Ronda Rousey signing full-time contract with WWE | ESPN


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  2. تاة نة

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    مرحبا بكم 👑🌹🌷🌺💕

  3. Lucymanipur Dilbung

    Lucymanipur DilbungMonth ago

    OMG love you Ronda 😘😘

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  5. Cristian Oswaldo Ramirez Rivera

    Cristian Oswaldo Ramirez RiveraMonth ago

    I love you Roudy!!!!!!!!. You are the best!!!.😙😙😙😙😙💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍

  6. Dr. Villiam

    Dr. VilliamMonth ago

    She loves it in the WWE because this is the only place she is what the company wants her to be. So basically, this is only place where she isn't the heel of her sport. FYI: You are what this company wants you to be, not who you really are... which is an arrogant fighter who jumped on her own hype train and convinced herself, with the help of her retarded, good for nothing, trainer Edmond, that she was actually more then she actually was, and got her ass "KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!" in her last two fight. Which were my top 2 favorite fights in all of MMA!!!

  7. Mini Vazquez

    Mini VazquezMonth ago

    Ronda Rousey is amazing

  8. Mini Vazquez

    Mini VazquezMonth ago

    Ronda Rousey is amazing

  9. ernesto martin espinosa

    ernesto martin espinosaMonth ago

    Hace muy bien de estar en WWE, es tan digno como estar en la UFC y mucho más divertido. Ronda elevará la calidad de la WWE como lo hizo en la UFC.

  10. Bitcoin Baller!

    Bitcoin Baller!2 months ago

    I can see why she's attracted to the WWE. She's been pretty much a pariah in the UFC for the last 2 years and she's seen as an elite superstar in the WWE, the hottest property they have now. WWE is foundering for talent and a reason to watch, and she is a shot in the arm that they need right now. Reminds me of the sonf "Like a Virgin." The WWE fans probably make her feel shiny and new. In the UFC, she had become a broken old toy.

  11. Megatron rage

    Megatron rage2 months ago

    You suck Kurt angle and you suck Ronda rousey show some respect to hunter aka triple h and Roman reigns

  12. Ahmed Galal

    Ahmed Galal2 months ago

    جهز ضدالعنف.

  13. Farooq Anwar

    Farooq Anwar3 months ago

    I love ronda

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    ده. حبيبتي .قَلبـ♡ــيے ولله شتي. ازوجها

  15. Mujahid Hussain

    Mujahid Hussain3 months ago

    I love you Ronda Rousey please keep it up miss you

  16. Adrian Swaby

    Adrian Swaby3 months ago

    milk is alright but dick aint tight Eva Ava Lovers guide bought it studio white screen alicia klassen commssion Amy William Gabby Logan Bang G chaka demus and pliers

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    Money in the bank how to coming tell me now

  18. Crazy Shekinah

    Crazy Shekinah4 months ago

    She looks happy..

  19. whois wat

    whois wat4 months ago

    its good to see her really happy finally, hopefully she will shed the shit personality she had when she was in the UFC and just relax and enjoy herself.

  20. ليث ليث

    ليث ليث4 months ago

    لك اخ لو بستلمك قووويه وخرج نيك

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  22. deathmetaluisx

    deathmetaluisx4 months ago

    I just you happiness Rhonda, good luck to you.

  23. Mohamed Ahmed

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    JOSE MORALES4 months ago

    She was faking it in the UFC so shes right at home. She finally realized that she ain't no champ! Amanda Nunes knocked some sense into her. You would think she would of came back and had a rematch. But she has no real skills.

  25. ModernRock

    ModernRock4 months ago

    most annoying woman in the world

  26. 009 Molina

    009 Molina4 months ago

    Fuck Ronda, she's a still a bitch.

  27. Jason R Stanton

    Jason R Stanton4 months ago

    Hey do you dig, amputeeze

  28. Airf Shah

    Airf Shah5 months ago

    my favourite ronda

  29. real talk

    real talk5 months ago

    See ladies have goals instead of kids so you don't end up on drugs and depressed hating your life and miserable 😂😂be complete inside and live your life to the fullest don't be mentally weak and hate on those that are mentally strong so happy for you Rhonda you are living the dream 👍👌✔

  30. Salini Sala

    Salini Sala5 months ago

    love u

  31. Daniel Robillard

    Daniel Robillard5 months ago

    She was AMAZING at WrestleMania! Guaranteed she main events next years WrestleMania against Charlotte who ended Asuka's winning streak. FIRST FEMALE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT CALLING IT NOW

  32. finalapproach2ify

    finalapproach2ify5 months ago

    I find her fascinating...and hot. Love her.

  33. Reckless Nation

    Reckless Nation5 months ago

    Disgusting pig bitch

  34. Rudra Bahadur Sinjapati

    Rudra Bahadur Sinjapati5 months ago

    Really nice nd love you

  35. keko jones

    keko jones5 months ago

    This bitch is corny!

  36. Paris Sharma

    Paris Sharma5 months ago

    Let's talk about reporter teeth 0.16

  37. Logic nic Binomran

    Logic nic Binomran5 months ago

    wwe com I am very happy I am enjoy watching your video WWE

  38. kerol06

    kerol065 months ago

    Sad to ronda end her career st wwe, i love to see she beat nunes(use judo) ....

  39. MrL TLB

    MrL TLB5 months ago

    Im soooo Happy to her Smile!! I swear, she's an Inspiration but at Heart she is living her Dream!! I love Her and I know she's gonna make Steph TapOut!! (:

  40. Chris Miguel Sterling T

    Chris Miguel Sterling T5 months ago

    Mental problems

  41. Rick Hawxby

    Rick Hawxby5 months ago

    Ronda sucks

  42. Chris Knez

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    MEHTAB ALAM5 months ago

    Brave girl I love her

  44. Faizan Mckagan

    Faizan Mckagan5 months ago

    Win or lose hopefully she wont a crybaby after the match and disappear for 8 months

  45. Narendra Tiwari

    Narendra Tiwari5 months ago

    ilu ronda

  46. Eric Madsen

    Eric Madsen5 months ago

    Now that Ronda got permission from Roddy Piper to use his nickname, I wonder if she can also use Piper's entrance music and maybe bring back in some fashion Piper's Pit. Shame that RRP couldn't be at WrestleMania to watch her wrestle for the first time.

  47. Martin Reyes

    Martin Reyes5 months ago

    cause she will be getting millions without getting her ass beat... making money moves

  48. Pradeep Malhotra

    Pradeep Malhotra5 months ago

    Pradeep malhotra

  49. Billy Balle Paltnacke

    Billy Balle Paltnacke5 months ago

    Put some respek on her name

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  51. William Reed

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  52. abdulla almatawaa

    abdulla almatawaa5 months ago

    Ewwwww i hate that woman 😖😖😖😖😖 so redicklas ew ew ew ew 😖😖😖😖😖

  53. knowledge is power

    knowledge is power5 months ago

    I love You Ronda

  54. shrimp daddy

    shrimp daddy5 months ago

    Were is that ronda rousey fine ass at

  55. Asli Aden

    Asli Aden5 months ago

    when I grow up in am a going to be wrestler

  56. Asli Aden

    Asli Aden5 months ago

    when I grow up 7

  57. Abigayle Snyder

    Abigayle Snyder5 months ago

    Her voice kept cracking HAHAHA😂😂


    DAVID EASTWOOD6 months ago

    my full time contract for fake tv fighting is real...WTF GTFOH

  59. Pablo Morgan

    Pablo Morgan6 months ago

    Welcome yo you house Ronda

  60. francis garcia

    francis garcia6 months ago

    The only way she can win. Through scripted fights.

  61. Daddy the king Reece the princess

    Daddy the king Reece the princess6 months ago

    She looks like someone who took their first ecstasy pill lol. Flooding dopamine to the brain with absolute euphoria.

  62. Daddy the king Reece the princess

    Daddy the king Reece the princess6 months ago

    It is rare, genuine, and moving to see an athlete truly experience how emotional and overwhelming a dream can come true. You can tell she is doing something she will enjoy. Always been a Rousey fan. Be safe and enjoy the ride...

  63. 2010camaro

    2010camaro6 months ago

    That God she got into WWE fake fighting!! I didn't want to see her getting her ass kicked in UFC anymore!! She's so Beautiful, I love her!!

  64. Nishant Kumar

    Nishant Kumar6 months ago

    Ronanda rossziiii is best

  65. Bliss Froome

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  66. Bliss Froome

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  67. Keep Salmah

    Keep Salmah6 months ago

    F**k you Holly holm

  68. Fit n Fab

    Fit n Fab6 months ago

    For those who are talking trash about Ronda, keep in mind this is a a good business move. She did say once she wants to establish a future early on.

  69. Graham Malcom

    Graham Malcom6 months ago

    like a girl having a first date and loose the virginity at the same night :)

  70. Daddy the king Reece the princess

    Daddy the king Reece the princess6 months ago

    Graham Malcom that’s the best analogy.

  71. Daniel Hackman

    Daniel Hackman6 months ago

    Rhonda I still think if you took a break you could be champ in wwe and UFC don't give up you need a break but don't think your washed up because you were undefeated for years I still think u could beat nunaze. You are still the best in my book's I'll always call you champ

  72. Crimson Madness

    Crimson Madness6 months ago

    Finally Ronda! Final-fucking-ly. Humility. Took her long enough to understand that part of the fact she got her ass kicked was her very large ego, now this is the Ronda Rousey I want to see and that I will appreciate even more. As long as she still kicks asses in the ring though. Good for you and good for us. And haters are going to hate and flamers are going to flame but they don't matter because nobody is going to take away her achievements. And who fucking cares about your dislike anyway? If you don't like her don't watch her you are not obligated to when she comes out you can go out and grab something to eat or take your dog for a walk just stop bitching about it.

  73. Ernesto Galindo

    Ernesto Galindo6 months ago

    Ronda ❤️


    ROHIT KUMAR RAUT6 months ago

    My favourite girl fighters On of best fighter in the world I love your fight & I love Roman fight

  75. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown6 months ago

    I freaking LOVE you, Ronda!!!

  76. I am Me

    I am Me6 months ago

    i love how happy she is. f*** anyone who wants to criticize her and rain on her parade. I'm happy for her.

  77. Prince Thakur

    Prince Thakur6 months ago

    I luv her

  78. Dada Mo

    Dada Mo6 months ago

    Still soft for beong feminist

  79. Rick Hawxby

    Rick Hawxby6 months ago

    From getting your ass kicked in the cage, to fake wrestling way to go Ronda.

  80. Sweezy

    Sweezy6 months ago

    I would be so depressed if I went from UFC to WWE. But, whatever floats her boat I guess

  81. Aaron Velez

    Aaron Velez6 months ago

    I love you Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber

  82. Tribhuwan Chopra

    Tribhuwan Chopra6 months ago

    Ronda sooooooooooooo cute sooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love you

  83. Lan Nguyen

    Lan Nguyen6 months ago

    i love ronda rousey

  84. Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy6 months ago

    What's too funny 1:28

  85. Adrian OndaYt

    Adrian OndaYt6 months ago

    I was thinking if she entrance on her first fight what wear did she wear?😂😂

  86. noam almog

    noam almog6 months ago

    good luck ronda i think u made a hard move and i wish it would work out for you

  87. Arsen Marak

    Arsen Marak6 months ago

    I support ronda rousey

  88. Donna Warren

    Donna Warren6 months ago

    This woman will kick some ass at the WrestlerMain 34 to face Shephaine McMahon Levesque.

  89. haja maidheen

    haja maidheen6 months ago

    Welcome to my sweet heart... From . India in chennai

  90. Orlando Berna

    Orlando Berna6 months ago

    Wwe>fake ass ufc shit

  91. Dave DaRigg

    Dave DaRigg6 months ago

    where do has beens go or never have beens? wwe

  92. Dave DaRigg

    Dave DaRigg6 months ago

    watch her keep checking her nose...scared of the white bat in the cave?

  93. Kortney Parks

    Kortney Parks6 months ago

    Man she is so hot I'm sorry no disrespect to her husband he caught a great talented beutiful women . But brothers she is hot stuff all day I looked most is her smile she blesses us all on television . And I like to thank her for being so encouraging to all hem low rank wwe divas lol jk....I love wwe and all it do I wish they will stop showing the same ppv stages it looks all the same beside wm. If they did the arena stags for ppv like they did in the attitude era and before they got so cheap with it tickets and live events would sell duhhh

  94. Two Wheel Motoring

    Two Wheel Motoring6 months ago

    Hope she can take an L in WWE lol

  95. Christopher Nelson

    Christopher Nelson6 months ago

    Ronda is so dam hottest 954

  96. Batman

    Batman6 months ago

    She's happy. That's all that matters.

  97. Herman Duke

    Herman Duke6 months ago

    Rhonda is "still the one ". That most fans want to see. Including myself...Her great looks. And personality ". She could bring back the big crowds And viewership that the WWE. So Desperately needs these days....hopefully The WWE it will come clean. For her.....even though I believe she can still comeback in the UFC and be champion once again , with just a couple of "adjustments "......... for if she stays to long with the WWE. She might. Get burned. By the system like others in the past....

  98. omarion forcell

    omarion forcell6 months ago

    She too cute 😍

  99. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha Madara6 months ago

    Haha, I knew downloading Ronda Rousey as a CAW in WWE 2k17 a year ago was the right move!

  100. Too Blessed847

    Too Blessed8476 months ago

    WOW!!! She is a sweetheart (who would of though based on, on ring persona)and a doll with that golden-sandy blonde hair (my personal favorite hair other than jet black straight).

  101. ColeBe94

    ColeBe946 months ago

    So happy for her !


    SITESH DUTT DAVID6 months ago

    i m big fan