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Rita Ora - Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Lyric Video)


  1. maria_ a_karamilka_a

    maria_ a_karamilka_a4 minutes ago

    Wer ist nach dem GNTM Finale hier ?❤😍#Toni-power

  2. Emalie Wallach

    Emalie Wallach21 minute ago

    I LOVED THE SONG!!!!!!🍷#red wine

  3. Mi

    Mi23 minutes ago

    I don' t know whats wrong with me... I like the beginning of this song sooo much 😂😍 her name is lara...

  4. Pennywise Hoe

    Pennywise Hoe23 minutes ago

    I’m kinda upset that until Cardi’s part there were no curse words but then she went in and put some in, I just think she could be the same Cardi without having to curse especially in a song that is fun like this one and kids would listen to it

  5. Reyanna Brown

    Reyanna Brown27 minutes ago

    just wanna kiss girls.. mnn all the times✨😘😘😍😍

  6. jeanne

    jeanne32 minutes ago

    Of course scissors yes

  7. 이렌렌

    이렌렌33 minutes ago

    Kush lovin'

  8. linda haj

    linda haj39 minutes ago


  9. linda haj

    linda haj38 minutes ago


  10. Forever Gaming

    Forever Gaming47 minutes ago


  11. Honey Baddie

    Honey Baddie52 minutes ago

    This song is such a good song tbh

  12. cryptkid

    cryptkidHour ago

    dangerous lgbt representation? in my music industry? its more likely than you think ;)

  13. Anastasia Christina

    Anastasia ChristinaHour ago

    Bi/Pan culture is listening to girls by Rita Ora after listening to boys by Charli XCX

  14. Negative Nancy

    Negative NancyHour ago

    Gooo CARDI! ❤️ 🔥

  15. Presshand Stand

    Presshand StandHour ago

    Girls❤Love this Song❤

  16. Bindi Rock

    Bindi RockHour ago

    Cardi's part 😍

  17. Hannah Fog

    Hannah FogHour ago


  18. xCheyx

    xCheyxHour ago

    Yanny?or Laurel?

  19. pppop Hatm

    pppop HatmHour ago


  20. Kele Davidson

    Kele DavidsonHour ago

    Boycott this Embarrassing song !!! 🤘🤘🤘desperation seeps from it 🤘🤘

  21. Mr. Robot

    Mr. RobotHour ago

    2 British VS 2 American *Girls*

  22. Ash Y

    Ash YHour ago

    This is a really catchy song about bi-curiosity. But it is a little demeaning towards long term lesbian relationships. And makes bisexuals seem illegitimate I just wanted to say this for the selected few who took this video incorrectly. Bisexuals are seen as overly sexual people, which isn’t true for most bisexuals.

  23. Noelle R

    Noelle RHour ago

    Charli XCX has a music video called boys. This is girls... Anyone notice

  24. Mali 00

    Mali 002 hours ago

    Are they all bi? (Or is this another faux-lesbian hook-up thing?)

  25. Elifnaz Cigdem

    Elifnaz Cigdem2 hours ago

    Love this song ❤

  26. GinMaze

    GinMaze2 hours ago


  27. Júlia Lima

    Júlia Lima2 hours ago


  28. Mr. Robot

    Mr. Robot2 hours ago

    any boy here? xD

  29. Kawaiigaminggal poo

    Kawaiigaminggal poo2 hours ago

    I love how it includes being lesbian, Thank you so much.. Maybe this will encourage people to come out!

  30. Celia Ozkok

    Celia Ozkok2 hours ago

    The part of Cardi is the best 😍

  31. Slayiana Windex

    Slayiana Windex2 hours ago

    I see nothing wrong with this song other than the fact its not a empowerment song at all more like a girls just wanna have fun esque song and i love cardi’s verse especially i dont want a dog i want a kitten verse like yaasss bitch 😩💕💕💕

  32. Max Chatterjee

    Max Chatterjee2 hours ago

    Music video????

  33. Laura Darwish

    Laura Darwish2 hours ago


  34. lauren jauregay

    lauren jauregay2 hours ago

    I’ll never get why a BISEXUAL woman singing about WOMAN is against the lgbt community

  35. lauren jauregay

    lauren jauregay2 hours ago


  36. Mari TM

    Mari TM2 hours ago

    I'm bi and I never told anyone and I'm scared that they will leave me after I tell them :( What should I do? Btw love the song! Some bi friends over Here? 💓

  37. Mari TM

    Mari TM2 hours ago

    That One Girl oh poor one ;( But they're your parents so they're gonna love u the way you are so take your time 💕

  38. That One Girl

    That One Girl2 hours ago

    Mari TM And yeah I am definitely not coming out to my parents they're homophobic af.

  39. That One Girl

    That One Girl2 hours ago

    Mari TM Me and my friend are Bisexual


    MELISA POLATKAN2 hours ago

    Girl Power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Sara

    Sara3 hours ago

    anybody straight?

  42. Cute Killer

    Cute Killer3 hours ago

    dont tell me charlie xcx will make another song of "transgender"

  43. Maryam Abdoul

    Maryam Abdoul3 hours ago

    Is this a lesbian song🙄👎

  44. TacosAreMe Msp

    TacosAreMe Msp3 hours ago

    This makes a good summer song lol

  45. Lisca

    Lisca3 hours ago

    Her name is Cara

  46. Iconx _pearl

    Iconx _pearl3 hours ago


  47. Blazing Blade

    Blazing Blade3 hours ago

    No broken hearts in the club am I right or am I the only male here

  48. AppleFan761

    AppleFan7612 hours ago

    nope im a boi too

  49. Blazing Blade

    Blazing Blade3 hours ago

    Respact wahman

  50. Sapphire Hunter X we give cops Ls!!

    Sapphire Hunter X we give cops Ls!!3 hours ago

    This is awesome but kinda sounds gay but who cares this is gold

  51. Alvaro Gonzales

    Alvaro Gonzales3 hours ago

    Mmm I love it but look like a flop 😬

  52. I Is A Pig

    I Is A Pig3 hours ago

    Katy Perry Already Did This, But I Prefer It With Cardi B. My Mom Would Freak Out

  53. Nina Kalluci

    Nina Kalluci3 hours ago


  54. Jeevan Tamang

    Jeevan Tamang3 hours ago

    *The song took my wig off....I just made a cover of this..please take a look at it on my channel*

  55. Şamiye Kartunoğlu

    Şamiye Kartunoğlu3 hours ago

    Good song for 2014 summer

  56. Clare Payne

    Clare Payne3 hours ago

    This song isn't like OUTRAGEOUS but it is kinda shit. First of ALL I don't need wine and weed to make out with women. As a bi person I just like doing that. SECOND why Cardi talking about sissoring? That is such a fucking stereotype and NOT a real thing. Like just that work in there gives it away not ignorantly this song was written. Just bc Rita is Bi does not excuse the bad parts of this song. It's bad first of all, like the production is shit. And then lyrics are just shit. Bc "sometimes" no ALL THE TIME. It's just pushing gay stereotypes and feeding this idea that women like to get drunk and make out and can't have real relationships and really fall in love. That's bullshit. Ik some ppl might not understand, and I'm not even OFFENDED badly by this song. It's just weird.

  57. fly higher

    fly higher3 hours ago

    Her name is Cara 😂❤❤

  58. carlos klaase

    carlos klaase4 hours ago

    cardi b verse is really funny

  59. M_ VP

    M_ VP4 hours ago

    Sometimes I just wanna kiss Boys boys boys

  60. sabrina quddus

    sabrina quddus4 hours ago

    Cardi b's and bebe's part ws the best!!

  61. Sasha Rodriguez

    Sasha Rodriguez4 hours ago

    Here For Cardi B 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Hassan Ghafoor

    Hassan Ghafoor4 hours ago

    Cardi Never Disappoints 😁

  63. f kash

    f kash4 hours ago

    official anthem for lesbos

  64. Souzza Johnny

    Souzza Johnny4 hours ago

    EU TE AMOOOOOOOO #RitaOra💗💗💗

  65. Feel'em Dreer

    Feel'em Dreer4 hours ago

    Cultural Appropriation.

  66. midori {shy/cute/likes anime}

    midori {shy/cute/likes anime}4 hours ago

    This is so me

  67. Muhammad Tanish

    Muhammad Tanish5 hours ago

    Love this song

  68. Anna mia rebecca.

    Anna mia rebecca.5 hours ago

    the wrds are ronk !?

  69. Gucci snakeu 123

    Gucci snakeu 1235 hours ago

    You know what people I AM BI and i am finally going to come out Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls

  70. sxsmr

    sxsmr5 hours ago


  71. Dali Raj

    Dali Raj5 hours ago

    What a stupid song. Disappointed because of Bacardi's

  72. AppleFan761

    AppleFan7612 hours ago

    adopted cunt.

  73. Victoria Mckay

    Victoria Mckay5 hours ago

    Like this wee song summer tune xx

  74. Natalie Hernandez

    Natalie Hernandez5 hours ago

    I ❤️ bebe rhexa

  75. Anna Mathers

    Anna Mathers5 hours ago

    Umm, where was Charli XCX?

  76. Anna Marie Lim

    Anna Marie Lim5 hours ago

    I think Charlie XCX thought singing "Girls" was cool coz she had a song named "Boys" AHAHA and next it'll be "Animals"

  77. Luis Gustavo Mota

    Luis Gustavo Mota5 hours ago


  78. m _____ric

    m _____ric5 hours ago

    The beat sound familiar

  79. magnesiumcraters

    magnesiumcraters5 hours ago

    am i the only gay girl who actually likes this song + the lyrics lmao

  80. Loveeantonia

    Loveeantonia5 hours ago


  81. Mark Silla

    Mark Silla5 hours ago

    Charlie XCX dreaming about boys and thinking about kissing girls

  82. Bela :p

    Bela :p5 hours ago

    Why does it write Lara? I heard Yanny.

  83. nicki limbu

    nicki limbu6 hours ago


  84. Hella

    Hella6 hours ago

    This song is beautiful

  85. ゴーレム杏仁

    ゴーレム杏仁6 hours ago


  86. Dan Wilcox

    Dan Wilcox6 hours ago

    Her name is Laurel... we learned a lot ah........ 🌈 Girls Girls Girls

  87. DarwishVEVO

    DarwishVEVO6 hours ago


  88. Lucy Damien

    Lucy Damien6 hours ago

    i think that Cardis part ruined the whole song

  89. Dusita Caregui

    Dusita Caregui6 hours ago

    Lucy Damien I actually like it. Especially when she sings “say my name 3x”

  90. Aishani Subodh

    Aishani Subodh6 hours ago

    girls and boys ..wowo charlie XCX

  91. Amber The Gal

    Amber The Gal6 hours ago

    Don't u mean her name is Yanny ?

  92. SimSeries

    SimSeries6 hours ago

    Wow... Just wow, I did not expected this to be this kind of song... LMAO

  93. HEY YOU!! Gigi

    HEY YOU!! Gigi6 hours ago

    Who else has never related to a song more 😂 (I'm bi so like no offense to anyone)

  94. me me Me Me ME!

    me me Me Me ME!7 hours ago


  95. Oumar Bah

    Oumar Bah7 hours ago

    So best Rita Ora

  96. Amber Love Krystal x

    Amber Love Krystal x7 hours ago

    My ex name Lara 😂😂😂😂(😢)

  97. fly higher

    fly higher7 hours ago

    I'm sure what Rita meant was : -Her name is Cara, we learned a lot, ah How to do it, like we do it like we wanna ,We just know. Sometime i just wanna kiss Her,Her,Her 😂😍❤❤❤❤ Love this song

  98. 卌Froukje

    卌Froukje7 hours ago


  99. sophie jules

    sophie jules7 hours ago

    Official video?

  100. Jaycee Casares

    Jaycee Casares7 hours ago

    Cardi b

  101. Christine Figueroa

    Christine Figueroa7 hours ago

    This song isn't made for lesbians!!! This song isn't made for bi sexuals... This song is for curiosity... AND THATS OKAY!!! I'm a lesbian and I'm not offended at all. Everyone experiements... And every now and then some females wanna try some pussy.. let them live. Stop riding their straps.

  102. Dusita Caregui

    Dusita Caregui6 hours ago

    Christine Figueroa 🤣 true!

  103. Rani Kaushik

    Rani Kaushik7 hours ago

    i’m not bisexual but this song is such a bop lol

  104. Emili Sanders

    Emili Sanders7 hours ago

    Proud bisexual🌈😊💕

  105. Kristoff Sams

    Kristoff Sams7 hours ago

    great I'm with u

  106. roxeirys romero

    roxeirys romero7 hours ago

    Cardi B slay

  107. Raven

    Raven8 hours ago

    🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈 🌈

  108. Mate Auck

    Mate Auck8 hours ago

    Bisexual Anthem !! Love that

  109. hannahkupfer123

    hannahkupfer1238 hours ago

    My first thought was "are you all secretly lesbian?"