Richard Jefferson and Tracy McGrady have strong reactions to Dwane Casey firing | The Jump | ESPN


  1. JianShan1977建山大旅社

    JianShan1977建山大旅社4 months ago

    Dwane Casey is the best coach in raptors ever, cuz he bring raptors into play off so many times and also win the award

  2. Mr. Orange

    Mr. Orange4 months ago

    Oh Demar, you had to choke on the first round.

  3. Sky Ung

    Sky Ung5 months ago

    Damn. 0 draft picks and $0 capspace

  4. tyrone

    tyrone5 months ago

    let the men speak woman

  5. skiingrocks00001

    skiingrocks000015 months ago

    Nice necklace Tracey.

  6. JL

    JL5 months ago

    This wasn't on the coach.

  7. Matthew Anacleto

    Matthew Anacleto6 months ago

    Steve Kerr...

  8. Jeff Brisson

    Jeff Brisson6 months ago

    T-Mac never made it out of the first round. He really has no credibility when discussing playoff successs.

  9. vic lam

    vic lam6 months ago

    TMac shouldn’t even talk since he was the most underperforming player in nba history in the playoffs. STFU tmac. You don’t have a right to have an opinion

  10. Dave Love

    Dave Love6 months ago

    Dwane Casey made a lot a bad decisions .Should of been gone long time

  11. Samuel

    Samuel6 months ago

    This girl is retarded

  12. kambge

    kambge6 months ago

    the problem is casey cannot coach offense

  13. Dee Loc

    Dee Loc6 months ago

    I think so many are mad about his firing not only based on skill but rave. Lets be honest, they always say how the league is like 80 percent but has many white coaches which is an off complaint since were not comaining about it being 80 percent black because its qualification based

  14. guivenchi joinville

    guivenchi joinville6 months ago

    It’s not Kyle Lowry And deMar DeRozan fault

  15. Sosah

    Sosah6 months ago

    Is she ever gonna let them talk?

  16. DJBDubb BPM

    DJBDubb BPM6 months ago

    How Do You Get Fired After Winning Coach Of The Year??????? Scapegoat.......

  17. 60 seconds of laughter Music too

    60 seconds of laughter Music too7 months ago

    The real reason Dwane Casey got fired on my channel💯💯

  18. TroyandMilva

    TroyandMilva7 months ago

    Raptors made a major mistake! They should of at least waited to see the end result of the NBA finals and watched how other teams did against the Cavs!

  19. RanjenaFoka

    RanjenaFoka7 months ago

    Masia is an Alien and he needs to go back to planet Nibiru!

  20. The Guy

    The Guy7 months ago

    The raptors needed to fire him!!! Show the players to step up!!!!

  21. Nappy God Lotanna

    Nappy God Lotanna7 months ago

    Cavs or bucks need to scoop him

  22. JumperWC

    JumperWC7 months ago

    Black people deserve to be, and should be, free of racism

  23. a b

    a b7 months ago

    The most amazing part of all this is that how serious they are for sports, which has no real value in anyone's life.

  24. Jacob Mccall

    Jacob Mccall7 months ago

    Raps fan here, this is kinda ridiculous. Casey elected to use their same old defensive strategy that has consistently NOT WORKED against the Cavs (i.e. Lebron + shooters) vs adapting and making adjustments in order to take away shooting options and force LeBron to work. That failure to adjust (Raps fans know this was Casey's major achilles) has cost them soooo many times, its honestly surprising this didn't happen sooner.

  25. EnlightenPanda

    EnlightenPanda7 months ago

    Rational people: "He coached a couple of guys that are notorious not showing up in the playoffs to the eastern conference finals and lost to my generations best player" *Organization* : "yeah, we should fire him"

  26. alnice2g

    alnice2g7 months ago

    Hi guys! TRUMP 2020😍😊🇺🇸👏🏼

  27. josh colbert

    josh colbert7 months ago

    I dont think its a mistake if you couldnt get it done this year and get sweeped you gotta go there fired up cause hes black they wouldnt care if it was a white guy thats espn in 2018

  28. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance7 months ago

    Hello, Humans. The jack of all trades, can trade away his soul. The soul has no value. You can't see or touch a soul. Most human value the soul. What good is a soul when it can't fix the many problems of humanity? TERRANCE OUT

  29. Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones7 months ago

    RJ needs to put some base in his voice.

  30. ShadomanG

    ShadomanG7 months ago

    They'll probably roll w/brotha Stackhouse

  31. K P

    K P7 months ago

    Mistake move by the Raptors. SMH

  32. SquirrelyBlake

    SquirrelyBlake7 months ago

    That is what happens when you setup games and agree to predetermine Cavs win. Exposed! Failing NBA.

  33. Marc Delyric Music

    Marc Delyric Music7 months ago


    QUEENDOM7 months ago

    Fuck Kyle Lowry and Demara derozen.

  35. Cody Billups

    Cody Billups7 months ago

    Rachel Nipples needs to not talk so much on topics like these. sit down and soak in the greatness honey. Shut the trap

  36. 大帅比

    大帅比7 months ago


  37. The retarded dog channel

    The retarded dog channel7 months ago

    Gretzky is best player

  38. The 4 Lines

    The 4 Lines7 months ago

    I always thought Casey was overrated.

  39. Hoerry Sheeeit

    Hoerry Sheeeit7 months ago

    Trade DeRozan my god

  40. Jayson William

    Jayson William7 months ago

    When he benched Demar for that 4th quarter, he sealed his fate.... Fuck Raptors frfr.

  41. god

    god7 months ago

    demar dechokin got casey fired

  42. SBPilot54

    SBPilot547 months ago

    Tracy need to understand new coaching staff can change the mentality of the players. I dont' think Toronto is scared of LeBron, we beat them twice in the reg season. It's the in game coaching adjustments that DC couldn't make.

  43. theveezy350

    theveezy3507 months ago

    The thunder should hire him


    OHCOULDITBE7 months ago

    I'm really annoyed they didn't really let tmac talk

  45. Kodjo Swole

    Kodjo Swole7 months ago

    Now they're blaming a coach for players choking??? Wow.

  46. Edward Bersin

    Edward Bersin7 months ago

    3 straight years of getting swept isn't acceptable for the team with the best record in the conference. Firing the coach is acceptable.


    URBAN JUNGLE SYSTEMS7 months ago

    Raps..Downward Spiral...! Begins..? Casey...Fired..? No.1 seed...? Coach of the Year..! No more playoffs Tdot...?

  48. Alan Anderson

    Alan Anderson7 months ago

    Richard Jefferson is pretty good at this

  49. M R

    M R7 months ago

    Why didn’t they let Tmac talk. I don’t wanna hear from Carlton banks.

  50. hoe hoe

    hoe hoe7 months ago

    ESPN need to hire RJ ASAP

  51. Stannis Baratheon

    Stannis Baratheon7 months ago

    i hate when the coach gets fired when the players are the ones to blame

  52. D R

    D R7 months ago

    It’s not his fault!

  53. Anibal Carranza

    Anibal Carranza7 months ago

    raptors need to bring del harris lol or rudy tomjanovich lol

  54. Ryan Fick

    Ryan Fick7 months ago

    Tmac looks super annoyed with Richard Jefferson.

  55. DrGanja99

    DrGanja997 months ago

    Bud would get them at least 2 games against the Cavs with Lebron.

  56. stephen joseph

    stephen joseph7 months ago

    Drake came out with more fight than the Toronto Raptors,

  57. stephen joseph

    stephen joseph7 months ago

    Casey did clear mistakes in the final series. That being said Toronto should get Sponge Bob as their next head coach.

  58. Craig Roseburgh

    Craig Roseburgh7 months ago

    This team will go backwards henceforward.

  59. Rooz -

    Rooz -7 months ago

    Stackhouse is going to be head coach

  60. Rooz -

    Rooz -7 months ago

    RJ he only fired Casey, idiot

  61. squidwardonachair

    squidwardonachair7 months ago

    They need to rip up the contracts and keep casey

  62. TheHellogoo

    TheHellogoo7 months ago

    Cavs should hire Dwayne Casey.

  63. un4got10

    un4got107 months ago

    Pacers took cavs to 7 games. I hope you dumb people realize it!!! And fuck you all

  64. Mistah Unknown

    Mistah Unknown7 months ago

    Lol @ "CAREFUL considerations...NECESSARY step the franchise MUST take..." - Masai Ujiri

  65. Hustlersway

    Hustlersway7 months ago

    Rachel sounds like an idiot here.

  66. jrmop 09

    jrmop 097 months ago

    Richard Jefferson... if you close your eyes I swear I could hear a white man

  67. Iain Graham

    Iain Graham7 months ago

    Raptors needs to replace Ibaka and JV with a strong defensive minded center and someone who wont stagnant the offense. Maybe bring Siakam back to the starting line up. Trade Norman Powell and keep VanVleet.

  68. Vseslav Botkin

    Vseslav Botkin7 months ago

    Masai did not fire Karl, he had left the Nuggets before then. Jefferson is just blatantly lying.

  69. Tierre Jevon

    Tierre Jevon7 months ago

    The Raptors were going to get exposed in the playoffs. The proof was in the regular season. It’s clear that DeRozan and Lowry can’t be the guys that you build a CHAMPIONSHIP team around - especially DeFROZEN. How many times does this guy have to disappear in the playoffs? He’s better as a third option honestly and his contract makes him difficult to move unless the raptors are willing to part with some assets (which I don’t know if they have any).

  70. Mark Tan

    Mark Tan7 months ago

    Maybe The Jump should let Rachel go. Just let RJ and TMac talk and stop cutting them off and being defensive.

  71. Ivan Grechzen

    Ivan Grechzen7 months ago

    RJ keeping it real

  72. Luoen’s Channel

    Luoen’s Channel7 months ago

    Raptors should fire their president

  73. Gerald Jelks

    Gerald Jelks7 months ago

    get rid of the gm . .he is worthless . .and hasnt won anything yet

  74. Cyril G

    Cyril G7 months ago

    This is a total rebuild. They are finding players to trade their 2 all star.

  75. Pixel Cowboy

    Pixel Cowboy7 months ago

    Man that lady is super annoying

  76. Saad Sajid

    Saad Sajid7 months ago

    Someone please make a petition and fire Masai ujiri and get a new president of the raptors

  77. Avelardo Bermudez

    Avelardo Bermudez7 months ago

    Richard "lebrons dick" jefferson

  78. Wowtepentepz Wow

    Wowtepentepz Wow7 months ago

    Its ironic...this is the most coverage the raptors have had in american media in like forever...and its about firing a coach...

  79. Jordan L

    Jordan L7 months ago

    I get tired of the matchup game. Obviously you need to make a few tweaks here and there, but on paper, this raptors' team was the better team. Keep deploying the guys that earned you 59 wins in the regular season and let the chips fall where they may. I don't agree with this decision at all. Considering all but Freddy (restricted) is under team control again next year, everyone being one year older, this team should be better than they were this year. I agree that some of coach Casey's moves were a bit puzzling bit he was honestly just trying to put the team's best foot forward. I'm a raptors' fan, always will be, but this irks me. The team plays one identity during the regular season and then reverts back to stale habits come the playoffs. Every damn player should be apologizing to coach Casey. Serge at 23 mil per year. You should be on your knees on this man's doorstep. It's a joke!

  80. Vince Jones

    Vince Jones7 months ago

    Rachel Nichols is way too long winded .... let the players talk!!!!!!

  81. Kermit Frog

    Kermit Frog7 months ago

    everybody shitting on this decision but if this is the spark that lights a fire under the raptors ass and they end up beating the cavs in even one game, then people will say it was the right decision

  82. HKashaf

    HKashaf7 months ago

    First the coach and then the rest of the star players

  83. Carl D Wilmot

    Carl D Wilmot7 months ago

    Tracy is so right

  84. weed and radio Podcast

    weed and radio Podcast7 months ago

    Wth tmac be waerin loose necks with lil bitty ass chainz on 😥

  85. blacking81

    blacking817 months ago

    Why does she always overtalk?

  86. Don Draper's Greatest Memes

    Don Draper's Greatest Memes7 months ago

    One Of The Best Raptors Fan Reactions Ever vs. Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers!

  87. Bobby CM

    Bobby CM7 months ago

    Casey should have laced them up and stopped LeBron himself I hope the next coach can guard LeBron. /s

  88. Kevin Cheng

    Kevin Cheng7 months ago

    Rachel is 100% on point, there were too many times where the raps would call timeout and the in bounds plays were always trash, in game adjustments were non existent....Richard Jefferson I’m sorry you shouldn’t even be on the show

  89. Geo Wilson

    Geo Wilson7 months ago

    HOLD UP!You get better EVERY year & you get fired but "sum1" gets to tank for years but has job security!? 😒 Only in America. EOE WHERE!?

  90. Winston McGregor

    Winston McGregor7 months ago

    Lebron is the one beating the raptors, the team itself is still shit since kyrie left.

  91. dre d

    dre d7 months ago

    You can be the God of in game adjustments for all I care you can't remove the mental chokehold Lebron James has on the Raptors especially Demar Defrozen.

  92. M T

    M T7 months ago

    What dumb GM builds a team around Derozan and Lowry? The best coach in the world would of lost. BRON was hitting unbelievable shots. A running floater off the backboard. They fired Casey for benching a 130 million dollar player that couldn’t hit a shot to save his life. You can’t bench high paying players like that in the nba, it’s a business even though Casey did the right thing. You have to let Derozan stink it up!

  93. Anfmethodjor

    Anfmethodjor7 months ago

    Casey should go to Detroit or OKC.

  94. Anfmethodjor

    Anfmethodjor7 months ago

    People are talking about psychological defeat. Well, The coach need to do motivational speech. He should work more on the morale of the team. Not saying that it is Casey's case. Just countering what McGrady said. If it were Pop couching Toronto, they would have been much harder to beat.

  95. Eric Franklin

    Eric Franklin7 months ago

    Come of Richard, you HAVE to note the lack of ability to make good in game adjustments by Casey. Here’s the big point, Casey is a defensive minded coach and he was UNABLE to get DeRozan to play defence despite being held s coach for 7 years. This firing isn’t a comment on his ability during the regular season but he has problems during the postseason because of either VERY late adjustments or poor adjustments. As for coach replacement LOOK AT STACKHOUSE. He is the one coach I can see who could play hard love on DeRozan and get him to play d.


    GAWD SOLJAH7 months ago

    Our G league coach Jerry Stackhouse won the D league championship and went back to G League finals with a whole new roster this season, he is being looked at by other organizations. The only way Raptors Bounce back from firing Casey is hiring Stackhouse as his replacement

  97. EmijDaRocStar

    EmijDaRocStar7 months ago

    Bullshit!!! Mr Casey is great 👍🏾 coach

  98. Mr March30

    Mr March307 months ago

    RJ get your facts straight. no fake news

  99. Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis7 months ago

    Good raptors should have swept the cavs not the other way around

  100. Dwayne Fernandes

    Dwayne Fernandes7 months ago

    I think it needs to be said thats it not that Toronto lost to Lebron that costed Casey his job its how he lost to Lebron and the cavs. They literally had a whole year to get ready for him since the debacle of last year.. they looked like the better team in every sense and then when you finally meet him the team looked lost on defense again... like I mean how can that happen?? Raps had no clue how to defend James, their play off series was done days before they had ample amount of time to prepare for him they also saw how the pacers pushed his team to 7 yet they just looked lost... Part of it is on the players but the coaches here got to take some heat for it... you cant face a guy 3 straight times and STILL not know how to properly defend him.