1. VX10

    VX104 days ago

    cryps are triggered

  2. Random RimRock // TripleR

    Random RimRock // TripleR4 days ago

    Buying and selling, in less than a week

  3. It'sCrAiy!

    It'sCrAiy!6 days ago

    Is anyone else wondering why they did iPhone 8plus and then the ten, and completely SKIPPING the 9? why isn't there an iPhone 9? I am honestly curious

  4. ace family this is l &s

    ace family this is l &s10 days ago

    Umm red iphone XR

  5. Ellie-may Davenport

    Ellie-may Davenport11 days ago

    Red iPhone 8 Plus unboxing.

  6. Jose Aca

    Jose Aca12 days ago

    Should I get the red or space gray

  7. Gummy Chica 28

    Gummy Chica 2812 days ago

    Im getting this phone soon! (Its the regular 8)

  8. Isaiah Sherrin

    Isaiah Sherrin13 days ago

    Says iphone 8 but is actually a iphone 8 plus

  9. ellie Davenport

    ellie Davenport16 days ago

    apple iPhone 8 plus

  10. kaylah goodwin

    kaylah goodwin26 days ago

    Lmfaooooo Justine pulling out the knives probably gonna become a meme in the future

  11. Cody Anderson

    Cody Anderson27 days ago

    It’s iPhone 7

  12. Mr pancakes

    Mr pancakes28 days ago

    I came here cause I got it for christmas

  13. deepak kumar

    deepak kumar28 days ago

    Your face looks so pink or red or it is just the reflection of the phone?

  14. Shreyansh Tamrakar

    Shreyansh TamrakarMonth ago

    Don’t you giveaway iPhones 😜😜

  15. Aarohi Gupta

    Aarohi GuptaMonth ago

    Do they still sell this colour I can’t find it

  16. Noor nono

    Noor nonoMonth ago


  17. Ubaid Muzafer

    Ubaid MuzaferMonth ago


  18. myles

    mylesMonth ago

    I'm stuck between this and the silver 😭

  19. Iva Petrova

    Iva PetrovaMonth ago

    Getting mine tomorrow 😍😍

  20. ur mom gay

    ur mom gayMonth ago

    i can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched this because i was literally obsessed with this phone 😔

  21. Micky Mouse

    Micky MouseMonth ago

    I have a iPhone 8 Plus

  22. Bryan Martinez-Gracia

    Bryan Martinez-GraciaMonth ago

    That’s my phone

  23. MyBest YouTube

    MyBest YouTubeMonth ago

    iPhone XS Red

  24. Ella Smith

    Ella SmithMonth ago

    I have that phone 😄

  25. Morro is my favorite

    Morro is my favoriteMonth ago

    Sad thing is: there’s no more Red where I live. They’re all sold out.

  26. Tomas Sanabria Fernandez

    Tomas Sanabria FernandezMonth ago

    Omg that's the prettiest phone I've ever seen. Love red

  27. bhabie lyzzy

    bhabie lyzzyMonth ago

    1:08 when my sister annoys me

  28. Aaliyah Heath

    Aaliyah HeathMonth ago

    should i get the Red 8+ or Gold 😩? Like for red & Comment for gold .

  29. Hugh Russell

    Hugh RussellMonth ago

    U should have put a red band on your Apple Watch also a red iPhone X would look so good

  30. patrick jackson

    patrick jacksonMonth ago

    Almost none of the money goes to the cause anyway so might as well just donate all of the money to the cause.

  31. pratishtha malik

    pratishtha malikMonth ago

    I know how having a red iPhone feels cause I have one too ❤️❤️

  32. Gnaneswaran Sellappah

    Gnaneswaran SellappahMonth ago

    I'm not picky but you put iPhone 8 in thetitle but you said iPhone 8 plus

  33. Nicolas Marquez

    Nicolas MarquezMonth ago

    10 billion dollars??????????!?!?!?

  34. Cameron

    CameronMonth ago

    I got the red .......... I also have a clear case......... well I don’t recommend the clear case it gets so dirty it’s literally black right now ew

  35. Athena Page

    Athena PageMonth ago

    Red is my Fave

  36. Athena Page

    Athena PageMonth ago

    I love your Channel tweet me out

  37. Harman Kaur

    Harman KaurMonth ago

    I wonder what she does with all these phones?

  38. Jade Lyons

    Jade LyonsMonth ago

    I watched this with that 👌🏻❤️

  39. It’s me, Ash

    It’s me, AshMonth ago

    Yeah I have the 8 in rose gold and all my friends are super jealous... except for my friend who has a the 8 in red, lol

  40. Nour Hamed

    Nour HamedMonth ago

    Wich one would you get gold or silver ??

  41. Tony&ChimChim

    Tony&ChimChimMonth ago

    I got mine today for Christmas

  42. ValotheVictinii

    ValotheVictiniiMonth ago

    Man 2 years til I get this beauties phone. Considering I just got my 6s+ in September

  43. Cookie And creamzzz

    Cookie And creamzzz2 months ago

    I'm getting a phone for Christmas, it's either some sort of 7 or some sort of 8 , But I really want the iPhone 8 plus in gold cause it's shiny and its gold and rose gold ( 2 in 1 )

  44. Naya

    Naya2 months ago

    I want iJustine to love me just like she loves apple 🍎

  45. Random Reviews And More

    Random Reviews And More2 months ago

    Had the iPhone X now I have a red iPhone 8 Plus and a white iPhone 8 plus

  46. Angela Lopez

    Angela Lopez2 months ago

    Who else wants a iphone

  47. Spedwardo_ Nigga

    Spedwardo_ Nigga2 months ago


  48. alex razo 1314

    alex razo 13142 months ago

    how much was it?

  49. Abdulrehman Mir

    Abdulrehman Mir2 months ago

    Is it just me or the slow mo montage song sounds like turtle porn?

  50. listening to scandals Lisa

    listening to scandals Lisa2 months ago

    i want one but they're all sold out online 😭😭

  51. Brody Miller

    Brody Miller2 months ago

    Why Did The Thumbnail Give Me An Instant Boner... NO NO NO!!! I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GIRL!!! I'M TALKING ABOUT THE PHONE IN HER HAND!!!

  52. scotty thompson

    scotty thompson2 months ago

    cool video


    GDMSWAG2 months ago

    Red Black Or Gold

  54. Theonly.ìrètì

    Theonly.ìrètì2 months ago

    I have had my iPhone 8 (Red) for at least 4 months and I’m obsessed with the colour. This phone is peng 🤤

  55. xxxXChloeNightWolfXxxx Hi hi hi

    xxxXChloeNightWolfXxxx Hi hi hi2 months ago

    You and your knives lol 😆

  56. James Greek

    James Greek2 months ago

    I just got mine today i’m so hyped.

  57. skinny legend megan

    skinny legend megan2 months ago

    I want it for Christmas red or gold

  58. Prince Shakeem

    Prince Shakeem2 months ago

    yellow iphone 8 plus would look great

  59. ThomasFanForever 12

    ThomasFanForever 122 months ago

    There really should be a Product (RED) Apple Watch.


    SAMANTHA RIGBY2 months ago


  61. Blurryface???

    Blurryface???2 months ago

    i love her reaction when she saw the red back

  62. Kenneth Mugo

    Kenneth Mugo2 months ago

    Blurryface??? When she pulls down his pants and sees how big she is 2:06 😂😂

  63. Enrico Stimpson

    Enrico Stimpson3 months ago

    iJustine when are you giving away and Iphone 7plus cause I want to know ? I only wish I could own one of these .

  64. Wilnely Rosario Brazoban

    Wilnely Rosario Brazoban3 months ago

    You should give away all the iphones you have i.really need a new phone international giveaway

  65. Ludwig Hovenbeet

    Ludwig Hovenbeet3 months ago

    This girl has absolutely no objectivity at all. She is clearly in Apples pocket. All she does is gush gush gush in all her videos. If I am wrong please provide me with some links where she Negs on Apple, thanks.

  66. Mariam Aziz

    Mariam Aziz3 months ago

    I really love you

  67. Pyr0Zer0

    Pyr0Zer03 months ago

    Who else is watching on an iPhone 8 Plus Red edition?

  68. Nelly 305

    Nelly 3053 months ago

    I wish they had a red Apple Watch

  69. Xia poppy edits

    Xia poppy edits3 months ago

    Does the phone come with earbuds that u can use without the dongo? Like the earbuds can connect to the bottom where the charger goes, without using the dongo? Idk 😐

  70. g e o r g i a !

    g e o r g i a !3 months ago

    I really need advice! Do I get the red iPhone 8 Plus or the jet black iPhone 7 Plus ? They don’t have jet black in the 8 plus and I’m completely in love with both colours so which do I get?

  71. Joci Kauffman

    Joci Kauffman3 months ago

    i want a iPhone 8 plus red rn so bad

  72. Max09

    Max093 months ago

    i really want apple products because i don't have any Like and Comment!

  73. Max09

    Max093 months ago

    the red is so beautiful pristine!

  74. VanillaKidz

    VanillaKidz3 months ago

    I might be getting a product red iPhone 8 or 8 plus for my B-Day WISH ME LUCK!!!! ps I liked my own comment because no won will.

  75. Dir Ale

    Dir Ale3 months ago

    Best iPhone ever. no like this edition horrible x Xs Xs max

  76. The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate

    The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate3 months ago

    Waiting on my mine now that I ordered😆😍‼️💯

  77. Derico Williams

    Derico Williams3 months ago

    1:09 (pulls out a box of knives like it's nothing)

  78. faithyXplaysXroblox1

    faithyXplaysXroblox13 months ago

    when u pulled out the knifes I got the chills idk why

  79. Pinkaholic JinJitSU

    Pinkaholic JinJitSU3 months ago

    Ooooo lala yessss 😍😘😍😘 dat red 🔴

  80. Rightra 5

    Rightra 53 months ago


  81. John Carlo Manaloto

    John Carlo Manaloto3 months ago

    Is that limited edition?

  82. DANG! X

    DANG! X3 months ago

    Surprised Apple and WWE dont join forces and have Apple develop RAW RED and SMACK BLUE Limited Edition phones. Also could be DIVAS PINK and ECW EXTREME BLACK

  83. Omar Phoenix

    Omar Phoenix3 months ago

    Justine, are you and Jenna okay out there in SoCal?

  84. gabrielle ball

    gabrielle ball3 months ago

    I have the red iPhone 8 Plus and it’s amazing! It’s so pretty I would recommend it! ❤️‼️

  85. Elaf Omar

    Elaf OmarMonth ago

    gabrielle ball is the iPhone 8 Plus in red still in the apple store

  86. Marielle

    Marielle3 months ago

    I wonder where those extra iphone of yours go? Can I have one tho? 😂😂😂

  87. iSmellCheese

    iSmellCheese3 months ago

    Watching this with a iPhone 8 Plus in red😏

  88. Brenda Guizar

    Brenda Guizar3 months ago

    I just bought the red iPhone 8 plus and I can't wait till it get here 😍

  89. emma 1661

    emma 16613 months ago

    my friend has that one in person it really is sooo prettyyyy

  90. DuckyMomo 36

    DuckyMomo 363 months ago

    You know you’re a tech geek when u use ur makeup brushes for your iPhone montage.😂🦄

  91. Deisi Bonilla

    Deisi Bonilla3 months ago

    i love it!!! I'm so excited to get one!

  92. Kula Cangker

    Kula Cangker3 months ago

    My iphone 8 paint is chipping off I upload it.. any clue ?

  93. Young Money Entertainment

    Young Money Entertainment3 months ago

    I wish I had an IPhone

  94. Dir Ale

    Dir Ale3 months ago

    Best iphone

  95. Trinity Miller

    Trinity Miller3 months ago

    So Ijustine what do you do with all the phone and electronics you get

  96. Ana Tsintsadze

    Ana Tsintsadze3 months ago

    So beautiful❤️

  97. Ninja Fire boy

    Ninja Fire boy3 months ago

    That’s the iPhone I had

  98. Zeanah Salameh

    Zeanah Salameh3 months ago

    Can I plz plz plz plz have it

  99. Ally G

    Ally G3 months ago

    That’s a lot of knives

  100. 97 Explorer

    97 Explorer3 months ago

    Using Product red iPhone to watch this sexiest phone on the market in my opinion.

  101. EarlStephen Canda

    EarlStephen Canda3 months ago


  102. Anselmo Locão

    Anselmo Locão3 months ago

    Que loira bonita