Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman


  1. B Sim

    B SimHour ago

    how can you be "batwoman" when you openly don't identify as being a woman?

  2. SandroSensei

    SandroSensei2 hours ago

    Go back to the kitchen.

  3. lord worm

    lord worm3 hours ago

    fart bag sheep trailer which means the series is gonna be a fart bagexplosion pushing pc donkey dem sheep poop nonsense on everyone nope bat neck woman for me ...this is the wrong bat woman cause the real bat woman is not a sheep

  4. Blade

    Blade3 hours ago

    Your more likely to be Bruce Wayne’s wife then have a season 2 of bat woman love❤️

  5. bone hammer

    bone hammer4 hours ago

    To bad the Catwoman trailer is dogshit

  6. Daury Davis

    Daury Davis5 hours ago

    Funny how the haters will eventually eat their words when they actually watch the show and start binging it lol

  7. MR Gandafl the grey

    MR Gandafl the grey10 hours ago

    This is some bullshit your looks was trash, throw the whole series away just throw it away

  8. Erik Thomas

    Erik Thomas12 hours ago

    Why does she need to identify with someone's sexual desires on TV?? Can't you just watch a show cuz it's good?

  9. Sawyer Ramos

    Sawyer Ramos13 hours ago

    agenda aside, is she the hottest human you ever did see? with my luck, he is a man.

  10. Pepe The Great

    Pepe The Great14 hours ago

    "When it fits a woman" Fuck dc

  11. J Roberts

    J Roberts14 hours ago

    "It's BatMa'am!"

  12. Elijah Percy

    Elijah Percy16 hours ago

    I feel really bad for Ruby. She’s so excited about being Batwoman and has no idea how bad it is and the amount of backlash she’s about to receive. Fuck CW for putting her in that position

  13. 24 45 jim

    24 45 jim16 hours ago

    Why not straight woman? oh, sjw representation shite crap.


    THA PRXNCE17 hours ago

    If only she declined...

  15. badazzboxer

    badazzboxer18 hours ago

    And the gay arse, weak, sniveling pc, sjw, crap fest of a show, will die!

  16. Nunya Bis

    Nunya Bis19 hours ago

    BatMaam. Big deal. Can't wait to miss it. In fact, so keen, think I'll miss it a couple times.

  17. EcoGuy

    EcoGuy20 hours ago

    What a progress from being just thatwoman to batwoman

  18. Charlie Harris

    Charlie Harris21 hour ago

    I bet she got even more emotional after seeing the like to dislike ratio?

  19. narzq

    narzq23 hours ago

    even without the sjw propaganda, the trailer looks as good as roger coreman's fantastic 4. lmao

  20. the New Ulysses Smith III

    the New Ulysses Smith III23 hours ago

    Things like this makes me want to become Muslim and hope Islam takeover America, no offense.

  21. Jennifer Oli.

    Jennifer Oli.23 hours ago

    If she didn't see female heroes, she obviously wasn't a real comic fan.

  22. PuppyBunny

    PuppyBunnyDay ago

    The batcave is now a safe space

  23. DJ

    DJDay ago

    little did she know it was going to be shite!

  24. Chuck Finley

    Chuck FinleyDay ago

    Tuna dumpster

  25. Ika Miranti

    Ika MirantiDay ago

    Batwoman trailer is so ridiculous and weird

  26. MGTOW Alpha

    MGTOW AlphaDay ago

    The Dress looks nice on that Young Man

  27. R Sauvalle

    R SauvalleDay ago


  28. Cam Williams

    Cam WilliamsDay ago

    Too bad the show is pandering garbage

  29. MiembroReglamentario

    MiembroReglamentarioDay ago

    Batmaam is gonna be just as successful as Meg

  30. Bradley Ferris

    Bradley FerrisDay ago

    Let's be real, Ruby Rose won't be Batwoman for long! Because holy fucking shit, that trailer was ABSOLUTE TRASH!

  31. My way or the highway king

    My way or the highway kingDay ago

    Why Hollywood hates man so much?

  32. Savage Playa

    Savage PlayaDay ago

    I'm a woman therefore I'm strong. Rather that I'm strong therefore I'm a woman

  33. xPaulxDx- Gunplay Entertainment

    xPaulxDx- Gunplay EntertainmentDay ago

    catcher in the rye may be slightly responsible for the murder of john lennon. but that book made a very good point about "phonies". in 2019 you halft to be fake or your completely outcasted, they expect you to pick a side and stick now. everythings backwards and because of that we have terrible everything. just everything sucks, everything is over complex now and ridiculous. what happend to common sense .

  34. Nin9211

    Nin9211Day ago

    Its going to suck

  35. jeremy smith

    jeremy smithDay ago

    Ruby rose isnt that good of an actor im afraid everything she has been in has been forgettable, she just made it as far as she has on people thinking shes hotter then she actually is.

  36. lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t2 days ago

    Type-O ,title was ment to read "wannabe lezo ruby rose gets emotional about being cast as the shittest hero so far batwoman,adding to the suckage of star wars,brie & other headass superhero movies recently released"

  37. Johann Muster

    Johann Muster2 days ago

    Oh have no idea....yes, let's say, it's a game-changer...

  38. George Bones

    George Bones2 days ago

    models are stupid omg

  39. andy gonzalo

    andy gonzalo2 days ago

    I hope the show gets fucking cancelled .

  40. violentbeef

    violentbeef2 days ago

    I like her a lot. I wish the show had done her justice. Under non political circumstances, i would really love to see what she could bring to the character.

  41. R Sauvalle

    R SauvalleDay ago

    she's a fucking idiot

  42. knox2613

    knox26132 days ago

    Looking at this now, she's probably thinking "Why didn't I pass?".

  43. gorylek198

    gorylek1982 days ago

    I was happy about it actually. She was great in John Wick. I was sure she could pull this off. But Batwoman trailer was awefull. I lost all my excitement for the show :-(

  44. R Sauvalle

    R SauvalleDay ago

    trailer mirrors the show

  45. Life on the Low

    Life on the Low2 days ago

    “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work” LMAO YOU’RE STEALING *HIS* GEAR *HIS* NAME AND YOUR CHARACTER WAS INSPIRED BY *HIM* Show will end after one season

  46. Vincent Orr Albert

    Vincent Orr Albert2 days ago


  47. Nemesis 23

    Nemesis 232 days ago

    Good for Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman I truly mean that. My only problem is why do they have to make this Batwoman a lesbian. I personally have nothing against lesbians or gays but my problem is why do they have to push this to gay movement into our beloved Batman franchise? Couldn't they have just kept this Batwoman as a normal heterosexual woman? I'm not that old but I don't remember the classic Batwoman being a lesbian. Anyways...

  48. LostOneOmega

    LostOneOmega2 days ago

    Can't wait for Rewind 2019! The best for Cringe Compilation 😐

  49. Alessandro Magnum

    Alessandro Magnum2 days ago

    I like Ruby but batwoman trailer is stupid political agenda based, full of hatred towards men. All normal people with a brain should dislike this

  50. Steven Doolittle

    Steven Doolittle2 days ago

    Ruby seems like such an awesome person. Based on her personality here, I wouldn't be surprised if she became disappointed at how the show was going to turn out once she read the script. I feel bad for her that she was hired to be a part of something that she initially got emotional over, only to later feel so dismayed by it all.

  51. Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar

    Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar2 days ago

    Trash... i even watched the rants they were better than the trailer

  52. Ryan

    Ryan2 days ago

    it is BATMA'AM

  53. Brock Carter

    Brock Carter2 days ago

    Batwoman? *shit* Your acting? *shit* Emotional? *shit* Ruby Rose? *shit* Fit a w...? *shit* Casting? *shit* CW ? *shit* Credit for a woman’s work? *shit* Tears? *shit* Dress stunning ? *shit* Ruby Rose Mom with Bat tattoo *shit* “This the best interview I’ve ever had” *shit* Ruby rose telling a story? *shit*

  54. Redux 04

    Redux 042 days ago

    At this point I just feel sorry for her

  55. chad windham

    chad windham2 days ago

    what a joke

  56. Lucas D

    Lucas D2 days ago

    Virtue signaling shite, on radical feminist steroids: batwoman

  57. Bayley Martin

    Bayley Martin2 days ago

    Too bad the movie looks actually godawful, how did we peak in like 2008 with The Dark Knight and then fall so far to these low quality cash grabs

  58. Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine2 days ago

    Guys, i don't think you should hate on the actress, make sure you only hate on the show or the writers if you wish to hate. it did look really bad though

  59. Jerry Jacob

    Jerry Jacob2 days ago

    If only she had a time machine to read the batwoman comments

  60. Emily Pearl

    Emily Pearl2 days ago

    Seeing the comments claim that women equality is politics. No, it's a basic human right. The trailer has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with over exaggerating real feminist ideals (which are not toxic, thank you very much) just because they think they can bank off of it. If they really wanted to represent women in a positive light they would let her be her own woman instead of following literally everything Batman does and claiming it as her own. They will not bank off of this because we need proper equal representation not because a bunch of pigs don't want to watch badass females.

  61. Sound Logic

    Sound Logic2 days ago

    That dude is pretty.

  62. Niiell

    Niiell2 days ago

    I don’t think this is gonna work.

  63. Zx 1oo

    Zx 1oo2 days ago

    SO MANY HACKS!!!!!!!!

  64. Neil Brown

    Neil Brown3 days ago

    I said it before, and I'll say it again: I had some real sympathy for Ruby after the Twitter fiasco, but now that is almost gone.

  65. Shinobi 91

    Shinobi 913 days ago

    I wish u turned it down 😂😂😂

  66. Covert Cam

    Covert Cam3 days ago

    Bat-Ma'am will fail miserably.

  67. Russian Bot

    Russian Bot3 days ago

    The trailer for batwomen sucked. It’s not her, it’s a “woke” propaganda cringe. It sucked.

  68. Cap285

    Cap2853 days ago

    Career suicide by Russian Roulette with semi automatic.

  69. Ian Wilson

    Ian Wilson3 days ago

    Honestly, Ruby... you don't deserve to be put in this abomination of a series because it's likely going to be a career killer. I've never witnessed such a dismal display of utter trash as I did when I had the misfortune of watching the CW BatMA'AM trailer.

  70. Ivan Storey

    Ivan Storey3 days ago

    Haha it wont last

  71. The Indie Diary

    The Indie Diary3 days ago

    Always loved batwoman. Hate politics being shoved down my throat though.

  72. Flat Plainstone

    Flat Plainstone3 days ago

    Her movie is not worth pirating...

  73. Green Devil Runner

    Green Devil Runner3 days ago

    Ahh i was so hype and happy for her but i saw the trailer and felt sorry for her

  74. FYRFOX198

    FYRFOX1983 days ago

    Not impressed at all...sounds like Sodomite privilege.

  75. Eat My Shorts

    Eat My Shorts3 days ago

    Is that a Jughead Crown on her stomach??? LOL!!!

  76. Befuddler X

    Befuddler X3 days ago

    2:21 "Kids can watch this"? The word, "kids", implies you are including boys. Which we know you are not.

  77. jolima07

    jolima07Hour ago

    Befuddler X Unless kids (boys and girls) watch it and get inspired to watch the old Batmans, and actually dress up like him

  78. Son of Tiamat

    Son of Tiamat3 days ago

    This aged well🤢

  79. VicioMental

    VicioMental3 days ago

    She is beautiful and charming, I love her but I hate her show (Batwoman). Many feminist stuff around there.

  80. GameNTech

    GameNTech3 days ago

    Trailer averages about a 50 to 13 Dislike Ratio (65k likes vs 250k Dislikes)...There is still Hope for this world! Nothing but pushing Women/gay agenda while trashing Man and the Icon Batman!

  81. Shogun Warrior74

    Shogun Warrior743 days ago

    No thanks DC.

  82. Cap285

    Cap2854 days ago

    Chief O'Hara, turn on the Virtue Signal! Faith and Begorrah! The Mansplainer is back!

  83. Cap285

    Cap2854 days ago

    Holy boy haircut Batman! Trailer is feminist/SJW dreck.

  84. Leonid Saykin

    Leonid Saykin4 days ago

    "It's a game changer" Aha

  85. victrola2007

    victrola20074 days ago

    Good luck with getting past first season

  86. RECON1stbat

    RECON1stbat2 days ago

    Lmao the pilot

  87. Purebattle 317

    Purebattle 3174 days ago

    When I saw this I was happy for her. But when the trailer hit, ...yeahhhh. Never mind.

  88. CuriousShawon

    CuriousShawon4 days ago

    That's why DC is failing

  89. CuriousShawon

    CuriousShawon4 days ago


  90. chris selkirk

    chris selkirk4 days ago

    She's cool also I would like to see wonderman in duetime

  91. Allah Maadarchod

    Allah Maadarchod4 days ago

    Everyone saw the shitty result 😂😂

  92. Tierrez

    Tierrez4 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon, man sometimes he annoys me pretending hes excited for the movie when the trailer looks so dam awful.

  93. Tierrez

    Tierrez3 days ago

    either way Jimmy comes off to me as that Extra guy, tries too hard.

  94. deceiver

    deceiver3 days ago

    This was shot months before the trailer aired.

  95. Rehd66

    Rehd664 days ago

    Batwoman Trailer: The Most Hated Video on MReporter. What a steaming pile of hot garbage. Keep up the man hate Hollywood, it only makes us stronger

  96. Lancer1131

    Lancer1131Day ago

    Rehd66 that was sponsored by Gillete they say. Holly shit what a mess

  97. TheMongolat

    TheMongolat4 days ago

    Even Jimmy would have struggled If this interview would be AFTER the trailer-release.

  98. Sam Nicholson

    Sam Nicholson4 days ago

    Did she see the trailer? Is that seriously something to be proud of?

  99. deceiver

    deceiver4 days ago

    Just watched the trailer. I hope it will not ruin Ruby's career

  100. Gustavo

    Gustavo4 days ago

    Feminism is so fucked up

  101. ew

    ew4 days ago

    just watched the trailer. it's sooo bad. i feel bad for her

  102. Mannmade

    Mannmade5 days ago

    I bet her agent took one look at the Batwoman script and thought "God, this is awful." But then her agent probably saw the check then said "This is such a great opportunity!"

  103. Kieran Thurlow

    Kieran Thurlow5 days ago

    Can't wait to avoid this trash

  104. tompparaideri

    tompparaideri5 days ago

    I loooove her as Batwoman but it sucks that the show is only about being super woke and all other cast and acting and writing is so bad.

  105. iusedtobequiet

    iusedtobequiet5 days ago

    I like this chick but why are most fem superheroes these flat thin humans?!

  106. DisneyRush g

    DisneyRush g5 days ago

    You just took a suicidal role on playing BAT-feminist. Batman will always be an iconic superhero, we as comics fans will Not tolerate your political agenda.

  107. sabastian tone

    sabastian tone5 days ago

    Is she wearing his underwear and saying its hers?