RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara


  1. Bruno Otávio Sousa Pires

    Bruno Otávio Sousa Pires5 days ago

    I absolutely love this top 4. They have so much synergy! Especially cause they feel so comfort with one another that they are 0 afraid to look messy ahhaah


    SPILL DA TEA SHISTAR7 days ago

    Start yo ingines

  3. Desiree B

    Desiree B7 days ago

    Eureka be crying cause she knew that aquaria was winning in that lipsync

  4. Austin Collins

    Austin Collins8 days ago

    Comes back a year later *CRIES HARDER*

  5. Honella

    Honella10 days ago

    when was this filmed?

  6. sheila luciano

    sheila luciano13 days ago

    For all those bts armys *InJins*

  7. sheila luciano

    sheila luciano13 days ago

    Who else saw patrickstarr when Asia ohara was on the runway

  8. Angelica Nardi

    Angelica Nardi15 days ago


  9. Angelica Nardi

    Angelica Nardi15 days ago

    FINALLY I GET THIS THING. I always thought the finale was real, and now I see this. I WAS ALWASY “these biatches don’t have a crumb of emotions when they get crowned!” instead they’re so happy and emotional, aw.

  10. Queen Naomi

    Queen Naomi16 days ago

    I cried my fucking contacts out because of Asia hugging Aquaria and giving kisses to Eureka♥️😂♥️

  11. florian calina

    florian calina16 days ago


  12. Joe Freeman

    Joe Freeman17 days ago

    This video has further increased my hate of Eureka.

  13. jhelo diwa

    jhelo diwa18 days ago

    One of the best top 4 ever

  14. kingikiller

    kingikiller19 days ago

    Eureka actually thought it was gona be her.

  15. Sam Rummer

    Sam Rummer21 day ago

    Does anyone think that Aquaria working for and being friends with RuPaul's friend Susan Barsh have anything to do with his win? I do!

  16. baby boy minseok

    baby boy minseok21 day ago

    why are they surprised that aquaria is the winner???why the didint know about that?

  17. Holy Naldy

    Holy Naldy22 days ago

    I want asia to be my mom

  18. Herrera14

    Herrera1422 days ago

    3:49 Eureka pretends to be shocked

  19. Kyriana McCoy

    Kyriana McCoy23 days ago

    Eureka fixing the VH1 pillow so it shows had me dead lol

  20. SugarIly

    SugarIly23 days ago

    Asia was so supportive and loving in this video, she was genuinely so happy for Aquaria and the other two queens for being on the top

  21. 19FizZ91

    19FizZ9124 days ago

    Lmao at Asia and Aquaria same time has drops!

  22. Robbie Gabito

    Robbie Gabito28 days ago

    This makes me just wish why cant they just shoot the finals live? Comparing her reaction here to the finale really shows much more genuine reaction and is better for viewing. Like compare winners reaction for drag race up to season 3 the way the winners reacted looked so much better

  23. Shane McFamous

    Shane McFamous29 days ago

    It was so amazing to see that live let me tell you

  24. amaddness

    amaddnessMonth ago

    Aquaria deserved it. Her lip syncs were the most entertaining and she did the entire dance to the Janet Jackson's If video which was awesome.

  25. Klaudia Wojakowska

    Klaudia WojakowskaMonth ago

    I dont get it. They were watching it. They were on the scene. I thought they new already... what is going on

  26. Miekka xxx

    Miekka xxxMonth ago

    Eureka laughing at her own joke is everything

  27. I'm Not Important

    I'm Not ImportantMonth ago

    I just want to hug Kameron!! He looked terrified!!!


    TTG GAMINGMonth ago

    Such a pure and beautiful moment. I so wish I had a drag family

  29. George

    GeorgeMonth ago

    I love eureka

  30. Justin Brugman

    Justin BrugmanMonth ago

    I love how supportive Asia was towards the other three, especially towards Eureka and Aquaria.

  31. Toni Park

    Toni ParkMonth ago

    Kameron is so gorgeous 💗💗👑😍

  32. Will Foster

    Will FosterMonth ago

    Why Eureka crying about watching them perform.

  33. sah ;;;

    sah ;;;Month ago

    i love aquarias smile so much i want to cry

  34. Karen Aguilar

    Karen AguilarMonth ago

    Aquaria knew that she win before this?

  35. Henrique M.

    Henrique M.Month ago


  36. Shooked Bich

    Shooked BichMonth ago

    Im so proud of us... I CANT EVEN WATCH THIS... is so funny to me... i love it

  37. Francisco Ortega

    Francisco OrtegaMonth ago

    Me watching all stars 4 Ep 3 pretending I haven’t seen the leaked episode. 3:47

  38. Rome of 58

    Rome of 58Month ago

    Kameron is pissed!

  39. elizabeth

    elizabethMonth ago

    fucking workkkkkkkkkk aquaria

  40. Ryzen D.

    Ryzen D.Month ago

    congrats Miz Cracker!

  41. Fergie Tlo

    Fergie TloMonth ago


  42. Christian Moore

    Christian MooreMonth ago

    Gentlemin start your ingines

  43. KermitSuicide

    KermitSuicideMonth ago

    I don’t understand this...isn’t this after the crowning?

  44. Sunday Park

    Sunday ParkMonth ago

    They didn't know who won until the final editing because they film each one getting crowned.

  45. AleX CaT567

    AleX CaT567Month ago

    Жалко что Eureka не победила

  46. Purple Stardust

    Purple StardustMonth ago

    Asia should’ve won just because she wore this look here 😍 fucking stunning!

  47. Miekka xxx

    Miekka xxxMonth ago

    I love how Eureka’s crying and Aquaria is just staring intensely at the screen

  48. Will Chiang

    Will ChiangMonth ago

    Kameron giving me Conchita Wurst vibes

  49. Cristina Maria

    Cristina MariaMonth ago

    Patrick was there lol (PatrickStarrr)

  50. Lea Pasquale

    Lea PasqualeMonth ago

    4:40 Aquaria realising she won that lipsync

  51. Azi Ggles

    Azi Ggles2 months ago

    Why were they acting like they didn't know what was going to happen lmao

  52. Sunday Park

    Sunday ParkMonth ago

    They didn't know what was going to happen. They film each member winning the crown and giving speeches (I think it's called double crowning?) but only after the final edit will they know who won.

  53. Samuel Henrique

    Samuel Henrique2 months ago

    Team Eurika ❤ I love her

  54. Rock Man

    Rock Man2 months ago

    That moment where they silently hugged each other after Aquaria was declared as a winner. That was so touching, it's like all of their dreams in the show have been fulfilled.

  55. Rock Man

    Rock Man2 months ago

    Aquaria is the person who did her homework in the whole competition

  56. shah hayde

    shah hayde2 months ago

    we all knew she was gonna win, which sucked, no shock factor

  57. Ryan Keogh

    Ryan Keogh2 months ago

    4:40 what does kameron say?

  58. Tomas Joel Beramendi

    Tomas Joel Beramendi2 months ago

    6:29 what's the number of that guy in the orange t-shirt? asking for a friend

  59. Tgh P

    Tgh P2 months ago

    I love them all so much. I was just rewatching this season and the love is just so real.

  60. Ryu Azeri

    Ryu Azeri2 months ago

    4:56.. Woah

  61. Freddy Thornton

    Freddy Thornton2 months ago

    asia is flawless wtf

  62. Ivey College

    Ivey College2 months ago

    2:47 Asia and Miz Aquaria are CRACKED

  63. BeardedMcCartney

    BeardedMcCartney2 months ago

    Eureka's crying = taking aquaria's moment

  64. Kahron  Mcneil

    Kahron Mcneil2 months ago

    Wait so how they don’t know if they won if it’s filmed before

  65. Queen Ina Müllerson

    Queen Ina Müllerson2 months ago

    they film all 4 wins and decide it later. live broadcasting is too expensive/difficult and they want to avoid spoilers. makes it a bit inauthentic but at least it really cant be spoilered lmao :D

  66. RavenzDiary

    RavenzDiary2 months ago

    where is the butterfly fail reaction moment from asia? :'(

  67. King Ashley

    King Ashley2 months ago

    everytime i watch this i think of how asia is whispering in everyones ears and that shes probably chanting a curse to them.

  68. Joy Lan

    Joy Lan2 months ago

    Miz Cracker condragulations baby girl! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  69. Tim

    Tim2 months ago

    wait where w as tammie?

  70. George Bryson

    George Bryson3 months ago

    That chin thing Kameron's wearing was a choice.

  71. Sofi Tejada

    Sofi Tejada3 months ago

    Hablas español

  72. r lune

    r lune3 months ago

    They're so cute, how do people send any of the queens hate. I'm always so happy for them no matter who wins, they're all so beautiful and talented and now I'm gonna ugly cry

  73. i love beef

    i love beef3 months ago

    my thoughts about the aquaria v eureka lip sync are all over, yes they both did amazing and they should both be praised for their work, but i feel as if aquaria didn't prove herself as much as i felt she could've done so. everytime eureka did something, the crowd went wild with excitement, while aquaria was struggling, and trying too hard. in the long run, i feel as if eureka was to stay, the final decision on who gets the crown would make or break the show. i also feel that the only way aquaria would've won was a double shante, this makes it seem very shady, and i disagree with the way the finale was set up.

  74. Hailey Gacha :D

    Hailey Gacha :D3 months ago

    Asia is so sweeeeeeeet

  75. Hailey Gacha :D

    Hailey Gacha :D3 months ago

    I cant even hear the vid that they are watching!

  76. H Steven

    H Steven3 months ago

    I love season 10 members

  77. Memes Meme

    Memes Meme3 months ago

    I’m so happy that she won so fucking happy

  78. Marten Stolle

    Marten Stolle3 months ago

    i love you, ich liebe euch, und mich natürlich. ;-)

  79. J A

    J A3 months ago

    Why don’t they just do it live?

  80. DrazicDaviesArt

    DrazicDaviesArt3 months ago

    This is the best ive seen eureka look. my queen

  81. blake groschen

    blake groschen3 months ago

    this always makes me so happy

  82. PeaGames

    PeaGames3 months ago

    this was so cute

  83. massimo squecco

    massimo squecco3 months ago

    Ru. s ARMY OF TRANNIES to wake up all the sleeping supporters of Donald. Isn't that ironic?

  84. Tristin Robinson

    Tristin Robinson3 months ago

    4 New York Queens winning in a row

  85. Ben Greene

    Ben Greene3 months ago

    4:20 me when i get a 40 on a test and watch my grade go down

  86. Lottie Ashmore

    Lottie Ashmore3 months ago

    Why on a reaction vid when Cameron had to acc talk he wore that mouth thing. Honestly confused

  87. Jordan Carrion

    Jordan Carrion3 months ago

    How much I Hate Eureka ugh Jesus GROSS

  88. Aira

    Aira3 months ago

    Why is Eureka ALWAYS crying

  89. Aira

    Aira3 months ago

    I love Kameron

  90. Trinity Fusick

    Trinity Fusick3 months ago

    Eureka just saying “mom”

  91. yellow meallow

    yellow meallow3 months ago

    All starzz

  92. yellow meallow

    yellow meallow3 months ago

    What if eruka didn't have anymore outfits for last season

  93. Danish Babaran

    Danish Babaran3 months ago

    2:46 aquaria and asia’s reaction to kameron’s grandma 😂😂😂

  94. Roos Rommens

    Roos Rommens3 months ago

    This was so wholesome!

  95. Roos Rommens

    Roos Rommens3 months ago

    Aww Eureka bby you're such a sweetheart ♡

  96. Anggi Susilo Simbolon

    Anggi Susilo Simbolon4 months ago

    I love you Asia O'Hara

  97. Pietra Flores

    Pietra Flores4 months ago


  98. Isabel Kendrick

    Isabel Kendrick4 months ago

    2:50 kameron is meeee

  99. victorMtutorials

    victorMtutorials4 months ago

    Am I the only one that cried when aquria was crowned 😭😭😭

  100. Roby0o l ROBLOX l

    Roby0o l ROBLOX l4 months ago

    Wait.. Šo when they reacted 5o the top3 lip syncing did they do the lip syncs like 4 times with changing with the other Queen. Sorry i Made no sense. BUT why are they lookin like they dont remmber lip syncing and why were they shocked bout dublē thing if they already experianced it

  101. Jas Celo

    Jas Celo3 months ago

    hate to break it to you, but ..... Santa is not real henny lol

  102. Roby0o l ROBLOX l

    Roby0o l ROBLOX l4 months ago

    *gennemen start yo ingines* OMG i died

  103. eissa wael

    eissa wael4 months ago

    I love how eureka is crying because she lost and aquaria os sitting their like i defeated u

  104. icelandic horsemanship

    icelandic horsemanship4 months ago

    I fucking knew that she would win the second she walked into the werk room! All hail the queen!

  105. Liya&Mo 246

    Liya&Mo 2464 months ago

    Am i the only one who wanted a butterfly backstory?