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👉 Russia 2018 - An Unforgettable World Cup


  1. Barry Hafidz

    Barry HafidzDay ago

    France will not qualify for the group phase and will be defeated by Indonesia

  2. George Cedeno

    George Cedeno2 days ago

    By far the most corrupt World Cup. Anyway to keep South America out.

  3. YANIS Dofus

    YANIS Dofus5 days ago

    Second Poteau Pavaaaaaaaaard

  4. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx8 days ago

    6. Pickford PEN SAVE

  5. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx8 days ago

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we dont get to lose to germany on pens yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im from england

  6. son토트넘

    son토트넘8 days ago


  7. Boss

    Boss8 days ago

    France 🇨🇵

  8. Xattack21 1

    Xattack21 19 days ago

    Such a great World Cup, thanks Russia....

  9. Rifqi Rahadhin

    Rifqi Rahadhin9 days ago

    Underdog world cup

  10. Colic Dario

    Colic Dario10 days ago


  11. Colic Dario

    Colic Dario10 days ago


  12. Olyts59 -

    Olyts59 -10 days ago

    👑 FRANCE 👑 ⭐⭐🏆😎😍💪🎉🍾👌👏💙⚪♥

  13. Junayra M G D

    Junayra M G D10 days ago

    A R G E N T I N A Word Best⚽⚽⚽

  14. TheBlackPhoenix YouTube

    TheBlackPhoenix YouTube10 days ago


  15. Lethabo Infinity

    Lethabo Infinity10 days ago

    France won easy in the finals

  16. Lethabo Infinity

    Lethabo Infinity10 days ago

    I really think Croatia should have won the final but to be honest the FIFA World Cup final was really disappointing.

  17. Ismael Vlogs

    Ismael Vlogs10 days ago

    2014 and 2018 was beautiful but 2018 was amazing seeing Russia eliminating Spai

  18. Jacob Baia

    Jacob Baia11 days ago

    Every time i forget how awesome this world cup was the overtime the pens i loved it even tho my team didnt win it was still awesome

  19. Rehaan Renjhen

    Rehaan Renjhen11 days ago


  20. Gains quixote

    Gains quixote11 days ago

    best w c ever

  21. pirell

    pirell11 days ago

    best world cup ever

  22. Gaming Is The Best

    Gaming Is The Best11 days ago

    I can play at the 2026 world cup

  23. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen13 days ago

    Carnival de paris

  24. Handsomeman 1234

    Handsomeman 123413 days ago

    2:40 wth


    DARK _CLOWN13 days ago

    1998-2018 💪😍 2022 ? 2024 ? 😏🏆

  26. Swagger Swagger

    Swagger Swagger13 days ago


  27. ch shiva

    ch shiva13 days ago

    Most emotional worldcup i have ever seen

  28. HugoDiasR

    HugoDiasR13 days ago


  29. Sergey Anatolich

    Sergey Anatolich13 days ago

    Какого черта, я смотрю это в октябре и мне хочется плакать от того, что это чудо было так давно, и уже никогда не повторится, потому что второй раз Россия не сможет так красиво замазать шрамы на своей территории. Мы больше никогда так не удивим туристов, иностранцев... Это был наш турнир, но больше о России, в ближайшее время, мало будет хороших новостей и это очень печально

  30. Aviator 767

    Aviator 76714 days ago

    Best world cup!!!

  31. Abhiroop Chakravarti

    Abhiroop Chakravarti14 days ago

    Can anyone name the background music?

  32. Music Of India

    Music Of India15 days ago

    Who wants to like all the comments here??

  33. Ricardo Rodríguez Zuccolotto

    Ricardo Rodríguez Zuccolotto15 days ago

    Qatar 2022 plase start now 😃

  34. Taylor Alicia

    Taylor Alicia15 days ago

    Does anybody know the song of this vid :| Is so emotional

  35. Alpha Din

    Alpha Din15 days ago

    im so sad it ended

  36. MrBlackcross95

    MrBlackcross9517 days ago

    Thanks to all people of all country, just football Can give this feeling ♥️♥️♥️🇨🇵

  37. Phillip Cox

    Phillip Cox18 days ago

    I'm English. i live in France. i dreamt of a France vs England final. It should have been. but could not be happier for the French either way. well deserved.

  38. Conor O' Halloran

    Conor O' Halloran18 days ago

    Gasinzgy Cheryshev Dzyuba Cheryshev Golovin Gimeniz Boushadshz Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Nacho Costa Costa Griezman Jedinak Behich Poulsen Aguero Finnbogason Etebo Modric Couthino Zuber Kolarov Lozano Grangvqvit Kane Kane Sassi Mertens Lukaku Lukaku Kagawa Quintero Osako Cionek Niang Kryhowiak Dzyuba Cheryshev Fatty Salah Suarez Ronaldo Costa Mbappe Eriksen Jedinak Rebic Modric Rakitic Musa Musa Couthino Neymar Mitrovic Xhaka Shaquiri Toivinen Reus Kroos Vela Hernandez Son Stones Kane Kane Kane Stones Lingard Hazard Lukaku Bronn Hazard Lukaku Batschuayi Khazri Falcao Cuardaro Mina Honda Inui Wague Mane Suarez Cheryshev Cavani Salah Alfaraj aldawsari Quaresma Ansafrid Boutiab Isco En Nyseri Aspas Carrilo Guerrero Paulinho Silva waston Dzemial Drimc Sommer Kim Son Granvqist Augonnston Alvraez Janiuzi Meriah Ben Youseff Khazri Mina Benderak Greizmann Di Maria Mercardo Pavard Mbappe Mbappe Aguero Messi Moses Rojo Badejl Sigurdsson Persic Jorgensen Mandzukic Cavani Pepe Cavani Ignasevich Dzyuba Kane Mina Neymar Firmino Haraguchi Inui Verthongen Fellani Chadli varane Greizmann Fernandhino De Brunye Cheryshev Kramaric Vida Fernandes Alii Maguire Umtiti Trpier Perisic Mandzukic Mandzuic Perisc Griezmann Pogba Mbappe Manzuckic

  39. Mr. Unboxing

    Mr. Unboxing18 days ago

    2018 world cup: the rise of the underdogs

  40. - -

    - -19 days ago

    Japan should host the cup.

  41. Andrei Poletaev

    Andrei Poletaev19 days ago

    A fantastic World Cup! Probably one of the best ones, if not the best one in the last few decades

  42. ElBrayan

    ElBrayan20 days ago

    I dont see anything from mexico because we beated germany and korea like you fifa really hate mexico

  43. Shupti Naher

    Shupti Naher20 days ago

    hate france.

  44. Elieser Romero

    Elieser Romero20 days ago

    This is the 21st Fifa World Cup ???!!

  45. Josh O'Connor

    Josh O'Connor20 days ago

    Persic’s semi final goal was high foot for sure

  46. Masar Arif

    Masar Arif20 days ago


  47. Yannick H

    Yannick H20 days ago

    sorry, but this was the most boring world cup of all time for fans only defensive teams shit to watch england and france played so defensive and croatia wasn't what you call offensive as well belgium just countered and spain and germany just got posession but weren't able to create chances

  48. brocalfur

    brocalfur12 days ago

    Are you trolling or joking? Have you seen the 1990 and 2002 tournaments?

  49. ComradeSam1994

    ComradeSam199421 day ago

    name of song?

  50. ComradeSam1994

    ComradeSam199421 day ago

    Porque no enseñaron a Mexico??

  51. zizi cofee

    zizi cofee22 days ago

    This made me cry

  52. Nilay Rajwanshi

    Nilay Rajwanshi22 days ago

    SaD FoR Croatia 😥😥

  53. The.Real.Myuran

    The.Real.Myuran22 days ago

    I’m proud of England. They actually played good for once....

  54. Stefan Rangel

    Stefan Rangel23 days ago

    All the people is talking about Germany, that they couldn’t win in Russia as the nazis, but no one remembers that Napoleon haven’t done what Mbappe did

  55. Krishna Gurung

    Krishna Gurung23 days ago

    Nice orld cup all the best



    Best year

  57. Áron Lakatos

    Áron Lakatos24 days ago

    Crotia 😢😢

  58. Banana Bro

    Banana Bro24 days ago

    I will be 15 in the 2022 world cup

  59. Namiq Abdureqimov

    Namiq Abdureqimov24 days ago


  60. AS19

    AS1924 days ago

    The greatest world cup of all time!

  61. Ron Weasley

    Ron Weasley24 days ago

    This World Cup will always have a place in my heart. Amazing goals, new stars, great comebacks, unforgettable penalty shootouts, a never seen title contender on the final, legendary players and many surprises. Greatest world cup I have ever seen.

  62. Marko King

    Marko King26 days ago

    Best matches BEL 3-2 JPN POR 3-3 ESP FRA 4-3 ARG ARG 0-3 CRO CRO 1-1 DEN (3-2) SWE 0-2 ENG KOR 2-0 ENG RUS 5-0 KSA RUS 3-1 EGY IRN 1-1 POR ESP 2-2 MOR ESP 1-1 RUS (3-4) RUS 2-2 CRO (3-4) BRA 1-2 BEL URU 0-2 FRA ENG 1-1 COL (4-3) NGA 2-0 ISL SRB 0-2 BRA FRA 1-0 BEL *AND BY FAR BEST MATCH EVER* CROATIA 2-1 ENGLAND 5' Trippier (0-1) 68' Perišić (1-1) 110' Mandžukić (2-1)

  63. Дмитрий Морев

    Дмитрий Морев24 days ago

    Disagree. The match was very spectacular. Cavani with Suarez demonstrated a standard of teamwork. And as the protection of Ronaldo neutralized? I watched this match at the stadium. Like the match with Croatia...

  64. Marko King

    Marko King24 days ago

    +Дмитрий Морев mistake sry and URU-POR was hell boring

  65. Дмитрий Морев

    Дмитрий Морев24 days ago

    Maybe Korea Germany match 2: 0, not Korea vs England ? And why not the match Uruguay Portugal?

  66. Masteryker

    Masteryker26 days ago

    The best video ever

  67. sanjay shah

    sanjay shah26 days ago

    Messi hero and others zero

  68. RAZE

    RAZE26 days ago

    listen to the background from 0:28-0:32

  69. Vimad 20

    Vimad 2027 days ago

    What the ost ?

  70. ALEX. C

    ALEX. C28 days ago

    The best video

  71. tos ha

    tos ha28 days ago

    It was the happiest a month

  72. Goldie Productions

    Goldie Productions28 days ago

    France are the Champions Merci Ale le ble

  73. jpad319

    jpad31928 days ago

    Thank God they included Umtiti’s goal celebration!

  74. Mohamed Abdullahi

    Mohamed Abdullahi28 days ago

    Ronaldo cup 2018 (even if portugal got elinmated)

  75. インドの忍者

    インドの忍者29 days ago

    Now, let's see whether France can break the champions' curse by qualifying for round 16 in next world cup or not

  76. mohammad islam

    mohammad islam29 days ago

    Last 16 is the best especially Belgium vs Japan

  77. Boss

    Boss29 days ago

    Champions du Monde 🇫🇷🏆

  78. Mamadou ba

    Mamadou ba29 days ago

    I feel like croatia deserved to win...

  79. MarblelympicsTV

    MarblelympicsTVMonth ago

    0:21 to 0:28 what you think 0:32 what actually happens MODRIC!

  80. Bryant Guzman

    Bryant GuzmanMonth ago


  81. Suni Mohd

    Suni MohdMonth ago


  82. Md Mohsin

    Md MohsinMonth ago

    joss messi

  83. Ori 1408

    Ori 1408Month ago

    Gracias ru

  84. Henry van der Linden

    Henry van der LindenMonth ago

    Top ten games 1. France Argentina 2. Belgium japan 3. Spain Portugal 4. Croatia Russia 5. France Belgium 6. England Panama 7. England Sweden 8. Croatia Argentina 9. I can’t choose 10. I can’t choose

  85. kaz9781

    kaz9781Month ago

    See you in 2022!!!!! 🇧🇷🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🇩🇪🌟🌟🌟🌟 🇮🇹🌟🌟🌟🌟 🇦🇷🌟🌟 🇫🇷🌟🌟 🇺🇾🌟🌟 🇬🇧🌟 🇪🇸🌟

  86. Dr. Complex

    Dr. ComplexMonth ago

    If only it broke the record for the cup with most goals, three off.

  87. Ori 1408

    Ori 1408Month ago

    Gracias Rusia 2018.

  88. Hassan Ali

    Hassan AliMonth ago

    i am from iraq but my didnt make it but i go for belgium

  89. Lena DD

    Lena DDMonth ago

    MOLODZI FRANCE,,,tak bit krotavskjuju tvar!!!paganie krovat,,,

  90. ED Striker

    ED StrikerMonth ago

    To be honest I think 2014 world cup was way better but I liked this one too

  91. A Rmn

    A RmnMonth ago

    Can we start the next World Cup like tomorrow please?

  92. B Tte

    B TteMonth ago

    Dalmacija Others won it for France? yeah ? like who? which team? We crushed any team we played, Croatia thought they will win the world cup but they forgot how good France.

  93. IPTV NOW

    IPTV NOWMonth ago


  94. Evrastrim

    EvrastrimMonth ago


  95. Victor Real Zarrabal

    Victor Real ZarrabalMonth ago

    Where is México??? Fuck you FIFA

  96. Messi DIOS

    Messi DIOSMonth ago

    This World Cup in Russia was crazy af Best World Cup so far Qatar 2022 here we come Mexico will win Qatar 2022 World Cup if not In 2026 World Cup i will help them win. 2026 world cup will be my first world cup

  97. Campagnard de Lorraine

    Campagnard de LorraineMonth ago

    Très beau et émouvant résumé.

  98. Menna Al Sharkawi

    Menna Al SharkawiMonth ago

    best games 🇵🇹 vs 🇪🇸 🇭🇷 vs 🇷🇺 🇭🇷 vs 🇬🇧

  99. no life

    no life8 days ago

    argentina v france? belgium v brazil?

  100. Menna Al Sharkawi

    Menna Al Sharkawi23 days ago

    +Idk What yea ik I should've put the white one with a red cross but I don't have that one..

  101. Idk What

    Idk What23 days ago

    You put in the wrong flag for England

  102. G1deons games

    G1deons gamesMonth ago

    What is the music?

  103. Thom

    ThomMonth ago

    The 2012 Olympics and the 2018 World Cup will always stay in my memory... thrilling and overwhelmingly positive sports events.

  104. Carlos Quesnel

    Carlos QuesnelMonth ago

    I got chills watching this

  105. Bruno Lucas

    Bruno LucasMonth ago

    AND in the end France always win, when they are on form no penalties no extra times only 1 disgraceful game against Denmark i agree on that, but overall the best team won the World Cup, and it is two stars on the shirt to add to 2 Euros won in 84 and 2000 , thank you for the video i really enjoyed it

  106. herejeascrack

    herejeascrackMonth ago

    Min 1:26 JAMES 💔💔💔

  107. Kamar Portal

    Kamar PortalMonth ago

    im sorry but i already forgot it. The opening & closing ceremony is so dissapointed (look at asian games 2018). The atmosphere is not good. The stadium is not like watching a world cup. Nothing better than 2010 or even 2014.

  108. rated r superstar

    rated r superstarMonth ago

    stupid subazič