1. Fernanda LopeZ

    Fernanda LopeZ7 hours ago

    Is it me or your eyes are bigger than before?

  2. T Barley

    T Barley11 hours ago

    perfect representation of losing yourself and not loving yourself

  3. Luxe Editions

    Luxe Editions14 hours ago

    Omg I loveddddd the bloopers!! They were so cute and funny!! 💗💗

  4. Jessica u

    Jessica u20 hours ago

    You have the most beautiful eyes OMG Jackie I die love u girl

  5. Rat Pitt

    Rat PittDay ago

    „Oh look at my tiny little lips“ Well normal lips to me. Seems like lip fillers are normal to her. What the heck is wrong with this world?

  6. Crystal Mullis

    Crystal MullisDay ago

    I needed to hear this!! Thanks Jaclyn

  7. Christina Gee

    Christina Gee2 days ago

    Jaclyn- thank you for this video. That took a lot of courage. You have come so far girl! You are so beautiful from the inside out! Keep up the hard work! Love you girl.

  8. christina hollomon

    christina hollomon2 days ago

    Awwww!! Don’t be so mean to yourself!!! Look where that first video brought you to :)

  9. Brenda Michelle

    Brenda Michelle2 days ago

    I love watching these videos. I feel like it humbles the person.

  10. LaPorscha David

    LaPorscha David2 days ago

    I didn't like this video. It was very mean girl-ish. I don't know Jacklyn but this video makes me not want to get to know her. Seem like stuckup people you see in the movies from Hollywood. Maybe this was an off day for her or something. She seemed nicer and more humble in the video that she's reviewing. But I do have her palette and bought some for my daughters as well. I bought them before watching this video. She seems very superficial in this video. Plus I would want to see her wipe off mascara error because that happens and I would want to know how to correct it.

  11. ka aware

    ka aware2 days ago

    Where is the dangle earring from??? On the left ear

  12. Meghan KAttula

    Meghan KAttula2 days ago

    Tutorial on this look

  13. Tamara Jarvis

    Tamara Jarvis3 days ago

    But I LOVED the bloopers!!! Plz brings them baaaaack?!?!?!

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    Famous TV3 days ago

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  15. Lesly Mendizabal

    Lesly Mendizabal3 days ago

    “You shoulda used some fix plus bitch” hahahahahahaha!!!!!! 😂 I love you Jaclyn

  16. Incredible World

    Incredible World4 days ago

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  17. Victoria Marquez

    Victoria Marquez4 days ago

    You are so amazing!! I love your videos and your personality!!! You are my favorite youtuber

  18. Little Miss

    Little Miss4 days ago

    Your face doesn't move

  19. Mega Pelotes

    Mega Pelotes4 days ago

    Why do girls think this is pretty? Just stick to being natural and not a plastic doll

  20. Hen Bee

    Hen Bee4 days ago

    Jack has no personality ... non! She has to try... and she try's way more now

  21. Chelsea Cottle

    Chelsea Cottle5 days ago

    I loved watching this lol

  22. joosyme

    joosyme5 days ago

    Oh why u so hard on yourself? It’s so refreshing to see these early videos 👍🏾. Editing now is so deceptive. Makeup vids should show correcting of mistakes. It’s how others learn. Rather than seeing a perfect finish and not being able to achieve a look because blips are edited out. Anyhoo, lovely to see how fresh u were in beginning - you’re a tad diva-ish now 💋💕

  23. Alexa Salinas Olea

    Alexa Salinas Olea5 days ago

    S U B T I T U L O S P L E A S E !!!!

  24. Lola Marie

    Lola Marie5 days ago

    Okay but why am I crying right now? It’s so amazing to see how happy you are now. I want to grow and be a happy person in the future like you❤️

  25. Emily Bestor

    Emily Bestor5 days ago

    But girl, your eyeliner is on fleek!!

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    Famous TV5 days ago

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    ANGELAPABLO5 days ago

    All i see is a dedicated and loving woman. 😍 i love you jacklyn hill. 😍

  28. M

    M6 days ago

    It's good to see you making videos! Girl please I need an in-depth eye tutorial, like how to pick and blend the right shadows for dummies, how to pick the right colours... LIKE IM TERRIBLE PLEASE HALP!! ;)

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  30. Lucia Lapina

    Lucia Lapina6 days ago

    i couldn´t even finish watching this video. don´t be so hard on yourself. it´s still you, the same person. everyone has to start somehow and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

  31. Nanyloah

    Nanyloah6 days ago

    Sheeesh if you talk about yourself like that I can't even imagine how you sound about someone you don't like. I was subscribed years ago and was so inspired by you, then I saw the shift in your attitude and haven't watched you in a while, came back and I barely recognize you now. But still happy about all you've accomplished, congratulations on your 5M subs

  32. Smithi Punna

    Smithi Punna6 days ago

    Can you do a video with the 35O2 pallet

  33. Gabriella Semour

    Gabriella Semour7 days ago

    Yeah, so poor, but yet you bought all kinds of make-up...

  34. Lisa DonCarlos

    Lisa DonCarlos7 days ago

    These are actually my favorites. Loved the bloopers!! and the cute innocense of a bright eyed MUA starting out.

  35. Aiste P.

    Aiste P.7 days ago

    I don't understand why you make so much fun of your younger self lips :( they weren't so tiny in the first place o_O

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    Famous TV7 days ago

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  37. jessanel83

    jessanel837 days ago

    I just discovered you on MReporter and I love you... you are so cute and down to earth. I’m really enjoying your videos.. Wish I was that brave to start my own Channel. ❤️😬☺️

  38. Emily Bomek

    Emily Bomek7 days ago

    What’s her “code” ? For the Jaclyn hill palette

  39. Nicole Ploudre's Recovery Journey

    Nicole Ploudre's Recovery Journey8 days ago

    Girl ur lips were gorgeous!

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  41. Kat Mackey

    Kat Mackey8 days ago

    I love you to death but hearing you bitch and whine about your video literally annoyed the shit out of me. Like stop omg you sound like the biggest stuck up brat ever.. especially complaining about your lips and nose like you still look beautiful then and your lips look exactly the same. They’re still small

  42. Sarah Goforth

    Sarah Goforth8 days ago

    "You should have used some fix + bitch!" I'm crying.

  43. Carol Tamion

    Carol Tamion8 days ago

    I have to be honest Jaclyn, but you looked so good at the time, with your natural lips and nose. I think that this lips thing is going to be over, after all, all trends tend to come to an end. So, don't do that, girls.

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  45. Imagine Dragons_Official

    Imagine Dragons_Official9 days ago

    You are a Fashion Diva!!❤❤ Love ya.....😙

  46. Joy Farley

    Joy Farley9 days ago

    I freaking love this!!!! So funny! Your facial expressions are killing me! LOL

  47. Daniel Fernandez

    Daniel Fernandez9 days ago

    when the wife puts hers up can you please check it out she trusts you a lot and she does not even know you

  48. Daniel Fernandez

    Daniel Fernandez9 days ago

    me and my wife are in the same position as what you and Jon where in how did you to get out of it

  49. Lorenna Howell

    Lorenna Howell9 days ago

    I actually like your lips and face before. You shouldn't be self conscious.

  50. Olivia Martin

    Olivia Martin9 days ago

    This is the video that actually helped me dissed to become a MReporter even though I haven’t posted yet I will when my camera come in and have a good area to do it.

  51. Ana Hutchins

    Ana Hutchins9 days ago

    I love bloopers!!

  52. Ana Hutchins

    Ana Hutchins9 days ago

    Jaclyn looks amazing in this video!! White looks so awesome on her!! And the makeup too! Gotta say..... I think this is my favorite look on her😉 As far as the original video shown..... omg she's so mean to herself! Yikes! I'm glad she kept making videos and kept being brace enough to do this. Putting yourself out there takes lady balls grrrrl!

  53. Amanda Stewart

    Amanda Stewart9 days ago

    sex in the city.... the mandela effect is too real

  54. Brittany Jordan

    Brittany Jordan10 days ago

    I remember this video, it's one of the first one's I watched of yours when Melissa Michelle spoke about you on her channel. I went all the way back and watched from the beginning and then subscribed to you. You've grown so much and I'm happy I've been to see where you are now.

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  56. Shalacy Manderson

    Shalacy Manderson10 days ago

    I wonder if she talks about smaller you tubers like this.. she really doesn't give much hope for a smaller you tube channel

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  59. Mariah Parish

    Mariah Parish10 days ago

    This video gives me life 😂💀

  60. bombshell kat

    bombshell kat10 days ago

    😂😂😂 i love you so much

  61. Paige Underwood

    Paige Underwood10 days ago

    I love you but why are you pointing out everything like forehead wrinkles and small lips like they are such a bad thing 😂 lots of us have those and don't have the choice to change them so easily.

  62. Ariane Cristine Ferreira

    Ariane Cristine Ferreira10 days ago

    I started watching your videos exactly because you were super detailed on the description of what you were doing :) I knew nothing about makeup and just typed red hair and green eyes makeup and you appeared ❤ and I've always loved your bloopers, thanks for bringing them back! Don't be so hard on yourself watching these, you were amazing!

  63. Lollah Ann

    Lollah Ann10 days ago

    The first video of you I saw was your flawless foundation. Loved it and you are one of the main reasons I started in with makeup. You’ve taught me a lot over the years.

  64. Samantha Murphy

    Samantha Murphy10 days ago

    Missed your videos girl! So glad to have you back!

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  66. Andria Herrera

    Andria Herrera11 days ago

    Does anyone know what foundation she is currently using??

  67. Allison Smith

    Allison Smith11 days ago

    Back when you used your mac teaching methods is what made me subscribe. I was so happy someone could fully explain how to apply makeup and do it in such a fun way. I love how far you’ve come and even though you weren’t at your best in that video it’s what me and so many others fall in love with you and makeup. I loved that Jaclyn even if she was struggling and i love the Jaclyn you are now. You’ve always been authentically you and that’s why you have such a mass following! I can’t wait for Jaclyn Hill cosmetics because i trust your opinion so much when it comes to beauty. Love you!! xoxoxo💛💛

  68. Rosa Flores

    Rosa Flores11 days ago

    Please bring back tutorials I learned so much! Need update on brushes!!!

  69. Kendra

    Kendra11 days ago

    Girlie, be proud of your come up. You literally talked to your actual self like it was a stranger. Love who you were then and now.

  70. Jamie Harriman

    Jamie Harriman11 days ago

    OMG this is amazing

  71. xrcrx ftfghjg

    xrcrx ftfghjg11 days ago

    so self absorbed

  72. Devon Celine

    Devon Celine11 days ago

    "No Jaclyn, no" 😂😂😂

  73. Karlie Kelly

    Karlie Kelly11 days ago

    My suggestion would be to turn down your lights a little girl. I would love to see your distinct facial features more than them too bright to see? I’m not sure if that makes sense! But I love you Jaclyn! You’re an amazing MReporterr and human, hope you are doing well!!! ❤️

  74. Vanessa Alamilla

    Vanessa Alamilla11 days ago

    Girl you should give us some full tips on brushes what brushes go with what products and stuff like that ! 💞

  75. Rose Dykas

    Rose Dykas11 days ago

    WHAT lipstick shade are you wearing??? obsessed.

  76. Elibobelly Sandoval

    Elibobelly Sandoval11 days ago


  77. Stacy Proctor

    Stacy Proctor11 days ago

    I love your look. Please do a video on this look! You look soft and natural and beautiful!

  78. Marisa Trevino

    Marisa Trevino11 days ago

    I was cracking up the entire time you were yelling at yourself. This was great!!

  79. Eliz Rodriguez

    Eliz Rodriguez11 days ago

    hi jackeline i found love with one blush you do calling amaretto with becca. for my sorry the blush was discontinued. Can you help me to search some blush similar. please help me

  80. T.A S

    T.A S11 days ago

    LOL so funny !! u r so much fun !

  81. Ncris

    Ncris11 days ago

    Those lips were not that tinny I can see them. Everyone always wants to go bigger and bigger I did see the wrinkles I would do my forehead too

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  83. Dora Argy

    Dora Argy12 days ago

    You should get a tad off your high horse . That Jaclyn was adorable .

  84. thisgurlh3artsmak3up

    thisgurlh3artsmak3up12 days ago

    👑 Qween Jaclyn 👑 Thank you for doing this so glad your back❤

  85. Mrs Officer

    Mrs Officer12 days ago

    I miss these videos. I've been following you since around that time. I've loved watching you grow and evolve. Remember your roots now and then and remake an oldie but goodie. Love you! 😍🤗😙

  86. Sarah Faber

    Sarah Faber12 days ago

    Your lips look identical to the first video. NO DIFFERENCE except the lip color. I repeat:: NO DIFFERENCE.

  87. Famous TV

    Famous TV12 days ago

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  88. Klarissa Guereca

    Klarissa Guereca12 days ago

    Please do a makeup tutorial on this look!!

  89. Jess Jess

    Jess Jess12 days ago

    Your comments to yourself were a little disturbing. Bashing your genuine self is sad. That was the Jaclyn everyone fell in love with.. I honestly didn’t recognize you, you were more true to yourself before. :(

  90. Kayla Anderson

    Kayla Anderson12 days ago

    So glad you’re back and doing well Jaclyn! You’ll always have my love and support, since day one girl!

  91. Sandra V

    Sandra V12 days ago

    😳 the way you act now.

  92. Sandra V

    Sandra V12 days ago

    You totally bullied yourself.

  93. Amanda R

    Amanda R12 days ago


  94. Christina Wagner

    Christina Wagner12 days ago

    I wonder what 2011 Jaclyn would think of 2018 Jaclyn.

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  97. nini aly

    nini aly12 days ago

    I honestly love your initial videos more than the recent ones. You were starting fresh and had so much to share.

  98. Angela Dodson

    Angela Dodson12 days ago


  99. Rosealia Ruby

    Rosealia Ruby12 days ago

    Back when her face use to move

  100. Georgia Smith

    Georgia Smith12 days ago

    glad you're back girl!!!

  101. Elay Dawn

    Elay Dawn12 days ago

    Should’ve used some fix plus bitch 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀