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Russ - Dangerous (Official Audio)


  1. Cool kid Samxanthug

    Cool kid Samxanthug2 days ago

    Dangerous.. more like dange*RUSS* LOL... I’ll walk myself out.

  2. David Mosier

    David Mosier3 days ago

    Why people gate on Russ because of his attitude. He just knows his self worth, and that’s a blessed thing. Most people forget there worth and that’s when they get lost. Focus.

  3. cloudscholar22

    cloudscholar225 days ago

    russ beats are f*cking fire! lol

  4. Markavelli Medina

    Markavelli Medina7 days ago

    The realist out. Keep it one hundo Russ

  5. Cat Brown

    Cat Brown8 days ago

    why are people who hate russ commenting on this? you’re the ones who clicked on the damn video, and what, just to talk shit? you’re giving him more views and publicity by your hate comments!!! lmaoooooo pathetic

  6. Josh Ashes

    Josh Ashes10 days ago

    Lit ski💯💯

  7. Armando A

    Armando A17 days ago

    His music 🔥 tho

  8. Macias_one4

    Macias_one420 days ago

    Even tho it’s fuck Russ this shit slaps

  9. Punky Pletan-Cross

    Punky Pletan-Cross22 days ago

    It's a bit a bit late but "Dangerussssss"

  10. Jared Breen

    Jared Breen22 days ago

    FUCK THE PEOPLE THAT DISLIKE THSI. like if you agree

  11. Hey Bee

    Hey Bee23 days ago


  12. Eddie Perez

    Eddie Perez23 days ago

    I don't get how some people don't like Russ he has such a good vibe👌🏼

  13. Jeremy Kalonji

    Jeremy Kalonji23 days ago

    This beat🤯

  14. BuffaLoo BuLoo Burt

    BuffaLoo BuLoo Burt29 days ago

    Russ. . . refocus the goal. .


    UNKNOWNMonth ago


  16. Sage Graham

    Sage GrahamMonth ago


  17. jillian jones

    jillian jonesMonth ago

    i use every bit of my phone battery listenin to russ

  18. John D

    John DMonth ago


  19. Micah Coleman

    Micah ColemanMonth ago

    This is my shit

  20. Ryan Santos

    Ryan SantosMonth ago


  21. Linda B

    Linda BMonth ago

    Best fire 💯👌🏼

  22. Sabrina Ozuna

    Sabrina OzunaMonth ago

    My lady says this song reminds her of me.. Dk y but i dig it.

  23. Kimberly Hansen

    Kimberly HansenMonth ago


  24. Slimm Gee

    Slimm GeeMonth ago

    VIBES 🌴🍃🍃

  25. Bailey Lunsford

    Bailey LunsfordMonth ago

    Y'all dumb as fuck if he taking Ls stop giving him views

  26. JustCarryOn

    JustCarryOnMonth ago


  27. Morgan Rollins

    Morgan RollinsMonth ago

    I Bet all of y'all hating on russ go home and listen to lil pump or 69's trash ass

  28. Paul 555

    Paul 555Month ago

    Russ only takes L, who’s the real loser Russ the guy who makes more money than all you haters, your just making him post more heat so keeping posting L, he just posts more heat

  29. Latajia 20

    Latajia 20Month ago

    Why is everyone commenting L ?!?

  30. jillian jones

    jillian jonesMonth ago

    im wonderin the same thing

  31. Dayne ramos

    Dayne ramosMonth ago

    ilove it!

  32. A11 R0wnĐrr

    A11 R0wnĐrrMonth ago

    should've named it danger russ

  33. Nherdy C

    Nherdy CMonth ago

    I can tell u DANGERUSS

  34. Med

    MedMonth ago


  35. Jérémy Bouzom

    Jérémy BouzomMonth ago

    Good song

  36. Daniel Donoho

    Daniel DonohoMonth ago

    Russ is the most consistent independent artist out there! Haters gonna hate the great. 🐐

  37. Nintendo oscar switch

    Nintendo oscar switchMonth ago


  38. Keao Alford

    Keao AlfordMonth ago

    We done this before, this back and forth is gettin’ old I hope you understand the reason I can’t see you anymore I got a life I gotta live, you got one too, it’s time to quit I cannot fall back into my old ways this is hard to hear, I know, we had our run but now it’s over we were drunk off arguments and texts but now we’re fucking sober this is far from something healthy, I can help you if you help me we just gotta go our separate ways. I FELT THAT💯

  39. 808 Maya

    808 MayaMonth ago

    This music so cheap :Justin Bieber

  40. Know Life

    Know LifeMonth ago

    fuck russ

  41. Kenneth Hipolito

    Kenneth HipolitoMonth ago

    fuck your dad

  42. Gus Gus

    Gus GusMonth ago

    Russ is amazing💯 people who say he’s takin an L you’re the ones who’s taking the L because Russ is amazing at his job no matter what anyone says

  43. Macka Bella

    Macka BellaMonth ago

    I love this song 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Anto Mustaine

    Anto MustaineMonth ago


  45. Tawera Anderson

    Tawera AndersonMonth ago

    L for Longevity

  46. Daisy Mendoza

    Daisy MendozaMonth ago

    L for LOVE ME SOME RUSS!!!❤

  47. Aryani Walker

    Aryani WalkerMonth ago

    I love you 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  48. Bob Sanchez

    Bob SanchezMonth ago

    Russ is the best

  49. Mike Penton

    Mike PentonMonth ago


  50. Jonathon Mcneil

    Jonathon McneilMonth ago

    His flow!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Alyssa Byrd

    Alyssa ByrdMonth ago

    I’m feeling myself comfortable in my adidas 🤗

  52. Kenzie Whitford

    Kenzie WhitfordMonth ago


  53. Antonia Ramos

    Antonia RamosMonth ago


  54. Danilo Quintino

    Danilo QuintinoMonth ago

    Top demais!!!!!!!

  55. kimberlee sara

    kimberlee saraMonth ago

    This is that shit 😭💕

  56. James Morrison

    James MorrisonMonth ago

    DJ danger-russ

  57. Patti Wascher

    Patti WascherMonth ago

    DangerRUSS. Sorry, ill leave.

  58. Valerie Covarrubias

    Valerie CovarrubiasMonth ago

    Mannn I love youuuu🔥❤️❤️

  59. Stink

    StinkMonth ago


  60. SkinnyMinnieOg

    SkinnyMinnieOgMonth ago

    L for longevity🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. D McKerry

    D McKerry2 months ago

    Something I’m felling right now and I’m fed up!!! #SingleFatherStatus y’all be hating on Russ but you don’t know what the fuck he’s saying until you live what he’s saying

  62. Twizzums

    Twizzums2 months ago


  63. Karmy Sousa

    Karmy Sousa2 months ago

    Russ ❤✌

  64. Free Nug Fortnite

    Free Nug Fortnite2 months ago

    The messed up thing is Every time russ drops a song it's like a waypoint in my life! We thinking the same things at the same times g!

  65. Loso in case you didnt know so

    Loso in case you didnt know so2 months ago


  66. Dank Dabs

    Dank Dabs2 months ago

    WEASEL says trust no BiTCh

  67. Savage Leaked

    Savage Leaked2 months ago

    Walmart Drake

  68. Issachar

    Issachar2 months ago

    I can’t stop listening to this. The beat reminds me of ll cool j’s song “I need love” for some reason

  69. ok ok

    ok ok2 months ago


  70. Shanice YourCatsBestFriend

    Shanice YourCatsBestFriend2 months ago

    Can't spell dUmb without U..Russ has no L but youLL always be taking doubLe L's haters.

  71. YouKnowkz

    YouKnowkz2 months ago

    this guy is real dope too --->>>

  72. Alpha Gen X 3

    Alpha Gen X 32 months ago

    I love this song man. It's just soo good man. Keep up the great work .

  73. Tinaa Xx

    Tinaa Xx2 months ago

    Come to Fresno, California

  74. Killer

    Killer2 months ago

    russ prob has hella songs stacked on his belt

  75. faziil

    faziil2 months ago

    best song for rainy days!!!

  76. Ezequil Luiz

    Ezequil Luiz2 months ago

    Images RUSS

  77. Consuelo Covarrubias

    Consuelo Covarrubias2 months ago

    I like how yall hatin so much like thats Gonna bring russ down like get off his dick and much love to u and Ur songs russ i hope to make music like u one day

  78. Youala Assyrian

    Youala Assyrian2 months ago

    Russ my best 👍

  79. Haley Miller

    Haley Miller2 months ago

    Fat W💗💍

  80. MvlMvl G

    MvlMvl G2 months ago

    Russ takes a W

  81. Niggatello boi

    Niggatello boi2 months ago

    The ones who are saying"L" , why you don't go away and listen to some "Lil pump "

  82. BlueStrike77

    BlueStrike7727 days ago


  83. Cameron Luckie

    Cameron LuckieMonth ago

    true hahahsh !!!!

  84. Moua Yang

    Moua Yang2 months ago


  85. Eddie TheFoxold

    Eddie TheFoxold2 months ago

    Russ make me Happy 🤗

  86. Glamour, Gadgets & Gaming review

    Glamour, Gadgets & Gaming review2 months ago

    21 savage is the type of nigga to drink Pepsi on a Coca Cola glass


    RUSSELL BAKER2 months ago

    I think he should have called the the song "DANGER 4 RUSS"

  88. drea hernandez

    drea hernandez2 months ago

    Another one....He's done it again!

  89. Jenoah

    Jenoah2 months ago

    Reminds me of this :

  90. Woof Woof

    Woof Woof2 months ago

    I hope Russ keeps catching L’s because the music he puts out is still ONLY ABOUT HIM. Fucking piece of shit I wish Xxxtentacion was still alive making music instead of his ass

  91. Mary Medina

    Mary Medina2 months ago

    he makes amazing music. haters are fans too 😛

  92. Dess

    Dess2 months ago

    I like this a lot.

  93. Gus D

    Gus D2 months ago

    Best rapper as of rn I mean makes his beats his lyrics mixes his shit bro got it I mean one of the best rappers out rn idky ppl hating but he way better than those trap artists ppl listen to

  94. Joseph Brito

    Joseph Brito2 months ago


  95. Julian Manzano

    Julian Manzano2 months ago


  96. Boogie Cousins

    Boogie Cousins2 months ago

    Imagine being a russ fan

  97. Austin Reed

    Austin Reed2 months ago

    L must mean Legend.....Russ is better then all these new mumble drug using wife beating rappers. 💯 Haters everywhere. People who comment the L are the losers haha. Make it like he did and make his $ until then shutup! Lol.

  98. 88ROGUE

    88ROGUE2 months ago

    Please can you listen to my music I’m 13 and musics my passion 🙏 I need all of you

  99. Bryce Kamin

    Bryce Kamin2 months ago

    Dangeruss 💯

  100. a a

    a a2 months ago

    This track deadly

  101. Jennifer Grande

    Jennifer Grande2 months ago


  102. Anthony Richburg

    Anthony Richburg2 months ago

    This song is fire 🔥🔥


    ROIL RAPTER2 months ago

    Sell out or die "simple"