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Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-4 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 21-11-2015 HD


  1. Andi Ahmad

    Andi Ahmad6 months ago


  2. Anthony De La Rosa

    Anthony De La Rosa6 months ago

    just in La Liga, in the last 20 matches since 2008 (10 yrs ago) between these 2 teams Barcelona has won 12 of them, Real Madrid has only won 4 and 4 draws! if that doesn't say who is the better team, I don't know what does!!!

  3. Ramuna raamri Puja Sarma Giri

    Ramuna raamri Puja Sarma Giri6 months ago


  4. Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba6 months ago

    Subscribe to my channel if you like messi☺️

  5. harroudi

    harroudi6 months ago


  6. Quang Dang

    Quang Dang6 months ago

    this was ronaldo in RMA before juventus

  7. yusuf kaya

    yusuf kaya6 months ago

  8. Gopakumar N

    Gopakumar N6 months ago

    Messi is the best player in the All time

  9. Diego Jesus

    Diego Jesus6 months ago

    Neymar joga de mais ele é Suarez

  10. Nachobolso

    Nachobolso6 months ago


  11. Deniz Laishram

    Deniz Laishram6 months ago

    Who still loves Neymar+Suarez+Messi ???

  12. 김현수

    김현수6 months ago

    GOAT messi


    MAUWEZO TV6 months ago


  14. atul sigh

    atul sigh6 months ago

    Bernabeau...where Real madrid pays homage to Barca.

  15. Xzive YT

    Xzive YT6 months ago

    If Messi played whole 90 minutes, it would be actually whole domination

  16. Kur Gaming

    Kur Gaming6 months ago

    Always barcelona❤ barcelona beat real madrid a lot

  17. Uzzwal Pant Chettri

    Uzzwal Pant Chettri6 months ago

    i miss how iniesta made a difference

  18. tiziano battaglia nigro

    tiziano battaglia nigro6 months ago

    Para los que dicieron q sin messi no somos nada,ahi tienen.

  19. Lora 13

    Lora 136 months ago

    Barça e Ronaldinho 👏loveee

  20. Edgar Antonio Aro

    Edgar Antonio Aro6 months ago

    BARCELONA has always been THE FATHER of Real Madrid in classics

  21. tvbox android

    tvbox android6 months ago

  22. sathi mA Timro

    sathi mA Timro6 months ago

    iniesta very good players for barcelona

  23. Siboniso Calvin

    Siboniso Calvin6 months ago

    neymar ran away from his calling of leading Barca after Messi

  24. dani beaino

    dani beaino6 months ago

    Suarez should be man of the match

  25. Giancarlo Bertetti

    Giancarlo Bertetti6 months ago

    real madrid beat every team.. except Barcelona!!!..

  26. Muhammad Ibne

    Muhammad Ibne6 months ago

    And on the same day Liverpool smash Man City in Klopp first match at Etihad what a day to be a football fan #Ynwa 🔞

  27. remix0

    remix06 months ago




    Where messi

  29. QwiTTa ICE

    QwiTTa ICE6 months ago


  30. Victor Leonel Matamoros Zeledon

    Victor Leonel Matamoros Zeledon6 months ago

    Marcelo quería matar a. Iniesta

  31. Könül Qasımova

    Könül Qasımova6 months ago

    Why Messi doesn't play?

  32. QwiTTa ICE

    QwiTTa ICE6 months ago

    10:07 he was injured

  33. Bac Truong

    Bac Truong6 months ago


  34. Milán Nagy

    Milán Nagy6 months ago


  35. Vvc Cng

    Vvc Cng6 months ago

    hello messi

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  37. Diário da Celly

    Diário da Celly6 months ago

    EXPLODIUUU! 15/08/201820:01:16

  38. Jude Murphy

    Jude Murphy6 months ago

    The glory days...

  39. It’s me It’s me

    It’s me It’s me6 months ago

    Barca rapes Madrid again and again

  40. PacNick 335

    PacNick 3356 months ago

    If Messi be in There Was 6-0

  41. Theking of chilean

    Theking of chilean6 months ago

    Messi mkultra

  42. MAGIC•Zigi

    MAGIC•Zigi6 months ago


  43. 리오넬메시

    리오넬메시6 months ago

    Messi is not hear and aways but barcelona win!!! Barca better then real mardrid!

  44. QwiTTa ICE

    QwiTTa ICE6 months ago


  45. Daniel Kumevor

    Daniel Kumevor6 months ago

    Boooomshakalaka... 3-0 down n still they see Messi coming in??? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣..... High blood pressure .... Visca El BARCA..!!!!

  46. Luis Guzmán

    Luis Guzmán6 months ago

    It must be ended 0 - 7

  47. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    Joan Ruiz Jacob6 months ago

    Benitez fuck off to Newcastle upon Tyre LOL

  48. tusher dawan

    tusher dawan6 months ago

    Who will win the Champion Legue - 1.Barcelona 🔵 🔴 2.Juventus ⚪ ⚫ 3. PSG 🔵 🔴 4. Others. . . . Please vote. . . . . .

  49. Ochena Balok

    Ochena Balok6 months ago

    love u messi

  50. Rayner Y. Sosa

    Rayner Y. Sosa6 months ago

    Que horrible narración ptos gringos :v

  51. tudo2 passa nada

    tudo2 passa nada6 months ago

    neymar jogou muinto





    GAMEPLAYS MOBILE6 months ago

    2018 ?

  54. Beyaz Ekran

    Beyaz Ekran6 months ago

    BU NASIL HAKEM A Q Konusması için paramı vermemiz lazım

  55. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    Joan Ruiz Jacob6 months ago

    what happens when you don't play with a DMF (Casemiro)

  56. Admin lenkaran

    Admin lenkaran6 months ago

    Barselona yekk

  57. Sahra Yakut

    Sahra Yakut6 months ago

    Neymarcılar NEYMAR

  58. Edward Smith

    Edward Smith6 months ago

    6:38 Yeah you always go for your teeth cause they have always helped in the past.

  59. Ninis Puspita

    Ninis Puspita6 months ago


  60. 1 23

    1 236 months ago


  61. Ulises Giacomuzo

    Ulises Giacomuzo6 months ago

    wtf Sergio Roberto playing as foward

  62. Bartek Adamczyk

    Bartek Adamczyk6 months ago

    Haha messi nawet nie wiem czy sie tu zmieści

  63. Abderrahim Abarkane

    Abderrahim Abarkane6 months ago

    i'm a Messi fan but... Messi is way better than Ronaldo

  64. SwagBoi69

    SwagBoi696 months ago

    Think twice

  65. Йигиталиев Улугбек

    Йигиталиев Улугбек6 months ago

    барса зўр

  66. Yonef Carvalen

    Yonef Carvalen6 months ago

    14k dislikes from white


    CAVIN LUGHANO6 months ago

    What is the difference between real madrid and barcelona?

  68. Goonbadum3445

    Goonbadum34456 months ago

    Marcelo was not paying attention to the pitch and was caught out of position multiple times

  69. Davi pro game

    Davi pro game6 months ago

    Ese Barça é bom Sinai ese real lixo é uma bosta bora Barça 😂😂😂😂 chupa real

  70. Harinder Gill

    Harinder Gill6 months ago


  71. punchnello

    punchnello6 months ago

    neymar at 5:50 incredible dribbling

  72. батя в зданії

    батя в зданії6 months ago

    Херня неправда

  73. Hoàng Ngô

    Hoàng Ngô6 months ago

    No messi ,barca (Suarez ,Neymar,Iniesta ) destroyed real

  74. QwiTTa ICE

    QwiTTa ICE6 months ago


  75. Asshaduzzaman Titu

    Asshaduzzaman Titu6 months ago

    Rma try best but FCB goalkeeper is excellent

  76. osvaldo campos

    osvaldo campos6 months ago


  77. Damir Bestaev

    Damir Bestaev6 months ago


  78. Ngan Tien

    Ngan Tien6 months ago

    Love Barcelona

  79. LX파워

    LX파워6 months ago

    where is mess?????

  80. QwiTTa ICE

    QwiTTa ICE6 months ago


  81. Troy J

    Troy J6 months ago

    it should have been 5-0 or 6-0 :(

  82. Simohamad Machrouhi

    Simohamad Machrouhi6 months ago


  83. Liam Urbina

    Liam Urbina6 months ago

    What do you mean commentator, who needs Messi when you got Suarez and Neymar? You’ll always need Messi’s magic

  84. Zeo Mempho

    Zeo Mempho6 months ago

    could've been 6/7 goals for barca

  85. Refund_ Gaming

    Refund_ Gaming6 months ago

    Team m10

  86. Sabiha saleheen sarah

    Sabiha saleheen sarah6 months ago

    Naymar please come in Barcelona team Pares is a bad team! !!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  87. Meximonkey orale wey

    Meximonkey orale wey6 months ago

    Solamente Messi

  88. ジョルジュ早乙女

    ジョルジュ早乙女6 months ago


  89. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    Joan Ruiz Jacob6 months ago

    back when Neymar was relevant LOL

  90. MetaJet 2000

    MetaJet 20006 months ago

    Why is messi out

  91. QwiTTa ICE

    QwiTTa ICE6 months ago

    10:07 injury

  92. Pasha Pasovski

    Pasha Pasovski6 months ago

    I still can't believe that Neimar left this to play for PSG! How much money is a price for happiness!?😎

  93. Wolverine Logan

    Wolverine Logan6 months ago

    Te best atack MSN, haa misses 😢

  94. Samuel Mahecha

    Samuel Mahecha6 months ago

    Al carrer Al carrer 4 a 0 y al carrer

  95. karan narzary covers

    karan narzary covers6 months ago

    What defeated in home stadium

  96. Lamia NEDIL

    Lamia NEDIL6 months ago

    ‏بورصة هي أقوى ميسي ليونيل ميسي هو الافضل افضل😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇪🇸

  97. rianputrasanjaya49 Natasya

    rianputrasanjaya49 Natasya6 months ago

    Barcelona is bast

  98. mateus pablo

    mateus pablo6 months ago

    n to entedendo os cometarios kkkkkk

  99. Robin Ranabhat

    Robin Ranabhat6 months ago

    3:28 . that's why neymar left barsa

  100. Jeremy Knight

    Jeremy Knight6 months ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo is impressive, Lionel Messi is incredible but obviously it's Bravo who is the man of the match. Eleven out of ten for that guy.

  101. Alex Alves

    Alex Alves6 months ago

    Meio d campo do Barcelona ingole o meio do Real toda vez mano

  102. LuizGames 1

    LuizGames 16 months ago

    Soy del barcelona pero navas es una maquina!

  103. Марія Андрійчук

    Марія Андрійчук6 months ago


  104. Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi6 months ago

    I hate that commentator

  105. Gracio Damasetra

    Gracio Damasetra6 months ago

    This is humiliation

  106. Suhaira Shuhaib

    Suhaira Shuhaib6 months ago

    Neymar amazing