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Rousey makes "Rowdy" Power Rankings debut: WWE Power Rankings, April 15, 2018


  1. raju mukhia

    raju mukhia26 days ago

    Roman Reigns is only hero, he is no.1

  2. Shaista Rehman

    Shaista RehmanMonth ago

    Ronda is an inspirational to many girls

  3. Shaista Rehman

    Shaista RehmanMonth ago

    Ronda should be at no.1

  4. Sony Yadav

    Sony YadavMonth ago

    I love Roman empire

  5. Sai Prakash

    Sai PrakashMonth ago

    but after roman beat Brock lesnar

  6. Yến Vy

    Yến Vy2 months ago

    John Cena ????

  7. JA MILL

    JA MILL2 months ago


  8. Tyler Gerhardt

    Tyler Gerhardt2 months ago

    how can you have power rankings if it's all scripted?

  9. Savita Sehjal

    Savita Sehjal2 months ago


  10. l g

    l g2 months ago

    rondas career is a joke

  11. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith2 months ago

    more movies!!!

  12. GhastlyMite

    GhastlyMite2 months ago

    Can Daniel Bryan versus Brock Lesnar? Plz =3

  13. Joel Morris

    Joel Morris2 months ago

    Now ALL respect for Rousey is gone. WWE? Seriously?

  14. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez2 months ago

    Rousey is funny still trying to look tough

  15. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen2 months ago

    Ronda is in the wrong business lol

  16. Boscoe Kills Games

    Boscoe Kills Games2 months ago

    I've body slammed hella sweaty bros into the lobby on my stream on Twitch.. no plug intended ;)

  17. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama2 months ago

    Stick with fake stuff

  18. Stevens Thalmas

    Stevens Thalmas2 months ago

    No roman reighns hahaha

  19. Samsung Note 3

    Samsung Note 32 months ago

    Brock part time comes ... because no brock can beat

  20. BBBYpsi

    BBBYpsi2 months ago

    My top ten Power rankings 1. Brock Lesnar 2. A.J. Styles 3. Braun Strowman 4. Seth Rollins 5. Bobby Lashley 6. Charlotte Flair 7. Nia Jax 8. Bludgeon Brothers 9. Ronda Rousey 10. Asuka This will change because I believe Ronda & Lashley will move up on the Rankings in the next couple months. I believe both will be in top 5 before summers end. Nia Jax will be out of the top 10.

  21. Steven Vasquez

    Steven Vasquez2 months ago

    I forgot one

  22. Steven Vasquez

    Steven Vasquez2 months ago

    No Cares about brock

  23. Evil Metal Man

    Evil Metal Man2 months ago

    From MMA to sports entertainment, What a waste of talent :/

  24. SJS34

    SJS342 months ago

    Of course Mr 3 Matches a year gets #1

  25. jon moore

    jon moore2 months ago

    Nia Ajax is beatiful

  26. xmangix 13

    xmangix 133 months ago

    The husband is in no.5 and the wife is in no.6 lol..

  27. movei world

    movei world3 months ago

    Where is roman.😠😠

  28. bob bobert

    bob bobert3 months ago

    Lol. When in doubt about the UFC go to the WWE.XDD fail

  29. Temalo Fa'auga

    Temalo Fa'auga3 months ago

    Roman reigns

  30. Ahad Mehdi

    Ahad Mehdi3 months ago

    Roman????What why Roman is not included

  31. Anastasia L.

    Anastasia L.3 months ago


  32. Hammond Miers

    Hammond Miers3 months ago

    I made it myself. Just go to stodoys webpage if you'd like do the same

  33. Mike Kors

    Mike Kors3 months ago

    Be careful, your company might fail!!!!

  34. Theori Thomas

    Theori Thomas3 months ago

    I hate Brock for beating Roman

  35. Michael Williamson

    Michael Williamson3 months ago

    She is approved by "Judo" Gene Lebell as was Rowdy. Know your role and................ You know what to do!!!!!

  36. Just For Comedy

    Just For Comedy3 months ago

    Please WWE can you stop recycling old gimmicks for new talent? It`s pretty embarrassing how Ronda Rousey has her own professional background in professional fighting yet you assigned her to the role of being a female ripoff of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Don`t you have any shame?

  37. JoC C

    JoC C3 months ago

    So sad Ronda had to give up a real sport UFC for this FAKE scripted garbage.

  38. ajlogan1998

    ajlogan19983 months ago

    Rankngs? Lol.

  39. TheMindskinner

    TheMindskinner3 months ago

    I wonder after she loses her first match will she run away and hide for a year or just cry a quit.

  40. gforsyth4

    gforsyth43 months ago


  41. Maureen Sayah

    Maureen Sayah3 months ago

    I love Ronda I think she'll do well at wwe But please consider Asuka, Becky, Sasha and more women as well They are good wrestlers especially Asuka. Don't Hype Ronda so much

  42. Neha sharma

    Neha sharma3 months ago

    AJ STYLES & Seth Rollins💖💕

  43. JERZYGRL37

    JERZYGRL373 months ago

    she needs to stop using pipers jacket n his colors she needs to get her own gimmick she will never be piper ugh I can not stand Ronda lousy

  44. Denver Wonka

    Denver Wonka3 months ago

    Wait people actually care bout this? What are you 12?

  45. VerdeMorte

    VerdeMorte3 months ago

    Am I the only one excited by the prospect of a tag team match with Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax teamed up? POW! Female Equivalent of Lesnar & Big Show team?

  46. Master Trainer

    Master Trainer3 months ago

    When you don't have what it takes for a real fight in the UFC, you go to the WWE like Ronda did. Or you go back to the WWE when you don't have what it takes anymore like Lesnar did.

  47. Killerhawk779

    Killerhawk7793 months ago

    How do this many people watch this fake trash ?

  48. XBrossive Aggro

    XBrossive Aggro3 months ago

    I thought Dolph held it longer.

  49. cas

    cas3 months ago

    the fact that fake wrestling is still going on today, demonstrates the great dumb down of society.

  50. cas

    cas3 months ago

    rhonda looks so manly yucc

  51. Clickbait

    Clickbait3 months ago

    I don’t know who the people are anything about wresting but I do know this is some what fake.

  52. Warrior Strafe

    Warrior Strafe3 months ago

    WWE sucks

  53. jose ram

    jose ram3 months ago

    Brock Lesnar number one that's a joke

  54. Miguel tvid

    Miguel tvid3 months ago

    Gake and Fay

  55. angel barrera

    angel barrera3 months ago

    How is there power rankings if everything is staged?

  56. Jay Rocket

    Jay Rocket3 months ago

    Get em Rowdy Rousey

  57. jdh22

    jdh223 months ago


  58. Neftali Corporan

    Neftali Corporan3 months ago


  59. Chester Copperpot

    Chester Copperpot3 months ago

    What a joke. In the UFC you fight and win your way to the top. If you are #1 you are the best. Now she just needs to be "picked" as the best. Lame.


    ABLE2OVER3 months ago

    It's too bad she had to resort to fake wrestling

  61. B Seal

    B Seal3 months ago

    Sweet fake rankings along with fake fights, that makes sense lol.

  62. mikemoair

    mikemoair3 months ago

    I thought this chick lost and had become a LOSER?

  63. Mr S

    Mr S3 months ago

    fucken goatman

  64. Balls Mcgee

    Balls Mcgee3 months ago


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  66. Izy Pazizy

    Izy Pazizy3 months ago

    Fake show= fake rankings

  67. robert forsythe

    robert forsythe3 months ago


  68. Assassins Mentality

    Assassins Mentality3 months ago

    Did Ronda quit the ufc? I don't follow it so i don't know.

  69. Robert Garcia

    Robert Garcia3 months ago

    So if she loses in wrestling will she give up on that too?

  70. eddie allen

    eddie allen3 months ago


  71. Mohemmed Mansoor

    Mohemmed Mansoor3 months ago


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  73. ScreamingVader 9

    ScreamingVader 93 months ago

    Please sub to me

  74. Patrick

    Patrick3 months ago

    Must suck knowing you can't make It in MMA.

  75. Lukas T

    Lukas T3 months ago

    how come a channel showing this circus has 25m subs...damn.

  76. Sting Hui

    Sting Hui3 months ago

    That part time basket is the top of the list cause he don’t follow rules because he is nothing without the championship,he is bulls**t

  77. lifejust keeps gettingweirder

    lifejust keeps gettingweirder3 months ago

    I'm happy for Nia jax:)

  78. lau horace

    lau horace3 months ago

    Triple R vs Triple H lol

  79. mma mma

    mma mma3 months ago

    Ronda looks like a chubby dude with man boobs..ewww..where are all the sexy girls?

  80. zhaquiri

    zhaquiri3 months ago

    Rousey could not win in real fights anymore, so she switched to fake, scripted fights. How utterly pathetic, yet her arrogance is still there. Haha wow

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  82. Henry Lawrence

    Henry Lawrence3 months ago

    Dude look like a lady.

  83. the Name

    the Name3 months ago

    News flash WWE is fake

  84. Matthew Gerwin

    Matthew Gerwin3 months ago

    It has been a while since I've watched wrestling WWE and I must say the only person I recognized was Brock Lesnar from when I used to watch it as a kid. Things have changed.

  85. Brandon

    Brandon3 months ago

    Lol wtf, Rhonda doesn't have to worry about world class strikers anymore, Nunes pounded her face but in WWE nothing to worry about

  86. alealejo78

    alealejo783 months ago

    Two things: Nia needs to be higher on the rankings and Asuka has to be in it !

  87. PrescottTv 361

    PrescottTv 3613 months ago

    Why no Cena or Reins?

  88. theothertroll

    theothertroll3 months ago

    Remember when Rhonda Rousey was a guy?

  89. kshitij show

    kshitij show3 months ago

    Roman reigns should be no. 1 because he kicked out after 5 f5

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  91. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson3 months ago

    Power ranking for a scripted sport why even bother ?

  92. Kiran Riar

    Kiran Riar3 months ago

    Where is Roman Reigns

  93. Kiran Riar

    Kiran Riar3 months ago

    Nice show

  94. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang3 months ago

    This where she ended up? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂

  95. open eye's

    open eye's3 months ago

    What is she doing?

  96. Richard Rivera

    Richard Rivera3 months ago

    She sucks cant stand watching her in ring

  97. CN. Mailme

    CN. Mailme3 months ago

    No.1 Ronda Rousy

  98. cslim117

    cslim1173 months ago

    So this is where all the washed up ufc fighter go lol 😂


    SON GOHAN3 months ago

    Why do y'all talk about wins n losses like this isn't scripted

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  101. Ben Der

    Ben Der3 months ago

    Power rankings imply this farce isnt 100% scripted. Kayfabe is over and wresting is an act.

  102. Grendizer Ace

    Grendizer Ace3 months ago

    , I would watch wrestling, but I'm not 10 years old

  103. TABOO

    TABOO3 months ago

    This is your place. Rousy loooser..not UFC don't come back

  104. lil shac

    lil shac3 months ago

    Leave some comments on my video and I’ll drop subscribe

  105. Carrington Hollister

    Carrington Hollister3 months ago

    When is Dean Ambrose coming back, hell he's the real deal unlike that dreadful Jason Jordan