1. Cupcake lover

    Cupcake lover6 hours ago

    when is it comeing out

  2. goi goi

    goi goi18 hours ago

    New bendy!!!

  3. Rocio Corral

    Rocio CorralDay ago

    I thought u were dead how

  4. Louie Wilmot

    Louie Wilmot2 days ago

    Ooooh shiz

  5. Adrian Jesúsツ 16

    Adrian Jesúsツ 163 days ago

    *Aw shit, here we going again*

  6. Maricel Alemania

    Maricel Alemania4 days ago

    This is excited

  7. RIKU

    RIKU5 days ago

    Bendy will have a voice yes or not

  8. Fianeso De Sofiane

    Fianeso De Sofiane5 days ago

    Sorry no

  9. Fianeso De Sofiane

    Fianeso De Sofiane5 days ago

    Fuck you vos mère les putes

  10. anime geek

    anime geek5 days ago

    Is it just me or does the voice sound like perfect alice angel from chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine

  11. jhonel gamer

    jhonel gamer7 days ago

    Holle yow

  12. Magdalena Alv

    Magdalena Alv8 days ago


  13. Marcin Gaming

    Marcin Gaming8 days ago

    Please fix the Optimalisation from BatiM Modil. I can't play because it's lag to many.

  14. Mat Chipoviskaya

    Mat Chipoviskaya9 days ago

    When is chapter six coming out

  15. Samuel Ray

    Samuel Ray10 days ago

    Ah shit, here we go again...Pun Intended

  16. RedBlooded Slayer86

    RedBlooded Slayer8610 days ago

    Should I send this to my group chat/dad?

  17. Gabe King

    Gabe King11 days ago

    Me: *sees this Me: *plays funeral march on piano

  18. Bendy DemonKid

    Bendy DemonKid11 days ago

    Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't let the darkness take me.... Don't

  19. Rashid Alghanim

    Rashid Alghanim12 days ago

    I never react that

  20. Flint Lockwood

    Flint Lockwood12 days ago



    BENDY GAMER9712 days ago


  22. Vova Антонов

    Vova Антонов13 days ago


  23. Kike Quintana

    Kike Quintana14 days ago

    Ya quiero que salga bendy y Machine 2

  24. MythicalCrystal

    MythicalCrystal14 days ago

    Oh no

  25. Danny Hren

    Danny Hren15 days ago


  26. Christopher Alan Tan

    Christopher Alan Tan15 days ago

    I am an biggest fan to bendy

  27. sofi Pakarati Muñoz

    sofi Pakarati Muñoz16 days ago

    Degoboom tiene que ver esto!!!!

  28. Eric Yeung

    Eric Yeung16 days ago

    YAYYYYYYY BENDY AND THE DARK REVIVAL IS HERE!!!!! (Bendy and the Ink Machine 2) :))))))))))))

  29. Cat man Company

    Cat man Company16 days ago

    Its an amazing trailer for my new favorite game

  30. Adriano Gamer 1243

    Adriano Gamer 124316 days ago

    Will it be paid? Will it also be mobile?

  31. Oscar Williams

    Oscar Williams16 days ago

    Aaaaahhhhh. I'm scared

  32. Maria Tovar

    Maria Tovar16 days ago

    How much I hope it arrives ...:v :3

  33. SoMe OnE

    SoMe OnE17 days ago

    Make the game for mobile!!

  34. Lawrence Xiong

    Lawrence Xiong17 days ago

    *Meanwhile* Bendy And The Ink Machine: Chapter 6! A.K.A. Bendy And The Dark Revival! Break The Cycle. *this fall* I can't wait to see this game!!!

  35. ink wolfy animation

    ink wolfy animation17 days ago

    Ponganme en en juego características:(lobo orejas medianas corbatín en el cuello 1ala parte derecha izquierda con cicatriz sin ala 3 colas el final blanco panza blanca guantes hacha) demonio:(ojos rojos 9 colas negras todo el cuerpo negro y gafas afiladas) traducirlo al inglés

  36. Mamang Idz

    Mamang Idz17 days ago


  37. Ink Bendy

    Ink Bendy17 days ago


  38. Baldi Real

    Baldi Real17 days ago

    i knew bendy is rutruning thank you mealty

  39. leena Barnes

    leena Barnes17 days ago

    So cool

  40. Brothers Gaming TV /BGTV

    Brothers Gaming TV /BGTV18 days ago

    New Bendy trailer releases Everyone that played Bendy and The Ink Machine: Ah s*it here we go again

  41. Eileen Mustus

    Eileen Mustus18 days ago

    The new bendy game will be released in fall 2019

  42. Rosangela Pacori

    Rosangela Pacori18 days ago

    i want you joey create chapter one now joey derw studios

  43. Mariam News

    Mariam News18 days ago


  44. kB 44 tank

    kB 44 tank18 days ago

    Is Bendy in Bendy and the dark revival

  45. TY Lover

    TY Lover18 days ago

    Me:Oh.....I rather not go though more death.." BATIMDR:"Too bad!!" :D

  46. Michael Mell

    Michael Mell18 days ago

    I CANT WAIT!!!

  47. Stargirl 2009

    Stargirl 200919 days ago

    I bet this will be creepier than bendy and the ink machine that I haven't played yet and the second bendy game is ALMOST READY TO PLAY!!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  48. Stargirl 2009

    Stargirl 200910 days ago

    Sorry I forgot bendy in nightmare run

  49. lord of Ink games

    lord of Ink games10 days ago

    3rd* not second bendy game, 3rd.

  50. Soph Kay

    Soph Kay19 days ago


  51. Watery Melon

    Watery Melon19 days ago

    *The choices that you make*

  52. øllìë xx

    øllìë xx19 days ago

    I can’t wait for the new game I love bendy and ink machine when I played it it was great so I can’t wait 🖤c:😊