R-Truth is shaken up by a brand change: SmackDown LIVE, April 17, 2018


  1. Kim Sacatani

    Kim Sacatani8 days ago

    0:15 Big E feel it

  2. Brian Schaffer

    Brian Schaffer13 days ago

    It's shaun spears!

  3. Bonby Tonsils

    Bonby Tonsils18 days ago

    I love how now R-Truth is a 9x champ in 2019

  4. Sayan Chatterjee

    Sayan ChatterjeeMonth ago

    Here's your one & only the immortal 24/7 Champion- R -truth!

  5. Quintin Montes

    Quintin Montes2 months ago

    Worst group ever

  6. Reyco Mojares

    Reyco Mojares2 months ago

    It is plan that Tye and Rthurt and Carmella will feud with Usos and Naomi on Smackdown (rumor)but not done because of Raw creative wants to lure Smackdown loyals to watch Raw because of its poor ratings ,and adding more exciting promos will not do it

  7. Sonam Bhutia

    Sonam Bhutia2 months ago

    exactly 1 year ago.

  8. barley96

    barley963 months ago

    I hope AEW picks up Tye

  9. barley96

    barley963 months ago

    Tye deserves better!

  10. David Holzer

    David Holzer4 months ago

    r-truth should be with new day

  11. Sam Welsh

    Sam Welsh6 months ago

    R Truth should be a New Day member

  12. Big Brain Music

    Big Brain Music6 months ago


  13. Gerben Zaki1936

    Gerben Zaki19366 months ago

    Monday night Smackdown live 😂 What's Up!!

  14. Ousmane Bangoura

    Ousmane Bangoura7 months ago

    Oh Truth! WWWWHHHHYYYY!?!?!?!?!

  15. Hart__Foundation

    Hart__Foundation9 months ago

    Kofi Kingston just Milly rocking lol

  16. Subject Biology

    Subject Biology9 months ago

    What app inventor R truth

  17. Ray J The King of Basketball

    Ray J The King of Basketball9 months ago

    I think R Truth and Tye Dillinger make really good friends hope they win the smackdown tag team titles

  18. KSG Tyris Truitt

    KSG Tyris Truitt10 months ago

    I watched NXT there was no R- Truth I want my time back

  19. Salmi Rahman

    Salmi Rahman10 months ago

    put R Truth in the New Day!

  20. SGYT Plays

    SGYT Plays11 months ago

    R-Truth is crazy he rushed cell in a hell

  21. Galaxy Plays Roblox

    Galaxy Plays Roblox11 months ago


  22. Jasmine Lopez

    Jasmine LopezYear ago

    Lil Jimmy wants to return NOW

  23. Ricky Harrison

    Ricky HarrisonYear ago

    Dream team

  24. Thugger 96

    Thugger 96Year ago

    "He's never been okay"

  25. Raj Sharma

    Raj SharmaYear ago

    R Truth for hall of fame!!!!!

  26. Jdog Dog

    Jdog DogYear ago

    My bad 😂😂

  27. Ousmane Bangoura

    Ousmane BangouraYear ago

    Oh R-truth. WWWHHHYYY?!?!?!

  28. Alex the Axc

    Alex the AxcYear ago

    Fukc you r treth

  29. Panda 4life

    Panda 4lifeYear ago

    the moment when u think your teacher is going to team you up with your best friend ...

  30. 데빈 웨스턴.

    데빈 웨스턴.Year ago


  31. AJ Stone

    AJ StoneYear ago

    "He hasn't been ok for quite some time..."


    ALI MANIAYear ago

    What happened to r truth where is he? I guess big E is right he isnt OK

  33. Adam Bragg

    Adam BraggYear ago

    The Perfect Truth

  34. Deviron Jefferson

    Deviron JeffersonYear ago

    That handshake tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Daniel Alegria

    Daniel AlegriaYear ago

    Algún latino

  36. Dan Tray

    Dan TrayYear ago

    R truth is funny

  37. Branden Harris

    Branden HarrisYear ago

    R-Truth is too funny 😂😂

  38. Vasco Oliveira

    Vasco OliveiraYear ago

    I think R-Truth should join to the New Day

  39. นายอัฉชฎาวุฒิ ดวงเพชร

    นายอัฉชฎาวุฒิ ดวงเพชรYear ago

    what is this ??

  40. Muhammad Kafil

    Muhammad KafilYear ago

    R truth team smakdonw

  41. Salatris

    SalatrisYear ago

    Welcome to Monday Night Smackdown

  42. de betweter johny barinsky barinsky

    de betweter johny barinsky barinskyYear ago

    R-truth is my favorite superstar and goldberg and titus oneil i dont give a damn that titus falls under the ring

  43. WWE games and videos

    WWE games and videosYear ago

    Truth: we are here on Monday night raw Woods: it's Tuesday this is smackdown Truth: mybad I will see you tomorrow Wednesday is nxt lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Ramona K

    Ramona KYear ago

    "His brain ain't right." -Big E 😂

  45. MrZahsome

    MrZahsomeYear ago

    Man, Truth should have stayed in RAW and become the WOKEN Truth. Yeahhhaassss

  46. miku hatsune

    miku hatsuneYear ago

    Hey wwe I will give you a suggestion r truth is gonna be biggest superstar

  47. drift master

    drift masterYear ago

    new team of smackdown live are the perfect ten

  48. Dragonfear

    DragonfearYear ago


  49. Hi Daßer

    Hi DaßerYear ago

    I'm so glad Truth got that pop :'c

  50. Danny Patterson

    Danny PattersonYear ago

    Tye and truth tag champs kinda sound good