Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Official Trailer


  1. Shark Boy

    Shark Boy27 minutes ago

    Wow. Only recently I started listening to Daft Punk. And then Wreck it Ralph uses one of their songs... What a coincidence lol...

  2. the_gaming_ bloon

    the_gaming_ bloon2 hours ago

    *snif sniff* smell that kids smells like copyright infringement

  3. Slimeh Glows

    Slimeh Glows2 hours ago

    Cant wait for the movie !!!!!!

  4. [GD] Moorook

    [GD] Moorook4 hours ago

    What is harder.better.faster.stronger?😎😎😎

  5. jam jam

    jam jam6 hours ago

    What we learn is 1,to be a princess you need to have powers 2,disney own everything

  6. jam jam

    jam jam6 hours ago

    Wth is the story

  7. Mr Randall

    Mr Randall6 hours ago

    Disney mid-life crisis the movie

  8. Takanuva01

    Takanuva017 hours ago

    All I want to know is if they'll use more daft punk in the sound track.

  9. Crystal & Mai Martinez

    Crystal & Mai Martinez7 hours ago

    I see eve from wall-e in 1:25

  10. Angel Diaz

    Angel Diaz7 hours ago

    Will Felix and Calhoun be in the next trailer?

  11. Venantius Rembrandt

    Venantius Rembrandt8 hours ago

    Where is the PornHub?? Where is the Instagram?? Where is the K-Pop??? Where is the deep web??

  12. Venantius Rembrandt

    Venantius Rembrandt5 hours ago

    Mr Randall K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea.

  13. Mr Randall

    Mr Randall6 hours ago

    Venantius Rembrandt What is kpoop?

  14. Leo Lim

    Leo Lim8 hours ago

    Venantius Rembrandt where is watchmojo?????

  15. jp naranjo

    jp naranjo9 hours ago

    That girl in the ending is that WIFI?

  16. Yeo Jun Xiang Keegan

    Yeo Jun Xiang Keegan9 hours ago

    This movie is going to be one big love letter to Disney fans, young & old...^_^

  17. Ryan Khairul

    Ryan Khairul9 hours ago

    Since I haven't seen it yet.. I'm going to say it. Top 10 Anime crossovers tHe iNTErnEt iS fOR PorN

  18. Kaden Gotcher

    Kaden Gotcher10 hours ago

    It’s the emoji movie except I don’t want to kill my self.

  19. The Green Bowling Pin

    The Green Bowling Pin10 hours ago

    isn’t this a bit meta

  20. The Green Bowling Pin

    The Green Bowling Pin10 hours ago

    yeah but what’s the plot

  21. AwesomeGamer101 _YT

    AwesomeGamer101 _YT11 hours ago

    *Looks at Merida..* Mind: *Woah, Merida. You look triggered cuz of Snow White.*

  22. inkimations

    inkimations11 hours ago

    Everything i love about this. *DAFT PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *BUZZFEED!* *sO mUcH pOp CuLtUrE-*

  23. Dan Laurence Maghanoy

    Dan Laurence Maghanoy11 hours ago

    Every Reaction Goes to the All Disney Princesses

  24. Skyler TubeHD

    Skyler TubeHD12 hours ago

    Alan Tudyk voices Knowsmore in wreck it Ralph 2! Alan Tudyk previously voiced king candy in wreck it Ralph 1 the first movie in 2012. He will voice a new character named Knowsmore since king candy has died in the first film.

  25. Pue Thin

    Pue Thin12 hours ago

    Awe man! I wanna watch it but I don't money or Netflix or youtube..😑

  26. Supreme Kid

    Supreme Kid12 hours ago

    Daft Punk

  27. alex thelizardking

    alex thelizardking13 hours ago

    Ralph and Van gets into MReporter and find sappy videos of them being shipped together, or worse, with characters they've never even heard of.

  28. The Outdoor Explorer

    The Outdoor Explorer14 hours ago


  29. Cherrybomb the fox artist

    Cherrybomb the fox artist15 hours ago

    Ooh oooh, will FrollyFox be in the movie?!? 🦊😄

  30. ErickSkinnyBones

    ErickSkinnyBones16 hours ago

    *4th Wall Shatters*

  31. Toothless the Knight fury

    Toothless the Knight fury17 hours ago

    What song is playing in the background

  32. hukes

    hukes17 hours ago

    What?! More SJW agenda in here too?!!!

  33. Gaming With Night Fury

    Gaming With Night Fury20 hours ago

    Hmmmmm, I wonder what role the storm troopers play in this, are they like the main bad guys in this? Cause if they are then I think that disney is running out of ideas, also wtf is the story line in this movie!?

  34. Disneyfan 123

    Disneyfan 12321 hour ago

    Half of the comments in this section are random channels copying and pasting fake links advertising for WRECK IT RALPH 2 FULL ONLINE VIDEO FREE.

  35. Angelo Charles Enerio

    Angelo Charles Enerio22 hours ago

    Elsa is basically a queen so what she was doin at the princess room

  36. Lords Servant

    Lords Servant23 hours ago

    They should sell Disney toys like those

  37. マイクロ O M E G A 458

    マイクロ O M E G A 458Day ago

    Bring back gravoty falls plz it was my child hood ):

  38. Jeth Rocket

    Jeth RocketDay ago

    Where's Sora?

  39. wayne evans

    wayne evansDay ago

    One eyed symbolism and 33 in your face. Great movie if you want Satan worshiping freemasons to indoctrinate your children

  40. cesar garcia

    cesar garciaDay ago

    So emoji movie 2 What happen to you Ralph

  41. Trailer Subfer

    Trailer SubferDay ago

    Where is Felix? T_T

  42. A WorthlessUsername2525

    A WorthlessUsername2525Day ago

    It's gon be metta

  43. cAlEb

    cAlEbDay ago

    *lil sis*



    New viewer skip to 2:03

  45. Noodle Games

    Noodle GamesDay ago

    What fourth wall?

  46. Dan Laurence Maghanoy

    Dan Laurence MaghanoyDay ago

    This has Everything in Disney Movie has Internet Websites ,Apps, and has the movies UP,Starwars,Marvel,Disney Princesses AWESOME !! In the Future The Walt Disney will Create Many Disney Characters in 1 Movie Agree with That 😱😱😱😱🎬🌠🌠🌠🌠🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❇❇✨✨✨

  47. Gaming Legend16

    Gaming Legend16Day ago

    1:37: JESUS! Cinderella is ready to shank a bitch. 😂


    KREEPYSTUFF777Day ago

    2:09 *Ralph Breaks The Internet And The Fourth Wall* should be the name...

  49. The Hypester [HyperSF]

    The Hypester [HyperSF]Day ago


  50. Ebenezer Bhaskaran

    Ebenezer BhaskaranDay ago

    Didn't some of the princesses' problems get solved because a man showed up?

  51. Becky Boncheveaux

    Becky BoncheveauxDay ago

    This movie is going to be lit af! I flippin' Disney and I loved the part with the princesses! 😊😋

  52. GXodellJR13 YT

    GXodellJR13 YTDay ago

    Oh Damn Cinderella broke her glass shoe

  53. GXodellJR13 YT

    GXodellJR13 YTDay ago

    Kanye West Stronger wow I love that song

  54. astroluna

    astrolunaDay ago

    If Moana has any lines they had better cast Auli’i Cravalho!! I love herrrr

  55. Lucien WD

    Lucien WDDay ago


  56. R

    RDay ago

    Sony: "Hmmm... The Emoji Movie under performed, maybe making a movie about something as vague as the internet wasn't a good idea..." Disney: "Nah, hold my beer"

  57. DeAndre Larkin-Jett

    DeAndre Larkin-JettDay ago

    What about Melody from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, I only saw parts of ot but not the whole thing, she's Ariel's daughter, why ain't she in this

  58. Jordan PiliBala

    Jordan PiliBalaDay ago

    question...they show all the princess, but MULAN is not a princess, if not a princess can show up there, then where is JANE from TARZAN??????

  59. Neptune CPU of Planeptune

    Neptune CPU of PlaneptuneDay ago

    Where's fortnite?

  60. Dimas Lopez-de Jesus

    Dimas Lopez-de JesusDay ago

    What? Vanellope is a new Disney Princess character? No way! Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Elsa, Anna, and Moana are Disney Princess characters. Kayla Herzog loves Disney Princess characters.

  61. Baby Buck

    Baby Buck2 days ago

    This is basically the emoji movie

  62. googamp32

    googamp32Day ago

    Only good.

  63. Kate KreeperKing

    Kate KreeperKing2 days ago

    Kill me

  64. DaBlackBlur57

    DaBlackBlur572 days ago

    Anybody gonna talk about Mulan ninja flip kicking to the group when Vanelopi said "Hi"? No? Just Me? *OK*

  65. Edwin Cuellar

    Edwin Cuellar2 days ago

    I love the princesses cameos, but there's one thing that bothers me, where's princess Kida from Atlantis?

  66. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup Witwicky2 days ago

    Most of the Disney Princesses looked like mature adults, but now they look more like around the same ages.

  67. Circus Baby VXL

    Circus Baby VXL2 days ago

    Emoji movie 2 basicly

  68. Person in love

    Person in love2 days ago

    YES FUCKER YOUR PROBLEMS WHERE SOLVED WHEN A BIG STRONG MAN CAME INTO YOUR LIFE! In fact..IF RALPH DIDNT SHOW UP, YOU'D BE DEAD! Did he start the bug war? YES! But not only did he help you realize your a PRINCESS. But he also put king candy (Turbo) in his place, he put your bullies in there place, taught you how to drive! And saved you from inevitable death by almost sacrificing himself! YOU ARE SUCH A TWAT. Your a terrible friend if you can't even acknowledge what he did for YOU. OH and did I forget to mention that he helped you use your glitch to an advantage?! You know the thing people love you for now! My god your a selfish girl for even agreeing with that statement! I REST MY CASE I'm sorry I couldn't help it...what she said triggered me a bit~

  69. aquiles palacios

    aquiles palacios2 days ago

    What is the name of the song they use

  70. Moelin Liner

    Moelin Liner2 days ago

    Cinderella look like a man

  71. EarthLeafy RJ

    EarthLeafy RJ2 days ago

    Will they show ROBLOX

  72. olivia unicorn

    olivia unicorn2 days ago


  73. Bentley Thomas

    Bentley Thomas2 days ago

    1:32 and 1:18

  74. Sophanny Sung

    Sophanny Sung2 days ago

    I hope don't hurt her my Vanellope pretending I love her she enabled came after me my first discussion..

  75. Scope

    Scope2 days ago

    What's the song? I know it's from daft punk

  76. Itzjoshi. 365.

    Itzjoshi. 365.2 days ago

    1:52 on the right of belle is pascell from tangled in the background

  77. JC

    JC2 days ago

    Don't Eff it up like the Emoji movie!

  78. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol2 days ago

    This movie reminds me of the emoji movie


    WE ARE AWESOME VENOM Padila2 days ago

    Can’t wait to see that movie 🤩🤩

  80. Lone Cowboy

    Lone Cowboy2 days ago

    A thought just occurred to me: Every one of these princesses (minus Merida) is responsible for at least one really catchy song that has managed to get on parents' nerves as their kids will NOT STOP playing them OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Now, they are all IN THE SAME ROOM!

  81. leticia lima

    leticia lima2 days ago


  82. Brycen Ringler

    Brycen Ringler2 days ago

    This is the emoji movie 2

  83. KitsWorld

    KitsWorld2 days ago

    Did i hear the purple guy say umbridge? At around 0:59? NOBODY WANTS AN UMBRIDGE

  84. Cjak

    Cjak2 days ago

    Emoji movie v2

  85. Igor Nowicki

    Igor Nowicki2 days ago

    So... Disney is copying the Emoji Movie right now?


    GUESS THE M0VIE2 days ago

    🔴 #WreckItRalph2 | 2018 FULL HD ☛[ owl.li/sjbI30kzu8w ] Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  87. marli Sage

    marli Sage2 days ago

    Love you

  88. Chris Crazy Videos

    Chris Crazy Videos2 days ago

    1:38 I love how there ready to kill a little girl

  89. Laiane Carvalho

    Laiane Carvalho2 days ago

    Why did you change the costume of Princess Jasmine? Disney fans did not like it and especially me. They put a dress on the Princess Jasmine and it does not have anything to do with the personage. Because instead of putting a dress, they did not put a veil in the pants and a veil in the arm left the barrel outside? It would be much better.

  90. Toomflr

    Toomflr2 days ago

    Daft Punk huh

  91. inky Made

    inky Made2 days ago


  92. Shahrukh Alam

    Shahrukh Alam2 days ago

    Why does Rapunzel make such disgusted face expression when saying "big, strong man" Is there something wrong with being big and strong? or is the problem with being a man? What problems did Ariel and Belle had before the man showed up? Elsa and Merida did not even had any man showed up for them. Its a crossover of hypocrisy, sexism and self-pity.

  93. SN Azziera Yusof

    SN Azziera Yusof3 days ago

    hyped when i saw ironman n marvel

  94. Olivia Touba

    Olivia Touba3 days ago

    Ok, who brought the spinning wheel into their room??!! ... Hey, Rose? ROSE! GET AWAY FROM THERE!! ROSE!!

  95. NanoGamer16

    NanoGamer163 days ago

    WTF storm troopers ?!!!

  96. Kyron Finder

    Kyron Finder3 days ago


  97. Blank Minds

    Blank Minds3 days ago

    Now every Disney movie is inside out :\

  98. Weird Guy

    Weird Guy3 days ago

    I thought vanellope cannot leave her game......

  99. PlasmaBreaker

    PlasmaBreaker3 days ago

    Any one see the Art3mis From ready player one Easter egg no is it just me

  100. Isabelle Courtright

    Isabelle Courtright3 days ago

    Wait is Disney making a movie about Disney?

  101. Angela Dow

    Angela Dow3 days ago

    0:43 is like the emoji movie

  102. 20% Awesome

    20% Awesome3 days ago

    All the Disney Princesses♥️ Wait a minute! Where’s Star Butterfly, Sofia, and Leia?

  103. East Sky

    East Sky3 days ago

    you realize that moana only looks like the real one after they show her

  104. Robbie Gable

    Robbie Gable3 days ago

    Really Vanelopy if it wasn't for Ralph you would still be a glitch character in a game Turbo probably would've destroyed.