Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Official Trailer


  1. Fat Stuff

    Fat StuffHour ago

    This trailer shows a completely different plot than what i watched on Netflix

  2. Samy Sonata

    Samy SonataDay ago

    I love how this trailer doesnt spoil anything from the story

  3. Alex Alerasoul

    Alex AlerasoulDay ago

    I've never seen a trailer with more scenes in it that weren't in the movie than this one.

  4. Syafirdaus Adam

    Syafirdaus AdamDay ago

    The rule no 1 in internet is.. Dont see the comment

  5. Justin

    Justin3 days ago

    Funny how Sonic looks better in this than his own movie

  6. Deborah Henderson

    Deborah Henderson4 days ago

    its so weird b/c at the end of the movie it sead the update would be January 25 wich is my birthday I am so happy

  7. Johnetta Erty

    Johnetta Erty5 days ago

    The only good thing about the entire movie is the fact that they used Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger in this trailer.

  8. Alaleeli

    Alaleeli5 days ago


  9. Pandu Adha

    Pandu Adha5 days ago

    Wreck It Ralph 3 - Arthur appears again isn't arthur not dead yet? only the ralph virus is dead

  10. Laid Back

    Laid Back7 days ago

    This movie was depressing from start to finish. Crap.

  11. County Facts

    County Facts7 days ago

    how odare rhatye use harder better faster stronger int wehd new rreck it rawelph move this is soe udmeb

  12. jose antonino

    jose antonino8 days ago

    2:05 song plesae

  13. RandomUser221

    RandomUser2219 days ago

    This movie was a woke piece of trash...

  14. AB9 BA

    AB9 BA9 days ago

    It's "RALPH:BREAK'S InterNet (IN)":DISNEY'S "KulTegyn/(KT)" "OH MY DISNEY":(BUMER...EFERENCE...:)!YOUR DEAR 1)MILLIARDER (KЭ); 2.)Fillantrop; 3.)Technochrat; 4.)BunderKing (BK); 5.)& very NanoTechnology main:NT:NEW IBek/"NEWIB"/"IB":AGENT City (AC):DETECTIVE'S Named of The Sherlock Holnes/(S.H.):1 month 21 day LATER in MY 16 SUPERNanoGEEKTechnochrato's-ANNIVERSARY year:I:INSHALLA! YOUR LOVE'S in FOREVER! (NEW IBek:3t season:7!REFERENCE...:In BEGIN of MY 1T SNGT-SMART year...) episode:EASTER EGG/(EE)/(2E) ... ?? ?

  15. Хришћанин и Толкиновац

    Хришћанин и Толкиновац14 days ago

    1:14 You want a destination like that! Is there any website that is dedicated to Westeros, Middle Earth, Warcraft and Elder Scrolls together?:)

  16. Rose The murderer from hell and Heaven and part cat

    Rose The murderer from hell and Heaven and part cat15 days ago



    SAJIDA ALI22 days ago

    what would happen when ralph and the emoji guy meet each other here

  18. DZCantu

    DZCantu24 days ago

    I’m I the only who thinks the blue girl looks like Sombra from overwatch

  19. BENIA ishak

    BENIA ishak26 days ago

    the movie is awesome, and if you shoot a new movie ralph 3.0

  20. pagansforbreakfast

    pagansforbreakfast27 days ago

    Pure dreck.

  21. Jocelyn AR

    Jocelyn AR28 days ago

    The ending is soo sad :(((

  22. go2hell746

    go2hell74629 days ago

    mel meh: hello. as you can see i'm an emoji. a meh to be exact, anywho it's my pleasure to announce our first movie, yay. ralph: hold my beer

  23. Lala

    LalaMonth ago

    Wow look at that product placement galore!

  24. Nada Janabi

    Nada JanabiMonth ago

    I love this

  25. Jaime Álvarez

    Jaime ÁlvarezMonth ago

    0:50 Where's pornhub?

  26. 輸入業者Importer

    輸入業者ImporterMonth ago

    Song: Daft Punk - Harder, Faster, Stronger

  27. 輸入業者Importer

    輸入業者ImporterMonth ago


  28. Hero W

    Hero WMonth ago

    Importer [GD] harder better faster stronger

  29. Wyatt F

    Wyatt FMonth ago

    1:55 Guess rapunzel didn’t see her own movie.

  30. Neroidius

    NeroidiusMonth ago

    What the hell is Repunzel complaining about? She saved the man TWICE!

  31. Alex Alma

    Alex AlmaMonth ago

    Fun movie!👍 But it was a terrible message to kids.😟😦😧

  32. Ech0location

    Ech0locationMonth ago

    1:32 *ahem* *cracks knuckles* Here we go again... time to be an immature bitch because this scene bothered me so much I had put a lot of thought into it. (I just hate pandering feminist statements so fucking sue me.) WHY Pocahontas: Went against marrying a man that she doesn't love and falls in love with John Smith (at least in the movie). Her father tries to kill John but she _risks her life in order to save him._ If anyone, she's the "strong man." Rapunzel (Tangled Version): She didn't leave because a "strong man" showed up. In fact, when Flynn showed up she knocked his ass out with a pan. Things "went right" because of her curiosity regarding finding the source of the lanterns. Though Flynn is great, he grew into a different person because of Rapunzel. Elsa: Bitch... that whole movie was about sisterly love and she didn't even have anyone going after her (unless you count Hans but that wouldn't work out). Cinderella: If any "strong man" came into her life and made things right, it was her fucking Fairy Godmother. Jasmine: _SHE IS NOT A PRIZE TO BE WON_ I mean how fucking dare you... honestly she was the most independent out of most of them. (also Raja can't talk) Snow White: I guess this is the closest to accurate, however, the "strong man" was actually seven dwarves that helped her so that she wouldn't be killed... Sleeping Beauty: Okay... I get this one. But then again, things didn't go right for her when he showed up... things started going very very very very wrong. Tiana: I mean... she was pretty independent... really, actually. Also, the guy made things go worse before it got better. Belle: Bruh... she was enslaved because _she told Adam to enslave you so she could save her father._ Also, who would the strong man who made things better? Gaston? No. Beast, not really. Honestly, Belle was the one who arrived at the castle and made everything better, not the other way around. Merida: Don't even fucking start with me. That movie was about her and her mother and that's pretty much it dammit. If you made it this far, thank you. To be honest idk why I wrote this I just wanted to see if anyone else agreed...

  33. Márton Frits

    Márton FritsMonth ago

    They already made Ready Player One 2?! That was quick!

  34. Unicorn Bunny

    Unicorn BunnyMonth ago

    I want to live in that version of the internet.

  35. Arielle Gonzales

    Arielle GonzalesMonth ago

    What are the sound effects used in this trailer?

  36. Pigbacon SM

    Pigbacon SMMonth ago

    0:21. so I can keep rewatching the daft punk part

  37. Ginella Obando

    Ginella ObandoMonth ago

    Your music is in a video game that is now a movie

  38. Ginella Obando

    Ginella ObandoMonth ago


  39. agustin romani

    agustin romaniMonth ago

    Freaky Friday the movie animated

  40. IceCrusher18 Entertainment

    IceCrusher18 EntertainmentMonth ago

    I think this sequel to Wreck-It Ralph is way way better than Disney's animated sequels released on DVD.

  41. Jamia Brumback-lewis

    Jamia Brumback-lewisMonth ago

    Super martian robot girl:hi. Woah woah ladies! I'm a princess too.

  42. hey you

    hey youMonth ago

    SUCH A WELL PUT TOGETHER MOVIE!! Disney did SOOOO good with this movie!! So much creativity in one movie aha love it

  43. T5 G

    T5 GMonth ago

    DanTDM is in it

  44. star light

    star lightMonth ago

    What's the music between 0:21 through 0:48?? Pls tell me

  45. Death Claw

    Death ClawMonth ago

    Daft punks Harder better faster stronger

  46. sume begum

    sume begumMonth ago

    I love you 😍 guys

  47. Aviral Patel

    Aviral PatelMonth ago

    Give my 1 hour 52 minutes back it’s the most boring movie I’ve ever seen! FUN FACT - 1:10 she says something different in the movie.

  48. مازن الثنيان

    مازن الثنيانMonth ago

    I like the movie

  49. Rupal Sinha

    Rupal SinhaMonth ago

    I came here after watching the end credit scene about the bunny and pancakes but it ain't here in the trailer!

  50. STORMZZZ Durr Burger 115

    STORMZZZ Durr Burger 1152 months ago

    Work it *harder* Make it *better* Do it *faster* Makes us *stronger* More than ever after our work is *NEVER OVER*

  51. Fatma Ramadan

    Fatma Ramadan2 months ago

    OMG 😍😍😍😍😍💜👌🏽

  52. fadhillah rokib

    fadhillah rokib2 months ago

    sugooooi! love when the princess crossover!😘

  53. ツNuulcoolpro

    ツNuulcoolpro2 months ago


  54. Tex Tepig

    Tex Tepig2 months ago

    0:46 Look guys, it's the logo for the series of racing games, Gran Turismo.

  55. Alexander Ephraim

    Alexander Ephraim2 months ago


  56. Some Body

    Some Body2 months ago

    1:26 This screenshot is very depressing. It's like Disney telling in your face "Ho ho, look at all the shit we've bought over the years! We've got Muppets, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel! Now we have Fox! Everything belongs to us now! We will produce endless Marvel movies (now with X-Men), endless Avatar sequels, PG-13 Alien movies, it's what the plebs want! Fox Searchlight is history now! No more non commercial movies like Birdman, Revenant and Shape of Water! Only profit matters!" Fuck you Disney.

  57. Romi

    Romi2 months ago

    1:15 You can tell he‘s seen some shit if you know what I mean

  58. Luc McLaughlin

    Luc McLaughlin2 months ago

    Great, sit back and switch off your thoughts and enjoy something really cute funny and cute. Just watched it. Enjoyed every second of it.

  59. Asma Cherif-Zahar

    Asma Cherif-Zahar2 months ago

    I think the ending was quite sad, and too realistic

  60. geboinzki .Iman28

    geboinzki .Iman28Month ago

    Yes People didn't get the moral of the story that sucks

  61. Yopi Andrian

    Yopi Andrian2 months ago

    Ralph is back

  62. My Info

    My Info2 months ago

    The sequel was a flop for us. There was no bad guy. And no arcade nostalgia. At one scene, my kids and I looked at each other and wondered... why are we watching a scene with nothing but Disney Princesses?

  63. Vekk

    Vekk2 months ago

    Just wait until they find the porn section

  64. Jasmin Eriksen

    Jasmin Eriksen2 months ago

    The first one is much better, this episode is not for kids

  65. Nancy Meena

    Nancy Meena3 months ago

    plz release part3 also and I love this movie and thanks to release so wonderfull movie......

  66. florezluza

    florezluza3 months ago

    Imagine if Ralph and vanelope discovered overwatch , fortnite , apex legends , or even call of duty this movie would win an Oscar immediately

  67. Death Claw

    Death Claw2 months ago

    When did video games become so violent

  68. Lance playz Roblox

    Lance playz Roblox3 months ago

    Ralph goes to minecraft "wreck-it ralph 3

  69. DuH_MaR & MaR_LoU

    DuH_MaR & MaR_LoU3 months ago

    Who wants to see the full movie of ralph breaks the internet?

  70. Vincent C. Castillo

    Vincent C. Castillo3 months ago

    Hey they forgot the Princess Jane from Tarzan!!!


    QWERTY ASDFGH3 months ago

    what's the song???

  72. DL.

    DL.3 months ago

    Mr. Litwak looks like Hitler You can't un-see that, can you?

  73. Harrison Tew

    Harrison Tew3 months ago

    2:09-2:21 Didn't see that scene in the movie.

  74. Quiet Person

    Quiet Person3 months ago


  75. Venom Ido

    Venom Ido3 months ago


  76. Milani M

    Milani M3 months ago

    Where's the porn section?

  77. Farhan Mursal

    Farhan Mursal3 months ago

    At the end of this movie, specifically at lighting credits - background score is same as that of Captain Marvel 1st trailer(around 5 months ago from now), is Marvel trailer music is inspired by the credit score of Ralph breaks the internet?

  78. Farhan Mursal

    Farhan Mursal3 months ago

    Check at 0.13 minutes at trailer mreporter.net/v/video-Z1BCujX3pw8.html

  79. Dillon Johnson

    Dillon Johnson3 months ago

    If this movie had deleted scenes, they would show sites based on Nickelodeon (due to The Parent Trap airing on there) Dreamworks (a friend of Nickelodeon since The Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness premiering on there) Universal Pictures (due to Despicable Me, Horton Hears A Who and The Lorax appearing on Disney Channel), Warner Bros. Pictures (due to Yogi Bear airing on Nickelodeon and The Polar Express airing on Disney Channel thanks to the recaption of one of the men who worked with Walt Disney then left him and his employees to help the Warner Brothers create the studio named after them and the Looney Tunes characters (the logo of that place like Mickey Mouse for the Walt Disney Company)) and Twentieth Century Fox (due to Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters airing on Nickelodeon and two of the Ice Age films airing on Disney Channel).

  80. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago


  81. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago

    They are the best

  82. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago

    I love Ralph and Vanellope

  83. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago


  84. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago

    I love Ralph and vanelipie

  85. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago

    My auntie typed that srry

  86. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago


  87. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago

    It suckssssss

  88. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 months ago

    I love Ralph 👌🏻

  89. Umesh govila

    Umesh govila3 months ago

    Daft punk brought me here

  90. pooh Roo

    pooh Roo3 months ago

    All Disney Princess in Movie

  91. andrea brantner

    andrea brantner3 months ago

    I've seen the movie before on my mom's computer! Actually, my mom's computer was being plugged into the SMART TV in the living room more than two days ago.

  92. andrea brantner

    andrea brantner3 months ago

    Did Phineas and Ferb make a cameo in this sequel? I know there are so many character cameos, but I'm just being curious.

  93. Th3 Lazy Man

    Th3 Lazy Man3 months ago

    They better be involving Pornhub.

  94. RAJ 1328 Bhullar

    RAJ 1328 Bhullar3 months ago

    Who was sade after waching the move Like if you

  95. Suman Bhattacharyya

    Suman Bhattacharyya3 months ago

    0:20 I hope this is an indication that we have another TRON incoming.

  96. Netko Nešto

    Netko Nešto3 months ago

    1:12 why didn't he sended them to porn hub wtf??? Explanation please

  97. Oh Ok

    Oh Ok3 months ago

    So no one is going to talk about how Disney rickrolled everyone who stayed for all the credits?

  98. andrea brantner

    andrea brantner3 months ago

    I'm not a MReporterr. Just a person who can only type in comments just for fun and ideas.

  99. andrea brantner

    andrea brantner3 months ago

    I knew Ralph Breaks the Internet is better than the first one! *giggles*

  100. andrea brantner

    andrea brantner3 months ago

    I'm guessing that the scene where Vanellope meets the Princesses is inspired by a scene from the videogame, Epic Mickey where Mickey Mouse first meets Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Plus, I only beaten the game's sequel, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on the Xbox 360.

  101. Andrew J

    Andrew J3 months ago

    I have NEVER seen a movie shit the bed as hard as Ralph breaks the internet. Holy hell. The first half of the movie was hilarious, I was in tears I was laughing so hard. Then, once slaughter race was introduced it went straight to hell. THIS IS NOT A KIDS MOVIE. Is was a slow death as the funny parts with Yes were slowly weeded out for the political correctness agenda, then mature themed betrayal and drama meant for teens and 20 year olds, then elements taken from horror films??? What the hell happened???

  102. Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday3 months ago

    Meanwhile! At the Disney marketing team: "So, we can't get the actual song into the trailer because Daft punk won't return our calls. What do we do?!" "i got it! We'll rip a remix someone put on MReporter of it and put in in our trailer!" *Slaps table* "Someone give that man a promotion!"

  103. fatimah anwaar

    fatimah anwaar3 months ago

    this is so much better than the Emoji Movie and I love the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope because it's like me and my brother back when i was about 5 years old


    SPUTNIK GAMING3 months ago


  105. F dL

    F dL3 months ago

    LOL when one of the Disney princesses said that Merida of Brave is from another studio 😂

  106. D.M was Here animation

    D.M was Here animation3 months ago

    Why putting a song in that😭😭😢