Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Insta-Stalks the Fab Five


  1. ianatc

    ianatc6 hours ago

    Drinking game every time jvn says honey

  2. peachjedi

    peachjedi23 hours ago

    "I already forgave you...and I fixed it. :D "

  3. Lizzie Yorke

    Lizzie Yorke8 days ago

    This is what a real queen looks like.

  4. ThankYouPain09

    ThankYouPain099 days ago

    No one told Jonathan what personal space is have they? Lol I love it

  5. Kokoro T

    Kokoro T9 days ago


  6. Sara Ewen

    Sara Ewen11 days ago

    I totally love your candid comments! In my early years, I used to go to church with my family. A wee bit of that is still within me and when you let go a real zinger, like being smothered in Tan's bum, I think, oh my, and laugh outrageously!

  7. Ing

    Ing15 days ago

    i wish jonathan is my sister

  8. Anna Shiverdeck

    Anna Shiverdeck15 days ago


  9. Roxanne S.

    Roxanne S.16 days ago

    lmao Jonathan talking about Antoni make my life complete

  10. Arlee Christian

    Arlee Christian16 days ago

    I fucking love him

  11. ayantae BB

    ayantae BB21 day ago

    I need more

  12. chello

    chello22 days ago

    I feel like Jonathan and Antonio Garza should meet

  13. Katie Richardson

    Katie Richardson24 days ago

    I want him to be my BFF

  14. Bel Filippone

    Bel Filippone29 days ago

    He's fucking hilarious

  15. Aerin Kingsly

    Aerin KingslyMonth ago

    I love Johnathan, but I feel so bad for Tan's husband

  16. Jesse Obed

    Jesse ObedMonth ago

    I just made a Jonathan hair tutorial!

  17. Beachlover 101

    Beachlover 101Month ago

    First off I am just going to say that Jonathan is everything next I love how the guys can say all these things but it’s not weird for them

  18. Ayana Ngo

    Ayana NgoMonth ago

    Oh my god, Jonathan is so amazing, I could not contain myself. What a doll

  19. Renee B

    Renee BMonth ago

    I wish I could thumbs up this video more than once. Gave me so much joy. 😂❤️

  20. Melol

    MelolMonth ago

    Karama’s ass 😂

  21. Gavin Burnes

    Gavin BurnesMonth ago

    Bobby needs to be recast, he just doesn’t fit in

  22. Rabellys Soto

    Rabellys SotoMonth ago

    Obsessed with Jonathan! Yaaas!

  23. Ellen Borgmann

    Ellen BorgmannMonth ago

    I love him.

  24. Brendan Hyland

    Brendan HylandMonth ago

    Love ❤️

  25. Chris Forteza

    Chris FortezaMonth ago

    Jesus is a gay man

  26. Dazzling Krissy

    Dazzling KrissyMonth ago

    I love love love me some Jonathan!

  27. Oliver

    OliverMonth ago

    I Just want Jonathon to tell me over and over again that I'm serving looks tbh

  28. Kenneth Mandap

    Kenneth MandapMonth ago

    Did he just curse by his own name?

  29. 7143 b

    7143 bMonth ago


  30. Emma Williams

    Emma WilliamsMonth ago

    “Antoni holding a corgi I trust implicitly” mood?

  31. A

    AMonth ago

    Londonese 😂😂😂

  32. A

    AMonth ago

    Haha he’s hilarious love him 💕💕💕💕

  33. Starry_Dragon

    Starry_DragonMonth ago


  34. ThankYouPain09

    ThankYouPain09Month ago

    This guy is entertaining!!! I love this guy

  35. Paige

    PaigeMonth ago

    I will never get tired of this!

  36. galen stone

    galen stoneMonth ago

    I am as queer and proud as they come, but this queen gets on my last nerve. He has the vocabulary and phraseology of a particularly uneducated twelve year old girl. Johnathan for the love of all that's queer, please act your age and also? Invest in a thesaurus. You embarrass us all.

  37. Dani Tay

    Dani TayMonth ago

    If I talked to this man on a daily basis I would never be sad

  38. alpha orionis

    alpha orionisMonth ago

    jonathan eating food off of other fab 5 costars is my kink

  39. Rory

    RoryMonth ago

    I'm dying because when he said "i want to eat my breakfast lunch and dinner off those abs" it reminded me of when this girl I knew said "i want to lick his abs" about this guy a few years older than her during this event we were at and he heard her and it was hilarioUS

  40. Jordyn Bacon

    Jordyn BaconMonth ago


  41. purermindentity

    purermindentityMonth ago

    Why do gay guys try to sound like girls wtf

  42. F i g u r a t i v e l y

    F i g u r a t i v e l yMonth ago

    Oh my god Jonothan is amazing

  43. Stephanie Davis

    Stephanie DavisMonth ago

    Gay Jesus + Blanche Devereaux = Jonathan Van Ness

  44. Bea A

    Bea AMonth ago

    That intro about Tan's ass is the most amazing thing.

  45. Spence

    SpenceMonth ago

    So fag

  46. nubiana75

    nubiana75Month ago

    I could look at him/listen to him for hours ! Love 💖

  47. misty  McGlothlin

    misty McGlothlinMonth ago

    Jonathan is my favorite person on television. Seriously the greatest personality and that hair girl yassss

  48. Harleigh19

    Harleigh19Month ago

    I am so glad that JVN is getting the love and recognition he deserves. I've been watching him since season 1 of Gay of Thrones and I have been obsessed with him ever since! =P

  49. Amanda Shahoud

    Amanda ShahoudMonth ago

    love him !

  50. Stan Uris

    Stan UrisMonth ago

    Love.Honestly Love

  51. Candice7

    Candice7Month ago

    I dunno why but in my head i compare them to the original Fab 5 and the thing is they dont match each others specialty lol Tan is Jay Karamo is Tom Bobby is Ted Antoni is Kyan jonathan is Carson Lol randomness over load

  52. Jasmine G

    Jasmine GMonth ago

    Jonathan taught Care Bears to stare. 🦄❤️🧚🏽‍♀️

  53. Saratos Matt

    Saratos MattMonth ago

    drink everytime you hear "like"

  54. Rufus Tully

    Rufus TullyMonth ago

    I feel like Jonathan would get along very well with jefree star

  55. Bronte Young

    Bronte YoungMonth ago


  56. Aminah Carrington

    Aminah CarringtonMonth ago

    I laughed so hard💓💓

  57. //amy// x

    //amy// xMonth ago

    when all is said and done you’ll believe god is JVN

  58. Patty Miller

    Patty MillerMonth ago

    fab 5 reading each other but with love and positivity keeps me alive

  59. Chris Ashcroft

    Chris AshcroftMonth ago

    If a hetero were to say the same things about a woman, he would lose everything. Just sayin'.

  60. Elias Turunen

    Elias TurunenMonth ago

    Twist ground digital several resource jazz cable large beat contact.

  61. Camilo Corredor Burgos

    Camilo Corredor BurgosMonth ago

    I’m obsessed with him

  62. Kelsey B

    Kelsey BMonth ago

    I. Love. Them.

  63. xX Mia UnicornXx Plays

    xX Mia UnicornXx PlaysMonth ago


  64. Lily Everlark

    Lily EverlarkMonth ago

    Jonathan Van Ness is a gift to humanity, I don't know what we did to deserve him.

  65. Kate

    KateMonth ago

    i would literally pay for jvn to say _"jesus christ"_ the way he does over and over again

  66. denisse chuco

    denisse chucoMonth ago

    I'm obsessed with The Fab 5

  67. denisse chuco

    denisse chucoMonth ago

    Lmao Jonathan is the best 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  68. olivia mejia

    olivia mejiaMonth ago


  69. Tip Top

    Tip TopMonth ago


  70. TheTripleTKA

    TheTripleTKA2 months ago

    I watched like 2 ep of QE so far and this guy has me dying. He's very likable and hilarious. #YASHENNY

  71. Claire Kimani

    Claire Kimani2 months ago

    And I thought _I_ was a Tan stan...

  72. A Name

    A Name2 months ago

    Jonathan is one of those people where he can go full post verbal and id still understand him.

  73. Amanda Carpp

    Amanda Carpp2 months ago

    I love him more then anyone!

  74. Mari Fabian

    Mari Fabian2 months ago

    my love

  75. zaynab siddiqui

    zaynab siddiqui2 months ago

    can jonathan be MY best friend

  76. a b

    a b2 months ago

    I think we are all obsessed with Tans face. Love you Johnathan. Bobby is my favorite person ever. Dont hate.

  77. tron cat

    tron cat2 months ago

    we stan a horny shistar

  78. Krishan Tan

    Krishan Tan2 months ago

    That Karamo impersonation 😂😂😂

  79. C Ewing

    C Ewing2 months ago

    Honestly, I've been so depressed lately and this guy is like an instant cure every time I see him. He literally makes me feel happiness when nothing else works.

  80. porcusuxor

    porcusuxor2 months ago

    I love how Jonathan has zero filter. Also, I am totally with him where it comes to Tan -- he's just absolutely adorable

  81. Kaylee Baker

    Kaylee Baker2 months ago

    This is it. This is my favorite video on the internet.

  82. BJ Murray

    BJ Murray2 months ago

    Love 3 out of 5 (JVN among them) The other 2: 1 Talented cute, but a bit too obsessed with doing things for "your man/woman" instead of yourself--yet genuine. I wonder if he is living out some insecurities of his own (fair) But 1 of them is, or at least comes off as Fake af, posing, I'm sorry, but I just don't get him beyond his "cuteness". And from Season 1 to 2 he had become even more poserish. It's a great show. And the love comes through. It's just that one guy...

  83. BrianSuxx

    BrianSuxx2 months ago

    I love him

  84. Stuff Stuffer

    Stuff Stuffer2 months ago

    Excuse me Henny that picture of Antoni is fucking everything.

  85. Dennis

    Dennis2 months ago


  86. Gabriel Araujo

    Gabriel Araujo2 months ago


  87. francesca staffieri

    francesca staffieri2 months ago

    I want him to be my best friend I'm not even kidding he's everything I ask for and even more

  88. Chillednfunked

    Chillednfunked2 months ago

    Love Jonathan, my favourite of all of them..

  89. bob bright

    bob bright2 months ago

    Yessssss my baby 😍😍😍😍 I love her lol

  90. Howl What

    Howl What2 months ago

    hahaa i love you so much

  91. Victoria Reilly

    Victoria Reilly2 months ago

    I love y'alls show on Netflix I was just curious would y'all ever do makeovers for females? If not that's cool. But I also wonder why there isn't a group that would do makeovers for women

  92. you can't leave this empty

    you can't leave this empty2 months ago

    As much as I love JVN he and the Fab Five objectify tf out of each other and every other person they're attracted to. Double standard! If straight dudes objectified women like this they would be burned at the stake. But gay dudes objectifying other guys? Totally ok. Classic liberal double standard.

  93. Kathryn Rodgers

    Kathryn Rodgers2 months ago


  94. Starsch ART

    Starsch ART2 months ago

    This video was beautiful and hilarious. Bless Johnathan! I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it but I want to politely point out that "confined" to a wheelchair is a bit ableist (as wheelchairs are a way to regain mobility not restrict it!) and can spread a bit of negative stigma in terms of disability. The Fab 5 are so wonderful and considerate when it comes to the feelings of others so I wanted to leave this here in case this is something else you'd like to know in order to keep being the best and brightest you that you can be! Love you guys!!

  95. Theveganflower

    Theveganflower2 months ago

    Jonathan is my baby of the fab 5 for real. Anthony is my traditional pretty baby . karamo is daddy . bobbers and tan are just my secure relationships. Love them all

  96. j money

    j money2 months ago

    a gift we dont deserve

  97. sally pally

    sally pally2 months ago

    i love how they all lowkey have a crush on each other 😭❤️

  98. Al B

    Al B2 months ago

    I hate karamos spray on hair though LOL

  99. Hoo Me

    Hoo Me2 months ago

    Jonathan is my fav 😂😂😂😂

  100. Chris Cheezy

    Chris Cheezy2 months ago

    LOL I love you Jonathan