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Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar meet before the Greatest Royal Rumble event: Raw, April 23, 2018


  1. Usman Khan

    Usman KhanMonth ago

    Very good.

  2. radbru 79

    radbru 79Month ago

    Rip brock lesnar's physique

  3. Bingnum84

    Bingnum842 months ago

    The Universal Championship is a Joke

  4. krzysh psychosocio

    krzysh psychosocio2 months ago

    Brock going back to ufc outdated but wwe unworthy title holder currently 100,000 to show half a mil to FIGHT I'm coming for U Muthafuka!! Lmao

  5. Sharafudin Karimi

    Sharafudin Karimi2 months ago

    my frinds is romin reng

  6. Sharafudin Karimi

    Sharafudin Karimi2 months ago

    my frinds is romin reng

  7. Sharafudin Karimi

    Sharafudin Karimi2 months ago

    my frinds is romin reng

  8. miguel rodrigues

    miguel rodrigues2 months ago

    brock s best wwe should allow him to fight like 2003/2004

  9. Harshal Sarode

    Harshal Sarode2 months ago

    Wwe ne roman raings ko fasaya

  10. Iigy Gonzalez

    Iigy Gonzalez3 months ago

    Roman reigns and Braun already had a match with Brock Lesnar I think is time for Bobby to shine

  11. Zeljko Kostic

    Zeljko Kostic3 months ago

    Lol the WWE delete Videos about Brock Lesnar . But the World knowing that Brock the best is :-)

  12. kayum Gazi

    kayum Gazi3 months ago


  13. puran lovely

    puran lovely3 months ago


  14. Jiren The gay

    Jiren The gay3 months ago

    Lesnar’s a punk

  15. Mahadeb Dan

    Mahadeb Dan4 months ago

    Beast is beast

  16. Salman Khan

    Salman Khan4 months ago

    roman hair style nice

  17. mohit pawar

    mohit pawar4 months ago

    Roman it's scriptied so u get less beating. pray to God that Don't face Brock in real fight in which which not script can save u 😂😂

  18. Kunga Palden

    Kunga Palden4 months ago

    Roman reign needs some more suplex city. He didn't understand previous suplex city. He want some more suplex city.

  19. Unknown Gamer

    Unknown Gamer4 months ago

    too cringey

  20. MyLife AsKathryn

    MyLife AsKathryn4 months ago

    i have an action figure of him!!!!

  21. Slyvester Eric

    Slyvester Eric4 months ago

    Thenos(brock lesner) vs thor(roman reings) hha

  22. Jack Carter

    Jack Carter4 months ago


  23. Ben Baxter

    Ben Baxter4 months ago

    How come Lesnar still has the title?? I thought you actually had to defend the belt??

  24. Axel Pruvost

    Axel Pruvost4 months ago

    House Brock

  25. Shaikh Akil

    Shaikh Akil4 months ago

    WWE why everyone hate Roman reigns please reply me

  26. Triston Stuckey

    Triston Stuckey4 months ago

    Brock's feet didn't hot the floor first so Reigns is the true champ



    How can Brock lesnar avoid all the consequences ensued by his brutality and knavishness?

  28. Zhid Khan

    Zhid Khan4 months ago


  29. Md Alao

    Md Alao4 months ago

    MD. alamgir khan

  30. gaiz gaiz

    gaiz gaiz4 months ago

    It was Roman Rennes who won but the referee is very stupid The law says the first to come out and put his foot on the ground wins And Brock did not set foot on the ground But Roman Rennes

  31. prefruam bakongo

    prefruam bakongo4 months ago


  32. prefruam bakongo

    prefruam bakongo4 months ago

    Sorry for say the a word is a bad word

  33. prefruam bakongo

    prefruam bakongo4 months ago

    You're my biggest crush I'm a girl my name is aimerence

  34. Ankush Kataria

    Ankush Kataria4 months ago

    Roman Empire very good hoar hoar very nice


    SCV D-GENERARON-X4 months ago

    The peach incarnate

  36. xEsther5k

    xEsther5k4 months ago

    WWE boss hate roman reign

  37. Zubair Shinwari

    Zubair Shinwari4 months ago


  38. 이명후

    이명후4 months ago

    all the world but its real one thing

  39. abdullah owais

    abdullah owais4 months ago

    Brock is really beast

  40. Cool Hand Luke

    Cool Hand Luke4 months ago

    I want to know why WWE robbed Roman of his Universal title. His feet obviously hit the mat before big baby Brock's hit the mat. According to the rules the first person who's feet touches the mat wins. Not some broken fencing. Rumour has it that big baby Brock stated in his contract that he must hold onto the title. Not sure if it's true but after the joke of a show in Jeddah I wouldn't doubt it. Why also would WWE do a show in Saudi Arabia. It's well known S.A. is a safe haven for islamic terrorists. It's one of the worlds largest human rights and women's rights violators. BY doing shows there WWE is indirectly supporting islamic terrorism and supporting the human rights and women's rights abuses over there. What would be very interesting is if WWE held a PPV in Israel. Or are they too anti Semitic for that? WWE is getting really pathetic these days.

  41. عبدالعزيز السبيعي

    عبدالعزيز السبيعي4 months ago


  42. Connor Shipp

    Connor Shipp4 months ago


  43. Ilham Akbar

    Ilham Akbar4 months ago

    What the song of the ending video??

  44. 선우충만

    선우충만4 months ago

    Brock lesnar wwe you sucks

  45. 선우충만

    선우충만4 months ago

    no no no no no Brock

  46. Jonny hyyd

    Jonny hyyd4 months ago

    I love this when ever these two brawl each other

  47. MD SQUAD

    MD SQUAD4 months ago

    Roman reigns is so cute

  48. Jay Lol

    Jay Lol4 months ago

    But then he lost you stupid

  49. Eduardo Reyes

    Eduardo Reyes4 months ago


  50. Aarti Tiwari

    Aarti Tiwari4 months ago

    You mistake roman reigns is win at greatest royal rumble we cried 😢

  51. Edwin Garcia

    Edwin Garcia4 months ago

    Calbo ijuputa

  52. Mr.walidox El

    Mr.walidox El4 months ago

    Roman riegns the best

  53. laxman singh

    laxman singh4 months ago

    i love roman, u r real hero, kya pitayi ki hai broke ki, roman is winner

  54. Meikkhaell

    Meikkhaell4 months ago

    This is so bloody fake how do you people enjoy this?

  55. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Stone Cold Steve Austin4 months ago

    Who is here after their match at GRR..

  56. john cena

    john cena4 months ago

    Roman all the best I m with u


    BRAWL_KEREM4 months ago

    Türk yokmu la

  58. Zar TechNical

    Zar TechNical4 months ago

    chance to win i phone x

  59. No pain no gain -S baghel

    No pain no gain -S baghel4 months ago

    We heart badly bec.of roman ....every time brock fan hapyy.every indian unsbscribe the wwe channel and take the oppose this gretest royal rumble

  60. akshay

    akshay4 months ago

    Roman drug lord Reigns is here!!

  61. Karamat Ali

    Karamat Ali4 months ago


  62. Swapnil Boruah

    Swapnil Boruah4 months ago

    Brock lesner is faku.roman is the real winer

  63. Sahil Khan

    Sahil Khan4 months ago

    roman reigns king of wwe


    NANCY CHESTNUTT4 months ago

    Roman Reins won the match Brock ‘s feet never touched the floor he was still on the chain link fence and Roman’s feet was on the floor, no matter what they one the net work wants to win will I wish Roman would knock that smirk off Brock’s and Paul’s face. Roman is one of the good guys

  65. زهرة سوريا الوردة الحمصية

    زهرة سوريا الوردة الحمصية4 months ago


  66. CAM BRO

    CAM BRO4 months ago

    Roman was wrong

  67. Sensei

    Sensei4 months ago

    Lesnar just won.

  68. Akash subscribe

    Akash subscribe4 months ago

    Brock leaner win

  69. Sima Roy

    Sima Roy4 months ago

    I love Roman

  70. Fisnik Salihu

    Fisnik Salihu4 months ago

    This is not fair

  71. The YouTubes AntiFreak

    The YouTubes AntiFreak4 months ago

    "Stop running" and Roman Reigns just ran from Brock Lesnar.

  72. The YouTubes AntiFreak

    The YouTubes AntiFreak4 months ago

    Roman Reigns is an arrogant coward.

  73. The YouTubes AntiFreak

    The YouTubes AntiFreak4 months ago

    He will just escape the cage, he can't touch Brock Lesnars finger nails.

  74. RAMPAL Thakur

    RAMPAL Thakur4 months ago


  75. Warrior J Gamer

    Warrior J Gamer4 months ago

    Spoiler alert Brock Lesnar defeats Thanos in Avengers Infinity war

  76. The Beast

    The Beast4 months ago

    Brock Hairs+Heyman's Hairs=Complete Hairs

  77. NIGHT MARE Hacker

    NIGHT MARE Hacker4 months ago

    Roman reigns the best

  78. Bhavya Solanki

    Bhavya Solanki4 months ago


  79. thug life

    thug life4 months ago

    The big dog forever

  80. safi Ahamad

    safi Ahamad4 months ago

    Roman Reing will be the universal champion

  81. kourtnie brianna

    kourtnie brianna4 months ago

    Roman should’ve been Aquaman.

  82. Lim Lim

    Lim Lim4 months ago

    Highest Paid WWE Wrestle - Brock LEsnar .

  83. Adam Briceland

    Adam Briceland4 months ago

    Piece of Samoan trash that's racist

  84. suresh pugazh

    suresh pugazh4 months ago

    Anyone talks anything but the raw remains ROMAN REIGN'S yard

  85. Alqab Khan

    Alqab Khan4 months ago

    Roman is awesome 😊

  86. Sikandar Kumbhar

    Sikandar Kumbhar4 months ago


  87. ampaabeng1000

    ampaabeng10004 months ago

    who thinks roman will beat brock at the greatest royal rumble

  88. AQEEL JR Production

    AQEEL JR Production4 months ago

    Today is greatest royal rumbel plz uplode live

  89. mohammad Ali khan

    mohammad Ali khan4 months ago


  90. Pulu king

    Pulu king4 months ago


  91. I Am GROOT

    I Am GROOT4 months ago

    At long last, roman gets a shoutout

  92. Luke Christopher

    Luke Christopher4 months ago

    Roman is going to win this time believe that!!!

  93. Reshma Parveen Taj

    Reshma Parveen Taj4 months ago

    I hope roman reings won the match

  94. Manoj Kumar

    Manoj Kumar4 months ago

    Brock Lesnar is tha pest

  95. AG

    AG4 months ago

    Tired of Brock not being our defending champion and showing up every week and putting the title on the line. But then I’m tired of Roman reigns get handed shot after shot for the wwe championship. So it’s kinda disgusting to watch this rivalry. HARDY IS OUR TRUE CHAMPION!

  96. Jesus Arroyo

    Jesus Arroyo4 months ago

    Roman reings se madrea a ese presumido y punto

  97. Gamer Adam9

    Gamer Adam94 months ago

    I have a name student lanser

  98. Gamer Adam9

    Gamer Adam94 months ago

    I hope I see him I will beat him up

  99. Gamer Adam9

    Gamer Adam94 months ago

    He is so mean

  100. Gamer Adam9

    Gamer Adam94 months ago

    I hate Brock lander who agree