RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect


  1. Clementine Briant

    Clementine BriantHour ago

    I always go to the comments during the vid, got massive spoilers tho

  2. TheKyle1309

    TheKyle1309Hour ago

    Congrats coby, well done

  3. Jack Grant

    Jack GrantHour ago

    Love it! Go Coby

  4. Pi Gameplays

    Pi GameplaysHour ago

    I know how to fly the piper

  5. Travis Slabaugh

    Travis SlabaughHour ago

    Yesterday was my birthday

  6. Harjit Singh

    Harjit SinghHour ago

    1st win was in bubble gum battle I think

  7. ItSYAhBoI GTE

    ItSYAhBoI GTEHour ago

    Im so proud of my bois cobes cotton🧤🧤😭😭😭

  8. Michael Fraim

    Michael FraimHour ago

    You guys should do a video with the googan squad and do a challenge

  9. A.A Ever thing

    A.A Ever thingHour ago

    Point to be notied. Tyler never lose 😂😂

  10. Hacker 1015

    Hacker 1015Hour ago

    Another win for coby cotten

  11. Marcelo Jogos celular

    Marcelo Jogos celularHour ago


  12. Bennett Contos

    Bennett ContosHour ago

    This could be a turning point for coby

  13. Joshua Burks

    Joshua BurksHour ago


  14. Egg with 10,000 Subscribers only

    Egg with 10,000 Subscribers onlyHour ago

    Sub for the giveaway 16 left📣‼🔥🔥

  15. Mass_digi

    Mass_digiHour ago

    Let's go to Coby!!!!!! Team Coby for life!!! Like if you agree

  16. Pubg Medical

    Pubg MedicalHour ago

    Dude perfect in real is super perfect 💯✨ Real life heroes

  17. Luke Grebinar

    Luke GrebinarHour ago

    I think ty let him win bc he dropped his army troops late

  18. Guiablo

    GuiabloHour ago

    Soldiers of Area 51 start to tremble

  19. 100uploader

    100uploaderHour ago

    cool!!!!!!!!!! love u dude perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. _XxPLASMAxX _

    _XxPLASMAxX _Hour ago

    Let’s go to Coby!!!!!! Team Coby for life!!! Like if you agree

  21. Isaih Lai

    Isaih LaiHour ago

    Coby a legend

  22. Jaseena MK

    Jaseena MKHour ago

    Hey ty wat happened to u r nose

  23. MP Gaming

    MP GamingHour ago

    Some one have M249 Like if you pubg player 👇

  24. Lenny XD

    Lenny XDHour ago

    *When a Japanese RC Air Plane is using kamikaze tactics*

  25. jyoti nayyar

    jyoti nayyarHour ago

    Which gun do u use

  26. robloxer950

    robloxer950Hour ago

    so cool

  27. Czarny Krecik

    Czarny KrecikHour ago


  28. Mapping Station

    Mapping StationHour ago

    I'm 4.8m th

  29. Hatdoggy Bu

    Hatdoggy BuHour ago

    Wheres the celebration

  30. Hoor Khaled

    Hoor KhaledHour ago

    Congratulations 🎊 ❤️ coby for a second winner of the battle ❤️❤️🙏

  31. Xavier Natanael

    Xavier NatanaelHour ago

    Garett looks so depressed XD

  32. classic meme BOOY

    classic meme BOOYHour ago

    Americans are protecting their country? From what? Another 9/11 which is proved to be a planted bombing by American agencies?

  33. bigmig 240

    bigmig 240Hour ago

    Who else was on yhe egde of there seat when colby was in the finals then celebrated when he won hit the like button under this comment to let me know 👇

  34. Jennifer Nelson

    Jennifer NelsonHour ago

    Team Coby all the way!!!! So proud

  35. Nabil Tabbara

    Nabil TabbaraHour ago

    Team coby forevaaaaaaa

  36. Jack Thompson

    Jack ThompsonHour ago

    Team coby all the way I love you coby and it’s your second win everrrr!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s flipping gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Abbodi TS

    Abbodi TSHour ago

    Team coby

  38. ElixGhost Perotti

    ElixGhost PerottiHour ago

    Nobody: Litelly nobody: Seriously no one: Dude perfect crew: WOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAWOOOOMYGODWOOO

  39. Minecraft Invader

    Minecraft InvaderHour ago


  40. Ijaz Khan

    Ijaz KhanHour ago

    Mr. Beast will soon cross this channel.

  41. Bennett Contos

    Bennett ContosHour ago

    I've been wating for a new battle for so long and you delivered

  42. Joshua Gong

    Joshua GongHour ago

    Coby’s game change worked

  43. Stefan Gröbner

    Stefan GröbnerHour ago

    Area 51 Training

  44. Shawn Pretorius

    Shawn PretoriusHour ago

    Coby’s second battle win 🥳 I’ve seen the first I’ve seen the second I’ve seen it all. Team Coby for life 🥳!!!!!!!!!

  45. Reaper

    ReaperHour ago

    Team Coby for life

  46. Murtaza Hassan

    Murtaza HassanHour ago

    Team coby

  47. Flash1234

    Flash1234Hour ago


  48. techmania hacks

    techmania hacksHour ago

    Nice bro

  49. Bennett Contos

    Bennett ContosHour ago

    Ahhh don't you just love it when you check your subscription and there's a new dude perfect.

  50. Funny Bunny

    Funny BunnyHour ago

    YOUR not perfect at alll ¡¡¡STOP IT!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎