1. Youdontneedmyname Youstilldont

    Youdontneedmyname Youstilldont7 days ago

    her lips dont even that different now tho 😂 tbh she looks the same as she did before, just that the current lighting is way brighter

  2. Ivy Li

    Ivy Li17 days ago

    Ok but her makeup look so good in this vid. Like something about the matte eye and nude lip makes me horny

  3. Julianne Verzo

    Julianne Verzo29 days ago

    Love the way you said everyone should pursue what they want. I needed the encouragement for myself because I am just starting my channel. there is nothing wrong with saying those things but you are beautiful inside out always remember that Love you💋

  4. Sinai Ival Caro

    Sinai Ival CaroMonth ago

    I really wish I had the balls to start a MReporter

  5. Sweta Vyas

    Sweta VyasMonth ago

    Jaclyn you were beautiful before. I think you looked better before. Just my opinion. I just think you were very mean to yourself in this video.

  6. Indian siren

    Indian sirenMonth ago

    It's really not bad. Stop making faces please. I feel bad for your younger self. 😢

  7. Justine Antonietta

    Justine AntoniettaMonth ago

    Where is your nose...

  8. Kassy De La Cruz Vitulli

    Kassy De La Cruz VitulliMonth ago

    What ring light do you use now? I want to start a good MReporter channel but I want a bomb light. What brand is yours?

  9. Melissa Deangel

    Melissa DeangelMonth ago

    I needed this today. I'm here randomly watching your videos and this one definitely brought me to tears and lifted my spirits. The way you speak about yourself with confidence 😍 love you Jaclyn 🌻

  10. Kayla Liebman

    Kayla LiebmanMonth ago

    Jaclyn, you have blossomed as a professional so much and it's truly so sooo inspiring to see how far you have made it...and still are making it. Even after the bullshit drama video channels and hate comments directed at you, I can still see the fierce and determined woman that you always embrace. Your confidence is awe-inspiring. The girl you used to be made you who you are today and I'm glad to see that you can look back and still love her for who she was. Much love bitch xoxox

  11. Allmaa Ortiiz

    Allmaa OrtiizMonth ago

    Imagine how much shit she talks about people she doesn’t like ... sheesh😬

  12. Stephanie Nguyen

    Stephanie NguyenMonth ago

    I love youuuuu jacklyn 😍 you make me laugh so much.

  13. Kitchie Pingol

    Kitchie PingolMonth ago

    You were a teacher who explained how to do things really well!

  14. patricia gonzalez

    patricia gonzalezMonth ago

    I really love the way you look before, with your lips and nails. You look so pretty with that makeup.

  15. Renee Brown

    Renee BrownMonth ago

    Sooo I was a little late in watching this but I loved it. Girl, for someone that had anxiety and depression at that time you were still all up in that camera! That right there is inspiring to me and has taught me that no matter how big your personal monsters are you can still go out and change the world. You still took a leap and put yourself out there and look at you now! Keep crushing it and keep setting the world on fire. You're my Queen and my inspiration. I love you and I wish you the best in all things. ❤❤❤

  16. Lismary Ortiz

    Lismary OrtizMonth ago

    TBH you looked beautiful without the fillers.

  17. Paridhi Singh

    Paridhi SinghMonth ago

    Jack the way you were generous with your subscribers, I really loved your personality.but there wasn’t any need to be so harsh on your real self, I think you should have been more acceptable towards you. The real you. Because not everyone has the fortune to look perfect. And being the real you is so cool. I love your craft and I hope you will understand my from India.

  18. Madison Harding

    Madison Harding2 months ago

    The part where you were applying mascara to your bottom lash reminded me of the intro to Pretty Little Liars

  19. Leah G

    Leah G2 months ago

    Girl stop - you were SOO cute!!! You seemed so shy and sweet!

  20. Hula F

    Hula F2 months ago

    High and mighty. Remember..what goes up must go down.

  21. Jeannette Ray

    Jeannette Ray2 months ago

    Wow, if this is what she says about herself in public I can only imagine the shit she talks about competitors behind closed doors SMH

  22. Trystan Howard

    Trystan Howard2 months ago

    Be gentle with yourself. You were beautiful then and still beautiful now.

  23. Jessica O

    Jessica O2 months ago

    You actually had beautiful lips. Nothing wrong with having small lips. I actually have naturally fuller lips and if I had thin lips and if I heard you talk bad about small lips that would make me feel a certain type of way towards my lips if I didn't have a good self esteem.

  24. Amani E.

    Amani E.2 months ago

    I wanna be like you 😭❤️

  25. Sydney Wallis

    Sydney Wallis2 months ago

    I’m super curious as to what your first video was that blew up big?!

  26. Ashlyn Jones

    Ashlyn Jones2 months ago

    This made me sad to watch. I couldn’t finish it. Your change in personality is insaaaane. I’ve been a subscriber for years, but today, I’m out. ✌🏼

  27. lauren Williams

    lauren Williams2 months ago

    just started watching her like two days ago & i'm obsessed! you are so funny, we all are hard on ourselves.

  28. Rylee Vigil

    Rylee Vigil2 months ago

    Jaclyn, I love how you just criticize yourself and show everyone you realize you aren’t always perfect. But don’t be so hard on yourself!! This is what made you famous! Love you so much!

  29. Rylee Vigil

    Rylee Vigil2 months ago

    Everyone needs to stop with the negative comments. She can criticize herself the way she wants. She always wants to improve. She’s proud of how far she’s come. Worry about yourself people!!

  30. Kari Boudreaux

    Kari Boudreaux2 months ago

    LOL you are so funny. Especially when you freak out about the highlight LOL! And that you were using a stipple brush....LOL So cute~!

  31. YouTube1

    YouTube12 months ago

    Wow no comment

  32. Jennifer Willis

    Jennifer Willis2 months ago

    I think you looked better before. How do you do makeup and basic tasks with your nails? Do they break easily?

  33. Izzzybitsy

    Izzzybitsy3 months ago

    You were beautiful back then and now...:)

  34. jennfarley0502

    jennfarley05023 months ago

    It’s hard to watch you talking about yourself like that.... so uncomfortable to watch you bash someone like that and even more so that it’s yourself. I have never hit the 👎🏻 on a video before now

  35. daughteroftheelement

    daughteroftheelement3 months ago

    The lighting in this video is so blown out. But who am i to talk. The lighting on my videos is actual shite 😅

  36. Joli Stone

    Joli Stone3 months ago

    This video is literally the funniest thing ever.

  37. Alyssa Wilson

    Alyssa Wilson3 months ago

    You just lost a subscriber. Superficial bitch.

  38. Nazhil Tourgeman

    Nazhil Tourgeman3 months ago

    I loveeedd it!!! Can you please make a video of how you do your brows?

  39. LaNeisha Peterkin

    LaNeisha Peterkin3 months ago

    I love this look back at your first video. Thanks hun

  40. Aimee Bell

    Aimee Bell3 months ago

    How funny she did a Kim Kardashian make up, I bet back then she would never think she would actually do her make up with Kim one day! She makes me laugh

  41. sabrina koneman

    sabrina koneman3 months ago

    I actually think you were much more beautiful back then! Natural!

  42. Sashä Watch

    Sashä Watch3 months ago

    Honestly you might of hated your brows back then to now because they are gorgeous but i am so mindblown of how good your brows look in this video because i used to solid fill mine in and have no transition or shape when i was about 12 and now being 15 and watching you my brows have become so much more natural. 💜

  43. Helen Corretjer

    Helen Corretjer3 months ago

    I don’t care what anyone says I love Jaclyn

  44. Kim Goff

    Kim Goff4 months ago

    I miss that girl !!!! And I would of loved to have watched the 1st video but you cut your self down so much then & now and talked all through it that I couldn't even watch it. Wow

  45. Krysten Alexis

    Krysten Alexis4 months ago

    I started watching you when you filmed in your kitchen and I love those videos!

  46. Isabel Valenzuela

    Isabel Valenzuela4 months ago

    I love this girl 😂

  47. WhateverRetarded

    WhateverRetarded4 months ago

    "Damn bitch that's a zoom!" LMAO!! I literally laughed so hard!! Loved this

  48. Ashhleyy vlogs123

    Ashhleyy vlogs1234 months ago

    You look in drag makeup in this video, and your personality seems toxic. I am pretty sure this is just a video and does not capture your true personality? As a result, you should be careful on how to represent yourself on the internet. I like 2011 makeup better haha

  49. J M

    J M4 months ago

    You’re a mean girl to yourself lol...Do you react like that to other girls videos who are starting out on MReporter?

  50. Kylieinthehouse

    Kylieinthehouse4 months ago

    You're too hard on yourself. You look totally presentable, pretty, and nothing is wrong with your lips.

  51. Fair_Valley

    Fair_Valley4 months ago

    I miss the Jaclyn you tore apart. You and Your lips were fine and you and not the standard over done beauty guru shape.

  52. LocalBlackAndRed -PhPl

    LocalBlackAndRed -PhPl4 months ago

    I pick the first video any day. You were human.

  53. jlynn8934

    jlynn89344 months ago

    Girl you are so hilarious calling yourself out on everything! Don't be too critical though, we love that sweet part of you! Yhough admitedly I was feeling pretty anxious too with that zoom too, lol. I gotta say I always thought your lips were super cute, but we all see ourselves differently 🙂 And, by the way, this present-day makeup look here is on POINT. Bea-u-ti-ful. Happy to be seeing the fresh you (maybe bring back some of your cute dorky bloopers once in a while tho too 😉😘)

  54. Ngoc Amanda Vlog

    Ngoc Amanda Vlog4 months ago

    Thank you..

  55. Family & Malisa Dee

    Family & Malisa Dee4 months ago

    Not saying this to be mean but like you better in early days. You looker better as well.

  56. EandPTV

    EandPTV4 months ago

    Omg no way!!! I used to work in Natick Mall and now live in Florida too 🤗

  57. Margot Brown

    Margot Brown5 months ago

    Jaclyn can you please do a video on the make up you wore in this video (the reaction video)!? Thank you!

  58. La Bonita

    La Bonita5 months ago

    Why are you so stuck up? We like simple, natural. Not the Oh my gosh stuck up type... We will still watch you... We are happy for you that you rank up big time, but why the need to omg you bitch like ughhh... smh

  59. Emp1re_ Val93

    Emp1re_ Val935 months ago

    Everyone here is acting like you wouldn't talk shit to your past self, damn. Lol

  60. Starlight Rose

    Starlight Rose5 months ago

    If she tore herself apart the way that she did just imagine how she judges other people 💀

  61. maggie

    maggie4 months ago

    We’re our own worse critic. It can also be a defensive mechanism. But let’s not act like we don’t judge either. It’s judgement to say what you have too don’t you think.

  62. Jozie Herrington

    Jozie Herrington5 months ago

    Wasn’t insecure about my forehead wrinkles until now 😅

  63. Lexi May

    Lexi May5 months ago

    Lol seriously!!!!

  64. Jozie Herrington

    Jozie Herrington5 months ago

    Wasn’t insecure about my forehead wrinkles until now 😅

  65. Melissa Schram

    Melissa Schram5 months ago

    Why does everyone think she's tearing herself down? Have you never looked at a picture of yourself from way back when and though "yea, that wasn't a good idea." God I jump on myself for having literal pencil thin eyebrows so bad, no one should of let me out the damn house.

  66. Foxiepaws ACAnderson

    Foxiepaws ACAnderson5 months ago

    Please don't make the bitchy face like when you are speaking about how often you had used the is really hard but it actually succeeds in making you even uglier.... you do realize that your husband's buddy wouldn't have touched you with his worst enemies dick if you didn't have money....well, after the Vault we will see how long the money AND the relationship last....not long methinks!

  67. Foxiepaws ACAnderson

    Foxiepaws ACAnderson5 months ago

    OMG you actually look passing human in the first video.... you are way prettier then... I have no clue what happened to make your face so HUGE but it was ok then.... I bet you regret whatever you had done that makes you look like an Orange harvest Moon! You didn't have piggy eyes back then....are you blind woman?

  68. sanaya tiva

    sanaya tiva5 months ago

    oh she is back..sshe is back in zoom again!!!!!!😆

  69. majamenos

    majamenos5 months ago

    What a terrible reaction video!

  70. Bao Bai Vue

    Bao Bai Vue5 months ago

    Your too cute and funny lol!!

  71. Demetra Dema

    Demetra Dema5 months ago

    I actually enjoyed Jackly Hill here, I like seeing her vulnerable, humble side

  72. Tristyn Higgins

    Tristyn Higgins5 months ago

    You honestly sound so stuck up now. I used to love watching you. I’m glad you see it now and you’re trying to fix it. But you should really learn to be more humble and not so snooty.

  73. Liv Morrell

    Liv Morrell5 months ago

    I relate to 2018 Jaclyn in this video. Everything that she is saying is because she’s so anxious watching herself. She’s thinking “I’m just saying what everyone is thinking.” She pointed out past Jac being insecure but shows us that living with insecurities and anxieties is something you will always live with. Jaclyn is so relatable to me, personally. She ignites my dreams and helps me overcome my insecurities and anxiety.

  74. Holly Donnelly

    Holly Donnelly5 months ago

    “You shoulda used some fix plus BITCH!” 💀 😂

  75. Julia

    Julia5 months ago

    I see so many negative comments. LET HER GLOW UP! She's def feeling better with herself now and that what counts

  76. Drexyn Ramsey

    Drexyn Ramsey5 months ago

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! You didn’t know then what you know now, beautiful! 💕

  77. Valerie Rosel

    Valerie Rosel5 months ago

    O. M. G. I think I love you again. You are so freaking funny. Gotta get that palette with sable and soft brown look alikes, since they aren’t available at my MAC in Italy. Stay funny sweetie! Proud of you!

  78. Summer Tanner

    Summer Tanner5 months ago

    The face you make when you are highlighting in your video has me DYING 😂😂😂

  79. Janie McDowell

    Janie McDowell5 months ago

    I hated this. Unsubscribing

  80. Alizé Moon

    Alizé Moon5 months ago


  81. Judie with my LifeAsKikay

    Judie with my LifeAsKikay5 months ago

    I'm glad you didn't ''Just stop!'' because then we wouldn't have all the beautiful products and YOU that we have today. Right now I'm where you were in that very video. Watching big youtubers first videos are always encouraging to me haha!

  82. rick burton

    rick burton5 months ago

    why u trashed urself!!! he entire video was sad! u wouldnt be where u r now had it not been for THAT video!!

  83. Lance Wright

    Lance Wright5 months ago

    Omg. I never comment. But, honestly.. to see you pick yourself apart and talking about this “ girl without anything “ is not only sad but also insulting to so many people around the world who just want to learn.. and not be a puppet for social media. I would highly suggest you sitting down and making a video exactly like that first one you did. So so disappointing

  84. longlegladies

    longlegladies5 months ago

    When I was insecure 😟 lol..... was

  85. Monica Mejia

    Monica Mejia5 months ago

    The irony in the description. “No negativity on my channel please blah blah blah”

  86. LidiaChavaque

    LidiaChavaque5 months ago

    I would a million times rather watch the first video than her now.

  87. cherry pop

    cherry pop5 months ago

    wow! you are very mentally ill. i hope you'll aspire to be the girl you once were at some stage. take care, its a tough ride!.

  88. patricia mcnulty

    patricia mcnulty5 months ago

    You still looked beautiful....Gorgeous eyes!

  89. Amber Lopez

    Amber Lopez5 months ago

    You used to be so much more genuine/nice 😐

  90. Lisa Fanucchi

    Lisa Fanucchi5 months ago

    Your lips were pretty!!!

  91. Mariah Michels

    Mariah Michels5 months ago

    Why do I love Jaclyn hill so much

  92. Kirsty Williams

    Kirsty Williams5 months ago

    Very sad watching this I’d much rather watch your older videos then your newer ones

  93. butitssummerma

    butitssummerma5 months ago

    My nose is broken too. I hate it. I've been considering taking up the allergy mask like the japanese

  94. Yen Huynh

    Yen Huynh5 months ago

    Just because you are a “somebody” right now doesn’t mean you can give your “past” self such criticism. If it wasn’t because of that “imperfect” person, you wouldn’t be here today. Maybe you’re “trying” to be funny in this video but I think you’re doing too much. It just shows money and fame changes some people dramatically. 🙄

  95. Jasmine Guyette

    Jasmine Guyette5 months ago

    You've grown so much. Your hilarious 😂

  96. PinsNdisney

    PinsNdisney6 months ago

    We really are our own worst enemies/critics aren’t we?! Geez that was hard to watch .. and I’m not talking about your screen recording. Be kind to yourself. 🙏🏼

  97. Victoria Pearce

    Victoria Pearce6 months ago

    everyone is so overly sensitive in these comments, give her a break man

  98. Candis Carnegie

    Candis Carnegie6 months ago

    this is my first time watching a jaclyn hill make up video. I stumbled upon her closet video and couldn't finish it. I'm all for touting ur success, but it was too much. it's a good thing the girl in the first video is the one that started off bc this one here in the white who imo looks entirely too washed out with her lighting, white outfit, and make up is unbearable! clearly I am not her target audience. I agree w/the posts below...2018 jaclyn is so mean, snarky, and critical of original jaclyn. these make up tutorial gurus get a little coin, house, and collab deal and they forget their humble beginnings. PLUS each and every single one of their channels are the SAME make up styles with the same make up and same cosmetic fillers. IDK what the future holds for any of 'em, but the bottom has to fall out at some point. hopefully her back up plan is strong or her future kids kill her with kindness. #byegirl

  99. Sarah Pope

    Sarah Pope6 months ago

    I love when you were a teacher and you would describe every step

  100. Kate Stults

    Kate Stults6 months ago


  101. Amanda Candi

    Amanda Candi6 months ago

    You guysssss with the negative comments... I love how much she laughs at herself. I laugh at myself all of the time. It’s not sad 🤣 it’s called growth. She’s not on a high horse, she’s living with her success. She’s proud of herself. Let her enjoy it.

  102. ZenMaster

    ZenMaster6 months ago

    I like Jaclyn and her videos, but honestly, I haven't seen one in a really long time. When did she get all the work done? The nose, lips, teeth? I know it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, its all in one's head, but I think she looked better before all the work. She's gotten very "moon" face. The overly smooth and puffy face. It's kind of weird. It's what makes her happy I guess. It's just distracting when we were used to what she did look like before.

  103. Erin Elizabeth

    Erin Elizabeth6 months ago

    If you talk this badly about yourself, I could only imagine how badly you react to someone else’s video.