1. Teal Tea550

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    So basically... Bendy 2

  2. Glitchy M

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    Bendy and the ink machine 2?

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  4. Cody Mitchell

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    What happened to the one puppet game

  5. Superhero Editron

    Superhero Editron3 hours ago

    Fans-How many more Bendy chapters have you planned? Meatly- Yes!

  6. Superhero Editron

    Superhero Editron3 hours ago

    Theory - Maybe Dark Revival storyline takes place between Henry's arrival in the studios and Sammy turning into inky creature. Ink Demon, Alice Angel and others are all present and we play as Sammy Lawrence who led to the "dark revival". Or maybe we play as a new character who arrived at the studious before Henry but managed to escape and he was the one who left behind the secret golden messages on the walls. He could be the one who was stuck for 414 days instead of Henry.

  7. Eighties

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    People have kind of forgot about bendy but i still love it tho! :)

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    “Hehe. OH, NICE”-Bijuu Mike

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    Waitwhatwslowdownwha- I havent followed up on this game since chapter four, theres a sequel now?!? Why are my favorite indie games getting new installments? First Gunvolt, then hollow knight, and now this?

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    Aw sh** here we go again

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    Me: *Matpat! Look at this!* Matpat: *war flashbacks*

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    Imagine they made Bendy and the Ink Machine into a movie. ( Also pls do that, that would look amazing)

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    This video came out on my birthday, best birthday gift ever! I’m so excited ^-^

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    wow excelent

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    Uh oh

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    Literally any game with a wee fucking small secret: (exists) MatPat: *HELlo INTerNEt WeLCome tO GAMe THEorY*

  19. Yago Ferreira

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    Chapter One: Return to the Studio Chapter Two: Old Friends Chapter Three: The Angel Reborn Chapter Four: The Rise of Ink Demon Chapter Five: The Madness End Or... Chapter One: Joey Drew Studios Fallen Chapter Two: Sad Memories Chapter Three: The Angel's Return Chapter Four: "In the End!" Chapter Five: A Good Felling...

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    more song's about bendy

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    Tell me when it released

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    Well, I'm about to face this Venom-looking motherf*cker all over again.

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    I LOVE IT!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!😊

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    The beat from 0:43 to 0:53 I love it Butcher gang member : exists (Susie) alice angel: I'm about to end this man whole career

  26. ken williams

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    theMeatly: Im making a new game scott: oh me to mat pat: ARE YOU FUC**** HIGH

  27. shysnowflake9 x3

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    Cower before demons Ô~Ó Bendy has a bucher gang army and I'll go wit him -^-

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    Yee ha

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    What the f**k

  30. Bayden Mckell

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    While people may be baffled, this actually makes sense. While Bendy may have been defeated, all that ended the game was a cutscene of Joey Drew's house. It has been proven that Henry is a real person, given the sketch he was shown to have given Joey at the end. Henry never left the workshop, meaning whatever happened was a vision or a hallucination. Henry is never proven to of left, and this new game would probably cover what would happen after bendy's 'death'.

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    Does anyone know if this game will be on the switch as well?

  33. Ace Blaze

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    This is begins the ink machine bendy need help or dead get ready for adventure defeat ink demon 2 the boss is back to kill you

  34. King fox

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    Ok so 414=April 14=how many loops Henry has been in=the last loop will probably be different

  35. Despacito Spider

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    Will it release on switch once every chapter is out?

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    i swear i was smiling when i saw bendy at the end

  37. Super KitenGamer

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  38. Alga. Doggo

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    0:53 pause and Look- is it the Butcher Gang, Charley? Well whatever the person is, it isn't bendy and it has a human looking figure to it. A human figure like Charley--the cartoon version (and look closely it seems the mysterious person has some sort of a weapon, a knife maybe?)

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    epic games exclusive

  41. Hazenol Zalon [Hazotol the evil counterpart]

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    If you slow down the part before the unknown guy attacks it actually still sounds like some sort of music.(sorta)(likley metal)

  42. Brighterman 54

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    That might be that guy who jumped out of the poster (piper i think)

  43. Dawn Philipsen

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    Yey another chapter can't wait to play it

  44. Kay-Kay

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    Looks promising, but after the ending of the first game totally flopped, my trust in this developer is damaged. Not keeping my hopes up.

  45. Sonicmegaman7

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    You know what? I think this time, we the players are going to have a lot more freedom of our choices in the game. I'm going the demon route! How about you guys?

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    Holy cheese

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    whoooooooooooooo bendy dooooooooooooooooooos que salga el capitulo n mayoooooooo

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    Hearing that music gives me bo2 vibes for some reason toward the end?

  49. Evan Swanson

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    Bendy is dead

  50. Annika Eketerina

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    I think it’s there’s gonna be a new character new monsters and a new room or a undrground hide out idk and it might be October or july

  51. Telephone

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    Teltale and Skybound's "Bendy and The Dark Revival"

  52. Juana Calderon

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    is Charles

  53. Luke Davies

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    This: exists Later: this will still exist. Or get demonitised

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    I think i found the new alice

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    The little darling devil has come to take his spotlight again

  57. ChrisPlays

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    BATIM: Henry is in an endless cycle BATDR: Henry breaks the cycle Bendy 3: Henry destroys the Ink Machine and stops Joey Drew AND Bendy once and for all

  58. ChrisPlays

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  59. ChrisPlays

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    There must be a 3rd game after The Dark Revival. It's gonna be a trilogy and Henry's endless cycle through the studio will end in the 2nd or 3rd game

  60. Springy the Monster

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    the darkness? when will bendy be in full color episodes

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    Me: dat was... 2019: here we go again!!!

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    I got a qquestion but u might not answer me or answer the question is bendy ever gonna have a voice

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    0.75x. Now this is a trailer!

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    Didn’t know I needed this

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    "The choices you make." Heh...Suck on that Telltale.

  68. Terra Anber

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    once you beat the game and get to have the messages on the walls highlighted, there is a set of marks, and the number of marks on the wall is *414* and the trailer for batdr was posted on *4/14/2K19* . COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT! ^ ^ ^ |-----| | | | \/ | : : : : : 414. the amount of marks on the wall is when the trailer was posted.

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    Siento k vi un trailer de una peli :u No se tu

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    0:43 I love that remastered version of "Drawn to Darkness"

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    ah shit here we go again

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    Omg I’m actually crying tears of joy! I thought it was over! *IM SO HAPPY ITS STILL GOING!*

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    I can’t wait!!👌🏼

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    Bendy is back boiiiiiiiiiiiiis

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    Plis for ps3

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    If the first chapter isn’t on switch I cry

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    Can’t wait ‘till this comes to console!

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    now it´s not Batim now and Batdr (batim-bendy ande the ink machine/batdr-bendy and the dark revival)

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    Ah shite, here we go again

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    *Silently Fangirling In The Corner*

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    PC only for now?

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    It's time to return

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    0:52 😱

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    this was an awesome trailer i can't wait for the games to come out

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    IM SO EXCITED!!! I cant wait to play i love your games and i love your video's keep up the great work much love❤💙💚💛💜💕💖💗💟

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    Oh woah already?

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    theMeatly please notes me

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    Never played the games but I watched playthroughs and followed the lore ever since the first chapter of BATIMam really excited to see where this goes

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    Joeydrew:gets chapter one back Bendy:I’m going to end this mans carrier

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    Not even a mother could love the end face. Sorry to theMeatly

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    Hell yesssssss!!!!! Pun unintended =_=

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    AHHH I KNEW IT WASN'T OVER😭😭😭I'm so happy

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    Ah, sh#t, here we go again.

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    The real bendy and the ink machine 2 The soup has awakened the sentient ink drain Only for the sega entertainment 32 bit extravaganza SOFTWORE system

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    This is going through my mind: Yes. I am going t get my friends and my gamer friends and... (The list goes on)

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    Imo seems a bit too soon, but maybe im just thinking in too big of a scale.

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    YES, FINALLY!!!! 😆😆😆

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    Somebody get Mat Pat on the phone

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    I Love It

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    If its not a sequal or prequal.......what is it?

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    Guess he's telling her another story.