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Russia 2018 - An Unforgettable World Cup


  1. Glenn Van Zyl

    Glenn Van Zyl3 hours ago

    Important to every african fan even when they all excit whe favor france or brazil viva le bleu

  2. Yann Podh

    Yann Podh5 hours ago

    Beautiful world cup, games, semi finaliste and great world champion. Congrat Russia, congrat France !

  3. Tom Azmi

    Tom Azmi12 hours ago

    ❤⚽ the best thing in the world

  4. саня иванов

    саня иванов13 hours ago

    Thank your,RUSSIA!

  5. Trapps

    Trapps17 hours ago


  6. fabricio alvarado

    fabricio alvarado17 hours ago

    Este mundial ha sido uno de los que hubo mayores sorpresas. No olvidaré éste mundial, al igual que el de Sudafrica y Brasil. Que hermosos recuerdos tendremos cuando sea el mundial en Qatar.

  7. Everybody Hates Judy

    Everybody Hates Judy20 hours ago

    0:54 The nosepicker finally goes home!! 😂😂😭😭

  8. Everybody Hates Judy

    Everybody Hates Judy20 hours ago


  9. Yw En

    Yw En7 hours ago

    Everybody Hates Judy they're finally consider like all the other people in France it should be a Victory... Why are you against this Win ? Why do you want to reduce them to the color of their skin again? Why?

  10. Ori 1408

    Ori 140823 hours ago

    Extraño demasiado

  11. Georg Donabaum

    Georg DonabaumDay ago


  12. S1T_1ZZY

    S1T_1ZZYDay ago

    I miss the 2010 wc :(

  13. Amit Chhetri

    Amit ChhetriDay ago

    already nostalgic

  14. Daichi

    DaichiDay ago

    In my opinion football is one hell of a game. So nerve-wracking

  15. Nz Emi

    Nz EmiDay ago

    2022 Calling England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 plz don’t hate lol

  16. Léo Dunkel

    Léo DunkelDay ago

    worst world cup of the last 3



    I loved the world cup

  18. Nikola Mimica

    Nikola MimicaDay ago

    Croatia whit 4 milion people in final.... proud to be Croat

  19. Joel Hernandez

    Joel Hernandez2 days ago

    I’m sad that they didn’t show any clips of Mexico and Peru because I’m Peruvian and Mexican

  20. The Human mesentery

    The Human mesentery2 days ago

    This gives me shivers .

  21. MARVEL STUDIOS Marvel studios

    MARVEL STUDIOS Marvel studios2 days ago

    An unforgattable world cup

  22. Jean Eude

    Jean Eude3 days ago

    Merci les Bleus je vous remercie d’avoir réunis tout le peuple français malgré les tragiques événements des ces trois dernières années !❤️🇫🇷 Congrats France !!!! Vous méritez ce titre les mecs 😏 Bien joue Croatie 😃 Par contre Belgique reste dans ta rage

  23. miko chan

    miko chan3 days ago

    2.27 Oh, this is my city! Nizhny Novorod is a city of beautiful sunsets. I am proud that we have hosted such an event. I really miss the energy of the championship and our guests. Come again, we will be very glad to see you again)




  25. Play All Games

    Play All Games3 days ago


  26. Neil Lopes

    Neil Lopes3 days ago

    It's been a month just 52 more months to go untill Qatar 2022 😍

  27. Hinoob Tushie

    Hinoob Tushie4 days ago

    The backround music is so emotional

  28. Lorenzo Vercruysse

    Lorenzo Vercruysse4 days ago

    Incredible world cup, Russia can be proud for this edition!

  29. Clarence NG

    Clarence NG4 days ago

    Waiting for 2022 world cup

  30. Marie Gjeci

    Marie Gjeci4 days ago

    Amaizing word cup with amaizing matches like 🇪🇸-🇵🇹 🇦🇷-🇫🇷 and with amaizing goals

  31. Czeslawa Zak

    Czeslawa Zak4 days ago

    Europe is the best and now all the world see it. I've said a months ago that we, Europeans, are Gods of Football

  32. Aiden Chia

    Aiden Chia5 days ago

    France! :D

  33. copysand

    copysand5 days ago


  34. NeaRJuoRHD

    NeaRJuoRHD5 days ago

    Allez il faut rêver go gagner celle de 2022 mdrr

  35. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    It pisses me off to see whiners not even acknowledge the class of M'bappe, Kanté or Pogba. I understand people can be sour in defeat but still it doesn't account for blindness. Whatever you think about the ref's decisions, France made the most of them and killed the game. That's what winners do.

  36. Navid Atiq Shahriar

    Navid Atiq Shahriar5 days ago

    France Deserved The World Cup

  37. Luis Sanchez

    Luis Sanchez6 days ago

    where the fuck is mexico😡😡

  38. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    @Luis Sanchez. Oh yes, they played well !

  39. Damir DF

    Damir DF6 days ago


  40. Hoeben 17

    Hoeben 176 days ago

    Belgium world champion in magic footbal France = anti footbal

  41. Kaji

    KajiDay ago

    Go home belgians, you're drunk. France was by far the best in THIS competition. If you can't acknowledge this you must be blind.

  42. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    @hoeben Encore un Belge qu'a pas la frite ;-)

  43. Sabit Abdullah

    Sabit Abdullah6 days ago

    It was an amazing world cup...My fav team became world champions..what vould be better?...Thanks to russia for hosting such an amazing world cup...Cheers to all the great teams that got the honour to play at World's ultimate game...And congrats to the world champions France...Lots of love for the French team..And appereciation for Russia...Love and Appreciation from Bangladesh

  44. Boss

    Boss6 days ago

    Champion du Monde 🇫🇷🇫🇷

  45. Banana Jr.

    Banana Jr.6 days ago

    FIFA world cup finals and match for 3nd place of 21. seniture: 2018. 🇨🇵-🇭🇷 🇧🇪-🇬🇧 2014. 🇩🇪-🇦🇷 🇧🇷-🇳🇱 2010. 🇳🇱-🇪🇸 🇺🇾-🇩🇪 2006. 🇮🇹-🇫🇷 🇩🇪-🇵🇹 2002. 🇩🇪-🇧🇷 🇰🇷-🇹🇷

  46. Farhan's TOP 10

    Farhan's TOP 106 days ago


  47. Blackchickenhobo

    Blackchickenhobo7 days ago

    2022; france go out in group stage

  48. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    Bet your life on it !

  49. Dylan gittinger

    Dylan gittinger7 days ago

    Well, that World Cup was really surprising. Germany out in Group Stage. Croatia in Final, England in Semi-Final, even Japan going to the 16's. Also, Russia was a nice surprise too after beating Spain. I won't say the France was promised to the Cup after there match against Argentina but ... The Final France - Croatia was also very unexpected.

  50. Boss

    Boss7 days ago

    France deserve it ! Congratz

  51. edward estevan ツ

    edward estevan ツ8 days ago

    negros de mierdas

  52. edward estevan ツ

    edward estevan ツ5 days ago

    voce viado ne

  53. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    Loser !

  54. Ako

    Ako8 days ago


  55. Yihan Xia

    Yihan Xia8 days ago

    This was my first time I watched the World Cup since the Group Stage. To me, it was a completely different experience, as I watched teams fight for their honor, their countries, even if they know they will lose. They are real athletes. I saw Modric, and his Croatia, struggling during the elimination round, with almost every match with extra time, and sometimes, penalties. They are not the Champion, but they have shown to the world how strong they would be. Second place is the all-time best for them, and they well deserve it. They are heroes.

  56. Vishaal Venugopal

    Vishaal Venugopal8 days ago

    quality defending is a rarity in football now....sad to see that we'll never get defenders like we once had

  57. Jawid Jamshidy

    Jawid Jamshidy8 days ago

    Still the most hated peoples and country in the world,,, I would rather Zimbabwe won the world if it was a choice

  58. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    @ Jawid Sorry, I don't.

  59. Jawid Jamshidy

    Jawid Jamshidy5 days ago

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse The World Cup this year was so tasteless of course you know what I’m talking about.

  60. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    Jawid Who are you talking about ?

  61. Clément Travers

    Clément Travers9 days ago

    Vive la France

  62. Cuauhtemoc

    Cuauhtemoc9 days ago

    This is nostalgia to me already Now we have to wait 4 years for Qatar 2022 in November and it lasts less than a month 😑

  63. Tony Dymond Clarke JR

    Tony Dymond Clarke JR9 days ago

    thank god I was representing France since the beginning

  64. Drago Sutalo

    Drago Sutalo9 days ago

    2018 World Cup Final Full of Controversy. The World Cup belongs to France, they won the match.

  65. Ocktay

    Ocktay10 days ago

    J adore

  66. Panchito Bara

    Panchito Bara10 days ago

    Where is it México?

  67. chris thomas

    chris thomas10 days ago

    we are in a football golden age

  68. Lovely Hyeri

    Lovely Hyeri11 days ago

    Observing all these players emotion and passion for the game, causes me to admire football even more

  69. Svenpro konts

    Svenpro konts11 days ago

    3:32 nooooo

  70. Youtube Fan

    Youtube Fan11 days ago

    Unforgettable world cup

  71. réacteur gaming

    réacteur gaming11 days ago

    On est les champions

  72. ww e

    ww e11 days ago

    KOREA !!!!!

  73. CherryBoi

    CherryBoi12 days ago

    Best World Cup ever So Magical to See my Team Win the Finals For the 2nd Time But Best World Cup ever ALLEZ LES BLEUS 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  74. Sniperz Hyperz

    Sniperz Hyperz12 days ago

    Football is beautiful

  75. LocalNoob

    LocalNoob12 days ago

    Probably the most hated world cup ever... VAR ruined so many great games The Stupid ref ruined the finals

  76. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    Var didn't ruin the world cup. It is just unnecessary.Mistakes and debatable decisions will always be made with or without it. By the way, here in France we all LOVED this WC ;-)

  77. Francisco Sánchez

    Francisco Sánchez12 days ago

    Hi guys, could anybody tell me the name of the song? Shazam does not recognize it, thanks in advance!!

  78. SINDHU G

    SINDHU G12 days ago

    The words will be remembered as'Mesi is denied ' will comeback

  79. Loelia 33

    Loelia 3312 days ago

    Franceeeeeee ! ❤🇫🇷

  80. franko nero

    franko nero13 days ago

    If the 2018 World Cup was a movie, then Toni Kroos' winning goal would be the most dramatic moment of the movie. Why not featuring his goal moment in this video?

  81. Filmmaker

    Filmmaker13 days ago


  82. Alex R

    Alex R13 days ago


  83. Amit Ko Commentry 7

    Amit Ko Commentry 713 days ago

    My fevrouits match of the world cup: 1. Portugal vs Spain 2. Portugal vs Uruguay 3. Spain vs Russia

  84. Yojin Offered battle game to game

    Yojin Offered battle game to game23 hours ago

    Belgium and japan

  85. Dark Wizard

    Dark Wizard8 days ago

    Amit Ko Commentry 7 France Argentina? Belgium Japan?

  86. Régis Malet

    Régis Malet8 days ago

    same for me


    IDAN KHAYAT13 days ago

    Mbappe’s a God

  88. A

    A13 days ago

    What a World Cup amazing even more for France 🇫🇷

  89. زين زين

    زين زين13 days ago

    The worst World Cup ever because Croatia deserved it

  90. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    @Dark Wizard That's precisely what I mean. Who do you think I was talking about ?

  91. Dark Wizard

    Dark Wizard5 days ago

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse and? In football you win or you lose that's all

  92. Honnisoit Quimalypanse

    Honnisoit Quimalypanse5 days ago

    65% possession and 4 shots on target is not what I call deserving.

  93. Boss

    Boss7 days ago


  94. Dark Wizard

    Dark Wizard8 days ago

    زين زين No Mandzukic dived to have the freekick which gave to Croatia their first goal. Nobody touched Mandzukic but he fell down alone

  95. Queen Norana Muffin

    Queen Norana Muffin13 days ago

    This world cup in russia just stopt the hate in the world. im proud for my country Croatia and cograts to france and other countrys PS:Sorry for bad english

  96. Dark Wizard

    Dark Wizard8 days ago

    Queen Norana Muffin Congrats Croatia too

  97. Jason Richie

    Jason Richie13 days ago

    France are the champion of the world!!!

  98. Wert Gamer

    Wert Gamer13 days ago

    At first I thought France was gonna win since they lost Euro 2016 Cup, but then I chose Brazil, but I thought Spain was gonna win since the 6-1 Spain vs Argentina, but then when Brazil and Spain was out I cheered for France, and they won. Congratulations France!

  99. NeoClassic Music School

    NeoClassic Music School13 days ago

    see you guys at qatar

  100. MiniHenry

    MiniHenry14 days ago

    What are the surprises of this World Cup? 1. Germany out ( first since WW2), beaten by Mexico and South Korea 2. Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Spain out 3. Croatia in the final 4. Russia in the quarterfinals 5. Belgium won third

  101. Kazim Anfas

    Kazim Anfas14 days ago

    Best teams really tough matches. unforgettable world cup

  102. pankaj saha

    pankaj saha14 days ago

    It was a weird world cup

  103. Régis Malet

    Régis Malet8 days ago

    yes + dramatic and fascinating like ever, wonderful teams

  104. Rayfun Rayan

    Rayfun Rayan14 days ago

    Dang I love France Lela anyways thanks Russia for an amazing World Cup from 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  105. Luka Nekić

    Luka Nekić14 days ago


  106. Robin Berings

    Robin Berings14 days ago

    belgium out nooooooo

  107. papaya juice pi

    papaya juice pi14 days ago

    My favourite 10 matches 1. France Vs Argentina 2. Korea Republic Vs Germany 3. France Vs Belgium 4.Russia vs Croatia 5. England Vs Croatia 6. Argentina Vs Croatia 7. Japan Vs Belgium 8. France Vs Croatia 9. Russia Vs Saudi Arabia 10.Brazil Vs Belgium

  108. João Ribeiro

    João Ribeiro14 days ago

    anyone know the song?

  109. ORT1Z RD

    ORT1Z RD15 days ago

    Poxa vcs nao poin o brasil ganhando do mexico e mostra o brasil perdendo da belgica😞

  110. Fawaz Zakir

    Fawaz Zakir15 days ago

    Did anyone else tear up a bit? 😫

  111. Kurwa Kurwa

    Kurwa Kurwa15 days ago

    Wow, congrats to france, 1st african team to win world cup

  112. Boss

    Boss7 days ago

    poor racist losers

  113. Régis Malet

    Régis Malet8 days ago

    we're all from Africa good lad

  114. Alina Romanova

    Alina Romanova15 days ago

    рыдаю каждый раз, когда пересматриваю

  115. TheInvincible H

    TheInvincible H15 days ago

    Poor messi...

  116. Juraj Zamek

    Juraj Zamek15 days ago

    Super .

  117. Luka Nekić

    Luka Nekić15 days ago

    Croatia deserved to be champion not France!!!

  118. George Sadek

    George Sadek15 days ago

    King George world respect respected world wide ampire 💯🌹🤗 Russia FIFA world cup ⚽

  119. Jerson Morin

    Jerson Morin15 days ago


  120. Khairul Z

    Khairul Z16 days ago


  121. FSM AA12

    FSM AA1216 days ago

    Song name????

  122. Marie Levi

    Marie Levi16 days ago

    One of the best world cup ever seen 🇷🇺🇷🇺

  123. Evelyne MARECHAL

    Evelyne MARECHAL16 days ago