1. Pyr0Zer0

    Pyr0Zer0Hour ago

    Who else is watching on an iPhone 8 Plus Red edition?

  2. Nelly 305

    Nelly 3052 days ago

    I wish they had a red Apple Watch

  3. Fluffy playz Aj

    Fluffy playz Aj3 days ago

    Does the phone come with earbuds that u can use without the dongo? Like the earbuds can connect to the bottom where the charger goes, without using the dongo? Idk 😐

  4. georgia

    georgia3 days ago

    I really need advice! Do I get the red iPhone 8 Plus or the jet black iPhone 7 Plus ? They don’t have jet black in the 8 plus and I’m completely in love with both colours so which do I get?

  5. Joci Kauffman

    Joci Kauffman3 days ago

    i want a iPhone 8 plus red rn so bad

  6. maximillian bagagarsyah

    maximillian bagagarsyah3 days ago

    i really want apple products because i don't have any Like and Comment!

  7. maximillian bagagarsyah

    maximillian bagagarsyah3 days ago

    the red is so beautiful pristine!

  8. VanillaKidz

    VanillaKidz4 days ago

    I might be getting a product red iPhone 8 or 8 plus for my B-Day WISH ME LUCK!!!! ps I liked my own comment because no won will.

  9. Marcin Zak

    Marcin Zak5 days ago

    Best iPhone ever. no like this edition horrible x Xs Xs max

  10. The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate

    The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate5 days ago

    Waiting on my mine now that I orderedπŸ˜†πŸ˜β€ΌοΈπŸ’―

  11. Derico Williams

    Derico Williams6 days ago

    1:09 (pulls out a box of knives like it's nothing)

  12. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach8 days ago

    when u pulled out the knifes I got the chills idk why

  13. Pinkaholic JinJitSU

    Pinkaholic JinJitSU8 days ago

    Ooooo lala yessss 😍😘😍😘 dat red πŸ”΄

  14. Rightra 5

    Rightra 58 days ago


  15. John Carlo Manaloto

    John Carlo Manaloto9 days ago

    Is that limited edition?

  16. DANG! X

    DANG! X9 days ago

    Surprised Apple and WWE dont join forces and have Apple develop RAW RED and SMACK BLUE Limited Edition phones. Also could be DIVAS PINK and ECW EXTREME BLACK

  17. Omar Phoenix

    Omar Phoenix9 days ago

    Justine, are you and Jenna okay out there in SoCal?

  18. gabrielle ball

    gabrielle ball11 days ago

    I have the red iPhone 8 Plus and it’s amazing! It’s so pretty I would recommend it! ❀️‼️

  19. Marielle

    Marielle12 days ago

    I wonder where those extra iphone of yours go? Can I have one tho? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  20. I1ce_Odyssey

    I1ce_Odyssey12 days ago

    Watching this with a iPhone 8 Plus in red😏

  21. Brenda Guizar

    Brenda Guizar13 days ago

    I just bought the red iPhone 8 plus and I can't wait till it get here 😍

  22. sharon 1661

    sharon 166117 days ago

    my friend has that one in person it really is sooo prettyyyy

  23. DuckyMomo 36

    DuckyMomo 3617 days ago

    You know you’re a tech geek when u use ur makeup brushes for your iPhone montage.πŸ˜‚πŸ¦„

  24. Deisi Bonilla

    Deisi Bonilla18 days ago

    i love it!!! I'm so excited to get one!

  25. Kula Cangker

    Kula Cangker18 days ago

    My iphone 8 paint is chipping off I upload it.. any clue ?

  26. Young Money Entertainment

    Young Money Entertainment20 days ago

    I wish I had an IPhone

  27. Marcin Zak

    Marcin Zak22 days ago

    Best iphone

  28. Trinity Miller

    Trinity Miller22 days ago

    So Ijustine what do you do with all the phone and electronics you get

  29. Ana Tsintsadze

    Ana Tsintsadze24 days ago

    So beautiful❀️

  30. Ninja Fire boy

    Ninja Fire boy24 days ago

    That’s the iPhone I had

  31. Zeanah Salameh

    Zeanah Salameh25 days ago

    Can I plz plz plz plz have it

  32. Crazy Lemon

    Crazy Lemon26 days ago

    That’s a lot of knives

  33. 97 Explorer

    97 Explorer26 days ago

    Using Product red iPhone to watch this sexiest phone on the market in my opinion.

  34. EarlStephen Canda

    EarlStephen Canda26 days ago


  35. Anselmo LocΓ£o

    Anselmo LocΓ£o27 days ago

    Que loira bonita

  36. Dolores Doritos

    Dolores Doritos27 days ago

    I thought it was iphone 8

  37. joy july

    joy july28 days ago

    I already got 8 plus in red last week but I’m watching this unboxing cause how much i love this phone 😍

  38. Za'Ryah Santos

    Za'Ryah Santos29 days ago

    Do they still sell the red one?

  39. Hannah Koh

    Hannah Koh29 days ago

    Justine- *takes out a box of knives* Me- *secretly thinks she's a murderer*

  40. Social Disappointment

    Social Disappointment29 days ago

    Getting this phone in gold in 3 hours!!!!



    Who else got this

  42. Nowfal Ahamed

    Nowfal AhamedMonth ago

    I like the white front in red

  43. ShareTheLove

    ShareTheLoveMonth ago

    For some reason I think it’s weird that on the red iPhone 7 it has a white frame but on the iPhone 8, it has a black frame.

  44. Golden Berry

    Golden BerryMonth ago

    Well, it kinda makes sense that apple 🍎 released a red iPhone....

  45. Little Jong Un

    Little Jong UnMonth ago

    So perfect

  46. Doris Earapi

    Doris EarapiMonth ago

    When she dropped the phone my heart stopped

  47. DesDaBomb Gamer

    DesDaBomb GamerMonth ago

    You should do giveaways with all this stuff you buy

  48. Jayday

    JaydayMonth ago

    This phone is absolutely STUNNING!!!! 😍😍 I love product red iPhones!!

  49. Derpyducksnation 01

    Derpyducksnation 01Month ago

    This is what I got, this is my first time getting a phone woo

  50. Jane A

    Jane AMonth ago

    What’s your religion? Justine: iPhone

  51. akash krishna

    akash krishnaMonth ago

    Its just a color people!!!!

  52. Wallter Alariaosky

    Wallter AlariaoskyMonth ago

    That red iPhone is sexy

  53. Raymond Lopez

    Raymond LopezMonth ago

    Red iPhone

  54. DuckyMomo 36

    DuckyMomo 36Month ago

    It’s funny how she always has a knife for her unboxing but she literally never needs it. πŸ˜‚

  55. Sabrina's World

    Sabrina's WorldMonth ago

    Getting this phone today!! So excited

  56. FBI Loli Division

    FBI Loli DivisionMonth ago

    Heck YES! Just ordered one of these from Virgin Mobile they JUST lowered the price to $599 new! So stoked and I had no idea the red ones were for HIV charity too!

  57. Virginia VanSickle

    Virginia VanSickleMonth ago

    What do you do with the old iPhone when you get a new iPhone.

  58. Derek Wilson

    Derek WilsonMonth ago

    I have the silver X, but I’m definitely getting this phone......I’ll just sell my X! Thanks Justine! Lol

  59. Eissa K surchi

    Eissa K surchiMonth ago


  60. Khiandra Jackson

    Khiandra JacksonMonth ago

    I have the iPhone 8 in red it’s beautiful 😍

  61. Gyanendra Singh

    Gyanendra SinghMonth ago

    l loved your unboxing madam

  62. Omar Phoenix

    Omar PhoenixMonth ago

    @iJustine, did you keep it or return it?

  63. Tomke

    TomkeMonth ago

    guys help me!!! iβ€˜ve got a 7 in silver right now, but idk if i should get an 8+ in red, an X in black or xs in black!! plssss help me!!!

  64. Natalie Barclay

    Natalie BarclayMonth ago

    I’m getting the red iPhone 8 I ordered it and it’s coming on Tuesday YAY!

  65. Inki Vamp

    Inki VampMonth ago

    You have very pretty hands. πŸ˜‰

  66. Anna Valentino

    Anna ValentinoMonth ago


  67. Anna Valentino

    Anna ValentinoMonth ago

    You can do the new iPhones

  68. Anna Valentino

    Anna ValentinoMonth ago

    You like iPhones

  69. James Adaza

    James AdazaMonth ago

    Finally I can afford it since the prices had dropped🀩

  70. Ahnaf Ahnaf

    Ahnaf AhnafMonth ago


  71. Victoria Hathcox

    Victoria HathcoxMonth ago

    I’ve had mine for about a month I love it and red is my favorite color I’m very happy

  72. MissNiyaB

    MissNiyaBMonth ago

    I swear she makes me feel poor

  73. Konrick Dial

    Konrick DialMonth ago

    I had mine on pre-order

  74. Nayops 18

    Nayops 18Month ago

    But why'd she get it if her last review on the res phone was that there was no case that could match with it

  75. Selseal

    SelsealMonth ago

    *justine takes out all her knives from below the table* me: WOAH WOAH WOAH I THOUGHT U WERE JUST UNBOXING AN IPHONE

  76. Rohan Nxt

    Rohan NxtMonth ago

    You look like Dani Daniels πŸ˜‰

  77. Darnell Jr

    Darnell JrMonth ago

    all them knives for???

  78. Aldo :D

    Aldo :DMonth ago


  79. Spilling Tea

    Spilling TeaMonth ago

    What case would go with it

  80. Aldo :D

    Aldo :DMonth ago

    Lauren McClure clear case

  81. CeCe B

    CeCe BMonth ago

    I have the iPhone 8 Plus red and I love it. I didn’t feel better until I put my phone in an otterbox. I see people with there phones without cases, I don’t understand.

  82. Aldo :D

    Aldo :DMonth ago

    Cecilia McKenney ok

  83. Brownskin B

    Brownskin BMonth ago

    I luv mine πŸ’•

  84. kawai potato

    kawai potato2 months ago

    this was posted on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Yousef Bengred

    Yousef Bengred2 months ago

    I have that phone!! Love your videos your so much fun to watch your awesome! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  86. Jacob Sanchez

    Jacob Sanchez2 months ago

    Hi iJustine! I just need your help. My samsung phone is about to break. Can you please help me out and send me an Iphone red edition please. I am not able to purchase an Iphone cause I don't have the money.

  87. Rose Lucky

    Rose Lucky2 months ago

    I wish I could have red iphone damn😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀀🀀

  88. falconwings1982

    falconwings19822 months ago

    Even with the XS & XS Max, I’m honestly more impressed by the look of the iPhone 8 product red which is why I picked it over those two. The XR is an absolute joke at the price, the features, and the removal of 3D Touch. It wasn’t a tough choice for me 😊

  89. I love sloths

    I love sloths2 months ago

    The phone matches with your shirt

  90. sedara green

    sedara green2 months ago

    If your giving a iphone 8 plue silver give one to me I`M A BIG FAN

  91. brody smith

    brody smith2 months ago

    I looked at apples new phone and I really don’t like them if they had a iPhone 10s max product red I would get it

  92. Kathy β€’

    Kathy β€’2 months ago

    Should i upgrade from my samsung galaxy s6 edge to the iphone 8 plus? What do u guys think?

  93. Maks Tyrkin

    Maks Tyrkin2 months ago

    I love red

  94. Viola Kudure

    Viola Kudure2 months ago

    aylavju iPhone red 8

  95. Anas Abbas

    Anas Abbas2 months ago

    I am getting the exact same one iPhone 8 Plus red color I am getting the same

  96. Zainuddin evo

    Zainuddin evo2 months ago

    The best iphone Iphone 8 plus I want buy it so bad

  97. Franrick rato

    Franrick rato2 months ago

    Because it would be hard to coat the stainless steel red

  98. fred alexander niebla ventura

    fred alexander niebla ventura2 months ago

    I love that iphone red i see this video 15 times i wont that phone


    APPLE PRODUCT2 months ago

    Is very nice πŸ‘

  100. Ashley Wong

    Ashley Wong2 months ago

    I am using the same exact phone to watch this vid lol

  101. Malika Shah

    Malika Shah2 months ago

    My sister as the same phone

  102. Logan Mallord

    Logan Mallord2 months ago

    I wish I could have your iPhone