comics, I’m thinking Adam Warlock and the Guardians will play a part in bringing back reality. The mythos of the comics is pretty deep, but I’m almost sure the Avengers and friends are all trapped in some alternate death dimension and have to trick Thanos to get out. Nick Fury will probably just yell his way out. Though, for all we know, Ant-Man and Wasp could save everyone, since that’s the next film in the series.

  106. Laffalot

    Laffalot4 months ago

    I don't really see why you had to write all that

  107. Street fighter  vs Xenoverse

    Street fighter vs Xenoverse4 months ago

    mlasko74 nope it's not a lie the spoilers to the movie are out there unfortunately, that's why I hate when they let ppl see it before the actual release date

  108. mlasko74

    mlasko744 months ago

    Street fighter vs Xenoverse Filthy lies, all of it 😤

  109. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja4 months ago

    Poor Hawk-eye

  110. Gerren Roos

    Gerren Roos4 months ago

    They did not explain shit. What a trap description just to get clicks on a worthless video.

  111. ultramarineblue

    ultramarineblue4 months ago

    i forgot peter dinklage is in this whooo tomorrow!!