Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Official Trailer



    NICK & ME-WEE ROSETTA13 hours ago

    Daft punk!!!

  2. Sybil Graves

    Sybil Graves16 hours ago

    *RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET (2018)* sites.google.com/view/newmovieinhd ❖ ❖ ❖ TUTTO IL LINGUAGGIO ❖ ❖ ❖ PG | 1h 52min | Animazione, avventura, commedia | 21 novembre 2018 (USA) Sei anni dopo gli eventi di "relitto-it Ralph, " Ralph e vanellope, ora amici, scoprire un router Wi-Fi nella loro galleria, portandoli in una nuova avventura. Registi: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore Scrittori: Phil Johnston (sceneggiatura), Pamela Ribon (sceneggiatura) | 6 più crediti» Stelle: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot | Vedi cast e Crew completi

  3. Kirito Kirigaya

    Kirito KirigayaDay ago

    It's really not that hard to break youtube. *Read more*

  4. conan world

    conan worldDay ago

    After watching a scene in this movie where ralph cries reading bad comments about him. I promise myself I'll never say bad words for any cartoon character... I love You ralph..... You are the besttt.... Wreck it ralph😂😍😍😍😂😂😂

  5. MOTAZE alr

    MOTAZE alrDay ago

    Best movie i have watched ever

  6. 3Tonny Hu

    3Tonny Hu2 days ago

    good movieµ

  7. squishys the best

    squishys the best2 days ago

    Rapunzel my fav disney princess

  8. สุวิจักขณ์ เเจ่มวรรณา

    สุวิจักขณ์ เเจ่มวรรณา3 days ago

    1.25 stop!! OMG is the car Max

  9. 0nceler

    0nceler3 days ago

    Two words, end credits.

  10. White Fatalis

    White Fatalis4 days ago

    What ever you do, don't go Rule34.

  11. Lina Eltayeb

    Lina Eltayeb4 days ago

    I want to the movie and it was amazing I recommend everyone to watch it in the cinema and it is also 3d

  12. Penta Dani

    Penta Dani4 days ago

    What is the name of this music ???

  13. Rose Amanouil

    Rose Amanouil4 days ago

    I thought vanellope wasn’t able to get out of her game because she was a glitch 🤔🤔

  14. Kid's Play

    Kid's Play5 days ago

    love it.. cant stop keep watching

  15. Dana one

    Dana one6 days ago

    Watch full movie here👇👇👇 mreporter.net/v/video-ekOyetEAYRA.html

  16. Zeepip

    Zeepip6 days ago

    basically the emoji movie...

  17. SoHippyDippy

    SoHippyDippy6 days ago

    0:22 what version of the song is this?

  18. Rainbow DASH

    Rainbow DASH6 days ago

    I have the full movie Google watch in my channel

  19. BOMB BAE

    BOMB BAE6 days ago

    I swear I just dreamed venelope last night😢

  20. Ze Yang Lim

    Ze Yang Lim7 days ago

    Morpheus? Is ralph trying to believe?

  21. myplaguesify

    myplaguesify7 days ago

    i dont like the voice of that kid,very harsh

  22. Doge122

    Doge1227 days ago

    I think the one thing I’m gonna hate about this movie is that they don’t sound like they did in the first movie

  23. Fidler O'Dea

    Fidler O'Dea7 days ago

    Full Movie Online Ralph Breaks the Internet Watch Now : t.co/NsqMKwJWGg

  24. Doon Stone-Wigg

    Doon Stone-Wigg7 days ago

    Full Movie Online Ralph Breaks the Internet Watch Now : t.co/NsqMKwJWGg

  25. Damens Le Rennetel

    Damens Le Rennetel7 days ago

    Full Movie Online Ralph Breaks the Internet Watch Now : t.co/NsqMKwJWGg

  26. Zaihan Rani

    Zaihan Rani7 days ago

    Best best best

  27. Arsim Shkreta

    Arsim Shkreta8 days ago


  28. Landon Cluff

    Landon Cluff9 days ago

    What song is that

  29. asif Rashmam

    asif Rashmam9 days ago

    Disney I love your movie

  30. ItsRazzy

    ItsRazzy11 days ago

    0:56 Search Bars in a nutshell

  31. MD Rian

    MD Rian11 days ago

    bit.ly/2LZ6Pj1 for the full movie.

  32. J Po

    J Po11 days ago

    MLG Cinderella

  33. Cam Vincius

    Cam Vincius11 days ago

    when she asked about a super intense, nuts website, I think she was looking for 4chan

  34. ervin qosja

    ervin qosja11 days ago

    Wreck-It Ralph 2. We're in Albania when it comes out

  35. Joshua Raymond panes

    Joshua Raymond panes12 days ago

    1:26 I saw arlo and eve at pixar What if the good dinosaur and wall-e crossover?

  36. Eduar Ortiz

    Eduar Ortiz12 days ago

    I like Ralph Breaks The Internet movie and the music

  37. TechAdvisor

    TechAdvisor12 days ago

    Why are some dialogues modified in the film? Like in trailer Vanellope asks for a website that is super cool and totally nuts but in actual film she directly asks for Sugar Rush steering wheel from Ebay.

  38. John Xavier

    John Xavier12 days ago

    Another Kanye West movie 👀

  39. kpop lover

    kpop lover12 days ago

    I watched it today...it was sad...;(

  40. Finnthehumanfan 376

    Finnthehumanfan 37613 days ago

    1:24 I could imagine if Warner Bros made this, For example The Muppets show - Animaniacs Star wars - Jk Rowlings wizarding World (Harry Potter and Fantastic beasts) Disney animation - WB Animation Marvel - DC (obviously) Pixar - Warner animation group

  41. Marry Me Min Yoongi

    Marry Me Min Yoongi13 days ago

    The last scene isn’t part of the movie, why is that?

  42. Punyr

    Punyr13 days ago

    Ads the movie

  43. DiamondLevi

    DiamondLevi14 days ago

    comes this movie on a site where you can watch movies. if so on which site

  44. Tristan Agustin

    Tristan Agustin15 days ago

    DAFT PUNK!!!!!

  45. Swapboss DanceMoms

    Swapboss DanceMoms15 days ago

    What’s the song called? (0:22)

  46. mk media

    mk media15 days ago

    Watch full movie hd click the link mreporter.net/v/video-S14iGzM9oBM.html

  47. mk media

    mk media15 days ago

    Watch full movie hd click the link mreporter.net/v/video-S14iGzM9oBM.html

  48. mk media

    mk media15 days ago

    Watch full movie hd click the link mreporter.net/v/video-S14iGzM9oBM.html

  49. mk media

    mk media15 days ago

    Watch full movie hd click the link mreporter.net/v/video-S14iGzM9oBM.html

  50. mk media

    mk media15 days ago

    Watch full movie hd click the link mreporter.net/v/video-S14iGzM9oBM.html

  51. Exploding Unicorn

    Exploding Unicorn15 days ago

    0:58 did he say Umbridge

  52. AmberGirl

    AmberGirl16 days ago

    Cannot believe they forgot to include princess Kida

  53. ゆのぽん

    ゆのぽん16 days ago


  54. amila Ss

    amila Ss16 days ago

    This is how you destroy your whole career with pc & sjw bs. 💩

  55. NightCore Vision

    NightCore Vision16 days ago

    Who's else here from Dantdm

  56. ValidUs

    ValidUs16 days ago

    no no no no no no NO

  57. Allphonetips

    Allphonetips16 days ago

    It sounded better yet they still named it breaks ugh

  58. baby Cosmo spongebob cool 11

    baby Cosmo spongebob cool 1116 days ago

    I seen that movie

  59. BruhItzNiya Yt

    BruhItzNiya Yt17 days ago

    I seen this and it’s so good I recommend watching it lol

  60. Cody Cho

    Cody Cho17 days ago

    I think it's a bit of a lost opportunity for a Myspace joke in the movie.

  61. Leonardo Fabio Mendoza

    Leonardo Fabio Mendoza17 days ago

    Gal Gadot a child murder for a children movie??? #badcasting #boycottgalgadot

  62. cat lover XD

    cat lover XD17 days ago

    0:57 All the Potterheads are freakin out lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. acmad zaid

    acmad zaid18 days ago


  64. Zilfi

    Zilfi18 days ago

    I was really exited for this movie, but after seeing it I am very disappointed.

  65. RazorGames

    RazorGames18 days ago

    Sider-Verse was way better.

  66. Lyirina YT

    Lyirina YT19 days ago

    omg... i am watching it and IT HAS MY PAINTER CHANNEL IDOLS EASTER EGG! "now lets add a little tree everyone needs a friend.." seems familar? BOB ROSS! watch it here FOR FREE ! www4.fmovies.to/film/ralph-breaks-the-internet.6vr99/zo9pwm

  67. D orsa Kh

    D orsa Kh19 days ago

    Totally amazing

  68. D orsa Kh

    D orsa Kh19 days ago

    I just saw complete movie and it was epiiiiiiicccc

  69. doha d

    doha d19 days ago

    مافي مترجم؟

  70. Harrysno Gaming

    Harrysno Gaming19 days ago

    whats the song when penelloppe says ladies and gentlemen i give you the internet

  71. blue wolf leader katthrine

    blue wolf leader katthrine20 days ago

    I like thiss video i like elsa

  72. chazburgerpal pal

    chazburgerpal pal20 days ago

    If you guys watched the first Wreck it Ralph, you will probably know this. I thought glitches can’t leave their game. And Vanellope is a glitch. So, how did she end up in Ralph’s game and the internet? As you can see in the trailer.

  73. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone Wolf20 days ago

    This Movie is Really Good! It gives The Incredibles 2 a run for their money

  74. beni

    beni20 days ago

    There was just a scene from the tweiler dat didnt makr make in to the movie and that makes me sad

  75. Ibrahim Afzal

    Ibrahim Afzal20 days ago

    Amazing I watched th movie it is amazing Disney I loved it even though I am 10 years old

  76. ielya tehrani

    ielya tehrani20 days ago

    Wreck-it Ralph 3 enter the pornhub xvideos Brazzers kompoz xhamster Redtube you jizz bang Bros xnxx universe

  77. Mr.Jasaw

    Mr.Jasaw20 days ago

    bloody feminism ruins everything

  78. Mr.Jasaw

    Mr.Jasaw20 days ago

    *dear feministic princesses ..* Tiana, Naveen got you your restaurant. Anna, Kristoff brought you back to Arendelle and came back to try and save you. Cinderella, Charming saved you from your step family. Ariel, Eric saved you from Ursula, Aladdin did the same with you, Jasmine. Snow and Aurora, Florian and Philip saved you from enetral sleep. Mulan, if Shang hadn't spared you, you would be dead. And finally, Rapunzel, Eugene DIED for you! Gave up his own life so you could be free from Gothel, AND he reunited you with your birth parents who HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YOU FOR YEARS! ..and venellope .. didn't Ralph save you ? So, the "role models" are teaching young kids to be ungrateful, insult the guy who RISK THEIR LIVES FOR YOU, and point weapons at young girls who just said "hi". The most ironic Disney girls in history, ladies and gentlemen! If this is how they act, then I'm glad others like Megara, Esmeralda, or Giselle aren't part of it. bloody feminism ^^

  79. Louis XIV (aka 1685Violin)

    Louis XIV (aka 1685Violin)15 days ago

    (before you misunderstand me, I am not a feminist, I also dislike feminists) The folks who got offended by the joke actually misinterpreted the joke. That was a jab at the audience thinking that _every_ princess and their problems were solved by strong men appearing when this isn't _always_ true. Prince Naveen technically didn't help her get her restaurant because Tiana still forced the business men to sell the building with the money she had earned. He did help her remove her frog curse but in a different way than expected. Mulan's story wasn't reliant on Shang fully though. That wasn't the point. The point was her trying to save China herself so her father wouldn't die in war. In fact, at one point, she gave instructions to Shang and his soldiers on how to save the emperor. As for Anna and Elsa, even though Kristoff played a role in the story, he wasn't the one who ultimately resolved the conflict between Elsa and Anna: it was their familial love between the sisters that resolved the conflict.

  80. Geenval Qixel

    Geenval Qixel20 days ago

    Did'nt have to pay for the movie, it got leaked in HD.

  81. Dan Threepwood

    Dan Threepwood20 days ago

    It's a 2 hour long brazen commercial about virtually every (internet) product and/or company in which Disney has stock market shares. Really shoving it down your throat along the way.

  82. Fatima and Eman in toy land Khalaf

    Fatima and Eman in toy land Khalaf20 days ago

    I watched this movie

  83. Useless Virus

    Useless Virus21 day ago

    How Dare you Forget to Add Wall-E And EVE in the Disney Scene!

  84. Tom Arrow

    Tom Arrow21 day ago

    Please stop, I can't take the cringe...

  85. Khairul Ikhwan

    Khairul Ikhwan21 day ago

    still remember that this movie is about characters from arcade games. now it become disney playground because of disney. heh

  86. John W

    John W21 day ago

    So it's basically the same as part 1. Except this time its Penelope going turbo hmmmm

  87. KillJoy G

    KillJoy G22 days ago

    Awesome movie

  88. Luciana Mohanu

    Luciana Mohanu22 days ago

    Can't some one put the full movie of this on yt or what?😠 But cool clip 👍

  89. NessLover94

    NessLover9422 days ago

    I'm not gonna watch this movie after all, because the people who told me that Mario was gonna make a cameo appearance, they were lying to me.


    OANH PIETRZAK22 days ago

    Saw this today. It was awesome

  91. Sara Napolitano

    Sara Napolitano23 days ago

    Dove cazzo è la voce di favij

  92. Neo B. Jover

    Neo B. Jover23 days ago

    1:53 I'm pretty sure Mulan, Moana, and Merida in the background were totally muttering "We don't belong here!"

  93. Jimy 26

    Jimy 2624 days ago

    Metta like chi sta vedendo questo trailer per sentire la voce della sabrigamer

  94. Thịnh Phạm

    Thịnh Phạm24 days ago

    I'm quite surprised how Disney princesses's react 😂

  95. Yults YT

    Yults YT24 days ago

    The ,,Harder better faster stronger'' song. It's so relaxing. Does anyone feel it's relaxing too?

  96. Hanks De

    Hanks De24 days ago

    Gord was a 10/10 character

  97. JJ Dodd

    JJ Dodd24 days ago


  98. I LikePotatos

    I LikePotatos25 days ago

    Trying to decide between this and spiderman into the spiderverse... Tough choice

  99. Ping Pan

    Ping Pan25 days ago

    what is the song in 2.05

  100. Jason Hettinga

    Jason Hettinga25 days ago

    Disney feminists strike again. They make Ralph the antagonist in this one. It’s Ralphs fault for everything that goes wrong for Venelope. Ralph is keeping Venelope from achieving her dreams and so she leaves Ralph to shack up with another woman. And at one point in the movie they turn Ralph into a tranny. The basic theme of this movie is that women are better off without men. Thanks a lot Disney, you man hating, purple haired, pussy hat wearing freaks!!! If this is what we can expect from Disney, I can only imagine how they’re going to screw up Toy Story 4. This new form of feminism sucks!!!