Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Insta-Stalks the Fab Five


  1. francesca staffieri

    francesca staffieri3 hours ago

    I want him to be my best friend I'm not even kidding he's everything I ask for and even more

  2. Chillednfunked

    Chillednfunked5 hours ago

    Love Jonathan, my favourite of all of them..

  3. lex bright

    lex bright15 hours ago

    Yessssss my baby 😍😍😍😍 I love her lol

  4. Howl What

    Howl What15 hours ago

    hahaa i love you so much

  5. Victoria Reilly

    Victoria ReillyDay ago

    I love y'alls show on Netflix I was just curious would y'all ever do makeovers for females? If not that's cool. But I also wonder why there isn't a group that would do makeovers for women

  6. you can't leave this empty

    you can't leave this emptyDay ago

    As much as I love JVN he and the Fab Five objectify tf out of each other and every other person they're attracted to. Double standard! If straight dudes objectified women like this they would be burned at the stake. But gay dudes objectifying other guys? Totally ok. Classic liberal double standard.

  7. Kathryn Rodgers

    Kathryn RodgersDay ago


  8. Starsch ART

    Starsch ARTDay ago

    This video was beautiful and hilarious. Bless Johnathan! I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it but I want to politely point out that "confined" to a wheelchair is a bit ableist (as wheelchairs are a way to regain mobility not restrict it!) and can spread a bit of negative stigma in terms of disability. The Fab 5 are so wonderful and considerate when it comes to the feelings of others so I wanted to leave this here in case this is something else you'd like to know in order to keep being the best and brightest you that you can be! Love you guys!!

  9. Theveganflower

    TheveganflowerDay ago

    Jonathan is my baby of the fab 5 for real. Anthony is my traditional pretty baby . karamo is daddy . bobbers and tan are just my secure relationships. Love them all

  10. j money

    j money3 days ago

    a gift we dont deserve

  11. sally pally

    sally pally3 days ago

    i love how they all lowkey have a crush on each other 😭❤️

  12. Al B

    Al B3 days ago

    I hate karamos spray on hair though LOL

  13. Hoo Me

    Hoo Me3 days ago

    Jonathan is my fav 😂😂😂😂

  14. Chris Cheezy

    Chris Cheezy3 days ago

    LOL I love you Jonathan

  15. Lunarkawa

    Lunarkawa3 days ago

    I love Jonathan with my whole flat ass

  16. Daniel Valadez

    Daniel Valadez3 days ago

    He really be a slut huh

  17. yaya722334455

    yaya7223344554 days ago

    He is funny as hell hunnttyy

  18. WeeWaa13

    WeeWaa134 days ago

    Omg Jonathan 😍😍👏👏

  19. Ella Thorne

    Ella Thorne4 days ago

    Sometimes I’ll look at you, Jonathan, and be like... thank god the bitch is gay because if he was “just your average Johnathan” or something, we’d *all* have missed out

  20. Lola Barller

    Lola Barller4 days ago

    JesUS CHRIST! This BODY, HoNeY

  21. Joe Daniel

    Joe Daniel4 days ago

    i wanna eat his *hair*

  22. Alli Buckles

    Alli Buckles4 days ago

    JonJon is my spirit animal

  23. Marissa B.

    Marissa B.4 days ago


  24. chelsi m

    chelsi m5 days ago

    Where tf are my dragons JVN??

  25. Okay I Guess

    Okay I Guess5 days ago

    I need to become best friends with him asap!!

  26. Livia x

    Livia x5 days ago

    i don't get why people say he doesn't like bobby

  27. Brandon Kizart-Haynes

    Brandon Kizart-Haynes5 days ago

    Baby that was a QUIET READ to Karamo but it's the truth so I'm here for it, hahaha! When someone's description of you is your concern and acute attention to your image, not a personality or a voice, but a look you want to convey... Molly, you in danger gurl.

  28. Cleyton de Arruda

    Cleyton de Arruda5 days ago

    Just lovely!

  29. sungmey lee

    sungmey lee5 days ago

    trilingual eggplant omg 😮

  30. Ajarn Bryan

    Ajarn Bryan5 days ago

    Gurl, where are my dragons??? :D

  31. Carly Hanson

    Carly Hanson5 days ago

    How he’s trying not to laugh at the very end 😂

  32. scrainbow1234

    scrainbow12346 days ago

    im not lying this is the funniest video on youtube

  33. scrainbow1234

    scrainbow12346 days ago

    "they can't help that they're obsessed with his iconic trilingual eggplant" LMAO

  34. anna christina

    anna christina6 days ago

    JVN one of a kind. xoxo

  35. Kimberly Rose

    Kimberly Rose6 days ago

    I’m so obsessed with him 😍

  36. Dakota C

    Dakota C6 days ago

    Fucking love Jvn! He cracks me up so much.

  37. gabrielle cohen

    gabrielle cohen7 days ago

    this video was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish

  38. You know what, you’re absolutely right.

    You know what, you’re absolutely right.7 days ago

    Wow he sounds straight at 3:45

  39. Another Account

    Another Account7 days ago

    L O V E every second of him

  40. Sofia

    Sofia7 days ago

    I can’t stop laughing at the part when he said he’s eaten altoids out of Tan’s ears because they’re so cute LMFAO

  41. Julian Joseph

    Julian Joseph8 days ago

    So frickin funny.

  42. Michelle Rivas

    Michelle Rivas8 days ago

    Thank you for teaching us how to master a forearm plank ✨✨✨✨

  43. Itzbellax

    Itzbellax8 days ago

    Antoni is the ultimate bae 😩💖💖

  44. Thomas Jaymes

    Thomas Jaymes8 days ago

    that intro is honestly Such a Mood skskskskskskk

  45. Anne syth

    Anne syth8 days ago

    Wow, hes gayer thank I thought. Lol

  46. HardleyJ

    HardleyJ9 days ago

    jeez, the only person who is impressed by the mentality of a 13 year old white valley girl is a 12 year old valley girl ..

  47. M. S.

    M. S.9 days ago

    Loooove him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Mateus Gomes

    Mateus Gomes9 days ago

  49. Nothing Burger

    Nothing Burger10 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with this guy? 🤔

  50. Lorena Rey

    Lorena Rey10 days ago

    Jonathan! I love you!!!

  51. Purpleppleater42

    Purpleppleater4210 days ago

    Loooove😍 JVN!

  52. Dana Carrasco

    Dana Carrasco10 days ago

    Omg i love him so much😭😭

  53. Hayley

    Hayley10 days ago


  54. Eddus Garvey-Long

    Eddus Garvey-Long10 days ago

    omg "BOBBERS"

  55. Bi the Way

    Bi the Way10 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times and it still makes me smile 😄☺️😂😍

  56. Paula R

    Paula R11 days ago

    20 seconds in and I'm wheezing, Jonathan kills me

  57. Aija

    Aija11 days ago

    "And I'm just really obsessed with Tan's face" Me Everyday

  58. Alyx Kutchera

    Alyx Kutchera11 days ago

    I ❤️ Johnathan so much!

  59. Alyx Kutchera

    Alyx Kutchera11 days ago


  60. Pernickety Pern

    Pernickety Pern11 days ago


  61. Angel Cesena

    Angel Cesena12 days ago

    Jonathan can kill my dog, set my childhood home on fire, stab me in the right earlobe and i'd thank him.

  62. Noodles Osaka

    Noodles Osaka12 days ago

    Jonny’s analogies kill me they’re so great

  63. Marcos Casemiro

    Marcos Casemiro12 days ago

    i love his mind so much ughh its ridiculous

  64. tobeygun

    tobeygun12 days ago

    good lord i love this fabulous man.

  65. Bec F

    Bec F13 days ago

    Jonathan gives me life!

  66. angela he

    angela he13 days ago

    is cashmere = Kashmir?

  67. Ellie McHale

    Ellie McHale13 days ago

    JVN! I agree with you about Tan’s cheeks!

  68. 13RAEVEN

    13RAEVEN13 days ago

    This was hysterical! Needs to be longer than 5 minutes!!

  69. Alayna L.

    Alayna L.13 days ago

    3:35 - 4:00 is me anytime I’m in a group pic

  70. Together Breakfast

    Together Breakfast14 days ago

    Jonathan gives me life, and I know that when I become wealthy enough for a personal stylist, he's gonna be my first and last pick hunny!

  71. zenpai

    zenpai15 days ago

    so basically jvn just wants to be held 😂😂

  72. randomisawesome

    randomisawesome16 days ago

    I've been watching so much QE stuff that the little voice in my head literally sounds like JVN now... help...

  73. Toltendo

    Toltendo16 days ago

    2 minutes in, I lost breath! 3 minutes, I died!

  74. pcallihoo

    pcallihoo16 days ago

    I'm obsessed with him. He's gorgeous 😀

  75. AshleeVizion100

    AshleeVizion10016 days ago

    I could listen to him speak all day.

  76. Donald Mcwhorter

    Donald Mcwhorter16 days ago

    Jonathan bringing life. love him

  77. lets chat

    lets chat16 days ago

    tan is kashmiri pakistnai , nice to know that :)

  78. Kathryn Dudley

    Kathryn Dudley17 days ago

    You are too funny! Luv ya!

  79. saikogrrl

    saikogrrl17 days ago

    "Bobbers" 😂 Jonathan you give me life 😚

  80. Aisha

    Aisha17 days ago

    Jonathan can talk a mile in a minute and still be so supportive and sweet. What a bae

  81. Lucy W

    Lucy W17 days ago

    omg when he critiques the forearm plank. XD

  82. Meg Norris

    Meg Norris17 days ago

    This is my favourite insta stalk.

  83. Nicole Gregory

    Nicole Gregory17 days ago

    *Slam* The Forearm plank... too much! Yes. And, my love for Tan --> Poolboy? JVN or NDG. Vote me! ~N

  84. Krizia W

    Krizia W17 days ago

    Booby baby

  85. Reade

    Reade18 days ago

    I love how these guys always build each other up. Like. Everyone needs friends like that. 😂

  86. Anesh Doyle

    Anesh Doyle18 days ago

    I need him to be my friend, like he is just the fucking best!😍😍😍 long live Mr. Van Ness

  87. Alyssa Wingo

    Alyssa Wingo18 days ago

    i want him to be the leader of the free world

  88. Thomson & Desmon

    Thomson & Desmon19 days ago

    Love you, Jonathan!!!

  89. Ella Sale

    Ella Sale19 days ago

    Love him so much

  90. Panic! at the Twenty One Brandon Rogers!

    Panic! at the Twenty One Brandon Rogers!19 days ago

    Jonathan is amazing. He is funny as fuck.

  91. Bogdan Oprea

    Bogdan Oprea19 days ago

    I would kill for a podcast with him

  92. Swagata Das

    Swagata Das19 days ago

    Jonathan you slay girrlllll

  93. Gerardicosas

    Gerardicosas19 days ago

    jajajajaja #TeamJonathan

  94. Yamila Saiegh

    Yamila Saiegh19 days ago

    I feel like I wanna see him hang w Ilana from Broad City the energy in that duo could power the world's electricity

  95. Tara Ventimiglia

    Tara Ventimiglia19 days ago


  96. beautybabe94

    beautybabe9420 days ago

    I literally want him to be my best friend he’s so perfect

  97. gracwbelle

    gracwbelle20 days ago

    it is impossible to not love him, i mean.......

  98. cindy sanchez

    cindy sanchez20 days ago

    Why can’t I do more than like this.

  99. Lowbrow Rodeo

    Lowbrow Rodeo20 days ago

    Haha, he knows his planks.

  100. AJ Nakasone

    AJ Nakasone20 days ago

    As a straight guy I didn’t think I could enjoy the Fab 5 any more than I do... then JVN made his comment about eating hella edibles and now I’m like 🤘🏽😎 5/5 would hang out with them

  101. Tim Zimmer

    Tim Zimmer20 days ago

    i wanna see more stoned jonathan