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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018


  1. Jeetendra Raj

    Jeetendra RajDay ago

    I am big fan Ronda rousey

  2. Texting Story

    Texting StoryDay ago

    2:08 Did you here that one of the speaker said Bliss tap's?

  3. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghDay ago

    Good by alicia

  4. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh2 days ago

    I am big fan of ronda is always winner ronda are best in the world Ro wdy ronda rousy

  5. Larry Lana

    Larry Lana2 days ago

    "Good Night Alicia!" Hahahahahahahah.

  6. Chelsie Cute

    Chelsie Cute2 days ago

    Ma duga

  7. Saheen Mjm

    Saheen Mjm6 days ago

    I love Rousey Raw

  8. divine pagkalinawan

    divine pagkalinawan6 days ago

    Go ronda u are amazing

  9. Richard Krishendath

    Richard Krishendath7 days ago

    It makes no sense doing this match cause Fonda is going to win

  10. Mieke Directioner

    Mieke Directioner9 days ago

    Rowdy Ronda Rousey is the New Raw Diva's Champion! I want to Meet You Girlfriend and You Look Fabulous in Ring

  11. Miel Jaime Dellera

    Miel Jaime Dellera11 days ago

    I think alexa bliss is the weakest wrestler 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  12. Minakashi Deka

    Minakashi Deka12 days ago

    Love u ronda

  13. Paocha Haokip Haokip

    Paocha Haokip Haokip13 days ago

    alexa so shameful

  14. _.editzzz Z

    _.editzzz Z16 days ago

    Wait did he say bliss tapes lol

  15. Kristian Nikolla

    Kristian Nikolla17 days ago

    2:08 Bliss tapped?? Michael Cole... Alicia tapped!

  16. Sushil Jeevan

    Sushil Jeevan17 days ago

    Ronda is best champion ....👋

  17. Bradley Clark

    Bradley Clark18 days ago

    Ronda Rousey can't fight

  18. Andrew Gonzalez

    Andrew Gonzalez19 days ago

    Ronda is Overrated and Foxy is Underrated 😂

  19. Infinity Player

    Infinity Player26 days ago

    0:40 imagine if Ronda’s eyes start glowing red and got set ablaze

  20. Kesandra Williamson

    Kesandra Williamson27 days ago


  21. Rock Sony

    Rock SonyMonth ago

    Ronda..ronda..i love u..natalya.u r the real life of Ronda.. funny

  22. Mame Slamet

    Mame SlametMonth ago


  23. SuperGirl Gamer

    SuperGirl GamerMonth ago

    Ronda rousey is my favorite wwe fighter i want to meet her so bad I love her

  24. Nicolly Crepalde

    Nicolly CrepaldeMonth ago

    Aff eu Odeio essa garota ae que parece uma largatixa kkkk Quem não gosta dela dá um like no meu comentário

  25. Rekha Sharma

    Rekha SharmaMonth ago

    Ronda is serni

  26. Maegan Salvador

    Maegan SalvadorMonth ago

    Good night alicia😆

  27. Georgiana Daniela

    Georgiana DanielaMonth ago

    Love Ronda Răousey😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  28. Orlando CM

    Orlando CMMonth ago


  29. Jono Kriel

    Jono KrielMonth ago


  30. Jono Kriel

    Jono KrielMonth ago


  31. A L

    A LMonth ago

    Is this WWE or the UFC??? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  32. Offical Swavyy

    Offical SwavyyMonth ago

    Bro for a second i thought she actually broke her arm

  33. Sebastian Stewart

    Sebastian StewartMonth ago

    Why this got more views than her actual fights 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Alexandra Kotsabas

    Alexandra KotsabasMonth ago

    They people said bliss taped out but Alicia tapped out lol 😂

  35. Zeni Kaca

    Zeni KacaMonth ago

    Ronda ryru a love💕💋



    I like to be here for fight

  37. Demna Games

    Demna GamesMonth ago

    Ronda rousey

  38. Tybok C

    Tybok C2 months ago

    what a shame Rousey went from real fighting to fake fighting.. I also noticed she's not and toned as she used to be in her MMA days..

  39. Dani Films

    Dani Films2 months ago

    Alexa is scared to fight ronda but when ronda is off gaurd then she isn't .

  40. Elona Gay Fuerzas

    Elona Gay Fuerzas2 months ago

    "what she thinkin" "she wasn't thinking" 😂😂

  41. Rosi Alves

    Rosi Alves2 months ago

    Ronda Rousey é claro ela luta muito te amo Ronda ❤❤❤❤😍

  42. Jonathan Mabajen

    Jonathan Mabajen2 months ago

    putang ina m alicia at bliss putang ina m

  43. Nafisa Ahmed

    Nafisa Ahmed2 months ago

    why is Alicia fox still in go home


    JANINA BURGOS LOPEZ2 months ago

    Alicia fox es fea

  45. Mahnoor Fatim

    Mahnoor Fatim2 months ago

    I hate alicia fox

  46. Rheisyah Bima

    Rheisyah Bima2 months ago

    my idolaa

  47. nina laa carica

    nina laa carica2 months ago

    Wow cool

  48. Mia Vallance

    Mia Vallance2 months ago

    0:45 when ever rousey looks at someone like that it means there done for so I say It was nice knowing you fox

  49. eke udochukwu

    eke udochukwu2 months ago

    It's fake

  50. wilkołak bestja

    wilkołak bestja2 months ago

    Fox i jej koleżanka to oszlustki i nieumiom graci ferplej

  51. Trinity S

    Trinity S2 months ago

    The little baby aisha climbed in to the ring down came the and killed aisha out came Roda and killed her once again the little baby aisha was in a coffin

  52. Aleja Sanchez

    Aleja Sanchez2 months ago

    Me encanta cuando ronda rousey le pega a alexa

  53. Guli Kurmangali

    Guli Kurmangali2 months ago


  54. Milagros Villarama

    Milagros Villarama2 months ago

    I hate alexaaaa bliss and alicia fox

  55. şebnem biyık

    şebnem biyık2 months ago


  56. btw. cy0x

    btw. cy0x2 months ago

    I love ronda rousy

  57. Khôi Phạm

    Khôi Phạm2 months ago

    😘 Love Ronda the most ❤ Ronda Rousey is cutest, most beautiful, the best and the strongest 💪😍😘❤

  58. Maria Elano

    Maria Elano2 months ago

    I love you so much Ronda ❤️👑💖

  59. Alanna Severiano

    Alanna Severiano2 months ago

    I love Ronda

  60. Alexandra Hubert

    Alexandra Hubert2 months ago

    Ronda Rousey is gonna break Alicia Fox on this match on raw

  61. Mohamed Jameel Dawood

    Mohamed Jameel Dawood2 months ago


  62. Rosmeri Pola

    Rosmeri Pola2 months ago

    Siempre votare por la ganadora ronda rouse siempre

  63. Satan Daniel

    Satan Daniel2 months ago

    Ronda is a real fighter,she the best,I love you Ronda and Natalya

  64. Franchesca Nicole Manalo

    Franchesca Nicole Manalo2 months ago

    Go rowdy ronda rousey

  65. Miley Mckay

    Miley Mckay2 months ago

    i love you Rowda Rose

  66. Ion anzures

    Ion anzures2 months ago

    Ronda Rousey in best of the best

  67. Euller Coelho

    Euller Coelho2 months ago

    djhvzjj royalty

  68. Jean Boggan

    Jean Boggan2 months ago

    2:09 it said bliss Tapped

  69. S B

    S B2 months ago

    1:31 Hey move your arm otherwise Ronda is gonna break that....


    MAMTA DEVI2 months ago

    l love you Ronda

  71. Victoria Carter

    Victoria Carter3 months ago

    Alicia is nothing to Ronda Like if you agree!

  72. Syed Alwaz

    Syed Alwaz3 months ago

    He said Bliss taps

  73. Larry Giasson

    Larry Giasson3 months ago

    Another craptastic match that we are suppose to like from a paper champion who makes silly mad faces and then smiles then mad faces. Sad times

  74. Miranda Salihu

    Miranda Salihu3 months ago

    Ronda love you ❤❤

  75. Sabriye Gençoğlu

    Sabriye Gençoğlu3 months ago

    Baby Alexa Billis

  76. Sabriye Gençoğlu

    Sabriye Gençoğlu3 months ago

    Love you ronda❤💙

  77. Hazril OH

    Hazril OH3 months ago

    Alexa bliss stupid got no brain cheater

  78. Afiya Qureshi shakeela

    Afiya Qureshi shakeela3 months ago

    I love ronda

  79. Maricel Nicol

    Maricel Nicol3 months ago

    I love rounda

  80. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach3 months ago

    2:54 boomerang

  81. Leonard Nario

    Leonard Nario3 months ago

    I hate you alexa bliss😠

  82. Ayaz Sayyed

    Ayaz Sayyed3 months ago

    I love you ronda r

  83. Camaya Punch

    Camaya Punch3 months ago

    So my boyfriend decided to do a voiceover of this while we're on the phone and when Ronda gets mad in the corner he decides to say "uh oh she's mad, here come big bertha"😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭 I can't with him

  84. Isabella Carrillo

    Isabella Carrillo3 months ago

    He said Bliss tapped out not Alicia

  85. Irving Zisman

    Irving Zisman3 months ago

    This gave me a half-chub

  86. nyi thu

    nyi thu3 months ago

    Ronda is boring.Her expression makes me laugh😂😂

  87. Ashley Stanczak

    Ashley Stanczak3 months ago

    Ronda Rousey I love you 🤗

  88. Ceci b

    Ceci b3 months ago

    Randa la mejor

  89. JustJalen 7

    JustJalen 73 months ago

    "BLISS TAPS" man Alicia is just nonexistent at this point.

  90. Savita Dombale

    Savita Dombale3 months ago

    I like Ronda.

  91. Farhan Memon

    Farhan Memon3 months ago

    She is awesome

  92. Наталья Дьяченко

    Наталья Дьяченко3 months ago

    Alicia Fox and

  93. Jordan Rodney

    Jordan Rodney3 months ago

    I want to become like Ronda rousey

  94. Roger Dias

    Roger Dias4 months ago

    vai fortuna minha roque breta

  95. Cassandra Ponce

    Cassandra Ponce4 months ago

    it's scripted not FAKE

  96. Alida Dogramaci

    Alida Dogramaci4 months ago

    y do people pay to watch people get hurt.

  97. Ome Kalsoom

    Ome Kalsoom4 months ago


  98. Maggy Nyawi

    Maggy Nyawi4 months ago

    Love you ronda

  99. hinayak me jiwithe

    hinayak me jiwithe4 months ago

    rouseyy love you babyyyy😍😚😚😚

  100. alexander62

    alexander624 months ago

    Ohh poor Rousey ... what kind of circus is she playing in?...

  101. Sajana Bose

    Sajana Bose4 months ago

    Ronda Rousey is best Alex is worst