1. Brownskin B

    Brownskin B13 hours ago

    I luv mine 💕

  2. kawai potato

    kawai potatoDay ago

    this was posted on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yousef Bengred

    Yousef BengredDay ago

    I have that phone!! Love your videos your so much fun to watch your awesome! 💗💗😋😋

  4. Jacob Sanchez

    Jacob Sanchez2 days ago

    Hi iJustine! I just need your help. My samsung phone is about to break. Can you please help me out and send me an Iphone red edition please. I am not able to purchase an Iphone cause I don't have the money.

  5. Rose Lucky

    Rose Lucky2 days ago

    I wish I could have red iphone damn😍😍🔥🔥🤤🤤

  6. falconwings1982

    falconwings19822 days ago

    Even with the XS & XS Max, I’m honestly more impressed by the look of the iPhone 8 product red which is why I picked it over those two. The XR is an absolute joke at the price, the features, and the removal of 3D Touch. It wasn’t a tough choice for me 😊

  7. Sofia Ball

    Sofia Ball3 days ago

    The phone matches with your shirt

  8. sedara green

    sedara green4 days ago

    If your giving a iphone 8 plue silver give one to me I`M A BIG FAN

  9. brody smith

    brody smith5 days ago

    I looked at apples new phone and I really don’t like them if they had a iPhone 10s max product red I would get it

  10. Kathy •

    Kathy •6 days ago

    Should i upgrade from my samsung galaxy s6 edge to the iphone 8 plus? What do u guys think?

  11. Maks Tyrkin

    Maks Tyrkin6 days ago

    I love red

  12. Viola Kudure

    Viola Kudure7 days ago

    aylavju iPhone red 8

  13. Anas Abbas

    Anas Abbas8 days ago

    I am getting the exact same one iPhone 8 Plus red color I am getting the same

  14. Zainuddin evo

    Zainuddin evo8 days ago

    The best iphone Iphone 8 plus I want buy it so bad

  15. Franrick rato

    Franrick rato9 days ago

    Because it would be hard to coat the stainless steel red

  16. fred alexander niebla ventura

    fred alexander niebla ventura10 days ago

    I love that iphone red i see this video 15 times i wont that phone


    APPLE PRODUCT10 days ago

    Is very nice 👍

  18. Ashley Wong

    Ashley Wong10 days ago

    I am using the same exact phone to watch this vid lol

  19. Malika Shah

    Malika Shah11 days ago

    My sister as the same phone

  20. Logan Mallord

    Logan Mallord12 days ago

    I wish I could have your iPhone

  21. Logan Mallord

    Logan Mallord12 days ago

    Yeah yeah

  22. Queen Cherry

    Queen Cherry12 days ago

    Why am I watching this on my iPhone 8 Plus red? XD

  23. Daniela on Fire

    Daniela on Fire12 days ago

    Watching on my iPhone 8 product red

  24. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer13 days ago

    I think they didn’t do it for the X because the money from the X wouldn’t make them the cash they need, the 8 was meant as bonus cash to spend on other things.

  25. Eliana’s Place

    Eliana’s Place13 days ago

    also is it fine for a 10 year old to have an 8plus

  26. Eliana’s Place

    Eliana’s Place13 days ago

    is the best place to go to get a new phone the apple store

  27. Carmel’s World

    Carmel’s World13 days ago

    Why is this phone even exists

  28. pare eparaima

    pare eparaima15 days ago

    I allways want one but my sister allways get the iPhone and I got a Android 😥please I want so bad

  29. 유승주

    유승주16 days ago

    you're beautiful

  30. FuRrY dAwG

    FuRrY dAwG17 days ago

    i mean.. i’m getting my red iPhone 8 tomorrow.. AND TEH GLOSSY LOOK IS BEAUTIFUL OMG IM CRYING.

  31. R’Leshalin Whaley

    R’Leshalin Whaley17 days ago

    What do you do with all there phones?😂

  32. Jeb Lilie

    Jeb Lilie17 days ago

    Am j the only one that notice she said iPhone 8 but it's a plus

  33. Sierra Clements

    Sierra Clements18 days ago

    Justine I love when you say “Wow!”

  34. WorldOfOsa 11

    WorldOfOsa 1118 days ago

    I want

  35. Anthony

    Anthony18 days ago

    Look like the plus to me or is just bigger

  36. A. M.

    A. M.19 days ago

    who else kept replaying the 2:34 part 😂😍

  37. CherryBoo65 Boone

    CherryBoo65 Boone19 days ago

    Mine is on the way!

  38. Ethan James

    Ethan James20 days ago

    Apple should make 2 Versions for the red iPhone 8 One with the white screen and one with a black screen so people have a choice with the red iPhone

  39. Kawaii Nutella

    Kawaii Nutella21 day ago

    I love your channel!!!

  40. iiDanTVii

    iiDanTVii21 day ago

    🔴I’m getting this for my birthday aha can’t wait. I have iPhone 5s atm so a massive upgrade lol. Can’t wait ahhhh😂😂🔴

  41. Victoria Hristofor

    Victoria Hristofor21 day ago

    Should I get the Red iPhone 8 Plus or the Gold?

  42. elmar ewald

    elmar ewald21 day ago

    iTHINK you are a jerk...didnt you return your red phone last year because you didnt like the Colour after a few days….now you say red is your fav Colour...make up your mind girl

  43. christian visone

    christian visone21 day ago

    The face you did when you turned the phone on the back side at 2:06 is fantastic😂😂😍

  44. A H M A D A L I

    A H M A D A L I22 days ago

    You're more beautiful than this phone

  45. Lucha

    Lucha22 days ago

    I love red

  46. Jack Rocha

    Jack Rocha23 days ago

    Can you mail me one please that is my favorite color phone I do want the plus

  47. Anaiah Holmes

    Anaiah Holmes23 days ago


  48. Xoxo Xoxo

    Xoxo Xoxo23 days ago

    I want this I phone Justin pls give me 🙏

  49. Moshelion

    Moshelion24 days ago

    I like the s9+ best phone ever it's the king of all phones.... plus a headphone jack ikr

  50. Oreo King

    Oreo King24 days ago

    I have it

  51. Destiney Thompson

    Destiney Thompson24 days ago

    I was 100% set on getting the silver and after watching this.. I’m 100% on getting the red 😅 Thank you for your informative unboxing 👍🏼

  52. Valeria Morales

    Valeria Morales25 days ago

    4:19 your so extra i swear

  53. Nayops 18

    Nayops 1825 days ago

    That's way more better than the white and red version tbh.

  54. Lil_B

    Lil_B25 days ago

    9Kmumbfu K.l

  55. flyjoker Bushman

    flyjoker Bushman25 days ago

    My favorite is red

  56. KVN

    KVN25 days ago

    This phone is soo sexy. Can't wait to get one next week.

  57. Baby Sprinkle's

    Baby Sprinkle's26 days ago

    F*** you a******

  58. John Alleen Pugoy

    John Alleen Pugoy26 days ago

    Hello Ms. Justine! Can I have a late birthday gift from you?

  59. Rebecca Moore

    Rebecca Moore27 days ago

    Took me four months but I finally got one!! Always love watching your unboxings after I get a phone :)

  60. KVN

    KVN25 days ago

    I also got one the other day. Now i have too much phones

  61. Amihaf Gemini

    Amihaf Gemini28 days ago

    My dream phone 😢 #8plus

  62. Bryant Taveras

    Bryant Taveras28 days ago

    I speak Spanish

  63. Tavesh Deonandan - Turner Fenton SS (2572)

    Tavesh Deonandan - Turner Fenton SS (2572)29 days ago

    U dumbass

  64. Alonso Mestanza

    Alonso MestanzaMonth ago

    It very good talking iPhone how many phone you have thank you

  65. Lars Bertje

    Lars BertjeMonth ago

    Is AIDS and HIV not the same

  66. chamathwi tv

    chamathwi tvMonth ago

    red phone red t shirt lol 😂😂😂

  67. Think Vibrant

    Think VibrantMonth ago

    I didn’t care for a new iPhone until I saw this one and now I want it so bad, it’s gorgeous with the glass

  68. TheDementorDev

    TheDementorDevMonth ago

    I might get it, don't know

  69. BTS Thot

    BTS ThotMonth ago

    Getting my 8+ in a few days and I literally cannot chose what color I want. I was gonna buy one from a second hand retailer so I didn’t even have the red as a choice, but my father is allowing me to order from Apple so I could possible get the red phone as well. It’s such a simple decision but I can’t choose.

  70. Latonya Allen

    Latonya Allen12 days ago

    BTS Thot which one did you choose

  71. Pony Squad

    Pony SquadMonth ago

    Who else got a Samsung ad before the video? 😂

  72. Elinor Vlogs

    Elinor VlogsMonth ago

    There’s no rose gold iPhone 8

  73. Bangtan Forever

    Bangtan ForeverMonth ago

    Can you please give away phones, even if you've already used it? Please I'm really desperate

  74. Unicorn Rhino

    Unicorn RhinoMonth ago

    I had my iPhone 6 for a week

  75. Ziller Kay

    Ziller KayMonth ago

    Where does she live? For research purposes of course

  76. Shriram Alagarasan

    Shriram AlagarasanMonth ago

    Watching this on a red iPhone 8...😍😍😘

  77. Sabrina Wang

    Sabrina WangMonth ago

    What do you do with all of your phones😂

  78. Crazy Parkour

    Crazy ParkourMonth ago

    I'm watching in my red iPhone X

  79. Re- NAH

    Re- NAHMonth ago

    The red is so sexy...

  80. Basit Birdy

    Basit BirdyMonth ago

    I have my 7Plus red ♥️😏

  81. Raveesha Hettiarachchi

    Raveesha HettiarachchiMonth ago

    Using the knife are u kidding me😁😁🔫

  82. Aaron Powell

    Aaron PowellMonth ago

    Lol I have space grey 8 plus and I’m getting a red one cos I get a upgrade

  83. andrea ATILANO

    andrea ATILANOMonth ago

    Watching this on my red iPhone 8 😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  84. Kyarrah G

    Kyarrah GMonth ago

    I want the red one but I feel like it is so fancy & I don't want to increase the chance of my phone getting stolen

  85. Hillary Bey

    Hillary BeyMonth ago


  86. admire náya

    admire náyaMonth ago

    1:08 that's me when someone at school is not minding their business

  87. Jasmine Vilches

    Jasmine VilchesMonth ago

    I have that iPhone

  88. Itx_katie For life

    Itx_katie For lifeMonth ago


  89. Big shaq Mans not hot

    Big shaq Mans not hotMonth ago

    Watching this on this same phone but not the plus

  90. Jake Flocco

    Jake FloccoMonth ago

    I honestly preferred the white front. But hey, nothing I can do about it.

  91. Layla Mandan

    Layla MandanMonth ago

    I have one

  92. Rhea Rajaratnam

    Rhea RajaratnamMonth ago

    I liked the white front

  93. Ryan _YT

    Ryan _YTMonth ago

    I have a red 8+ and I absolutely adore the colour and the size is a bonus!

  94. Kristen Kerr

    Kristen KerrMonth ago

    Since u didn't like the red iPhone 7 do still have one?

  95. Szymi2105

    Szymi2105Month ago

    very cool vid! Greetings from poland!

  96. XTyme Games

    XTyme GamesMonth ago

    A little late. But just got mine today in August 2018. I already love it. ❤️❤️

  97. Roller Coaster Rewind

    Roller Coaster RewindMonth ago

    Nice Unboxing, why type of folding knife is that, really want one

  98. The Dreamer

    The DreamerMonth ago

    You have many unboxing phone why dont you donate or give away that phone to me here in philippines cause we dont have phone like that here !Notice me pls !God bless

  99. Jula Kenorod

    Jula KenorodMonth ago

    Can anyone help me what phone should I get : red or black (iPhone 8) HELP

  100. Mr Watchyourehead

    Mr WatchyoureheadMonth ago

    Hehe I have it 😏

  101. Raul Silva

    Raul SilvaMonth ago

    Cara de atriz porno

  102. DankSnowman

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    I ordered mine today ❤️