Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Millie So Serious


  1. Samantha G

    Samantha G9 hours ago

    HEY EVERYONE I’m new here and was wondering if they make these clips from clips from their podcasts?

  2. Lost Danimal

    Lost Danimal16 hours ago

    I like Millie. She is a good influence on Rooster Teeth.

  3. TheLastHopefulTear Drop

    TheLastHopefulTear Drop19 hours ago

    Geoff is pussywhipped by his own kid

  4. G Studios

    G StudiosDay ago

    Millie doesn't mess around.

  5. Ryan Wesemann

    Ryan WesemannDay ago

    I just turned 34 last month and Millie is more of an adult than am.

  6. TheToxicZombie

    TheToxicZombieDay ago

    I adore Millie, shes always been so well mannered and mature in everything I've seen her in. What a great kid

  7. Hornpile Pheonix

    Hornpile PheonixDay ago

    That girl is going to own roosterteeth one day

  8. dr. derp

    dr. derpDay ago

    Millie is proof is that this generation is growing up much faster that the previous

  9. Xanadu Area Games

    Xanadu Area GamesDay ago

    When you stay downtown

  10. Calruxio

    Calruxio2 days ago

    Millie the responsible half of Geoff. X'D

  11. Rocco's Plush world

    Rocco's Plush world2 days ago

    Meanwhile people are asking for camp camp season 3

  12. DarkLight523

    DarkLight5232 days ago

    It's the saddest day in everyone's life when their child becomes more mature than they are. Gus will never have that problem. #GusIsAGenius

  13. UndeadFred

    UndeadFred2 days ago

    Wow, so Millie countered the Irish goodbye with another Irish goodbye?

  14. Ultimate Rodgers

    Ultimate Rodgers2 days ago

    RED VS BLUE SEASON 16 IS OUT!?!?!?! I thought that series ended a when I was a kid!!

  15. sheamus

    sheamus3 days ago

    Irish goodbye, I do that all the time

  16. ChickenLord

    ChickenLord3 days ago

    The title should be. Autistic father vs Normal person

  17. Hettie Ducker

    Hettie Ducker3 days ago

    Congrats on trending, guys!!


    GENERAL KRABB3 days ago

    Millie is my hero.

  19. Gideon Messer

    Gideon Messer3 days ago

    I really want to watch the new rvb but it won't play any thing at the rt website

  20. Prior of the Ori

    Prior of the Ori3 days ago

    Whoa, I thought Rooster Teeth died out ages ago. I remember the good ol days of my rooster teeth facebook-esk profile. Not sure why this showed up in my recommend now of all times, is that site still a thing? lol

  21. Michael Caboose

    Michael Caboose3 days ago

    RTAA on trending????

  22. Rcweasel

    Rcweasel3 days ago

    I hope none of this goes to her head and she gets suuuper stressed over everything and gets grey hairs before Geoff, stay gold Millie gurl

  23. Jack Ainsworth

    Jack Ainsworth3 days ago

    James and Elise animated! Nice

  24. Hammerd Walrus

    Hammerd Walrus3 days ago

    Millie is both the most polite impolite person, and most impolite polite person in the world.

  25. Zephyran

    Zephyran3 days ago

    What's with the annoying clunking and pouring noises? Are they recording this in a bar or something?

  26. Fake Name

    Fake Name3 days ago

    Zephyran actually, yes. Kind of. The audio is an excerpt from a podcast and the set (backdrop) is supposed to be a bar; they have access to mugs and a lot of alcohol.

  27. darth pyrec

    darth pyrec3 days ago

    millie is the embodiment of maturity

  28. MasterOf4Elements

    MasterOf4Elements3 days ago

    It's your fault Geoff for raising your daughter to be polite.

  29. Scott Vogel

    Scott Vogel3 days ago

    Millie gives me hope for the next generation.

  30. K915B Khalid Brown

    K915B Khalid Brown3 days ago

    Congratulations Geoff Your Daughter being savage is trending

  31. haondoor

    haondoor3 days ago

    Mille is pretty much your agent geoff

  32. Goldendriger

    Goldendriger3 days ago

    Sweet the ad after the video reminded me. Where RVB at?!

  33. NatreWitch

    NatreWitch3 days ago

    I support millie. A child after my own heart

  34. Chris_ PlayZ_GameZ

    Chris_ PlayZ_GameZ3 days ago

    Millie is so mature and she’s young

  35. Chris_ PlayZ_GameZ

    Chris_ PlayZ_GameZ3 days ago

    I do the Irish ☘️ goodbye

  36. bonjanglevash

    bonjanglevash3 days ago

    Well I guess someone has to do the parenting

  37. The Boss

    The Boss3 days ago

    This guy doesn't know how to discipline his child. It's disgusting.

  38. KirbyCudi

    KirbyCudi3 days ago

    love the Millie stories

  39. The Dark Hour

    The Dark Hour3 days ago

    Why so serious?

  40. Maytank

    Maytank3 days ago

    I will never figure out where Geoff's eyes start and end.

  41. chad kangas

    chad kangas4 days ago

    Millie coming in with the proper respect and decency of a human... way to go

  42. Insomniac

    Insomniac4 days ago

    I've said it once and I'll say it again because people still don't believe it: the older you get the dumber you get, the more immature and irresponsible you get

  43. Sebastian Alba

    Sebastian Alba4 days ago

    Elsa being put in her place

  44. Samuel Doll

    Samuel Doll4 days ago

    Jack's voice keeps coming out of Ryan's mouth and I cannot stand it.

  45. Lord Mortem

    Lord Mortem4 days ago

    "Irish goodbye" So true.

  46. Thomas Meta

    Thomas Meta4 days ago

    Does anyone not love Millie?

  47. Chris13

    Chris134 days ago

    let us be honest.... when Millie becomes a teenager Geoff story will be WAY MORE funny

  48. Whiskey

    Whiskey4 days ago

    What Geoff has yet to realize is that Millie is actually the head of the houshold

  49. fartswallower666

    fartswallower6664 days ago

    Chicken chompers

  50. Billie Welch

    Billie Welch4 days ago

    I adore Millie so much, oh my God.

  51. Dylan Hale

    Dylan Hale4 days ago

    24 on trending!

  52. Scorch78 9

    Scorch78 94 days ago

    God Lindsay does my head in, why is she even about? Anyone got a legit good reason for her being around other than she had a kid?

  53. Kassandra Tellez

    Kassandra Tellez4 days ago

    Millie is honestly me though when it comes to good bye

  54. shawn boyce

    shawn boyce4 days ago

    she is so cute like her mother

  55. Rico Iglesias

    Rico Iglesias4 days ago

    Good job rooster teeth

  56. Sergio Melendez

    Sergio Melendez4 days ago

    Weird how they gave her another design for Millie being six when her usual one is the same as when she was that age.

  57. Pulin

    Pulin4 days ago

    A kid teaching good manners to her dad. Well... that's a new one.

  58. Goget413

    Goget4134 days ago

    millie and geoff are opposite sides of the spectrum

  59. Anthony Robustelli

    Anthony Robustelli4 days ago

    Geoff and Griffon should share parenting tips because they obviously did something right

  60. Alexis

    Alexis4 days ago

    I love Millie.

  61. tdb1726

    tdb17264 days ago

    Millie is the adult we should all be

  62. CastielUchiha

    CastielUchiha4 days ago


  63. Daniel Kuhlmeyer

    Daniel Kuhlmeyer4 days ago

    I think they should update Millie's RTAA character to look more like how she looks now. They've used the same Millie since 2011, when she was 5.

  64. Mistah Morningstar

    Mistah Morningstar4 days ago

    So Millie is Geoffs mom right?

  65. Vernon Lopez

    Vernon Lopez4 days ago

    22nd on trending

  66. Hazel Light

    Hazel Light4 days ago

    On trending

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    Crypto CO4 days ago

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  68. Cherry Vlogz

    Cherry Vlogz4 days ago

    22 on trending

  69. JAM 001

    JAM 0014 days ago

    She's got the pants

  70. ZeNoNClipZ

    ZeNoNClipZ4 days ago

    ELYESe Williams tho

  71. Vandread68

    Vandread684 days ago

    Millie rules