Ronda Rousey signing full-time contract with WWE | ESPN


  1. Lan Nguyen

    Lan Nguyen16 days ago

    all the guys hiding behind their keyboards typing away how "Ronda can't fight" make me laugh. She can definitely kick your asses. Binge-watching mma and boxing videos on the couch as your sedentary asses consume potato chips and beer does not make you knowledgeable about how one should fight. You talk about how she needs to be humbled, but you should all heed your own advice. I doubt any of you have trained at least 3 years of martial arts or self-defense. It's so easy to hide behind a computer screen and tear another person down--instead, you should focus that negative energy into energy you could utilize for running your body instead of running your mouths. Go take a jiujitsu or muay thai class and be humbled. Ronda was really arrogant, yes, but you can't deny the fact that she is an incredible fighter and has trained and worked super hard to accomplish all that she has.

  2. Bigun Rai

    Bigun Rai23 days ago


  3. Ankush Pathania

    Ankush Pathania2 months ago


  4. Scott Mcgaha

    Scott Mcgaha4 months ago

    Through adversity, through thick and thin, I'm still a fan

  5. Juan Carlos Delgado carrasco

    Juan Carlos Delgado carrasco4 months ago

    Ronda es la mejor

  6. Captain Sarcasm

    Captain Sarcasm4 months ago

    My favorite woman's fight ever was when she got the shit beat out of her after all the hype. Instant classic. Famous for losing, so proud.

  7. Gregg Golliday

    Gregg Golliday5 months ago

    This video was in 2018,if she was going to leave, if you believe the reports that she is leaving, why would she sign a full time contract with wwe which is a 3 year deal.Be careful with what is fact and what is fiction.

  8. cpk1994

    cpk199424 days ago

    Sher is currently taking a WWE approved breakand while she did sign a 3 year deal, her return is up in the air as she tries to have a child. SHe said she didn't know if she would return as she didn't know how she would feel after she gave birth. So, for now she will probably return, but if she does end up having a child then all bets are off.

  9. Kh Qh

    Kh Qh5 months ago

    احبها انا من السعوديه 🇸🇦

  10. superstarrr121

    superstarrr1216 months ago

    Oh just great . She will be dead of a heart attack by 40 .

  11. sean carroll

    sean carroll7 months ago

    Roddy piper would be proud

  12. Archie Gallemit

    Archie Gallemit7 months ago

    I love you ronda❤❤❤❤ ur so very beautiful



    i m from indonesia,i love ronda rousey,,,,i like her performance and i cant imagine if i can watch her with reality.

  14. Jiwak Rai

    Jiwak Rai8 months ago

    Ronda superstar world

  15. Neeraj Kaushik

    Neeraj Kaushik8 months ago

    Just beautiful Ronda Rouse 😘

  16. Dermi Lim

    Dermi Lim8 months ago

    I Love you ,,Sister foor You jhop 👍👍

  17. MrCcfly

    MrCcfly8 months ago

    so she get spanked in real fighrt ,now she will act fights .wow

  18. Dhasarat Thakor Gimeli Com Thakor

    Dhasarat Thakor Gimeli Com Thakor9 months ago


  19. تاة نة

    تاة نة10 months ago


  20. تاة نة

    تاة نة10 months ago

    مرحبا بكم 👑🌹🌷🌺💕

  21. Lucymanipur Dilbung

    Lucymanipur Dilbung11 months ago

    OMG love you Ronda 😘😘

  22. -Ateista- CA

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  23. 토낑이네셍셍배문형정희

    토낑이네셍셍배문형정희7 months ago


  24. Cristian Oswaldo Ramirez Rivera

    Cristian Oswaldo Ramirez Rivera11 months ago

    I love you Roudy!!!!!!!!. You are the best!!!.😙😙😙😙😙💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍

  25. LinksHopping Golfer

    LinksHopping Golfer11 months ago

    She loves it in the WWE because this is the only place she is what the company wants her to be. So basically, this is only place where she isn't the heel of her sport. FYI: You are what this company wants you to be, not who you really are... which is an arrogant fighter who jumped on her own hype train and convinced herself, with the help of her retarded, good for nothing, trainer Edmond, that she was actually more then she actually was, and got her ass "KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!" in her last two fight. Which were my top 2 favorite fights in all of MMA!!!

  26. Tbh

    Tbh7 months ago

    get lost

  27. Mini Vazquez

    Mini Vazquez11 months ago

    Ronda Rousey is amazing

  28. Mini Vazquez

    Mini Vazquez11 months ago

    Ronda Rousey is amazing

  29. ernesto martin espinosa

    ernesto martin espinosa11 months ago

    Hace muy bien de estar en WWE, es tan digno como estar en la UFC y mucho más divertido. Ronda elevará la calidad de la WWE como lo hizo en la UFC.

  30. Megatron rage

    Megatron rageYear ago

    You suck Kurt angle and you suck Ronda rousey show some respect to hunter aka triple h and Roman reigns

  31. Ahmed Galal

    Ahmed GalalYear ago

    جهز ضدالعنف.

  32. Farooq Anwar

    Farooq AnwarYear ago

    I love ronda

  33. الزعيم.الصبري زيدي

    الزعيم.الصبري زيديYear ago

    ده. حبيبتي .قَلبـ♡ــيے ولله شتي. ازوجها

  34. Mujahid Hussain

    Mujahid HussainYear ago

    I love you Ronda Rousey please keep it up miss you

  35. Adrian Swaby

    Adrian SwabyYear ago

    milk is alright but dick aint tight Eva Ava Lovers guide bought it studio white screen alicia klassen commssion Amy William Gabby Logan Bang G chaka demus and pliers

  36. Ali Razagee

    Ali RazageeYear ago

    Money in the bank how to coming tell me now

  37. Crazy Shekinah

    Crazy ShekinahYear ago

    She looks happy..

  38. whois wat

    whois watYear ago

    its good to see her really happy finally, hopefully she will shed the shit personality she had when she was in the UFC and just relax and enjoy herself.

  39. ليث ليث

    ليث ليثYear ago

    لك اخ لو بستلمك قووويه وخرج نيك

  40. Matthew Scherneck

    Matthew ScherneckYear ago


  41. deathmetaluisx

    deathmetaluisxYear ago

    I just you happiness Rhonda, good luck to you.

  42. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed AhmedYear ago



    JOSE MORALESYear ago

    She was faking it in the UFC so shes right at home. She finally realized that she ain't no champ! Amanda Nunes knocked some sense into her. You would think she would of came back and had a rematch. But she has no real skills.

  44. ModernRock

    ModernRockYear ago

    most annoying woman in the world

  45. Jon M

    Jon MYear ago

    Fuck Ronda, she's a still a bitch.

  46. Jason R Stanton

    Jason R StantonYear ago

    Hey do you dig, amputeeze

  47. Airf Shah

    Airf ShahYear ago

    my favourite ronda

  48. truth hurts

    truth hurtsYear ago

    See ladies have goals instead of kids so you don't end up on drugs and depressed hating your life and miserable 😂😂be complete inside and live your life to the fullest don't be mentally weak and hate on those that are mentally strong so happy for you Rhonda you are living the dream 👍👌✔

  49. Salini Sala

    Salini SalaYear ago

    love u

  50. Daniel Robillard

    Daniel RobillardYear ago

    She was AMAZING at WrestleMania! Guaranteed she main events next years WrestleMania against Charlotte who ended Asuka's winning streak. FIRST FEMALE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT CALLING IT NOW

  51. finalapproach2ify

    finalapproach2ifyYear ago

    I find her fascinating...and hot. Love her.

  52. Reckless Nation

    Reckless NationYear ago

    Disgusting pig bitch

  53. Rudra Bahadur Sinjapati

    Rudra Bahadur SinjapatiYear ago

    Really nice nd love you

  54. keko jones

    keko jonesYear ago

    This bitch is corny!