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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018


  1. Timothy Ellis

    Timothy Ellis33 minutes ago

    Damn i love that sexy lady!!!

  2. Louis Tanguay

    Louis Tanguay47 minutes ago

    Ronda's fake WWE punches are better than the real ones she threw under Edmund's training...

  3. Paul Stuart

    Paul Stuart2 hours ago

    How embarrassing to see her FAKE WRESTLING....

  4. Raymund Turner

    Raymund Turner2 hours ago

    2:18 😱😬😵😓😨 Yoooo!!!

  5. LupusGelos

    LupusGelos3 hours ago

    Lovely to see some "strong independent female role modals" Embracing toxic masculinity in a bid to emulate and become men xD

  6. suger Rolet

    suger Rolet4 hours ago

    If you like ronda like this comment because I loveeeeeee her

  7. Hamza Qureshi

    Hamza Qureshi6 hours ago

    I love Rondo Rousey so much

  8. karina payano

    karina payano6 hours ago

    Here not al its fake

  9. ed ubinas

    ed ubinas8 hours ago

    Oh good Lord can the acting be any worse, geez!!

  10. Nova Alcyone4920

    Nova Alcyone49208 hours ago

    Did u see that mic it bounced back up to eye level

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    Famous TV9 hours ago

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  12. A.R.F.L

    A.R.F.L11 hours ago

    49 on trending lool

  13. Wamwenda Essie

    Wamwenda Essie12 hours ago

    Love Ronda Rousey

  14. David Arrowsmith

    David Arrowsmith12 hours ago

    Rousey has no chance against the stunningly beautiful Bliss!!!

  15. Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo Silva13 hours ago

    Pero qué mierda hacé ronda!!

  16. Marco Malagon

    Marco Malagon13 hours ago

    When Ronda rousey and Alicia fox fought on RAW it was the day of my birthday

  17. GUSE Princess Kyte

    GUSE Princess Kyte14 hours ago

    Now I'm really really excited for the upcoming Summer Slam, haha Good luck Ronda!!!!! ^_^

  18. messi10 Leo

    messi10 Leo15 hours ago

    Fcking cringe

  19. Krishna Moorthi

    Krishna Moorthi15 hours ago

    I love rawdy your angry

  20. Soy Luna

    Soy Luna16 hours ago

    I hate rousey 👎👎👎👎

  21. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf16 hours ago

    Go rousey love yah

  22. Casper Audi

    Casper Audi21 hour ago

    Ronda Rocks

  23. Imtiyaz Rashid

    Imtiyaz Rashid21 hour ago

    I am a big fan of Ronda and she is like a Roman

  24. Nick Early

    Nick EarlyDay ago

    I love Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love her so much my girl boy friend Nick early I'm singe Aige be my girl friend I love Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love her beautiful girl pretty girl nice kind pretty funny mike me slime pretty girl I love her so much my girl love me kiss me Nick early lops Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love boobs I love booty I love you Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good

  25. Owenheathfitness

    OwenheathfitnessDay ago


  26. Joe Jones

    Joe JonesDay ago

    WWE Is Fake

  27. Marieli Alamillo

    Marieli AlamilloDay ago

    Love you ronda❤❤😍😍😍

  28. Juicy Juice

    Juicy JuiceDay ago

    So fake but love it!!

  29. Venom8419

    Venom8419Day ago

    Rousey shows up every WWE women superstar. Kind of embarrassing that shes been in the business since wrestlemania and can actually wrestle better than them.

  30. Grant simms

    Grant simmsDay ago

    How can a mma fighter go to being a fake performer

  31. R Sake

    R SakeDay ago

    Show dogs and a pony

  32. fes cohen

    fes cohenDay ago

    Alexa pitch

  33. Kashman Escobar

    Kashman EscobarDay ago

    Man... Ronda Turns Me On! 😘😘

  34. cd c

    cd cDay ago

    This is where UFC fighters go to die.

  35. Valentina Sigarini

    Valentina SigariniDay ago

    Ronda is my spirit animal

  36. Calum Mcgaw

    Calum McgawDay ago

    I know it’s fake fighting but at least make it look kinda real. Cringe when you can clearly see the punches and kicks don’t connect.

  37. buck stanley

    buck stanleyDay ago

    Who watches this insanity?

  38. Suzette Tebelman-Ford

    Suzette Tebelman-FordDay ago

    California watcher. lol

  39. Jules Z

    Jules ZDay ago

    Whoa. This is a funny joke

  40. TimewithAva '

    TimewithAva 'Day ago

    he said that bliss tapet

  41. teti nurrahman

    teti nurrahmanDay ago

    I love when ronda rousey smiles

  42. наиля Саруханова

    наиля СарухановаDay ago

    ессссссс родна роузи я твоя фонатка ронда раузи раузи

  43. EfektMasy

    EfektMasyDay ago

    Only in America. Circus

  44. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos RiveraDay ago

    jajajaja . jajajaja .jajajaja jajajaja.. Amanda Nunes?????

  45. Joaquina Ricardo Naeine

    Joaquina Ricardo NaeineDay ago

    Eu gosto de assistir WWE.

  46. Clarence M

    Clarence MDay ago

    Rousey is stiff.

  47. Jhosetty Castillo

    Jhosetty Castillo2 days ago

    Ronda rousey te quiero!!💕

  48. SpecialK

    SpecialK2 days ago

    It used to be a Big debate if this stuff was Fake or Real, but the have gotten lazy with making it real. It's so predictable. I watch post 2000 stuff.

  49. big daddy

    big daddy2 days ago


  50. General Cyclone

    General Cyclone2 days ago

    Right haven’t watched wwe in ages but is it just me or does everyone women’s match end in a tap out victory ?

  51. DanteJames4

    DanteJames42 days ago

    I'm actually really happy for Ronda wow and her "That title is MINE" legit gave me chills wow

  52. leungwingchi

    leungwingchi2 days ago

    ....suite rousey very well...absolute trash!

  53. PRoWrestLing Clips

    PRoWrestLing Clips2 days ago

    Don’t really understand why people are so hyped about Ronda she’s basically just a female version of brock

  54. Musiqum

    Musiqum2 days ago


  55. C Gordon

    C Gordon2 days ago

    Respect the BANK but dear lord that looks awful. How do grown adults watch this? Truly terrible 🤮

  56. Connor Rouse

    Connor Rouse2 days ago

    They kept referring Alicia Fox as Alexa Bliss..

  57. Diamond Tello

    Diamond Tello2 days ago

    Go RONDA ✊❤❤❤

  58. // *Up In The Club* \\

    // *Up In The Club* \\2 days ago

    Wrestling is fake. What's the big deal?? Why not watch REAL ufc, or boxing instead?!?! 😐

  59. King Cal

    King Cal2 days ago

    Female Brock Lesnar.

  60. warren Thomas

    warren Thomas2 days ago

    Dem hands !!! Them hands WOW.... she's improved from her ufc days

  61. ItsG

    ItsG2 days ago

    I mean I’m a big fan of wrestling but c’mon we all know that wwe is fake it’s just acting and I’m so sick of it... and everyone loses against Ronda so...

  62. Rose Roblox

    Rose Roblox2 days ago

    2:08 bliss taps?

  63. Shahid Aslam

    Shahid Aslam2 days ago

    Rouda is best fighter

  64. Heva hayuva Majid

    Heva hayuva Majid2 days ago

    R ROUSEY wow

  65. Boyd Shaw

    Boyd Shaw2 days ago

    Foxy deserves better

  66. Longballs Longballs

    Longballs Longballs2 days ago

    would have loved this when I was about 10

  67. Nagham Na

    Nagham Na2 days ago

    انا مع روندا روزي انا بحبك كتير روندا اقوى مصارعة في العالم

  68. Anuj pal

    Anuj pal2 days ago

    Very good

  69. Oumaima Firdows

    Oumaima Firdows2 days ago

    يا الله كريم تاخد روندا روزي حزام مصارعه حره يا الله

  70. Khmer New

    Khmer New2 days ago

    Alexa suck

  71. Scorer Scored

    Scorer Scored2 days ago

    I want Ronda to be my girlfriend, during days she'll be my bodyguard and during nights I'll body massage her.

  72. MADilshan

    MADilshan2 days ago

    Classic Ronda Rousey !

  73. Bekah Toms

    Bekah Toms2 days ago

    People who are not in the ring should not get involved

  74. Neeraj Kumar

    Neeraj Kumar2 days ago

    Ronda ko chodne mei bada mazza aayega

  75. LaPhantomde

    LaPhantomde2 days ago

    It’s a true story

  76. Marvelous Games

    Marvelous Games2 days ago

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  77. Essalehi Walid

    Essalehi Walid2 days ago

    I love ronda rousey ❤❤❤❤

  78. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump2 days ago

    That's just embarrassing.

  79. Safdar Live

    Safdar Live2 days ago

    Great tozy

  80. Analyzing Guy

    Analyzing Guy2 days ago

    If Ronda Rousey ever got her beautiful legs in a figure four, I wonder if she would submit.

  81. Kristen Jett

    Kristen Jett2 days ago

    Why hasn't she killed herself? Wtf 😂

  82. Khaylee Levert

    Khaylee Levert2 days ago

    Yeah Natalia and randa is the best

  83. Wei-Han Liu

    Wei-Han Liu2 days ago

    What a waste of talent. Go get your real title back in a real competition, Rousey.

  84. Gary Waddell

    Gary Waddell3 days ago

    Alexis : do you realize that there are better looking lot lizzards in a truck stop than you and there more women than you will ever be GIVE IT UP BIMBO

  85. Gary Waddell

    Gary Waddell3 days ago

    Alicia you are a pig

  86. Tripper Harrison

    Tripper Harrison3 days ago

    Bliss is built like a big thumb ...

  87. Del Stewart

    Del Stewart3 days ago

    So now all of a sudden it's legal to close fist punch in wrestling. LMFAO!! They just change the rules as it suits them these days. No wonder no one watches anymore.

  88. ROVER25X

    ROVER25X3 days ago

    Well Rhonda can't win a real fight so I guess winning a fake one is a real low for her.

  89. Pennie Mathis

    Pennie Mathis3 days ago


  90. Angel Tovar

    Angel Tovar3 days ago

    "Head movement, Head movement!"

  91. Brian Freeman

    Brian Freeman3 days ago

    All this fake wrestling... what a load of bollocks.. her carrier has certainly taken a dive

  92. Bob Linglang

    Bob Linglang3 days ago

    all the people who are saying how can people watch WWE its clearly fake... WE KNOW ITS FAKE, it's not a sport- it's ENTERTAINMENT!

  93. Isabelle 6

    Isabelle 63 days ago

    Ronda rousey💘💘

  94. Ryan Boddy

    Ryan Boddy3 days ago

    Head movement

  95. Arthur Kay

    Arthur Kay3 days ago

    The wwe BETTERRRRRRR!! find competition to keep up with Ronda

  96. michaelm jacques

    michaelm jacques3 days ago

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  97. Millie Twist

    Millie Twist3 days ago

    Couldnt stop laughing hysterically

  98. martin cho

    martin cho3 days ago

    0:42 rousey is so terrible at acting

  99. chris

    chris3 days ago

    Fake AF smh@ronda mma made u and u wrestling lmfao

  100. Wilmer Day

    Wilmer Day3 days ago

    Ronda sweetcheeks Rousey !!!Mmmmm-M!!!!

  101. Wilmer Day

    Wilmer Day3 days ago

    And also the other HOTHONEYS!

  102. forgotaboutdres

    forgotaboutdres3 days ago

    has she taken a legit bump yet? taking a powerbomb or choke slam-esque type of slam yet?