1. Murray Norris

    Murray Norris6 hours ago

    I always see people getting iPhones 8 plus and lower with the white screens and in my head I’m thinking: you have made the worst decision ever

  2. 666demonknight666

    666demonknight6663 days ago

    7's Red is way better than this red. Wish the 7 Red has the black front.

  3. 666demonknight666

    666demonknight6663 days ago

    Justine did you ended up returning this phone too? I'm just curious because you said Red is not really your colour?

  4. Ur Gay

    Ur Gay6 days ago

    There isn’t a iPhone 8 in rose gold

  5. Ur Gay

    Ur Gay6 days ago

    Time 2:16

  6. Sphagel nawack

    Sphagel nawack6 days ago

    I have the iPhone 8 red ! (Not plus)

  7. Diya Kaur Sappal

    Diya Kaur Sappal7 days ago

    It’s so cool❤️🔥

  8. AVALON 123

    AVALON 1238 days ago

    I have a red iPhone XR and it’s GORGEOUS

  9. Agent piggles

    Agent piggles11 days ago

    Wish they kept this red iPhone 8 although I’m going to get an XR And i think i wanna get the product red xr

  10. Little Red

    Little Red12 days ago

    2:31 you'll thank me later.

  11. The Maddie and Addy Show

    The Maddie and Addy Show12 days ago

    I prefer white fronts on everything

  12. Onlinebabies_

    Onlinebabies_13 days ago

    I want the red or rose gold but im probably gonna get the red but I HATE that it has text under iphone like we know its product red

  13. Drip And Chip

    Drip And Chip15 days ago

    I just got an iPhone 8 red in 2019 I felt late but as she said it’s the same as an iPhone X

  14. Suzanne /\

    Suzanne /\10 days ago

    is the red cool? i really dont know if i should go with red or space grey

  15. M-R-T

    M-R-T17 days ago

    4:04 me when I get something new

  16. Luise Mönnig

    Luise Mönnig19 days ago

    I❤️THIS PHONE...I became the Phone to my Birthday.I‘m so happy about this Day.🥳🥳🥳

  17. Demarea Wilkerson

    Demarea Wilkerson20 days ago

    I want this phone!!!!!!

  18. RetroLightz

    RetroLightz20 days ago

    This is a damn good looking phone. I'd rather have this than the iPhone 10.

  19. Fruitys

    Fruitys20 days ago

    Who is watching on a Red iPhone XR?


    MINI NADIL23 days ago

    I have that phone

  21. Gold Coast Videography

    Gold Coast Videography23 days ago

    2:55 i wish i could run to the Apple store and just buy a new phone when i wanted :(

  22. Monica Manrique

    Monica Manrique26 days ago

    hello you are so cool

  23. michelle guerrero

    michelle guerrero27 days ago

    Can I have the iPhone

  24. michelle guerrero

    michelle guerrero27 days ago

    I love you videos

  25. Neba Tabey

    Neba TabeyMonth ago

    Which is better the iphone 8 product red or my samsung galaxy star

  26. Manuel Alvarado

    Manuel AlvaradoMonth ago

    I know the iPhone XS and XR are out now but I still want this iPhone 8 Plus red because I love the color red

  27. Neba Tabey

    Neba TabeyMonth ago

    Few weeks later "I broke my new red iPhone" :Me I knew it!

  28. Persian Serena

    Persian SerenaMonth ago


  29. Emma Kay Foran

    Emma Kay ForanMonth ago

    the day that the video posted was my birthday

  30. MR Haque

    MR HaqueMonth ago

    Enjoy your phone😀

  31. rm army

    rm armyMonth ago

    I want the 10 max in blue 😢😢

  32. Zack Katz

    Zack KatzMonth ago

    i love that product red iphone 8 plus. it look so awesome with the red glass back and the black screen and home button. That is how apple should have released the iphone 7/7+ that way.

  33. Unboxing Therapy

    Unboxing TherapyMonth ago

    I love how you have a box of knifes

  34. Jacqueline Marie

    Jacqueline MarieMonth ago

    The red iphone is beautiful i love it❤️

  35. Hazard Baran

    Hazard BaranMonth ago

    Who else has a i7 plus with a bright red silicone case

  36. Arnel Escarez

    Arnel EscarezMonth ago

    iPhone doesn't come with headphone jack. Packed with headphone jack. 😤

  37. Homanzi

    Homanzi7 days ago

    *Comes with an adapter* Adapter: I guess you never saw me. :(

  38. I’m Saucey

    I’m Saucey25 days ago

    Arnel Escarez naw bro

  39. Hello Kitty

    Hello KittyMonth ago

    What does she do with all the iPhone’s she unboxed 🧐🤷🏽‍♀️

  40. Night Sky

    Night Sky2 months ago

    I am watching this on my red iPhone 8 Plus. I love it.

  41. Aasiq Ahmed Chowdhury

    Aasiq Ahmed Chowdhury2 months ago

    is this a demo phone why didn't you turned it on 😂😂😂

  42. It’s Camila

    It’s Camila2 months ago

    i wanted to get the red but it wasnt in stock, so i got the gold and its beautiful

  43. Maddie Amtower

    Maddie Amtower2 months ago

    I'm getting that phone next year or if I save up money

  44. Youtuber123 Youtuber123

    Youtuber123 Youtuber1232 months ago

    Right wee all know how to open box fgs lol

  45. Puteri Azilawati

    Puteri Azilawati2 months ago

    It's a very beautiful to me

  46. Hayienna Fierra

    Hayienna Fierra2 months ago

    what is the use of apple stickers ....q

  47. DyeWorket YT

    DyeWorket YT2 months ago

    I want IT

  48. Ali Blaha

    Ali Blaha2 months ago

    I wish you didn’t return this or you would give it to me😂

  49. ITzRayOonHD

    ITzRayOonHD2 months ago

    Omg your videos make me soooooo 😁 getting my red iPhone 8 in 4 days really excited!!! 😜

  50. Aria Montgomery

    Aria Montgomery2 months ago

    My brother has that phone

  51. RonPlayz

    RonPlayz3 months ago

    The ad on this phone was sick

  52. Stephanie L.

    Stephanie L.3 months ago

    My brother and I have the IPhone 8 Plus in red

  53. Max Swinnerton

    Max Swinnerton3 months ago

    Rip home button 2007-2018

  54. Kiya

    Kiya3 months ago

    I’m craving this phone