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R-Truth is shaken up by a brand change: SmackDown LIVE, April 17, 2018


  1. Chang Soon Keong

    Chang Soon KeongMonth ago

    Kofi Kingston just Milly rocking lol

  2. Subject Biology

    Subject BiologyMonth ago

    What app inventor R truth

  3. Joel The King of Rap

    Joel The King of RapMonth ago

    I think R Truth and Tye Dillinger make really good friends hope they win the smackdown tag team titles

  4. Stephen Cazares

    Stephen Cazares2 months ago


  5. Stephen Cazares

    Stephen Cazares2 months ago


  6. Stephen Cazares

    Stephen Cazares2 months ago


  7. KSG Tyris Truitt

    KSG Tyris Truitt2 months ago

    I watched NXT there was no R- Truth I want my time back

  8. Salmi Rahman

    Salmi Rahman2 months ago

    put R Truth in the New Day!

  9. SGYT Plays

    SGYT Plays4 months ago

    R-Truth is crazy he rushed cell in a hell

  10. davion's volgs

    davion's volgs4 months ago


  11. Jasmine Lopez

    Jasmine Lopez4 months ago

    Lil Jimmy wants to return NOW

  12. Ricky Harrison

    Ricky Harrison4 months ago

    Dream team

  13. the Mexican pig

    the Mexican pig4 months ago

    "He's never been okay"

  14. Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma4 months ago

    R Truth for hall of fame!!!!!

  15. Jdog Dog

    Jdog Dog4 months ago

    My bad 😂😂

  16. Ousmane Bangoura

    Ousmane Bangoura4 months ago

    Oh R-truth. WWWHHHYYY?!?!?!

  17. Alex the Axc

    Alex the Axc4 months ago

    Fukc you r treth

  18. Lucas Coronel

    Lucas Coronel4 months ago

    R-Truth Barely Appears On SmackDown LIVE Nowadays.

  19. Panda 4life

    Panda 4life5 months ago

    the moment when u think your teacher is going to team you up with your best friend ...

  20. 그네.

    그네.5 months ago


  21. AJ Stone

    AJ Stone5 months ago

    "He hasn't been ok for quite some time..."


    ALI PORTION5 months ago

    What happened to r truth where is he? I guess big E is right he isnt OK

  23. Adam Bragg

    Adam Bragg5 months ago

    The Perfect Truth

  24. Deviron Jefferson

    Deviron Jefferson5 months ago

    That handshake tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Daniel Alegria

    Daniel Alegria6 months ago

    Algún latino

  26. Dan Tray

    Dan Tray6 months ago

    R truth is funny

  27. Branden Harris

    Branden Harris6 months ago

    R-Truth is too funny 😂😂

  28. Vasco Oliveira

    Vasco Oliveira6 months ago

    I think R-Truth should join to the New Day

  29. นายอัฉชฎาวุฒิ ดวงเพชร

    นายอัฉชฎาวุฒิ ดวงเพชร6 months ago

    what is this ??

  30. Muhammad Kafil

    Muhammad Kafil6 months ago

    R truth team smakdonw

  31. Drago

    Drago6 months ago

    Welcome to Monday Night Smackdown

  32. de betweter johny barinsky barinsky

    de betweter johny barinsky barinsky6 months ago

    R-truth is my favorite superstar and goldberg and titus oneil i dont give a damn that titus falls under the ring

  33. WWE games and videos

    WWE games and videos6 months ago

    Truth: we are here on Monday night raw Woods: it's Tuesday this is smackdown Truth: mybad I will see you tomorrow Wednesday is nxt lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Ramona K

    Ramona K6 months ago

    "His brain ain't right." -Big E 😂

  35. MrZahsome

    MrZahsome6 months ago

    Man, Truth should have stayed in RAW and become the WOKEN Truth. Yeahhhaassss

  36. miku hatsune

    miku hatsune6 months ago

    Hey wwe I will give you a suggestion r truth is gonna be biggest superstar

  37. the real springtrap

    the real springtrap6 months ago

    new team of smackdown live are the perfect ten

  38. Dragonfear

    Dragonfear6 months ago


  39. Ezra Daßer

    Ezra Daßer6 months ago

    I'm so glad Truth got that pop :'c

  40. Danny Patterson

    Danny Patterson6 months ago

    Tye and truth tag champs kinda sound good

  41. Adamasutojr AJR

    Adamasutojr AJR6 months ago

    R truth should join the new day

  42. Joseph Fonseca

    Joseph Fonseca6 months ago

    what if all of those is a ruse and the biggest build to a heel turn for truth EVER!

  43. Naiihrr Dryden-Mason

    Naiihrr Dryden-Mason6 months ago

    Dillinger walked in like a colonizer entering Wakanda

  44. The Almighty Fish

    The Almighty Fish6 months ago

    Man, what a nice B-day gift

  45. Bryce Kouza

    Bryce Kouza6 months ago

    Push RTruth he’s has real talent and he is a legitimate veteran in WWE

  46. Steven 5000 Slater

    Steven 5000 Slater6 months ago

    Wonder how truth got from St Louis to Louisville so fast Teleportation maybe

  47. Earnestine Davis

    Earnestine Davis6 months ago


  48. Ryan Connell

    Ryan Connell7 months ago

    Truth Is so confused.

  49. nanparayeah

    nanparayeah7 months ago

    "my bad" HAHAHAHA

  50. Justin Howard

    Justin Howard7 months ago

    WTF LOL!!!!

  51. margaret tami

    margaret tami7 months ago

    R Truth

  52. atlanta176

    atlanta1767 months ago

    Bring back lil Jimmy

  53. Trey Dean

    Trey Dean7 months ago

    R-truth & Kofi Kingston use to be tag team partners just let that sink in


    FIRE BLAZE GAMING7 months ago

    Vintage r truth


    FIRE BLAZE GAMING7 months ago

    Tye heel turn coming soon


    FIRE BLAZE GAMING7 months ago

    R truth looks in great shape

  57. Mix Nimko

    Mix Nimko7 months ago

    I thought it's bra...

  58. Vini Gamer ツ

    Vini Gamer ツ7 months ago


  59. Korai Elias

    Korai Elias7 months ago


  60. The Undertaker

    The Undertaker7 months ago

    Push R Truth

  61. Ben Solo

    Ben Solo7 months ago

    N*gr*s are comedians!

  62. Super sayain Pharoah Grant

    Super sayain Pharoah Grant7 months ago

    R truth is 😆

  63. Super sayain Pharoah Grant

    Super sayain Pharoah Grant7 months ago


  64. Super sayain Pharoah Grant

    Super sayain Pharoah Grant7 months ago


  65. Super sayain Pharoah Grant

    Super sayain Pharoah Grant7 months ago

    R truth

  66. Super sayain Pharoah Grant

    Super sayain Pharoah Grant7 months ago

    Wow he return awesome

  67. Darla Griffin

    Darla Griffin7 months ago

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that R Truth is back! So is R Truth on Smackdown or Raw?

  68. Eddy Pearson

    Eddy Pearson7 months ago


  69. Hisham Dalli

    Hisham Dalli7 months ago

    The only thing that makes me sad that R-truth is 46 old.

  70. Firdauz Dude

    Firdauz Dude7 months ago

    R-truth join the new day?

  71. Hammerman tv

    Hammerman tv7 months ago

    Truth and Dillinger great part one

  72. Jackie Ellis

    Jackie Ellis7 months ago

    Tye D:Is he going to be okay? Kofi and Xavier and Big E:No, no.. Kofi:He hasn't been okay for quite sometime...

  73. Lorenzo Williams

    Lorenzo Williams7 months ago

    r truth the truth will set you free

  74. Art Ameti

    Art Ameti7 months ago

    R Truth Vs Randy Orton This Tuesday book it vince!!!!!!!!!

  75. monty turner

    monty turner7 months ago

    Please push r-truth wwe,plllllz!

  76. Van H.

    Van H.7 months ago

    New day needs to get separated and all members slowly but surely get depushed and then fired

  77. Aleena Patrick

    Aleena Patrick7 months ago

    Let's just acknowledge how long R-Truth has been in this business K-kwik(R-Truth) debut in WWE on November 13th, 2000

  78. Mf Doom

    Mf Doom7 months ago

    Aleena Patrick Don't forget that he was in Tna for a time

  79. debajit whatsapp emotional prince

    debajit whatsapp emotional prince7 months ago

    R-TRUTH rest in peace

  80. Caleb Winner

    Caleb Winner7 months ago

    Is lil Jimmy back 😳Yaaaasssss

  81. ExtrañoS

    ExtrañoS7 months ago


  82. Dadare Daniel

    Dadare Daniel7 months ago

    Omg lol

  83. sarnobat2000

    sarnobat20007 months ago

    I missed these "my bad" goofs by R-Truth, my favorite wrestler.

  84. Matt K

    Matt K7 months ago

    WWE, please get rid of the new day gayest thing you ever done, well besides fashion police >< get rid of both -wwe universe

  85. Perla Sanchez. Castillo

    Perla Sanchez. Castillo7 months ago

    The eternal jobber r-truth

  86. Powerstar Commentaries

    Powerstar Commentaries7 months ago

    Can uh we get the awesome truth back

  87. Flummeristic

    Flummeristic7 months ago

    R-Truth is so happy he made it to Monday Night Raw.

  88. Jared

    Jared7 months ago

    4 black men that will never be a World Champion. That's a shame

  89. Billsfan 2002

    Billsfan 20027 months ago

    Is truth on drugs or something

  90. Abhik Manna

    Abhik Manna7 months ago

    GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE PREDICTIONS 1. Primo 2. Apollo Crews 3. Aiden ENglish 4. Heath Slater 5. Cesaro 6. Big E 7. Scott Dawson 8. Rhyno 9. Tyler Breeze 10. Tye Dillinger 11. Mojo Rawley 12. Finn BAlor 13. Chad Geable 14. Rusev 15. Zack Ryder 16. Baron Corbin 17. Jinder Mahal 18. Dolph ZIggler 19. Sheamus 20. Kofi Kingston 21. Chad Geable 22. Andrade CIen Almas 23. Sin Cara 24. Bobby ROode 25. Seth ROllins 26. Drew Mcyintyre 27. Kalisto 28. Rey Mysterio 29. Goldust 30. Chris Jericho 31. No Way Jose 32. Fandango 33. Elias 34.Titus O Neil 35. Roman Reigns 36. AJ Styles 37. Woken Matt Hardy 38. THe Boogeyman 39. Eric Rowan 40. Bray Wyatt 41. Kurt Angle 42. Jeff Hardy 43. Braun Strowman 44. Biig SHow 45. Brock Lesnar 46. The Great Khali 47. John Cena 48. Bobby Lashley 49. EC3 50. The Undertaker

  91. Abhik Manna

    Abhik Manna7 months ago

    new tag team Tye and R truth

  92. NeoStalker

    NeoStalker7 months ago

    As much as I like the R-Truth thing they're dragging it.

  93. Khadar Alfa

    Khadar Alfa7 months ago

    hahahahahahaha common R-Truth lil jimy this is Smackdown live hahahahahahah

  94. Kain d. Badguy

    Kain d. Badguy7 months ago

    R-Truth definitely needs a concussion test.

  95. Dann Amd

    Dann Amd7 months ago

    they should bring the little jimmy gimmick that really works on rtruth

  96. Dann Amd

    Dann Amd7 months ago

    rtruth didnt come alone, he is coming to smackdown with LITTLE JIMMY 😂😂

  97. It's Yo Boi Calen

    It's Yo Boi Calen7 months ago

    R-Truth got a bigger pop then Tye lmao.

  98. Dylan Ford

    Dylan Ford7 months ago

    The Perfect Truth. Book it Vince.


    NATHAN GAMING7 months ago

    What's Up ????

  100. YizTheGreat

    YizTheGreat7 months ago

    4 of them now??? 😂😂👍

  101. small wewe

    small wewe7 months ago

    lol what a bunch of little jimmys :) 🙄