1. fatee blue

    fatee blue2 months ago

    When is second season

  2. Lindsay Sper

    Lindsay Sper8 months ago

  3. Bella Curcio

    Bella Curcio8 months ago

    he just makes me smile and be happy

  4. Emilyrose Soehngen

    Emilyrose Soehngen8 months ago

    I'm so obsessed that this was supposed to be like a 20 min thing, and then you just casually became bff's with him and you talked for like 40! He seemed so chill and real with you guys and this is now officially one of my favorite videos on the internet wow

  5. Katelyn Stewart

    Katelyn Stewart8 months ago

    This tan interview gave me life

  6. Stacey Pleasants

    Stacey Pleasants9 months ago

    Omfg! Taaaaaaannnnnn 😍

  7. Alya Saad

    Alya Saad9 months ago

    This is perfect! Tan is so sweet and Hot! 😍

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  9. kara m

    kara m10 months ago

    so this is what they are doing now??

  10. Emma Johnson

    Emma Johnson10 months ago

    King George the third was a crazy person. He tried to kill America.

  11. SsgamerWolf 369

    SsgamerWolf 36910 months ago

    #Talkaboutugh when it tryna tell someone something then the either but in or straight up ignore u 😒

  12. SsgamerWolf 369

    SsgamerWolf 36910 months ago

    They should warn head-phone users 😂

  13. future old friend

    future old friend10 months ago

    I want 2 marry kate

  14. Jules Ceniza

    Jules Ceniza11 months ago

    I’m so happy to see this!

  15. Chloe McIntire

    Chloe McIntire11 months ago

    I was just browsing MReporter, when I see this video. I don't know who you are, but I saw Tan in the thumbnail and I have not yet finished the video, AND GOD DAMNIT I LOVE TAN. Not as much as Jonathan though. Jonathan is the bomb.

  16. Jennifer Dunkerley

    Jennifer Dunkerley11 months ago

    GUYS! This podcast is amazing and I treat myself to an episode a day. I love Shauna's poems and am living in BOSTON! I tried to find her poem in Dorchester but don't think I got the location right. Has anyone found it?! Also pretty much every episode of QE has made me cry im re-watching all of them now! When are you guys coming to Beantown?! Your live show and copious amount of drinking needs to be in my future!

  17. Eliana H

    Eliana H11 months ago

    6:15 no lesbo but that was the prettiest laugh I’ve ever heard

  18. Ashley Camacho

    Ashley Camacho11 months ago

    "dress for the body you have not the body you want" true sh*t

  19. Carlos Fernandes

    Carlos Fernandes11 months ago

    Kate is awesome! I love this woman

  20. LibbyKNx

    LibbyKNx11 months ago

    constructive criticism, love you kelsey sm and i know you're trying to fill time and dead air but you should maybe try to talk about yourself less in an interview. just noticed you talking over him a lot, you did do great though i know you were excited to talk to him so its easy to word vomit in the moment

  21. Yanni Hurt

    Yanni HurtYear ago

    I cant wait

  22. Angèle

    AngèleYear ago

    About birth certificate, did you know that in France, when you need to put a birth certificate in a file, it must be less than 3 mouths old? You might be 85yo, you still need your hometown to edit one new certificate. And it doens't make sense your birth date is not going to change anyway so why ???

  23. moiraine_damodred

    moiraine_damodredYear ago

    dear god I didn't think I could love Tan any more BUT I DO

  24. iheartyuki

    iheartyukiYear ago

    Blame the stress on the damn solar flares.

  25. Madison Kilminster

    Madison KilminsterYear ago

    aww Kelsey, I know its hard but you just need to enjoy the relationship you're in and not overthink it and Kate your tattoo looks really cute btw!

  26. Maren Q

    Maren QYear ago

    I literally just read the diary of Anne Frank and yes, she did talk about liking girls. She said, she would like to kiss girls and that they are so beautiful, but her girl friends never approved, so she didn't actually get to kiss a girl.

  27. Sarah Boyle

    Sarah BoyleYear ago

    I love tan so much!

  28. Brisa Chorizo

    Brisa ChorizoYear ago

    Kelsey is so MFing annoying and trying soooooo hard

  29. Brisa Chorizo

    Brisa ChorizoYear ago

    56:19 I have never cringed so much in my LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE

  30. Anupa Jacob

    Anupa JacobYear ago

    The world shuns away queer people because they are clearly more talented and more put togethet than most straight person! They have to work harder to achieve the things they want and hence they really do perfect their way to success rather than just scrape throug! Basically the world is vsry much intimidated by queer people because honestly they are just the perfect balance btw everything!

  31. Charlie Pollard

    Charlie PollardYear ago

    Shauna needs an audio book. I could listen to her read all day.

  32. Cristina Mcgee

    Cristina McgeeYear ago

    cloud intend oral fully human faculty approach whatever loose hard.

  33. Nicole Chacon

    Nicole ChaconYear ago

    omg gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  34. sophiac

    sophiacYear ago

    what a Catch 22

  35. hopemjacquet

    hopemjacquetYear ago

    The hospital I had my son at didn't file any of the paperwork I filled out so now I had to fill out an application to get an application to get his birth certificate. Ugh

  36. ScorpioRising

    ScorpioRisingYear ago

    This episode was everything.

  37. Bronte Alyce

    Bronte AlyceYear ago

    I legit love you ladies SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much

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  39. Leena Grace-Parsons

    Leena Grace-ParsonsYear ago

    The Fab Five should be the next president of the US #F52020

  40. Leo Hamada

    Leo HamadaYear ago

    You guys should try fry sauce from Utah. We have a weird good thing that polerizs people lol you love it or hate it.

  41. Cheyenne M

    Cheyenne MYear ago

    I love this podcast, so glad Kate found her birth certificate at the very end.

  42. Megan March

    Megan MarchYear ago

    The sign off😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Charlotte Hoogenboom

    Charlotte HoogenboomYear ago

    They both crack me up

  44. Megan March

    Megan MarchYear ago

    I love that they literally just sat down for like an hour to gossip.😂💛💛

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    support my channel to reach 1000 subscribers its means alot to me ... please subscribe to my channel ... lots of great ideas and diys , cooking , designing .

  46. Megan March

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    "But what if the dog is inside you six nights a week?" "... That is an... ILLegal thing."

  47. Ilse

    IlseYear ago

    Im so obsessed with Cape Verdean Blues

  48. syncope89

    syncope89Year ago

    Kate, get a security deposit box and pop that BC in there! It is the best money I spend.

  49. Soni M

    Soni MYear ago

    Kate’s rage at her birth certificate and Elon Musk and then apology sign-off is amazing 😂

  50. Natalia Melo

    Natalia MeloYear ago

    Saudade. They way she said it.. hmm

  51. Amy Daisy

    Amy DaisyYear ago

    This is literally the best episode. And tan... I love him. He’s amazing, you are all amazing!!!!

  52. Emma Harris

    Emma HarrisYear ago

    Love your highlight Kate but you are being it in too far. Looking guys love the show

  53. Maria Carolina

    Maria CarolinaYear ago

    SAUDADE!!!! OMG! Beautiful!

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    I’ve already finished the show I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

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    Great show!

  56. Florinda Lucero

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    Why does Kelsey have a pair of black eyes??

  57. Celine Nguyen

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    I think y'all just solved the HIMYM Pineapple Mystery!!! This should be on BuzzFeedBlue!

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    Your parents can go get your birthday certificate. That's about the only way around it.

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    What up my Utah neighbor! Haha

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    If you come to Philly, I will be there!!!

  61. Poppy Harris

    Poppy HarrisYear ago

    get CONAN GRAY on here he's a youtuber who just moved to LA- think he would bring rlly interesting thoughts to the podcast

  62. alexis B.

    alexis B.Year ago

    KATE- try and call the hospital you were born in to send u a copy. That’s what my brother did and it worked out

  63. parisa

    parisaYear ago

    yeeees she found the sh1t 💃💃💃

  64. 0224mc

    0224mcYear ago

    great ep! i'm glad there was a happy ending

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  66. Sarah Powell

    Sarah PowellYear ago

    Tan is the sweetest! I adore him and the whole Queer Eye cast!

  67. Carla Viz

    Carla VizYear ago

    I love Tan!! Though I swear my favourite of the 5 changes depending on which one is on screen at the time!

  68. colombiansweety01

    colombiansweety01Year ago

    I love the beginning rant! I get the frustration I can't get my state ID with my married name because even though I was able to get it changed on my social security; the state says I hyponated in the wrong order... so now I guess I have 2 names...

  69. Danielle Barnas

    Danielle BarnasYear ago

    It's taken me way too long, but I'm finally watching (binge watching) Queer Eye, and this is the best experience. These five men are incredible!! Also you're both amazing, and I'm so relieved that Kate found her birth certificate...girl, I have been there!!!!

  70. Eterna Mortal

    Eterna MortalYear ago

    Kelsey looks like she is in pain on this video... Get better soon! Love you^^

  71. Ramona Schufaisl

    Ramona SchufaislYear ago

    Love Tan! So excited for you!

  72. Epsylon

    EpsylonYear ago

    I love you both so much!

  73. Jade L

    Jade LYear ago

    Did Kelsey get punched in the eyes or something? She’s got such dark marks under her eyes.

  74. Lauren Pigott

    Lauren PigottYear ago

    Tan is so lovely! Great job, ladies.

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  76. SonnySketch

    SonnySketchYear ago

    omg he is so sweet. I actually had to wait to watch the video so i could see and not just listen

  77. manic-kin

    manic-kinYear ago

    I’ve watched the season seven times and even still jut watching Tan talk about the message of self love behind the show still makes me cry like an actual infant.

  78. cathryn973

    cathryn973Year ago

    go to vital records and order one over the phone if you were born in pa I just got one, didn;t need id

  79. Elizabeth Powell

    Elizabeth PowellYear ago

    Antoni from Queer Eye is 🤤

  80. B Chain

    B ChainYear ago

    I love Kate's shirt! Where did you get it???

  81. Llynnyia

    LlynnyiaYear ago

    poor Kelsey did she break her nose?

  82. Sacha Yee

    Sacha YeeYear ago

    Kate, is it possible to have someone else with a valid driver's license get a copy of your birth certificate for you? I did this for a friend to get a copy of her marriage certificate... may be worth a shot.

  83. Citlalli Torres

    Citlalli TorresYear ago

    Sacha Yee I believe you have to have the power of attorney in some places.

  84. Tabitha Hirst

    Tabitha HirstYear ago

    happy some other people are just as confused to why buzzfeedblue always changes it's name

  85. Arina Konnova

    Arina KonnovaYear ago

    smiled through the whole interview, he's such a precious person made me want to re-watch qe

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  87. Eunmi24

    Eunmi24Year ago

    I love Tan's voice. It's very soothing.

  88. Rachel Robinson

    Rachel RobinsonYear ago

    Can’t you renew your license online through the DMV website?

  89. Elien Shadeslayer

    Elien ShadeslayerYear ago

    This podcast is my favourite thing ever bc Kate and Kelsey are so real and don't hide their emotions to act all cheerful when they're feeling bad

  90. Javaid Miah

    Javaid MiahYear ago

    Tan is so adorable! I love all the Queer Eye cast. Get Johnathan on!!!

  91. Melody Dejesus

    Melody DejesusYear ago

    I had to Google it: www.historyextra.com/period/Georgian/history-explorer-the-decline-of-george-iii/ King George III had a mental illness from a blood disorder. #funnynotfunny

  92. Hildy van Hefeweizen

    Hildy van HefeweizenYear ago

    Kate, I'm 36 & have moved 33 times. I have fought the ID/doc fight so many damn times...

  93. Aliyah Ali

    Aliyah AliYear ago

    THEY CANCELLED SENSE 8???????!!!!!!!!!

  94. Angela H.

    Angela H.Year ago

    OMG I love him - more interviews with the Queer Eye guys!!! ❤️ them all and WHERE is season 2 already??!!!!

  95. Claudia Sánchez

    Claudia SánchezYear ago

    Omg! Her birth certificate situation is hilarious to me. I live in Chile and here you go once to the Civil Registry's Office and you get a password to access to their website where you can download all kind of certificates, such as driver's record, birth certificate, criminal record, etc! You just pay online and download a digital copy that is valid everywhere in Chile. Crazy you guys don't have that in the U.S 🤷

  96. Claudia Sánchez

    Claudia SánchezYear ago

    R _ I'm just commenting on something that I have seen working for some time. Just comparing experiences from another country ;)

  97. R _

    R _Year ago

    Claudia Sánchez sounds...... efficient

  98. Claudia Sánchez

    Claudia SánchezYear ago

    R _ I haven't heard of anyone in Chile that has had a problem with how secure it is. So far so good and it has been in place for more than 5 years. So... You can judge yourself.

  99. R _

    R _Year ago

    Claudia Sánchez sounds...... secure

  100. TaylorNick

    TaylorNickYear ago

    Kelsey @9:36 hits too close to home.

  101. Smalltown Sunshine

    Smalltown SunshineYear ago

    Uhhhh how lovely was he!? Wonderful episode! Good luck with getting all of your paperwork together! 💛

  102. Smalltown Sunshine

    Smalltown SunshineYear ago

    Just made it to the end! 🙌🏻 so glad you found it!

  103. Boldie 600

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    You guys changed the channel name

  104. Erika Rönnqvist

    Erika RönnqvistYear ago

    This video/podcast is the best birthday present ever 😘😂

  105. Alicia Kilic

    Alicia KilicYear ago

    I legit could not stop laughing during this podcast, especially the segiment with Tan. The segiment really let me just disconnect from own issues. I love you both and Tan so much. This podcast is one of the best you both made, it me made laugh to the point i got cramps.

  106. Andrea Cabañas Addley

    Andrea Cabañas AddleyYear ago