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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018


  1. Qamar Ali

    Qamar Ali14 hours ago

    Ronda Rousey lv u

  2. Nicholas Ehrhart

    Nicholas Ehrhart15 hours ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how will you grade Ronda Rousey performance on raw?

  3. صالح البري

    صالح البري21 hour ago

    Ronda Rousey

  4. Slenderman

    SlendermanDay ago

    the best women fighter RONDA ROUSEYYYYYY

  5. Dean Konstantian

    Dean KonstantianDay ago

    More Fake than CNN

  6. _Maria J_

    _Maria J_Day ago


  7. แพรวงาย อิอิ

    แพรวงาย อิอิDay ago

    I love londa

  8. flukedust22

    flukedust222 days ago

    if this was a real fight, that black girl is already in a coma....

  9. Andrhe pk Frestayl

    Andrhe pk Frestayl2 days ago

    Ronda rousy u r the best smackdownd

  10. Anbumani Anbumani

    Anbumani Anbumani3 days ago

    Ronda he is very great lick uiam your fan

  11. Marina Viljevac

    Marina Viljevac3 days ago


  12. Marina Viljevac

    Marina Viljevac3 days ago



    SPARTAN VIDEO3 days ago

    mayabang kalang ronda

  14. The Last Hero

    The Last Hero4 days ago


  15. Merinaz Dadgar

    Merinaz Dadgar4 days ago

    Yes I realize this is fake.

  16. Adiba 99

    Adiba 994 days ago


  17. Yoksha 's

    Yoksha 's4 days ago

    I love ronda

  18. Buddha Rana

    Buddha Rana4 days ago

    Damn Women Beast

  19. Andy Kashu

    Andy Kashu4 days ago

    What a load of horseshit!

  20. Ja a Kto

    Ja a Kto4 days ago


  21. Ant Letes

    Ant Letes4 days ago

    I love u ronda

  22. Andi fredy Nanda

    Andi fredy Nanda4 days ago


  23. Zara Khan

    Zara Khan5 days ago

    ❤️Ronda rousey

  24. Nestor Castro

    Nestor Castro5 days ago

    i love ronda no matter if that its a fake show

  25. Dynamic Entry

    Dynamic Entry5 days ago

    Best part of wwe is the back stories of each wrestler.

  26. Support K-Pop

    Support K-Pop5 days ago

    *Wow. Love you 😍*

  27. FNDmusic

    FNDmusic5 days ago

    That arm-bar is something else.. lmao

  28. Александр Плотников

    Александр Плотников5 days ago

    Ронде надоело пизды получать в эту клоунаду пошла???

  29. NJR 10

    NJR 105 days ago

    no one can be strong than Ronda rousey even nai Jax also

  30. Javo Roma

    Javo Roma6 days ago

    Ronda has just disgraced herself.

  31. Winlove Anggot

    Winlove Anggot6 days ago

    That's what you get alicia fox

  32. Tonyque Mackey

    Tonyque Mackey6 days ago

    2:08 "Bliss tapped"

  33. azure rainbow

    azure rainbow6 days ago

    Would Ronda Rousey want to wear knee pads now that she's in the WWE?

  34. jella mae

    jella mae7 days ago

    I hate alicia fox

  35. danixa villata

    danixa villata7 days ago

    Did anyone one year the guy on comenty way bliss taped instead of Fox taped when alica was in the arm bar

  36. Natalie Ansel

    Natalie Ansel7 days ago

    I wish I never new this was fake

  37. Lunes de comida

    Lunes de comida7 days ago

    Ronda is like f$&% the script

  38. ndayizigiye abdoul

    ndayizigiye abdoul8 days ago

    rand rousy you can't fight with them they are babies

  39. melissa top do avakin

    melissa top do avakin8 days ago


  40. Nobel Hossain

    Nobel Hossain8 days ago

    Great now

  41. SJ Deka

    SJ Deka8 days ago

    I love Ronda Rousey n Shasa Banks n Beley.... 😘😘😘😘😘

  42. เบล'บี้' คน'เดิม

    เบล'บี้' คน'เดิม8 days ago


  43. เบล'บี้' คน'เดิม

    เบล'บี้' คน'เดิม8 days ago


  44. Roshni Khan

    Roshni Khan8 days ago


  45. Roshni Khan

    Roshni Khan8 days ago

    Nice I love u rizi

  46. Marinah Balanga

    Marinah Balanga9 days ago

    Kemon ronda

  47. Akhilesh Kumar

    Akhilesh Kumar9 days ago

    रैंडी रावजी इज द बेस्ट प्लेयर बार डब्ल्यूडब्ल्यूई

  48. Rubenh7yjoplmonnn Arce

    Rubenh7yjoplmonnn Arce9 days ago


  49. Alicia Conley

    Alicia Conley9 days ago

    Because of arm bar of course

  50. Dattatray Nile

    Dattatray Nile9 days ago


  51. Dattatray Nile

    Dattatray Nile9 days ago

    Nice roji

  52. Shiva Mandal

    Shiva Mandal9 days ago


  53. Fadly anggara

    Fadly anggara10 days ago

    ronda menang

  54. Nawarin Chanel

    Nawarin Chanel10 days ago

    5555 blue noob

  55. Joshua Praveen

    Joshua Praveen10 days ago

    "ALEXA ... play despacito"

  56. Abdurrhman azmi i ym miss you AS

    Abdurrhman azmi i ym miss you AS10 days ago

    A like rona rousey onlyi 1🌹

  57. Ozoda Otajonova

    Ozoda Otajonova10 days ago


  58. Codex Tests of Alpha

    Codex Tests of Alpha10 days ago

    Ronda's gonna change the fakeness of WWE

  59. Brooke Mackay

    Brooke Mackay11 days ago

    Did anyone notice they said “bliss taps out” ? Instead of Fox

  60. Nathankries

    Nathankries11 days ago

    Ronda rousey gets this company views but honestly the way wwe uses Alicia is very disappointing

  61. Raylie Freeman

    Raylie Freeman11 days ago

    How so this coming cuz i did

  62. AdrianoSP88

    AdrianoSP8811 days ago

    Back to ufc Ronda

  63. renz gerome atas

    renz gerome atas12 days ago

    Im philippine man. This wwe watching its now. I dont know for ronda rousey. Its a verry good job this fighting. So im proud. More power fun. Congratz my new idol sports ms.ronda rousey.

  64. Danny Laverick

    Danny Laverick12 days ago

    I didn't realise rousey had become an actress

  65. Asif Parray

    Asif Parray12 days ago

    ronda glamour

  66. Jov E Lynn

    Jov E Lynn12 days ago


  67. khwmtha basumatary

    khwmtha basumatary13 days ago

    Love you Ronda raosey

  68. G.E.G

    G.E.G13 days ago

    OMG if this was real damn Ronda rousey would kill every damn single woman 😱😂😂 but she so strong tho!

  69. Jessanel Pepito

    Jessanel Pepito14 days ago


  70. It's me Aia

    It's me Aia14 days ago

    At first she fail but in the second oh my she's so mad

  71. Swarupa Das

    Swarupa Das14 days ago

    i loooooveeeee rousy shes all about wwe shes greeeeaaat what power what personality

  72. Sujay Rout

    Sujay Rout14 days ago


  73. Sanjar Utkelbaev

    Sanjar Utkelbaev14 days ago

    Wow she's angry 😍😍😍

  74. Dark Soul

    Dark Soul14 days ago

    What happen when UFC champion got into wwe

  75. azure rainbow

    azure rainbow14 days ago

    If Alexa's parents had watched Ronda Rousey's RAW debut match and see Ronda throw Alexa out of the ring after she got attacked from behind following her win over Alicia Fox by submission,they must've been shocked at seeing Alexa and seeing her looking very scared because she believed that she will lose her title to Ronda at SummerSlam 2018.

  76. Marie Valerie Adobo

    Marie Valerie Adobo14 days ago


  77. Abdul Razaq

    Abdul Razaq14 days ago


  78. john doe

    john doe15 days ago

    rondas not bad but the bad dont fuc with her

  79. Vikas Bisht

    Vikas Bisht15 days ago

    Lv u Ronda Rausey

  80. Bimal Bimal

    Bimal Bimal15 days ago


  81. Michael Ma

    Michael Ma15 days ago

    Her armbar has gotten a little sloppy.

  82. NÓřïGąmî Ąrť

    NÓřïGąmî Ąrť16 days ago

    I like Rousey no matter what they said she's hasn't have shape. It's better have her own shape and win than wearing make up + lovely shape and have nothing 😒

  83. الكاميرة مع رانية اعداد . رضاصلاح الخياط

    الكاميرة مع رانية اعداد . رضاصلاح الخياط16 days ago


  84. K. R.

    K. R.16 days ago


  85. Mac Army

    Mac Army16 days ago

    Bruh Ronda kiss fox at 1:50

  86. Maqbool Mohammed

    Maqbool Mohammed16 days ago

    She is lady Brock Lesnar

  87. Bruce McKinnell

    Bruce McKinnell15 days ago

    Maqbool Mohammed

  88. BM Bhavya

    BM Bhavya16 days ago

    I like you ronda

  89. Martha Daindo

    Martha Daindo17 days ago

    I like ronda rouse and bri bella tim

  90. Ripxxxtentacion

    Ripxxxtentacion17 days ago

    GO RONDA!!!!

  91. Isssa Broke

    Isssa Broke17 days ago

    I love Ronda rousey ❤

  92. 김순옥

    김순옥17 days ago


  93. Sabrina Siaosi

    Sabrina Siaosi17 days ago

    yaaayyyy ronda

  94. Rey Ann Semillano

    Rey Ann Semillano18 days ago

    Tang na ang pangit ni Alicia Fox parang tikbalang bakla😂😆


    PIYUSH KUMAR18 days ago

    Wwe Good

  96. vk yeu ck

    vk yeu ck18 days ago

    Nhỏ áo trắng dnh hay cố len

  97. Claudia Saldivar Martínez

    Claudia Saldivar Martínez18 days ago


  98. Ariana, Ramirez

    Ariana, Ramirez18 days ago

    Bliss taps out? 2: 05

  99. Ada Washington

    Ada Washington18 days ago


  100. Ada Washington

    Ada Washington18 days ago

    Did you notice cole said “BLISS” tapped Ronda eins

  101. Santos Amador

    Santos Amador18 days ago

    i lo ve you rousey