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👉 Russia 2018 - An Unforgettable World Cup


  1. Wall E Lovers

    Wall E Lovers45 minutes ago

    This is the worst world cup i ever seen in my life i saw France won and Griezzmann cheers i want saw Griezzmann cried like in 2014

  2. Wall E Lovers

    Wall E Lovers45 minutes ago

    Colombia and Costa Rica > CR7 i'll sure that this is happen : 🇨🇴 4 - 1 🇵🇹 🇨🇷 5 - 2 🇵🇹 They won Uruguay for 2 points but Portugal lose

  3. Dragomir068

    Dragomir0685 hours ago

    Netherlands at World Cup 2010- Reach the final 2014- Finish on 3rd place 2018- Don't even qualify


    ARIEL BECKHAM10 hours ago



    KUGUAR20 hours ago

    It was raining for a reason

  6. Oh Hi pal

    Oh Hi palDay ago

    Does anyone know the song?

  7. luis metzker

    luis metzker2 days ago

    O Brasil eliminado o México não mostrou né seus zé buceta?

  8. Cygnus Vismund

    Cygnus Vismund5 days ago

    This was the World Clutch 2018

  9. Дмитрий Морозов

    Дмитрий Морозов5 days ago

    11 cities, 12 stadiums, from the Black sea to the Baltic sea, from the Eastern coast of the Baltic to the Urals, a whole month of unforgettable happy and interesting time! It was the best world championship ever!!! But the most important thing is the discoveries, the impressions that all the fans from all over the world have got! This is the destruction of the most stupid stereotypes about Russia, confirmation of its openness, hospitality, hot weather instead of eternal winters and cold, grandeur, beauty! Russia is a unique country, which includes 2 sides: Europe and Asia, and therefore is so versatile! Visit Russia, tell your family, friends and acquaintances about it! keep at least 1 magnet from Russia on the fridge...

  10. Football Challenge

    Football Challenge6 days ago

    Придумайте машину времени и переместите меня в 14 июня!😭

  11. Gari Chikhoi

    Gari Chikhoi7 days ago

    !!!!!Посмотреть срочно Последний предупреждения

  12. Isprikitik burkabush

    Isprikitik burkabush7 days ago

    Whether you like it or not this is one of the most (if not the most) successful world cup ever.

  13. Osiris

    Osiris8 days ago

    thank you croatia for teaching us that we shouldn't get used to just easy teams.

  14. Osiris

    Osiris8 days ago

    the announcer saying england won on penalties sends shivers down me

  15. Its Robi

    Its Robi10 days ago

    Well football is not what i want to play anymore fuk var fuk the ballon dor

  16. SportyBeans Vasant Vihar Club

    SportyBeans Vasant Vihar Club11 days ago

    OH what about that

  17. Daniel Jaggan

    Daniel Jaggan14 days ago

    I felt sorry for the sad ones 😢

  18. 사랑해요박보영

    사랑해요박보영14 days ago


  19. TheFuentes5551

    TheFuentes555117 days ago

    Thank you Croatia for the best world cup so far!

  20. Mario Galic

    Mario Galic17 days ago

    Why you don't show the first two goals against the real winners (CROATIA)? FIFA stole the cup from us.

  21. Pas d'idée de pseudo

    Pas d'idée de pseudo34 minutes ago


  22. S658S

    S658S19 days ago

    Still feel joy when I watch the England Columbia highlights and hear *PICKFORD STOPPED IT!!!*

  23. Ορέστης Boϊτσίδης

    Ορέστης Boϊτσίδης19 days ago

    It's been like 4 months since the World Cup ended .... And every time I watch the replays again... I am holding my self from crying

  24. Franco Arzabe

    Franco Arzabe21 day ago

    I cried ⚽❤😥

  25. Михаил

    Михаил21 day ago

    You know, I think it was the best championship! Not because I am Russian, but because he really was the best! I think that all adequate people understand that this event was held at the highest level. I myself was a part of it and very glad that it happened. I am very glad that many foreigners saw my country differently! And I am very glad that you liked it! But you did not see everything and I will be happy to invite you to visit you, so that you can see not only Moscow, but also other Russia! I promise you will not regret!

  26. Ram Rai

    Ram Rai23 days ago

    thank you japanese football team

  27. d o l b a n

    d o l b a n23 days ago

    i hope that everyone who came to world cup 2018 rested, because we will not be able to relax not by increasing the retirement age. thanks to our authorities. i'm sorry for the fact that i'm stupid, and i used a translator

  28. Guillaume Zhu

    Guillaume Zhu23 days ago


  29. Дмитрий Морев

    Дмитрий Морев23 days ago

    "It is Russia's party, and the party goes on." Unforgettable. True...

  30. mark perez

    mark perez23 days ago

    the more i think about it, the crazier South Korea beating Germany is.

  31. Vedran Suša

    Vedran Suša23 days ago

    Croatia 2nd place winner yay!

  32. Victor Matei

    Victor Matei26 days ago

    Just 4 years guys...

  33. Eliecer Baptista

    Eliecer Baptista26 days ago

    Que grande fuiste Francia en el mundial, una muy buena plantilla en el momento más indicado.

  34. Samisoni Tupou

    Samisoni Tupou27 days ago

    The World Cup of parking the bus. I'm sorry but it is true. Far too many teams parked the bus in this World Cup. Teams like Iran, Sweden, Korea, England, Russia and many more just parked the bus. No wonder why Mourinho loved this world cup

  35. cggthebest11

    cggthebest1128 days ago

    Tears and cheers long live soccer!!!⚽⚽⚽

  36. regis simon

    regis simonMonth ago

    THANK YOU RUSSIA ! ! ! " Unforgettable " , indeed Спасибо за эту великолепную организацию

  37. GoodKingMarthy

    GoodKingMarthyMonth ago

    I wish I hadn't spent so much time at work and watch this great World cup completely...

  38. El salvador Countryball guy

    El salvador Countryball guyMonth ago

    Yo gusta El Salvador pero El Salvador ne es en la copa de mundo .-. Argentina es muy bien.... ._.

  39. sergo 1999

    sergo 1999Month ago

    Thank you for coming to Russia for the World Cup !!! It was unbearably great to see you in our country !!! It is a pity that this holiday is over !!! Thank you all again. See you in 2022 in Qatar. World Cup is unbearably cool !!! P.S. from Russia, Krasnodar city

  40. Jesmin 81

    Jesmin 81Month ago

    Subasic is doo doo

  41. Dim Shumak

    Dim ShumakMonth ago

    Hope that all countries know better what "from Russia with Love" is. We are always glad to everyone :)

  42. Mio Kuroki

    Mio KurokiMonth ago

    Africa was awesome, best team.

  43. Toni Karuza

    Toni KaruzaMonth ago

    Pogba,Varane,Umtiti,Mbappe,Ngolo Kante,Sidibe,Madanda and Matuidi are from African...The best African players are CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD...

  44. Pas d'idée de pseudo

    Pas d'idée de pseudo33 minutes ago

    Varane is not african

  45. Swagger Swagger

    Swagger SwaggerMonth ago


  46. Musland

    MuslandMonth ago

    1. Belgium v Japan 2. Spain v Portugal 3. France v Argentina 4. Uruguay v Portugal 5. Russia v Croatia And the worst is: France v Denmark

  47. Margarita Gonzalez

    Margarita GonzalezMonth ago

    rusia 2018 vuelve porque qatar no sera un buen mundial

  48. GaGamilano風ドリア

    GaGamilano風ドリアMonth ago

    The next champion🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵!! Let's Go!!!🏆

  49. Alex Tradewell

    Alex TradewellMonth ago

    Football every day What could be better

  50. Jeremy Pablo Blas

    Jeremy Pablo BlasMonth ago

    Ganó el verdugo de sudamerica .-.

  51. IsaacBlazerXD Roblox and more

    IsaacBlazerXD Roblox and moreMonth ago

    The thing make me still thinking is when 🇧🇷 vs 🇧🇪 And then the revenge by 🇫🇷 vs 🇧🇪 So brazil had Neymar, Filipe Luis, Thiago Silva, Coutinho For example Ney, Thiago Silva= Psg Filipe Luis= Atletico madrid Coutinho= barca But now Mbappe= psg Griezmann= atletico Umtiti= barca So they are the real Avengers And then beat marvel avengers cause marvel avengers can avenge wutttt


    STRIKER LIVEMonth ago

    La france a été incroyablement forte.

  53. Владимир

    ВладимирMonth ago

    Я из Москвы)

  54. ASTRO.

    ASTRO.Month ago

    EURO 2020 Possible Winners For Me: (based on current form so this is definitely off but it's worth a shot) • FRANCE • BELGIUM • SPAIN • NETHERLANDS

  55. copysand

    copysandMonth ago

    la plus belle de toute les coupe du monde ..the most beautiful of all the world cups

  56. dragon warrior

    dragon warriorMonth ago

    Great videos!!, you show to the world how big is football and world cup to the people who dont love football

  57. B Tte

    B TteMonth ago

    Bravo Russia bravo France!!

  58. Kingsley Coman

    Kingsley ComanMonth ago

    Why was i not in the france team why coach ugh😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  59. TheInvincible H

    TheInvincible HMonth ago


  60. Francisco Sánchez

    Francisco SánchezMonth ago

    Name of the song please please!!!

  61. 352oons

    352oonsMonth ago

    Were is Ronaldo penalty miss? 🇮🇷🇮🇷❤️

  62. islam aly

    islam alyMonth ago

    next year 2019 Egypt cup please world

  63. Tarun Kapoor

    Tarun KapoorMonth ago

    Song link please

  64. Scotty MSU

    Scotty MSUMonth ago

    Its already forgotten

  65. Husay Ali Abbas Anuar

    Husay Ali Abbas AnuarMonth ago

    frace winnir

  66. sonia aguilar

    sonia aguilarMonth ago

    🇫🇷 Yay yay yay yay

  67. 김나리

    김나리Month ago

    World Cup 2022, Spain will be champion -Péle-

  68. TheBlackPhoenix YouTube

    TheBlackPhoenix YouTubeMonth ago


  69. Hello Hello

    Hello HelloMonth ago

    Is it just me or did I hear the Champions League anthem at 3:38

  70. Pretorian0378

    Pretorian0378Month ago

    Best goal......second Cavani's goal against Portugal. Awesome goal

  71. Pretorian0378

    Pretorian0378Month ago

    And I was there.... :)

  72. Caroline K

    Caroline K2 months ago

    There is absolutely no competition, wether it be in football or any other sport , that can do what the World Cup does. This competition moves entire nations to the sound of a single drum. It’s unmatched

  73. Barry Hafidz

    Barry Hafidz2 months ago

    France will not qualify for the group phase and will be defeated by Indonesia

  74. George Cedeno

    George Cedeno2 months ago

    By far the most corrupt World Cup. Anyway to keep South America out.

  75. Valère Germain

    Valère Germain2 months ago

    Second Poteau Pavaaaaaaaaard

  76. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx2 months ago

    6. Pickford PEN SAVE

  77. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx2 months ago

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we dont get to lose to germany on pens yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im from england

  78. son토트넘

    son토트넘2 months ago


  79. Boss

    Boss2 months ago

    France 🇨🇵

  80. Xattack21 1

    Xattack21 12 months ago

    Such a great World Cup, thanks Russia....

  81. Rifqi Rahadhin

    Rifqi Rahadhin2 months ago

    Underdog world cup

  82. Colic Dario

    Colic Dario2 months ago


  83. Colic Dario

    Colic Dario2 months ago


  84. Olyts59 -

    Olyts59 -2 months ago

    👑 FRANCE 👑 ⭐⭐🏆😎😍💪🎉🍾👌👏💙⚪♥

  85. Junayra M G D

    Junayra M G D2 months ago

    A R G E N T I N A Word Best⚽⚽⚽

  86. TheBlackPhoenix YouTube

    TheBlackPhoenix YouTube2 months ago


  87. Lethabo Infinity

    Lethabo Infinity2 months ago

    France won easy in the finals

  88. Lethabo Infinity

    Lethabo Infinity2 months ago

    I really think Croatia should have won the final but to be honest the FIFA World Cup final was really disappointing.

  89. Supreme Fridge

    Supreme Fridge2 months ago

    2014 and 2018 was beautiful but 2018 was amazing seeing Russia eliminating Spai

  90. Jacob Baia

    Jacob Baia2 months ago

    Every time i forget how awesome this world cup was the overtime the pens i loved it even tho my team didnt win it was still awesome

  91. Rehaan Renjhen

    Rehaan Renjhen2 months ago


  92. Lethabo Infinity

    Lethabo Infinity12 days ago


  93. Gains quixote

    Gains quixote2 months ago

    best w c ever

  94. pirell

    pirell2 months ago

    best world cup ever

  95. Gaming Is The Best

    Gaming Is The Best2 months ago

    I can play at the 2026 world cup

  96. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen2 months ago

    Carnival de paris

  97. Mickey Mouse Fan 2547

    Mickey Mouse Fan 25472 months ago

    2:40 wth


    DARK _CLOWN2 months ago

    1998-2018 💪😍 2022 ? 2024 ? 😏🏆

  99. Swagger Swagger

    Swagger Swagger2 months ago


  100. ch shiva

    ch shiva2 months ago

    Most emotional worldcup i have ever seen

  101. HugoDiasR

    HugoDiasR2 months ago


  102. Sergey Anatolich

    Sergey Anatolich2 months ago

    Какого черта, я смотрю это в октябре и мне хочется плакать от того, что это чудо было так давно, и уже никогда не повторится, потому что второй раз Россия не сможет так красиво замазать шрамы на своей территории. Мы больше никогда так не удивим туристов, иностранцев... Это был наш турнир, но больше о России, в ближайшее время, мало будет хороших новостей и это очень печально

  103. Георгий Ухабин

    Георгий УхабинMonth ago

    Замазать шрамы))) люди не на шрамы смотреть приехали, всем полюбилось наше гостеприимство, а оно как было у нас 1000 лет, так никуда и не денется. Россия была сама собой и всем понравилась. Хватит думать что мы просто "удачно прикинулись", что у вас за самооценка такая низкая? Вас все хвалят а вы "это всё случайность.... Второй раз я так не смогу....." выше нос! Я переводчик и я уже несколько лет слышу от иностранцев мол как Россия преобразилась, поверьте ЧМ тут не при чем

  104. Aviator 767

    Aviator 7672 months ago

    Best world cup!!!

  105. Abhiroop Chakravarti

    Abhiroop Chakravarti2 months ago

    Can anyone name the background music?